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tv   MSNBC Live With Andrea Mitchell  MSNBC  October 25, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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this country is in bigger trouble than anybody thought. we'll repeal and replace obamacare. all of my employees are having a tremendous problem with obamacare. >> the sunshine showdown. clinton and trump criss-crossing florida, fighting for the state's critical votes, 29 in all. andrea is on the trail with hillary clinton. >> they could take florida and without it there is no way he can win. >> the mike drop. with 88 days left in office, president obama getting the last word reading mean tweets on jimmy kimmel. >> president obama will go down perhaps as the worst president in the united states exclamation point. @real donald trump. @real donald trump. at least i wonill go down as a president.
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>> good day to you. i'm peter alexander in for andrea mitchell. she's on the trail with hillary clinton en route to the critical battleground state of florida. we are going to check in with andrea a short time from now. we want to start with the latest numbers in a presidential race with two weeks left on the campaign calendar, believe it or not. our new nbc news survey monkey poll released this morning shows hillary clinton holding onto a five-point lead nationally. the trump team still seeing a path to victory and that path does start in florida. that's a state where we'll see both campaigns, the candidates making their case. we want to start with our team on the ground now in the sunshine state. katy tur is in sanford near orlando ahead of donald trump's rally this afternoon. kasie hunt is in broward county where we'll hear from hillary clinton in a few hours. i want to get to you. donald trump making an unplanned
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stop initially today. pouncing on this news about the expected spike in obamacare. affordable care act premiums. they think this is a message that in a limited time they can benefit by. >> republican operatives say if he does focus on this maybe there is a chance that the numbers will slightly go up and it has been a divisive issue, one that many people not just republicans relate to. the idea of premiums going up to 25% more than they are at now. donald trump tried to talk about it this morning. he's been tweeting about it for some time now. he did so at his doral golf course. he got on stage and said his employees are having tremendous problems with obamacare. later he said some of my employees are having tremendous problems with obamacare. then he had to be corrected. he had to have the gm of doral come out and say, no, 95% of the
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employees aren't on the exchanges because we provide health care. donald trump in trying to pan obamacare for this rise in premiums and also at the same time saying it's actually going to be a lot more than 25%, he said 80% at one point. he did so by pushing forward a falsity of his own that his employees are the one who is stand to lose from it when that's not the case. >> let's play some of the sound. this is donald trump earlier today at another property. the golf course near miami. listen. >> this election will be about obamacare. it's going to be about jobs. it's going to be about a lot of things. obamacare is blowing up. sad when you put out a 25 or 26% increase and that's supposed to be to keep it down. obamacare has to be repealed and replaced and it has to be replace d with something much less expensive.
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>> to be clear, you have been talking to the strategists and this is something in 2012, mitt romney's team thought they could benefit from the message. donald trump struggled to stay on message. they think this is a winner for them even if he struggled to get it out properly in the first moments today. >> certainly. donald trump is now losing in the polls by quite a large margin in so many of the battleground states. states like utah, arizona and georgia potentially states that donald trump could lose. those are traditionally very republican states. he's facing quite an uphill battle. in order to turn this election around it would take an unprecedented move on his part. something that most republican strategists out there just don't see happening. you have karl rove saying as much yesterday on fox news. what you are seeing is the hope that if he starts to pound obamacare, starts to get out with the message, talk about it
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and focus, he may not be able to win the presidency. maybe he will. he may not be able to. maybe in the process he can lift up down ballot races that have so far been struggling under the weight of donald trump at the top of the ticket. >> bottom line, the next president needs to make significant adjustments to the hillary clinton law if it's not replaced all together as donald trump is proposing. kasie, i want to talk about early voting now. in person voting in florida yesterday. the nbc news data analytics lab targets smart using voter filed data from the company, tabulating and analyzing the early vote totals and the partisan breaks at this point. give us a sense where things stand. 18.2% of early votes cast nationally on monday were cast in florida. nearly one in five more republican affiliated voters than others cast through monday. notably a smaller margin than
