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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 22, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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the search for relief often leads to this. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a high intensity tens device that uses technology once only in doctors' offices. for deep penetrating relief at the source. new aleve direct therapy. good saturday, i'm katy tur live in virginia beach at regent university where donald trump will hold a rally in just about an hour. guys, this is live drone footage showing you just what it takes to do this show outside and in the field. we have now only 17 days until election day. the republican nominee is visiting three battleground states today including virginia where we're here right now, but
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also pennsylvania and ohio. he began the day in gettysburg, pennsylvania where he laid out a contract with american voters, detailing his first 100 days in the white house if he gets there. he also had for the first time vowed to take legal action against the women who accused him of assault. >> every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign. total fabrication. the events never happened. never. all of these liars will be sued after the election is over. >> pennsylvania is also where hillary clinton is spending this saturday with rallies in pittsburgh and philadelphia. both candidates will campaign with their running mates today. tim kaine will appear with hillary clinton at both of her events. mike pence will be with donald
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trump tonight in cleveland. but we start the hour with donald trump's frantic last push with 17 days until the election. we have full team coverage. joining us first of all is nbc's campaign batalli on her way to come to see me, hopefully. and jacob rascon in cleveland. ali, there is nobody else at nbc news who knows this campaign better than you do. he started off this speech in gettysburg vowing to sue the women accusing him of unwanted sexual advances. let's get past that for a moment. i want to ask you, what was the new policy we heard there today? was supposed to be a big 100 days in office policy speech. >> so we did hear what his 100 days in office would sound like if he did get there in november. the notable pieces of that we hadn't heard before is often
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rhetoric on his immigration plan. he said today mexico reimbursed for the wall which is softer than mexico will pay for the wall. he asked for a minimum mandatory sentencing for deported immigrants who come into the country and come back again after being deported. that looks like it would be two years the first time they come back and five years as a minimum for the second time they come back. that's what trump says will prevent people from repeatedly coming back into this country. that's a major caveat of his immigration plan when we hear him talking in places where voters want to hear his bullish plan on immigration. that really resonates. something else that stuck out to me was what we are calling the new muslim gang, the new iteration, extreme vetting for companies with terror-prone countries. he hasn't listed what those countries are, but said for instance iraq could be con of them. today we didn't get much more specifics on what countries that might include, but we did hear
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him say terror-prone countries would be subject to extreme vetting for people who wanted to come into the country. that doesn't mean the muslim ban is fully gone. it's something we're hearing from him to further push this idea of immigration and secure borders. >> he was in gettysburg, the scene of one of the largest and bloodiest civil war battles in our history and where lincoln gave his famous gettysburg address. is there no irony to him talking about rigged system and what that could result in if his supporters don't accept the outcome of this election? is there no historical context for this campaign? >> sure. last night on a campaign call with senior advisors, we asked about the significance of the location. trump led off talking about lincoln today as this unifying figure in the republican party, someone he hopes to emulate in terms of bridging the divide we've been seeing in america. he says we are a deeply divided
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country. being there and seeing trump essentially push for battle for the next 17 days but after the election is notable. you see him say he is going to sue the now ten women who are accusing him of sexual assault after the election. he said he looks forward to the litigation and blames people like the hillary clinton campaign and dnc saying they pushed these accusers to come forward. we have no evidence that that's true. this is something trump has been saying on the trail and pushing for battle even after the election is over. it's funny when you consider the fact he is saying he is going to win in november. the presidency is one success in november then still take this legal action after the election is over. you're seeing this battle cry, yes for the election and what life after the election might look like, win or lose. >> he does offer or vow to sue a lot of people. will be interesting to see him sue these women accusers.
