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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  October 25, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> i can't say go phillies. >> next year. >> i'm hallie jackson. here in battleground, florida. check this out. just outside is where donald trump will be appearing a couple of hours from now. he and hillary clinton set for back-to-back rallies here. new trump tapes, new obamacare numbers and new polling all complicating the picture. also grabbing political headlines this hour. new comments from the secretary of defense on the attempt to claw back enlistment bonuses. we have a lot to get to. first we'll talk about donald trump taking a question from the press. it's been weeks since it happened. he suggested maybe a rigged election stahappened in 2008. >> ask obama. tell him to look at his tape when he was running eight years ago. >> let's go live now to my fellow road warriors.
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we have jacob rascon and msnbc's katie hunt in coconut creek, florida, joining us in a little bit at the hillary clinton rally. jacob, talk us through what we are seeing as the biggest headlines today. we have trump, new tapes that have come out. what's standing out to you? >> what trump seems to want to focus on is the question you talked about, the first time it seemed he had taken a question like that. he responded to that question about a rigged election saying ask obama from 2008. there is a video that surfaced from senator barack obama in 2008 in which he's asked about what he can do to reassure voters that the election won't be rigged or stolen. he talks about how democrats and republicans sometimes amo s mon around with the election. i would watch for donald trump to hit it in his speeches.
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we have talked about obamacare more than usual. seven tweets in the last two hours. i don't know that i have seen him tweet about any one topic so much as obamacare. this is one issue where he's in line with paul ryan, the rnc and republicans trying to hit it all at once. where you have even democrats conceding that this is a problem issue for people. >> hang around. i want to bring in kasie hunt without with the campaign. one of the attack lines is the idea of the obamacare premium increases essentially. do you think the clinton campaign is concerned over the next 14 days this is what the gop will likely hammer her on? >> in a word, no. i don't think the clinton campaign feels this is a make or break issue for them at this point. i think they expect donald trump will continue to hit them on
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this. the democrats in general have to answer for the price hikes. this is something looming out there for a long time. democrats in washington are unwilling to crack open the affordable care act because basically republicans make no secret of the fact they want to try to repeal the law. even democrats will acknowledge there are issues and problems with the affordable care act they want to fix. at the same time they don't want to go so far as to allow republicans the chance. it left you with a stalemate. it's something hillary clinton has to deal with from a political perspective over the next couple of weeks. obviously we have heard more on obamacare from bill clinton this campaign than we have from hillary clinton. he's essentially said this didn't necessarily go far enough. when hillary clinton tackled health care in the 1990s she
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came out with battle scars and the program she wanted to push through ultimately didn't make it. it was a serious defeat. the political climate changed enough. now she brags on the campaign trail about making the initial issue trying to get it through. ultimately she sells her success in getting the children's health insurance program moving along. you will hear her talk about that quite a bit. the reality is the clinton campaign feels the fundamentals of the race are settled. even if there is bad obamacare news or bad affordable care act news, at the end of the day it won't make a significant difference in the race at this point. >> within the last hour or so we heard former president bill clinton talking about the premium hikes. as you know on the federal exchanges for instance, rates are set to go up 25% on average with 16%. the former president saying what he's said all along which you
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are saying. the idea that, yes, there are pieces of the legislation that need to be fixed. overall they are better off than they used to be. this is something they will be talking about. we have been talking about the tapes that came out in the "new york times" article just published from interviews a couple of years ago. let me play you one. >> when barbara walters called two years ago she said, donald, i want to put you on as one of the top ten most fascinating people. i could say no. and then i could advertise a project that i'm doing like doral or something. and spend half a million dollars on it or a million dollars. or i could do the show, spend nothing and be on for a lot longer. do you understand what i mean? so i have always felt it was a positive thing.
