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tv   In Other News Lost in the Looting  MSNBC  October 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> that's dateline extra, i'm tamron hall, thanks for watching. los angeles is bracing for a second night of burning, killing and looting. >> the stories you're about to see were reported in the news between april 29 and may 1, 1992. >> it was a stunning thing to see, tanks rolling down streets in los angeles. >> can we all get along? >> beatings, riots and flames consumed the headlines and eclipsed other national news. >> jeffrey dahmer came back to face justice. >> 15 human bodies preserved in a refrigerator. >> the fbi's biggest kidnapping investigation in years. >> it happens lots of times. >> sidney riso headed to work and disappeared. >> the gunman is holding more
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than 30 hostages at a high school. >> we can only make an appeal to the gunman, stop, there's been enough already. >> across the nation, people were paying attention to this. >> the officers struck him with batons between 56 and 66 times. >> for 13 months, los angeles has been a pressure cooker. we find the defendant
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lawrence m. powell not guilty. >> after the beating videotape that shocked the world. and among black leaders who gathered to watch the verdict today were tears. 6 when that decision came down, i was actually sick at the stomach. >> my immediate reaction is we better get back out to l.a. and start having some peaceful demonstrations. before i could make arrangementings arrangement in s to go, the place was aplays. . >> immediately, there was anger manifesting itself across southern california.
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while the nation's eyes are glued to los angeles. police have been called to a bizarre crime scene. >> fbi agents have joined the search for a missing new jersey executive, sidney risso, if the president of exxon corporation is missing from his home. >> his wife said he left home early that morning, later that evening his car was left idling in the driveway of their home. >> they had followed their routine, they had breakfast together and she walked him to the door and said goodbye as she always did around 7: 30. >> miss his car never got to the end of the driveway, and there was no sign of him, the guy had just gone poof. >> friends say riso is just like the house they live in, solid. >> if you're a cynical person, you're speculating, maybe he's got something on the side.
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but even that scenario didn't fit leaving a car in the driveway with the engine running. >> no ransom has been received according to the morris county prosecutor's office, but this is being handled with the assumption of foul play. >> the rodney king riots following the verdict were shocking to say the least, it actually was somewhat beneficial to us because it directed the national media eyes away from what was going on in morris county. >> the anger that hit l.a. after the king verdict is unfortunately spreading and so is the violence. >> soon after the police officers are found not guilty, south los angeles erupts, photographer kurt mccoy and two colleagues from "the washington post" head to the epicenter of violence, at the corner of florence and normandy. >> there's a huge crowd running from the intersection, don't go down there, don't go down there, and they said to dana, who's
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very belonged blond, very white, don't go down there. and that's the worst thing you can say to a journalist is don't go there. she turns around, she's been hit in the head with a rock. i tell them where the closest hospital is at, and he says come on, let's get out of here. i looked at him and said i live here and i can't go. so i said goodbye and i did what i could do, i took pictures. >> in the midwest, the story of a notorious serial killer opens another chapter. >> jeffrey dahmer came back to his hometown today, back to face justice and the family whose son he took from them 14 years ago. >> already convicted and sentenced for 15 murders in milwaukee, jeffrey dahmer returns to ohio to stand trial where his killing spree gachb.
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began. >> jeffrey dahmer who had made some confessions, that he had actually picked up his first verdict in is late 70s in bath, ohio. >> he picked up this kid on the highway, and the kid was about 18 years old. steven hicks was hitchhiking, dahmer picked him up and brought him up to his house, and when hicks wanted to leave, dahmer attacked him with a barbell and killed him. >> then he chopped his body up and put it in a garbage bag. and put it in the back of his car. the police for some reason stopped him. >> the detective rich muncie made a notation that there was a garbage bag in the back seat of the car and jeffrey dahmer indicated that he was just taking it to the dump. >> the police let him go, he turned the car around, went back to his house and buried the body underneath the house in that area.
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>> in new jersey, what started as a missing person's case is now being treated as a criminal abduction. >> sidney riso headed to work and disappeared. he's the president of exsoften -- exxon international. >> we realized that what we probably had was a kidnapping and asked the fbi to come in and assist us. >> we looked at all possible motives and certainly the exxon valleu valdes, which had occurred just a few years prior to that. we thought that it could be related to an environmental terrorist group looking for retaliation. >> this is as big as it gets. there's been nothing like this in new jersey since the lindbergh kidnapping and it was just something that didn't happen.
