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tv   AM Joy  MSNBC  October 23, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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they woke up from the dead and they went and voted. there are 2.8 million people that are registered in more than one state, so we'll vote here and let's right down the road let's vote. maybe they will vote for trump, i don't know. maybe i should be saying it. i may be hurting myself, you're right. you're right. maybe they are going to vote for trump. all right. let's forget that. it's okay for them to do it. >> vote early and vote often as long as you're voting for trump.
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donald trump -- good morning and welcome to "a.m. joy." saturday was a busy day for the campaigns. donald trump gave his version of the gettysburg address which his campaign said would be a serious policy speech outlining his first 100 days as president. >> every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign. total fabrication. the events never happened, never. all of these liars will be sued after the election is over. >> or that. just 11 hours -- just hours later an 11th woman came forward to accuse trump of sexual misconduct. >> in the penthouse suite i met donald again. when we entered the room he grabbed each of us tightly in a hug and kissed each one of us without asking permission.
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he was wearing pajamas. >> drake also said that trump asked her repeatedly to come back to his suite, at one point offering her $10,000 to do so. trump's campaign denied the allegations saying, quote, this story is totally false and ridiculous. just another example of the clinton campaign trying to rig the election. meanwhile, hillary clinton campaigned with her running mate for the first time since labor day with two rallies in pennsylvania. >> that poor guy. it's so hard. it's so hard to be donald trump and have everything rigged against me. >> i am tired of all this talk that you hear from trump and his supporters, that really is always just denigrating america. come on, give me a break. >> and back in trump land trump supporters continue their attack
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on reporters including two men who use a german word which means lying press. >> that's what you are. >> you say it right. >> that's right. >> it's a nazi-era word that recently has seen a resurgence among the anti-migrant, anti-german right wing and joining me now is msnbc political analyst joan walsh and jameel smith and former michigan representative pete hoekstra as well as e.j. dionne, msnbc correspondent and the author of "why the right went wrong, conservatism from the tea party to goldwater and beyond" and david frum. we'll go to david frum. where we ended, david, there's been a lot of talk, really
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horrifying tactician of the trump era and the politic and the fixation of some of the anti-jewish memes. look, the anti-semitism is a crucial working part of a racial supremacist ideology because if your -- if you're a tiny fraction of trump supporters, most of whom are concerned about what's happening to jobs and concerns about immigration that
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i certainly share, but here's your problem, that if you are this hard core racialist, you believe two things. one is that you belong to this superior group of people and the second that you're being overwhelmed show how do you reconcile the belief and superiority and defeat. what you need is a bunch of serious sinister master minds. here's the thing. donald trump's eldest son don jr. repeats and plays these themes. just this week we tweeted a link that claimed the ferguson riots had all been masterminded by george soros and the core of truth is soros did fund some groups that were involved in police brutality issues but idea that what happened in ferguson is a jewish plot, don jr. different exactly endorse it and his continues did and if you read the notifications, there
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was a meaning i didn't underappreciate. i think it means he did appreciate it. >> it's a difficult situation. welcome, first of all, thanks for being here, the first time on the show. and it is complicated. you come from michigan, a state that's faced tremendous dislocation of workers. people who, you know, maybe a year and a half ago might have been really open even if they were democrats to a message that fixated on bringing back the american worker but what you had is this sort of sideshow going on in the trump campaign, not only the accusations of the women, but things like this. i want to show you a sign that was spotted at donald trump's virginia beach rally showing a picture of hillary clinton, you can see it there, with crosshairs and the words killary rotten clinton. a lot of voters who might be open to a straight economic hear things like that and lying press, they recoil and they recoil from the trump campaign. don't you think that that has been the thing that has put donald trump in the position he's in now? >> that's not donald trump.
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donald trump is still carrying the same message forward in terms of we are going to go back and renegotiate the trade deals. we are going to do the things that hopefully will bring back american jobs. we're going to, you know, roll back regulations so that american workers can be competitive on a global basis. as long as we are talking about those messages and that's what the media is talking about, that those are the key this that american workers are concerned about, yes, we're recoiled by those types of signs at a trump real, but that is not what's going to impact america for the next four years. >> you articulate that very well and partly because you're from a state michigan where that's the message when you were in congress that that's what you had to talk about. unfortunately, that isn't really what your candidate tends to spend a lot of time about. i want to play kellyanne conway, the campaign manager, on abc this morning and she was asked about sort of the times in which donald trump himself -- i'm sorry, it was on "meet the press," and the times in which donald trump himself takes his campaign off message. take a listen. >> he started out talking about
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threatening to sue all of the kirs that have co-- the accuser come out with charges of sexual misconduct. is that a way to reset the last 16 days? >> it's a way to defend himself which is what he said many times they are all fabrications and dispensed with that in a sentence or two and talked about the rigged corrupt system and it did, unfortunately, include some in the media. >> e.y. dionne, you wrote a back -- the title, "why the right went wrong" and you really traced kind of the migration of the republican party from where it was, even as recently as, you know, 50 years ago, 40 years ago when they were able to win substantial of non-white voters. republicans typically did very well, particarith white women. they had an advantagin that area. now that this is what the campaign is, the kellyanne is having to respond now to 11 allegations of sexual misconduct and seeing really disturbing
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images coming out of trump supporters. what do you make of what that has done to the republican party? >> well, i think they are in a heap of trouble and they know it. you know, there was a very sympathetic piece about paul ryan yesterday in the "wall street journal" showing that he's going to go to over 40 cities because even the house is in jeopardy. i think it will be very hard for democrats to take the house, but i think what you've got is a couple of things going on here. first, republicans for many years were willing to play with right wing themes and thought they could keep the right wing under control. they welcomed donald trump's support, even mitt romney who has been very brave in this election in speaking out from donald trump loved getting his endorsement in 2012, and now they are having to pay the price for that. secondly, i think what you're seeing in trump's constituency are some of those far right groups with some racism, anti-semitism, that you and david talked about earlier, and
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then you have a significant number of people, congressman hoekstra talked about, who are very discontented people who have some reasons to be discontented about their economic position. that is the classic base of a far right movement. they get people who aren't necessarily in the sort of racist right, the semtic camp. trump loves the word loser. what he's facing now a narrative of defeat, and what happens with that is more and more republicans are going to be running away from him which will only weaken trump as the campaign goes forward and yet it may not protect them because they are going to have to explain flip-flopping on trump between now and election day. all of the ones who actually supported him. so they are in a real pickle as a party, and i'm afraid they brought some of it on themselves. >> yeah, you know, joan, it's