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>> insight into trump's view on the media, trump's strategy. we have reached out to the trump campaign for comment. i understand donald trump gave a statement to "new york times." what else stands out to you when you listen to this? >> he says to the "new york times" these are boring. i hope people find it enjoyable. it's the sound bite you played throughout. his resort in doral. really touting this. talking about how he can use the media as free advertisement. something he talked about as well in the art of the deal. it was more candid trump. he talked slower at times, told stories, talked about defeat and loss and failure. how he seemed to be afraid of
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the things like humiliation. that stood out as something we don't often hear from him, the character trump we see on the trail. this was different. somebody who struggles with the idea of loss. >> kasie hunt in the sunshine state, a must win. >> i want to bring in a republican state representative in florida. thanks for joining us. >> let's pick up where we left off. in 2014, a guy that enjoys the limelight. likes a good fight. he can always end up on top. is this the person you are seeing today? >> i had not heard the tapes. all i heard is what you played in my ear. i can't really speak about the tapes. i actually didn't have a chance
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to sit down and listen to them all. >> generally when you look at who donald trump is today, his demeanor over the last few months on the campaign trail, the last few days in florida, do you think the way he's campaigning will help him win this state as we talked about a must win for the campaign that's being acknowledged now? >> one of the paths for donald trump is to make sure he rallies the base. that's the message you are seeing now going on. there is a lot of enthusiasm to get off. now from the supervisor of elections in collier county which is a republican strong hold. more than 7600 people came out to vote on the first day of early voting. a lot of messaging in the republican party of florida and the rnc is to make sure we are turning out the base. we believe this is a turn out election. >> there is a piece in politico.
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it is from a memo that politico obtained saying based on his consistent failure to improve his standing with nonwhite voters under 50 and males it seems fairly obvious mr. trump's only hope in florida is a low turn out. do you agree? >> not necessarily. let's talk about mime yaammiami county. it is a strong hold breaking 47 to 47. we are seeing the early voting totals coming in now. 1% in donald trump's favor. so we are seeing a lot of things that are suggesting this race will be a lot tighter than what people are predicting. let me remind you about 150,000 voters who never voted before came out to vote for mr. trump in the presidential preference
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primary on march 15. these people will be voting in the general election. we expect it tight. all the data shows it is expecting to be tight. there are a lot of conservative democrats in the state of florida and they are breaking for donald trump. and independents. reuters came out with a 12-point swing that donald trump had close to 37% with independents in the state of florida and hillary clinton had 25%. the obamacare issue on average, this is a big issue for floridians. >> we'll hear a lot about it over the next few weeks and i don't think anybody is suggesting the race won't be close but one percentage point or two if trump does lose here is still a loss. are you comfortable with what he's doing now for the next 14 day
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days. >> we are comfortable with what mr. trump is doing, with what all republicans are doing up and down the back ballot. we are on the streets, knocking on doors, making phone calls. we have record amounts of people voting in the state. we expect that trend to continue. >> the miami herald says florida republicans have two basic issues. he should keep his mouth shut when he should and he doesn't come across as a true conservative. is this what you are seeing? >> people are sick and tired of washington, d.c. hillary clinton, a hillary clinton campaign and her presidency is all about keeping the status quo. the reason why we have a donald trump nomination is because people want to shake up washington, d.c. it's also the same reason why bernie sanders played well in a democratic primary. we are under estimating the level of frustration that americans have with their federal government. we believe you will see that on november 8.