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>> you are about to see some of the most horrible video to come out of the los angeles rioting. >> you can see how this fire is really taking off now. people are running back and forth, looting is under way. >> it was like wildfires. that were just sprouting in different parts of the city. >> a helicopter reporter spotted a man being dragged from his truck and beaten. >> i don't think anybody anticipated what took place at the corner of florence and normandy. >> his name is reginald nance. he's a live but very badly hurt. >> when reginald denny was brick in that crews bell that took place there, in that moment, we knew that this was going to be different. >> los angeles is on edge
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tonight as fires looting and street violence continues. >> the worst crisis the city has seen in 27 years. >> by the mid evening, it was clear that there was full scale rioting going on in los angeles. >> another terrible drama is unfolding in california. a gunman is holding more than 30 hostages at a high school. at least eight people have been shot. >> what is your plea to the charge of aggravated murder as contained in count one of the indictment? speed... no one way of driving on each and every road. but there is one car that can conquer them all, the mercedes-benz c-class. five driving modes let you customize the steering, shift points, and suspension to fit the mood you're in... and the road you're on. the 2016 c-class. lease the c300 for $369 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. ugh. heartburn. sorry ma'am. no burning here.
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we want to keep our community safe. this is our community, this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california. teachers, nurses and firefightes support prop 51. prop 51 will upgrade libraries, science labs, and classroom technology and relieve school overcrowding creating more opportunity . . . and better learning for students help students succeed vote yes on 51. indictment? the violence that began last night shows no signs of slowing down now. >> when a big headline takes center stage, even the most shocking stories can be relegated to minor roles. >> the fbi's biggest kidnapping investigation in years. >> i need to know if he is well and safe. >> mass murder jeffrey dahmer made his return to summit county. >> to demand justice for their
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son he took from them 14 years ago. >> the very latest on a city under siege, los angeles is shrouded in smoke from arson fires. >> like scenes from a nightmare, the television helicopters just needed to turn their cameras on, because anywhere they focused, they could see the violence on the streets. >> and it wasn't just south central l.a. large scale violence break out in the suburbs too. >> i remember going to do the story for nightly news, we went down to the edge of korea town in south central and we filmed people going into stores and coming out with television sets and stuff. >> a store overstocked for mother's day, nothing left. >> they said, we're going shopping. >> it wasn't just african-americans, it was a lot of latinos, white people, lots of them.
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they were poor people. then suddenly the story wasn't a racial story, it was an economic story. >> looters of every race and color, just like their victims. >> by late morning, it was clear that if anything, the lawlessness was increasing. >> fbi agents have joined the search for a missing new jersey executive, sidney riso, president of the exxon international corporation went missing this morning. >> on the second day, exxon received a phone call and the message of the phone call was that a letter could be found in the livingston shopping mall, taped to a lamp post. >> federal authorities say they prefer not to speculate on the conditions or whereabouts of sidney riso while they're still searching for him, only that they hope to find him alive.
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mass murder jeffrey dahmer made his return to summit county amidst a mass of security. the attorney getting ready to represent jeffrey dahmer. >> they drove me to the prison where they were holding him and he was in a suicide watch cell, a guard beside a cell on a little balcony that watched every move he made. we had to do paper work that would probably take weeks or months in 24 hours. i had to figure out what i was going to say. it was very difficult. i had no warm feeling for this guy. he had no compassion, he had no emotion. >> why the cannibalism? >> it made me feel like they were a permanent part of me. >> but on april 30th, dahmer's heinous crimes are not dominating headlines.
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>> for the past 24 hours, residents of los angeles have seen their city caught up in a kind of free floating anarchy. >> gangs of street thugs continued their rampage of neighborhoods and continued well outside the core of l.a. >> the disturbance was moving west toward the affluent areas of the city, and the city's elite were starting to panic. >> while beverly hills and other west side areas are protected, neighborhoods closer to the turmoil are left to fend for themselves. >> shopkeepers say all of this damages happened because police ignored this neighborhood and ignored businesses built over a lifetime. >> 22 years down the drain. i mean can't people realize what they're doing is wrong? this is not the way to overcome racism. >> law enforcement simply could not be everywhere.
