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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  October 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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head to bloomberg for more. until tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel tomorrow. thanks for watching. sayonara. >> "hardball" with chris matthews is next. up in the air. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in new york. hillary clinton has opened a big lead if two national polls heading into the final stretch. up 9 points in the latest usa today suffolk poll. 47-38 in a four-way race. in a brand new poll from the associated press, clinton leads by 14 points. 51-37. as a counter weight, fox news which has a good poll out. it is closer.
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44-41 in that fox poll. the polls will decide the election in the battleground states themselves and they're the pictures are also mixed. suggesting the race is still to be decided. a new bloomberg poll shows trump ahead by 2 points. most other polls show clinton ahead. so florida is very much in contention. in nevada, the polls are tied, according to a brand new nbc news "wall street journal" marist poll. in another poll, mondaymouth shows hillary up by just 4 points. she washed not to get come place end. >> i stood next to donald trump for four and a half hours in those three debates. proving i think once and for all, i have the stamina to be
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president. no matter what he did. no matter what he said. no matter how he stalked me and lurked over me. i just kept thinking about what michelle obama said. when he goes low, we go high! >> meanwhile, a stand-off between one of trump's top surrogates, newt gingrich. and megyn kelly marked the campaign trail today. mears fox exchange. >> if trump is a sexual predator, that is -- >> he's not a sexual predator. >> that's your position. i'm not taking a position on it. >> i am sick and tired of people leak you using language that's inflammatory that's not true. >> excuse me, mr. speaker. you have no idea whether it is true or not. what we know -- >> neither do you. >> and i'm not taking a position on it. >> yes, you are. >> we can go back to the tapes. you are fascinated with sex and you don't gary public policy. >> me?
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really? you know what? mr. speaker. i'm not fascinated by sex but i am fascinated by the protection of women. >> today donald trump congratulated his surrogate newt gingrich for that. >> congratulations, newt, on last night. that was an amazing interview. we don't play games, right, newt? we don't play games. >> i'm joined by the washington bureau chief. the book is called a black man in the white house. i want to go to susan page. >> newt versus kelly. >> the polls are mixed right now. who knows if he can win this? >> he has to keep saying over
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and over again. if you like the way things are on trade, immigration and wars, vote for hillary clinton. he has to say it every minute. maybe he can find a victory in this mess. if he keeps wasting his fire power, i don't get it. i don't know why he cares about newt gingrich's peeing match, basically. >> it is not only a distraction from a message that would be more productive for donald trump. it is not appealing to the voters he needs to get back women. >> this kind of language is not designs to appeal to the college education women who have been moving away from their republican party this year in a big way. >> and i think people who would like to get ahead like megain, well, here's a successful person and he is dumping on her. what would he do to me?
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any way. why is trump fighting these stupid -- i'm not knocking megyn kelly. she's a pr >> when he talks about the issues. >> i agree with you. i think he did it in north carolina. when he focuses on the issues. this race should naturally tighten. he is the candidate of change and the american people want change. when he doesn't talk about the key issues of terrorism, the economy, and change in washington, it is a day he loses. >> i agree. i think it is 50/50. every time he fights on the front on one of these sex discussions, he is reminding everybody of the "access hollywood" stuff. any way, i don't know whether you agree or not but i think this country is divided politically fairly closely between left, right. between now and something
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different from now. trump keeps deluding himself thinking the battle is between him and an anchor woman. >> at some point, trump is exactly here keeps showing us he is, right? and we can talk about him wanting to talk about issues and be a change agent. consistently, he shows us who he really is. and it is ridiculous for him to be getting into these back and forth fights that expand his problem with women. the problem is structurally, we are a problem that is hard for one candidate to blow up another candidate. at the same time we're seeing clinton expand her over all lead nationally. we know in the battleground states. go to nevada. go to florida. it is really hard for a democrat structurally to open up a 6 or 7-point advantage. so it will be three or four
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points. so it won't be an 8-point race in north carolina and nevada. >> a couple things we're learning in the biographies of both candidates. one, trump, we're getting focused on his biography but it is killing the message that could be coming as protest over trade and war and a couple other things. and trump is doing her the best favor in the world, keeping the focus away from her. and trump said he liked the chances in the home stretch. >> florida, iowa. >> i think we're winning iowa. i think we're winning ohio. so do you. i think we're winning florida. actually by much more than your polls. you have us 2 points up.