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>> before i let you go the latino vote is incredibly important in florida. trump trails hillary clinton significantly when it comes to that. is that a deal breaker? >> not necessarily. i will point to the state in miami-dade that -- >> i'm talking about the top of the ticket for trump, not senator marco rubio. >> everybody on the ticket is meant to help everybody else on the ticket. we have adapted in the state of florida a total ticket strategy. our job is to drive out republicans from trump and pence at the top to senator marco rubio to everyone voting in local elections. >> how come marco rubio isn't campaigning with donald trump? why aren't we seeing them together? >> when you go to rallies there are republicans showing up to speak. senator marco rubio ran for president and then decided to
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rupp for senate. he got in late. doing a lot of grassroots events, doing what he can to drive out the vote. >> thank you very much for being with us here as we take our show here to the sunshine swing state, if you will. >> my pleasure. >> we'll take a look at donald trump in south florida at the bay of pigs museum before he heads up to rallies in stanford and then here in tallahassee. we want to know more about the microsoft pulse question we just had on the screen. donald trump speaking. it was announced some will go up by 25% in 2017. will this boost trump's campaign? do you think? vote now at pulse. we talk about early voting kicking off today in utah. one of the most unexpected and
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hotly contested swing states in the race. will utah vote democratic for the first time in 50 years or could a third party candidate take the beehive state? first a look at the tallahassee automobile museum. lots of cool cars here. this is the 1955 thunderbird. stick around. what is success? ist a professor who ner stops beina student? is it a caregiver determined to take care of heown? or iit a lifetime work that blazes the path to your psions? your personal ccess takes a financial partner who values it much as you do. learn more at
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happening now we are taking a live look at donald trump speaking in miami at the bay of pigs museum. there are maybe 50 or 60 people there. we understand from reporters in the room he will be receiving an
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endorsement from the veterans of the bay of pigs association. we know there is a lot of media. a lot of local networks. he's making an appeal to cuban americans. trump has been spending a couple of days there. a must win for the campaign. we cannot say it enough. even as we keep an eye on places out west like arizona. we are getting in word that monmouth has a new poll showing trump over clinton by 1%. out in utah as well this is a state that was a battleground. now in the mix. that's where we find nbc's chris jansing joining us now from salt lake city with evan mcmullen, the third party candidate, a potential threat there. the first day of early voting. you are out there. you have been seeing the polls. what are you hearing from voters? >> shock that we are here as everyone is shocked about what's going on in utah.
10:19 am
this is a deeply red state. consider that mitt romney is mormon but won here with 76% of the vote. in august donald trump not surprisely held a 15-point lead. as you look at all the polls it is essentially a three-way race. hillary clinton challenging it. evan mcmullen is a graduate of byu, is mormon. he says he's the true conservative. also challenging and could win here. all of the sudden we have all the interest. we have mike pence. who would have thought less than two weeks before the election a vice presidential republican candidate would like to come to utah to sure up support here. you have people like mormon former senator larry pressler who has been meeting with groups. this former republican making the argument not only that hillary clinton can win but she should.
10:20 am
here's part of my conversation with him. >> i hear that to my surprise this state is very pro immigration. it wants a bath to citizenship. the old mccain bill. >> and that supercedes other questions? >> yes, the economy is very important. >> tim kaine today putting an op-ed into the local paper run by mormons talking about his service as a missionary to be relatable to this mormon community. it really is a toss-up here. the polls have been all over the place. someone who could win utah in the 30% range. 35, 36, 37% could be a winning margin here. >> i love what you said in the beginning. what are people's reactions? shock sums it up. mike pence will be there tomorrow. thank you very much. we'll have much more ahead from this more typical battleground and more traditional.
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remember 15 minutes ago we played some of the new trump audiotapes out in the "new york times"? you heard jacob rascon talk about trump's response to the newspaper? in the last three minutes this popped up. a response from donald trump to those tapes out there. that shed insight into trump's mental mindset in 2014. trump telling nbc news, quote, pretty old and boring stuff. hope people enjoy it. he added my just finished rally in florida with a record-setting crowd of 20,000 people is far more interesting.
10:25 am
trying to put the focus on the rallies, the energy and enthusiasm he sees on the ground. although that energy hasn't moved the needle much when it comes to the poll numbers in key battlegrounds like this one. through it all we see trump shifting strategy trying to hit the affordable care act even more. as you take a look at where some of the premium hikes from the affordable care act are hitting in places like maine. it's up about 15%. look at arizona up 116%. places like nevada, up 14%. kristen welker is in washington. when you are not on the campaign trail your day job is white house. the response to new attacks from republicans. it's not much of a surprise that the separation knew was coming. how is the clinton camp handling this? >> first to the administration. they are making points here.
