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tv   Pulse of America  MSNBC  October 23, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> goodday, i'm ari melber here, and this is "pulse of america" where your voice can be heard. here are the stories that e want to know. a national poll is showing donald trump down by double digit digits and a big position of port supporters say they won't accept the election, because they believe it is rigged. and we want to know if you believe that russians are
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specifically going to influence our election? and snl gets one more chance to poke fun at the candidates, and we will show you some of the very best moments. as we kick it off here, the pulse, cal perry has the pulse. >> you can go, and go on line to take a look at the web page and you can vote as many times as you want, and vote through the segments and we will break it down from demographics and age and gender and the political affiliation which is key for today's questions. ari? >> great. we will start with the new poll numbers that spell trouble for the trump campaign as the campaign continues to play up the ideas of the the election rigging. the poll has clinton up 12 points which is the highest support to date, and that is the abc trackingle poll, and has trump at the lowest, and the two
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issues dragging him down is the treatment of women, and including the allegations as well as the ongoing refusal to accept the election results. 69% here disapprove of how trump has responded to women who have accused him of inappropriate sexual contact and he has maintained the innocence, and the poll shows 65% of likely voters disapproving of the claims that trump is making over and over and that if he loses, it is not legitimate, and that is the first question we are pulsing. agree or disagree, will you accept the outcome of the presidential election if your favorite candidate loses? and kellyanne conway was defending a a rigged system today on "meet the press." >> i don't like a lot of the information that we are reading, the objecty information about the dead people on the rolls -- >> and you nknow, people die -- >> and that is -- >> well sh, the stuff has been debunked because people die -- >> of that is not true. >> and nearly 2.5 million people
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die and it takes time to get dead people off of the rolls. >> it takes our government a long time to do anything competently and that is part of the problem here. >> and eric trump doubling down on with wh his father is going to accept the elections. >> my father is going to accept it 100% if it is fair. if it is fair. >> what does that mean? j you have 1 in 8 that are misregistered to vote and meaning that the information is inaccurate. >> and joining me is haley jackson and nice to see you this sunday. >> hi, buddy. >> i think that it is sad, and it's misleading and it is many things to watch this as the closing argument of the trump campaign. we are going to deal with some of of the fact-checking, and we have guests on that and i am sure that you can help with us that as well. start with the politics, and what does it mean to you as a political reporter if we are in the fourth quarter and the game is not over, and all we are hearing about is not what the next play is but how the refs
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are terrible? >> well, i say this, and a couple of things the number one, the argument that he is making about the rigged system is actually not intended to be his closing argument, ari, and i am letting you know. at least that is what the campaign is saying. they want the closing campaign to be what he said at gettysburg, and the contract for the voter and fighting for the forgotten man and woman, and that is the idea, to come in and quickly shake up and change washington. that is what they want the closinging argument the to be. and that said, there is a thing that tom brokaw calls it overtake n with by the ufo, and the unforeseen eventer or occurrence, and he has been talk about the rigged system and brought it up in the the past, and it is now part of the narrative built into the closing argument, and despite the question has that you are raising here about how effective it could be, and hee is what it could do, rally up the base, and get them to turn out potentially. >> and the idea that we are going to be doing is to all of that mobilizing and you have
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mentioned gettysburg and lincoln said at gettysburg, men will not remember what we said here, but they shant soon forget what is done here sh, and the idea that actions matter. we are long ways from that oratory and substance, but i think it was interesting politically watch him to go to the gettysburg for what is billed a policy address and then i will play for you for the folks who have been snoozing and not caught up, and then get into the plans to deal with the women accusers and again, an issue percolating for days, and here it is. >> every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign. total fabrication. the events never happened. never. all of the liars will be sued after the election is over. >> now i want to be clear and fair, he has every right to defend himself, and he is