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and quite often, the tv trucks would get there before the police did. >> los angeles is bracing for a second night of burning, killing and looting, in response to the rodney king verdict. >> now officials prepare for night fall. >> i can't predict what will happen, but it's going to be worse. >> good evening, the saga of >> good evening, the saga of sidney riso is now a kidnapping case. >> in the case of exxon >> in the case of exxon executive sidney riso, investigators are trying to get cluing from a ransom note. >> rainbow warriors is the name of a ship owned by a ship in the uk that was part of greenpeace. >> the first letter clearly wanted to make the point that this in fact was in retaliation
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for the exxon valdes which had occurred a few years prior to that. they threatened to kidnap addition exxon executives. >> the fbi uncovered a ransom letter demanding millions of dollars and a phone number for further instructions. >> they set a ransom demand, which was the highest ransom demand in the history of the united states, $18.5 million. >> you made the obligatory calls to greenpeace. you made calls to other environmental organizations, had you ever heard of this kind of thing, and the answer was no. >> first another terrible drama is unfolding in california. a gunman is holding more than 30 hostages in a high school. >> a horrific story in a small town in northern california is about to play out on live television, in 1992, it was a rare media event, but today, all too common. >> it's frank crawford high school, and there's someone with a gun.
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>> it was a normal workday. i heard a commotion in the disbatch area, and i asked someone what was going on and they said there was a shooting at lindhurst high school. >> i had never heard of something like this, it was seven years before columbine. i and several other detectives took off code three to lindhurst high school. ♪ the highly advanced audi a4. ♪
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>> fires, looting and street violence continues, after the acquittal of four white police officers. >> four people are still reportedly being held hostage by an armed gunman. >> these are the stories that play out in the shadows. >> his wife patricia said he left early that morning, later that day the car was found idling in the driveway close to his home. >> it seemed so strange, where, why? >> what they did covered upon their arrival was almost unthinkable. numerous pieces from as many as 15 human bodies including three heads preserved in a
5:23 pm
refrigerator. >> this has been the worst night of violence in los angeles since the 1965 watch riot. >> a nonstop orgy of burning, looting and chaos. >> i don't believe this, i just can't. >> the death toll has past two dozen and the number of arrests has reached 2,000. >> los angeles is still a city under siege this morning with scores of fires still burning. >> as a third day of rioting dawns on los angeles, the mayor and police are slowly securing the city. >> we have got to make a commitment to have a sufficient show of force that we can gain control over the situation out in the field. >> 4,000 additional national guard troops will be sent to los angeles today to beef up the 2,000 troops which are already here, and federal troops regular army have been put on alert. city officials want a massive show of force to quell the rioting, looting and burning
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that has rocked this city for the last two days. >> the bringing in of the national guard made some difference in terms of enabling the existing law enforcement resources who didn't have enough officers to be everywhere they needed to be, to try to hold more territory. >> what exactly have they been asked to do? >> we're re-enforcing law enforcement and we're cordoning areas that have already been cleared or securing areas that have already been damaged. >> it had a very -- low income neighborhoods among some people that they were an occupied territory that i think was welcomed by some people and i think was resented by others. >> while authorities in southern california are bringing order to the streets, spectators in akron, ohio are lining up to catch a glimpse of notorious serial killer jeffrey dahmer arriving to stand trial for the first murder he committed.
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>> dahmer is already serving life terms in wisconsin for 15 murders, iowa prosecutors say dahmer killed his first victim in ohio where he was raised. >> part of what made him such a monster was his ordinariness. i think that's what scared people a lot about him is because he looked like you and me and that's pretty scary because his deeds were unspeakable. >> the trial began nearly 10 months after the public was exposed to the grizzly discoveries in dahmer's apartment. >> milwaukee police searched this building after an unclothed man -- they discovered upon their arrival was almost unspeakable. numerous pieces from as many as 15 human bodies including three heads preserved in a refrigerator. >> it's been 2 1/2 months since he was convicted of 15 murders in milwaukee. >> jeffrey dahmer, cannibalism, murders, lobotomies.