10:26 am
they are pushing back saying, look, the vast majority of people aren't going to see their premiums go up significantly in terms of out of pocket costs and cover that. the people who have obamacare, three-fourths of people will find plans less than $100. they made the point that 20 million people now have health care and that lowered health care costs overall. there is no doubt there's been a robust discussion about how to drive down premiums. let me read you the response from the clinton campaign. this is the official response. this is from julie wood who said there is a clear choice in the election. either to help american families and tackle health care cost issues or throw 20 million people off their coverage and let the insurance companies write the rules again. the clinton campaign strategy pointing to donald trump who said he's going to rip up obamacare all together.
10:27 am
in terms of what it means politically the clinton campaign feels like if you don't like obamacare this won't help you like obamacare. this will give you another reason to say this is essentially in effective. they don't think there will be a huge political cost. in part because hillary clinton spent a fair amount of time talking about her plans to lower premiums, provide more subsidies. drive down costs. this is an issue she tackled. she wants to see some changes and improvements to it. if she takes questions from the traveling press that's part of the argument. if she's where you are in florida. >> yeah. wish you were with us down here. we'll see you in washington tomorrow. >> i'm get on a plane in a few hours. >> of course. i figured. kristen welker thank you very much. joining us in tallahassee is steve shale, democratic
10:28 am
strategist and former state director for the 2008 obama campaign in florida. you are joining us here at the automobile museum. >> great to see you. welcome to my town. >> listen, i want to talk about florida and start off with what kristen was discussing. i want to play what donald trump said about the affordable care act today. >> has to be replaced with something much less expensive for the people. otherwise this country is in bigger trouble than anybody thought. we'll repeal and replace obamacare. i can say my employees are having a tremendous problem with obamacare. >> that was trump at his doral club in south florida speaking in front of employees at an event this morning. what do you say to middle of the road voters who look at it as a sign that obamacare isn't working. >> here in florida it's working better than any place. a million and a half people had
10:29 am
more than four or eight years ago. >> trump's continued hitting of the president, will it be effective? >> among those we do well with, hispanics, working white voters in tampa area. obama is popular. we ran aggressively. >> when you look at how he's doing for polling overall and health care is key. what i hear is listen, he's still within the margin of error. do you buy it? do you think there is enough wiggle room this state could flip where polling is now? >> florida is always close. 70,000 votes separate 31 million people in the last four elections. i think the average is four points which is higher than we wanted in 2008 which was a landslide. if you look at the early voting, 25,000 more democrats voted than republicans in the first day of early voting. republicans and democrats are
10:30 am
tied among early voting. we were down five points at this point. we feel good. >> you're talking about the chair, the state bar here. >> he has one of the hardest jobs to defend donald trump in a state where he'll lose. he was picking numbers but overall it's better for us. >> when you look at the state now we are in the panhandle of north florida. are there area where is donald trump is over perming or under performing like mitt romney or john mccain? >> north florida where we are, usually 19% of the statewide vote. only 14% of people who voted so far. we are seeing a lack of enthusiasm for trump. in jacksonville yesterday, democrats outpaced republicans by 2000 votes. this is a county that george bush won by 60,000 votes in 2004. >> you are plugged into the democratic machine in florida nationally. when you look at what's haing with another attack line from
10:31 am
donald trump, the wikileaks e-mail release do you see it creating long lasting damage for hillary clinton over the long term? >> i don't know. >> there is in-fighting, things being revealed that are fodder for people who look at this. >> you are seeing how a campaign thinks. as people step back from the glamour of the side show day to day it is remarkable to see how the campaign makes decisions and thinks. they will be studied from that standpoint going forward. in terms of the election those issues are taking the cake. >> thank you for driving out. >> absolutely. >> coming up, they risked their lives to serve their countries in iraq and afghanistan. why is the pentagon demanding some vets return enlistment bonuses? that's coming up. it was announced that some obamacare premiums, as we have been talking about, will go up by an average of 25% next year. do you think this is going to
10:32 am
