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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  October 26, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> it's an activity. >> let's talk about the mental health crisis that is gripping your family right now. chicago cubs going down to one game to none. emmanuel on suicide watch right now. he is not doing well. >> no. >> oh, no, i've got a tweet from him. i got a tweet from him. he wants to say yes to people. we're going to see each other and watch the game together. >> it will be fantastic when the cubs win. >> we will see you there sunday. >> all right. >> dr. zeke emmanuel. that does it for us this morning. stephanie rule picks up the coverage. >> thanks so much, mika. i'm stephanie rule. let's get down to business. why? because there are 13 days left and donald trump is spending today doing what? opening a trump hotel.
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>> one of the great hotels of the world. >> as hillary clinton enlists morgan freeman for the closing arguments. >> will it be p the one respected around the world or the one that frightens our allies and emboldens the enemies. >> top donald trump advisor rudy giuliani joins me live. >> and there were some fighting words yesterday. donald trump and vice president joe biden going all high school on each other. >> i would take the guy behind the gym. >> i would love that. he's mr. tough guy. >> obamacare battle. donald trump hitting him hard. >> ork. >> obamacare.
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>> 13 days to go. >> he's chosen to spend. shaking hands with voters but
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promoting his brand, not so much his policies. it is a head scratching strategy in the view of some who wonder why trump isn't out on the campaign trail regardless of whether it's two hours, four hours, one hour. every minutes, of course, as we tick down to election day incredibly important as he tries to get out the vote, as he tries to sharpen up his message from hillary clinton. this is not an event that's open to the public. what's going to unfold in a couple of hours here in busy downtown washington. i will say this. i spoke with a senior aide this morning for the trump campaign. their argument is this is a tangible representation of trump's ability to get things done. that is what kellyanne conway, his campaign manager, echoed in her interview on the "today" show. listen. >> it shows americans the tangible accomplishments of donald trump. he's somebody who builds things. he's somebody who fixes things. this man in public view will be with his family, true family business here and amazing accomplishment for a couple of hours and everybody is
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questioning it. >> the campaign and many trump supporters believe this is an effective way to spend his time. that this is really part of his messaging moving forward but some critics wonder why he is spending any time here at all. when you look at the promotion of his brand, steph, just a couple of steps. this will be his 13th site, trump property essentially that he has done a campaign event. 31 in all so far since he announced his candidacy last june. we're talking trump properties from scotland to soho. >> they get paid. i know another place he might end up being behind a gym. i want to play part of this back and forth that's going on between joe biden and donald trump after vice president biden basically said he'd beat him up for what he said about women, and i want to point out, i don't think it's behind a gym. i think it's under the bleachers. i'm pretty sure the saying is not behind a gym. >> or a barn. >> a barn? i don't think it's a gym. we'll let it go. let's take a listen. >> he's mr. tough guy.
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you know when he's mr. tough guy, when he's standing behind a microphone himself. he wants to bring me to the back of the barn, ohhh. >> you and i both know from the locker room in the school i went to, one of the guys said this is what i'm going to do because i'm the star halfback, quarterback, i'm the boss and my sister and her girlfriends are out there, i would take the guy behind the gym. >> i mean, this is straight out of grease lightning here. what is going on? >> reporter: oh, man. now i have like what's her name chacha digrigorio's vision in my head. this is trump doing what he does at rallies. the news had been vice president joe biden essentially saying he wanted to take trump behind the gym, wherever it is, kind of give him a lesson. he explained in his one-on-one interview on msnbc over the last 18 hours that he was trying to make a point about trump's language and rhetoric. trump in front of that crowd in tallahassee where we were in
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florida was talking about biden, talking about hillary clinton's surrogates and it seemed to spark something for him remembering the attacks against him. trump did as he so often does in this campaign which is respond. i will tell you this, the crowd loves it. when he called mr. biden mr. tough guy, people cheered. it is a way of throwing that red meat to his base, something that we've seen him do for the last 15 months or so. >> what does it say about hallie jackson, of all the characters in grease, she chose chacha, not danny, not rizzo. >> i played her in high school. that was my big famous stage role in tenth grade. >> wow. i played patty simcocks who would be what hillary clinton would do if she was in greece. i ha -- grease. >> last night clinton made a big push for early voting while slamming donald trump's claims of a rigged election. >> in america we don't say we're going to keep you in suspense