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four years ago. what are you seeing now on that early vote and what's already been a flood of people getting involved in the process. >> that's right. the clinton campaign is privately very encouraged by the sheer number of people they see coming to the polls. a big question here was whether or not people would be excited to vote for hillary clinton and whether they were going to do it in the same numbers that they were going to do it for president obama back in 2008 and 2012. what they are seeing is the registration and early vote totals doing better here. >> we are having trouble with the mic on the ground. we'll see hillary clinton. kasie and katy, thanks. we want to get to robert costa, nbc analyst. the idea of this new issue, the new developments surrounding
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obamacare and its impact down ballot. how big of a political boost is this story line, this thread for vulnerable republican senators and congress members down ballot? >> peter, you see immediately senate candidates and house candidates down the ballot are seizing upon the issue today. what makes this whole moment interesting is that the election has been one about temperament. secretary clinton running against donald trump's temperament. trump selling himself as changed to american voters. it has not been a war that's been fought on policy grounds. >> what's striking as you say it is donald trump threw out and said we'll repeal and replace this thing. dozens of times similar calls from congress now. that obviously didn't sell. a lot of people are looking for a message they believe is a solution. as you know this isn't about
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ideology. it's not clear donald trump is putting out a solution on how to fix this. >> trump is talking certainly in sweeping terms about wholesale reform. most people on capitol hill, republicans and democrats think over turning the affordable care act at this point after so many people acquired insurance would be difficult if impossible and only incremental reforms would be viable. >> talk about paul ryan, the speaker of the house. he and donald trump struggled to gel on any particular issue over the course of the campaign. the two haven't even been seen through the course of it. i want your sense of how each man is approaching the final two weeks of the campaign. paul ryan hitting 42 cities in 17 states this month. not a single one with the man at the top of the ticket, the party nominee. >> ryan remains closely attached, focusing on fund raising for house efforts.
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this election isn't just about november 8 for paul ryan. the speaker has a decision after the election. does he run again for speaker? does he have the political capital and popularity to become speaker again. there is a presidency with hillary clinton at the top. could they work together is for governing bipartisan effort going afoot moving forward? >> robert costa from the washington post. thank you very much to the audience now. vice president joe biden, the pride of scranton, pennsylvania, is on the campaign trail in pittsburgh now. we want to take you there live and take a moment to listen. >> the whole world is wondering what we are doing. no, no. this is deadly earnest. he's already damaging us. he's already damaging us. right now. doing harm to the united states of america. ladies and gentlemen, the rest of the world watches the debates. not a joke.
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whether they are in croatia or in afghanistan. they want to know because we are so important to the world, world economy and world security. ladies and gentlemen, this is -- i will be blunt and short about this. this is a man who said and believes wages of american workers are too high. this is important that everybody know who the man is. this is a guy who didn't know that crimea was part of ukraine and had been forcibly invaded by russian military. this is a man who in the last debate refused to acknowledge what 17 of the intelligence agencies have confirmed. flatly stated that russia and are hacking the files in order to impact on the outcome of the election.
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when he says to the world listening that i know the intelligence agencies don't know what they are talking about. what does it say about us? that plays directly into the hands of putin who is using the propaganda at home. saddam. he wants strong leaders. i'm being deadly earnest, man. this bothers me. he says our military coalition that is breaking the back of isis in the fight in iraq and syria is moving on mosul. he say this is with a straight face for the world to hear.
