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tv   First Look  MSNBC  October 27, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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he is going to be with us here tomorrow night to try to understand what this means. he is probably the leading expert in the country in terms of the republican party's side of this argument. that should be fascinating. but that does it for us tonight. donald trump's detour. the republican nominee takes a break to open a new hotel, but the event becomes a target for the clinton campaign. plus, with 12 days left until election day, a new poll shows hillary clinton widening her lead over donald trump. but at the same time, the democratic nominee is offering a warning to her supporters. and we're getting a look at newly released video showing the moment a police officer first encountered the man accused of setting off bombs in new york and new jersey last month. ♪ good morning, everyone. it is thursday, october 27th.
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i'm alex witt alongside louis bergdorf. donald trump attended the ribbon cutting of his new hotel in washington, d.c., yesterday. it was his second event at the hotel in as many months and the 32nd time trump has addressed the press from one of his properties. the candidate said the project, located on pennsylvania avenue, is an example of the kind of leadership he will bring to the white house. >> we turned a property that had been neglected for decades, and which was losing huge sums of money for the federal government, into a major revenue prucer and job creator. this is what i want to do for our country. i want to go into the inner cities, the poor rural communities, and the failing schools, and i want to work on a national plan of revitalization. i'm tired of the excuses from our politicians. i'm tired of being told what
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cannot be done. my theme today is five words. under budget and ahead of schedule. that's what we did. >> now, some disputed trump's claim of coming in ahead of schedule. "usa today" posted old trump press releases saying expected completion was to be in late 2015. meanwhile, trump took umbrage of the suggestion his business was taking up critical time in the waning days of the campaign. >> to people who say you're taking time out of swing states to go do this, you say? >> i say the following. you have been covering me for the last long time. i did yesterday eight stops and three major speeches, and i've been doing this for weeks straight. i left there for an hour and a half. i'm going to north carolina right now. then i'm going to florida, going up to new hampshire. for you to ask me that question is very insulting because hillary clinton does one stop
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and then goes home and sleeps. and yet you'll ask me that question. i thinkt's a very rude question to be honest with you. and what i do is i want to back my children. >> and democrat hillary clinton also took on trump for his hotel, challenging his business practices while at a rally in tampa, which trump responded to last night in north carolina. >> yesterday here in florida, he took time out to invite the press to listen to his employees talk about what a great boss he is while he was watching and listening to them. and today in opening that hotel, i think it's important to note that she once again relied on undocumented workers. the same people he has been insulting and demonizing throughout this campaign. >> he said i used illegal immigrants to build the
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building. except i didn't use one. for two reasons. number one, i didn't want to. and number two, i'm running for president. would i do that? so i went with the e-verify system. >> in july 2015, "the washington post" reported that some laborers at trump's hotel said they were undocumented. >> after attending the ribbon cutting ceremony for his new hotel, donald trump flew to charlotte, north carolina, and in a policy focused speech in front of a predominantly white crowd, he made a direct appeal to african-american voters. >> i want to talk about how to grow the african-american middle class and to provide a new deal for black america. that deal is grounded in three promises. safe communities, great education, and high-paying jobs. i promise that under a trump administration, the law will be applied fairly, equally, and
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without prejudice. we will also police our streets. have to make our streets safe. i want every poor african-american child to be able to walk down the street in peace and not be scared. the problem is not the presence of police. but the absence of police. we need really a great group of people to keep you safe, to keep us all safe. i will never, ever take the african-american community for granted. never, ever. unlike hillary, who does nothing, does nothing for the hispanics or for the african-american communities. >> a new national poll finds hillary clinton with a commanding lead in the presidential race, according to the ap/gfk poll. clinton is leading donald trump by 14 percentage points, 51% to 37%. after an event in tampa
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yesterday, jenn for a palmieri told nbc news one of the campaign's biggest fears is complacency. she said the campaign is worried supporters will see clinton ahead in the race and won't think they need to vote. >> with 13 days left in this election, we cannot stop for a minute. no complacency here. nobody flagging. now, donald trump says he can still win, and he's right. that's why it's so important everyone gets out and votes. we're not taking anything for granted. there's not an ounce of complacency. we want everybody to keep helping us, making phone calls and knocking on doors and reaching out to everyone. early voting where you can and being prepared to vote. i feel good, but i am really determined that nobody is going to rest or stop or in any way, you know, think this election is over before it's actually over. >> clinton hits the trail with first lady michelle obama for the first time today.