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i think we will be winning new hampshire. it is jobs. it is fix our military. take care of our vets. don't let the world take advantage of us. i don't know if i'm a great messenger but the message is the right message. >> what is the smart thing about saying he's ahead in pennsylvania? no poll finds that at all. >> he said something that's true. iowa, those are states that are very close and he could win. pennsylvania seems to be pulling away for hillary clinton and so does new hampshire. >> and north carolina also. the race has been a little scrambled. it is hard to see how he gets on 270 electoral votes. that's been tough. it gets hard as we get into the home stretch and they open up
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leads. a good fox poll today. 3 points, and a 14-point difference on ap. how can two polls be that different? 14 and 3? . >> there is an endless chatter about what the mod sell and are they skewed? asking too many democrats. will the democrats turn out? certainly like they did for barack obama. you have all of that. i think we don't know how big it is. because donald trump has been so excore '80 in the last few weeks. we've never seen anything like it. i think there are a lot of voters, in the end do they move back when the coverage of the race is more serene? so i think he is much closer. i think that fox poll that
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called it right last time which says hillary clinton is up 1. i think it is much more indicative. >> there is a situation that develops. if nothing bad happens to trump for two or three weeks, two weeks, it gets much closer. his bad behavior his, to or current is what makes the race easy for hillary clinton. the men he doesn't screw up for a week or two, it seems the get much closer. he hasn't screwed up since a while ago. >> well, that's right. part of the problem is if you look at that usa today poll. he is running 9 points behind mock republican performers where she is with the democratic performers. she's doing a little bit better. but his problem is, when you
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look at, he talked about philadelphia. to go philadelphia and look at the suburbs. where those women are so critical. they haven't been voting democrat. they've been voting republican. but the moment, it is a tight race. i think you're right. picking fights with professional women, like megyn kelly. the person who didn't have the opportunities or missed them. that person is against people like me. 89% of democrats are supporting hillary clinton. 80% of republicans are supporting donald trump.
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>> that's an opportunity for him festival doesn't have some turmoil, self-created wounds over the next 12 days. you would assume some of those republicans to come home to donald trump and that would tighten up this race. >> here's more. on cnn today, trump had a strong reaction to a reporter who dared to ask him why he was not out campaigning but was attending the opening of his new hotel in washington, d.c. >> to people who say you're taking te out of swing states to go do this, you say? >> i stay following. you have been covering me for the last, a long time. i did eight stops and major speeches. i've been doing it. i'm going to north carolina, to north, to new hampshire. for you to ask me that question is very insulting. because hillary clinton does one
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stop and then she goes home and sleeps. yet you'll ask me that question. i think it is a very rude question, to be honest. i want to back my children. >> bingo. why did he do that today? it is a tough question but it is, if he took time out for a commercial enterprise within two weeks of a presidential election. he has something better to do? >> i worked for president george w. bush. he kept saying, i want to have my head in my own pillow in my own head at night. we would say if you would spend some, what we call r.o.n.s, we could be in more cities. donald trump has done twice as many events with three times crowds. he has a fair point. nobody can say you don't have enough events with the people. >> you're missing my question. >> i'll try again. why did he accuse her of insulting him? that's what he did. he said you're insulting me by asking that question. that's not an insult.