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he says because they want to make hillary clinton look good. what does that say to the world about the prowess and the leadership of the american military. this is a man -- and i want you students to think about this. assume, which is ridiculous -- but assume that every president had access to the internet. there was an internet. assume they could tweet out whatever they wanted to do. i mean it seriously now. can you imagine any president in american history ever, ever or any future president getting up at 3:30 in the morning. this gives you insight. can you imagine any president getting up at 3:30 in the morning and tweeting vitriol about a former miss universe,
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about how she's fat and whatever he said. can you imagine that? what does it say to the rest of the world? it is a grand old party. one of the greatest institutions in the world, the republican party. it has been. since lincoln. what does it say about who we are? this man? my dad used to say the greatest sin of all was the abuse of power. he was a very, very genteel high school educated man who had impeccable manners. he said, joey, the greatest abuse of all is the abuse of power whether it's economic or political. and the cardinal sin of all those sins is for a man to abuse a woman or a child. this is a man who says in his
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own words that because i'm a star, the implication because i'm a billionaire, i have a right to go out and grope any woman i want. because of my power. and then uses the crassest terms. i have four granddaughters. the oldest one is 22, just graduated from penn, going to law school. one is a senior. one is a sophomore, and one in 7th grade. i was disturbed by the crass words he used. talk about dumbing down. i really mean it. i'll bet your parents didn't want your younger brothers and sisters watching the debate. no matter whether they were republicans or democrats. ladies and gentlemen, this man is thoroughly unqualified based
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on his conduct, his abuse of power and his lack of substantive knowledge just the diminimous amount of knowledge needed. i'm finished with donald trump. >> that was joe biden in pittsburgh, pennsylvania moments ago. editor of the weekly standard. from the vice president saying the gop is one of the best parties in america's history. >> one of the greatest in the world. >> yeah. i'll take that. >> what do you think of kellyanne conway saying, fact is hillary clinton has tremendous advantages, the president, the vice president, the first lady working on her behalf. >> the attack on putin i agree with. i recall mitt romney running against president obama and joe biden said putin was a great threat and it was ridiculed by obama and putin.
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the second was we have to support our troops fighting in iraq. i thought they were so proud of getting out of iraq. maybe that wasn't a brilliant idea. nice to see a democrat supporting american troops at war taking on foreign adversaries. i wonder if clinton will have more of a romney administration than a more dovish administration. >> we'll talk about that in a second. you are preparing for a clinton administration going forward. you have a column that you called donald trump, quote, the loser. i want to ask about the man running to be vice president on the republican ticket. mike pence was in north carolina at a rally yesterday. on seven separate occasions he made the pitch to republicans saying come on home. take a listen to pence. >> it's time to reach out to the republican and conservative friends and say with one voice it's time to come home and elect donald trump as the next president of the united states. it's time to come home and elect
9:17 am
the trump/pence team. >> that's what we call staying on message. he said "come home" seven times in a short speech. is it enough to bring it home that mike pence is making the pitch or is it too little, too late not coming from the guy running for president? >> donald trump might have had a chance three, four, five months ago. he spent a lot of time attacking republicans, not democrats. i don't think the vice president nominee is the guy to persuade republicans at the last minute and where is the argument? you say come home. you're bringing them back to donald trump and a lot of republicans find it unacceptable. >> i want to talk about the column titled "the loser." you say basically that donald trump has done more to lose the general election than his opponent hillary clinton has done to win it. your greatest frustration with two weeks out, is there anything donald trump can do in this limited window to help if not
9:18 am
himself but the down ballot republicans. >> i think they are frustrated he hasn't run a better campaign. he's been himself. i think he's vindicated those of us who thought it was foolish and wrong for the republican party to nominate him. >> we could be facing a wave election. the impact is on others at this point. >> it's late now to break loose and make the checks and balances argument. it's doable. my hunch is this. senate candidates is tough. you have huge amounts of money. these are individuals. people know too many my or ayotte, burr in north carolina. they are making up their mind. it will be hard to over come seven, nine, ten-point deficits in the united states. house races, it's easier for voters to tell themselves you don't know much about your own house member or the challenger and you say it would be better
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to have republicans control the house. you don't want hillary clinton, chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. that argument helps in the house maybe more than the senate. >> we were talking about vulnerable senators. one is pat toomey. he would refuse to say whether or not he would support donald trump. here's that moment. >> i'm not going to badger you to say something you're not going to say. but don't you think your constituents, the people of pennsylvania deserve to me the if you will support the nominee? >> i don't think the constituents care how one person will vote. they will make their decision across the commonwealth about whom they will support and whom they will not support. >> how is he handling the situation? it's excruciating to watch the republicans be caught in a corner. >> it is tough. they don't want to antagonize
9:20 am
their supporters. some of whom are enthusiastically for trump but hillary clinton is probably five to seven points ahead. most conservatives say that. what's heart breaking if you are a conservative or. >> also someone who worked across. crystal, nice to see you. >> coming up, the black lives matter movement hasn't endorsed a candidate yet. one of the top activists threw her support behind hillary clinton after meeting with her in person on friday. she's going to join me live next on "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. the place for politics. ♪ if you have dete severes ♪ t it time let the real youne through?
