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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 22, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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for over 100 years like kraft has,natural cheese you learn a lot about how people cook. i wish i had like four different mexican cheeses but in one super melty cheese. it does exist! you still have two cheese wishes left. it's 9:00 in the east, and 6:00 out west, and i am ayman mohyeldin at world headquarters here, and there's a white powder that was delivered to the clinton headquarters last night, and clinton was in cleveland for a rally at the time of the incident and hit with black lives matters advocates before
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about trump not accepting the election if she wins. >> noticing the difference between leadership and dictatorship. i was in countries where people jail their political opponents or execute them or exile them or invalidate elections they didn't win. that can never be allowed to happen here. >> with 17 days until the election, the clinton campaign will focus their get out the vote today, and clinton and her running mate will hold two rallies while bill clinton stumps in florida. and trump's campaign says the location was chosen for its
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symbolism and will kick off closing arguments to voters, and his speech is closed to the public. and trump firing back president obama and the first lady, and here is trump at a rally yesterday. >> we have a bunch of babies running our country, folks, we have a bunch of losers, and they are losers and they are babies, and we have a president that all he wants to campaign, and his wife, all she wants to do is campaign, and i see how much his wife likes hillary, but wasn't she the one that originally started the statement if you can't take care of your home, right? you can't take care of the white house or the country. where is that? i don't hear that. >> we have reporters covering both sides of the campaign this morning, and jacob is with the trump team but we want to begin with kasie hunt who is in white
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plains, new york. and what is the campaign doing to address this likelihood that if in fact on the day of the election the results come out, and donald trump does not offer a concession but chooses to legally challenge the results? >> the goal on the part of the clinton campaign right now is to run up the score as much as possible. they have seen in the last couple of weeks this lead she had in the polls become more and more durable, often pwf five points and that has given them confidence they can expand the map, and also there may not be particularly close results in some of the states where we maybe are used to seeing them, and i think that the goal of that is to try and make sure that the result is crystal clear, and the clinton campaign always felt a real imperative to beat donald trump, and there was a fear of, you know, screwing it up, if you will, among democrats
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who are working in her brooklyn headquarters, partly because they don't think donald trump is the same as a jeb bush or marco rubio type of republican, and i think now with the talk of a rigged election, the imperative is becoming to make this victory as convincing as possible. now, to do that hillary clinton, of course s. trying to convince people to get out and vote early, particularly in minority communities and she was in ohio yesterday and in cleveland talking to black lives matter activist, and take a look at what she had to say. >> all the advocates and activist to challenge us to think about the equality and opportunity in new and powerful ways deserve our appreciation. i will do everything i can to lift these issues up, because one of my hopes for my presidency will be to root out systemic racism and big tree and discrimination in whatever form
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it takes. >> reporter: a couple notes there, ayman, cleveland, a place where she does need african-americans to turn out in big numbers so she can try to run up the score in ohio, which is a state where trump is actually a little closer in the polling, and second of all, she also started talking about, quote, unquote, my presidency, which is language that is a bit more straightforward in underscoring the way the clinton campaign feels about her position right now in this race. >> as you mentioned, hillary clinton trying to -- she addressed the issue of systematic racism, and we know president obama will get back on the campaign trail and has been a great surrogate for her, but what does he need to say to bring in the minority vote to the clinton camp? >> reporter: for the president, the goal is to get minority voters to turn out in the same numbers that came out for him,
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and he had overwhelming turnout in african-americans in particular, and millennial voters, young people, who were excited to vote for president obama, i think hillary clinton has had a challenge getting especially the millennial voters to get excited about her and the enthusiasm is not at the level where it was, and so the president has been pretty aggressively out on the campaign trail making that very pitch, saying he will say, you know, i really want you to go out and vote for hillary clinton, and i think the goal is trying to convince people they should do this for him and do it to maintain his legacy and he has proven to be an effective advocate for her, ayman. >> thank you for that, and let's go to jacob rascon who is in cleveland, ohio, this morning, and we heard president obama and the first lady have been critical of donald trump and particularly michelle obama in personal comments about the election process in recent days.