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interesting because one of the sort of things that the republican party did that really helped them over the last two generations was to co-opt the white working class and take it away from the democratic party and now you do see that group, that narrow of defeat that e.j. dionne is talking about, that group is going to experience another defeat if polls are correct. >> right. >> they are going to experience yet another time when people of color, when women of color in particular made the decision on who the president was over their objections. >> right. >> how does that narrative of defeat impact those voters who will be even angrier on november 9th? >> i think they will be even angrier and it will be a tough thing for the republican party and for the nation. let's be honest. this is a very sad situation we're all in, congressman hoekstra. this is a very divided country and it's going to be a divided -- another major party is completely divide and there's going to be a circular firing squad in the republican party as far as i can see, but these
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white working class voters are, again, this nostalgia for a past where they were more ascendant, where there was more h ho mogeneity they will see it slipping farther and farther behind them and no one is talking to them. i shouldn't say this. i think hillary clinton and tim kaine are trying to talk to them about where they fit into the future and invite them into this future, but they are being lied to right now and they are going to face another crushing defeat. >> jameel, i wonder if democrats face the flip side, an overconfidence, that this election means that the message that democrats have been sending is enough, that it's enough for working class people, which let's be honest, people of color. working class people are not all white and there are still struggles even as you see wages finally rights, saw an all-time increase in wages for the first time in 15 years. but there is this sort of sense of anxiety that democrats need to address. >> certainly. within communities of color they
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need to address it forthrightly but list think the identity politics crosses over with policy as congressman hoekstra was talking about. you know, you see trump saying all of these things that are arising anxieties about policies because he's so deeply invested in the white nationalism and misogyny and all the rhetoric that's so divisive that people don't have faith that he'll have any kind of interest in addressing policy concerns within those communities. >> yeah. >> why should we believe he's going to address flint? why should we believe he's going to address what happened in ferguson an cleveland and so many other cities that have suffered from police brutality? why should we believe this when he's issuing forth this really damaging rhetoric. >> we'll have all of our guests come back again. we'll bring them all back later in the show, but up next, if you can't beat them, join them. will donald trump start his own tv network? you do not want to miss that. qo :é @d888888@888jj
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finally a network people find fox news too intellectual and too warm and fuzzy and too lazy to join the klan. you can sit home and watch this stuff. mel gibson and paula dean together in the morning for the base. here's the reality. we've watched trump preview the last 16 months. it's horrifying and bone-chilling. we've seen a spike in emboldening hate of anti-semitic, white nationalists, hate crimes have spiked the last week by self-professed trump supporters. i'm not guessing trump supporters. the name trump is becoming a modern day version of a swlaz can a. so i fear -- the drip of hate. they are going to watch and hate latinos, muslims, blacks, flynn not like them more. they have every right to do it. i hope it fails. the only bright side if it's viewed as a competitor to fox news and cnn maybe you won't have trump on anymore and that's
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the best for all of us. >> here's the thing, and i think for donald trump the reason to do it, one reason to do it is that his brand is otherwise in a lot of trouble. >> right. >> traffic is down on some estimates 59% at trump hotels. i did a speaking gig at the college and give me a stream of consciousness when i say trump and what it means, 15 years ago they would say wealth, populism, bling. now they say young, racism, words that college-aged students were associating. this is toxic for his brand and ivanka trump's brand. >> this could be a new brand. >> a new audience. >> i always defer to eric boller but i don't think i can today because i think he's going to be a liars, but he's going to lose and claim that it was rigged and claimed that the big media was always against him even though we helped make him and i think there's going to be a real appetite for kind of counterprogramming to fox. that's what steve bannon is doing with him.
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i don't know exactly what roger aids is doing and you can imagine. and i think shean hannity is already auditioning for trump-tv. i think it's clear he would leave and join something like that. i think with the numbers that john is talking about, i think he'd be crazy enough not to do it >> donald trump has been excellent at building his brand. not had a builder of buildings anymore. and on the ails front there is some reporting from gabriel sherman, that they have split and in your view would he need somebody like a roger aids if the play is streaming and not cable because ails -- ailes is a cable guy. >> the huge advantage of playing on that platform is you know who is specifically watching and what's making them subscribe and what's making them turn out, you know, give up their subscription and that's the home run play. now speaking of licensing, the other thing that he could do is simply license his name to a struggling traditional cable
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operation, newsmax tv or one america and might just say, hey, give me a big fall check and make the most of it. >> do what you can. >> that's been his model in the construction business. >> the one thing i do wonder is if he does that and lends his name to it, eric, then doesn't it follow that we're going to start to see boycotts? yesterday we reported on people who were calling on the lpga to pull, you know, the upcoming women's golf tournament from donald trump's golf courses. you know, there is a possibility that if he lent his name to a newsmax tv there could be boycotts. >> and in you try to take on fox, who is going to advertise? who is going to advertise? >> boycott against the advertisers. you want to be the headf the trump-tv sales norse? you're going to go up and down madison avenue trying to find johnson & johnson. no one is going to touch this thing. ailes doesn't have any creative people around him. what's been the hallmark of his campaign, awful tv ad. awful production, awful writing.
7:27 am
this does not translate into this is going to be great tv. he has no connection with the creative industry at all. >> steve bannon obviously owns a stake in a lot of sort of hollywood ventures, including popular tv show, it's escaping me right now, videos are a little bit of "seinfeld" so sandra dostie have some roots in a hollywood background and we just saw based on the speech at the al smith dinner, trump doesn't have connectionsan with comedy writers. >> he probably has some comedy writers. the worst deliverer of jokes i've ever seen. in defense of trump, just objectively, glenn beck had about 1 million twitter foerls, donald trump has 13 million, a much bigger pool and perhaps he doesn't -- donald trump's brand is much bigger. sadly there's an appetite of
7:28 am
hate in this country that's unquenched and donald trump can quench it on a streamed show and that's scary to me and i think that's what's going to happen. >> joan walsh and dean will be back. up next, who won last night's big debate? that's next. >> nobody has more respect for women than i do. >> all right. all right, all right. settle down. settle down, entire planet. the dr. scholl's kiosk maps your feet and recommends our custom fit orthotic to stabilize your foundation and relieve lower-back, knee or foot pain from being on your feet. find your nearest kiosk at also available from dr. scholl's: heavy duty support for lower back pain, lightens the impact of every step.
