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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  October 25, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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i'm going for the cubs. lest get to the news. right now on msnbc, florida, florida, florida. both hillary clinton and donald trump on the campaign trail there. and fighting for that must-win battleground state. we're going to get you caught up with live new numbers there. and with just two weeks, we are at the 14-day mark until election day. clinton is up in our new weekly poll. is there any chance for trump? we're going to look at the battleground map that his team has unveiled. >> it's called voter suppression. well, we're winning. we're winning. >> game one of the world series is tonight. two of the countries most beloved underdogs step up to the plate. the teams have not won a world series in 176 years combined,
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but who's counting. more from progressive field this hour. good morning, everybody. i'm tamron hall coming to you live from new york. exactly two weeks until election day. here's the state of the presidential race right now. our new nbc news weekly online tracking poll out just this morning shows hillary clinton with a 5-point lead over donald trump, 46% to 41%. that's similar to a cnn orc poll out yesterday. it shows hillary clinton with a 5-point lead. in new state polls, clinton has a 7-point lead in the battleground. state of nevada. she has an 8-point lead in michigan. and she has a 7-point load in north carolina and a "new york times" college poll out also this morning. that comes a day after the mammoth university poll shows clinton with a single point lead in north carolina. both hillary clinton and donald trump are campaigning in the
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battle ground state of florida where clinton is a statistical tie with trump with its 29 electoral votes, which is more than 10% of the 270 needed to win the presidency. the path to victory for donald trump must include florida. clinton holds a rally this afternoon in coconut creek, 40 miles north of miami. trump will hold rallies in sanford and tallahassee. here are the headlines from the trump campaign this hour. trump claims, dark polls are being put out by phoney media organizations with the intention of demoralizing his voters. he says he thinks he's winning. the campaign issued a battleground map listing 12 states now as what they see as toss up despite some of the new polling that's already out. but they also include colorado, wisconsin, michigan, virginia, new hampshire and maine. those show hillary clinton hold solid leads in all thosetates.
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the campaign designates arizona, utah and georgia as locked in for trump. polls show a different story. trump tower live debuted hosted by campaign advisers. it's scheduled to air every night at 6:30 eastern time through election day to compete with the nightly newscast. it comes that trump is ready to launch his tv channel. jacob rascon joins us live from florida where trump will hold a rally later this afternoon. let's talk about why he chose sanford. that's why trayvon martin was killed. it was the source of a lot of pain. a lot of divisiveness in in country. what is trump's strategy for being there? >> reporter: here particularly i'm not entirely sure. when you talk to people in line, they will say what we hear at almost every trump rally which i haven't met a person who supports hillary clinton.
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i can't imagine that he could lose this election. that happens at every location we go to. so it's unclear this particular place. we haven't heard anything particular about the campaign regarding sanford. trump was on the phone with another network talking about florida. he admitted that if he doesn't win florida, he probably won't lose the election. our polling shows he has to win florida. even though he says he's winning, he did admit a a couple days ago he's probably behind and his campaign manager a a pollster said they are behind. so there's some acknowledgment there. >> just when he acknowledges being behind in the polls, he then says these are dark polls or are polls of manipulated by the media. it's hard to say where he stands. i want to talk about what just happened at one of his courses. he had employees, many of them latino come up and they were supposed to be character witnesses for him.
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let's play what happened. i hope she's going to say good. do you want to say? better say good or you're foired. >> joking around there with the employees. he was also going after obamacare. there's been some fact checking. donald trump said that many of his employees were suffering tremendously as a result of obamacare. but within minutes, he had to self-correct because fact checkers said that his employees at least very few of them are on obamacare. >> reporter: his own general manager said 95 to 99% of them are not on the affordable care act or obamacare. so had to correct can himself there. this is an issue that he's hitting really hard and harder than usual.
