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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 23, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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good day, everyone. it's the top of the hour. we begin with breaking news about this deadly tour bus crash near palm springs, california. the california highway patrol reports 13 people are dead, 31 more have been injured. this collision involved a u.s. holiday tour bus. that's the bus tour line. and a semi. it happened just after 5:00 a.m. west coast time. it happened on the westbound lanes of interstate 10 a couple of hours east of downtown los angeles. it happened near the palm springs community. in the area of desert hot springs. joining me is the producer from
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kmir-tv. she has been on the scene. with a welcome to you. describe what you know and what you have seen and where things stand right now. >> i can tell you right now, the coroner's office is here. they are loading up bodies. i personally counted 11. they are starting to remove the bodies. i think there were probably six or seven fire engines out here from different fire stations in this area. they have all cleared the scene. the westbound 10 remains completely shut down. i have been out here five hours now -- i'm sorry, about four hours. right now, westbound traffic is being diverted through the desert cities north of palm springs, which would be desert hot springs. what i am seeing is the bus, the front was sheered off. it rear ended or however these two collided, it's behind a big
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rig that i think was hauling -- it was hauling something. might have been produce or something. the back of the big rig is completely -- the chassis is knocked off. the rig is ripped apart. the bus is just obliterated. you are saying there were 13. i counted 11 bodies. if there aren't more, i would be surprised. it's a really bad accident. >> we are getting those numbers from the california highway patrol. you talk about this terrible accident. just from your position there, your description is horrific. 13 have been killed, 31 taken to hospitals there. this was the dead of night, 5:00 in the morning. the bus was traveling from the saltan city casino area, about an hour or so away. >> probably. from 45 to an hour.
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it's in the range. i believe they were heading back to los angeles county. the bus, usa saas you said, it u.s. holiday. it says commerce which would mean -- that's in los angeles county. >> yes. >> i'm sure it was a weekend out at the casino. we have a lot of that out here. we have five casinos, i think or seven. as far as i know, they were heading back to town. it was in the early morning. whatever happened, happened. we don't know that. we are waiting for one of the fire captains to talk to us and give us more information. they are getting their numbers together and getting their -- they have conducted their interviews. they are piecing that together. we're waiting for them to come out and talk to us. >> i want to be clear, you mentioned the tag there of commerce. commerce is a city that's just a little bit east of downtown los angeles. it's a very industrial community there. that bus may be registered to
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that community. it may not have been the destination point. we don't have any specifics there. all we know is the departure from the casino going to somewhere in los angeles. let's keep that clear for anybody who lives in the commerce area, just so you know, heads up on that. in terms of traffic, i'm just checking with weather. was it raining? was it foggy? was there anything like that going on? >> no. perfectly clear morning. temperatures, not unusual. it's a beautiful day out here. you would never know anything is wrong. sun is out. just that. sunny sunday here in the desert. >> a sunny sunday tragedy for so many families who will be affected by this horrific bus crash. i know it has been a long day for you so far. thank you for giving us the update. we appreciate that. we will stay on top of this. as we get more details, we will
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bring them to you. a little less than an hour from now, hillary clinton will hold her first of two rallies in the state of north carolina. her events today come as a brand-new poll shows her ma maintaining a double digit lead over donald trump. 50% to trump's 38%. her campaign is focusing in two other battleground states today. the president will travel to nevada while tim kaine will head to florida. florida is among several states in play. donald trump will hold an event later on. his campaign deals -- >> did you know he was going to start with this list of grievances that might undercut the message. >> he delivers his own speeches. this is his candidacy. he is the guy running for the white house. he has the privilege to say what he wants. at the same time, i will tell you having worked on the
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messages in and around the actual contract with america 20-some years ago, there was plenty of talk then about how we as republicans could not get a fair shake from the media. >> the clinton campaign is fighting back charges that they have somehow played a role in the accusers coming forward. here is robby mook this morning. >> have any of the women had any contact with your campaign or the dnc? >> these accusations are not coming from our campaign. >> have they had any contact -- >> not that i'm aware had. his top priority right now is to attack these people who are come -- bringing up concerns. we're seeing it across the board. he should just apologize and move on. >> chris kristin welker is join. the clinton campaign is responding to the latest round of e-mail hacks. what is their strategy for dealing with that over the next 16 days? >> reporter: good afternoon. their strategy is what it has
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been over the past several weeks. which is that they are pointing the finger at russia. u.s. intelligence officials saying russia is behind these hacks. the clinton campaign underscoring donald trump has praised president putin on a number of occasions. take a listen to a little bit more of what campaign manager robby mook had to say ermarlier today. >> this is the discussion that russians ba s want us to have. i can't verify any of the information. we don't have enough time as a campaign. >> i promise you, if these are not -- if these were not true, you would tell us. >> we are trying to go through some of them as we can. we don't have time to go through them all. >> reporter: the wikileaks continues to overshadow the clinton campaign as she is surging, as you point out. but it's a reminder that she cannot take a win for granted. we're reminded that was in north carolina as well. the reason why if you look at the polls, secretary clinton has a narrow lead here.
