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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  October 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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heard a candidate -- first of all, they've never said it's a waste of time, when have you heard a candidate say if we don't pull this off. msnbc's live coverage continues now into "the 11th hour with brian williams." tonight, donald trump blaming the media and behind in the polls, some of which he says are manufactured. hillary clinton all about getting out the vote tonight, new numbers on how much of it is already in. and the day after election day. what happens on november 9th? among our guests tonight, man who has a lot to say about reconciliation. bishop td jakes fresh off his interview with oprah winfrey. the 11th hour begins now. good evening from our headquarters here in new york. when we wake up tomorrow, it'll be just two weeks until election day.
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this election is well under way in terms of the early vote already in and recorded more on that later in our broadcast. on the trail today and tonight, continues to be two vastly different campaigns. with most polls showing trump behind both nationally and in the battle ground states, the republican nominee was in florida today in multiple campaign stops. trump attacked the media and the polls that show him trailing. >> john podesta rigged the polls by oversampling, he said do this, by oversampling democrats a voter -- i mean, you see this. you see it all. a voter suppression technique. but the corrupt media never talks about these things. they never talk about it. but the media isn't just against me. they're against all of you. that's what it is. when the polls are even, when they leave them alone and do
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them properly, i'm leading. but you see these polls, when they're polling democrats, how is trump doing? oh, he's down. they're polling democrats. the system is corrupt and it's rigged and it's broken. and we're going to change it. >> they call them dark polls. they are phony polls put out by phony media. and i'll tell what you, all of us are affected by this stuff. what they do is try and suppress the vote. this way people don't go out and vote. >> also tonight, designed to counter the rigged media and time to coincide with the network evening newscast at 6:30 eastern time, there was this. trump tower started live streaming on facebook. it drew somewhere between 50 and 60,000 viewers. but more importantly it feeds those rumors that trump wants to start his own branded media company after the election.
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trump tower live. for its part, hillary clinton's campaign is attacking her republican rival with a united front. bench strength on the democrats, president obama stumped for clinton yesterday in las vegas before hitting fund-raisers today in san diego. biden, and elizabeth warren stumped today. in north carolina will be their first time campaigning together. president obama is also having his say on state senate and assembly races. "politico" reporting he will be endorsing roughly 150 candidates across 20 states over the next week. hoping this election has true coat tails. president today also endorsed another 30 congressional candidate in an open attempt now to help democrats sway the balance of power on capitol hill. today's sharpest attacks from team clinton came from massachusetts democratic senator elizabeth warren, campaigning with the candidate in new
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hampshire. >> he thinks that because he has money that he can call women fat pigs and bimbos. he thinks because he is a celebrity that he can rate women's bodies from 1 to 10. he thinks because he has a mouthful of tick tacks that can force himself on any women within groping distance. well, i got news for you, donald trump. women have had it with guys like you. and nasty women have really had it with guys like you. yeah. get this, donald. nasty women are tough. nasty women are smart. and nasty women vote.