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they'll be in north carolina. donald trump will return to maine for a fifth time tomorrow, seeking a single electoral college vote in its second congressional district, where he was leading but a recent poll shows tightening there. this is the new nbc/"wall street journal"/marist poll. 45% to trump's 36%. gary johnson still at double-digits with 10%. while a new monmouth university poll conducted slightly later shows merely a four-point race. clinton at 46%, trump, 42%. it's all tied up in nevada. this according to the nbc/"wall street journal"/marist poll. 43% for both clinton and trump with johnson at 10 points. and there's growing doubt over whether house speaker paul ryan will be able to maintain his office once the november election is complete. trump backers angered over his one foot in, one foot out approach to the nominee could endanger his role as the most
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powerful man in the house. "the new york times" reports trump has privately said mr. ryan should pay a price for his d disloyalty. the speaker of the house does not have to be a sitting member of congress. according to roll call, a nonmember has never been elected to that position. a source close to the house speaker responded merely, 68, that's the margin paul ryan won by in that primary. senator ted cruz is the latest republican to raise the possibility of keeping late supreme court justice antonin scalia's seat on the high court bench empty. yesterday cruz suggested the blockade in confirming president obama's nominee to fill the seat. it could last past the election. it echoed senator john mccain's statement earlier this month. last week, senator jeff flake suggest the the republicans should confirm garland to avoid having to confirm a more liberal
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nominee under hillary clinton. a quote provided by senator cruz's office says, there will be plenty of time for debate on that issue. there is long historical precedent for a supreme court with fewer justices. just recently, justice stephen breyer observed that the vacancy is not impacting the court's ability to do its job. >> there were, i think, about four or five cases, depending on how you count. maybe four, maybe five cases out of 70 to 75 cases during the year. last year, where the court did split 4-4. >> speaking last night in washington, d.c., justice breyer's usually reserved colleague justice clarence thomas criticized the process, saying it's a sign of larger problems. >> i think that we have decided that rather than confront the disagreements and the
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differences of opinion, we'll just simply annihilate the person who disagrees with me. i don't think that's going to work. i don't think that's going to work in a republic or a civil society. at some point, we have got to recognize that we're destroying our institutions. i don't think people owe us reflexively confidence. i think it's something we earn. and that you try to do your job in a way that they can have confidence in what you do. >> donald trump loomed large over last night's senate debate in florida. senator marco rubio and congressman patrick murphy faced off in their second debate. murphy down by ten points in president bloomberg politics poll released this week. hit rubio over his senate attendance record and tried his best to link his opponent to donald trump. >> senator rubio has the worst voting record of any senator from florida in nearly 50 years
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and has gone on to endorse donald trump, the man that by his own account he doesn't trust with the nuclear codes. you see, senator rubio has lost all credibility in my opinion, by supporting donald trump in this election. it is important to note how many factions are involved in syria right now. but we also both know that donald trump probably can't name or identify any of those groups or their involvement. yet, you're continuing to support donald trump. senator rubio continues to support donald trump. it is shameful that he stands there with him when you know that trump doesn't even know any of this. >> this is now the fifth time. basically the answer to every question tonight by congressman murphy is donald trump. i'm paraphrasing the vice president, who once said that someone else's platform is basically a noun, a verb, and in this case, a noun, a verb, and donald trump. that's his answer to everything. >> one "tampa bay times" reporter said donald trump's name was mentioned 19 times during that debate. defense secretary ash carter
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has ordered the pentagon to stop reclaiming re-enlistment bonuses from thousands of national guard members, saying, quote, there is no more important responsibility for the department of defense than keeping faith with our people. secretary carter says he will establish what he calls a streamlined, centralized process to ensure the fair and equal treatment of our service members. the defense department stresses that each case will be looked at on its own instead of blanket amnesty. but once the new process is in place, it should take months, not years, and the white house welcomed the decision. >> the president has been pleased to see in the last 24 hours the department of defense make some specific commitments to ensuring that our service members are treated fairly. the focus here, at least from the perspective of the commander in chief, is that we're going to make sure everybody gets treated fairly. >> and house speaker paul ryan also applauded the news, saying he was glad the pentagon came to its senses. the california national guard also welcomed that decision,
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saying in a statement, we look forward to working with the office of the secretary of defense and congress to provide our soldiers the relief they deserve. still ahead, the cubbies get on the board in the world series for the first time since peanuts lowery back in 1945. plus, two powerful earthquakes rattle central italy overnight, knocking out power and sending residents running into the streets. those stories and a check on weather when we come right back. n i'm bef boritt and i'm a oadway set desigr.