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there are those fanning the flames of division, exploiting fears even if it means tearing our nation further apart. they say all of our problems will be solved by more law and order. as if systemic racism didn't exist. they paint a bleak picture of inner cities and the african-american community. >> hillary clinton and the critical battleground state of north carolina speaking to a predominantly african-american crowd at a baptist church. clinton addressed her commitment to combatting systemic racism and reforming the criminal justice system in this country. joining me a prominent black lives matter activist and cofounder of campaign zero, an organization that seeks to end police violence. brittany, thanks for joining us. nice to see you. we want a sense of your experience with secretary clinton. you had the opportunity to meet on friday. what did you hear from her
9:25 am
specifically that motivated you at this point to endorse her. >> one thing that motivated me was movement she made that was discussed. not just issues of criminal justice and violence, education, health care, poverty, issues that disproportionately affect people of color in my community. this was a personal decision and one i wanted to engage in a lot of thought in. that meeting on friday we discussed a number of things. we discussed how women of color have been influential in the campaign and how she will commit to ensuring the voices are important in her decision making, in her administration. we talked about her first hundred days. i pushed her to have the courage and audacity not to do the things that are politically expedient as many do in the first hundred days but do things that will address marginalized people in our communities. >> these elections become binary. it is a choice between people on the ballot.
9:26 am
it's hillary clinton and donald trump. clinton again this weekend addressed trump's recent comments about the inner city and african-american communities. he said things like african-americans and latinos can't walk down the streets in their own neighborhoods without being shot. he compared some of the communities to, ell. in effect the message as listen what do you have to lose by voting for me? >> it's clear the risks if he were to enter the oval office. it's clear that communities just like other communities of color are facing great wealth, great assets, people of great talent and worth. if he's not willing to talk about us that way he's not going to treat us that way. it's part of the reason i made a personal decision not to be silent on this. >> if i can i want to ask about a story making news today. the "new york times" reporting that the justice department is
9:27 am
overhauling the investigation, the eric garner team, a highly unusual shake-up that could jump start the case, possibly lead to the government seeking criminal charges for the audience eric garner died after a police officer put him in a choke hold. that was one of the cases at the center of the black lives matter movement. what do you make of this latest headline, the new news? >> this is an important decision and the garner family, eric's daughter 57bd otherand others, justice. this is why engagement is so posht. whether on the street through protest engagement at decision making tables. we heard political actors, et cetera, demand the independent external investigations and prosecution are important. the police can't police themselves.
9:28 am
i hope the level of external and independent work that needs to be done to ensure that. >> finally there's been a lot of scrutiny on hillary clinton and her past policies as well, specifically over bill clinton's 1994 crime bill that critics said resulted in high incarceration rates of african-americans, especially for nonviolent crimes. what has secretary clinton outlined that makes you confident that her policies would be different? >> it is important we are having these conversations. when i asked her about her first hundred days she indicated criminal justice would be a priority there. shh knew we would hold her accountable. this is for us to be engaged in moving forward. >> brittany, a prominent block lives matter activist. nice to see you. we appreciate you being here.
9:29 am
>> thank you very much. >> there is growing outrage over the pentagon demanding veterans repay enlistment bonuses plus interest. morgan, this is outrageous for so many people in the military community. >> peter, a lot of people are saying how would you feel if your boss asked for $20,000 back and just to give you a sense of things, this story goes back to at least 2007. 10,000 men and women from the california national guard were recruited at a time when the military needed to bolster its ranks. now the pentagon says they want their money back. a lot of folks aren't in the position right now to pay. >> reporter: when the military needed more troops for iraq and afghanistan the california national guard handed out bonuses of $15,000 or more. >> this was my first appointment. >> reporter: robert served two tours of combat duty in iraq.