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early voting has started. so far, republican affiliated ters are outpacing democratic affiliated voters. her message is get out and vote. she will be joined by mothers of the movement. some of the mothers who lost their children in altercations with police or in gun-related incidents. trying to energize some of her base of support here in this critical battleground state. >> thank you so much. on the heels of that, let's bring in hallie jackson who is covering the trump campaign for us. as you know, the trump campaign continued to emphasize this idea the vote will be rigged. what have we heard today? >> let's listen to it. kellyanne conway, donald trump's campaign manager was doing the rounds on the sunday shows. she was notably absent from that a couple of week ago. she's back out on television, which is an area where the campaign want to see her. here is what she had to say. >> do you believe the elections are rigged in this country? >> i believe -- i don't like a lot of the information that we have been reading.
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the objective information about the dead people on the rolls. >> all of that stuff has been debunked. people die -- >> that's not true. >> nearly 2.5 million people die every year that's on the voter rolls. it takes time to get dead people off the voter rolls. >> it takes our government a lot of time to do most things competently. that's part of the problem. >> reporter: it's this message that donald trump has taken fire for. he has been citing incidents of voter fraud. it's practically non-existent. the kind of fraud he is talking about simply doesn't happen at any kind of a large scale. that said, the message from him and from frankly his surrogates and supporters, including priebus and kellyanne conway, the message has been, we want to -- he wants to reserve his options to contest the election if he feels there has been fraud. it's a message, again, that resonates with people who come out and support him already. they also believe the system is rigged. they believe the media is part of that.
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they believe hillary clinton is a part of that as well. >> i'm trying to get to the specifics of what you think donald trump means. last weekend, there was the associated press. this number sticks in my mind because it was a story done by julie pace. she said she studied between the years 2 0 2000 and 2014, in all the elections, over 1 billion votes cast, over 31 were proven fraudulent. that's a stunningly low number. is he talking about that? is he talking about the media collusion? what is he talking about? >> reporter: you are referencing -- you are right that law study done by a professor who said it was over the last decade plus, 31. he said even those 31, maybe it's not all 31. it could be less than that. he was saying, 31 out of the votes cast. which is one of the several studies. another one found more likely to get hit by lightning than have an incident of voter fraud. what is he talking? you see it on the screen. he is talking about incidents of fraud at polling places.
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you will hear him in pennsylvania reference philadelphia, for example, casting down on the election system there. more broadly, what i think his campaign talks about, his surrogates, is the idea it's a rigged system. the media is in the tank for hillary clinton in their view. hillary clinton is trying to pull strings, generally, in what they believe is a corrupt overall system. it's kind of two-pronged. the specifics, but he does cite polling places. it's also more broadly just like the whole -- all of washington, all the liberal elite system is -- what's the word i'm looking for? hitting the little guy. >> trevor noah said, we're playing his words back for him and discussing them. there's a point there. we play the sound bites of donald trump. we talk about what he has said. then we say, let's make sense of that. just saying. i know you can't comment. you are out on the trail. you can't comment. thank you. let's bring in sema mada.