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welcome back, everyone. newly releetsed body camera footage shows the moment a new jersey police officer spotted the chelsea bombing suspect ahmad rahami. in this video, linden new jersey police officer finds rahami as he was sleeping in the doorway of a building.
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>> what are you doing? you can't be sleeping on somebody's door. who said you could stay here? what's your name? what's your last name? you got i.d. on you or no? you don't have anything with an i.d.? >> i don't. >> where do you live? >> i'm homeless. >> what do you mean you're homeless? >> i haven't had a house. >> where'd you used to live? >> i had lost my job and couldn't pay my rent. >> scary to watch, knowing what was to come. well, the officer was shot in the midsection. rahami faces federal charges in connection with the bombings in new jersey and new york, this on the weekend of september 17th. nearly 30 people were injured when a bomb went off in the chelsea neighborhood of
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manhattan. a 5.6-magnitude earthquake struck near the central italian town of visso yesterday. that was followed up by a stronger 6.0-magnitude one as well, as more than a dozen aftershocks. so far, there are no reports of any serious injuries or fatalities. although, there is extensive damage, including several collapsed buildings. the mayor of one village says i had community, quote, does not exist anymore, after heavy damage from that second quake. he said villagers fled their homes after the initial tremor and no one was injured. let's get a check on your weather now with nbc meteorologist bill karins. what's up, other than chill, bill? >> chill and killington opened yesterday. first resort in the east. it's that snow season. rochester, new york, you're waking with up to a coating of snow on that back patio and on the grass surfaces. syracuse, a little light snow about to head your way.
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the binghamton area, the snow is now breaking out. same for around scranton an wilksbury. that's now creeping toward the hudson valley and through portions of northern jersey. just plain old rain in ohio and pennsylvania. when we're all done with this, it's an elevation snow event. you can pinpoint the mountains it. heres the catskills, the adirondacks, the berkshires. look at maine. maine is going to get nailed. 4 to 8 inches. it won't be long until they open up with fresh powder out there coming tomorrow. let me time it out for you. the rain and sleet is moving now through areas of pennsylvania, central new york, and central pennsylvania. it's moving into the hudson valley as we go throughout the 8:00 and 9:00 hours. again, only accumulation is the grassy surfaces and cars. by 11:00 a.m., the steadier snow is in the hudson valley and now approaching the adirondacks. by the time we go through this evening, that's whenhe rain will be moving through
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philadelphia and new york. travel delays lightly on the road and in the air. boston, you're getting to the rain at the tail end of the morning rush hour. by tomorrow morning, most of this mess is gone in the big cities. mostly up in maine they'll be dealing with the snow. a quick hitter. a little heads-up warning sign of what's to come. time to find the hats and gloves and get ready. >> i'm pleased about killington. if you could hit up mammoth, i'd be completely happy. >> california is going to get some significant rain and even snow in high elevations coming up. >> we definitely need the rain out there. that's for sure. thanks, bill. still ahead, all the highlights from game two of the world series. plus, we're learning new details this morning about the boati ii accident that took the life of pitcher jose fernandez. sports is next.