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about whether we will respect the outcome of an election. we have free and fair elections and the peaceful transfer of power. that is one thing that makes america great. >> joining me now to look at where things stand with 13 days ago, msnbc host and political correspondent, maybe our own danny zucco, steve kornacki. >> i've never seen "grease." my sister was obsessed with it. >> this poll says donald trump is okay. >> this is the best news donald trump has gotten out of florida in a month. this is the first time since the debates that a poll has put donald trump ahead in florida. the significance of this obviously 29 electoral votes. also, this is an absolute must-win state for donald trump. if hillary clinton carries florida, you can pretty much forget about the rest of the map. donald trump will not get to
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270. if he can win florida though, that path to 270, that very narrow, very precarious path for donald trump, it does still exist. >> let's look at that. let's say he does well in florida. show us the path. show me the way. >> the very easy to follow five color nbc battleground map here. >> this isn't easy. >> all the shades of blue -- i could do a different one next time but the key is this. the ones that are the burnt orange color, these are the tossup states. if you're donald trump, you have to sweep these. you have to win florida, you have to win georgia, you have to win ohio, iowa, you have to win arizona, you have to win utah. who would think we were talking about utah. you have to win nevada. if you do all of that, you're not at 270, but you're at least in the game. then you need to also pick off like a north carolina. you have to pull off a surprise somewhere, maybe that would be in new hampshire, maybe pennsylvania, maybe a colorado, maybe a wisconsin. so there's sort of three layers of things that donald trump has to have happen here at the very
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bottom level though is these tossup states. have to win them all. that is good news. there is a poll that puts him up there. very slightly but up. >> politico has a poll out saying republicans are pouring money into the senate races. do we know that to be true? >> again, the republicans are in. they're playing defense. if i had the telustrator i'd show you. new hampshire. republican incumbent. this is a state hillary clinton could win. pennsylvania, republican state hillary clinton could win. ohio looks like republicans are safe. florida, marco rubio might be in trouble with this new florida poll says he might have a little bit more breathing room. the point is there are a number of states that hillary clinton could win in the presidential election, maybe win by a wide margin in the presidential election where you have republican incumbents trying to hang on to senate seats. republicans are recognizing, even if donald trump doesn't win these states, we'd better do what we can to shore up the senate candidates because that's going to be a tough tide. if there are four red states you see here, if they flip the
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democrats, a net total of four, democrats get the senate. >> steve kornacki knows about a telustrator. >> yeah, in happy days. >> he doesn't know danny and sandy, olivia newton john and john travolta. >> i'm going to be getting you the dvd for christmas. donald trump not just facing challenges with his political campaign. there are signs that the trump brand is also taking a hit, but that is not the story he's telling us. here's donald trump himself talking about his new washington, d.c., hotel just yesterday. >> i said, you know, i'm down in florida. i'm going -- tomorrow we're going to be opening up the old post office where we spent over $200 million and built the most magnificent hotel i think anywhere in the country on pennsylvania avenue. i think it's going to be -- truly, i think it's one of the great hotels, could be one of the great hotels of the world and that's very exciting. that opens tomorrow. and what a theme is is we built it on time right on time and we
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actually built it about a year ahead of schedule. >> i want to get details on this from msnbc's ali velshi. why is this so important. on time and under budget. >> the day after brexit we happened to be in scotland opening up a resort and a golf course there. he kept on saying that he was -- he was ignoring the u.k. was imploding behind him. he was talking about how he builds his stuff on time and under budget. kellyanne conway our friend tweeted an hour and a half ago that this hotel in washington is the only thing that's under budget and ahead of schedule. so that's part of it. donald trump has been unable to separate his business interests from his campaign, number one. and number two, he gets a big kick out of this stuff, right? the stuff -- his properties are all landmark properties and this is as landmark as it gets, on pennsylvania avenue between congress and the white house. it's an old building.