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and on november 8th, we nasty women are going to march on nasty feet to cast our nasty votes to get you out of our lives forever. >> elizabeth warren in new hampshire today. we turn to robert costa, national political reporter for the washington post. robert, what is the atmosphere these days inside the flying trump tower that is the trump campaign? >> they're setting up an the that the universe politically speaking with this broadcast tonight. they're speaking directly to their base trying to get these trump voters who are looking at the polls, maybe sensing trump himself. it is the 11th hour of this donald trump campaign. he is also very much anti-establishment. the former head of breitbart at
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his side telling him to go right up against both parties' establishments. >> robert, no one sheds tears for mainstream media lord knows, but in his speeches today trump was telling crowds the media are against you, my followers. reporter for cnn was heckled and surrounded on the air tonight. our people certainly have been harassed. and as the "new york times" put it this weekend, in every newsroom you hear one or many of us everyday say the same thing, someone's going to get hurt out there. more than that, what's the lasting effect on the people whose job it is to report the facts and report what happens in the world and nation everyday? >> what we're watching, brian, is a scene of unbridled populism. for many, an uncomfortable scene to have reporters who have usually had a comfortable -- a stressful and exhausting life on the campaign trail, now find themselves at times under siege in terms of verbal assaults and
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sporadic reports of some kind of intimidation on the trail. it is a different kind of dynamic. it reflect the grievance and anger that is out there at democrats, at republicans, at the economy and especially fuelled by trump himself who, at each of his rallies, seems to rail against the media. >> we were talking about a kind of play book for a late in the game losing campaign is to say the polls are wrong. let's prove them wrong. and to say the media is against you. yes both of these are at work but it's a different brand of that. is there -- is there a such thing as a private trump campaign that is talking to you about the atmosphere on the inside? >> i think you have to pay attention to a throw away phrase that trump has been using in recent days. but it is very telling about how his campaign thinks about where they're at. and that's trump's use of the phrase. this is brexit. of course when the united
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kingdom voted to remove itself from the european union. trump sees himself as someone, despite the polling, as someone who can win the race because of the undercurrent of globalization. it is a steve bannon idea, something that kellyanne conway and others within the campaign are agreeing with privately that they could be brexit. but it is more of a wish than something based on data. >> robert costa, thank you. always after a long day from your day job in d.c. we should mention we will talk here tomorrow night with trump running mate mike pence on the final two weeks of this election. at this point we want to bring in our political analyst, nicole wallace, former 43 white house director. and journalist, contributor editor, andrew sullivan. welcome very much to the broadcast. there i was two friday nights ago watching your fabulous and boisterous appearance on bill mar.
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and your words in way reminded me of our friend, nicole. because in all seriousness, you talk about the journey you have been on to become a hillary clinton person. and all that means. i know this is going to be the first vote you cast as an american citizen. can you talk briefly about that journey? >> well, yes. i mean, i was editing the new republic in the ear '90s. covering the clinton white house back in the day. and learning to not like them at all. it is understanding that people don't warm to the clintons. they are very much the establishment. very much after money. very much after power. they've always been that. and there is something i've always found about their willingness to throw principles out the window to be deeply disturbing. there is almost no scenario i can imagine in which i would actually support hillary clinton
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for president, except this. because i honestly believe that donald j. trump is not just a normal candidate in this election. that he is a threat to our entire democratic system. that his appearance on the top of the national ticket is probably the gravest crisis in this modern history. and defeating him is not just something we should take as democrat or republican or even as sort of a way of expressing ourselves. a way to say for the moment the very core principles of democracy he is attacking on almost a daily basis. >> and nicole, you have almost a mirror of a basis. >> yes, talk therapy has gotten me through. this is what you find in the battle ground states too. where the presence of the candidates is most deeply felt. they can't get through an hour of "the voice" without commercials.
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new york is not battle ground state. but they can't get through an hour of network television without being bombarded with ad. every time they want to do a car pool there is a motorcade carrying hillary clinton or donald trump from a high school or stadium. you hear the same thing and not that andrew and i struggles are unimportant but they are irrelevant to the outcome of the election. voters in battle ground states feel the same way. people arriving at secretary clinton describe it almost to a person as selling them the lesser of two evils. >> andrew, you were also forceful and emotional on libertarians. on people who would cast a protest vote a third way on a gary johnson. you've been saying this is not the time to prove your point. >> it isn't. there are so many places and areas where i find hillary clinton's politics extremely distasteful. and i am more of an independent kind of character.
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one of us looking for a third party is way to express ourselves. i just really believe that this candidate cannot be tolerated in that way. that you have to take a stand in this election. even though none of us wanted to, none of us wants to be here. part of the time i say to myself, is this something real? am i watching a movie? or have i suddenly entered it. this end stage democratic moment when basic principles like legitimacy of the election, importance of a free press, importance of descent, all of the extremely important atmosphere that keeps a democracy alive are currently under threat by someone who want to be a tyrant and if you are libertarian you cannot think of any single person in contemporary or recent history who is more opposed to freedom, to individual freedom than this man, donald trump.