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7:32 am
possible. in the past i have been big and loud and tonight i am a sweet little baby trump. >> that is good to hear. our first question is for you and it's about reproductive rights. >> ripping babies out of the vagina. >> chris, i'm glad you raised this topic because what two better people are there to talk about women's issues. me, a woman who has had a child and has taken birth control and him, a man who is a child and who is face is birth control. >> will you accept the results of the election? >> i will look at it at the time because frankly this whole thing is rigged, even the media, every day i turn on the news and all of the newscasters are making me look so bad, and how are we doing that? >> by taking all of the things that i say and all of the things
7:33 am
i do and putting them on tv. >> my panel of very funny people weighs in when we come back. using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the framework... wire... and plants needed to give my shop... a face... no one will forget. see what the power of points can do for your business. learn more at a
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are. people are just pouring into this country from mexico and a lot of them are very bad hombres. >> bingo, bingo, i got bingo. i've been playing all year and i had bad hombres, rapists, misbehavior and she wasn't my doubter. >> welcome back to request the a.m. joy." "saturday night live" nailed it again. dean obadallah is here and john fueling sang and stephanie miller host of "the stephanie miller show." i've got like two-thirds of the liberal comedy tour and dean,
7:37 am
""snl" and the influence they have having. i want to play a mash-up of alec baldwin and the real donald trump. i challenge you to tell which is which. take a look. >> wrong. >> this man is clearly unfit to be commander in chief. >> wrong. >> he is a bully. >> shut up. >> wrong. >> very clear facts. >> not that rich. >> not that charitable. >> verified that he was for the invasion of iraq. >> wrong. >> wrong, wrong, wrong. >> stephanie, i mean, there's two ways that this can go. either alec trump -- alec baldwin -- either alec baldwin is making donald trump funny or he's destroying him so which is it? >> i love alec baldwin, both personally and professionally and politically, joy, but i have to say i think he's underplaying donald trump. it is hard to capture the level
7:38 am
of jerkosity and the fact that donald trump hates the impression and wants "saturday night live" cancelled is evidence that it's dead on, don't you think, because that's the best humor? it's based on truth. that's why trump bombed at the al smith dinner because it's all stuff that wasn't drew, depunked talking points and punching down where we like to punch up at the sexy liberal comedy tour. >> absolutely. john, not only does donald trump hate it, stephen baldwin hates it, too. let's listen to the conservative baldwin. >> the deeply christian stephen baldwin. >> the christian stephen baldwin is very upset about his brother's impersonation. let's take a listen. >> i think it's getting a little too nasty right now and i said this before and i'll say it again. what do i think about alex baldwin impersonation of donald trump and "snl" and what they are do, i don't want to be a party pooper here. . >> who calls their brother by
7:39 am
the first and last name? >> stephen baldwin has accepted jesus as his mascot and that's great. donald trump is guaranteed to win an emmy for his alec baldwin impression but i think it's really appropriate. ridicule has always been one of the most -- in fact, you can make the argument, dean, that political comedians are the least selfish people out thereto because if we were really selfish we would want -- trump paid for my 4-year-old's pre-school. i want trump on that wall but i care about my republic more. >> yeah. >> so i do think what you're seeing is not just an act of ridicule it's an act of patriotism. >> beyond, that deep, you pointed out to the team here at "a.m. joy" the other thing that "snl" did really well last night kind of gave a deeper cultural commentary about the trump voters and the affinity they may with some groups without even knowing it. let's take a look at "black
7:40 am
jeopardy" from "snl." >> they are how the here saying every vote counts. >> what is they have already decided who wins before it even happens. >> yes, yes, yes! >> the illuminati figured that out months ago. let's take a look at our final "jeopardy" category. lives that matter. >> well, it was good while it lasted. >> i've got a lot to say about that. >> i'm sure you do. >> when we come back, we'll play the national anthem and see what the hell happens. >> why was that so effective in your view? >> first of all, "snl" this season has been so good that i almost want the campaign to continue. it will shorten my life expectancy. it actually made the point that disenfranchised white people and african-americans would agree on
7:41 am
some issues and when you get to issues like black lives matter there won't be any agreement. it turned donald trump back into the punch line that he was pre-election. remember when he announced his candidacy. 60% of republicans said he would never vote for the guy and 80% are supporting him because at that time he's viewed as a punch line. the last two weeks, every comedian, he's got to be a punch line. that what he is. >> what's interesting is the thing that "snl" hasn't really touched on is not making a punch line out of this sexual allegations against donald trump. that's something that the comedians that they really haven't gone towards. why do you think so. why do you think they haven't? >> joy, last week we did do a lot of hand gestures that made me vomit like many women i know, so i think they have touch on it, if you'll pardon the expression, but let me just say the thing that's most disturbing is how eerily accurate alec baldwin is making his mouth into that cat's anus that trump ends
7:42 am
every sentence with. that is alone so horrifying. >> save us from this, john. >> i absolutely agree with stephanie miller's opinion. we've gone for win one for the gipper to win one with the groper. >> there's a certain essence what have donald trump has brought to the table that it's unfunny. hard to decide what to laugh at because so much it so horrifying. >> a lot of his followers -- we runt serious risk of alienating the people we're trying to reach i would like to see the democratic party make more inroads explaining to trump supporters that you have every right to have a grievance with how this economy left you behind. the middle class is top of the bottom. 35 years of dramatically uneven income growth. you might not like hillary clinton and look at these policies and this is why she's nighting to help you more than trump. health savings accounts to replace obamacare? so folks with no money can put all their money into a health savings account.
7:43 am
>> i mean, the democratic party should be going for the trump base using the same kind of logic that trump and sanders used during the primaries. >> on the issue of "snl." kate mckinnon, let's not forget how great she's doing at hillary clinton and the greatest point is stephen baldwin saying this is not funny which goes to the bigger issue of conservatives being comically challenged, and i don't care. they can be mad at me. name how many conservative comedians there are. >> there are a lot of they don't do conservative material because punching down isn't funny. >> as progressives, we always attack the status quo. when you're trying to defend the status quo it's hard to be funny. >> i can't think of any known conservative comedians, you know, dennis miller. let me not make a comment on that. still a comedian. >> john fueling sang. >> wrong about everything but still a great comeic. >> we'll s if there's one for mr. miller.
7:44 am
dean will be back later in the hour. thanks, really appreciate it. i'll talk to donald trump's ghostwriter and with a republican being terrorized by the alt right. more "a.m. joy" after the break. coaching means making tough choices. jim! you're in! but when you have high blood pressure and need cold medicine that works fast, the choice is simple. coricidin hbp is the only brand that gives powerful cold symptom relief without raising your blood pressure. coricidin hbp.