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this is unlike some of the other issues that trump has grabbed ahold of, a lot of republicans even admit they don't know if that's the best strategy. everybody seems on board here. even some democrats have said that, look, this isn't exactly what we thought it was going to be. speaking of the affordable care act, we can expect donald trump to hit this over and over. even more than usual today on the stump. >> thank you. now to the headlines from the clinton campaign. it's out with a new ad this morning that hits donald trump on housing discrimination case involving trump apartment buildings. a case that was settled. the ad tells the story of may brown wiigens, a registered nurse who was denied a trump apartment because of the color of her skin. and more heavy hutter surrogates will be out including bill clinton, chelsea clinton and vice president joe biden. kasie hunt joins us live now from broward college in coconut creek, florida, where the clinton campaign will hold a big rally. i'm curious about the ad. kind of circling back to one of
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the first major headlines that was used to show african-americans more of donald trump's history. >> i feel very, very angry. so much so that it's still evokes anger and rt. >> so that's the ad. >> reporter: sure, tamron. i think that it tells you quite a bit about the clinton strategy in these final weeks of the election. and we have talked a lot about it this entire campaign. the focus on minority voters, particularly those who supported president obama in 2008 and 2012, they frankly really need them to show up to the polls. all indications so far is that's
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the case. in florida for for example, latino voter registration is higher than ever. she's had this persistent enthusiasm gap over the course of the election. i think this is part of a push to try to make sure that people are in this case it's negative. it's an atem to get people to vote against trump. that's motivating some voters. hillary clinton started saying she has to make a positive case r for herself. which i think is what you can expect from her today in florida. >> is the campaign poiblting to new numbers that i guess shed in some of the questions as to how florida is fairing up for them right now? >> millennials may finally be turning her way. there are so many colleges. we're starting to see early vote totals in florida. early voting going on for the past couple days. so far seems to be favoring
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hillary clinton in that there are more -- the gap between democrats and republicans who are voting is larger or is smaller than it was in 2012, which means there are more democrat who is are voting early, which they see as a potential positive sign for hillary clinton because the reality is mitt romney lost this state narrowly. this was the closest contest in 2012. so far donald trump is not matching where romney was in the early vote. that doesn't bode well for his chances of getting 270 electoral college votes. >> join iing us to talk about t headlines, talk show host steve days and mccay, senior political writer for buzzfeed. let's start with you. mike pence is there 14 days out. looking at a third party candidate that could be challenging them. >> it's hard to overstate how insane this is.
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utah is the most conservative state in the country dominated by a religious group that's the most republican in the country. and mike pence is forced to go -- his his second time this year going to utah. evan mcmillin is a mormon himself. most recent polls show him all tied in the state. so that's why you see mike pence and the trump campaign scrambling and actually just before i came on the air, i was talking to a source in utah who told me that tim kaine is going to have an op-ed in the mormon church newspaper going up any minute now making a pitch to the religious voters there talking about his own missionary experience. you really have a three-way race in the most conservative state in the country. this is historically unprecedented. >> steve, what does this tell you, not just about what's happening with the battleground map for donald trump, but also
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down-ballot races here? >> it tells you whatever problems existed in the republican party that led to this nightmare scenario that they are in now are not going to go away until november 9th. and what is happening now is a lot of people are feeling like they have permission to say everything they really want to say. and a group of conservatives now feel like they have permission to not vote for a republican nominee that they don't like. and whatever relationship that is dysfunctional, when people feel they have permission about what they think about the other party, that's the relationship that likely is heading for a divorce. >> listen, april, we're looking at this. in october donald trump has done 28 rallies in states with senate races. but no senate candidate has appeared on stage with him. we verse that, hillary clinton seeing an opening now has been stumping for several women run