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>> now dahmer is facing judgment for the final outstanding murder trial in ohio. >> gruesome as his crimes were, people began showing up at the county courthouse in order to be one of the 35 spectators allowed to see the proceedings firsthand. >> it's not often that somebody famous comes to akron, i just wanted to see what goes on and how it's handled. >> he had letters from women proposing marriage to him. he had mail like he was a rock star, i haven't seen anything like it, and i haven't seen anything like it since then. >> while the trial unfolds in akron, it's been three days since exxon executive sidney riso was kidnapped and no one has herd from him. >> the media wanted answers and a lot of the time we just didn't have them. >> it's enormously frustrating. frankly i remembered so many more details about the l.a. riots than i did about a story i was covering, so dramatic was
5:27 pm
the footage. and here we had no footage. >> that night, investigators get a new lead. >> may 1, around 9:30 at night, we had received a call that directed me to morris park. they said that the second letter could be found under a white rock near a fence. we did in fact find a letter. they wanted a plane, they wanted the money put? edie bauer bags. we wanted to make sure that sidney riso was alive. we had a lot of concerns about sidney riso's well-being. >> this is an nbc news special report. >> president bush addressed the nation regarding the l.a. riots. >> i want to talk to you about violence in our cities and justice for our citizens. two big issues that have collided on the streets of los angeles.
5:28 pm
>> george h.w. bush went on television, i assumed at the time that he was going to make a statement to try to restore order in los angeles. >> what we saw last night and the night before in los angeles is not about civil rights. it's not about the great cause of equality that all americans must uphold. it's not a message of protest. it's been the brutality of a mob, pure and simple. >> the speech that bush made seemed to make things worse. >> the violence will end, justice will be served, hope will return. >> the president's words echo in households across the country. >> what is your plea to the charge of aggravated murder as contained count one of the indictment. >> guilty as charged, your honor. >> an attorney spoke for dahmer and his family.
5:29 pm
>> jeffrey dahmer is a human being, he is a tortured and sick human being. >> he talked about redemption and mercy and wanted to say he was sorry about his conduct, and i don't think he was. >> mrs. hicks called dahmer a monster and spoke of the horror her family endured. >> we saw pieces of our son on tv every night, some smaller than a toothpick. i have always believed in capital punishment. since the state of ohio didn't have it in 1988, i couldn't pull the level on him. >> dahmer is given his 16th life sentence and returns to wisconsin to serve out his time. >> jeffrey dahmer's stay in akron may have been brief, but his affect on the city will be felt for a long time to come.
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>> we got word rodney was going to make a statement. >> you know, can we all get along? >> the gunman has released 11. but he has shot at least nine people. >> parent s rushed to find out f their child had been released. >> it is happening as we're going live here. (burke) and we covered it, february third, twenty-sixteen. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ it'...when that laxour loves your body back. only miralax hydrates, eases, and softens to unblock naturally. so you have peace of mind from start to finish. love your laxative. miralax.
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donald trump and mike pence holding a cam pain event in cleveland tonight. talking about his plans for his first 100 days in office. hillary clinton and her running mate tim kaine spending the day in pennsylvania. clinton reached out to donald trump supporters saying she wants to be their president as well. the democrats have a second event coming up in philadelphia tonight. now back to "in other news." a hazardous material team breathing from air tanks confiscated a number of items
5:34 pm
from the suspect's apartment, among them police say, photographs and drawings of dead, mutilated bodies. >> sidney riso disappeared yesterday, and this case is being handled under the assumption of foul play. >> parents are waiting to get word. >> murder, kidnapping, hostages, major stories playing out in america, while all eyes are on the riots raging in l.a. >> at least 27 people are now dead since it all began following the acquittal of four police officers in the rodney king beating trial. >> on friday may 1, there were still a lot of hot spots, but the authorities were better organized. and my assignment was we got word that rodney was going to make a statement. an enormous assemblage of media gathered around this yard area around this podium, because we hadn't heard from him. >> i just want to say, you know, can we all get along? can we get along?