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with renters insuran. because all his belongings went up in flames. jack gotull replacement and now has new pants he ordered from banana republic. and see how affordable renters inranccan be. welcome back. time now for sports. the indians hosting the cubs in game two of the world series. jake arrieta flirting with history last night, carrying a no-hit bid into the sixth inning. meanwhile, kyle schwarber making a big difference in his return. the cubs record their first world series victory in 71 years. a 5-1 win for a split in cleveland before the now-even series moves to chicago for game three on friday. you probably remember indians pitcher trever bower's exit when
2:24 am
a stitched-up pinky finger wouldn't stop bleeding. he received a special psych-out gift before taking the month. bower was a good sport, tweeting this photo of the miniature drone gift. the injury might have gotten to bower after all. he gave up two runs on six hits in just over three innings pitched of his game two start last night. and there are new details surrounding the fatal boat crash that claimed the life of miami marlins pitcher jose fernandez. a search warrant affidavit released yesterday reveals the bodies of hernandez and his two friends had a strong odor of alcohol on them after they were recovered by divers. the affidavit also claims investigators found evidence that the boat's operator was driving with, quoted, recklessness that was, quote, exacerbated by the consumption of alcohol. the men died on september 25th when their boat crashed into a jetty off miami beach. turning now to the nba and some of last night's action on
2:25 am
the court. to new orleans, a huge game for the pelicans. anthony davis, who put up 50 points against the nuggets. davis is the first player to score 50 in a season opener since michael jordan back in 1989. wow. davis' stat line is off the charts. new orleans' next highest points leader scored just 15, 10, and 2 as the nuggets went on to win 107-102. finally, seahawks cornerback richard sherman was in the halloween spirit at a press conference yesterday, where he dressed up to emphasize the magic of seattle's defense. >> when you're a wizard like we are out here, sometimes you have to show it to the muggles out in th world. we got a lot of wizards. my son's a wizard. earl thomas does some magical things. michael bennett is black santa, but he's also a wizard. you know, you just have a good time. i just went want to harry potter land. felt like home. >> i have a lot of respect for the gryffyndor cloak.
2:26 am
>> okay, thank you. still ahead, donald trump's running mate mike pence takes the campaign to one of the most conservative states in the country to avoid an upset. plus, justin timberlake offers his fans a bit of advice after landing in the hot seat after an early voting selfie. we'll be right back. befo takg his teamo state for the first time... gilman: go get it, marcus. go get it. ..oach gilman used hicash rewar credit card from bank of america to earn 1% casback everywhe, every time. at places like the batting cages. ♪ [ crowcheers ] 2% back at grocery stores and now at wholesale clubs. and 3% back gas. which helped him give hiplayers something extra. the cashewards cdit card from bk of ameca. re cash back for the things youuy most.