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he could have spun it back by saying, i have a responsibility to my country. >> he is thin skinned with the press. he thinks he is not getting fair coverage. >> he is not getting positive coverage and that's not helping. your thoughts. why does he keep picking a fight with whatever woman is nearby? >> that's who he is. i'm sorry. he is not a disciplined candidate. in the narrative about him not being a disciplined candidate and him being so unhinged and marchly prickly with women. he keeps reinforcing that narrative over and over and over again and it is killing him with women voters. >> that's not a word we hear a lot at the presidential level. unhinged. >> thank you, guys. thank you, susan. you're so smart and you know the history of this stuff. thank you. you're a reasonable guy. and cornell, i'm looking to you
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for brains. coming up, new revelations from the hacked e-mails show the clinton campaign in turmoil over hillary clinton's penchant for privacy. even if she wins the presidency, this could be a hard issue to put to bed. tonight mike moo joins us to talk about how democrats can reconnect with the voters. and much more on newt gingrich and his fight with megyn kelly. why is newt a bing trump surrogate going to battle with one of the most popular people in media? finally, the strange direction of this campaign. a big lead nationally but a much tighter fight in the battleground states that will decide the electoral college. announcer: they' tesyou. try to break yo wil
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however many cheese puffs may fly. you' the driver. thone in control. stand firm. just wait. [click] and move onlyhen you ar the click thats they're buckled in for the dri. never givep till they buckle up. some evidence that donald
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trump is talking about a rigged selection having an impact. a majority of 51% of likely voters said they are somewhat or very concerned there will be violence after the election. meanwhile, among trump supporters, 4 in 10 say if clinton wins, she shouldn't be seen as legitimately elected. 68% of trump supporters are worried that the election could be manipulated. anyway, he tweet on november 8 i'm voting for trump on. november 9, if trump loses, i'm grabbing my musket. you in?
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welcome back to "hardball." as of tuesday, wheeks has published more than 31,000 e-mails they say belonged to john podesta. one guy. the cache of illegally object taped e-mails appear to provide a real-time view of how a political campaign is run. especially the campaign.
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the hillary clinton campaign. this morning a "washington post" wrote that wikileaks reveals fears and frustrations inside clinton world. one says, it is a close clinton ally. we know her. the clash with podesta over the e-mail server. and he fires off an e-mail writing, she, meaning clinton, start making some other more positive news soon. well, podesta responds by saying, speaking of transparency, our friends, being sarcastic, sure were not forthcoming of the facts here. while he work the 2008 campaign wondered why these allies didn't get information about the everybody isser out early. saying, i know they wanted to get away with it. again these e-mails have not been authenticated. and according to television officials, russians are to blame for the cyber attack.
4:21 pm
they're not going on authentic the e-mails. i have to get to you. what are we learning? if you were studying a small island in the western pacific? you wanted to know what can we learn about their anthropology? what are we learning about the clinton world inside? >> well, this is clinton campaign and the clinton allies that are outside the campaign in their natural habitat. so to carry your analogy forward a little bit. we're sort of studying their ways. how they speak to one another. what they're worried about. and i think a lot of reporters certainly are interested in how they, the campaign was assessing her strength and weaknesses and what they considered to be various kinds of outside threats to her candidacy.
4:22 pm
one of the interesting things we know, which we see here. something we knew to be true, otherwise but we see it unfold. the way the campaign was functioning as a campaign, long, long before she announced and well before her announced date. that she said she would decide. whether she was running by january of 2015. through the fall. we see john podesta acting as air traffic control for all kinds of pple who were involved in what would become that campaign. >> the good news is, it looks like not everybody drank the kool-aid. there are people who say, per penchant for secrecy. it is not a crime but it is observed. and those who help her keep everything secret and then the
4:23 pm
newbies like podesta. they see the problem and try to fix it. they say how come we didn't put this out about the server? why did we wait for the press? >> i think you're right. that a positive spin is that clinton does have aides around her who are very aware of her biggest flaws and weaknesses and can identify them and they're willing to say to it her face shelf doesn't just have yes men around her. it is easier for her to criticize how the old guard handled the server. they were not part of it. >> it is easy to blame the guilty. >> they were not part of that decision making process. so it is easier to critique from the outside.