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it would involve donald trump being deposed in each of those cases. it would also involve quite a bit of discovery which could elucidate all sorts of things they might not want to get out there. hang out, if you can. i want to go to jacob rascon in cleveland where donald trump will appear later today. mike pence will join him. donald trump is leading in ohio. it's a battle state he's been able to hold on to leading up to the election. it's getting closer with hillary clinton. why bring mike pence to cleveland tonight? >> mike pence and him haven't been together for a while. mike pence is seen by many conservatives as a solid choice, different from trump in many ways. he'll be with trump the first time in a while here. in ohio you have a crowd gathering here. he's several hours away from his
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rally. as you pointed out, ohio, he's tied now. this is a state he was ahead in a month ago as he was ahead in most critical swing states. the polls are not favorable right now. let's talk to one of the supporters here that's tim and his daughter chloe. what do you make of the state of the race? we've seen him way up. right now he is down in every of critical swing state. what do you make of that? >> well, media is always after him. president nixon said it best. he's always running two-front war. the media is always after the conservatives. >> you don't believe the polls, is that what you're saying? >> i think the polls are probably accurate. it's hard for him to stay on message when there's just -- he's not helping himself, i guess. everything he's saying. but when he stays on message, he seems to do well. >> if you could advise him,
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you'd say stay on message? >> stick to what got you here. >> today he promised to sue, for example, those women who have come forward and accused him. is that something he should or shouldn't do? >> probably not. i think he does well when he points out what's wrong and what he wants to do to change it. he points out republicans and democrats alike who have been in power for so long, he's tapping into this thing where people are sick of sending people to washington who don't do what they're supposed to do. they don't go do what they are elected to do. if he just sticks on that, i think he'd do well. >> thank you, tim. thank you, chloe. appreciate your time. the second half of that speech would be what the supporters want to hear. >> do you mind asking that gentleman one more time, he says he wants him to stay on message but blaming the media for negative portrayal of donald trump. who does he blame for trump not
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staying on message? is it the media's fault, the campaign's fault or the candidate's fault? >> tim, we have a question, if you don't mind from new york. they are wondering when we talk about, when you talk about him not staying on message, who is to blame for that? is that him? >> to an extent, sure. >> trump shooting himself in the foot, that is fair? >> i guess so. i mean, he reacts to everything. maybe some things he should just brush off. >> given that and even if you say he's battling the media, can he win? >> i think he can. it's tough in this political climate, it's tough for any conservative to win. any of the other guys if they were here, bombarded by the media and saying all these untruths -- like i said, mitt romney four years ago one of the
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most decent mild people and they portrayed him to be this sexist, racist homophobic which is untrue but it stuck. anyone on the republican side has that disadvantage. >> thank you, tim. appreciate it. throw it back to you. >> please thank tim for me. jacob rascon in cleveland. >> ali on her way to me. i'll see you later. joining me is trump surrogate and former republican congressman from michigan pete hoofstra. donald trump started this 100 days speech by talking about his accusers. why is he giving this another day of coverage instead of talking about the policy issues that voters like tim want to hear so desperately? >> i think what mr. trump is doing, number one, he wants to make sure his name and his brand is protected through this
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process. if he believes these individuals have falsely accused him, he's going to defend himself. i think you're right. he moved on to those issues that the american people care about. what are you going to do about jobs. >> tim, hold on. let me stop you there. he started this 100 day speech which he touted yesterday and the campaign said this was going -- newt gingrich said this 0 would be a definitive breaking point. he is showing you what he is going to change. why start it saying he is going to sue 10 different women, now 11, today another one is coming out, for saying he inappropriately touched them? why even go there? why not move forward and talk about policy. you heard tim, the voter in ohio who is waiting hours to see donald trump, he wants to hear him talk about policy. we hear this from supporters left and right. why doesn't he just talk about policy? >> again, i don't know why he goes there. i think like i said, he's protecting donald trump and
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says, i'm tired of all these false accusations coming at me. i'm going to deal with it. we are going to put that behind us. then we'll talk about the issues that are going to make america different. he's establishing a framework that says, i'm not, we have to put that stuff aside because i want to become president so we can actually implement an agenda that is going to be good for americans from an economic standpoint and national security standpoint. >> i'm sorry, i called you tim a moment ago. i want to play you donald trump's immigration plan or show it to you on screen. he wants to cancel all federal funding to sanctuary cities. he wants to begin removing the more than 2 million criminal illegal immigrants from the country, and cancel visas to foreign countries that won't take them back. is this something he can get done when he is president or is he going to need the assistance of congress here? if so, how is he going to get