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we learned a lot about them from wikileaks. we learned in the e-mails she said and she has terrible, terrible instincts. okay. >> this morning, we're following
2:30 am
one of the most eye-opening revelations from the wikileaks dump yet, dealing with the clinton foundation and the family's wealth. and where does the race for president stand? it depends on which poll you look at. we'll have some new numbers that appear to be all over the map. and the latest on the crisis in syria. secretary of state john kerry says he still thinks a diplomatic solution is possible. ♪ hey there. good morning, everyone. it is thursday, october 27th. well, the clintons and the foundation bearing their name are facing fresh scrutiny over the thin line between the organization and the family's personal gains. the revelation stems from the latest release of e-mails by wikileaks, allegedly hacked from the personal account of hillary clinton's campaign manager john podesta. these e-mails have not been independently authenticated by
2:31 am
nbc news. the clinton campaign and u.s. intelligence officials have continued to blame russia for hacking these alleged e-mails. but a purported 2011 memo from long-time aide to former president bill clinton, doug band, lays out extensive fundraising efforts by him and his company on behalf of the clinton foundation. the memo, which came during hillary clinton's time as secretary of state, goes on to discuss how that work for the foundation would sometimes morph into large speaking fees and other paid work for the former president, even referring the operation as bill clinton, inc. part of the memo allegedly reads, independent of our fundraising, we have dedicated ourselves to helping the president secure and engage in for-profit activities, including speeches, books, and advisory service engagements. in support of the president's for-profit activity, we also have solicited and obtained in kind services for the president and his family for personal
2:32 am
travel, hospitality, vacation, and the like. the memo was sents part of a review of the clinton foundation ordered by its board. it appears that stemmed from a series of complaints by chelsea clinton over band and his company's practices as she was taking on a larger role at the foundation. one example include clinton writing, my father was told today of explicit examples that clinton global initiative of doug/tenero pushing for and receiving free memberships and multiple examples of teneo hustling businesses at cgi. well, john podesta reportedly responded, we need to move to a resolution of this quickly. an earlier wikileaks dump also revealed band allegedly called chelsea a spoiled brat. >> and with just a dozen days to decide, polls offer a different view of the race. in a fox news poll p trump has
2:33 am
cut clinton's lead to just three points. gary johnson gained back some support to 7%. trump's rebound is largely attributed to a comeback with independent voters. trump is ahead 41% to 28%. two weeks ago, they were tied. mitt romney won independents by five points, according to 2012 exit polls. but two other polls conducted from thursday through monday showed a wider gap. the "usa today" suffolk university poll gives clinton a nine-point edge. the third party candidates taking in just 6%. an associated press gfk poll conducted during same time period, clinton has a 14-point lead among likely voters. clinton had 51%, trump at 37%, and johnson at 6%. clinton's advantage in that poll stems from her support with 9% of republicans and 90% of democrats, while trump attracts only 79% of republicans and 4% of democrats.
2:34 am
well, voting in the usually red state of texas began on monday. with 38 electoral votes up for grabs, two new polls show a single-digit race. university of texas tribune poll puts donald trump at 45%, hillary clinton at 42%. while a poll from the austin american statesman gives trump a more comfortable lead, 45% to clinton's 38%, % going to gary johnson. 10% just aren't sure. green party nominee stein was not included. in the statesman poll, trump is leading among both genders. four points among men, eight points among women. in the closer ut tribune poll, trump is ahead with seven points among men and tied with clinton among women. meanwhile, mike pence took his campaign to utah. he addressed the elephant in the room, the polls show many voters defecting to third-party candidates and necessitating his visit. >> i want you to tell your
2:35 am
republican neighbors and friends this is not the time to make a statement. this is our chance to make a difference. there's only two names on that ballot that have a chance to be president of the united states of america. while i'll always respect the right of any man or woman to cast their vote in the manner they see best. a vote for any candidate other than donald trump, bottom line s a vote to make hillary clinton the 45th president of the united states. it's a hard truth. so it's time to come home. >> the latest polling shows independent evan mcmullin around 20% or more in the state. after pence's speech, mcmullin, who went to byu and is a mormon, voted a vote for pence is a vote for trump. trump has suffered from bad
2:36 am
headlines from his own party in recent weeks, inclaufacing call senator mike lee to leave the race. last night, representative jason chaffetz, the first congressman to yank his support of trump, tweeted this. i will not defend or endorse donald trump, but i am voting for him. hrc is that bad. hrc is bad for the usa. here's chaffetz earlier this month, furious over that leaked tape of donald trump. >> i'm out. i can no longer in good conscience endorse this person for president. it is some of the most abhorrent and offensive comments that you can possibly imagine. my wife and i, we have a 15-year-old daughter. if i can't look her in the eye and tell her these things, i can't endorse this person. i don't know who i'm going to vote for. i'm not going to vote for hillary clinton. there's no way, under no scenario, but i cannot offer an
2:37 am
endorsement for whatever that means of donald trump. >> well, he told another local affiliate he would vote for neither trump nor clinton. at the ribbon cutting of donald trump's new luxury washington hotel, bloomberg politics mark halperin caught up with the republican nominee, who displayed his customary confidence in his ability to garner 270 electoral votes on november 8th. trump explained if he wasn't so confident, he would alter his language. he also touched on the fact that so far he hasn't fallen under the weather on the campaign trail. >> you're going to get 270-something electoral votes? >> i think we're going topping win, yeah. we're going to win. i really believe it. >> you thought you were going -- >> i would say that we will try to win. there's a big difference. we will try. >> were you a little under the weather? you're feeling good. >> i feel great. >> i've never met a presidential candidate who hasn't gotten sick. >> don't put it in my head.
