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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  October 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>> that's the last word for tonight. "the 11th hour" with brian williams is live, and it is next.
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republicans about a war on women >> neither do you. >> that's right. and i'm not taking a position on it unlike you. >> when you used the words you
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took a position and it's very unfair of you to do that megyn. that is exactly the bias people are upset by. you want to go back through the tapes of your show recently? you are fascinated with sex and you don't care about public policy. >> me? really. >> do you want to comment on whether the clinton ticket has a relationship with a sexual predator. >> we on "the kelly file" have done stories on that, sir. >> i want to hear you use the word "bill clinton is a sexual predator." >> still entertaining. the top of the trump/pence ticket took time off for a ribbon cutting of his new hotel in washington. trump could do not resist taking time to defend surrogate and former house speaker newt gingrich. >> congratulations, newt, on last night. that was an amazing interview. [ applause ] we don't play games, newt, right? we don't play games.
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>> gingrich was asked to comment by our own hallie jackson today. >> it's always nice to be recognized by a potential president. >> reporter: what do you say to republican women who saw that interview last night and are upset by it, frankly. >> i haven't seen that on twitter or anywhere. i've had a lot of republican women write me and thank me for standing up for the bologna that is thrown at us by people who excuse bill clinton and explain how shocked they are by donald trump. >> reporter: so called friendly fire a few momentsing on fox news. former george w. bush seniored a visor karl rove had this to say about how donald trump spent his time today. >> i don't think it was use to feel spend today dedicating his hotel in washington, d.c. complimenting newt gingrich on having a food fight with you last night. that was not a good use of today. he has 13 days. every one of those days is precious. >> tomorrow hillary clinton for
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her part will campaign for the first time with first lady michelle obama who has been her campaign's most effective voice thus far on donald trump and women. let's bring in our guests to talk about it. gop veteran, former white house communications director nicolle wallace is here. we welcome the senior politics reporter for "usa today" and with us from washington, former rnc chairman michael steele. welcome to you all. it's hard to believe it's been just 24 hours. was trump sanctioning it by the callout of newt gingrich? >> sanctioning it? he was applauding it. we didn't get to it last night but i had a feeling they were running a play. he didn't lose his temp we are megyn kelly, this was a plan. trump has been running against megyn kelly with such fervor i think some people wondered if he'd run against hillary clinton with the same focus maybe he'd be doing better.
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this war on women, this is a conversation that's been happening in private for many, many months. the fact that it's on -- tomorrow's front page of the "washington post" with people like condoleezza rice, katie packer, a senior woman in the romney orbit makes comments that used to trip up republicans in the old days, talk about -- romney talked about binders of women that would be considered as potential appointees. that was viewed as a near-fatal comment. donald trump and his surrogates have sanctioned misogyny at a level that i don't think it's appropriate to put in the the locker room. i don't know that you see in the sports. it's appalling and women are appalled? >> heidi, tonight i watched you with chris matthews and unprompted you used exactly the same phrase nicolle used 24 hours earlier calling what's happening a hot war on women. >> well, that is what is remarkable is that you have ladies like nicolle using that phrase, the war on women, because, guess what?