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he brags about how it was a competitive process to be able to develop this hotel and he won it. so these are all ways in which donald trump conveys to his supporters or his opponents that he is an important guy who wins things. >> back in 2000 donald trump told forbes i'll be the only guy who i could run for president and make money on it. >> quite possible. >> 32nd event that has been held at a trump property. he will get paid for doing the event there, correct? >> yes. the hotel will benefit from it. the issue here is all of the gains he gets from all of this free publicity versus all of the loss his various brands are taking because of the negative publicity. >> they are taking a hit? >> his hotels are taking a hit. there are a number of properties here in new york city. trump place. there are a number of buildings, if you ever drive up and down the hudson river, there are a number of buildings there. all called trump place. residents are petitioning to get the name removed from there. in a few of those buildings, three of them at least, they've
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stopped calling the address trump place. riverside drive. 400 residents have signed a petition. all of the residents haven't gotten the petition. as soon as they get it they think the numbers will be much higher. his press secretary has said that they will go down in value. we're actually happier without the trump name. >> we're going to take a break. trump advisor and former mayor of new york city. rudy giuliani joins me to discuss the state of the campaign with less than two weeks to go. proud of youson. ge! a manufacturer. well that's why i dug this out for you. it's your grandpappy's hammer and he wouldave wanted you tohai
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we told you that donald trump is doing the ribbon cutting in d.c. a few hours from now. all with 13 days to go. joining me, a top advisor for donald trump. >> everybody is talking about it. >> when i ran for president i relied on my record as mayor. this is what he does. he's able to do a massive project like this which usually takes five more years than people anticipated and three times more money and he's able to do it in less time than
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scheduled and for less money than it was originally budgeted for and he's got it done beautifully. this is what he can do for the country. this is the way he can manage the federal government. he can bring in people who can get the job done quickly and efficiently. let's see obamacare. everybody could compete. we'll end up narrow little monopolies. >> then why not -- this is a clear moment for donald trump to simply roll up his sleeves and say not just obamacare stinks, get rid of it. here is exactly what my plan would be, hold on, sir, and how i would do it. instead he continues to go off on these tangents that are not issue based.
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>> the second sentence is it should be replaced with the ability to buy insurance in all 50 states. >> so to allow insurance companies. >> people insured in this country today than ever. >> the reality is the larger the market, the lower the price. i'm going to give you a completely inept example. ten years ago plasma tvs cost $12,000. better plasma tvs now cost 2,000 because we now sell 100 million of them rather than 3 or for million of them. the private market is the best place to bring down the cost of insurance. let me finish, please. not narrow silos like the state of maine.
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there are 5, 6, 7, 8,000. this isn't insurance, this is a rip off. >> if people didn't have plasma televisions, so be it. we're talking about the health care of this nation. if we simply ripped down obamacare today, you would have 20 million people without a plan. is this not the perfect time for real bipartisanship? let's take the plan we had. >> the president didn't want to do bipartisan. >> hillary clinton has said we need to improve on it. >> oh, come on. hillary clinton wants to do as she said in the $225,000 speech to the canadian bank, she wants to do single payer socialized medicine like in canada, quote, hillary clinton. she wants us to be like canada. you want to be like canada, fine. we should be a private health care system, not one dominated by single payer, the government. the government can't run the
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post office. the government can't run obamacare. you want him to run all of socialized medicine? it will be like england. we'll be on lines 100 long in order to get a mammogram. >> it is surely a flawed system. people aren't rushing to canada to get medical treatment. there are many people here who do seem to be supporting hillary clinton. when we looked at the polls it seems like she is in the lead. you do your own polls, donald trump's team. what are those polls telling you? >> those polls tell us this is a viable race and we're ahead and we're going to win. >> really? what polls exactly are telling -- no, that was a bloomberg poll in the state of florida. what national polls -- >> our own. i don't look at national polls. i don't pay attention to national polls. this is about ten states. i believe we can win florida. you have two up for grabs that are silly, georgia and south carolina. he's going to win georgia and south carolina, no question about it. you have states on that map -- >> he should win those. >> that are kind of silly. it's silly that he's not going
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to win georgia and south carolina. i know he's going to win georgia and south carolina. >> what if he doesn't win florida? >> he can't win and if she doesn't win florida she doesn't win. >> donald trump has been saying quite a bit the elections are rigged, the elections are rigged. we've actually heard from some trump supporters who said these things are rigged, i'm not going out there and voting. by using this narrative is that not a risk that you'll depress your supporters? >> gosh, i was at his two rallies in florida where he had 40,000 people and 30,000 people and on the same day she was drawing 2 and 3,000. there's a difference in enthusiasm level. >> there was a difference between her and bernie sanders. >> bernie sanders almost won. he got 47% of the vote. >> but he didn't win. >> because that one was rigged. now we have the wikileaks to prove it. that was rigged. they had to fire the democratic
6:23 am
national committee. >> they knew before the race began she was going to win the race. she won it. how good i am, 50 points behind and i have to make up those points plus the three or four more, you just rigged the election against me.