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how has donald trump responded to these comments from the first lady and president? >> reporter: initially after during the debate and talking about waiting and seeing the outcome of the election and saying he wanted to keep people in suspense, and he tried to clear it up the following day but seemed to make light of it, and he said he would totally accept the results, and big gap, if he would win, and he said he would accept a clear result and wanted to have the option of a legal challenge if it was not clear. and the same speech, and this is all about trump not backing down here, and he talked about why he believes the result may not be clear and he talked about undocumented immigrants being able to vote and deceased individuals being registered to vote and he has not taken back any of what he said about the rigged election, and not just rigged by the media, as he likes to talk about, but rigged in actual voting places, and he
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talks about a pew research study that talks about deceased individuals that were registered to vote, and he has not taken that back and so in response, i would say to these criticisms, he has not done anything, as recently as yesterday he talked about how it's all rigged, and he said it's a rigged process. maybe not as specific as before, but really nothing different. ayman? >> jacob rascon live for us in cleveland, ohio. joining me now is the political reporter for real clear politics and jonathan swan a. national politics reporter for the hill. let me begin with you, if i may. what can you tell us about the speech in gettysburg today, and are we expected to hear anything different than what we heard in the past from trump? >> right, he's going to be campaigning in a place that has lots and lots of symbolism, particularly for the republican party and in terms of unity which is interesting, because that is running counter right
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now to his strategy in terms of going after the republican party particularly house speaker paul ryan. which is a really interesting facet of this. he is supposed to be outlining his first 100 days in office, but this, of course, comes against the back drop of donald trump really behind in critical battleground states, of course, and also with the six-point lead for hillary clinton natalie, and as casey mentioned, clinton right now is focusing on expanding her map and donald trump is really having to focus on keeping the support he already has, and so it comes at a time for him when he really is struggling, especially after this past debate. >> jonathan, what do you make of the timing of the speech and what do you expect to hear? >> well, we have heard that so many times, this, you know, donald trump is going to unleash his positive vision and we are going to see a different trump, but really what we are seeing at the same time is donald trump
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continuing his attack on his own party in some ways, and we saw this morning the pro trump publication, and the former chairman there is now the ceo of the trump campaign, and they put out a story this morning, and it has a picture of paul ryan's face grinning next to the hillary clinton's campaign slogan, i'm with her, and it says inside paul ryan's campaign to elect hillary clinton. his campaign has tried to prime reporters that this is going to be this optimistic up lifting speech, and first 100 days, and i am pretty skeptical, and we're not seeing that being matched either behind the scenes or in front of the scenes, so we will see. >> i know that trump has been campaigning nonstop since the debate ended and he is holding like three rallies a day now for the past couple of days and he said he will not stop until
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election day and do you think this strategy will help him with voters, and is it too little too late to change voters minds with such a strong campaign push across the finish line? >> the only thing he can see at this point is increasing enthusiasm among the people that already support him. if you look at the past few weeks, he really made no effort to expand beyond his own base of support. you could argue he has done a lot to turn away the very voters that he needs, and is that very apparent in the polls again nationally and in key states. here in ohio where i am, he had a much bigger lead than he has now, and he's only, you know, he is less than a percentage point ahead of hillary clinton in our real clear politic polling average here, and ohio is a state where the demographics overwhelmingly favor him, majority white and without a college degree and that's his base of support, and clinton is
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also campaigning here, and she was here yesterday, and really revving up the turnout. when you are looking at the clinton campaign right now, the question is enthusiasm, and getting voters to turn out for her in an overwhelming way. donald trump right now is only really appealing to his base of support, and that the paul ryan story really underscores that. >> i want to pick up on something you are referring to earlier, and there's no reaction to mcconnell saying trump will only accept the results if he wins, and explain to us what is happening here and what are the imphrlications for the trump campaign, regardless of who wins in the white house this could have serious damage on the gop going forward? >> my sources say this war will not end after the election no
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matter the result and the war will escalate. people are targeting paul ryan and he has a re-election for the speakership in january, and you have conference calls, and you have many seeking to unseat paul ryan, and then you have donald trump, and steve bannen believes paul ryan is part of a conspiracy with international bankers and hillary clinton and various other shady globalist to undermine america through open borders and trade and immigration, and he has told his staff internally, paul ryan is the enemy, so you will see an up rising for sections of the nationalist in the party, and paul ryan will have his hands full over the next few months. >> yeah, it's going to be a separate fight than what we are
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seeing in the elections. thank you for joining us. picking off red states from donald trump, the strategy and issues hillary clinton's campaign should use in the final weeks, and i will ask a former adviser to president obama about that and much more. something new has arrived. ♪ uniquely designed for the driven. introducing the first-ever infiniti qx30 crossover. visit your local infiniti retailer today. infiniti. empower the drive.