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maintain i maintaining the innocence and we have been reporting both sides of the story, but that there on the day of the gettysburg policy address was a new threat to start 11 defamation suits against the women which he claims he will do after the election and kind of different than the policy focus. >> and the issue is now today, you are seeing the campaign and the surrogates have to pushing back against the the idea that that was now the headline of the speech. and kellyanne conway said one moment in the 45-minute speech, but it is the one moment that became news when he said it, and so it is a constant balancing act from donald trump or at least trying to do of pushing up the policies and his campaign wants to talk about the policies that he is push, because they believe it is strategically advantageous to do so, but then you have the events that donald trump is dealing with and talking about and choosing to talk about like you saw there. >> and you feel like the head and the body are not always in sync. >> and quickly, this morning we heard an admission of kellyanne
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conway -- >> i will not let me go, but you go. >> and when you talk about the separation of the head and the body and from the campaign manager, there is an acknowledgment that donald trump is behind in the race. >> there is some reality there? >> correct. >> hallie jackson, i will have to let you go. >> i meant the pulse. >> and we end in a more relevant quote with which is breaking up is hard to do. >> miss you. >> and hallie jackson hardest working reporter in the news business. >> and thank you for working on the rigged election news. and now, bringing in a trump support, and national correspondent for the nation. so let's start with ed, and your thoughts on the talk of a rigged election. fir >> first of all, donald trump is not a politician and like hillary and he is stepping on the message, but look, on the rigged election thing and i'm in
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missouri and we have a history and i'm in st. louis, missouri, and a history of not just voter fraud, but maybe six weeks ago we had a new election called because of the absentee balloting irregularities and what the people think and the trump campaign meant, and sanders knew it, and the debates have shown it is rigged and people want to believe that there is somebody cutting through it. tr trump is trying to the say -- >> that is not true. >> what is not true? >> that is not a -- that is a different argument of a debate of thou dnc runs and embarrassing revelations there, and i will give it to you and tons of debate of the media and the politics and the message, but donald trump is explicitly saying that the national election results will be swung by potentially a voter fraud rigged system. >> but what i am saying is that it is rigged because of something of value therea and they did not rig the debate process, because it was not valuable, and wall street is not
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rigged because it is not valuable, but the reason that the election could be rigged -- >> i want to be clear, because you are playing the word games right now. i will will give you that there is a lot of ways that the american system is rigged and public class is taken from the public and open is sorngs but waunt to be clear. are you saying that today, you believe that the national election results can be manipulated in a way to swing the outcome, san diego that your view, ed? >> of course, i was the chairman of the board of elections in the city, and i have seen that it can be rigged n. st. louis, we have elections that have been swung, and the judges six weeks ago threw out of the election, because it was swung. why would you say that certain things of value can be rigged and suddenly the one thing that you like to think is sacrosanct, and all he is saying is watch, and by the way, if hillary loses by half a percentage point in florida, you are going to be, no, no, don't talk about it, and ir reg lair tis and look the stakes are too high not the be up front, and donald trump is not -- >> i have to bring in joan, and i will briefly answer the question, and bring in joan,
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because there are laws that deal with when you have recounts and a lot of states have it if it finishes within a half a point, you have a mechanism, and for centuries we have had candidates in both parties and surround in officials to agree to see what happens and go according to the law afterwards and this is different because donald trump is questioning the way the elections work as if there is national rigging which there is no evidence for and republican officials up and down the ballot have said so, and all of the evidence says so, and he is doing it in advance in a way that corrodes the trust that people v and that is my answer to you, and let me bring in joan walsh. >> well, let me bring some real national data to the discussion and ed, i know what you are saying about st. louis, but the bush administration and i remember back in 2000, allegations about the karnahan e election and the bush administration made routing out the voter fraud a priority, and they looked at millions of ballots and found 86 irregularities, okay, and this justice department just looked
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at from 2000 to 2014 and 1 billion ballots and found 31 cases of voter impersonation, and there can be problems with the absentee ballt los and the registration, and remember acorn which was defund and destroyed because of allegations. >> oh, yeah. >> and when they is studied the acorn, ed, not one person who was falsely or correctly registered cast a vote wrongly. >> why did they got out of business then? >> because people believed in ginned up and phony videos. >> i went to you in several times in a row, and so in fair ness i go to joan which is the reaction here, and the new polling, joan. look at this, independents are not buying trump's argument, and 71% believe that he is making excuses, there and that is what you see on the right, and not all supporters, but the current trumm supporters 84% say that sit is a legitimate issue. when you think of that, joan, what is the impact of that many