help boost trump's campaign? here's what your answers say so far. take a look at the screen. the majority say no. 17% of you think it will end up helping donald trump in the long run. weigh in here. get at me on twitter. i will open my snaps in a second. we'll be right back. at's it li to be in good nds? like findg w to be taken re of. homecar, lifinsuranceood obviously, ohh..w but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, li claim free rewards.s. or safe iving bonus checks. ininns protection pl unique extras only from an expert lsta a. it good toe ingo h
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so i went onto ancestry, leathiss myncesto who i didn't know abt. when you've been making kraft has,racheesefor over 100 e u learn lot about what people want. honey, do have like a super creamy cheese with taco spice already in it? ohthanks. bon appe-chee! with taco spice already in it? ok.. back here in florida we are looking to a story that's been developing out west. today within the past hour the defense secretary is weighing in on a story that's really simmering. back at home there is a controversial request demanding thousands of california national guard soldiers in iraq and afghanistan returned money they got for enlisting. money they apparently received by mistake. as you might imagine a serious
10:36 am
sense of betrayal. >> we didn't do anything wrong. we stepped forward, signed on the line, did our duty. now they are slapping us in the face for it. >> morgan radford has been following the story. she joins us from los angeles. what can you tell us about the secretary comments today and about how much we are hearing in the last couple of hours. a lot of attention and a lot of frustration. this story goes back to at least 2007 and involves nearly 10,000 men and women from the california national guard. they were paid with their bonuses. when returned they were asked to repay that. i spoke to robert last night. he said it was incredibly frustrating to have employers not only ask for the money back but when they tried to rectify the situation he couldn't get anyone on the phone or returning his letters.
10:37 am
that's the frustration lawmakers and leaders like secretary of defense ash carter have to contend with. listen to what he said today in paris. >> i'm aware. the first thing i want to say is anybody who volunteers to serve in the armed forces of the united states deserves our gratitude and respect, period. i am aware of the specific issue that has complexities to it. we are going to look into it and resolve it. i have asked the deputy secretary of defense bob work. he's working on that now. it is a significant issue for the reason i indicated. >> it doesn't stop there. the fallout is growing. house speaker paul ryan is saying when those californians
10:38 am
answered the call of duty they earned more than bungling and false promises. the pentagon should immediately work on those payments and they have asked to see all the documents related to the bonuses by november 7. hallie? >> thank you very much, morgan. this is a story we'll be tracking. i am joined by congressman mark takano of the house veterans affairs committee. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> the california national guard said it doesn't have authority to waive debt. you heard from the defense secretary promising essentially that the pentagon will resolve the issue. i pose the question to you. how confident are you that the issue is going to get resolved. >> i have some optimism that both sides of the aisle are coming together. i'm pleased to hear speaker ryan weighing in. that's the first i have heard him weigh in. i do want to call on the
10:39 am
secretary of defense, ash carter, to suspend all efforts at the clawback of the bonuses. i believe the department of defense does have the flexibility to suspend them until congress comes up with a more permanent solution in the lame duck session. i sense a growing bipartisan sense that it needs to be dealt with. >> i want to talk about that. in the last year or so it's not often we hear the words bipartisan consensus in a phrase. we talked about the need for a permanent solution. here is what the house majority leader had to say. listen and we'll talk about it. >> that's disgraceful that we would ever treat those men and women who came to the call of this country after 9/11 to put them in this situation. >> outrage from democrats, from
10:40 am
republicans. time is of the essence. what can you do? >> what we can do now is we assured the secretary we'll come up with a secretary and he should go forward with a suspension of the call backs that are going on now. congress needs to do a look back and provide a remedy. >> only congress can permanently fix this. it's going to take an act of congress to make it go away. >> i believe that to be the case. i am not clear whether the d.o.d. can handle this administratively. whatever it is, there is a lot of back and forth going on about whether a department can do this. my sense is the congress definitely needs to focus attention on a solution. there is a lot of back and forth on what the solution might be. i believe that members on both sides of the aisle will come together and find a solution.