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that is is a democratic battle call that has been used over the past several cycles that republican women have flatly and roundly rejected saying, no, our party does not represent a war on women but what this has done is kind of like unearthed this underbelly of these gender tensions within the republican party when you have not only donald trump behaving the way that he is and spewing the rhetoric that he is but then very esteemed members of the republican party like jeff sessions saying, no, grabbing women by the "p" word, that's not assault. then you have women like nicolle and amanda carpenter who come out on these programs and say gentlemen, please reject this, stand up now. we have gone to the mat, we've strapped on the armor all these years to reject this and defend you and now you are standing by idly as this happened and coming back and even endorsing this man
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and standing behind this rhetoric and it's becoming unbearable for us and that's why you see amanda carpenter, for instance, saying there needs to be political obituaries when this is all over for some of these gop men who just stood by this. >> amanda has been incredible. the other piece is we jumped right into this last night but where the week began was donald trump talking about grabbing an adult film actress and he made a joke and he said "i'm sure it wasn't the first time she'd been grabbed." i think that was the exact quote. so the funny thing about donald trump is he does crisis and disaster in such a volume that we didn't get to sink our teeth into that because he seemed to be suggesting to me that there was a certain kind of woman on whom a sexual assault might be appropriate because she "has probably been grabbed before." so this is going on hour by hour day by day. this is now -- i would describe the sentiment among most republican women that i talk to
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as disgust and i think that there will be a reckoning not just on election day but all of the people, all of the men that have stood with donald trump and have not called out this flagrant misogyny i think will pay a price many, many months down the road after election day. >> michael steele, you once ran this party. what do you think is going on and why? >> oh, my god, that was a lifetime ago compared to where we are now. [ laughter ] >> all right, well you ran a party under a front banner for them. >> the party formerly known. >> very different environment. you know, this is one of those issues that, again, has been bubbling beneath the surface. and i think heidi had it right as well. these women have stood by and let the men continue to move the party in a certain direction, not taking their heat to their warning, not really listening to what they would bring to the conversation and defending the war on women charge against democrats. those days are over and it has
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been brought to a head and is long overdue. there are women in this party who can have much more elevated positions if allowed to do that and a lot of women feel they sat back long enough, too long, as a matter of fact, and this breaks open for them to the point just made for them to now charge at these men and push back on the system that's allowed this environment to fester. and, again, i have to agree with it, it's long overdue. and you have republican women running for office right now, brian, and who i think better put this party in a position to lead beyond this than the men can by any account because a lot of them have stood silent or applauded or shrugged off a lot of what trump said about women and republican women let alone the american women are sick and tired of.
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>> it nicolle, to heidi's point, do you think there will be an accounting? what is going to happen at the end of all that regardless of how it ends? >> honestly, i think they'll leave the republican party, and that's the tragedy. >> yeah. >> i think women will reregister -- and let's take it out of the elites. we have a platform, we get to get it off our chest with people like you, we have elegant republican men like michael steele to talk us off the ledge, thank you. but i think what will happen in the country -- the reason women pick presidents is because they make up a larger swath of the undecided voters or the swing voters, they're registered as democrats or republicans but they wait and watch. they may reregister as independents or stay where they are but i think they will be repelled for not just this cycle but until these wrongs are righted. i don't think this is something that washes out the morning after election day. this is a party this is stood by, has sort of accepted donald trump's explanation that talking about grabbing a woman by the "p" word is locker room talk.
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that is an earthquake and the problem with trump is that the tectonic plates shift on such a frequent basis that the party never gets to process and purge any of these comments or any of the people that condone them. >> speaking of accounting, let's talk about a profile in courage as some have called this tonight. congressman jason chaffetz, if you tuned into our live coverage the night the "access hollywood" outtakes aired, you would have been forgiven for thinking he was perhaps co-anchoring the coverage. he ran out of ways to condemn what he heard and condemn donald trump for it. he talked about his wife, religion or daughter all by saying he could not endorse donald trump. here is video of him saying much the same thing. >> he's put us in a terrible, terrible position but i can't look my 15-year-old daughter in the eye and tell her i endorse this person to become the president of the united states.
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i just can't deal with it. >> cut to twitter tonight, congressman chaffetz, who was among the hillary clinton interrogators you may remember from our coverage of the day long hearing "i will not defend or endorse donald trump but i am voting for him." hrc is that bad. hrc is bad for the usa, heidi. >> here's the painful part about that, brian, i'm tracking hillary clinton's advertising quite closely and they cut an ad exactly using those words from jason chaffetz, i didn't know they were his words but they found a republican man to say the exact same thing that i can't look my daughter in the eye and vote for trump and that's kind of like how just compelling this about-face is. but to be fair, other members are doing it, like thune and deb fisher. and i think what happened here is that if you remember the exodus started after his comments on the "access hollywood" tape.