5:35 pm
>> initially, that wasn't what he was supposed to say, he was given a script to read. he felt it necessary to just speak from his heart. >> please, we can get along here, we all can get along, we just got to -- you know, we're all stuck here for a while, you know, let's try to work it out. >> i have always been very proud of him, very much, that's something that's still brought up to this day. i think it made an impact. >> as king pleas for calm -- >> people are still reportedly being held hostage by an armed gunman at the library building at the lindhurst high school. >> officers arrive on scene and police are briefed by the sergeant. >> he was in this big building, they called it building c, there was one suspect perhaps armed with a shotgun, who was last seen entering that building, shots had been fired. didn't really have time to talk about what the plan of action
5:36 pm
was going to be, when the door to building c burst open, a bunch of kids came running out. >> some 25 people, 24 of them students and at least one teacher seem to have escaped what is now a very dangerous situation there at lindhurst high school. >> there was two people in there, a teacher and a stay tuned, and we have a person who has committed homicide. >> we know that eight people have been shot, including at least four students. >> medical authorities are calling this a phase 3 disaster, the highest level of medical alert. >> on the east coast, days turn into weeks as authorities search for missing exxon executive sidney riso, while his kidnappers remain at large. police are still examining the ransom letter and the possible
5:37 pm
affiliation to a environmental organization. >> that's when we learned about the kidnapping of victor samuelsson. >> 18 years earlier, plant manager victor samuelsson had been kidnapped by marxist guerrillas. >> there's no word from argentina today about the whereabouts of american oil executive victor samuelsson who has been kidnapped. >> after $14 million in ransom was paid, samuelsson was returned unharmed in april 1974, 18 years to the day sidney riso disappeared. >> we need to know if indeed there is a group that is holding mr. riso. >> but the fbi's behavioral science bureau becomes suspicious of the group's international claims. >> i think we had one call from new york, and then one call late in the investigation from georgia. all of the phone calls that we were able to capture were all within maybe a five to ten-mile radius. >> in fact the kidnappers seemed to have intimate knowledge of morris county. investigators have a hunch the kidnappers are not the environmental crusaders they claim to be.
5:38 pm
they're locals. >> mrs. riso says she's concerned about her husband's health. he had a heart attack three years ago, but she has faith. >> he's courageous and he's honest and he's good. so if anybody can survive any set of circumstances like that, he can do it. >> the suspect has been identified by the sheriff's department as eric houston. >> in olive hurst, california, the local community is facing a terrifying hostage situation. >> are we any closer to understanding what it is he wants? >> no, we still don't know what he wants, other than we know he came here with a grudge when he was a student. >> i just remembering about the teacher that failed him, the girlfriend that broke up with him, that he had lost his job, so basically his entire life that's unraveling or falling apart so to speak all came back
5:39 pm
to the one teacher. >> school authorities and peace officers are trying to establish some sort of contact with the gunman, i don't know if they have been able to achieve that yet. >> at this time, we're trying to gather intelligence as to exactly to which room he seems to be moving. >> he had placed lookouts on the stairwells. >> at that point, jim down started communicating with the student on the stairs. >> i had probably anywhere from four to six cops with their pistols on me and then i had eric with his shotgun pointing at me. so i had two different sets of people pointing their guns at me. they don't know what to expect from either of us. it was pretty intense. so it was crazy. >> it is a very tense situation here and we just keep waiting for more news and hopefully more people to come out of that building. ame show. and everyone knows me for discounts, like safe driver and paperless billing. but nobody knows the box behind the discounts. oh, it's like my father always told me -- "put that down. that's expensive." of course i save people an average of nearly $600,
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the national guard is now out in force in los angeles. >> while the cameras closely followed the l.a. unrest, elsewhere, other crises intensified. >> sidney reso headed to work and disappeared. he's the president of exxon international. >> in california, a gunman is holding more than 30 hostages at a high school. >> 6,000 california national guard troops on the streets of los angeles. their weapons will be loaded and they have orders to return fire if fired upon. >> by 3:00 p.m. on may 1, marines begin amassing south of the city. >> unless you've been in the service, you never get that sense of power of guys in uniform and heavy machinery that comes with the army showing up. >> the regular army troops and
5:44 pm
marines ordered up by president bush mov to staging areas. >> our main weapon is r physical presence, as a visual deterrent. >> it's the weirdest sight to see a tank roll in over the hill and kind of drop in and descend into los angeles with the skyscape in the background. that pretty much brought order, you don't argue too much with a tank. >> there was an interesting mood change in some areas of los angles as firefighters arrive and set up stores. there were no rocks and bottles, but a lot of helping hands. >> a lot of those people wanted to undo the damage, do anything they could to undo the damage and were extremely helpful to the fire department, the police department, go on television and make statements and decry the violence and say this isn't us. >> i want the people to stop this and really think about what you're doing, you're hurting yourself more than anybody.