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people questioning what happens in november is a legitimate result? >> it is dangerous and destr destructive and we can't afford to have that kind of suspicion of the system ginned up, but this is the kind of thing that donald trump has trafficked in and it is a result of the campaign and i hope that a lot of people in republican party stand up on november 9th and say that hillary clinton won it fair and square because she is going to, and i hope that the margin is ginormous and in all of the states that they believe they are safe, they go out the vote nonetheless, and this is destabilizing for the country, and i don't like to see it at all. >> ed, a brief thought? >> well, i don't understand the hysteria, and you said in the beginning -- >> hysteria? >> and you said that we have problems in the past and you need to be looking carefully and the guy is saying make sure it is done right, and hillary would say the same thing, and so would
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al gore, and a judge in st. louis threw out an e llection because it was done improperly, and it happens and it is important, and when it is fixed, it is called rigged, and be up front about it. and he is not pretending and it is not ka bu ki thebuki theater >> and that is not true, because -- >> well, we have timing and a debate that will continue, but it is not true that donald trump is merely raising the traditional questions that all candidates can reserve the right under the law to challenge the results, and what has been done is that he has gone further, and that is why there is so much more discussion. >> and one more word, ari, can the word hysteria, ed. piece of advice? and still time for you at home the make your voice heard. agree or dissing agree and you as a voter or citizen, if your favorite candidate loses, will you accept it.
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mr. trump, it has become very clear that you're probably going to lose. >> correct. >> now, when you do, will you k accept the results of the election? >> i will look at it at the time, because frankly, this whole thing is rigged. >> repeat after me, i, donald trump -- >> i the best ever donald trump -- >> promise to the accept -- >> promise to accept -- >> the results of the election.
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>> promise to accept the results of the election, loser hash mark. >> and so the news is that it is rigged and he is only going to accept the results if he wins, and lawyers and experts have rebutted the claims explaining and defending the integrity of our decentralized national e e lek toirl system, and to dig in on the facts we have invited chris ashby, campaign finance and election lawyer, and thank you for joining the viewers who have seen the last segment and see a republican pointing to certain irregularities in other elections to argue for donald trump's claims and you were moved to write a piece walking how it does not work like this. >> is well, if you wanted to try to hack or rig an election, there are a couple of ways to try, but the system is designed to prevent that. you could try to hack a voting machine, but the voting machines are not networked so you can't
12:19 pm
surf over to the election machine and hack in, because you would have to have physical access, and the machines are stored under lock and key, and protected by tampered seals and subjected to logical and accuracy testing observed by the public, and so there are procedu procedures and safeguards to prevent you from physically hacking and manipulating a a machine. >> and you document exactly how local localized the process is, and basically local officials and the community member, and republicans and democrats and independents involved in this all across the country, but listening to donald trump, someone might think that there is some sort of the d.c. crooked role in this and you exmain that it is nothing to do with this and it is all local and all bipartisan, and is that right this is. >> yes, it is local and bipartisan and the elections are drawn from lists of both parties and they serve as the officials, and they help voters register in
12:20 pm
and tally the votes and then at the end of the day, are two more sets of ordinary americans or even more representatives of the parties and of independent candidates of the minor parties and the then you have local and state election administrators overseeing the process, and it is all taking place in one big open public room, so you would have to have a vast bipartisan conner conspiracy of all tof th people, and in precincts across the states and across america, and it is not possible. >> so when you are look agent that, to the extent that donald trump is saying this, and other republicans and reince priebus is trying to defend some of it, they are attacking themselves, and attacking the republican officials around the country if they are saying that they can't hold the election sms. >> yes, and republican governors and secretary of states in swing states like florida and north carolina and iowa and ohio, and also, the systems that put both parties in the presidency and both houses. >> thank you for walking us through that.