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sorry. >> fair point. >> all right. we have to pay some bills here. we're going to take a quick break. when we come back, we're going to talk a lot more with rudy giuliani and how they'll be voting this election. just 13 days away. hey look, , 's tse guys. [music] shawn: look at os pearly whites, man. [music
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i'm back with former mayor of new york city, rudy giuliani, top advisor to donald trump. mayor giuliani, yesterday we heard about colin powell endorsement. colin powell -- >> very close friend of mine and business associate. >> are you disappointed? >> no. i expected it. i was disappointed in '08 when he endorsed obama but i expected him to endorse hillary clinton. it wasn't a big surprise for me. he did endorse obama both times so i kind of figured he pretty much left the republican party when he endorsed obama. >> i want be to think about another prominent republican, newt gingrich. newt gingrich had this argument last night with another television anchor, megyn kelly, saying she was obsessed with sex, we should stop asking about
6:28 am
donald trump's accusers. now is it fair to say we shouldn't ask about donald trump's accusers? >> if you would spend as much time on it, i look at the articles on trump and i see this wikileaks thing buried in the back, i don't see major coverage of it. >> megyn kelly works at fox news. >> it is kind of strange that we're going to put into office a person who destroyed 33,000 e-mails. >> that is not -- >> smashed up cell phones. clearly lied to the fbi. you'd have to be a fool not to realize she lied to the fbi. she's shown a document that's a sensitive government document. there's a c on it. she's asked what does the c mean? she's the secretary of state. she says, i don't know. if she doesn't know, she shouldn't be the secretary of state. and if she does know, she lied. martha stewart got prosecuted for that.
6:29 am
>> donald trump needs to focus on expanding his base. he's trailing with women. so to say to an anchor at fox news, fox news definitely covers wikileaks, definitely covers wikileaks. so to say to megyn kelly -- >> newt gingrich said that. >> yes. for newt gingrich to say it's unfair to continue talking about sex, isn't it fair for women to be concerned about donald trump's behavior as it relates to women. >> it is certainly fair to ask an equal number of questions about that if you're going to ask the same number of questions about all of the other situations involving hillary clinton because if i were to take both sets of allegations, it would seem to me that the second set, the one against hillary clinton are much more serious because it involves our national security. after all, she sold 20% of our uranium to russia in return for about $120 million for the clinton foundation, five,000 speaking fee for bill clinton. what secretary of state is going to sell 20% of our uranium to
6:30 am
russia unless there's some bribe involved? she sold out the state department. >> none of which has been proved. >> i don't have to -- i don't have to prove it. the other isn't proved either. you're asking me -- what are we talking about? nobody's proved any of these allegations. >> so we're all fair to talk about them. >> it is fair to talk about them and draw your own conclusions. the conclusion i draw is that hillary clinton is one of the biggest criminals to run for the white house. she imperilled national security on several occasions. the way she handled the server is outrageous. to take it and put it in her home and it contains -- when i was in the justice department for a good deal of my life a top secret document never left my office, ever, ever, ever. would never be sitting in the basement of my house. you know what i expect would happen to me if it was found there? put me in jail. >> listen, i'm not going to argue that's some bad news there, but you can equal that with other bad behavior or you can rise up. after that interview dan scovino who's a top advisor tweeted,
6:31 am