2:38 am
so far iave not. >> mark halperin with a nice interview there. donald trump loomed large over last night's senate debate in florida. senator marco rubio and patrick murphy faced off in a debate. murphy hit rubio over his senate attendance and record and tried his best to link his opponent to be donald trump. >> just this very weekend, donald trump was on a sunday morning show here in miami. when asked about violating the cuban embargo, he basically admitted that he did it. you continue to stand by his side, despite this being one of your core initiatives that you care about. so what's it going to take for you to unendorse donald trump? >> that's bizarre. congressman murphy, you're criticizing donald trump for supporting a position that you have. you support lifting the embargo. >> i'm criticizing you for not having the courage, senator. you have no backbone. >> rubio also argued that his
2:39 am
experience and record makes him better suited to serve, notable because other candidates dog rubio for his lack of experience during the republican presidential primary. >> he has no record of achievement, and i encourage people to compare that to the things i've done in my nine years in tallahassee, including two as speaker and the things i've done in the last six years. there are sanctions today on hezbollah because of a bill i've passed. and on and on. >> can i just jump in here? senator, if you voted as much as you lied, you might actually be a decent senator. but you continue to throw out these lies. >> murphy also accused rubio of lying when he pledged to serve a full six-year term. let's turn to business. google's parent company is looking to spin off their self-driving car business. iphone 7 customers will have to wait longer for their ear buds. and samsung pays the price for its galaxy note 7 debacle. we'll get to those stories in a
2:40 am
moment. first, breaking news on the british economy. >> i know. it's not tanking. can you believe it? we saw a preliminary print for the third quarter coming through at half a percent or 0.5% on the quarter. that was better than the print that was expected at 0.3%. it shows us that we still are managing to hold on to gains despite the fact that we've had this brexit referendum and a lot of people were anticipating the economy to fall off a cliff. now, granted, a lot of analysts are saying give it a bit of time and we'll see that weakness filtering through and will have to pay a price at some time. nevertheless, the print looking good. the co-ceo of samsung apologizing for this drop in third quarter operating profits of more than 30%. these are huge drops. net profit off 17%. this is all because of the disaster called the galaxy note 7 catching fire. they had to first apologize, recall a couple of these devices. they ended up saying we're
2:41 am
scrapping the whole thing. they've canceled the whole thing. they are saying they see demand for smartphones and tablets to grow in the fourth quarter. they anticipate that. their next big launch is next year with the galaxy note 8. now, you mentioned the air pods. the wireless ear buds are not ready to be shipped yesterday. they had presented them back in september. reviewers we are saying they looked a little odd and there were some glitches with it. apple telling cnbc they need a little more time, but the early response has been incredible. it's a new market for them. it would be fantastic if they could get into this market, according to a number of analysts. and alphabet, google's parent company, krocreating a stand-al self-driving car business. it their current car project is called x lab. this is the first step towards possibly becoming some type of independent company completely.
2:42 am
google cars have covered around 2 million miles so far and probably more to come. back to you. >> thanks so much. still ahead, justin timberlake sits downs with jimmy fallon and explains that illegal selfie he took in the voting booth. soaker out west and some potential snow out in the east. bill karins has the forecast next.