10:41 am
you know, the american people demand it, as they should. i was outraged. and appalled that this was happening. i have seen stories of service members who mortgaged their homes to pay off these bonuses. this is just wrong. it should never have occurred. congress never should have let it get this far. >> you talk about questions about how this could have happened or how oh resolve this moving forward. this is not necessarily new. shouldn't something have been done before this? why is there a lack of clarity ant how to move forward given that it is such an outrageous issue, as you put it? >> there should have been hearings. the california guard to its credit after it performed an extensive audit did uncover wrongdoing. did ub cover mistakes. people who were responsible for misdeeds were punished and held accountable. they brought forward a proposal
10:42 am
to congress. it was scored. not every office was aware of that. i think that's part of why it languished. this congress is reluctant even in emergencies to fund things like zika. >> congressman? >> go ahead. >> before i let you go i want to say there are 75% of soldiers who aren't cooperating. what advice do you give the people who don't want to pay and are facing collections agencies, tax liens. >> i stand with those members. >> they shouldn't pay back?
10:43 am
>> i don't believe that you no in good faith signed up, reupped should be held accountable eight, ten years after the fact. >> okay. >> i think there is a growing numbers of members of congress calling upon the secretary. you heard even the speaker call upon the secretary to suspend efforts for clawback. i think we need a look back at those who pay up. this is an unfortunate situation. congress needs to focus attention in the lame duck to solve the problem. >> got it. >> congressman mark takano. we have more on the newly released interview tapes. what they reveal about the candidate's past and his aspirations for the future. more ahead from tallahassee, florida, where donald trump will be speaking later today. stick around. whoa, this is awful,ry it. oh no,hat los gross what is that?
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the "new york times" published tapes of an interview with a biographer now not supporting him for president. i reached out for reaction to the tapes. trump said pretty old and boring stuff. instead pointing at what he viewed as an interesting story, his rallies in florida. listen to part of the interview describing how trump enjoys fighting, he says. listen. >> i was a very rebellious kind of person. i don't like to talk about it actually. but i was a very rebellious person and very set in my ways. >> in 8th grade? >> i loved to fight. i always loved to fight. >> physical fights? >> yeah. all kinds of fights. >> arguments? >> all kinds of things. any type of fight i loved it, including physical. >> nbc's jacob rasconjoins me now from sanford, florida, where
10:48 am
in about 60 minutes or so. it is striking you hear sometimes a bit of a more introspective trump. he talked about he doesn't have heroes. the framing of this idea that he doesn't like embarrassment or failure. what's standing out to you? what's your takeaway from this? >> reporter: it stood out that he didn't have heroes and his fear of loss or embarrassment, humiliation. the biographer who conducted the interviews, michael d' antonio approached the clinton campaign earlier this year and gave them the transcripts. after a meeting with aides said they didn't get back to him. in the end he gave the audio to the "new york times." in them he starts to tell stories and several of them in the article talk about other people failing, other people being humiliating and how much it bothered him personally. it speaks to what's going on in his mind. he also talks about the media.