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ing for the senate. tammie duckworth in nevada, maggie hassen in new hampshire and the list goes on. she has been emboldened enough to use not only an opening for her potential victory, but for women running for senate in this toxic environment. >> right, well, women are the biggest voting bloc there is. and many women are very upset. we saw what elizabeth warren said yesterday talking about nasty women. and i can't help but think about janet jackson, a throwback song, "nasty boys" when it comes to donald trump. what you have here is hillary clinton being strategic and want ing to win this. this is her second and final chance to win the oval office. donald trump has come out and said things against women openly. no one has coerced him. we have heard him say things. . she's capitalizing on that. and there is a chance the
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democrats feel there's still a chance she could possibly pull out some wins for the democrats in the senate. but the republicans are still saying even with what she's doing, they believe that they still have a chance. i think the senate is up for grabs. she's really trying to capitalize on that. >> let me play what donald trump said this morning in this event with his employees joking he would fire them if they didn't say anything nice. he was trying to get around the news involving obamacare. let's play what he said. >> obamacare is just blowing up. even the white house, our president announced 25 or 26%. that number is so wrong that is such a a phoney number. you're talking about 80% in increases. not 25%. >> he goes on to say -- he says a tremendous number of his employees are on obamacare. a phoney number that the gm has to come out and immediate ly sa
8:14 am
that 95% of e employees get health care from the company so he's talking about phoney numbers. >>. and you talked to american sources. this is one of their many regrets that donald trump not only has he not made a case, that could have helped them this cycle, he's so prone to doing what you just showed there. instead of just attacking the democrats on substance or policy, he has to go way overreach, wildly exaggerate his claims and then he has to -- his campaign finds themselves on defense clarifying and apologizing and trying to set things straight. but they don't have control of their candidate, so that's a problem. >> you're a conservative and no fan of obamacare. even if this were opening for donald trump, he stomach nlables through it saying numbers are
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phoney. he's presenting inaccurate facts that within minutes his own team had to correct. >> i was on my radio show telling my audience if i were running the trump campaign, contemplating running the trump campaign is like contemplating if i had syphilis, but what my advice would be what was done in virginia. there was a similar deficit u down the stretch to terry mccullough. he made the last few weeks of the governor's race a referendum on obamacare. he went from ludsing by 6 points in the polls to almost winning that race. the problem is ken is smart and donald trump is not. >> steve, you're supposed to be midwest charming. i don't know what this election has done to people like you, but you have children. i know your wife. i'm going to move on. >> which is why you know i can only contemplate syphilis but
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can't get it. >> she's fainted just like i have inside. president obama with jimmy kimmel. let me play whether he finds humor in trump at all. >>. >> when you watch the debate and watch donald trump, do you ever laugh? do you ever actually laugh? >> most of the time. >> democrats said this morning iticized for get iting too comfortable. these leads can evaporate in 14 day us. how much are the obamas enjoying at least this point? >> the obamas are not enjoying donald trump at all. >> i mean being ahead in the polls. >> they are happy that their candidate, who will move forward with what they have of their
8:17 am
policies and locks like she can continue. at the same time, they are not taking it for granted because the trump camp is waiting for anything, any slip up for her numbers to fall. just like we saw when she had the pneumonia and felt she was not stable, weak, a weak candidate, she didn't have the stamina. but we saw how the numbers fell back then. they are hoping she can move on strong and nothing happens. that's what the trump people are banking on. but right now, it's still she's not out of the woods. if it was a double-digit lead nationally, they could breathe a lot easier, but it's still very close. 5%, that's still close. >> thank you very much. i'm just going to pray for you in a minute. greatly appreciate it. got to laugh. a a very serious topic here. some veterans are being asked to pay u back enlistment bonuses. a lot of outrage on this story.
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the military says tens of millions of dollars paid out to people who didn't qualify, but it wasn't a mistake made by the vets. it was a mistake made higher up and now these veterans are being told they have to pay money. many of them simply don't have. >> they betrayed me. i gave them my time, like i promised. they can't give me my time back. >> i think we got screwed. i think it was a slap in the face. "on the road again," by wlie nelson ♪ othe road again [ rear alert sounds [ musistops ] ♪ just can't wa tget on t road again ♪ [ front assist sounds ] [ music stops ] [ girl laughs ] ♪ on the ad ain ♪ like band of gypss we go♪ [ beetle horn honks ] no mattewhich passat you cos you t more standardeatures, for lesshan u excted. hurry in and lease the 20 paat s r just $199 a month. listen tme.i am capn f the track tem, and if i'm late...