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it? >> i think there are a couple of things. obviously for a long-term policy decisions, he is going to need congress' help. short term there are things he can do as president of the united states. sanctuary cities is a great example. why are there two different sets of laws for america? one if you live in the majority of america and another set up rules and laws if you live in these certain cities that undercut the rule of law? i think that's a very popular thing. i think it's a necessary thing to show we are a country that is under the rule of one set of laws. deporting dangerous felons back to their home country is something that is very, very positive and necessary to do. >> thank you so much for joining me this good saturday. >> great. thank you. now to a key part of trump's closing argument that the
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election is rigged. trump repeated debunked claims of widespread voter fraud. speaking of a, quote, rigged system. not accepting the results of the election. his campaign pointed to al gore of the 2000 recount as president. here to help us compare is barry richard who represented george w. bush before the florida supreme court during the 2000 recount. attorneys for bush and gore pushed back against trump's claims comparing what is going on now to what happened in 2000. can you just lay out the fundamental differences people should know between now and 2016 and what happened in 2000? >> sure. first of all, nobody, neither candidate in 2000 suggested that the election was rigged. the issue was whether the punch card ballot machines were accurately counting the vote. that's what the recount was over. it wasn't any suggestion the election had been rigged by anybody. the second thing is that neither
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of the candidates indicated or even suggested that they wouldn't fully support the winner. as a matter of fact, once it was finally determined by the system that bush was the winner, gore went on tv, he conceded the election. he asked all americans to unite behind what was then president-elect bush, and he followed a time-honored tradition of standing on the platform with bush and his family and with president clinton to demonstrate the peaceful transfer of power at the inauguration. >> it's not clear at this moment that donald trump is going to do that. his campaign said once the votes are certified, which could be until december begin how long it takes certain states to get all those votes certified. i want to ask you about this. there is new polling that shows that over 4-10 republicans say they may not accept the results of this election. is that number surprising to
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you? >> well, it is surprising and it would be distressing if it proves to be true. i remember in 2000 when all the turmoil was taking place, i was asked by a number of news media outlets whether i thought americans would accept the result and whether i thought anybody could govern and my answer was that the monday after the election, everybody would go back to work satisfied that we had a president, whether or not they voted for him. that's what happened. it's one of the great strengths of our democracy. it demonstrated to the world, contrary to some people saying that it was embarrassing, i think it demonstrated to the world the strength of our democracy. and i think and i hope that's what's going to happen this time when all of the smoke clears. >> the rule of law as pete was just talking about. we've seen donald trump talk about this idea offed by spread voter fraud. you're somebody who knows
11:17 am
constitutional law. are you concerned about how these efforts could help infringe on people's rights, allow others to come in and potentially intimidate voters? >> i certainly hope that doesn't happen. elections are a messy process, and it's incredible that we're able to run an election in a country this size with what everybody who really knows what's happening, every expert concedes is an extremely small percentage of fraud in the election process. i'm hopeful that people will continue to have confidence in the system. that by the way is the reason that historically candidates never stepped over that line by suggesting that the system is rigged or that they wouldn't support the winner because i think there has always been a commitment to the bigger issue of americans remaining confident
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in the system. again, i think they will remain confident when this is over. >> let's hope they do. barry richard, thank you for joining us. >> sure. more than 3 million americans have already voted in this election. why early voting numbers could actually be good for the trump campaign. when we come back live from virginia beach. guess what guys, i switched to sprint. sprint? i'm hearing good things about the network. all the networks are great now. we're talking within a 1% difference in reliability of each other. and, sprint saves you 50% on most current national carrier rates. save money on your phone bill, invest it in your small business. wouldn't you love more customers? i would definitely love some new customers. sprint will help you add customers and cut your costs. switch your business to sprint and save 50% on most current verizon, at&t and t-mobile rates. don't let a 1% difference cost you twice as much. whoooo! for people with hearing loss, visit
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we are looking at a live look of donald trump's rally here in virginia beach at regent university. he's supposed to be here a little over an hour. donald trump will be here at 3:00 p.m. eastern. a quick election factoid.