watch what happens to megyn kelly after the election. what is that? you've got 13 days left. >> well, you know -- >> threatening megyn kelly. >> people get very emotional when their candidate gets attacked. you're asking me about two sets of allegations, which are the more serious. >> what does that mean, watch what happens to you? >> maybe he thinks her ratings are going to go down. that's a legitimate possibility. >> maybe he thinks that. >> maybe he thinks given the type of audience for fox news her ratings are going to go down as a result of the way she covered it. i don't know. i'm on megyn kelly's show all the time. i like her very much. i don't want to have an argument with her. >> you talk about your days as a prosecutor. one of the reasons people know you so well, you went after a lot of big business guys, crooked ones. >> yeah. >> the fact that donald trump has been involved in 4,000 lawsuits, what does that make you think? >> he's never been involved in a
6:32 am
high number. >> i had 98,000 when i was mayor of new york. when you run a large operation i have 300,000 people. i had 98,000 lawsuits against me. i'm in a law firm. we have companies with a lot more lawsuits than that. >> all right. you know better than me. when you were mayor of new york city, many people would say because of how you led our city through 9/11, i am a new yorker, i lived here during 9/11. you cannot compare donald trump through hillary clinton, she's had a lifetime in politics, he's had a lifetime businessman. as a new york business icon do you ask yourself where was donald trump on the day of 9/11 in a phone interview? he was boasting that he's now got one of the highest buildings in new york. he's made claims that there were people of muslim decent cheering in new york city and there's no proof that he's given any money to the 9/11 fund. >> that's not true. he gave resources. >> what kind of resources?
6:33 am
>> i saw him do it. i saw him give us rooms. he gave us rooms for a lot of the search and rescue people who came to new york for nothing. he did a lot of things on september 11th along with, you know, four or five other people in the real estate industry, jerry spire, bernie mendek, people like that. i'm he sorry, not bernie. >> so you think he was a true leader and really led new york city at a time of need. >> he was one of the people who helped us with the entire campaign to bring people back to new york along with barbara walters, henry kissinger. >> that helped him because he's a real estate guy. >> it helped me, too, i'm a real estate owner here. of course we want to re-establish our city. he was one of the people who helped and he built some of the great projects during the time that i was mayor and i turned him down for the biggest project and he's never complained about it. the guy always did business fair and square. was he tough with his bills and did he try to get the lowest possible price he could get?
6:34 am
absolutely. but was he honest? did he cheat? did he -- a lot of these business people go to jail for trying to rig -- did he ever rig a bid? he lost a bid for the time warner center. that was the biggest contract i had to give and he's a close friend of mine. he's never complained to me about it once. >> before we go, i just want to ask you about one thing. clearly we've got an angry country. for many reasons. people don't like where things are. many people don't like hillary clinton as you have said. but i want to talk about the hate that has been incited in this election. just a few days ago when you said i'd love to see hillary clinton in stripes, is it a good time to say flip things like that. >> yeah. >> when you've got so many people really on the edge. >> yeah, it sure is. we're going to elect someone who in my count violated maybe 150 different federal laws. i mean, i have never seen anything like this. i've never -- reading that fbi report, she is prosecutable for so many offenses it's mind
6:35 am
boggling. >> i've also never seen the hate and the racism out of so many people who are saying we're going to -- >> there's no racism. >> you don't think breitbart news -- >> breitbart news is not running for office. >> steven bannon is the architect of donald trump's campaign. what do you believe breitbart represents? >> nobody runs donald trump's -- >> for all the stuff you're throwing around, racist, the last thing donald trump is is racist. i've known him for 28 years. the man likes white people, he likes black people, he likes hispanic people, he plays golf with him. he opened up the first club in palm beach that allowed jewish people, italian people like me who couldn't get into those clubs. >> can you say that steven bannon doesn't run his campaign? >> donald trump runs donald trump's campaign. >> what is he doing paying steven bannon. >> there are a lot of people who do different things. to say donald trump is a racist is outrageous. to call anybody a racist is outrageous.