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the clinton campaign bringing out one of its strongest surrogates this week, michelle obama weighing in on phoenix. take a listen. >> so when you hear folks talking about a global conspiracy, and saying this election is rigged, understand that they are trying to get you to stay home. they are trying to convince you
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that your vote doesn't matter, that the outcome has been determined and you should not bother to make your voice heard, and they are trying to take away your hope. >> and a former senior adviser to president obama. let's talk about arizona, clinton leads trump by five and the campaign is putting $2 million into advertising efforts and we saw michelle obama campaigning for clinton this week in phoenix. what do you make of the decision to send the first lady there in what has traditionally been a red state and what does that tell you about what clinton thinks about arizona? >> arizona, georgia, other states, it's testimony to the fact that voters are seeing a stark contrast between donald trump and hillary clinton, and we saw it in the last debate and she is presenting a message of a strong america together and an economy that lifts up everybody, and she is presenting herself as a real commander-in-chief with
6:21 am
the right temperament to keep america safe and work with our allies, and then as a values issue, you know, moving away from insults and presenting real ideas, division versus unity, and what we are seeing is that voters are reconsidering their support for trups and hillary clinton is speaking exactly to their needs and that expansion is being felt not only in arizona but in georgia and other potential states that expand the electoral amount for hillary clinton. >> and the clinton campaign has a strong and deep roster of surrogates, and are you getting the sense of whether this strategy is paying off for the clinton campaign or are there other factors contributing to her widening the gap in some of the polls? >> absolutely. we are seeing it across the country. again, she is right on message with regards to the issues that
6:22 am
will lift up all of america, and the other thing, i think people are tired of the conspiracy theory and his proposal the election is rigged and won't accept the outcome unless he wins, and that undermines the fabric of our democratic process, and that is really, really important, and is resonating with people across the country. and the other thing that -- i have been involved in the get out the vote effort and that's the ground game and even in the state of ohio for example, there's some 93 offices across the state and that's important, and donald trump doesn't have a ground game, he's basically launched a campaign is that built on tweets in the midnight hours, so there's no ground game. i think you will start to see as we are seeing in the early vote phase of the campaign, 2.3 million voters already cast their votes and that will benefit secretary clinton in a big way.
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>> let's talk about the polls, a lot of them pointing in a very positive direction for clinton, and all the campaigning that she is doing, and i am curious to get your thoughts about why it's important for clinton to win by a clear mandate, and even a landslide, perhaps, and how important will it for her to win by as many votes as possible, and what is the significance of that? >> for one, i think it will clearly debunk this whole theory that donald trump has proposed about the election being rigged, and i think an overwhelming landslide victory for hillary clinton kind of negates the whole idea that the election was stolen somehow, or some conspiracy theory has been in play, and i think that's going to happen. again, i think americans have just seen the stark contrast between these two, and nothing more important than the recent prou tphoupbsment that the election is rigged and he will not accept the outcome. that doesn't just happen in america. it happens in other countries.
6:24 am
we are not looking at an elected deck ta dictator, and we are looking for a leader to improve the lives of all people, and the idea of a landslide and an overwhelming majority of america sends a clear signal we are not going to tolerate this any longer. >> thank you very much for joining us. responding to testimony, what new jersey governor chris christie is saying about new accusations he knew about la closures in the so-called bridge gate. lief in a snap.