5:45 pm
>> as angelinos fight for their city, a life or death battle is being waged in northern california. >> eric houston, he may be holding 35 to 40 students hostage. he has released 11, but he has shot at least nine people as we understand, including students and a teacher. >> i seen a student come out of the spanish class below and he actually was shot in the leg, me and the other student down below were like, you got a student bleeding out on the floor, and eric said, yeah, get him out of the building. i opened the door and the cops grabbed me and grabbed the other student and they took us out with them and they wouldn't let us go back in. >> parents rushed to find out if their child had been released. it was a scene of great fear and anxiety, but also occasional scenes of great joy and relief. >> i remember my mom, it was good to see her. >> the gunman says this could be a long night. of course it will be a very long night for the parents waiting to
5:46 pm
hear if one of their children is inside. >> authorities said soon after sidney reso disappeared the fbi recovered a ransom letter demanding millions of dollars. and a cellular phone number with further instructions. >> investigators get a huge break when eventually sidney reso's kidnappers tried to set up a ransom drop. >> they told us to put it in eddie bauer bags and to divide it up into certain currencies. this was their game plan. >> the fbi set up a massive sting operation and intentionally leaves the media in the dark. >> we were being spoon-fed a false narrative in order to help the authorities lure the kidnappers into a false sense of security. they didn't make a mistake, then they did make a mistake. >> june 18, the night of the scheduled ransom drop, the fbi plants over 250 agents in the
5:47 pm
morris county vicinity. >> we had all these agents out and i was wired so the command post could hear the exact conversation. and one of the female agents who was sitting in a car, saw a guy, he had glasses and a fisherman's hat on. and she sue this individual on the phone. >> the agent observes the man hanging up the phone at the same time the recorded call is terminated. the fbi traces the man's license plate to a local rental company. not long after agents show up to investigate, the suspect also arrives to return his car. >> they found in the trunk of the vehicle, the eddie bauer bags, the exxon exist of executives and all kinds of pertinent information relative to sidney reso. it was amazing. >> after seven weeks of investigation, sidney reso's kidnappers were arrested.
5:48 pm
>> two people including a former exxon employee were arrested and charged with kidnapping. reso's fate however remains a mystery. >> well the situation is still very tense as you might imagine at lindhurst high school at this hour, the s.w.a.t. team is still in place, as parents are waiting to get word on their loved ones still inside. >> houston has reportedly told negotiators that he's afraid the s.w.a.t. team will bleak in and kill him. >> he was real insistent that he didn't want to see any cops in black clothing because that to him meant s.w.a.t. team. he didn't want to hear a helicopter. because the media was flying overhead. >> some comments were made and he did get a little bit agitated. >> we heard a radio broadcast that he heard and it listed numbers of people injured, shot, which enraged him. so we made a request of the news media to please don't do those reports again because it's making it difficult for us to keep a peaceful situation in negotiations. >> they have asked us not to have any more coverage of the gunman, we can only ask, please,
5:49 pm
put it down, stop, there's been enough already. >> the negotiation process begins with houston asking for foot about 6:00 p.m. >> he wanted pizzas, so we asked him to give us count. so they took a count, when they came back, it was 84 hostages, which is astounding. it was -- it was -- wow. >> captain dennis moore telling reporters -- >> they have been delivered their pizzas and their food that they requested. the activity has been rather light, the conversations have been minimal on the telephone. >> he sent down a couple of students, two or three, and said come back with a pizza or i'm killing your friends. do you let the kids go back up or do you keep them safe? we ultimately decided to let them go back up. >> 30 years in law enforcement, that's the toughest decision i have ever been involved in.
5:50 pm
>> they do have contact with the man by telephone, right? >> at first he was very agitated and very upset. but they say he is calming down which is a good sign. gunman eric houston releases 15 hostages as an act of goodwill. >> the students we have seen walking out of here were very badly shaken. many were stunned, they were weak, they looked dazed. >> i remember seeing members of my family, and just being so relieved to be able to just hug my mom. >> when they called the kids' names as they were being released from the school, we would go over and see if our kids were there. in my heart, i knew something was wrong. but i just kept staying and waiting. shag carpeting... ...and his pants ignited into flames, causing him to stop, drop and roll. luckily jack recently had geico help him with renters insurance. because all his belongings went up in flames.