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>> thank you for having me. >> and now, the first poll question results, agree or disagree, will you accept the outcome of the presidential election if your candidate loses, and a breakdown from cal perry on what everyone is saying. >> first is the snapshot and then i will walk through some demographics that we have here, and overwhelming agreement of 9 of 10 of you at home, you will go with the candidate that wins the election regardless of who you support, and some tendencies and some neutral tendencies, and look agent via age, and you will see that there that some of the younger viewers at home were more willing to go to the neutral category here, and especially like i said, 25 to 34-year-old viewers at home, but as you can see, almost of wheling agreement that you will support the candidate elected regardless of the person that you are personally pulling for. and the last thing is political affiliation, and with would think that the republicans would have a tendency to challenge the results, but really back and forth here, and not a lot of
12:22 pm
disagreement, and most e people saying that they will honor the results of the elections, and there was a sort of the bump here when you interviewed ed martin as he sort of made his case, but more than not, people agreeing that thaw will go with the election results. let's go ahead to the final scoreboard and this is the final tally of what you at home thought about this issue. 91%, and 9 of 10 agreeing that you will support the results of this election, and certainly, a historic one, ari, and not just because the people are so divided, but this is a new issue. >> and cal, ed martin brought the fire to the segment, and to to see a ed martin bump, no surprise there. thank you, sir. we will keep you updated on the nonpolitics stuff. out of california, a breaking news of a tour bus crashing into a truck, and 13 people died. we will have an update on that sad story. and the latest of the iraq can ki offensive to take back mosul. and long suffering cub fans have something to celebrate. you may have heard this, going
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the citi double cash card. double means double. breaking news update on a deadly crash in southern california. the california highway patrol says 13 people dead and another 31 injured after a bus collided with a truck after 5:00 a.m. local time west coast on the u.s. holiday tour bus struck the back of the semi truck. they had left red earth casino and headed to los angeles westbound on i-10 where the lanes will be expect ted to be closed for several hours. we are following new international events out of iraq where ash carter arrived in irbil to try to take back the city of mosul. and kurdish forces are five miles from the iraqi city. a coalition of 100,000 troops,
12:27 pm
u.s. and iraqi forces taking part of the effort, and the goal is to rout out the isis militants who have controlled mosul since 2014. in 1945, harry truman became president, and the first atomic bomb was invend and the chicago cubs played in the world series that year. and here we are,p 1 years after the world series they return after taking out the dodgers in game five. ron motte got the lucky ticket, and a long time coming, and what does it feel like out there? >> hey, there, ari, a long time coming indeed. that is why we are seeing all of the people. it is an incredible scene here, and people are streaming here all day with the cell phones and taking pictures and memorializing what we witnessed last night, because those three words back there on the marquee, the national league champions has not been up there since the end of world war ii.
12:28 pm
take a look at this. these are the numbers that the cubs are trying to erase, and start anew. 1945 on the right side there is the last time they appeared in the world series, an unfortunately they lost that year. 1908 was the last time that the chicago cubs won a world series. that is 108 years, but they believe that 108 is the actual lucky number this year. last night after the magical double play ended the game, sending the cubs into the world series, twitter exploded, and facebook and social media exploded. here is one that shows a picture that is very interesting. this is nick marrow that says that look when you cap off a day on the trail by watching the cubs cement the trip the world series, and #flythew. and these guys were so good, that the voters could not decide which one to pick, and they gave the mvp to jon lester and javie baez who had a great, great series as well, and it reads
12:29 pm
here, way to go, cubs, my dad is the reason that i'm a true cubs fan and he'd be so proud. we have talked to people, ari, to people with tears in their eyes with missing family members who would have loved to be here to witness a all of this. >> ron motte hashgs that is beautiful and bring ss a lot of the people in the city together. thank you very much. up next, it is day 16 of the wikileak story, and we will talk about what is learned from the latest batch of e-mails and reportedly from hillary clinton's campaign chairman and also the espionage circumstances around it. and what you a agree or disagree that the russians are trying to affect our election. >> you can go to, and you can see that question there, and hop on now, and be a part of the conversation here atof america. hey, it's the phillips' lady!