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investigators are trying to figure out who is behind a widespread cyber attack, and the target was a tech company based in new hampshire. millions of people unable to load websites like amazon and even paypal. we will take a closer look at what happened in just a few moments. to politics now with just 17 days until election day, both nominees hitting the campaign trail will their running mates to begin closing remarks and the republican ticket will hold a rally in cleveland and yesterday senator kaine mocked trump's remarks. >> why is donald trump so interested in standing onstage and being vladimir putin's defense lawyer when he won't even defend the democratic traditions of free elections in this country, and there's something very, very strange about that. >> and donald trump will be in the must-win state of pennsylvania outlining his first
6:32 am
100 days in office, and what might we hear from trump when he takes the stage later today? let's bring in brian williams, who is the senior vice president at the communications a media relation firm specializing in political campaigns. what do you expect to hear from donald trump in gettysburg today? >> i don't think anybody knows what to expect from donald trump these days. i think he's probably going to double down on the same grim vision for the country about immigrants taking jobs, and things he highlighted throughout the campaign, and i don't think he will change course and i don't think there is a candidate capable of changing course and reaching out or making adjustments, and he is who he is and there is not much they can do to change him or the trajectory of the race. >> it's not likely he will pick
6:33 am
up any new voters and the implications of that, and you look at the facts that republicans look like they will avoid downed ballot damage from the campaign, but new polls showing that's not the case and in some more notable races marco rubio tied with his opponent in florida, and the website is giving democrats nearly 70% chance of winning back the senate, and did these republicans and others make a mistake by not distancing themselves from donald trump earlier on in the race? >> i think each of the senate candidates is running their own race. and kelly came out strong against trump after the video surfaced and i think you will see a good deal of ticket splitting and donald trump is not your typical republican and he was not a republican at all until fairly recently and they are going to evaluate each race differently and split votes
6:34 am
where you see senate nominees running ahead of the ticket, and i think trump -- he can't get worse than right now, and so if they have been able to withstand the distractions the trump campaign has had thus far, and they should be all right and i think our senate majority will hold for republicans. >> i know you run in some republican circles, so i want to ask you about the new bloomberg poll that shows republican voters when asked, surprising, are you getting a sense that republican voters have buyer's remorse with trump? >> trump did not win a majority, there are many republicans that don't like trump and some are holding their nose and voting for them and some are not voting at all, and if trump loses he
6:35 am
will not be the future of the party, and governor pence has done a good job in the campaign, and a pretty difficult spot having to cleanup donald trump's messages, and i think he delivered a good vp debate that will stick in minds as the party goes ahead after the election. >> and trump's electoral map is worse and he's on track to get fewer electoral votes for romney did, and we are two weeks away from the election and is there anything you think trump can do to turn things around or is it too little too late? >> i think the trajectory is set, and hillary clinton is cleaning his clock in the polls and looks to be heading towards a decisive election victory. this is a race that my party
6:36 am
could have won and donald trump is not a good nominee and i think we will see after this race is over that he potentially threw away a very winnable contest for the republicans. >> all right, ryan williams, good to have you and thank you are being with us. and next, following new bridge gate trial. new testimony from a former aide to governor, chris christie. >> good morning, ayman. keep in mind the georgia washington bridge is the busiest in the world and four of the access lanes were shut down unexpectedly causing a nightmare. this firefighter a top assistant to governor christie dropped a bombshell in court testifying the governor knew what was going on despite his repeated denials. for three years, bridget kelly has said nothing until now. the former deputy chief to governor chris christie took the stand and testified she told her
6:37 am
former boss about the lane closures one month before it happened, and he was fine with it. a direct contradiction to what christie claimed? >> kristi's he testified he had in authorizing them, and kelly told a packed courtroom that a senior official in the port authority was the master mine behind the traffic study that snarled traffic. he is now the government's key witness. kelly and codefendant plead not guilty to nine felony counts. she also testified that governor christie was aware of the now infamous e-mail she sent saying time for traffic problems in ft. lee, and she claims that e-mail was a choice of poor words.