11:22 am
mitt romney won virginia beach by 5,000 votes. in 2012 president obama ended up winning the state. today virginia and a number of other traditional battleground states appear to slip out of donald trump's reach with just 17 days until the election. hillary clinton's campaign now expanding their map, competing in states like arizona and georgia where the polls are tightening. wikileaks is keeping them on their toes. we have a new batch of stolen e-mails today. >> donald trump talk in that 100 days speech a moment ago, he started the whole thing off about talking about this alleged sexual misconduct saying how he is going to sue these women who have come out against him. is it a good idea to bring this up again 17 days before people go to the polls? >> no.
11:23 am
that's not a good strategy. let's face it, he has been coached and people have been pushing, all the consultants have been pushing to stay focused, focus on the issues and leave this other mess alone. you've got to realize this is the strangest election i as a political consultant and fund raisers have ever seen. we have wikileaks and twitter wars going on. i've never seen anything like this the majority of people are disgusted. >> why can't anyone get in his ear and say stop it? >> that's a good question. he has a lot of qualified people around him. by qualified, i mean he's got people that are very respected within the realms of politics on the republican side. he is not listening to any of them. i'll tell you why he's probably not. he's looking back saying i beat 16 other people in a primary and i went against the grain and didn't take anyone's advice and i got here on my own so i'm not
11:24 am
sure if you are advice works. i think he's going rogue saying it worked for me in the primary. >> certainly, he's not doing well right now with women in general, though republican women certainly better than democratic women. i want to ask you about oprah winfrey. she weighed in on the election a little while ago. she said this is how you should feel about hillary clinton. take a listen and we'll talk on the other side. >> you get in the conversations, there is not a person in this room who hasn't been in the same conversation where people say i don't like her. you don't have to like her. do you like this country? do you like this country? you better get out there and vote. >> lady and gentlemen, i should say. will that appeal work on
11:25 am
republican women who might be on the fence? >> i don't think so. even today was supposed to be a major policy speech went on the attack denigrating women that made allegations against him or mexicans and mexican americans. that's why we're seeing the map expand into georgia and texas. actually, i think what's interesting is there is more than just women if you look at states like utah and nevada. there's a great backlash amongst members of the mormon church. that's why his numbers are going down in utah. that's why there is a great mormon population in nevada, as well. that's going to affect the vote over there, too. >> are you worried about republican women going to vote for donald trump? >> i'm worried -- i'm sorry, for hillary clinton? >> i have heard from a lot of
11:26 am
republican women and they're disgusted by the sexual allegations, and they're also being put in a very difficult spot between choosing their party platform and what they like and looking at choosing their gender, voting for their gender. voting for hillary clinton because she is a woman and they're disgusted with a lot of the things trump has said about women. it's putting women on the republican side in a very strange and difficult spot. like i said, this is a really, and i think a lot of people agree, a very strange race. i think a lot of people on both sides of the aisle are sitting here wearing the suit of the riddler. they're like, i don't know where to go. >> i want to talk about wikileaks. nbc news has not authenticated any of these alleged e-mails that wikileaks has released.