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with a welcome to you. if yesterday's speech was part of donald trump's closing arguments, do you see a sense of how republicans are reading into this, leading up to election day and once this is all over? >> a number of people saying he is laying the groundwork in case if he does lose, it's -- he's not to blame. the other thing that a lot of people talked about, the idea that he is stepping on his message. he did have themes in his speech that talked about ideas, policies. when he started talking about suing the women who were accusing him, that became the headline of the day. once again, he stepped on his message again. >> how about the implications for mike pence and his potential 2020 plans? with the exception of the 2005, hot mike tape, he has been behind his running mate. when he decided he was going to be the running mate and he was not going to run for
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re-election, he tide his future to this man. what happens with the republican party? certainly, mike pence is going -- his political future is at stake here. >> what about mcmullin? i want to play for you what he said about the state of the republican party, which he was formerly a member of. here it is. >> right now, you have a party in the republican party that turns away people of different races, turns way people of different religions. that's not to say all republicans feel this way. i was raced among republicans who are open to people of different backgrounds. the reality is even after 2012, the republican party knew that it needed to do more to appeal to minorities and to wom and millennials. the reality is, it hasn't been able do that. >> as you know just yesterday, the log cabin republicans declined to endorse donald trump. the next rnc analysis of where things stand, what does that look like? >> if we think back to 2012,
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there was the autopsy report which called for reaching out to latinos, to minorities to grow the base. this is i think 2016 is potentially going to make 2012 look like child's play. in terms of the republican party does want to attract trump supporters. they have energy. they want to keep these people. they don't want to turn off growing minority groups. particularly latinos. the other thing i think looking at his comments, republican leaders i feel like they are in a tough spot. even some who are uncomfortable with trump such as paul ryan, they can't speak out that forcefully. they don't want to harm their down ballot candidates. they don't want to threaten the majority in the house and senate. i think they're in a tight spot here. >> okay. i'm glad to welcome robert costa in the conversation. we had a technical difficulty. one of our political analysts. some of your colleagues are reporting on clinton pouring a million dollars into indiana as
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well as missouri, trying to help the democrats win the state and combof n governor races there. what are republicans focusing on to help the down ballot candidate candidate candidates? >> if you are a republican candidate, what you are doing right now is trying to figure out how do you survive a possible clinton landslide? how do you protect your own race? we see president obama and secretary clinton working to expand the map. you see president obama making endorsements in state legislative races. you see clinton going into traditionally red states. >> unfortunately, that's going to be all from you. we're out of time. i'm glad you were able to make at least that much of an appearance. seema, thank you. we're keeping watch on the breaking news out of the southern california. a tour bus crashed into a big rig leaving 13 people dead, 31 injured. this happened near palm springs, right along interstate 10 westbound towards los angeles. we will keep you posted on
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19 past the hour. breaking news on this deadly tour bus crash near palm springs, california. the california highway patrol reporting 13 people are dead, 31 injured. the collision involved a u.s. holiday tour bus line and a semi. it happened just after 5:00 a.m. west coast time. it happened on the westbound lanes of interstate 10 near palm springs, in the community of desert hot springs. the bus left a casino. it heading to los angeles. the driver of the truck sustained minor injuries. there have been detours set up. the westbound lane of i-10 is expected to remain closed for several hours. in politics, hillary clinton is back on the strump with two
10:20 am
spots in north carolina. she's expected to speak in raleigh. that's what you are looking at. later on, she will head down the road to charlotte. donald trump laid out a number of plans yesterday that he would introduce during his first 100 days in congress. his vision for obamacare, tax brackets, the infrastructure investments. here to discuss this, oliver mcgee, a former u.s. deputy assistant secretary of transportation. a welcome to you. i want to go to taxes first. as you know, he has promised to reduce corporate tax rate, rework the income tax brackets as well. if he reduces taxes for some, would that not mean that it would go up for others? who do you think ultimately pays the difference? >> thank you having having me. this election is not about change. it's about enough taxes, enough infrastructure crashes, enough healthcare problems. in regards to your question on taxes, he has called the 25%.