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welcome back to "pulse of america." i'm ari melber coming your way, and now, do you agree or disagree the russians are trying to affect the outcome of our election elections. and for weeks, wikileaks have been fodder for opponents of hillary clinton, and for weeks oofficial s ha oofficials have been telling nbc news that a counter offensive is being plan and for more kelly o'donnell is going to be joining me from the white house. kelly? >> well, good to be with you, ari, and one of the issues where there has to be a public and private campaign coming from the administration. publicly, they want to put pressure and diplomatic shaming on russia to talk about the issues and raise awareness so that the americans are notably outraged about the potential
12:34 pm
infiltration of the u.s. democratic system whether it is in the actual apparatus of voting or in the sort of the messing with the landscape ahead of the election. but the other piece of it is how the u.s. responds, and that part is private. vice president joe biden spoke with msnbc, and he talked about his own interest of seeing some form of retribution. this is a little bit of the vice preside president. >> we are sending a message. we have the capacity to do it. and the message -- >> they will know it? >> he will know it, and it will be at the time of our choosing and under the circumstances that have the greatest impact. >> so one of the ways that could be most effective of course, ari, is for the u.s. to take some action without announcing it, without identifying what the target inside of sort of the russian apparatus would be and would it ever be pub luckily known, and that is going to remain a question, and if there were some sort of an appropriate
12:35 pm
level of response, and you know for example that the expectations is based on the vice president that you don't take out the electric grid of the russian government or something like that, and you find a proportional response and try to execute it to let russia know that the u.s. has the capability and to the extent that it is ever public to try to deter other actor around the world from looking into the mettling into the u.s. system as well. ari. >> kelly o'donnell at the white house, and thank you very much, and russian president vladimir putin has dismissed the allegations that he is behind the dnc hack, but it could be another phase in the cold war or at least the digital piece of it. joining me now for a little more perspective is amy knight and author of "how the cold war e began." if you look at, this and it does feel different, and there is a cyber component that makes it digitally new, but nothing new about this kind of the tension between the countries, and some of the information, but this is information that is largely appears true. john podesta and others are not
12:36 pm
disputing the veracity of the e-mails that much, and yet, it was stolen allegedly illegally by the russians in order to rough up perceptions of one of the candidates. >> yes, exactly. and i am taking the intelligence leaders in our country like james clacker seriously. if they say that they have proof that the russians were behind the hacking of the democratic national committee, i think that's then a fact. so then, we have to look, you know, is this, as you say, is this a completely new thing? have the russians ever tried to interfere in our elections? well, to me, it seems pretty unare precedented. i mean they have always wanted to have some propaganda effect, but this is going to take it to a whole new level. >> the obama clinton argument is that donald trump is too close tho the russians and that he emulates them based on the comments that he has made and
12:37 pm
something disturbing about that, and we have seen the problems with the red baiting throughout our history and the idea that because of a view that you have politically and foreign policy or otherwise that you are associated with the enemy. this is obama basically saying that the trump idolizing trump. let's listen. >> if you have made a career of idolizing ronald reagan, where were when you your party's nominee was kissing up to vladimir putin the former kgb offic officer. >> and two piece, and one on the foreign policy, and barack obama ran with warming relations with iran and cuba and also places with bad leaders more or less, but he had a vision for, that and there is nothing automatically wrong with donald trump wanting a different approach to russia, but there is something clearly wrong with russia putting this information out ostensibly to help donald trump. >> and yes, one has to ask what are the russian motivations? why are they apparently show
12:38 pm
great preference for trump. i should say that there was an opinion poll conducted recently in russia. by far the majority had viewed trump more favorable than hillary clinton. >> they want trump to win? >> i think they do, and there are several reasons for it. first of all h he is very critical of obama and secretary clinton for their quote, unquote hard-line against russia. he's talked about the possibility of easing western sanctions against russia which they are, they is been difficult for them. it has been quite hard economically for russia, and he is talking about renegotiating nato which is the hall mark of -- >> some check on the east earn bloc, and let me ask you the last question, if we know that it is desiped to distort the american electoral process, what
12:39 pm