6:38 am
christie previously called kelly a rogue and a liar. >> all she does is present the truth as she knows it. >> a former christie ally previously testified this photo shows him and the defendant telling christie about the closures on september 11th, as the lane closers were happening and the three laughed about it. christie continues to deny any involvement in the affair as his approval rating hits a new low. a man with hopes for higher office now caught in a scandal he may never return from. now, defense attorneys painted bridget kelly as a low level employee, and not a senior official. the prosecution will examine kelly on monday and the jury could start to deliberate as early as next week. >> thank you for that. happening now the fbi and homeland security are investigate who go is behind the
6:39 am
day-long series of web attacks, and they targeted a company that acts as a switchboard to the internet and the attacks cut off access to websites from payment services and social media and news sites. miguel almaguer has more. >> the powerful and sophisticated cyber attacks coming wave after wave, and internet users in six countries, but mostly here in the u.s. unable to load popular websites like twitter, netflix, amazon, paypal and a long list of others. >> what we know is that a cyber criminal group or a group of people created the opportunity where they had web traffic and they funneled all of that traffic at a particular company, dyn. >> the attack was aimed at a tech company based in new
6:40 am
hampshire that serves as an internet switchboard and allows people to go to websites and it's the so-called address book for the internet, essentially overloading it. the hack will cost corporations dearly and it's too early to tell who is responsible and some say based on the method of the attack it may be russian in oer origin, and some say this is a likely case of internet vandalism, and not a state sponsor. >> we have to make sure that we have a resilient network that is able to withstand these types of probes. >> with the largest outage in the northeast, a second wave spread west, and tens of millions couldn't check their banking accounts or log on to local news. in los angeles, active
6:41 am
interactive sent employees home because nobody could work. >> it's one thing when there is an attack and it's another thing when an entire day goes by and it seems like the company involved can't fix it. >> it was fighting multiple well planned attacks, and it comes just before our election, and experts say we are in unchartered territory. next, another kind of hacking, election hacking. i will ask the computer scientists what the biggest vulnerabilities are. and coming up next, accepting the results of the election. and looking at the unintended consequences donald trump brought to this campaign after questioning the process. aking tough choices. jim! you're in! but when you have high blood pressure and need cold medicine that works fast, the choice is simple. coricidin hbp is the only brand that gives powerful cold symptom relief without raising your blood pressure.
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6:45 am
clinton campaign's e-mail. is the integrity of next month's election results at risk. let's ask the computer scientist with sri international, a nonprofit research center that specializes in cyber security and elections. let's talk about the kind of cyber threats that states might see as voters head to the polls next month? >> thanks. there's a wide range of things that are being worried about from voter registration systems to voting machines and the good news is voters will vote on optical scan paper which has the advantage we can look at it after the election, we can recount it and that dramatically reduces the vulnerabilities, and 34 states, internet vote something part of the mix and that's part of the biggest risk.
6:46 am
i know you brought an actual voting machine with you, and they are at risk with attacks as well, and how can a scenario occur? >> this is a machine that is no longer in use and it was in use until 2014 in virginia, and it was desse certified by the stat and it was hackable within 100 feet or so and anybody with a high school education could hack it and thankfully this is not in use, and states are moving away from the equipment used in prior elections and our equipment today is much better. the hacking of these could be done remotely from the parking lot of a polling place and the machines that are in use today are much harder to hack and require much close-up access. they are still hackable, like anything else and the risks are smaller skpb er smaller, and as i said, we are
6:47 am
using paper based systems. >> and does that slow down the ability to be able to tally the votes quickly enough to get an accurate reading of the results? >> every polling place has a scanner that looks very much like the scanners, like a fax machine or something like that, and generates preliminary totals at the end of the night, and then we can cross-check those that is called post election auditing to make sure those results are correct and that's increasingly done throughout the u.s. >> thank you for updating that with us, thanks. >> thank you for having me. one poll says what donald trump is using that is resonating with voters. the coverage that's right for you ... at the right price.