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when it comes to the wall that donald talked about building, he went to mexico and met with the mexican president, he didn't even raise it, he choked and got into a twitter war because the mexican president said we're not paying for that wall. >> donald trump must have been feeling the heat from hillary clinton's debate night burn because he took some time yesterday in his gettysburg speech for some tough talk on mexico. >> the president of mexico two and a half months ago, wonrful
7:51 am
meeting, wonderful person, but i told him this is a two-way highway and not a one-way highway. end illegal immigration act. fully funds the construction of a wall on our southern border. don't worry about it. i remember, i said mexico is paying for the wall with the full understanding that the country of mexico will be reimbursing the united states for the full cost of such a wall. >> with me now joan walls, of the nation, former congressman pete hoekstra and political reporter juan manuel benitez. thanks for coming back. i'm going to go to you first, congressman. the wall has disappeared from donald trump's main stump speech, a rare return of it of his speech in chief rather than someone for the audience calling for it manned there was a difference in what he said. this time he said that he wants to pass -- have a law passed by congress that would fwuly fund
7:52 am
the building of his wall and then mexico would reimburse us for it. what do you make of that hand how would the president of the united states compel the sovereign country of mexico to reimburse us for a wall they didn't want? >> okay. first, as a moment of personal privilege, can i just say that in the previous segment the comments that were made about those of us who follow jesus christ was totally offensive. now let's move on to the wall. what mr. trump is talking about is dealing with an issue that has plagued this country for the last 30 years, and the last immigration bill was passed in 1986. on november 6th of this year, two days before the election will be the 30th anniversary of signing that bill into law. >> that was the amnesty bill that ronald reagan signed. >> the amnesty bill that ronald reagan signed into law. >> mm-hmm. >> and since that time, you know, there's never been
7:53 am
bothered enforcement. there's never been an elimination of the economic magnet that draws people into this country. the borders and the porosity of the borders have become more serious in terms of the threats to national security and law and order, and so this is a problem that washington has not dealt with for 30 years, and it's not about who pays and whatever. that will be taken care of. but the thing that donald trump is talking about is this is an issue that seriously needs to be addressed. it's an economic issue and it's a national security issue, and it can no lodger wait. >> two quick things. who pays actually is an issue because the republican party also talks about fiscal responsibility. donald trump has shifted the cost of what he wants to do which would be tremendously expensive according to most estimates on to the american taxpayer and claim he's somehow going to get a sovereign foreign nation to, quote, reimburse the united states. that actually is anni issue and
7:54 am
that there's not statistic that shows crime has increased because of immigration from mexico and the net migration is zero. >> to built wall and security along the 3w0rder, the fastest way to get done is to get congress to appropriate the money which is absolutely essential that we have secure borders. one of the characteristics of a nation state. you have to have secure boarders, and so get the -- get the wall funded and get it moving forward and then we will go through a process with mexico. we have to renegotiate nafta after, you know, almost 24 hours. >> the bush administration -- george herbert walker bush that originally negotiated. >> it was bill clinton. >> it was the bush administration -- it passed in '93 under bill clinton. >> no. actually that's not true. george herbert walker bush is the person who negotiated and signed nafta and it went through
7:55 am
congress and they ratified -- we have video. let's show the video. >> for some nafta will be controversial, precisely because it opens the way to change. some of fasta the's critics will fight the future. throw obstacles in the way of this agreement to mask a policy of protectionism, but history shows us that any nation that raises walls and turns inward is destined only for decline. >> so it was george herbert walker bush who fwhoigted and signed nafta? >> and i voted for. >> and i didn't get into congress until 1993, so it didn't pass under george herbert -- >> it was ratified by congress. >> heavily pushed by bill clinton. >> and he sign it had because you and other members of congress ratified it. >> and finally after passage, 23 years later, we have a president of the united states who is saying, you know what, i'm going to go back and take a look at this agreement to see whether it's working the way that it was intended to work and whether it needs to be altered or modified to see if it's working for mexico, to see if it's working
7:56 am
for the united states or canada. in business you go back -- you evaluate every agreement on a regular time schedule to make sure that that's working for all the parties concerned. >> let me get juan in and your response to all that you just heard. >> well, i think what we heard yesterday from donald trump is just rehashing he's -- his greatest hits and the only way for us to be talking about it is if he offers a new twist on an old idea. we've heard about the wall from the get go, and first it was the wall was going to be pre-paid by mexico and then the wall was going to be paid confiscating remittances from mexican and mexican americans, sending money to their families to mexico and now we're going to be reimbursed. this is like putting lipstick on a pig. i think that's a workable idea that nobody believes can happen, and donald trump keeps pushing it because it's going to get us to talk about it. >> and do you think that there's
7:57 am
any realistic chance that mexico would pay for any of it? >> of course not. why would they? >> this isn't a workable idea and congressman i'm sure you know that this cannot happen and why are we still talking about it, and why donald trump supporters tell donald trump why don't we talk about other issues that are more realistic and legislative proposals that make sense if he gets elected president. >> securing our borders makes a tremendous amount of sense. >> very quickly. >> barack obama has quadrupled border enforcement. i mean, he's derided by many immigrant communities for what he's -- how far he's gone in doing border enforcement and the bill -- the bipartisan bill that was rejected by the house would have done even more. >> would have done that. i wish he with more time. joan wols, former congressman pete hoekstra. jamil, we'll have you come back and juan manuel benitez. coming up, brand new poll numbers out this morning and the man who wrote donald trump's
7:58 am
"art of the deal" joins me live. more "a.m. joy" at the top of the hour.
7:59 am
8:00 am
8:01 am
i love those pink -- let me see. women for trump. those are my favorite. those are my favorite. oh, we're going to do so well with the women, it's crazy. wait until the numbers come out in november, on november 8th. good morning. welcome to "a.m. joy." over the last 96 hours with tolls showing him in a ditch we're finding out how reality show donald trump closes. >> we have some bad hombres here and we're going to get them out. >> do you make the same commitment that you'll -- sir, that you'll absolutely accept the result of this election?