9:30 am
now he's being asked to return his $20,000 bonus. >> made in violation of federal law. >> reporter: what went through your mind when you first got the letter saying you owed money? >> anger. you didn't do anything wrong. we stepped forward, volunteered, signed on the line, did our duty. now they are slapping us in the face for it. >> reporter: thousands of soldiers were signed up by military recruiters. in some cases those recruiting officers knew the soldiers weren't really eligible for enlistment bonuses but signed them up anyway. in 2011 a so-called incentive manager for the california guard pleaded guilty to filing false claims totaling $15 million. three other officers pleaded guilty to fraud. >> bonuses went from a small group of critical skills to almost everybody joining us with eligible. soldiers would get paychecks far greater than their normal pay.
9:31 am
>> reporter: rather than forgiving the bonuses the guard assigned auditors to track down the money saying the california national guard doesn't have the authority to waive the debts. the auditors $37 million may have been wrongly paid out. since the los angeles times reported the story elected officials on both sides of the aisle criticized the pentagon and are calling for change. >> it's disgraceful that we would treat men and women who came to the call of the country after 9/11 to put them in this situation. >> reporter: relief can't come soon enough. have you paid any of the money they have requested? >> i haven't. i don't plan on it either. i plan on winning. >> the pentagon told nbc the senior leadership of the department is looking closely at the matter, adding that the national guard units in other
9:32 am
states might be having the same issue. a few minutes ago we heard from defense secretary ash carter who spoke about this issue in paris. take a listen. >> yes, i am aware. the first thing i want to say is anybody who volunteers to serve in the armed forces of the united states deserves our gratitude and respect. period. now, i am aware of the specific issue you are speaking of. it's got its complexities to it. we are going to look into it and resolve it. i have asked bob work, the deputy secretary of defense. he's working on it now. >> earlier we got a statement from house speaker paul ryan. he said the pentagon would suspend efforts to suspend over
9:33 am
payments. >> morgan helping us out with the story. coming up, florida, florida, florida. both clinton and trump criss-crossing the sunshine state. andrea mitchell is en route. she's traveling with the clinton campaign. up next on "andrea mitchell reports." aut moving foard t ba. it looking u not down. 's feeling up thinng up living up. it's being in moon... in bod in spirit the now. boost. it'not ju nrition, it's intelligent nuition. with 26 vitamins anminerals and 10 grams of protein. all in 3 delicio flavors. it's choosing to go in one direction... up. bep for it. [ad i've never sn rocketnage sh take like ts. [owner] i'm lindy. i'm the founder ezpz. accouan..
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before the clinton campaign went wheels up this morning andrea filed a report on the game plan today and over the final two weeks. here's andrea. >> reporter: thanks for sitting in for me today, peter. i am on hillary clinton's plane or i would be with you. we are on our way to florida for two days. interesting that she's going to spend two days in florida including the last fundraiser. she doesn't usually spend two days in the state. it tells you a lot. they see florida as the best shot at completely blocking any path that donald trump would
9:37 am
have to winning the white house. florida with the 29 electoral votes in just about every recent poll has shown clinton leading trump by a couple of points. a very small margin. they think they could take florida away. without that there is no way. she'll try to rally the base and see if they have a shot at defeating marco rubio. she's defeating some of the war chest to the senate races. under the pressure from jim clyburn and other house democrats to divert some of the money as well to getting out the base, the african-american vote, other votes in the cities rather than expanding the reach to arizona and other states that aren't traditionally democratic. a lot is in play. so much enthusiasm within the clinton team. they feel within striking distance of the white house this close to election day. back to you. >> andrea mitchell en route to
9:38 am
florida now. thank you. joining us for the daily fix chris cillizza, msnbc contributor and founder of the washington post fix blog and "wall street journal" political editor jean cummings. we'll start with you. i want your take on if there is reason for concern that the clinton campaign, at least whether some democrats should be concerned that they are getting ahead of themselves with a pivot to promoting senators and others down ballot instead of keeping the focus on donald trump now. the only poll that matters is november 8. >> democrats tend to be more concerned in general about are we missing something in the electi election. what hillary clinton is trying to do and you can argue the cart is before the horse. success and legislatively speaking if she is elected president. look, the tv ad time has been bought. her schedule has been planned.