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then the first round of polling came in and just coincidentally the exodus stopped. why? >> and some of them reendorsed? >> because what we found out is that the electorate believes these things. it was already baked in the cake in terms of donald trump and they didn't see a wholesale shift away from him. the members are simply following the polls and the reality that one day this election will be over and they'll have the to reckon as well with this considerable new trumpian wing of the party. >> but i heard another person say that s that a lot of voters are keeping track of principle, as hard to find as it is these days and, for example, to name a name, a certain governor of ohio is getting a lot of credit. kasich, say what you will about him, has not wavered. >> he has not wavered and he's been consistent and it will be those who have been consistent
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who i think a lot of folks will look to to move us forward in this. i don't know how the others who, you know, say one thing but say, yeah, i got to go this way, look the party, look voters in the eye inside the party and go "hey, follow me." people want that consistency and principle and john kasich has been that. and he took a great deal of heat for not appearing at his -- at the convention in his own backyard because he principally had a problem with the nominee and he'd never -- never veered off of that and i think that that's going to hold him in good stead and a lot of others in good stead as the party tries to build and regroup and reorient itself going forward. >> michael steele who led a large and sprawling national political party, thank you for being with us, heidi, thank you, welcome to our modest table and our broadcast. >> the late hour. coming up after a break for
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us, talk of a tightening race in several poll this is evening. our own data firewall steve kornacki with us here in the studio tonight with the math that adds up to 270 and beyond. this is the 11th hour on msnbc.
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this is the 11th hour on msnbc. what's your general sense in the battleground states? >> i think we're winning iowa and ohio, so do you. i think we're winning florida. i think we're winning florida by much more than your poll.
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you have us two points up. we're going to do fantastically in pennsylvania. i think we're winning north carolina. we'll soon be winning new hampshire. >> reporter: will you get 270 electoral votes. >> i think we're going to win. >> so it's decided then. here's looking at you nicolle wallace. donald trump walking through how he thinks he can get to 270 electoral votes. we've invited steve kornacki to the night shift to walk us through that path to 270. steve. >> donald trump has had a relatively encouraging past couple of days. i want to show you the good news for him the last few days but underscore what a challenge he still faces. t bottom line, hillary clinton is just over 270 in terms of states she's in good shape in. the gray states are the tossup states. one of the problems for trump, some are supposed to be republican readouts like utah,
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arizona, north carolina, states that went for romney. so the bottom line for trump every state that you see as gray donald trump has to win. he has to win all seven of these states and the congressional district up there in maine. in terms of the good news trump got, you heard him in that clip. today for the first time since the debates took place, we're talking about the past month, here is a poll in florida that puts donald trump ahead. there are other polls that have hillary clinton up but donald trump has the lead. it shows it is plausible he could win florida. also good news in nevada. he slipped badly in nevada in the last month. here's our knew nbc news "wall street journal" poll. plausible trump could take that. here's the problem. if he gets all of these, if he gets florida, if he gets nevada, utah, a state he's not even supposed to have to sweat to win, if he gets arizona and iowa, he is in pretty good shape in iowa, ohio is a tossup, north carolina is a tossup.