8:02 am
>> i will look at it at the time. >> and the very next night we saw trump's zingers fall flat at the alfred smith catholic charity dinner in new york. >> hillary is so corrupt, she got kicked off the watergate commission. >> and then on saturday the same day an 11th woman came forward saying the republican nominee kissed her without permission. trump had this message for all women who have accused him of sexual misconduct in recent weeks. >> every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign. total fabrication. >> the events never happened, ev. haul of these liars will be sued after the election is over. >> joining me now is a man who knows trump is going to help us
8:03 am
understand what we're seeing at end of the campaign. tony schwartz, long thyme journalist and ghostwriter to "art of the deal" which is popular second only to the bible. tony, i wanted you here to interpret what we're seeing. donald trump is a guy used to be perceived as a winner. he's now losing. what do you think is going on in his head? >> you know, that parody last night on "saturday night live" captures it in the moment where he just basically can't keep his his head and thoughts moving in a straight direction. i think he's melting down. i think he just can't get -- he can't keep his act together at this point. >> i want to play a couple of quips of what we've seen him do. let's go back to the debate on wednesday. this was the moment when hillary clinton baited him once again. seems to have figured out a way to get into his head and at this point talks about putin which is
8:04 am
something that is a clear trigger for drew. let's take a listen. >> from everything i see has no respect for this person. that's because he's rather have a puppet as president. >> no puppet. you're the pup >> it's pretty clear you won't admit. >> no, you're the puppet. >> i mean, he's 70 years old. there's a way when confronted with a dis. what hillary clinton did that and the way a typical candidate would act, a rational response. that wasn't it. what is it about donald trump he can't risk emoting or verbalizing his discontent with any statements that are made? >> you know, that's completely connected to the degree to which he feels worthy, and when he feels unworthy, he just falls apart and this is something that i saw a long, long time ago but particularly doing this campaign. any kind of needling that
8:05 am
affects his ego is going to prompt a neurological shift from the -- from the parasympathetic nervous season to his brain into his amigdula. when he said nasty woman. he was surprised by it. it's just automatic at that point. >> and was he hauls like that, because it seems anything about his wealth, when hillary clinton mentioned the $14 million he got from his dad he goes off and anything about putin he's defensive, and that sets him off and the hand thing which he keeps bring up. were those all the thgs, other than the putin part of it? >> let me say this. the connection between hisself worth and financial worth has been inextricable since he was 22 years old, since he got the mother from his father and had
8:06 am
money so he's always been completely dependant on having people believe that he's unbelievably wealthy and certainly wealthier than he is. >> another couple things. i wanted to play had a little clip from the al smith dinner. this is the quip where he gets booed for talking about hillary clinton's attitudes towards catholics, but earlier in the dinner he does things about how people in the world used to love him and introduce him to their kids and there was a pathos to it and the room reacted weirdly to it and this is where he really started to crash. this is donald trump at the al smith dinner. >> hillary believes that it's vital to deceive the people by having one public policy and a totally different policy in private. that's okay. i don't know who they are angry, hillary, you or i. for example, here she is tonight in public pretending not to hate
8:07 am
catholics. >> so he sort of moans about the fact that the people in the room, that the elite of manhattan don't love him and then he triggers them to boo him. >> well, first of all, it's a deep narcissistic injury and what he's trying to do is he's trying to recover and come back from -- very few people who see trumpet way i do see also the pathos but the patho is he's a little boy, desperate for love, a particular kind of love. he never got it. he's not getting it now and he's in -- he's in a blend of rage and depression. >> yeah. >> there's another quip that i want to play you, and this is from the gettysburg street. >> his gettysburg address. >> where it was supposed to be about policy, had one of his surrogates on yesterday who is desperate to get to the policy part but donald trump put off the policy part of the speech for ten minutes while he went off about the media and the women that accused him and this is a quip of him talking about the media at that gettysburg
8:08 am
speech. take a listen. >> the dishonest mainstream media is also part and a major part of this corruption. they are corrupt. they lie and fabricate stories to make a candidate that is not their preferred choice look as bad and even dangerous as possible. >> donald trump has lived in the media for 30 years. does he hate the media, or does he covet? >> oh, my gosh he has a complete love-hate relationship. wroult the media he ceases to exist because his sense of himself comes entirely from attention so if he were to lose attention from the media, it's like air going out of a balloon, but more interesting to me than that about this gettysburg speech is that set of things in his promise to america, his contract with america, you know, recalling newt gingrich's contract are america, is a group of policies and -- and plans that i will bet you trump
8:09 am
himself hasn't even read. he doesn't know them. he doesn't understand them hand has no intention of actually reading them because they are foreign to him. that's not what he's trillion dollar in. what he's interesting in at this point is settling grievances. >> yeah. it's interesting that you say that because where whenever donald trump reads a speenching not the first person to say this. he seems to be sort of discovering the information for the first time. sort of seems to be commenting on the text that he's reading. >> there's no question and you can tell every time he reads a speech it's so far from the way he speaks. he has the smallest vocabulary of any person who has ever run for any kind of office, much like president, how about county commissioner. it's a 200-word vocabulary so as soon as he gets beyond that you know he's reading someone else's words and he has an incredibly short attention man is so he never reads those speeches in advance, and as a result he is discovering them. oh, my gosh, and then he's getting distracted from them because all of that sense of
8:10 am
inadequacy is rising up in him as he's reading, and he has to move to that. >> do you think -- i mean, donald trump -- initially ran as a populist figure against free trade agreements, for the working guy, for the common man and then he sort of adopted all these policies, this sort of, you know, it's blue blood policies, all about tax cuts for the super wealthy. could be george w. bush's platform. does he find that ironic? >> i don't think he knows irony, nuance, subtlety and what i do think is if you said to donald trump right now, if i went to trump tower and said, look, donald, if you adopt 15 classic left positions i guarantee you can win, he would -- he would have already adopted them before i finished the words out of my mouth. he has no ideology. the ideology is to win. he said that a million times. he defines good temperament as winning. that has nothing to do withtismerment. he's about winning, and whatever
8:11 am
would work to win he would do. right now he feels like a cornered rat, and he doesn't see a way out so he's scratching and he's scratching and he's moving but there isn't really a solution for him and were there a solution he'd be happy to take it regardless of what belief it required him to change. >> do you think it bothers him more that it's hillary clinton both because it's a woman and somebody that he knows that is beating him. >> certainly bothers him that it's a would. i think that the fact that he thinks that he has certainly convinced him sthaefl she is a felon of the worst sort. he's wound himself into a frenzy. it's being fed every day by his campaign staff and particularly i assume by steve bannon because so much of what he said during the last several weeks is straight out of the alt right playbook and the stuff that he never said before. if you actually analyze it, he's gone further right throughout this campaign, as he's brought more and more -- more right wing people into the fold than he's
8:12 am
begun to adopt that. because, by the way, it's a very paranoid perspective on the world, the alt right perspective. everybody is out to get me, and narcissim, i'm not going to be overly the therapist here because i'm not one, but narcissim has devolved into paranoia. he's in a full paranoid state and the world truly is out to get him, the media, the left, these 11, 12, who knows how many women and do you know how many women -- can you imagine how many women could come forward if -- if it were -- if they felt comfortable? i mean, listen, those 10 or 12 are really the smallest surface i would suspect, i don't know, but i would suspect that there are hundreds of women who have had that experience with donald trump. >> hand my exit question, and because there are so many people who are very devoted to donald
8:13 am
trump and believe them from an economic future that they find bleak, do you think donald trump cares about his voteers? >> i'm going say this softly in a soft voice because he doesn't -- he isn't capable of caring about anyone. that's the heart of the problem. he's so needy himself that he needs to spend all of his energy on filling himself up, and, joy, there simply isn't left to give to other people. >> wow. tony schwartz, harsh assessment said in a soft voice. the man of knows of what he speaks but a he's the guy who really wrote "the art of the deal." thanks so much, sir. great to talk to you. new poll numbers and reaction to what the panel just fathered an exclusive interview with "toton
8:14 am
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folks, it's a rigged system, and it's a rigged election, believe me. according to the highly respected pew, there are 24 million voter registrations in the united states that are either invalid or significantly inaccurate. there are 1.8 million dead people that are registered right now to vote. and, folks, folks, some of them vote. i wonder why. >> donald trump arguing that the vote is rigged won't change the fact that the polls are looking very bad for him. hillary clinton has surged to a double-digit lead in an abc news
8:18 am
tracking poll that's out this morning leading 50% to 38%, a 12-point margin and trump's lowest in abc news polling. the poll also found that 69% of likely voters disapprove of trump's response to questions about his treatment of women. 59% reject trump's claim about a rigged election and 65% disapprove of his refusal to say that he would accept the legitimacy of a clinton victory with most saying that they stroly disapprove. let's bring in our panel. joining me now is joan walls, of the nation and dean observedia and former congressman from michigan pete hoekstra and dave wall forum from "the atlantic." . i'll start with you, david. donald trump at 38%. the first time hillary clinton is above 50.