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while americans are glued to the news of chaos tragedy and recovery in l.a. >> i can't believe this stuff, i
5:54 pm
just can't. >> the kidnapping case are still simmering elsewhere. >> his four grown children wanted their father home for father's day. >> we can only make an appeal to the gunman. please put it down, stop. >> in los angeles, 6,000 looters and arsonists have been rounded up. >> i just want it clean and nice like it was. >> this awakened los angeles, it broke it out of a slumber that had been in for many, many years. there were reforms that began in the los angeles police department. and i these that was a good thing. >> los angeles begins the long road to normalcy. >> it will take weeks for investigators to find sidney reso. >> the fbi's biggest kidnapping
5:55 pm
investigation in years has become a murder case. >> despite the eventually capture of the kidnappers, it was too late to save their victim. >> reso's body was found in a shallow grave in this wooded area near the new jersey shore. law enforcement officers were taken there by irene sale. >> it was bungled from the beginning, they just wanted to get rich quick. they thought, they were stupid enough to think that a kidnapping was going to be easy. >> reso attempted to break free and was shot in the arm. the seals testified it was not their intention to kill reso, but three days later, he died from heat and exhaustion. they pled guilty to extortion and conspiracy. she was released in 2009.
5:56 pm
art seal pleaded guilty to kidnapping and murder and was sentenced to live without parole. >> eight hours into the siege in california, eric houston is negotiating with the police. >> i think we did start to feel a little bit hopeful seeing him be more willing to let people go. you could see that he was a little bit more mellowed, a little bit more calm. >> there is a lot of conversation between eric houston and the negotiating team about you're going to be the last person to come down, you're not going to come down surrounded by hostages. >> and just moments ago, those students, some very shaken and very emotional were loaded on to busses and taken to be debriefed and counseled. >> the final group of students is released. >> i remember seeing my mother
5:57 pm
and my sister-in-law and just kind of baring myself. sorry. >> they were releasing the last bunch of kids. and announcing them over the intercom. and they stopped. me and my husband just kind of turned and looked at each other and put our arms around each other and when i got home, i had a yard full of kids and we stood out in the yard for another couple of hours holding hands and singing and just being together. because they all knew too. >> three students and teacher robert brens died at the scene that day. eric houston received the death penalty and awaiting execution at san quentin prison. >> in 1992, there was no
5:58 pm
playbook for this. what we now call active shooters, which unfortunately is common language in law enforcement, that wasn't part of our vocabulary in 1992. so it's not something we had trained for. >> the lindhurst shooting wasn't the first of its kind or the last. >> 30 people have been killed in this rampage at virginia tech university. >> just minutes at the shootings at sandy hook elementary school, radio transmissions revealed the scale of the tragedy already unfolding. >> today a school shooting happens almost every week in the united states. >> in 1993, officers stacy coon and lawrence powell were conflicted in federal court for their role in the rodney king beating. >> at least he was able to be a symbol of change and a symbol of hope for los angeles. he was our hero, my sisters and
5:59 pm
myself. >> the city realized it had too make stronger connections and the police department had to make stronger connections with the community. >> when these things occur, there's a got chance that the somebody's going to be making video of it and it will go viral. that's obviously making the question of police brutality a different one and people have a chance to do something about it. >> all of los angeles is under curfew tonight as violence continues in the street. >> the destruction in the streets of the city of los angeles must stop. >> when something big happens, everything gets shoved off the radar, when it normally would be maybe the lead story. >> for us in akron, dahmer was the lead story of the day. and dahmer was killed in prison. >> it happens all the time. there are lots of other really big deal stories that are occurring that are getting no attention at all. >> the hostage situation is over. eric houston has been arrested.
6:00 pm
>> it's the weird way human beings are, you can only keep one thing in your head at the same time, i guess. >> eric houston's effect on the city will last for some time to come. as one spectator put it, it may be gruesome, but it's history. 9:00 eastern time, here's a bunch of poll closings right here this, could be a turning point. >> nbc news has projected al gore wins in florida. >> cable news a presidential election is your super bowl. so we knew it was going to be big. >> florida has been prematurely called. >> we realized this story is getting bigger. >> nbc news is taking vice president gore out of the win column. >> there were so many headlines that could have come out of november 7. >> hillary clinton, that she put her hat in the ring to run for senate from new york. >> there is a new senator from the state of new york, her name


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