10:21 am
he is saying if you earn $25,000, you have no taxes. if you are a married couple and have $50,000 in income, you have no taxes. if you are a corporation, we will drop the taxes down to 15%. if you earn more than $50,000, you have 25% taxes. that's a simple model. getting rid of loopholes and downsizing the irs. we spent half our year each year figuring out our taxes. my god, it's so much paperwork. it's 40 pages. it's amazing. this election is not about change. it's about enough is enough. that's what he is going to do on the tax front. also -- >> i think everybody would say let's sum pimplify the tax code. wasn't to ask about obamacare. he says he is going to repeal it, replace it with health savings accounts. those are two different benefits. why is this his approach? >>le 80%, alex, of our health
10:22 am
care is covered whether you have a job, or you have your own health care, that's 80% of health care in this country. the other 20%, representing 20 million people who are out of health care, it needs to go to congress and rethink it, not in a divided government but shared. donald trump is -- all american may not agree with trump. but at the same time, trump is for all americans. he is interested for us all to have healthcare. you have to have a job first. if you have a job, you can get good healthcare. if you don't have a job, that's stressful on your health. therefore, you definitely are not going to be healthy. what we're going to do is go back into shared governance. that's what you see going on is everyone can be on board for health care. >> what about the infrastructure investment promise, a trillion dollars.
10:23 am
where does he anticipate finding the funding for this? would that have to raise the national debt? >> this morning, we had a bus crash that basically is always a shocking event. recently, we had a train crash in new jersey running into a building. we need to build our bridges, we need to build science and technology portfolio. we need to build the work force development. we need to build a trump train. the trump train, a half a trillion dollars to build. do you know how many jobs that would create? we could get high speed trail system like our competitive countries. this is a global competitive question to build our infrastructure, to build the essence of the foundation of america. this is essentially what we want to do. if we don't do this, this election is going to be -- i hope our voters have a soft
10:24 am
saddle, because we're in for a rough ride on the bucking horse if we do not build this infrastructure. >> i'm going to tell you we are getting live pictures of that crash, a horrific, deadly crash. 13 people at least have been killed. 31 injured. this on the interstate 10 westbound towards los angeles. given your experience within the department of transportation, the investigation will go where at this point? i will say, you talk about infrastructure. we don't know that infrastructure has anything to do with the cause of this crash happening at 5:00 a.m. this morning. >> absolutely. it's not necessarily that. burt it's all about safety. when we go into transportation policy, we're talking about safety and security of the transportation enterprise. it's also a very powerful science and technology policy. this is essentially what both candidates have to look at in the 100 day plan. inf infrastructure is not down the list. it's a high national priority. if we are crumbling, we are in
10:25 am
trouble in our global competitiveness. this investigation will go straight to the proper authorities in the national transportation safety board. there are wonderful agencies -- safety agency, the best in the world. they get to the bottom of what happened. when we see a bus trash or train crash or an airplane crash, which i talk about all the time, i'm talking to the american people about what happened. they want to know that within 24 to 72 hours. the next time they get on a bus or get on a train or get in a car or get on an airplane, they can feel safe. that's a national priority for the government. both policies have to talk about that. >> former official in the department of transportation, oliver mcgee, thank you very much. currently an adviser with donald trump. appreciate your time and insight. we are following this bus crash. we are giving you live pictures into it. it was described to us earlier by a producer on scene how the front half of the bus had been
10:26 am
sheered away. by his estimation, a miracle that anybody survived that bus crash. you can see for yourself yeah. we will come back at the bottom of the hour with more news and updates from palm springs, california. stay with us. erican express open help you take on a new job, or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at
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that uses technology once only in doctors' offices. for deep penetrating relief at the source. new aleve direct therapy. we are keeping watch on breaking news out of southern california where a tour bus crashed into a big rig, the results have at least 13 people dead, 31 injured. this crash occurred near palm springs on a stretch of the westbound interstate 10. we will keep you posted on the latest all day here. we will take a short break and back with more in a moment. e. is that ice-t? lemonade. ice-t? what's with these people, man? lemonade, read the sign. lemonade. read it. ok. delicious. ice-t at a lemonade stand? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money marin saved by switching to geico.
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coaching means making tough choices. jim! you're in! but when you have high blood pressure and need cold medicine that works fast, the choice is simple. coricidin hbp is the only brand that gives powerful cold symptom relief without raising your blood pressure. coricidin hbp. at 32 past the hour, we are following breaking news on a deadly tour bus crash near palm springs, california. the california highway patrol is reporting 13 people have been killed, another 31 more have been injured. this collision involved a u.s. holiday tour bus line bus there. also a semi.