4:24 pm
>> this hasn't been a shake-up. the same team 18 months ago. >> this shows us behind the scenes, people still think of the state department people as a clique. and there is distrust of aides from different parts of clinton's high of. >> i think it is great. i know we got i through russians but it is still interesting to learn things. >> from september 2015. john podesta reportedly e-mailed concerns about the candidate. he wrote, we've taken on a lot of water that won't be easy to pump out of boat. most of that had to do with terrible decisions pre campaign but a lot of it is due to her instincts. almost no one knows better than me that her instincts can be terrible.
4:25 pm
>> i final it interesting that someone who is, i thought, 100% loyal, is still able to see her candidate's flaw. bad instincts for secrecy. whatever you want to call it. keeping things under the covers. it is a flaw she sees and shares with somebody else who is trying to get elected. >> sure. >> sure. she was part of what really became a pretty dysfunctional campaign and part of what she was battling was the kabal that helped her keep secrets and as you see in different contexts. now her view is that there is a group of people around who reinforce her worst instincts and she is trying to go around
4:26 pm
that. and encourage people to be more forthcoming nflt fact, podesta writes back and says, why don't you caller? and we don't know what happened. we only have the podesta part of it. >> i worked for politicians. nothing is tougher than critiquing the boss. the boss doesn't want thirt. the boss wants to hear, nice job. really good work. when you hear, i think you could have sped it up or slowed it down or spoken english or stop hiding stuff. that's very hard. >> the best guest on this. up next, vice president joe biden said yesterday they need to do a better job. when we return, filmmaker michael moore will be here to talk about what democrats need to do about that problem. there he is. i had a great time with him yesterday. what is he preaching at me for? ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis,
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jess: how ma d you have? shawn: i shou be fine jess: you should b officer: sir, go ahd and step out of the vehicle for me. shawn: yes, sir. bud: see ya, budd. today, shawn's got a hearing, we'll see how it goes. good luck! so, it turns out buzd drdrg and drunk drivg, today, shawn's got a hearing, we'll see how it goes. th're the sa tng and it cts around $10,000. so n worth i
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we're all americans, right? let's just start there. regardless who we're voting for. right? we're all in the same boat and we're going to sink or swim together. and i would rather we swim. i believe we have more things in
4:31 pm
common than not. we believe in the same things. we want the best schools for our kids. right, trump voters? you want the best schools for your kids. i know there is a rule. don't agree with michael moore for anything. but i'm trying to come out and meet you halfway. >> that was flil maker and liberal activist, michael moore. his new film is called michael moore in trumpland. a one-man show performed on stage before a bipartisan, a lot of trump people there in a trump strong hold in wilmington, ohio. the film is not the daunting or damming indictment. he makes a case for hillary clinton, someone he admits he's never supported or voted for until now. i'm going to give you a couple
4:32 pm
minutes here. no interruptions. why have you fallen in love with hillary clinton? i've been this love with her for 23 years. >>? no. but you never voted for her no. because i'm able to separate my love. >> tell me why someone should vote for her. >> in 1993, she decided to risk everything and put it all out there so that we could all have universal health care. and she went for it. and she was attacked and humiliated. >> but a lot of people including john dingle and pat moynihan. >> she was the first one out there -- >> i men her critics, rightly or wrongly. >> you know, i think, i have felt for a long time that she was a force for good.