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10,000 men and women from the california national guard are being asked to pay thousands of dollars back to the government. the pentagon is requesting that soldiers and veterans who received bonuses to enlist in the military return the bonus money. they were recruited to join up at a time when the military was
8:22 am
short of troops to fight in iraq and afghanistan and was desperate to bolster ranks. morgan radford has more on what happened. >> reporter: when the military needed more troops in iraq and afghanistan, the california national guard started handing out bonuses of $15,000 or more. >> this was for my first deployment. >> reporter: he served two tours of duty in iraq. now he's being asked to return his $20,000 bonus. >> what went through your mind? >> anger. we didn't do anything wrong. we stepped forward, volume teerd, did our duty and now they are slapping us in the face for us. >> reporter: thousands of soldiers were signed up by military recruiters. in some cases those recruiting officers knew the soldiers weren't really eligible for enlistment bonuses but signed
8:23 am
them up any way. a so-called incentive manager for the california guard pled guilty to filing false claims totalingly $15 million. three other officers also pled guilty to fraud. >> bonuses went from a small group of critical skills to almost everybody joining was eligible. so in a lot of instances, soldiers would get paychecks who were far and above their normal pay. >> reporter: rather than forgiving the bonuses which were improperly handed out, the guard assigned auditors to track down the money saying in a statement, the california national guard does not have the authority to unilaterally waive these debts. even though those who signed up and got bonuses didn't do anything wrong, the auditors found a total of $37 million may have been wrongly paid out. since the los angeles times first reported the story, elected officials on both sides of the aisle have criticized the pentagon and are call iing for
8:24 am
change. >> it's disgraceful we would ever treat those men and women who came to the kl of this country after 9/11 to put them in this situation. >> reporter: the relief can't come soon enough. >> have you paid any of this money? >> no, i haven't. i haven't. i don't plan on it either. i plan on winning. >> that was morgan radford reporting from los angeles. a pentagon spokesperson says senior leadership of the department is looking very closely at this matter and added that other national guard units may have the same issue. joining me now is the chairman of vote bets i know you cannot be happy ant this. i don't know anyone who is not outraged. e we see people from both sides of the aisle speaking out on this. >> it's one of those stories over the weekend you get like 20 e-mails in 5 minutes. both republican and democrats, veterans, everybody is at shock how this could happen. mostly because thooes are
8:25 am
reenlistments. people that have been in the military. if you go into reserve center or guard installation, they are always trying to get you to sign the dotted line again. for the most part, the people that are signing that line, they are accepting what the contract says that's put in front of them and saying i'll get $30,000 more. for them to sort of fulfill their end of the bargain and have some instances ten years later try to garnish those wages is shocking. >> we heard from the vet in morgan's piece saying i'm not paying. what the options available? >> right now, people are appealing to the guard bureau. it's been a challenge. this story has been around since 2010. so some of them have taken up class action lawsuits. my personal opinion here is it's got to be decisive. there's large ramifications across the military for people
8:26 am
losing faith in the contracts that recruiters provide to our young men and women who volunteer to sign up. so the idea that their statement is they are locking into while this has happened for six years isn't good enough. they need to correct it quickly. that's going to happen based on the fact there's bipartisan support for it. >> thank you so much. we greatly appreciate it. thank you. early voting starts today in utah. and we talked about this at the top of the hour. it's reliably red state. they haven't chosen a democratic candidate since 1964. this year could be different. coming up, who is leading in the polls and it is not hillary clinton or donald trump. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis, and you' talking tyour doctor about your medication... th is humira. this is humiraelping to relie my pain and ott my joints from furth damage. this is humira helping me go further. humira works for many adults. it tartsnd helps to ock specificource of inflammation that ntributes ra sympto.
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early voting is officially underway in utah today as hillary clinton is making an unprecedented play for that state. the clinton camp said they will be sending high profile supporters to campaign there for
8:30 am
her. in the last ten presidential elections the state has gone red. and yet with two weeks to go before election day, the beehive state is a potential battleground. mcmullin spoke with craig melvin about his campaign. >> they are two of the most unpopular nominees in modern times since we started recording those sentiments among voters. so i think we'll have a case to make. >> chris jansing is in salt lake city. it's been no secret that the morgan community is vocal about not being supporters of donald trump. that was the case in the republican primary. here we are at this point.