8:19 am
what do you think? >> what you're seeing here, bask these numbers is the collapse of republican willingness to go out to vote. big decline in the number of republicans who are in the likely vote mix. what seems to be happening is trump's talk of a rigged election may inspire a jerng to through a brick through a window but it's inspiring thousands of reasonable voters to say okay what's the point, i'll stay home. he's demoralizing his own vote. i wonder if he's not doing that on purpose. if trump were to lose badly and the republicans hold the house and senate, then trump alone is the loser. >> donald trump has not had anything to do with the republican writ large, continuing the feud with the governor of ohio and fighting
8:20 am
with paul ryan in wisconsin, beg a state they need to win the senate race. doesn't seem to care much about the republican party. do you cotton to the notion that he maybe wants them to fail? >> you know, with trump it's always hard to know what he's doing on purpose and what he's doing because he's donald trump. i do think there's some evidence that both trump and steve ban an are very close to the uk party and you wonder is trump trying to split the republican party or take over a weakened republican party and i was struck by two things in the poll. the one is that david said which is the share of republicans likely to vote down seven points in this survey. now, this is very bad news for down ticket republicans who are hoping that even anti-trump
8:21 am
republicans will show them and this is a number that jumped out at me and clinton leads by 84 points among democrats. trump leads by only 75% among republicans. that sounds like a lot but that means he's losing a lot of people in his own party and clinton is 8 points up with independents. this degree of alienation is very dangerous but could be bad for republicans, too. >> joan, in the break you were talking about the white vote which is actually striking in this poll. trump is only up by four points among white voters, hillary clinton is actually up among white women. that's not normally the way it goes. that's astonishing, the most
8:22 am
trouble for donald trump and what's ironic, i don't know if that's the right word, what's sweerd with steve bannon trump is pushing his party into a white nationalist direction. when you talk about ukip. they campaign with nigel farage and have gone all out in we're going to be a white nationalist party and they are not even attracting white people. mitt romney won white voters by 20%. >> 20, 21 points. >> 22 points and trump is winning fewer. i just want to say i'm really proud of my white people. they are not listening to this white nationalist garbage, but that's devastating for donald trump >> you know, congressman, one of the things that is also striking in the spol that donald trumpol swamped with white college voters with a degree.
8:23 am
45-42, she's up, and i think you're even starting to see him with white working class voters, an aversion to something about the trump campaign. as the republican here, you have to be the guy defending. what do you suppose is causing this aversion even among working class voteers? >> i think you hit it on an earlier segment of your show today that there are polls out thereto that the worst case for mr. trump is he's down by 12 and there's other polls that say he's up by two. the bottom line is we know the day after election 80% to 90% of the polls that are done are going to be wrong and this may or may not be one of them. i don't know. >> here's the thing. the real clear politics average has donald trump down, been down in every poll. the only poll that he's up are the rasmussen poll which has a very republican lean and a reuters poll that isn't very reliable and a thing that's not a poll, a survey that the "los angeles times" does where they ask people to rank on a scale 16 to 100. those are the only three polls
8:24 am
that show trump in the lead. even fox news' poll has him down. it's hard to argue that he isn't just down. >> the interesting thing is i've been doing a lot of traveling across the state of michigan as a trump co-chair in michigan and as we go around it's not traditional republicans coming out in the red, white and blue with elephants on the lapels, it's not a tea party. it's a different crowd of folks that are coming out that says if you're using the modeling that the presidential election in 2012 and 2008, that modeling is wrong andhat's probably what most of these polls are based on. >> he's down ten points in michigan. >> again -- >> he's losing michigan. michigan is always a tough state, but, again, it's traditional polling methods and it will be very interesting to see exactly what does happen on election day. hillary clinton was supposed to be beating bernie sanders in the primary. >> she did. >> and she lost. >> in the overall primary.