4:33 pm
that what she believed in, and the things, the people that she cared about. i have my disagreements with her politically and that's why i was for bernie and obama in 2008. >> so who would you prefer right now? >> today, right now? >> you voted for bernie. you voted for him. would you like him to have won? >> as far as i'm concerned, by winning 22 states, a socialist. >> okay. >> that was a huge, you don't understand what will happen after 2016. these young people. these 18 to 35-year-olds. remember, there are 3 million 18-year-old new voters every single year. by the next electioner that's 12 million more of them. they favored socialism over capitalism. the whole bernie thing. >> but hillary is not a socialist. >> she is a christian so it is the same thing. it's all about making sure everyone has a seat at the table and the pie is divided so
4:34 pm
everybody gets a shis. isn't that what christianity is? >> tell me about -- i don't want to get in a fight with you. i'm stopping now. i'll let you talk. >> you said two minutes. you gave me 20 seconds. i'm happy to be here. >> take more time. >> the case for hillary. >> hillary clinton -- first of all original a macro level. the fact it is, it isn't being said enough that we'll elect our first woman president. this is huge for the country, for the world, for the future, for our young girls. our daughters and grand daughters. this is a very great moment. when she is in the oval office. she is not going on harm the planet. she is not got go harm children. >> you don't think she is more hawkish than obama? >> she may be. >> does that worry you?
4:35 pm
>> yeah. she voted for the war. but she has said that she was wrong. she wrote in her book. she had never been more wrong about anything. what more do you want? i think if the bernie revolution stays intact. and everybody who is organized behind bernie, on november 9, after she is in the white house. we'll be there to support her in the good she's going to do. and make sure if she doesn't -- >> women are child raising, child bearing. >> it is not just that. >> very haven't caused climate change. they don't stop wars. they don't build atomic bombs. >> i'll asking you. do you think women less war like than men? >> absolutely. >> give me an example. >> we have haven't been -- >> golda the maier.
4:36 pm
>> if you watched my last film. when you have one or two women. just a when you have one african-american on the supreme court. you have that token who has to appease the other side to get in this. so you have clarnls thomas. now that we've had over 80 countries that have elected a woman. how many of those have gone to war? >> do you think -- >> it was a different time. >> vice president told me yesterday the democratic party has not spoken to the concerns of working class voters. >> we don't associate with their difficulty anymore. it is like they're in good shape but they're not. so we've just gotten to the point where we can talk about rebuilding the middle which is
4:37 pm
a. real wages are up. we don't talk enough to their kernels. >> do you think biden could have beaten hillary clinton is this. >> i don't know. you don't have me on for that kind of talk. >> but you were bernie. and now you're with hillary. you're a socialist. >> i like joe biden, of course. what's not to like? >> let's talk about hillary positives. the first 100 days. what would you like her to do? get done? >> replace the pipes in flint, michigan. with that poison water. what my initial concern is with friends and family who live there. absolutely. she could do a bunch of thing with immigration, with the fda. ban fructose corn syrup. how about that?
4:38 pm
>> there's a number of things she can do without congress. my fear and my hope, both, is that she doesn't begin her first 100 days like president obama did, bringing in the wall street guys to run the treasury department. going, holding the olive branch out to the republicans. we've been through enough of this. we need somebody like her. >> the 60 votes you need in the senate to get anything done. >> i thought it was 51? i thought it was majority. >> well, to stop the vote. >> we so don't do anything, right? yeah. that started -- >> how do you get rid of that? >> the democrats don't have the courage of their convictions. republicans wouldn't have done that math. they would have said it's 51. get out. the democrats -- >> in the real world. well, 51 is the majority. we need 60. >> what do you think? >> yes. the democrats -- >> you think namby pamby.
4:39 pm
yes. this is what the americans want. most are liberal on all the issues tochbl reason the republicans have any help in congress is gerrymandering. >> it is not gerrymandering. bits voter suppression. within the states, the districts in the states get jerry imaginedered. >> i believe hillary clinton will make -- >> the nuclear option. she'll go all the way. deal with 50 votes? she doesn't even need 51 by your counting. >> as i said, she will put on those kicking boots, i can't say the word. >> tim reason can break the tie. >> that's right. you only need 50. come on. >> come on. have a little hopeful. >> michael moore. thank you. an idealist.
4:40 pm
>> how horrible! we have idealism left! >> michael moore who likes to make everybody else into a conservative. >> i watched the movie. it is really good. it shows how you can appeal to people who dome like you if you do it right. that's not left or right. just smart. >> thank you. >> why is the trump camp back at war with megyn kelly? doofus! what is this about? this time, newt gingrich picked a fight with her. that's ahead.