10:33 am
that happened just after 5:00 a.m. west coast time on interstate 10 near palm springs. we get more information and details on those injured, we will bring that to you. let's get back to politics with hillary clinton showing new signs of confidence this weekend as she tells a plane load of reporters she's no longer putting all of her focus into the presidential race. >> as we're traveling in these last 17 days, we're going to be emphasizing the importance of electing democrats down the ballot. >> joining me to talk about those down ballot races and clinton's expanding campaign, larry sabatov, director of the uva director of politics. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> let's look at the reports. the clinton camp is pouring a million dollars into indiana and missouri, two red states, hoping to help the democrats win the senate and governor races there.
10:34 am
is she in a position to change the map and the balance of power? or do you have concerns this is a sign of premature confidence? >> i don't think the confidence is premature. you know our crystal ball operation here at uva. we currently have clinton at 352. we have had her over 300 virtually the entire year. this is her high point. you know, 16 days to go. i think could you start showing confidence. alex, the key thing about indiana and missouri and this is very smart of the clinton campaign, yes, the governors for sure, but look at the two senate seats. they are close contests. evan is a little ahead in indiana. jason kander is tied with blunt. she needs those seats. democrats need those seats so that she can have a democratic majority in the senate. >> it's been extraordinary actually the percentage increase in missouri alone over the last week has been about 20% plus.
10:35 am
evening up the race certainly. we should note for anybody listening to you, number 352, that's relative to 270 of the electoral votes needed to win the presidency. in a tv interview you made this past week, you made a stunning prediction. despite an electoral map which puts pollsters in clinton's favor most of all, you are predicting a potential landslide. why is that? >> well, we say a landslide in the electoral college. this is one of the great things about the electiooral college. it expands the popular vote lead and gives of a new president a little extra boost as he or she comes into office. look, in popular vote, some very interesting things have been happening. the most interesting is that hillary clinton is now apparently winning by about the same margin by which her husband bill clinton beat bob dole in 1996. bill clinton had a little over
10:36 am
49%. bob dole had around 41%. this is about the same margin. that's pretty incredible, because bill clinton was an incumbent. as we know, hillary clinton is going for the difficult third consecutive term in the white house for democrats. >> interesting. i want to play something that trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway said this morning. here she is on "state of the union." >> look at the stories being written out in. the path to 7 270 is narrow. that's unfair to the voters who have yet to go to the ballot box and exercise their constitutional right. let me tell you something. you go on the road with donald trump, this election doesn't feel over. >> larry, the crystal ball notwithstanding there, does she at all have a point? is this election seeing more than its share of surprises and bombshells, so anything could happen? >> look, there are 16 days left. of course, something could happen on any given day.
10:37 am
maybe it's just the failure of my imagination. but i just am having a very hard time coming up with even a wild scenario, a twilight zone scenario whereby trump could win the election. i will agree to one thing. the assumption made by predictors like me and the other predictors out there is that the democrats continue to perform as they have been in getting out their vote, that the campaign continues to make good decisions. what have we seen? good decisions and hard work. i'm sure the trump people are working, too. but their base is much smaller in most of these key battleground states. i just don't see how does he it. >> larry, when all is said and done, if donald trump loses this election, will there be a point that you can point to and say, this was it, it was downhill after this? >> well, i think you have to
10:38 am
point to the democratic convention which really did boost hillary clinton and built a foundation under her that supported her very tough couple of weeks in mid september that we all remember. that's the only low point she's really had in general election. and i think you have to say the democratic convention was very well run, far better run than the republican convention, which gave donald trump virtually no balance at all. th debates, okay. the first was critical and the -- you can go on from there. but i would go back to the convention. >> okay. larry, thank you for saying so. always good to talk with you. >> thank you. we will keep watch on the breaking news out of southern california for you. a tour bus crashed into a big rig leaving at least 13 people dead, 31 known injured. that crash occurring near palm springs on interstate 10. we will keep you posted on the latest developments. take a short break. we'll be back with more in a moment. d an italian.