6:36 am
>> hold on, there are people you can call racist. >> you can't call him racist. the man has done more for minorities over the last 30 years in terms of opening facilities for them, hiring them, promoting them, promoting the first woman to be the head of a construction company. >> can you say then -- >> taking a guy who began as a caddy who's now making a couple million dollars a year running his technology. i mean, this is a guy who has helped people, black people, white people. he doesn't see people that way. it's hillary clinton who says to us we all have implicit bias who i believe has a problem. she should look in the mirror. if she thinks we all have implicit bias, hillary, i have news for you. i don't. maybe you do, i have no racial guilt. not a single bit of it, which is why i'm willing to tell the truth about black crime and what has to be done about it. there is no mayor in the history of the city to save more black lives than me, nobody even close. >> can you say that breitbart news doesn't represent racist views and the ceo of breitbart
6:37 am
news is currently running donald trump's campaign? >> donald trump is running donald trump's campaign. >> then what is steven bannon doing? >> breitbart news has its own point of view. look, your station has its own point of view. do you want me to tell you what that is? you don't want to know. >> of course i want to know. >> your station is completely left wing and totally anti-trump and totally anti-republican with one or two exceptions. >> i'll tell you i'm not. >> i'm one of the few republicans that will come on here because we don't think we get anywhere near fair treatment on this station. >> do you think i've treated you fairly? >> i believe that this station is completely left wing oriented and very, very anti-republican. >> do you think that i have treated you fairly? >> no. >> in the last ten minutes? >> i say there are exceptions. you gave me a chance to answer the question. i appreciate that. you have some people on this station that are flying off the wall. >> you don't think there are some people who are flying off the wall over at fox? >> not as bad as this. >> all right. >> nod as bad as this.
6:38 am
you can't -- you can't -- you can't judge a candidate by the people around him. look, she's got -- >> yet, sir, hold on. you can absolutely judge someone by the company they keep. >> what the heck is she doing with terry mccall live with the $3 bill. terry mcauliffe was selling the lincoln bedroom in the 1990s. then he goes ahead and raises $650 million for the wife of the fbi agent who happens to be in charge of his case and then he gets the guy promoted to number three or two. >> if i may, we are out of time. >> no, i'm going to finish this. >> okay. >> that agent oversaw the hillary clinton investigation. so what is she doing hanging around with mcauliffe. >> i do want to qualify one thing. first of all it was 650,000 not million. that money was given before he was put into that space. >> even worse. >> when he was, he was reviewed by multiple ethics committees before given that. >> worthless. there is no way in a million years that it is ethical. to have a guy overseeing my
6:39 am
investigation and you give $650,000 to my wife for her campaign. >> all right. just to be clear -- >> if you find that ethical, you should go get another job. >> you're entitled to that opinion, but to be clear it was all done above board and this information was out and it was approved. >> the whole justice department is totally disgraced by the attorney general getting on a plane with the president four days before the chief subject was going to be investigated. that stinks to high heaven. i look at the 302. there are follow-up questions. hillary clinton said i lost my memory and i don't remember. the fbi never got to look at the doctor reports that would corroborate that or contradict that and they were told not to look at it. this investigation -- the guy in charge of the investigation's wife just a few months earlier got $650,000 from the clinton bag man, mcauliffe, which is what he is if you want to know the truth, and has been for 20 years. the guy was selling the lincoln
6:40 am
bedroom as if it was a trump hotel. >> we have to take a break. not necessarily the truth, it is mayor giuliani's opinion. >> of course it is my opinion based on 15 to 18 years of being a prosecutor. i didn't just prosecute white collar criminals. >> we've got to go. we've got to pay the bills here, sir. i have to go to commercial. >> okay. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> you're welcome. >> we'll be back in just a few. just like the people who own them, every bune is different. but every one of those bunesses will need gal help as theage and grow. whether it be lp starting your business, ndor ctracts or employmt agements. legalzoom's netwk of attorneys can help you every step of the way so you can focus on what you do. we'll nd the legal stuff that com up alonthway. legalzoom. lelp is he.