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as we showed you earlier, tanging with megyn kelly last night. newt gingrich.
4:44 pm
>> if trump is a sexual predator -- >> he's not a sexual predator. >> that's your opinion. i'm not taking a position on it. >> i am sick and tired of people like you using language that's inflammatory that's not true. >> excuse me, mr. speaker. you have no idea whether it is true or not. what we know is -- >> neither do you. >> that's right. and i am not taking a position on it unlike you. >> do you want to go back to the tapes of your show recently? you're fascinated with sex and you don't care about public policy. >> me, really is this you know what? i'm not fascinated by sex. but i am fascinated by the protection of women. >> do you want to comment on whether the cleanse ticket has a relationship to a sexual predator? >> we on the kelly file have covered that story as well. >> i want to hear you say, bill clinton, sexual predator. >> that was not going anywhere. howie jackson caught up with newt this afternoon and said republican women are thanking
4:45 pm
him. >> mr. speaker, what do you say to the republican women who saw that last night and are upset with it. >> i haven't seen on it twitter or anywhere. i've had a lot of republican women write me and thank me for standing up for the baloney that is thrown at us by people who excuse bill clinton. >> a contributor to nbc we have to start with the women. this seems like a festivity of craziness with this guy. doesn't he know, he only gets one headline a day and he chooses this one. >> the weird part is they just doubled down on it and don't realize that was such a losing position to be in. they think they won that. what's coming out is that we're seeing there's not just a civil
4:46 pm
war within the gop but the hot, white war and debate within the party on gender lines. megyn kelly is the face for it. it start with her questions. >> all right. the former washington university president picks a fight with an anchor woman and gets blown away. why do they pick fights with someone who is popular and trusted? >> i don't think it is deliberate. >> you can't defend trump's behavior or comments. at least on this issue. >> the taped stuff, you mean. so the knee jerk is to impugn the person asking the question. and this is an effective strategy for the most part when you're dealing with nonconservative media. right? this is what republican dozen all the time. this it's what trump and his
4:47 pm
surrogates have doubled down. on it doesn't work so well when you're dealing with a very pop hard well respected conservative journalist. >> and look at the dynamic that was in may in this interview. when she is addressing hill, she calls him mr. speaker. she refers to him as sir. when he talks back to her, he is saying, megyn, he is wagging his finger. pointing his finger. and then he is telling her how to do her job. first of all, you never get in a fight with a host. it's their job. and second, he is doing that thing, that man explaining thing. >> what is that? >> when a man is being condescending and arrogant trying to tell women what they think they should know. women don't like it. anyone who is evolved doesn't like it. >> i think the best part of all this is when the guy who had the affair -- >> bingo! >> who was supposed to be replaced by someone who had an
4:48 pm
afather but instead was replace bid someone who was a pedophile who happened to have impeached someone having an affair. he is accusing this journalist of being fascinated by sex. >> who are you to keep memories of all thislive is this. >> it's all true. >> republican there's quietly tell that you they have had their minds blown throughout this whole episode looking at guys who are put up as trump's character witnesses on his women problem. >> you 19 nine wives club? >> yes. newt and rudy. >> a baseball team out there. up next, they'll tell me something i don't know. you doleanything keep you sideline that's why you drink eure. with 9 grams of protei26 vitamins and minerals. for e strength anergy to ...what you love.nin.. sure alwa be you. [baby ta]
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that new "usa day" suffolk poll that has hillary clinton in front by nine points found that 51% of voters say they believe the women who have come forward to accuse donald trump of sexual misconduct. they believe them. four in ten say those accusations make it less likely for them to support trump for president. at the supermarket buying cheese. scandal alert! flo likes dairy?! woman: busted! [ laughter ] right afterwards we caught r ridinghotgun with aystery man. oh, yeah! [ stct sutg ]hotgun with aystery man. is this your chafeur? what?! no, i wajust showing him hoeasy it to save spsho fr progressive. you just plug it in and it gives you a rate based on your dring. es she have insunce for being boring? [ light laughter ]
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4:52 pm
back with the "hardball" roundtable. tell me something i don't know. >> you just referenced these poll numbers. i talked to hillary clinton's top strategists to see where they are. they're being very, very conservative. i know they're not just spinning me. they told me, look, we can see a
4:53 pm
scenario where we actually lose iowa. we don't get the obama map. >> don't get ohio or florida. >> and don't pick up north carolina, don't compensate for that. and they aren't just spinning me because then today i looked at where they're running their final round of ads and they're playing it in all the conservative states. we don't see them going into rz, georgia. that could change. >> so they're running -- >> most basic battleground map. >> so there was an interesting poll recently of millennials conducted by -- >> are you still a millennial? >> i am still a millennial. >> you will be 55 years old. be in the business 25 years -- >> well, thank you. >> you don't seem like a millennial when i'm reading you. >> this poll of millennials asked what are the most important problems facing this country. and there was a huge divide based on race. so black respondents again age 18 to 30, they were most likely to name racism.