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the only thing he understands is his power and authority crushing whatever threatens him. and so libertarians need to say, look, this is not a time to vote for jerry johnson who seems to have not prepared any more than donald trump has for this campaign. this is the time to vote for the person we cannot stand, cannot even listen to for more than five minutes. have no real regard for because it's the adult grown-up thing to do in a democracy. that's all i'm saying. it is immature at this point. to say i'm going to do a protest vote. immature given the stakes we're in right now. >> and that is the emotion and passion i wanted to get on this broadcast from andrew sullivan. nicole wallace, there is two pages of the people, places and things of donald trump has insulted since declaring his candidacy. for the craft you're in, dark polls, are they a thing?
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he talked about dark polls today. >> you know, they might be a thing that you tell your supporters when you're sort of heading off to a dark media corner. listen, no, they are not a thing. and i disagree slightly with robert costa's reporting on the reality inside trump tower. i think people like kellyanne conway who did a lovely one on one interview with dana bash inside her home tonight, i don't think that everyone around donald trump is telling him it is like brexit. that is an elite mentality. a lot of trump supporters are very proud to support trump. it suggests that everyone would be ashamed to support trump. a lot of people think you should be a -- the trump base thinks you should be ashamed to support hillary clinton. they think she is a criminal, the trump voter. i think the polls have been accurate all along. i don't think there is anything to doubt they are being rigged against him and he didn't have any problem with the polls when he was ahead in them. >> nicole wallace, thank you, andrew sullivan, thank you so much. we have been trying to get you on.
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we will get you back. thank you, andrew. a break for us coming up. oprah winfrey speaks out on the presidential race offering advice to undecided voters. we will talk with one of america's most influential pastors, bishop td jakes about the nastiness out there on the trail. and what happens after election day when we come back. plus, with just two weeks to go, staggering new numbers on the voters who have already been in to make their decision at the ballot box. this is the "the 11th hour" on msnbc.
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this is what i really want to say. i hear this all the time, you're in conversations and there's an person in this room who hasn't been in the same conversation, where people say, i just don't know if i like her. she's not coming over to your house. you don't have to like her. you don't have to like her. do you like this country? >> i hear you. >> do you like this country? you better get out there and vote. >> oprah winfrey made news over the weekend with that, you don't have to like her comment about hillary clinton that came in an interview which you saw there with bishop td jakes for broadcast on the td jakes show. the host of that show, the bishop himself, joins us now. he is the founder, pastor, preacher in chief and bishop of potter's house,
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nondenominational church in dallas, texas and has been extraordinarily kind to me over the years. his interview with oprah winfrey will air thursday on own at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. bishop jakes, you have played it known, you do not want to discuss your opinions on this race and lord knows, actually literally in your case, lord knows we respect that this time of year. let me ask you about something else. let me ask you about november 9th. not november 8th. but the reconciliation that has to happen no matter what happens on november 8th. >> you know, brian, thank you first of all for having me on the show. and that is precisely what oprah and i were talking about in the interview, not only here and local affiliates across the country, we were talking about the role that television has in healing the breach that exists in this visceral atmosphere that we are in right now. it is very, very important. whoever ends up in the white house has got to reassure people that the voice of the people has
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been heard even if the voice of their favorite party has not been heard. i think that the day of smothering the voice of the will of the concerns of the people as it relates to education, as it relates to economic empowerment, job opportunities, and so forth has got to be recognized and dealt with and in a comprehensive nonpolitical way that really brings a voice of the people back to the forefront of government decisions and politics. we talked a great deal about women in this country and changing role of women and what needs to be done to accommodate and better understand those roles and those dynamics. just a plethora. we had the whole hour. it has been a great week for me between tyler perry, maria shriver and oprah on friday. from tuesday through thursday. just a great time to talk about this country. the talk show has given me an opportunity, brian, to sense from american people the level of stress behind the visceral atmosphere. and i think we have to address