should the voters or the press do in handling the information? >> well, the information is pretty much out there, and also, the news that it was probably most probably the russians who did the hacking. >> do you worry about the press falling into the trap that the kremlin has basically set? >> no, i don't think so. i think that the obama administration has reacted appropriately right now. giving a sort of the covert message that we will probably retaliate so that the u.s. government does not look completely weak, and i think that is pretty much all they can do now, and now sh, that trump you know, sliding in the polls, i think that the russians if they had some sort of a plan for supporting putin, excuse me, supporting trump, it doesn't make much sense. >> and you are drawing a distinction that others propose
12:40 pm
that it is up to the government the deal with the crime and the hack and the attack and the public and the press like so many pieces of information that come out not through the perfect means, but once they are out, you process them so to speak. historian amy knight, thank you. >> sure. >> and what have we learned from the leaked e-mails, and we will dig into that piece next and get you to agree or disagree on the poll question, the russians are trying to influence the outcome of our elections. and we will look at that. and also, richard lui is going to be coming up at the top of the hour, an he will have the latest on donald trump's declining poll numbers and the effect it will have on the down races. is one of those steps in helping prevent another stroke. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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12:44 pm
we are all living in. this is her allies saying this. the e-mails also show her staff saying that she has no core. she has no core. that is because she just does whatever her donors and special interests want her to do. >> donald trump there attacking hillary clinton again this weekend on wikileaks, and clinton is in the battleground state of ohio this morning. and kristen welker is traveling on the bus, and we hope that you can hear us, and a lot of what is coming out of wikileaks is showing the internal workings of the campaign, and if you read them all, you could find some embarrassing stuff, and what do you make that the campaign is doing to deal with the situation, and emphasize ing in
12:45 pm
russian angle that we were reporting on? >> well, right. that is the strategy to continue to try to the pivot, a ari. they are sticking with the strategy. they get asked questions about these leaks everyday and they continue the point the finger not only at russia, but donald trump saying that he is cheering this type of behavior on, and in a release to today in the e-mail between nera and theden and -- tanden and john podesta she says that when they talked about the e-mails the first time, it went well, and she could not see the story having staying power, and that is not the case. i asked one of secretary clinton's top advisers brian fallon about it today, and he said, look, we believe that s secretary clinton has dealt with the issue, head-on, and apologized for it, and answered as many questions as have been thrown to her. and it is stunning that 16 das s
12:46 pm
before the election day, and they are still dealing with the questions about her e-mails, but again, they are try to pivot to the are russia angle, and secretary clinton aboard the campaign plain with tim kaine last night was asked about the leaks. and take a listen to what she had to say. >> i have nothinging to say about wikileaks other than i think that we should all be concerned about what the russians are trying to do to our election, and using wikileaks very blatantly to try to influence the outcome of the electi election. >> and now, ari, we are here in north carolina, and leaving secretary clinton's first event in raleigh, and heading to the airport right now, and then we go to charlotte. in raleigh, she continued to make the closing argument and speaking at historically black college today and joined by mo er thises of the movement, and of course, those are some of the many mothers who have lost their children, and many of them in interactions with the police. and it was impassioned, but she did also take aim at donald trump and hitting him for suggesting that the system is rig and also for hitting him for
12:47 pm
the treatment of women, and that aligned the democrats and what the secretary clinton is thinking will increase the lead in the race. and she is putting more emphasis on the down ballots and she will be back here thursday with the first lady and brian fallon has said that that she is not so secret weapon and a powerful one, ari. >> yes, and that is going to be playing well in that state. and stay with us, kristen, while we add in katy, reporter for the "hill" and you look at this situation, katy, and anyone who writes the e-mail and writes things down, are worried that it can come out, and campaigns are sensitive about that, and what jumps out to you are from what we have seen in the e-mails? >> well, there are 26,000 e-mails na have come out which means that if julian assange is to be believe and the if they are authentic, that means another 15,000 to go. and so, no matter what is in
12:48 pm
them, the sort of the damocles is hanging over clinton here as she waits to find out if there issing? something in here that could amount to a truly disruptive october surprise. but what is interesting to watch is that you are starting to see a number of the prominentp republicans sort of back away from the wuk ki leaks and a growing sense that maybe there is a long-term political consequences to actively or supporting themselves with an organization that is increasingly seen as a bull horn for the russian government. >> well, right. and in a political campaign they might like tesults but not the methods and they don't want the methods turned on them. and what is the argument from some of the clinton supporters that it should be out of bounds and not discussed at all based on the understood lying crime? >> well, that is the major debate in washington right now is how do you talk about these e-mails, and do you talk about them as an attempt by a foreign