10:49 am
he talks about -- and he's talked about this way back from his book "the art of the deal," almost any attention from the media can be good attention even for his properties which we see him doing now. >> jacob rascon, thank you. we'll see you later in the afternoon at the trump rally. next we have another intrepid road warrior where hillary clinton spent her summers growing up in the middle of what's now trump territory. how they are planning to vote in secretary clinton's former neighborhood coming up. we are live at the tallahassee antique auto museum. a fitting place for a road warrior. hang out. we'll be right back. at clorox 2 wee rned remotas into a science now pre-eat withro2! at clorox 2 wee rned remotas into a science
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we are back in the key swing state of florida. another swing state that's going to be really important this election, pennsylvania. as part of his up for grab series, my fellow road warrior visited rural pa where a young hillary clinton spent her summers. interestingly, it is right in the middle of donald trump territory. msnbc's jacob here in the flesh, joining us from 30 rock. wish you could be here. this is the perfect spot for a road warrior. >> hallie -- >> you're doing your thing. what did you find? >> i was in your home state. as you know, donald trump needs to win the rural parts of pa, between pittsburgh and philadelphia if he has any shot of winning that state. i went to one place that has a particular significance to secretary clinton and this is what i found. hillary clinton spent a lot of her childhood summers at this lake cottage outside of scranton, pennsylvania. donald trump thinks he can make this trump country. that's what we're here to find out. i see a lot of trump signs up
10:54 am
here. >> i don't know what the deal is with that. >> reporter: is this trump country or -- >> it appears to be. i think i might move. >> reporter: so, i gather you're not voting for donald trump, then. hey, chickens. can i ask you a quick question? is this hillary clinton or donald trump territory? >> this whole road is trump territory. >> reporter: is it really? >> all up and down this road you see mostly trump signs. they really take care of those signs. have you decided who you're voting for this year? >> i'm jill. >> reporter: jill stein? >> yeah. i wanted bernie, i don't trust hillary and i don't like donald trump. >> i think i'll go with jill stein. >> reporter: whael? that's the second jill stein voter on rodham lane. we have a green party voter. what did you? >> i'm going with hillary. >> reporter: you're voting hillary? >> yes. it's sad but it's the lesser of two evils. i've known and seen who donald trump is my whole life growing up in the '80s. you know, nothing he's ever said has really come to fruition for
10:55 am
anyone else's benefit besides his own. >> reporter: is that your trump sign in front? >> i have a better one at home. it says trump [ bleep ]. >> reporter: why so many trump signs up here? what about that guy that speaks to -- >> he says it as it is. look at his business. he's a good businessman. >> reporter: you're going to vote on november 8th? >> probably not. >> reporter: you don't think you'll even vote? >> i'm not going to vote because i think the people are going to get trump in, but it's not going to go that way. >> reporter: so you think the people are actually going toe vote in for trump but trump won't be the president? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: i think it's a rigged election? >> definitely. >> reporter: some people think with trump talking about a rigged election will disincentivize those from showing up at the polls. that's one example right there. >> interesting stuff. get out of the building, get back on the campaign trail.
10:56 am
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time for one last look at our microsoft pulse question this hour. we are asking you it was announced some obamacare premiums will increase by an average of 25% next year. do you think that's going to help trump's campaign? here are the results popping up on your screen right here. the majority of you say, no you don't think it's going to help, but actually 20% of you do believe it could actually give a boost to the republican nominee for president if he keeps up his attacks over the next couple weeks. pulse is open for another hour. keep voting at let me know what you think on twitter, facebook, snapchat, all the social media outlets. i'll post a photograph of the batmobiles upstairs from where we are. i was trying to show you during this hour. unfortunately, because we're in a bat kaf, there's no cell phone reception to transmit that signal to you. one is the original adam west era batmobile. we're heading to washington,
11:00 am
d.c., on a trump charter later on tonight because he'll be there. we're going to be road tripping all week long. keep up with us here on msnbc. for now, i'll toss it to my colleague, thomas roberts. if i could have gotten in a batmobile, i would have brought you with me. stephanie. >> no you won't. >> it's not thomas. it's steph. even better. >> maybe you and i can go joy riding later, but for now a little bit more news. we have a packed hour here on msnbc. i'm stephanie, and we're talking florida, florida, florida. the candidates descend on the sunshine state. hillary clinton taking the stage there in coconut creek minutes from now. we know she's already on site. in one hour, donald trump holding a rally in sanford. donald trump is well aware it is make or break it time with just two weeks to go. >> nobody's ever seen that, especially for early voting. i don't know what this means, but they're all wearing trump hats and trump buttons and trump shirts. i think that's generally good news but y


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