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41 past the hour. we are following breaking news at this moment on the deadly tour bus crash near palm springs, california. we have been looking at live pictures here. we have seen some movement there. they have been trying to take away that bus. they are doing their investigation. they have extricated everything they need to at the moment. you see that movement right there from the bus. good heavens. it looks like the front was sawed off. miracle anybody survived that crash. we do know according to the california highway patrol, 13 people have been killed, 31 are in various states of injury at local hospitals there. let's go to morgan radford on her way to the scene. she's been doing her reporting while commuting there. what are you hearing? >> reporter: that's right. i'm on my way right now on i-10. this happened just after 5:00 a.m. local time here. at first, police dispatchers were told there were two big
10:43 am
rigs that were involved in this crash. then police arrived on the scene ten minutes later and they realized it was one big rig and then this passenger bus. as you mentioned, we know 13 people have been pronounced dead by authorities. there are 31 people still injured. we're waiting to find out just the extent of the injuries. what we know is that this passenger bus, it was so badly wrecked that authorities had to pull bodies out of the windows we're told. they couldn't get through the door. we also know that they were leaving a casino that was nearby the palm springs area. they were headed to the los angeles area. it's not clear exactly what happened to the driver and what caused this particular crash. we know one of the drivers was taken to the hospital with minimal injuries, is expected to survive. right now, we're waiting for more updates about the passengers. >> morgan, have you heard anything about both drivers? when you say one driver, out reporting here and what we have been able to gather online and reports is that the truck
10:44 am
driver, he is the one you are talking about who is expected to survive. he has been taken with some level of injury but not significant ones. i don't know if you have seen the pictures of the front half of the bus. you are driving there right now. it looks completely smashed to smither evens. do we know if the bus driver survived the crash? >> reporter: that's the driver we are still waiting to learn about, alex. we put in calls to authorities. they haven't been able to tell us the condition of that driver. that's what we're waiting to find out. because we understand that that bus slammed into the back of the big rig. we don't know what caused that particular motion or accident. >> that's unfortunately exactly the person you need to speak to most. whether they get to is another thing given 13 people dead. by the looks of this bus crash, it's horrific. morgan, thanks very much. you are traveling eastbound, which means you can get to the site. all four lanes of the westbound interstate 10 are shut down
10:45 am
right now. there are detours on indian canyon road. that has been in effect since 5:00 a.m. this morning. they do hope to open up the roadway at some point in the fairly near future. thank you so much. we will check in later on. let's go back to politics. donald trump painting a dark picture of inner city life last night, citing violence and unemployment. let's take a listen. >> african-americans and his pan ins living in the inner cities are suffering very badly and very unfairly. the violence is unbearable and unbelievable. you walk to the store with your child and you get shot. there is no education. there are no jobs. and there is no safety. so to the african-american community and to the hispanic community and voters, i say, what do you have to lose? vote for donald trump.
10:46 am
i will fix it. >> will this pitch reach the voters he wants? joining me is cornell william brooks, the president and ceo of the naacp. good to have you on. >> good to be here. >> donald trump asks, what do you have to lose? what do you respond to when he asks that question? >> when mr. trump asks what do we have to lose, a better question is what do we have to gain with him or secretary clinton. and the best answer -- the best way to answer that question is by looking at their positions. mr. trump seems to be campaigning not to the african-americans or a community but rather to a set of stereotypes. when he talks about rampant crime and no jobs and no opportunities, he is speaking about our community in monolithic stereotypical terms that don't speak to the -- don't speak to the depth and the
10:47 am
breadth of the african-american community. he is not speaking about specificity. when he talked about violence, what does he propose? has he taken a position on community policing? has he taken a position on responsible gun control? we don't see that. what we see are -- what we see is sloganeering, stereotypes as opposed to specific proposals. we invited mr. trump and secretary clinton to our convention. mr. trump declined. secretary clinton showed up, spoke in depth and in detail. and followed up with correspondence to further delineate her positions. if you respect the community, don't engage in racial condescending, speak to us as though we think because we do. the best way do that is talk about policy.
10:48 am
showing up at a black church, trying to kiss an african-american child, this alone does not a campaign make. we need specifics. 16 days out, we have yet to hear with any kind of plan to address any of the problems that he has identified. so this is not serious. we should not be used as kind of probl props in his campaign to suggest inclusiveness where there is none. speaking about african-americans and the communities and rooms where we are not present as though we were present is both insulting, patronizing and condesce condescending. if he is sincere and serious, speak about the policy. talk to the community as though we are like any other community in this country. one of the best ways to do that is speak to the naacp. >> cornell, he has 16 days to turn things around.