4:54 pm
hispanic respond ens were most likely to name immigration. >> what do you mean by immigration? >> that's just the catch-all capper, i don't know exactly. the asian american respond ens were most likely to name education. >> how did i know that? i knew that was going to be it. >> and white respondents were most likely to name trim. a little bit of a difference here. >> lionel sosa, he's one of the most influential latino republicans in texas. this guy pretty much created what we call hispanic outreach. he was didding indoing it for h.w., he was the strategist, he created ads, he's a big league republican player. for some time he's been dissatisfied with the direction of the party. he just announced he's voting for hillary clinton. that's just one guy. but someone like him who decades in the gop is finally saying he's throwing in with hillary clinton that speaks how far trump has taken the gop away from -- >> it may be temporary.
4:55 pm
i think republicans will do well in your community eventually. entrepreneurism. >> but losing someone like him. >> i think it's trump himself, not t party. why do i keep reading paul? get my head into this. raul, thank you so much. we'll be right back. okay, so whas our la da sa our customer is a 21-year-old femama.heavil. wanow she's into disc sports. ah, no she's not. nce when? nce now. she's into tai chi. she found disc sports tostressful. hold on. let me ask you th... what's she gonna like six months from now?
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election die aerks wednesday, october 26. well, i have a sense that this election for president is being pulled in two ways people not
4:59 pm
talking about the tension between donald trump and hillary clinton. that's natural. no, there's a different tension at work right now that's remarkable. it's the tension between a voert's impulse to vote their beliefs about the country and the tendency to vote for or against a candidate based on his or her fitness for office. i believe if donald trump did not have his history of personal behavior, we know the allegations, if he were merely judged by the three main issues he's raised, 11 million people in the country illegally, the loss of the manufacturing base and the bad war decisions especially iraq he would be running very close to if not ahead of hillary clinton. if trump loses and hillary wins the message of the trump campaign will be dismissed. it shouldn't be. people are not happy about it. but we don't have an upstanding immigration program we're proud of, not happy about the loss of job, not happy with the wars that damaged the lives of so many young americans. the fact that a candidate with trump's personal baggage is still getting the support he is
5:00 pm
should tell the winner, if it's hillary, to take the message that trump was carrying. don't lead the rejection of trump to reject his entire message. "all in" with chris haes starts right now. tonight on "all in." >> congratulations, newt, on last night. that was an amazing interview. we don't play games, newt. >> no country for old men. >> you want to go back to the tapes of your show recently. you are fascinated with sex. >> the gop civil war turns bloody tonight as trump and his allies lash out more evidence in an actual gop revolution could be happening. plus 13 days to election day. why republicans are already talking about another clinton impeachment. why are democrats leaving the rubio race in florida? why president obama's campaign so punish republicans isn't really anything new. >> we've got to close the gap a


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