9:39 am
it is not like they are walking away from the swing states of ohio and north carolina. i think spending money in a place like missouri, helping in the senate race. this is aimed at trying to help hillary clinton govern if and when she's elected. this is strategically thinking smart. >> donald trump was asked in general about the better moments in the course of the campaign. there was an interesting campaign for the folks at fox news. take a listen. >> we were just talking to chris darwell a little while ago. he talked about the strongest moment so far in the campaign in september. you were focused on the issues and things happened between september and now that got you off track. you shouldn't be talking about the poll being rigged. >> i'm innocent. okay? nothing ever happened. it didn't exist. this was all fantasyland. so i do think i have an obligation to myself and my
9:40 am
family to say i'm innocent. that's all i say. i'm innocent. i did nothing. these were made-up tales. >> in a 30-second clip it encapsulates the problem for donald trump. you have even trump supporters saying to his running mate tell him to cut out the other stuff and focus on the issues. if he said, let's focus on obamacare today and talk about it, he would be a lot more effective at this point. don't we agree? >> he certainly was in september as the fox interview was trying to point out when he was focused on the issues in september. >> then he brings up the women. >> making visits to african-american churches, doing things that were at least intriguing to people and prompted them to look at him. he can't let it go. >> on obamacare specifically this has been a policy-free campaign in many ways.
9:41 am
this is a policy that's simple and there are real impacts americans will experience. others reporting it could be a 25% increase. that's real dollars at the kitchen table. >> that will put a lot of pressure on the lame duck session of congress to take action. this late in the presidential campaign it is unlikely to have a big impact for a couple of reasons. first trump would have to stay on it. he doesn't typically stay that focused. also it is not new. >> could help folks down ballot. they may be thinking they would sit it out. you spoke with a veteran arizona reporter about the organizational hurdles facing trump in what's become a surprising swing state. some of the numbers are striking to me. what did they tell you? >> you're talking about hillary clinton with 30-plus and donald trump with almost no organization. i thought the most striking thing is he was talking about
9:42 am
going to trump rallies and seeing sign-up sheets just not collected. names of people willing to go to an event not collected. this is the granular stuff donald trump's broad scale dismissal of organization sows. this is what you get when you have a candidate who says i think big rallies matter more than data in turnout operations. it may not matter if the races aren't close in the states. it will matter if you are talking about one or two-point races. you are in in places like florida. i still think even if she loses those hillary clinton can be elected president. donald trump needs those states. if you don't have the organization to win by half a point or a point it becomes a problem. >> when they write the epitaph on this one it might be an issue. donald trump has been endorsed by the military here. the clinton campaign coming out
9:43 am
with a new ad taking a whack at donald trump saying he's unfit, she's more fit to be president of the united states now. what do you make of the clinton strategy in the final days on the issue brought up from the beginning, the simple one, fitness. >> absolutely. their whole campaign has been about disqualifying him so people then had to find somebody else to vote for and tamp down on enthusiasm for him or the fantasy for the change election he might bring. that's been their themes from the beginning. if there was a military times poll that was intriguing because gary johnson was doing well with the large segment of the rank and file. double digit types of the vote. >> general john allen, 37 years in uniform. deputy commander of the u.s.
9:44 am
central command. chris cillizza, jean cummings, thank you. if you are second in line to the presidency or you want to be, well, you are on msnbc tonight. vice president joe biden playing "hardball" with chris matthews at 7:00. at 9:00 rachel maddow has tim kaine and at 11:00 governor mike pence. a plate here on "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc, the place for politics.
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the state of utah could be a battleground this year as early voting begins today. it is a red state that hasn't swung blue since barry goldwater in 1964. joining me now is chris jansing who was in salt lake city.
9:48 am
it's been relentless. let's talk about where we are in gorgeous utah. this could be interesting. mike pence, that says a lot about the race. tim kaine wrote why religious mission service matters to america. i want to read part of what he said. he writes as members just a century and a half ago it should be no surprise that latter day saints remembered god's command that they love the stranger like the church. my own catholic faith has endured periods when people were persecuted merely for their conscience. all of the sudden utah is a swing state. >> isn't it crazy? who would have thought this would be a battleground this deeply red state. here is what's going on. we have already seen mormons,
9:49 am
many high profile mormons moving away from republicans including mitt romney and mike lee. jason chaffitz. there is a lot of discomfort with hillary clinton. they have a situation where they see an opening but they need to show mormons they are relatable. this is a way he's doing it. mission service, very important to the mormon faith. many go out at 18 or 19. they are married couples. he's saying there are critical issues including service, immigration, how we treat populations on which we are on the same page. very different from the other candidate. an opening big enough they bring in five full-time staffers. six on the ground here. they are bringing in surrogates. >> this is a showdown like none we have ever seen.