10:49 am
can he? is it too late? >> i don't think anyone should take the votes of any group of americans for granted. whether it's 16 days out or a day out. i would note this. the fortunes of his campaign according to pollsters have changed dramatically and some would assert precipitously. that being said, he has 16 days to delineate his positions, to talk about what he would do. i think it's important. and just as a matter of integrity, if you believe in this country, if you believe in the voters of this country, you owe it to them to speak to them as though they have hearts and minds. heads and hearts. >> cornell, republican national committee chair priebus made this comparison. listen to this. >> the democrats take advantage of these communities, every four years tell them what they want to hear. don't follow up with sba loans
10:50 am
with small business owners who happen to be black or hispanic. we put our money where our mouth is. we put money in hispanic and black and asian engagement for four straight years like no party in modern history has ever done. owners who are black or hispanic, and we put the money where our money s and we have put money in engagement like no party in history has ever done. >> and what is your take on this characterization, cornell? >> my take on the characterization is this is that when we look at the positions of the current candidates for president, we have one candidate who had spelled out her positions, and swreet candidate who has not and to the extent that he speaks about his positions, he speaks in very condescending and patronizing terms, and so with respect to the small business loans, what would he do, and in terms of the e entrepreneurship, what is the plan? and in terms of the infrastructure an investments of
10:51 am
those hardest hit, what would he do? we don't know. and one of the best ways for us to know is for him to again speak with specificity and granularity as to what the policies and the proposals are. and to simply -- >> all right. i am sorry, e i hai hate to cut off, but we have to get to more breaking news. cornell brooks, president of the ncaa for good reason. thank you. >> thank you. the california highway patrol are trying to find out the cause of a deadly bus crash. and a bus crashing with this big rig. we will have more after a short break. stay with us. .
10:52 am
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donald trump took the unexpected step yesterday of vowing to u sue the women who accused him of sexual misconduct a and the list grew forward as an 11th woman came forward. and she appeared before her
10:55 am
attorney gloria allred, and the trump team called it ridiculous, and this is another attempt by the clinton campaign who is trying to defame the candidate. and now, karen desoto who is formerly a pros ecutor as well, and hello, karen. mr. trump talking about filing a d dozen nearly defation lawsuit. >> and what a day here, alex, right? >> what does this intail? >> well, first of all, sut craziness. and you know, we know that the statements yesterday and obviously, if he loses, have it at it, and sue whoever you want, but obviously a a sitting president suing women is just a very strange and peculiar thing for anyone to say. so, you know, the whole thing is odd. it is really difficult, alex to talk about sexual assault in the context of putting it in the political bucket. meaning that during political silly season is a really hard time to have a conversation about sexual assault, and i don't think that advances the
10:56 am
conversation about women at all. >> and karen, these 11 women that he is going to try to sue them for libel, slander and the like, and couldn't they just as soon do the same thing, because he is calling them out publicly on national platforms as liars. >> of course, they could, and that would be difficult, because could you imagine the discovery process here, alex, with cross claim claims between people, and a sitting is president? i mean, it does not make sense. obvio obviously, if he loses, havet at it and we could be talking about it for months. however, a sitting president, and this is really unusual, and the only context that we talked about suing presidents was in a very few case, and you know, outside of the scope of their presidential employment, and so this is the whole business is very sordid, unprecedented and while i think that it would be nice to talk about the standard of the militia standard with the press doing it in this context is very difficult. >> and karen, we are up against a hard break with "meet the
10:57 am
press" coming up, and so this is short and sweet. >> thank you. >> and right now, cnn has not independently confimed the claims of any of the women. and also, we will keep you up to date with the bus crash all day today. at least 13 passengers are dead, after a big rig hit a passenger bus on i-10 in southern california. take care, everyone. a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare y for growth at
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and i'm doing all i can to help prevent another one. a bayer aspirin regimen is one of those steps in helping prevent another stroke. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. this sunday, the end game. does donald trump go scorched earth -- >> all of these this sunday, the end game. does donald trump go scorched earth? >> all of these lies will be sued after the election is over. >> or does he try to win or simply end his campaign with dignity? >> i'm asking the american people to rise above the noise and the clutter of our broken politics. >> our guests this morning, tim kaine and trump campaign manager kellyanne conway. plus, going big -- >> i have now spent 4 1/2 hours on stage with donald proving


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