12:49 pm
government to interfere with a u.s. election or do you talk about them as a legit leak of docume documents that are of the public interest, and you know, j hus in the last week, you have seen marco rubio come out to say, i won't talk about these and other republicans shouldn't either, because they could be next. and you have also seen ben sass criticize shawn hannity for saying that wikileak s s is a g thing, because as he says, look, this is an organization with the history of publishing documents that have been allegedly been give given to it by the russian government. >> and look, all of us in the news organizations at times use or benefit from the materials that are unauthorized, whether it is breaking a domestic or the foreign law formally or this the case of the u.s. government leaks are people spoeaking outside of turn. and we both know that gettinging information that way is more accurate and more interesting or news worthy than just covering the press conferences. and kristen, is the lack of true malfeasance of crime, and
12:50 pm
smoking guns and crime, and that sort of thing in this instance strengthens the clinton campaign argument, because one of the most glaring things that comes through is theand/or response t. but no one's alleging these e-mail e-mails offer financial impropriety or illegality, kristen. >> i think you're right. there hasn't been a bombshell yet, and in large part a lot of these e-mails are between folks who more broadly the american public might not be familiar with, and so while it continues to be this drip, drip, drip and we continue to put questions to the campaign about the rech lagss that we see every day, there has yet to be any real game-changing piece of information in these wikileaks hacks. having said that, we are 16 days out and these leaks will be
12:51 pm
happening every day and that's the challenge because the campaign wants to be focusing on issues and focusing on closing arguments and not abcing questions about hacked e-mails. >> kristen welker giving new meaning to the words working commute and katie, thank you for joining us today. >> thanks. up next, the results of the poll. you can still logon, c e high blood pressure and need cold medicine that works fast, the choice is simple. coricidin hbp is the only brand that gives powerful cold symptom relief without raising your blood pressure. coricidin hbp.
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agree or disagree, the russians are trying to influence the outcome of our elections. cal? >> i'm still waiting for our first 50/50 question. this was not it. you'll see in our snapshot, overwhelming agreement, the perception is out there that the russians are trying to med until this election in some way, shape, or form, 9 out of 10 of
12:55 pm
you at home thinking that is the case. by age, our younger demographic a little more suspicious that the russians are trying to influence the election here. you can see almost unified agreement amongst our older viewers at home that the russians are trying to med until the election. now political affiliation, we have the same kind of tug of war graphic here, republicans at home, those of you who identify more as being republican, a little more suspicious that the russians want anything to do with this election, but still overwhelmingly folks at home believing that the russians do want to influence this election in some way, shape, or form. we'll finish up with finally our scoreboard. and, again, overwhelming 92%, i'm surprised, 92% of folks at home believe that the russians are trying to influence this election. this was the first question i've been surprised by, ari. >> cal, it's one where the intelligence services have said this and a major nominee has said this, so both the political and factual messaging, if you will, seems to be resonating with people. >> as you said we've sort of
12:56 pm
reached a period of history where people are very aware they're being hacked. >> the hacking is known. beware with your e-mails. cal perry, thank you very much for breaking down the numbers. that is "the pulse of america" for today. i'm ari melber. find me on facebook or instagram @arimelber. that's how it's spelled. done forget it. follow the show on facebook and twitter. like us right there or like @msnbc and get all the updates. hope you're having a great sunday afternoon. richard lui picks things up at the top of the hour. i love my shop,
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a good sunday afternoon. a deadly bus crash in california. the california highway patrol is reporting 13 people dead, 31 injured after a bus collided with seam mi on interstate 10 near palm springs just before
1:00 pm
sunrise this morning. morgan radford has been following this for us. what do you know? >> reporter: we're here at the scene of the accident. you can see authorities behind me. this happened when a passenger bus slammed into the back of a big rig. we've been here all morning and they had to cut away sides of that truck. inside you can see the contents are completely smashed. they're demolished, sh relded. authorities have been carrying away the bus seats that were insi inside. they had to rescue survivors ow of the window of that bus. that happened when the bus was leaving a casino outside of palm springs, they were headed to las vegas. 13 people have died, around 31 injured. we're waiting on a press conference from california highway patrol in the next hour. right now on the ground there's still lots of questions. what exactly happened? we know that truck driver was take on the hospital with minor injuries. he is expected to survive.


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