11:27 am
are democrats concerned about a bombshell that could come out in the next few days, say the next week, day before people go to the polls? >> no. for a number of reasons. i don't think people are paying attention. the leaks to date have been a anodyne. there is nothing there. the cake is being baked as we're talking. that is donald trump's biggest problem. there is no more time. it's not just that he's showing unwillingness to change, there is no more time to change. spokesman for the 2008 obama campaign, and republican strategist, thank you for joining me. more on donald trump and hillary clinton in a bit. new claims that chris christie knew about the planned lane closures on the george
11:28 am
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visit your local infiniti retailer today. infiniti. empower the drive. more controversy unraveling for new jersey governor chris christie. new damning testimony on the bridgegate scandal. former aide bridget kelly testified she told her former boss about the lane closures at the george washington bridge one month before it happened. and that governor christie was fine with it. that's in direct contradiction to what christy said prior that he had no knowledge of the event. the press secretary released a statement maintaining christie's position that the governor had, "no knowledge prior to or during lane closures, calling these recent allegations untrue." msnbc adam reese joins us now. you have been in all 22 days of testimony. what were the highlights from
11:32 am
yesterday? tell me about a water bottle incident. >> yeah. more damaging testimony, as you suggested. here is yet another person saying they told christy face-to-face about the lane closures, bridget kelly, his deputy chief of staff saying in august, a month before the lane closures, she told him there would be this traffic study. they would close the lanes. he said okay. she said governor, there's going to be a tremendous amount of traffic. he said it's fine. he wanted two things, his chief of staff to know. he also wanted to know who the mayor was and was the mayor okay with it. he wanted to know what the relationship was with the mayor. this was going to be something that would make governor christie look really good. this study would make those lanes, those dedicated lanes for ft. lee go away, all 12 lanes would be open to the public. traffic on the george what bridge would move a lot more smoothly, and the governor would get all the credit. related to that water bottle, there was some teary times on
11:33 am
the stand for bridget kelly. on two occasions she cried. one occasion she recounted a story where they went to seaside heights for a major fire and the governor would conduct a round table. her idea was that he would pass around a microphone. he said what do you think i'm an fing game show host and threw his water bottle at her. a very teary moment. he continues to deny to this day, yesterday releasing a press release saying before and during the lane closures, he had no idea what was going on. >> adam reese, great work as always and good luck next week in testimony. tim kaine will campaign alongside hillary clinton today the first time in six weeks. kaine may be helping clinton in his home state of virginia where she leads by eight points in real clear politics average. we'll discuss this battleground state with the chair of the virginia democratic party when she joins us live from here in virginia beach on this beautiful saturday.
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welcome back to virginia beach. as you can see, that is our drone shot. you can see me waving, i think. there you go. donald trump is set 0 to hold a rally at the top of the hour. with 17 days to go, hillary clinton is on a mad dash through battleground states. today she'll join vp pick tim kaine in pittsburgh and later in philadelphia. clinton has wind in her sails right now a new quinnipiac national poll shows clinton leading trump by seven points. the clinton campaign continues to be weighed down by the wikileaks e-mail hacks. the 15th batch released today. kasie hunt is live on a plane in white plains, new york, about to head to pittsburgh. it's so nice to see you on the road again. you know we're more comfortable
11:38 am
on the road. i want to ask you about the campaign. how are they feeling right now? what is the latest reaction to this latest batch of wikileaks leaks? >> i'm not exactly sure what i'm going to do when i get to choose from more clothes than i can carry in a suitcase. welcome to hill force one. we are, as you noted, about to take off to head to pittsburgh. she is here in white plains, two stops in pennsylvania before she heads tonight to north carolina. they are making good on their promise to pick up the campaign pace here in the last 17 or so days. i think you're right in pointing out that national lead that is proving to be pretty durable. the clinton campaign had been looking to see if they could keep that lead above five points or so. that's where it's hovered in the wake of those three debates.