8:31 am
>> the 2005 really hurt him. when you look at the top republicans in this state from the governor to mike lee to mia love, they have all separated themselves from donald trump and then when you look at the ballots there's his name who is really throw iing a wrench into this work for donald trump and hillary clinton. take a look at three of the most recent polls. what you're going to find is that this is really a toss up. some people would argue still donald trump's to lose in this deeply red state. having said that, look at the early returns right now. they are expecting here in salt lake county as many as 90% of all voters could vote by mail. so not a lot of action in here on day one of early voting, but they are seeing the democratic advantage so far pretty significantly in that tallied mail-in vote. joining me is the mayor of the city.
8:32 am
>> it's not a long shot. we have been working to help hillary win it. here's why she can win. it's because the values of the people who live here just are not aligning with the nominee for the republican party. >> so evan makes the case i'm the true conservative here. you should vote for me. as a vote of conscience. clearly the polls show some people are listening to that. >> sure, they are. they want an alternative. there are those who are definitely on board with hillary and those that just don't want another democrat to be the president. >> as the first openly gay mayor here, is the problem gay marriage and abortion. is that a nonstarter for a lot of mormons?
8:33 am
>> it's really not. the reason i say that is you lock at my victory last year in my election. and when it comes down to being gay, people are not really hung up on that. like 10% of the people in my election would not vote for me simply because i was gay. that's 10%. >> it's going to be interesting no doubt about it. mayor, thank you for being with us. just toho you how nervous the trump campaign is here in a state they should be winning easily, mike pence, the vice presidential candidate is coming here. it has been literally decades since they have seen one of the candidates come here and in fact, decades since the democrats have had even an office here. not only does hillary clinton have an office. she's had five additional people paid staff brought in over the weekend bringing the total to six. this is going to be interesting what to watch. will independent voters move
8:34 am
away from evan or will they stick with him? if they do, it improves hillary clinton's chances. >> with mike pence going out, mccay was on a couple minutes ago and said tim kaine plans to write an op-ed making the case to peopl in utah as well. so game on for sure. thank you. >> thank you. >> spoking of game on, tonight the country gets a break from politics. game one of the world series between the biggest underdogs in baseball. the lovable losers some call it. tonight will be showdown. chicago has played the first time in a world series on tv. and it will be the first time that they played a world series with african-american players on the roster. there's so many factoids. we're live to progressive field in cleveland. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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♪jakeeese, "day to fl alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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proud of you, son. ge! manufac. well that's why i dug this out for you. 's your grandpappy's hammer anhe would have wanted you to have it. yes, ge makes powerful machines.him... but i'll be writing the code that will allow those machines to sha information with each other. i'll be channg the way the world wos. (interrupting) you can't pick it up, can you? go ahead. he cit's okay thgh!ammer. you're gng to changethe wo. welcome back. temple university in philadelphia stepping up security after a series of
8:38 am
mob-style attacks on campus. that tops our look at stories around the news nation this morning. new security vid e owe e shows a large group of teens walking around the college campus friday night attacks students. . even a police horse. it all started after some 200 juveniles responded to the post on social media and met up at a nearby theater and split off into smaller groups that launched several attacks on random people. 50 teens were taken sbo custody. four have been charged. the manhunt has intensified this morning for a double murder suspect in oklahoma who has been taunting police on social media. police say the 38-year-old went on a violent rampage sunday night about 30 minutes outside oklahoma city u and shot and injured two police officers at a mobile home park, stole the patrol car and live streamed his getaway on facebook. authorities say he later shot and carjacked a woman and then killed his aunt and uncle in
8:39 am
their home. police say some of the family members are arming themselves in case he returns. he has a hit list of people who live in and around that town. >> a wanted poster says he may try to spread disease. aefs accused of child sexual assault. "the new york times" report that the justice department made the rare move of replacing the new york team investigating the death of eric garner. agents were replaced with agents outside new york and federal prosecutors in brocklin are no longer assigned to the case. he was died after being put in a choke hold by a new york police officer on staten island in 2014. federal authorities are investigating whether police violated garner's civil rights. on to something that people will all rally behind. it's the matchup that everyone seems to be talking about. not politics, not clinton and trump, it's game one of the 2016 world series and it goes down tonight. with history in the making,
8:40 am
cleveland pursuing their first title in 68 years while the cubs fight to end a century-long championship drought. ron mott has the enviable assignment of hanging out in cleveland. how's it going, buddy? >> reporter: hey, tamron. i know you're a huge cubs fan. you have waited every day of your 29 years for this night. so your cubs are in the world series after a long time and the indian fans want to win this too. 68 years since they last won a championship. >> the cubs are going to the world series! the indians are going to the world series! >> reporter: two of baseball's punch lines, the chicago cubs and the cleveland indians ever the underdogs about to take the field. ready to take a swing at rewriting history.