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we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california. all right. this is one of my favorite segments when we have a chance
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to look back. in fact, we're going to flash back 20 years ago how first lady hillary clinton's role in the president's re-election campaign differed greatly from her campaign. >> reporter: after four years of controversy over whitewater and controversy, hillary clinton is stepping back. this week's topping in her weekly newspaper column, days before the election is sox the cat. >> if she can raise money, keep quiet, and not stir up too much controversy, i wouldn't call her a liability. the question is how much of a plus is she. >> reporter: she's careful -- >> i think the title is first meat. >> reporter: in her role she draws only occasional protests as she goes about her ceremonial duties and she sees no reason to ruin a perfectly good and winning campaign by talking about issues. >> it's kind of like talking
6:52 am
about a no-hit game. i don't talk specifically or very long about anything that happens after november 5th. i want to get there first and see where it goes from there. >> reporter: mrs. clinton's aides say she's not kept deliberately out of the public eye, that she's doing the work of campaigning, and that's true, at a distance, out of harm's way. >> all right. where was donald trump on this day 20 years ago? buying the miss universe and miss usa pageants. he announced the purchase the very next day. now the latest look at the polling numbers. the republicans are divided sharply. neither donald trump or paul ryan are voters' first choice for the face of the party if hillary clinton wins. leading, mike pence and ted cruz and an online random sample found that three-quarters of republicans do not feel that
6:53 am
sexual assault allegations should disqualify donald trump from the race even if they are true. joining me now is "the huffington post" director ariel. let's start with the allegations of donald trump which he has consistently denied. does this suggest any views on the polls themselves? people say even if they are true, he should. be disqualified. >> i think what it suggests is partisanship is strong and that people's views of donald trump and of these allegations are being almost entirely driven by who they want to vote for and so certainly there are some republicans who are not thrilled with their nominee, the fact that even some of your supporters think that you might have committed sexual assault or is disqualifying is tear football you want to win an election. but at the same time, ever since he won the nomination, about 60%
6:54 am
of republicans say they think he respects women and that hasn't budged. it didn't budge in the aftermath of the tape or the aftermath of these allegations, so these people who are already republicans are already more primed to think less creditably of accusations like this, and they're sticking with their nominee. >> so looking again at the split over who they would favor to be the party moving forward, are there any surprises here? >> i think it goes back to partisanship. basically the republican party is being held together by that partisanship and maybe a little bit of crazy glue, but after the election, that may all come apart. right now what you're seeing is a lot of republicans who are supporting donald trump, they're supporting him because he has an "r" next to his name and the other person on the ballot is hillary clinton who they loathe. but they don't have that kind of
6:55 am
loyalty that transcends the party when it's no longer a question of republicans against everyone else and you sort of find the republicans back in the same place they were during the primary election where everybody is splintered and there are other options but there's no one strong person and that's what allowed donald trump to become the nominee in the first place. >> let me ask you something about the rigging of the elections. there's a new online poll that says donald trump's vision of vote rigging resonates with 70% believing that if clinton wins, it would be due to a rigged vote. i'm curious to get your thought after so many gop leaders have condemned the vote rigging, expert say it's not enough to tip the election one way or the other, what is it that the republican view suggests about that? >> i think it suggests that there's a very strong lack of trust in institutions.
6:56 am
especially republicans, they're very skeptical of the media and the political establishment, and so when they hear everyone saying everything is rigged against you, a lot of them are willing to say, okay, that seems like a possibility. the question is whether it's enough to consolidate support with people who have wavered. if you're a republican, in the small minority and saying i'm not sure donald trump is the right person. i don't know that he's saying it's enough to make you say, well now i'm going to make you vote for him. >> let me ask you and this is the final question. the path on the electoral map, how does it look like? >> the path is crossed with rocks and steep uphill climb and may not be passable. for donald trump to pull off a win, he'd have to win states like ohio, florida, nevada, and north carolina. i don't mean win one of those.
6:57 am
win all of them. then make inroads. so that path may very well be blocked off at this point. >> and that may be the understatement of this hour. ariel edwards-levy. that will do it for us. coming up next on "am joy," donald trump's bromance with vladimir putin may be coming to a polling place near you. that's next with joy reid. i
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pledge to all of my voters and supporters and to all of the people of the united states that i will totally accept the results of this great and historic


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