11:39 am
that's giving more space to spend time and energy focused on down valley races. the campaign is spending more time thinking about what happens if we do win this race, how do we move forward into governing? one of the big things is whether or not the senate lands in democratic hands. katie mcginty, the democrat running in pennsylvania against pat toomey. whether or not hillary clinton wins will have a direct impact whether mcginty can put that into democrat hands. the hacked e-mails that were given to wikileaks, we've seen another batch today. a lot pretty personal e-mails from john podesta's account. one thing that democrats are going to struggle with in the long term in its emerging is some things clinton officials had to say about the progressive wing of the party when bernie sanders was running. they had negative things to say
11:40 am
about some of the people who were working for him and about the attitude of the progressives supporting him. while on the one hand we focus on russia, the fact they are trying to influence u.s. election that, could impact the democratic party and their ability to unify over the next four years or so. >> i don't know about you, but i'm going to have a ceremony at my house, the closing of the carry-on suitcase and retiring of it until the next thing brings us back on the road. >> i'll bring the champagne. >> there you go. thank you for being with us. enjoy your flight. virginia once considered a key battleground state is trending for hillary clinton. a new survey has clinton trouncing donald trump with a 12-point lead among likely voters. while these new numbers show trump with a slight uptick, most polls show clinton with a commanding lead. republicans had high hopes of taking back the state which has gone back and forth between the
11:41 am
two parties in the last several elections. for a closer look at the race in virginia, joining me now is chairman of the democratic party here in virginia. susan, thank you for being here with me. >> glad to be here. >> hillary clinton has tim kaine on her side. it seems to be helping her. donald trump popular in the more rural areas, when you get away from the beltway. does he have a chance? >> look, i mean we feel good about what's going on in virginia. we've got a lot of enthusiasm. certainly very proud of the fact tim kaine, our own tim kaine is on the ticket. we feel good about where we are, but we're not letting up. we have 1,000 organizing events a week in virginia. 34 field offices. people are out canvassing and door knocking. i like where we are, but we are fighting for every vote. >> she is leading in this state. how much has tim kaine been an asset for her here? >> tim kaine and his wife have
11:42 am
been a tremendous asset. really we are so proud of him. he has just had such a record of similar to hillary clinton of civil rights, social justice, working in that field all his life. we are just happy to be able to share him with the rest of the country now. >> the trump campaign is pouring more money into this state. they initially were set to be pulling out of the state seeing they were down so much. now they poured more money back in. they are claiming they are going to win this state. do you see any -- i know you're a democrat so it's hard for you to answer this, but do you see his message resonating in a way that concerns you or your voters? does he have an argument when it comes to hillary clinton not being trustworthy? do you hear that? >> i've been around virginia politics a long time.
11:43 am
this is the weirdest presidential republican election i've ever seen. i never thought donald trump was in virginia competitively. never really setting up a traditional campaign structure. so i didn't really -- when they said he was pulling out, i never knew he was in. coming here today to virginia beach to me is like a hail mary pass. >> as well among military families and virginia beach and the norfolk area is an area we've seen him have giant rallies. >> let me just say this, former senator john warner who also served as secretary of the navy revered in this community all over virginia and all over the country, took an unprecedented step a couple of weeks ago and endorsed hillary clinton. he has never endorsed a democrat for president of the united states. he did that, number one, because he feels like she is extremely qualified, but he also did it
11:44 am
because he thinks donald trump is reckless and not prepared and dangerous to be president of the united states. that will resonate with virginians, but in particularly military families. he is revered in this community. >> what about the kazir khan commercial? >> have you seen that? you can't see that without being moved. you have to have a heart of stone to not be moved by that commercial. of course, that again, a virginia family, too. what donald trump said about the khan family hurts me really to the core. i think that had an impact, a tremendous impact. >> republican strategists will say the khan controversy, the judge controversy, those were
11:45 am
two things that are not going to help donald trump in his argument to gain moderate voters. hillary clinton seeing that as an opportunity to get in. >> here's the thing. for the sake of our country, i keep hoping that he will say something, become more presidential, say something more presidential, but i think the likelihood of that is me fitting into my 1976 prom dress. no matter how much i pray for that miracle, it ain't going to happen. >> susan swecker thank you for being here and good luck with that prom dress. live here at the campus of regent university in virginia beach where donald trump is expected to speak within the next hour. president obama won virginia in 2008 and 2012 before that. before that the republican nominee won this state in every election going all the way back to 1968. what will it take for donald
11:46 am