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hello there. my name is benny "the sweet one" o'ca o'callahan. but you might know me by my hollywood name, ben avenue fleck. i'm from boston. i love new hampshire. back in the day, me tommy, johnny, bobby, tommy, ricky, and tommy used to drive across the state lines to buy tax-freeze
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booze. i'm basically from new hampshire. you can go for our drive with your buddies, get romantic. go ice fishing off u.s. route 302. frankly, new hampshire is too polite to say this, which is why i have to have speak upon their behalf. but new hampshire is wicked [ bleep ] important in presidential politics. you can go to town halls and debates and get political. and you can register to vote. >> that was ben avenue fleck on funny or die, helping to get out the vote in new hampshire. the new nbc news/"wall street journal"/marist poll in that state shows hillary clinton with a six-point lead. >> well, justin timberlake has found himself in hot water after taking a selfie while voting earlier this week. appearing on "the tonight show" starring jimmy fallon, timberlake offered advice to his fellow americans. >> get out and vote. but -- you're damn straight. don't take a picture of
2:47 am
yourself. i had no idea. >> i had no idea either. i learned a little. i think we all learned a little something. >> i was like, this is going to be great and inspire people to vote. everybody was like, wah, wah, wah. >> that's about right. >> no selfies in the voting booth, bill. he's the poster child for that. >> no selfies in the voting booth. >> the curtain and everything. what are you taking selfies for? >> i see snow in the adirondacks and catskills. >> snowing this morning in central new york. >> the switch has flipped, right? we're there. >> i remember halloween shoveling snow. this isn't that unheard of. it is snowsnowing. the blue on the map shows you where the snow is. scranton area included. this stuff in northern jersey is not hitting the ground quite yet. new york city, looks like you're mostly dealing with rain. no snow in the city. for the mountainous areas, we'll have winter weather advisories. a little bit of freezing rain is possible around the poconos this
2:48 am
morning. the high elevations could get as much as 3 to 6 inches. lower elevations, it'll be a slushy, heavy, wet snow, mostly on the cars and grass. that's about it. also in the west for our friends in the west, this is a big storm in the days ahead. this to the south down here is hurricane seymour. this is going to spread moisture to the north. we're going to get heavy rain over the next two days. the mountainous areas, this could get around 3 to 5 inches of rain. this is a great start to our rainy season out here in the west. as far as the rest of the forecast goes, if you're in the south, east, all the way through the deep south, texas to the middle of the country, it is beautiful and warm. 81 today in denver. snowing in central new york. that's just the way it goes this time of year. >> all right, bill. before we go to break, let's get a check on the stories we're not covering today. sure, you may be able to solve a rubix cube, but can you do it with your feet? 12-year-old luke of tucson can.
2:49 am
this video shows him solving it in 5 minutes and 50 seconds with hi feet. i can't do it at all. i'm just going to walk away from this story. arby's slogan is "we have the meats." now you can add venison to the menu in select locations as deer hunting season gets under way. i don't know about that one. and staying on the same topic, here's a video of a deer crashing through the window of a northwest indiana diner, knocking over tables and nearly colliding with a woman before making its exit by smashing through another window. imagine what these door will do to those select arby's locations. we'll not be covering any of these stories today. instead, when we go back, we'll go live to iraq with comments from the secretary of state. ♪ ♪
2:50 am
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welcome back. right now the battle to retake mosul rages on. speaking exclusively with nbc news, defense secretary ash carter says he is confident it will be successful and gave more details on what comes next in syria. >> it's been long a part of our plan that the mosul operation would kick off when it did. this is a plan that goes back many months now. and that raqqah would follow soon behind. so we've planned for that, and we have the resources for both. mosul, as you know -- i was over there in baghdad andceeding acc to plan. meanwhile, raqqah, we also have
2:53 am
a plan for. it starts in the next few weeks. and that's long been our plan and we'll be capable of resourcing both. >> meanwhile, secretary of state john kerry says he still believes a diplomatic solution can be found to end the syrian conflict. >> we will also persist in our effort to find a diplomatic solution to the conflict i syria. we have to end the war. and this is as complicated a bit of diplomatic business as i've ever seen. the problem remis there remains mountain of mistrust. as we try to chip away at that mountain, i will make and president obama will make zero apology for using every single diplomatic tool at our disposal to try and end this war. >> joining us live from erbil, iraq, nbc news foreign correspondent matt bradley. in addition to the syrian news, there are reports that iraqi special forces are encountering increased resistance just outside of mosul.