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donald trump will take a break from politics officially opening a hotel, his hotel in about 90 minutes. >> we're going to be opening up the old post office where we spent over $200 million and built the most magnificent hotel anywhere in the country on pennsylvania. i always said i'm getting to pennsylvania one way or the other so here i have. >> here he has. i want to bring in steve
6:44 am
schmidt. steve, the trump campaign says this gives donald a chance to show meshes he can build things on budget, on time. he has 13 days left is this a good use of his time? >> it's not. he should have been talking about this through the campaign. by the way, it is a beautiful hotel. the job that the trump organization did is master full. he chose not to talk about it. you have the extraordinary scene of the republican nominee spending time in new york city. the walls are collapsing. you have red states that are fundamentally in play and as i've said last week, the only drama in this election is where does hillary clinton fall on election day between 350 and 406 electoral votes. >> steve, if that is what you believe and this election is a done deal, donald trump going to his hotel today, getting all of
6:45 am
this media coverage, is this just donald figuring out how to monetize the election for himself? >> look, why did mike tyson bite evander holifield in the ear, right? >> he's hungry? >> some of this stuff is inexplicable. he is not doing any of the normal activities that you would be doing 13 days out in a presidential race for somebody who is competitive. >> well, he is doing -- >> you don't take time out to tend to your business interests. >> he is if his business interests is his ultimate goal. if in his heart of heart or the trump campaign says, man, we've lost this, pivoting to his hotel and hospitality business or live news broadcast moving him closer to trump tv, that is in his interests. it would be normal. >> look, stephanie, i think it's very clear that donald trump, who's on track to lose this election, plans not on being defeated but on being martyred. listen to what he's saying. he's going to wave the bloody shirt at his supporters.
6:46 am
he's going to say they stole this from us, he's rigged. he will have enough buy-in to form a multi-billion dollar media business. normally when a presidential race ends within the normal boundaries of our democracy there's a concession which commences the peaceful transition of power which culminates with the inaugural ceremony on january 20th but he's not going away. there is huge drama that will play out in the republican party beginning on november 9th. the alt right movement represented by the breitbart wing of this election is not compatible and cannot peacefully co-exist inside the republican party. the republican party of lincoln, eisenhower and reagan cannot be a home to the racist, nationalist, misogynistic elements that have flourished over the breitbart platform. so there will be a titanic struggle and debate when this election ends. >> help me understand, given
6:47 am
this obamacare news, premiums going up 22%, kellyanne conway said because hillary clinton has not denounced obamacare, she owns it. this is her problem. how big of a problem is obamacare for hillary? >> in any normal campaign with a competent candidate it would have been an extraordinarily big problem. you're seeing massive rate increases. the program is a failure. it's going to need fundamental reform, but the republican nominee chose not to make this an issue in the campaign. >> why do you think that is? >> already, stephanie, millions of people have -- >> again, the competence of the effort that leads you to be hate tweeting at 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 in the morning for ms. machado at the expense of offering a clear vision for the country, a clear contrast to your opponent's policies and a clear choice between past and future. all of those things, which jeb
6:48 am
bush would have done or john kasich would have done or marco rubio would have done or ted cruz would have done likely resulting in a republican victory too little too late. the summer was squandered. the fall was a disaster and now the bill is coming due. mitch mcconnell said at the beginning of the summer not one republican senator was going to lose their seat because of donald trump, and i'm here to tell you, republicans will lose control of the senate and they will lose control of the senate because of the cratering effect of trump's candidacy as the walls come in now. >> but, steve, i've got to remind you while ted cruz, jeb bush, and marco rubio may have done this and were more qualified, they didn't get the nomination, donald did. >> they did not. they did not. and elections have consequences. and you know, in a democracy, you know, voters get the government they deserve, and that holds true for primary electorates as well. the republican party made a decision and they got the
6:49 am
candidate it deserves and now the party's going to have to look in the mirror on november 9th and understand what it's brought and the damage that's been done to the third oldest political party in the world, the intellectually serious conservative philosophy of governance that has been just disappeared from this race and so november 9th is a real day of reckoning. we will have lost six out of the last seven elections by popular vote. will we have the sunrise over the east coast of maine on november 9th? look, republicans -- republicans have to look and say in this election not just a fitness of the candidate but now as we come down to the final days, direct attacks on foundational institutions of our democracy and the cheerleading of attacks on the sovereignty of the united states by a hostile foreign power, russia, and its
6:50 am
intelligence services trying to influence the election. it's unpress departmentcedented time to catch our breath and take stock of it and how, how different and how dangerous this entire election system is to some real foundational pillars of our country's institutions. >> all right, steve, we've got to leave it there. remember, there was an autopsy conducted after the last election. republicans, you know, they're the ones who cast their own votes and, you know, my kidses would say, guess what, you get what you get and you don't get upset. >> like lemons over the cliff. >> coming up, "new york times" releases hours of personal interviews with donald trump conducted for a biography. its official, i work for ge!!