trump to win here in 17 days? the ground game after this break. stay with us for the next hour when richard lui will have a look at arizona, another historically red state that now has hillary clinton with a five point lead with just weeks to go until election day. woah! you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. woah, woah! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be. (vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. coaching means making tough choices. jim! you're in! but when you have high blood pressure and need cold medicine that works fast, the choice is simple. coricidin hbp is the only brand that gives powerful cold symptom relief
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welcome back. a live look at library plaza where donald trump will speak in the next hour. his campaign not only racing to close the gap between hillary clinton in battleground states, but facing a series of brushfires along the trail. trump's national political director stepping back from the campaign this week citing personal reasons. in ohio, a state no republican lost while still winning the white house. the state's gop chair ousted earlier this month. trump heads to cleveland tonight after his rally in virginia
11:50 am
beach. for more on trump's ground game, i'm joined by the very best. robert costa and national reporter for "the washington post" and with us msnbc contributor charlie sikes in milwaukee. thank you for joining me. robert, i want to start with you. the national policy director said ahead of today's speech in gettysburg it would set the tone for the final days of this campaign. what doan did you see being set? >> what we saw from donald trump today was not so much a new agenda for his first 100 days in office should he win the white house, it was about underscoring his populous appeal, the core campaign plank such as the wall along the u.s./mexico border. reminding his voters about what he would like to do. >> and i want to talk about ground games specificly. a lot of people saying his
11:51 am
operation isn't strong enough to fight in these swing states. that's why hillary clinton is suddenly competitive in a state of arizona. what are you hearing from republican circles about what he is doing, and is he being written off at this point? >> what i'm hearing a lot is his ground game is absolutely nonexistent. in fact, to the extent there is a ground game, it's relying on fund-raising by paul ryan what an extraordinary moment trump world is going all in and attacking paul ryan at the moment he's relying on the party to do the ground game. robert costa has done great reporting talking about the fact this campaign seems to be transitioning into the creation of a grievance movement. increasingly, it does look like a revenge tour rather than doing the things you would expect a presidential campaign to be doing in the last 17 days.
11:52 am
there's no trump ground game here in wisconsin at all. >> robert, he seems to be spending more time in the rural areas, the urban suburbs are places where generally hillary clinton is leading by a lot over donald trump in places like pennsylvania and the like. what is he doing with this? is he trying to get as much vote out from these rural areas and can it possibly compare to what we are going 2 to see in these metropolitan areas? >> when you talk to trump advisors, they look at registered voters in the 2012 election, people who registered in 2012 then did not vote in that presidential election. they wonder, if there some kind of white working class block of voters out there that could come to trump? there is no evidence to show at this moment that group exists in a large way or it could come to trump. the trump belief is inside trump tower that he has to rouse his base, the disengaged voters, not just republican voters if he has
11:53 am
any chance against secretary clinton. >> what's going to happen to the republican party after all this? are donald trump supporters going to revolt in some fashion? if not, what do voices like yours and conservative talk radio, what's going to be their role coming up and the responsibility they're going to have to convince republican voters the world isn't out to get them? >> that is an outstanding question. nobody really knows what the answer is, except i think it's increasingly obvious that republican civil war will not end november 8th. there is going to be a reckoning. there is going to be a lot of finger pointing. you see the recrimination primaries beginning. i get the sense both donald trump and many of his mouthpieces on national conservative media are setting up the rationalization for his defeat and who they are going to blame for it. the grievance movement will continue. you'll see more of a shattering of the conservative media. it will be a rocky road.
11:54 am
a lot depends how much he loses by and what's left of the republican infrastructure. >> i wish i had ten more minutes to talk to you, but they are telling me i have to go. thank you for joining us on this lovely saturday. there we are live on the campus of regent university. donald trump will speak here to supporters just shortly, in probably a few minutes from now next, richard lui.
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that's all for me here in virginia beach. i'm katy tur. richard lui picks up our coverage and will be joined by a political reporter from the arizona republic. the clinton campaign is targeting the state with chelsea clinton, bernie sanders and michelle obama campaigning there
11:58 am
this past week. word that gabby giffords and mark kelly will be campaigning for clinton tomorrow. will that pay off? thanks for joining me. stay around for richard lui. kin? we gotta ship this oil portrait to the law offices of carver & sons in philadelphia. huh. ♪ (mysterious music) (gasp!) (crash) when the unexpected strikes, ha! will you be ready? join the over one million small businesses who trust the hartford to help them stay in business.
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