2:54 am
>> reporter: that's right, louis. this assessment from the defense secretary, this is a typically sanguine statement from a u.s. official when it comes to action on the ground here in iraq. he's right to say this is going according to plan. so far iraqi security forces have managed to move around a siege mentality and a siege strategy around mosul, the second largest city in iraq. they've managed to take almost a hundred cities and towns all around mosul. but we have to put this into perspective here. most of these cities and towns are void of people. they have no civilians. and when the iraqi security forces, the peshmerga, and the regular army, when they actually try to pierce isis' defenses and move into mosul, that's going to be an entirely different story. there's still over a million civilians in that city. just this morning, the associated press and reuters are both reporting that isis is moving into the outskirts of mosul and trying to forcibly move civilians from those areas into the city. no doubt to use them as human
2:55 am
shields before this final offensive. so this also casts some doubt on whether or not isis might try to move out of mosul and move back to raqqah as the secretary of defense mentioned. they're actually trying to move around and trying to raise a force to actually take raqqah in syria. it looks like isis is planning for a really long last stand with civilians as human shields in mosul here in iraq. louis? >> nbc's matt bradley reporting from iraq. thank you. well, scientific discoveries often change how we understand the world around us. the latest research changes a long-held belief about how the a.i.d.s. epidemic began here in the u.s. a new genetic and historical study finds that hiv arrived in the united states in 1970, years before patient zero, the man widely blamed for starting and spreading the 1980s epidemic in new york city. dugas was believed to have contracted the disease in haiti or africa before spreading it to dozens of men here in new york
2:56 am
before his death in 1984. researchers have also learned he was not originally called patient zero but named patient "o," standing for outside southern california, which is where that study began. so the mistaken moniker caught on with the media when a journalist writing a book about the disease began using the term. to this day, the disease has killed more than half a million americans. when we come back, a look at the stories happening in the i did ahead. lileakota's no was quivering inear. cause new an ordinary tissue was near. the fiery tissue left nose sore and red. so dad slayed the problem with puffs plus tion, instead. pus have pillo softness for dako's tennose. with lotioto cfort and othehen she ows. don't get burn by dinary tissues. a nose in need deserv puf, indeed. now get puffs plus lotion in e squeezable softpack.
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so before we toss it over to "morning joe," we're going to get a check on the stories you'll be hearing about in the day ahead. a university of wisconsin student accused of raping a fellow student is due in court today. 20-year-old alec cook was accused of rape earlier this month. now two more women have come forward, also accusing him of a sexual assault. and closing statements in the bridgegate trial involving a former aide to new jersey governor chris christie are set today. both face up to 20 years in prison. and on the campaign trail today, donald trump will be making a day-long blitz across ohio with three stops in that background state. his running mate mike pence will
3:00 am
be in the another background state, iowa, along with nebraska. then on the democratic side, hillary clinton and first with state. and mike pence will be in iowa. on the democratic side, hillary clinton and first lady michelle obama will campaign together in north carolina. while tim kaine handles two events. "morning joe" getting ready to go. it starts right now. here's a woman who goes home and goes to sleep all the time. think of it, she's got no energy whatsoever. every one's talking about the fact that i'll do seven, eight, nine stops, i'll make three or four major speeches. for instance right after this, we have thousands and thousands


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