6:51 am
what? yeah!. okay... ys, i'lle writing a new language for machines so planes,rains, en hospitals can work bette ! rry, i was trying to put i away... got it on thcake so you're going to work on a tra? not on a tra.on "trains"! you'reot gonna velop stuff ymore? no i am...
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6:53 am
this is where the race will be won or lost. >> so much information to pass along. >> it's an historic milestone. >> like nothing i've seen. >> why is this election important? >> lock down the red states. >> the clash has already started. >> take a close look at the new polls. >> florida is the key. >> what is the state of the republican party? >> it's choosing time. >> that was reality political television of the best kind.
6:54 am
i was a very rebellious person and very set in my ways. >> in eighth grade? >> i love to fight. i always loveled to fight. >> physical fights? >> yeah, all kinds of fights, physical. >> arguments? >> any type of fight, i loved it. >> an audio recording of an interview donald trump gave in 2014 to a biography. the book was called the truth about trump. michael, you learned a lot about donald trump. fighter. he love als to fight. take a listen. i got more here. i think we don't have it yet. when he talks about loving to fight, did that seem to be a theme all throughout? >> throughout his life. this is a guy who despite being born into one of the richest families in the world, he's got a chauffeur helping him deliver his papers, he's got a chip on his shoulder the size of the empire state building and he
6:55 am
can't get rid of it so he fights with everybody. >> or a chip the size of trump tower. >> yeah. >> there's also a bit about his first wife ivanna. he fights to win. she talks about a ski trip. she didn't tell him beforehand she was a world class skier. listen to this. >> i went two flips up in the air, two flips, in the front of him. i disappeared. donald trump was so angry. he took of his skis, his ski boots. he could not take it. he could not take it. >> he took of his skis and his boot because he couldn't take it she was a rock star skier. >> and shep was a rock star skier. the thing is, donald trump hates to lose at anything and especially to a woman. this is why he's so frantic in the race with hillary clinton. the idea of a woman beating him in the biggest contest in the world would be so humiliating for him. i think he's freaking out right
6:56 am
now. >> he doesn't want ton lo lose girl. >> not to the anyone, especially not publicly. that's why he redefining, as a victory. as he lose, he'll come back and say i put all these things on the agenda, i spoke for the people who had no voice. now i'm going to be your media star. i'm looking to see donald jr. set up as a candidate for the future. donald jr. is the one to watch. >> don jr. donald trump, he is a world champion of confidence. >> there you go. >> thank you so much for joining me. gosh, talk about a great book about donald trump. coming up, polls paint a very bleak picture for republican candidates up and down the ticket. communications, dire director f rnc will be here. its way in your day, i hear you. to eveone wihis pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinily painful, i hear you.
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7:00 am
news with my friend craig melvin. >> thanks so much. coming up on msnbc, two weeks from now, this country will have a president-elect. next hour, one of the two options. will take a break from the trail for a ribbon cutting. donald trump appearing to open his new hotel with 13 days to go until the election. some questioning whether spending precious time doing that is smart instead of try to win votes. his campaign manager says simmer down. >> hillary clinton has time to go to an adele concert and everybody thinks that's really cool. donald trump stops off to unveil just an incredible stunning piece of architecture, first class hotel, and everybody's hair is on fire. >> trump and hillary clinton both eventually in battleground states today. clinton to florida. trump to north carolina. florida especially popular lately. both candidates m s making morg th more than a dozen stops the


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