8:41 am
with the story of this world series is told, only one of them is guaranteed the last laugh. the indians last won the fall classic all the way back in 1948 coming close twice in the '90s but falling short both times. the cubs have waited nearly 40 years longer, more than a century, 108 years, if you're counting. their historic meeting that is created a fever pitch among die hard fans. >> i don't know how to describe it in words. i feel wiek we're going to wake up and it may not be real. >> the indians take the field. >> reporter: the baseball misfortunes are the stuff of legend capture d on the big screen in the 1989 comedy "major league." >> just a bit outside. >> a world series crown will put them beside lebron james. >> it's over. cleveland is a city of champions once again. >> reporter: who return home and delivered on a championship promise. tonight lebron and the cavaliers will get their championship rings at the season opener right next door to where the cubs and indians start their quest for glory. >> zeing our rings and our
8:42 am
indians hosting game one of the world series. it's a day that will go down in history. >> reporter: of course, as the excitement soars, so are ticket prices. right now they are too pricey for the average fan. some of the best seats pushing $7,000. at wrigley, even more. cubs fans thinking outside the batters box. offering tickets to the chicago run of the broadway smash hit hamilton in exchange for world series seats. texas rangers, we want you to know that tamron is not cheating on you. she's just simply cheer iing fo the cubs in this series. sorry about that, tamron. this is the best place if you're a sports fan to be. not only is game one behind me. just across the plaza, lebron james and the cavs are picking up their world series -- their nba championship ring tonight with the home opener against. the knicks.
8:43 am
what an assignment. >> you have the best job. thank you for clarifying because my entire texas family screamed. i lived in chicago for ten years. i lived near wrigley. it would be tremendous. but we spent time during the republican national convention as well as the primary in cleveland and i fell in love with cleveland. it's tough. >> reporter: it's a great city. they have had a great four or five months here. >> i'm conflicted. there's so many things to discuss. have fun. >> reporter: thanks, tamron. back to politics, the senate race the break from sports is nice. a new report says they are poised to pick up five to seven seats. that would be a major coup for the party. they needed four to tie the amber. more on the down-ballot races that are leaning blue. and last night president obama visited jimmy kimmel to talk about politics and
8:44 am
encourage voting and he read some mean tweets. >> on november 8th we nasty women are going to march our nasty feet to cast our nasty votes to e get you out of our lives forever.
8:45 am
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we're back with our daily briefing on politics. according to a new story, senate democrats are poised to pick up five to seven seats in this election. if this happens, democrats would control the senate again, which they lost in the last midterm election. joining me now is mark murray. so what are the odds of this happening? >> tamron, pretty good. it's not a slam dunk. even the cook political report notes it's not a sure thing. but one of the big factors in all of this is that most of these senate battlegrounds are
8:48 am
taking place in presidential battleground states. so north carolina, you have new hampshire, pennsylvania, if hillary clinton ends up winning those states in the presidential election, pretty much the democrats would feel pretty good. another factor at play is the toss up races break one way in an election season. we saw it in 2010, 2012, 2014, usually the side that ends up winning the elections has the toss up race ares break their way. that's what the political report points is what they think democrats are poised to pick up and gain senate control. >> it's interesting to see hillary clinton campaign for some of the senate candidates who are women. when you look at the early voting data, potential surge in female voters. >> this senate election map ends up where you could have an increase in female senators come the next congress. so hillary clinton was campaigning with maggie hassen in new hampshire yesterday. you had debra ross in north
8:49 am
carolina. and all of those female candidates are in presidential battleground states where hillary clinton will campaign. so the female vote as well as these female senate candidates is a big story on election day. >> it's a big one. let's talk about donald trump saying there are these dark polls out there. he believes not only in one poll, which is the opposite of what he started out as, but there's a trend here. these polls vary in range, but there appears to be a trend. >> these polls have been really stable and consistent. i would argue that donald trump when he was ahead during the primary season was always touting the polls and he's standing in them. but when we look back at our poll back in january of 2016, we see that donald trump's numbers with women, with african-americans, young voters, independent suburban people, they are very similar to where they are right now. so if you are making this argument that somehow the polls are rigged against you and all the polls are rigged against
8:50 am
you, you hathey have been rigge against you for a year plus. >> i saw you tweet about the walking dead. how long did take you to recover? >> tamron, i haven't recovered. i would argue this election season has been tough. "the walking dead" was tough. my texas longhorns football season has been tough. i'm sticking with the uplifting parts for the next two weeks, tamron. i have to take a break from "the walking dead" for a while. >> there was a piece on daily beast about everyone being so depressed and tense about the tone of the election cycle and here's "the walking dead," while always violent it had escapism and optimism. that didn't exist sunday night. >> i need to take a break. for sure. >> watch the world series tonight and root for both teams so you aren't disappointed. thanks, buddy. we'll be right back.