8:25 am
>> you're talking about michigan. she was up by like 15, 20 points the weekend going in. >> yeah. the idea that it's the polling that's wrong. they are using the brexit argument but in the brexit case it was very close. the polls showed, you know, remain ahead but it was very close. these polls are not brexit, fir the united states of america. it wasn't as shocking if you look at the poll numbers. forget all of this. i want to say as an american it makes me swell with pride to see these numbers, that my fellow americans are rejecting the bigotry, sexism and rationism of donald trump, and i mean that objectively. i don't mean you're responsible, but people defending trump to me is like saying i don't like david duke's hate but his tax plan. people don't get a free pass. if you support his hatred against my community, muslims
8:26 am
and the sexual sault against women and then shaming them, calling them liars on tv, then speak out and say it's wrong and this poll says something to me that the most troubling thing in this campaign has not been trumpet it's been the support among my fellow americans. we need to heal half this and after this is over. i hope donald trump lose horribly so that message ever again, should had a major party run someone on bigotry on hate like this ever again. that's why i'm happy about these numbers. i hope that's right. >> that's very much an unfair characteristics of the man, mr. donald trump, bigotry, racism, and all of these types of things. take a look at the policies that we are talking about in terms of, you know, the northern policy, the disasters that we've seen. >> banning muslims from the united states. >> extreme vetting of the people that are coming into the country. 500,000 people have lost their lives in syria because of the decisions of this administration and hillary clinton. >> you're an immigrant. you came from the netherlands and you -- your family came
8:27 am
because america represented something special, a place where all different religions and races could be treated fairly. your family would not come to this country because as an immigrant family unot sure i'm welcome in that nation. he offends the promise that my father came to this country for. you're an immigrant. i know you're not defending his hate, you're not like that, but at some point i have to say i cannot defend this man any longer. >> that has to be the last word. >> you came here with an economic-based message that the republican party would be well advised to adopt and least other stuff about immigrants and sort of the mischaracterizations of people aside and thank you very much for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> joan walls, will be back and thanks to dean and again to pete hoekstra, e.j. dionne, my friend and david frum. the alt right and the never
8:28 am
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welcome back to "a.m. joy." yesterday i spoke with democracy now's amy goodman after a north dakota judge threw out a riot charge that had been filed against her over her reporting on the controversial dakota access pipeline. amy was covering the ongoing protests led by the sioux tribe in north dakota who was fighting against a pipe lane that will desecrate their ancestral lands and contaminate their drinking water. shortly before our interview, a five-hour confrontation between around 300 anti-pipeline activists and police ended with the arrest of 83 people. the demonstrators gathered at a pipeline site that is also a burial place. the sheriff's department says they were trespassing on private property near the pipeline site. those arrested are facing charges of assault on a police
8:32 am
officer, criminal trespass and engaging in a riot. two documentary film-makers are also facing charges for filming protesters earlier this month, not unlike what prosecutors tried to do to amy goodman. keep watching "a.m. joy" for more on this story as it continues to develop. up next, one never trump republican details the disturbing online hate that he's received. stay with us. [ keyboard typing ]
8:33 am
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daddy! lets play! sorry kids. feeling dead on your feet? i've been on my feet all day. dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles have a unique gel wave design for outrageous comfort that helps you feel more energized. dr. scholl's. feel the energy! david, i'm going to go to you on this first, first to confirm that you're not going to be the running mate of donald trump nor you'll be the nominee when we get to cleveland. confirm that for me. >> i would be the furthest thing from donald trump's running mate. i mean, i -- i dislike donald trump so much i briefly considered running against him as an independent, so, no. >> since september of 2015 staunch never trumper and friend of this show david french, his wife and their 7-year-old daughter have been victims of
8:36 am
online harassment from the alt right. the stream of threatening images and violence and death picked up shortly after french publicly considered and then declined an independent bipd for the white house. that's when the alt-right trolls lost it. the threats have become an all too common response to anyone who miblically opposed trump and the bigoted alt-righters who support him. i saw images of my daughter's face in gas chambers with a smiling trump in a nazi uniform preparing to press a button and kill her had. i saw her face photoshopped into images of slaves. to this day the harassment and direct threats are relentless. joining me now is david french of "the national review." david, good t see you again. i'm sorry that it's in these circumstances. i read your article yesterday which is called the price i've
8:37 am
paid for opposing donald trump, and it was one of the most chilling things that i've read in a really, really long time. when about did the hatred against you start and if you could just, you know, in brief terms describe what you and your family. >> it started when i criticized ann coulter for what i knew to be, didn't suspect but knew to be heavily coded language to stir up white supremacists who have latched on to the donald trump movement and so when i called her out, my twitter feed began to melt down with these horribly graphic racist images that you just described, and then -- in it's just twitter and just me, i wouldn't write about it. it just kept getting worse and worse and worse. they found my wife's blog. they began to bombard the comments section of my wife's
8:38 am
blog with the most horrifically graphic images of african-american men being murdered and killed and then later onny in began the e-mail death threats came and the most disturbing thing that happened was just in the last few weeks when my wife was actually on a phone call with her father when somebody broke into the phone call itself spewing profanities to both of them and talking about donald trump and to this moment, to this day we don't know how that happened. we've contacted law enforcement. they are looking into it so it was a campaign of harassment and intimidation that wasn't confined just to twitter. it extended into our daily lives and it's not just us. as i detail in the piece. i go through person after person after person who has opposed donald trump and has confronted what we've confronted and sometimes even worse. >> yeah. your daughter is -- is adopted and is black and that's why they were going after him in racial turns. john mccain's son was in the twitter feed commiserating about
8:39 am
the hate his wife has received and one of the features, despite the anti-black piece of it, the anti-woman part of it. there is a feature of the alt right very fixated on jewish people. the most attacked jewish journalists have actually been compiled by the anti-defamation league. it shows the journalists most trolled, ben shapiro who resigned from breitbart because they did not support michelle williams after he was man handled by corey lewandowski. jonah goldberg, jake tapper at cnn, wolf blitzer and it goes on and on and on. what do you make of that aspect of it? we just had an instance where seemingly ordinary trump supporters used a german word to describe the media. what is with this nazification of the trump movement or did it pre-exist trump? >> it was lurking out there
8:40 am
before trump, but what's really disturbing is that it's the trump movement, and i say trump movement because i don't have evidence that donald trump is stoking this, but the trump movement really put it on steroids and then make one of the most trafficked websites on the conservative side of the aisle publishing a -- apologetic articles justifying the alt-right and some writers stoking the alt-right quite intentionally and when you try to talk to some of his supporters about it you will say that this is happening, it's racist, it's anti-semitic and they are saying you're part of the progressive media and labeling everybody who disagrees with you as racist. no. when you're talking about images of my african-american daughter in slave fields or in a gas chamber, what do you call that by racist? it's thoroughly and completely racist, and they are capitalizing on this anti-political correctness side of the trump movement to really
8:41 am
try to stoke and also to excuse some of the most vile communications. again, if it was just twitter i wouldn't be writing about this. twitter is becoming a cesspool and that's leaking outside of twitter. you talk to these people. journalists and many have had to install security systems in their homes and some are carrying handguns for the first time in their lives. this has put real fear into people, and it has to be exmoesd. it has to be condemned. >> and, you know, one of the ways in which, this does pre-date donald trump, the alt-right and american neo-nazi movement have glommed on to the trump candidacy. already there before he started to run for president. this pepe the frog meme that's attached to them. donald trump jr. has re-tweeted this. we're showing this. pepe the frog used to be a fun-loving character and has been co-ovptd as a symbol of hate. actually been labeled a symbol
8:42 am
of hate by the anti-defamation league and there you see a re-tweet actually on instagram that donald trump jr. actually sent out. what do you make of the fact that donald trump's son appears to be the source of his re-tweets of things from the alt right? >> well, donald trump has re-tweeted the alt-right multiple times including an account called "white genocide" which is a term the alt-right likes to throw around, it's trump jr. and donald trump. they are unapologetic about virtually everything, and i don't think that they in the least bit shed a single tear that any of their critics have been going through this nightmarish experience so, you know, i don't want to impute to them beyond evidence, but evidence is already there that they have right in the middle of their campaign, steve bannon who is the head of breitbart that they have re-tweeted these white supremist accounts, quite disturbing on its own terms and, again, it's just a mistake to
8:43 am
keep emphasizing twitter and a lot of people came at me and said you're crying because people said mean things to you on the internet. no, people broke into phone calls at our house. you know, so we're talking about something that is putting a lot of people in legitimate fear for their physical safety because they have opposed donald trump and there is an entire movement. it's not just one or two cranks out there. we're talking about blocking hundreds and hundreds of twitter accounts. we're talking about potential connection that the "new york times" has uncovered and some of these trolling accounts back to russia. it's a mess, and it's horrible and it's put people through a terrible experience. >> yeah, absolutely. well, we're certainly sorry that you have gone through this terrible experience, david. we wish you and your family the best. hopefully you'll be safe. we really appreciate you being here and hopefully the republican party will take some active steps to root this part of the base of donald trump out of the party. we hope they will step up and do that. david fresh. thank you so much. >> thanks, joy. >> thank you. and coming up at noon, a
8:44 am
reality check on donald trump's financial proposals from his 100-day plan. do the numbers actually add up? but first, more a.m. joy" next.