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those issues, start healing the country and providing opportunities for our children, for our future and for our country. >> look at you with all your celebrity friends. i knew you when. bishop, no two of us had the same upbringing, but even warts and all, how many times have you said, this is not the country i grew up in? >> it is almost frightening. hard it fight down the fright. only my faith sustained me. i love this country. i care about its people and concerns. the level of hostility, the kind of putrid conversations that have been hurled at us over the television has actually been nauseating. people of faith, people of color, people in general are just really holding on to their boot straps, trying to figure out what is happening to our country. and there is a major shift going on. i believe long after this election that a paradigm shift for both parties as well as the country as there's been a destabilization, that is alarming and we have enemies around the world who will seek
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to do us harm. i hope that we quickly get back to the business of guarding our country, protecting our future, educating our children and providing opportunities for underserved communities, inner cities, the plight, disturbance, conditions between the police and black and blue situations in our cities. we have to do something about this. >> knowing a preacher can't say good morning in 30 seconds, let's just say i gave you 30 seconds of national television time on the morning of november 9th, what would you look into the camera, american to american, and say. >> i would say that we are better than this. i would say that we, our forefathers died for this and we have to bring to the forefront and agree on issues and stop fighting about the process. we disagree about how to get there but all of us want our country to be its best. let's focus on what we agree about. listen to the best ideas and put
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them into practice and become the united states of america again. >> have you proved our little adage here that our little tv show is better when we have really smart people on. bishop td jakes, what a pleasure to have you on. we'll be watching your broadcast this week coming up. as long as people are back here by 11:00 p.m. eastern, we don't mind. thank you, sir. good health and happiness to you. just after this break, how much of the election is already over and done with. this is the "the 11th hour" on msnbc. hoy,ren'we h hing friends over? it reeksn here. i know [at nse] i stole the other team's mascot for good lk. we neeto wash thisoom. wash i r all ththingsyou can't wase yeah, shwi febze. wow nhales] it really smells gre in he. dobarks
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i'm chris jansing in reno, nevada. a grocery store that is also a polling place. take a look at this line. it's been like there all day. who than 100 people an hour. record numbers of people over the weekend in washoe county and in clark county, democrats turning out in bigger number than republicans at a time when hillary clinton is leading donald trump in the polls 5 to 7 points which means there's a focus on the down ballot races. because control of senate for the democrats runs through nevada. brian? >> i have to say, this year having a line for voting in the liquor aisle of your neighborhood grocery store makes more sense than in past
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elections we've covered. chris jansing filing that report for us from nevada. last thing before we go here tonight is about how much of the early vote is going to be in and counted by the time we come on the air, come to think of it, from this very studio on election night. they estimate anywhere from 33 to 40% of a whole national vote. take the example of nevada though where they say upwards of 60% of the vote will be in before election day. 60%. over 6.5 million votes have been cast across our country. almost two thirds of those early votes in the battle ground states. so far, in 9 of the 12 battle grounds more democrats than republicans have turned out. we know that much. but in florida, georgia, pennsylvania, it is the opposite. more republican voters than democrats. thus far turning out for the early vote. early voting started in six states today in addition to more
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select counties in florida. both clinton and trump will be campaigning in florida tomorrow, two weeks out now from this election. we will cover that when we see you right back here tomorrow evening. so with that, good night from our headquarters in new york. "hardball with chris matthews" begins now. is donald trump the new baghdad bob? let's play "hard ball." good evening, i'm chris matthews in pittsburgh where tomorrow i will interview joe biden who is out on the campaign trail. with two weeks to go in the race and polls showing a lead for hillary clinton, there's at least one person who thinks donald trump is winning. donald trump. accordin t


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