8:51 am
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overnight police forces in pakistan faced one of the
8:54 am
deadliest attacks in recent years as several gunmen stormed a police academy. at least 61 people were killed, over 100 others wounded. the nearly four-hour attack was launched while many cadets were sleeping. at least two of the gunmen died when they detonated explosive vests. isis claimed responsibility for the attack. pakistani officials blame it on an al qaeda linked militant group. the latest on the fight for mosul is next. ♪ i bought all the framework... wire... and plants needed to give my shop... a face... no o will forget. see what the power of points can do for your business. learn more at
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8:56 am
and so when i saw that, that w completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger tharty. my sonax can't live in trump world. so i'm cssing party nes and voting for hillary. i don't always agreeith her,p but she's reasonle. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able tell my kids tt i did the right thing when it reallyattered. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this messa.
8:57 am
this hour iraqi led forces are fighting to push isis out of the stronghold in mosul but they are fighting back. deadly clashes in a western iraqi town isis is using to divert attention and resources from mosul as they send additional forces there.
8:58 am
matt, what can you tell us from erbil? >> reporter: thanks, tamron. the situation now is three days in. we have seen a combined complex attack just like we have seen before. now this is a classic isis maneuver trying to divert attention away from the main battle in mosul to a city about nine hours south. that's effective. they are basically the mayor of the city that called on reinforcements. that's dragging military resources away from the main battle of mosul. the main objective. what this demonstrates is isis's ability to emerge in places that have been conquered already by iraqi military forces and divert attention from the main battle. there are so many positions behind the main lines in the fight for mosul that have so many isis elements in them. we saw in kirkuk they can raise up sleeper cells and attack with dozens of men with small arms
8:59 am
and suicide vests and not only divert attention but demonstrate to the iraqi public that the battle won't be for iraq. >> thank you very much. thank you for watching this hour of msnbc live. i'm tamron hall. we'll be back tomorrow at 11:00 eastern. meanwhile turning it to peter alexander in for andrea mitchell. >> thank you very much. now on "andrea mitchell reports," october surprise, new numbers show obamacare premiums could increase by 25% giving fresh ammunition to team trump. but with two weeks to go and clinton pushing ahead in the polls will news like this motivate voters enough to change the trajectory of the race? >> it has to be replaced with something much less expensive for the people and otherwise this country is in bigger trouble than anybody thought. we'll repeal and replace obamacare. all of my employees are having a
9:00 am
tremendous problem with obamacare. >> the sunshine showdown. clinton and trump criss-crossing florida, fighting for the state's critical votes, 29 in all. andrea is on the trail with hillary clinton. >> they could take florida a without it there is no way he n win. >> the mike drop. with 88 days left in office, president obama getting the last word reading mean tweets on jimmy kimmel. >> president obama will go down perhaps as the worst president in the united states exclamation point. @real donald trump. @real donald trump. at least i wonill go down as a president. >> good day to


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