8:45 am
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the cubs have won the pennant! >> wow. look at those happy fans. an october surprise that had fans in chicago and all the over the nation leaping from their seats. the cubs are headed to the world series. it may have taken 71 years, but the team is so conditioned to expect the worse has ended its world series drought, a victory that had generations of diehard nance partying like it's 1945. the cubs face the cleveland indians in game one of the nal classic on tuesday. will the windy city finally put
8:48 am
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my friends are back with me. i wanted to -- we wanted to have you come back, john, because there was an exchange that we had with congressman hookster. we grabbed john back out of the car. >> i was home playing blocks with my 4-year-old. >> we brought you back. there was an exchange that happened earlier. we did invite him to come back. he had another commitment. he wasn't able to stay. i want to play this exchange back that bothered the congressman and get your response. take a look. >> steven baldwin is part of the guys who accept jesus as their mascot. that's a beautiful thing. watching it, it's great. i think we're finally at a point where donald trump is guaranteed to win an emmy. >> can i say in the previous segment, the comments that were made about those of us who follow jesus christ was totally
8:52 am
offensive. now let's move on to the wall. >> just to stipulate, we did invite the congressman to come back. he wasn't able to come back. i wanted to give you a chance to respond. that was dropped in the middle of conversation. >> thank you. i did have a chance to speak with the congressman in the hallway. he had no idea what it was i had said. as soon as i explained to him i was not mocking jesus or god but mocking hypocrites and false pie etty, he sheepishly shook my hand. i wished him a beautiful sunday. even on his last, worst day jesus never played victim. i'm about the separation of church and hate. when you try to use christianity as a cloaking device for a platform and legislative agenda that demonizes gay people not in the gospel, that wants to put women in prison for terminate ing and for a budget that is
8:53 am
under this trickle down economics of 35 years, reward the comfort and punish the struggling, i would welcome any debate about the republican party platform vis-a-vis the teaching of christ. i would never mock christians. i would mock hypocrites. >> we were catholic for six years of my life but then we were methodist. i experience this church as a liberal institution that was pro-migrant working, liberal on helping the poor, the struggling. it's interesting to see evangelicals, white evangelicals really go, embrace donald trump, given his background, his multiple marriages, his sort of almost flaunting of his sin without as eric put it even asking him to repent. what do you make of that? >> i grew up in a church where it was really an affirmation of identity. it was a black church. you saw successful black people who were making a difference in
8:54 am
their communities. i feel like his campaign in a large sway about negating that excellence. >> yes. >> and so when you think about what evangelicals are doing, basically the compromise they are making in accepting donald trump, i think it's really shameful on their part. it's no more shameful than the demonization of women who seek to get abortions. it's no more shameful than some of the other rhetoric that has been filtered through the churches and through evangelical programs. really, this is more of the same. it's not that unexpected. >> i grew up in a catholic church that was pro-civil rights. my father had been a christian brother. he took the teachings of jesus to heart. that meant that we were for the underdog and we were for the poor. that's the church that i still love. but you and i are both admirers of robert jones. his surveys have shown that ee
8:55 am
v evangelicals picked donald trump over ted cruz and rick santorum. >> why do you suppose that is? we have theories from robby jones. >> i agree that they want this wholesale restoration of the past. the past comes with pat ar i can, with whiteness. it comes with all these things donald trump can't restore. but they prefer that vision to ted cruz going issue by issue and talking about bathrooms or whatever. they really need a totalizing vision rather than we're going to fight these culture wars. >> the greatest failing is the democratic party for not getting right with god, for not having the initiative to take jesus back from the fairsies, which to me is another key to how they need to go for the trump base. the disaffected americans -- i think that we have seen some democrats masterfully use the teaching of jesus to advance a more moral platform.
8:56 am
the acts of apostles is that -- that's socialism. >> reverend barber said we have to talk about ee van gel kalz as one white voting block. here is a pivot. we did talk about the evangelicals, but sunday is also walking dead day in my house. to go from jesus to, yes, my favorite zombie tv show. i don't know if you are fans. i have a great picture of my soft playing. there it is. that's as mean as i'm capable of looking. one of our great producers here on the show and i went to comicon. we're going to find out tonight who the evil megan killed. my son, happy birthday to myles, he is 17 today. >> i am offended you go from jesus to zombies. nasty woman. >> i apologize to all the saints
8:57 am
out there and pastors. i know it's sunday. but my show is back on tonight. thank you to come back with us. that's our show today. join us next week, same bat time, same bat channel, for "a.m. joy." sorry for the cubs this year. coming up next, alex witt. yes, alex witt with more news at the top of the hour. go cubs. sorry. love you. ents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at
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