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if he goes 7 for 7 and wins that congressional district in maine he is still short. he still needs to flip one of these blue states and that's where the other new poll, the new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll comes into play. new hampshire is a state where his campaign thinks they can get that one extra state they need. check it out. a nine-point lead in our new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. so two layers here for trump. he has to win all those swing states and then a state like new hampshire where you're down a number like that? you have to find a way to flip. >> nicolle wallace, veteran of politics, how does he say what he did today and if you believe this whole psychoanalysis that's going on with these tapes, the "new york times" ran yesterday he was emphasizing his business success, on time under budget, a message people would have said six months ago. >> and i disagree with karl rove. i don't think it's a bad thing for donald trump to showcase his business success. that's what people liked about him. the bad use of his words was
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giving a high five to newt gingrich with his fight with with megyn kelly. here's the problem. they don't think behind donald trump he'll win all these states say. he does, that i can't even name the one -- >> steve is hardly cooking the board here. >> exactly. so it still doesn't -- you still don't win. and i talked to a clinton advisor before i came on tonight who said there's no chance in new hampshire. their lead is so comfortable in new hampshire. and there's not the other magical mystery state steve can't find on the board or that we're not talking about. it doesn't exist. >> steve, when people ask you why the main congressional district, a, gets to be striped and, b, why it's so important, what's the answer? >> it's a fascinating story. this is a district, the second district -- oh, that's not -- well, there you can go that wasn't supposed to come up but it helps the story.
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four years ago nobody thought about maine, it was a 15-point race. so why are we talking about that? we're talking about rural maine, western maine, bangor, lewiston, auburn. those are your biggest cities. we talk about this divide trump has opened up between blue-collar white voters and more suburban college-educated professional white voters. well, the percentage of non-college white voters there is something over 70% so demographically it's not diverse, you're not talking about a large non-white population, you are just talking about one of the heaviest concentrations you'll find on this electoral map of non-college blue-collar white voters. it's the reason why he's overperforming what mitt romney did in iowa and that one congressional district in maine has got trump voters and so it's a district mitt romney won -- excuse me, it's a district barack obama won four years ago.
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donald trump is in boggs that he could pull it off. >> so nicolle, in plain english, what we saw donald trump do today in 30 seconds is it just what people say at this point in the campaign? >> donald trump is running his own campaign. he's never been influenced or advised by anyone around him. for a short time the family and our friends chris christie and rudy were able to influence him but he is going to end this race the way he started it, on his own instincts and they have proven to be quite polarizing. >> nicolle wallace still wearing republican red at this point in the campaign. steve kornacki trying not to tilt the wall in any color scheme. thank you, sir, thanks for staying up with us tonight. thank you both. another break for us, coming up, what we learned today about where hillary clinton will spend election night and why it's important. this is the 11th hour on msnbc.
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last thing before we go here tonight, there's more of a collection of indications that we are in the 11th hour as campaigns go. the hillary clinton campaign announced today the candidate will hold her election night celebration at the javits center overlooking the hudson river here in new york. some were quick to point out the massive venue has a -- wait for it -- massive glass ceiling. another thing about the javits center?
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donald trump was instrumental in the development of the convention center and, in fact, asked the city to put his family name on it. trump wrote in his book "the art of the deal," at least under his authorship "there wouldn't be a new convention center in new york today if it hadn't been for the trumps." clinton celebrating her 69th birthday on the trail today after picking up adele's endorsement in miami last night with a surprise cake from her staff still in miami. an aid tells us she is celebrating privately with her family. finally, this question. what if only millennials voted in this election? you saw steve kornacki's map? look at this one. the new electoral map shows an overwhelming win by clinton with 498 electoral votes to trump's 23. if the only votes that counted were those aged 18 to 34. big blue nation under those circumstances. that's "the 11th" hour for tonight.
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"hardball" with chris matthews up next. up in the air. let's play "hardball." 13 days to go and hillary clinton has opened a big lead in two national polls heading into the final stretch. clinton is up nine points in the latest "usa today"/suffolk university poll. 47% to 38% in a four-way race. in a brand new poll from the associated press clinton leads by 14 points, 51% to 37%. but as a counterweight, fox news, which has a good poll out this evening that shows the race closer. clinton has a three-point lead nationally, 44% to 41% in that fox poll. but the polls that will decide the election are the battleground states themselves and those polls are mixed. a bloomberg poll in florida shows trumea


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