9:50 am
>> this is a conversation. who takes it. i would say this would be the best world series. >> no dispute. with our ace pitcher on the mound. i'm going down. i'm going to say four games. when the cubs win in five. i remember my dad going to restaurants handing out his die hard cubs card and the waiter would look at it like what's this thing? >> i feel the pain as an indians fan but we'll win. >> speaking of baseball, mr. october may not be batting cleanup for the cubs or indians. mark murray might as well. he'll pay me after the break for
9:51 am
this one. he's joining us with a reality check. this is "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. something new has arrid. ♪ uniquely designed for the driven. introding the firsev infiniti qx30 crossover. visit your local infiniti retailer tay. infiniti. empowethdrive. [babta [child giging] child: look, ma. no hands. chdren: ", "j", "k". [bicycle bell rings] [indistinct chatter] [telephone ris]
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well, you surely have seen donald trump slamming polls that have him trailing hillary clinton, again claiming that the democrats are rigging the polls. joining me now for a reality check on trump's poll numbers, mark murray, msnbc's senior political editor. it is striking the trend lines, what they say about where they started and where we are now. >> just how stable and consistent the race and donald trump's numbers have been. our nbc "wall street journal" poll going back to 2015 and the contest. hillary clinton has always enjoyed a double digit or near double digit lead minus the months of may, june and julys is donald trump won the republican nomination. as you look at his favorable and unfavorable ratings, high negatives with latinos, women, suburbans, independents. the numbers we saw a year ago,
9:55 am
the numbers we are seeing now. >> put the numbers up on screen. women, 68% with an unfavorable rating for trump in january. now 62%. latinos have grown to 80%. another number we are focused on is the number of votes being cast across the country particularly in florida where both candidates will be today. this is the check mate moment they can lock up a state like florida. what can we read from the early numbers coming out of the state now? >> at this point in 2012 and remember barack obama won florida by one percentage point in 2012 republicans had a five-point lead. particularly when you have the mail-in absentee ballots in florida, we have actually seen the five-point lead from four years ago now went down to 1.7. on the first day of early voting in florida it is almost an even race. of course it is worth noting we are seeing party identification. >> we don't know what they did.
9:56 am
boy, the numbers did really good for the democrats. >> the simplest take away. absentee ballots in florida traditionally lean republican. the early vote traditionally leans democrat. where we are now on november 8 sometimes gives us a good indication of where we are at the end of the night. >> again, what we'll see from democrats is they will have two more weeks in florida. does this even situation go to dems plus three, four and that's where it might be. >> hillary clinton up three in the state. more ahead on "andrea mitchell reports." we'll be right back. g a job asa developer! g a job asa its of, i work for ge!! what? wow... yeah! okay. guys, bwriting a new nguage for machines so planes, trains, en hospitals can work better. soy, i was tryg to put it aw... t itn e cake. soyso you'rgoin wo put it on t...
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i ha a life of experience. that's going to do it for "andrea mitchell reports." remember to follow the show online and on facebook. you can go to twitter as well. go chicago cubs. this is next year. hall jackson is next. good day to you in florida.
10:00 am
>> i can't say go phillies. >> next year. >> i'm hallie jackson. here in battleground, florida. check this out. just outside is where donald trump will be appearing a couple of hours from now. he and hillary clinton set for back-to-back rallies here. new trump tapes, new obamacare numbers and new polling all complicating the picture. also grabbing political headlines this hour. new comments from the secretary of defense on the attempt to claw back enlistment bonuses. we have a lot to get to. first we'll talk about donald trump taking a question from the press. it's been weeks since it happened. he suggested maybe a rigged election stahappened in 2008. >> ask obama. tell him to look at his tape when he was running eight years ago. >> let's go live now to my fellow road


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