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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  October 27, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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we have a lot going on right now and a lot of events we are following live for you. we have two big campaign events. we got michelle obama, the democrats' most powerful weapon against donald trump. they're about to take the stage. their first campaign rallying together. yes, questions that are swirling over millions of dollars of consulting and contracts and bill paid speeches to bill clinton and his donors. donald trump is expected to seize on the latest wikileaks bomb shell and he will be taking the stage any moment in the battled state of springfield, ohio, we'll bring it to you live on msnbc as they happen. we have reporter on the trail and here at home to set to put all today's news in perspective. we have chris jansing in north carolina, that's where clinton is coming up in ohio.
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halie jackson in toledo for us. that's where donald trump will appear later for us today and nbc's katy tur who has been following the campaign from the beginning here. lets be clear of the wikileaks information here, chris, we'll talk about this because the internal memo does not show that hillary clinton traded actions of the secretary of states. the hacked e-mailed released by wikileaks. it includes this front page letter from 2011. now, in that details his efforts to help the former president personally to profit from agreements and parallel to foundation effeorts. peter, i know you are in ohio and waiting for the next rally of donald trump. what is he expected to say as he
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tries to capitalize on the wikileaks for momentums in ohio. >>. >> reporter: thomas, this is the first rally for donald trump. he has three of them total. he's going to try to maximize them. just outside of dayton, ohio, as his surrogate is coming out and rally the crowd. he's going to go after hillary clinton on this issue of the topic of the latest wikileaks revelations. this is more evidence that she's a corrupt candidate. the point he made earlier today on his favorite megaphone on twitter when he tweeted out the article of this topic which has the headline bill clinton, which is the language used in that memo by a long time former aid, former president bill clinton. he says it demonstrates between a charity and a personal income.
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we'll hear that today throughout his events. >> we know this is not not -- looking at hillary clinton as a potential candidate, chris, you are on location there in winston, salem, how is the first lady using her power? >> reporter: this is about star power. when you put these two women on stage together and you have the first lady who have gone out for hillary clinton has wowed the crowds. when you talk to people within the cal pa the campaign, this is how they get donors and people to the polls. they're doing this first to join appearance together today in north carolina, where you have r racists that are too close to call. they need to get out to vote.
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this is the first day they expanded, for example, they had in this county a week ago. we'll be talking about this and we have not heard anything about. what we are going to hear about is first of all, and no one has done this better. i think of the first lady of the things that donald trump has said. we'll reemphasize that to fire up women and fire up the african-american community which is so significant here. almost one and four voters in north carolina and also firing up college students. we also are seeing the national committee bus that's going around and here thomas, they're speaking to the choir. take a look at the size of this crowd. it goes all the way up in the rafters and there were one woman who came out at 10:00 last night. when our crew arrived at 6:00 this morning, when we got here shortly therefore, the line got very big very fast for an event
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that is not going to start now for probably another 10 or 15 minutes or so. we are waiting for the two menarche names to come up. vote now if you have not voted. going up and down the line, maybe half of the people here have not voted yet because there were not very many places opened. also, to get your friends out to vote. so many people i talk to were mothers and daughters, they pull their kids out of school because they want them to be here for what they think it is for the first woman president. this happens about firing up the base and making sure they voted and getting their friends out to vote. that's how you circulate and divert what's in the headlines. there is nobody better to do that as far as the clinton's campaign is concerned. no stronger surrogate than michelle obama. thomas.
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>> we hear that katy perry's song is in the background. we are getting from monica alba from information of this stadium. the capacity there is about 14,000. clinton really does not hold coliseum stadium style events. this is the larger ones that chris, you have seen. >> reporter: oh, without a doubt. it is a double whammy, right? you start to realize as you are going from state to state. you see what organizations does for you. i mean this is not 14,000 people just show up out of nowhere. these are 14,000 people who have come with the help of the clinton campaign and the democratic committee here and the help of the local folks. so this is been a coordinated effect to get folks out. having said that, having the first lady here is something you unique and it is not going to be a first lady some what longer.
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i wanted my kids to see her while she's still our first african-american, first lady. this is a big time for them in the stage where the top three races for president, for governor and senator are all too close to call and so you cannot under estimate of the importance of something like this and even the trump campaign admitted they don't have the type of star power. >> standby, we have donald trump who's now taking the stage of springfield, ohio, lets listen in. >> a brand new hall from r remington research, highly respected, we are right now at four points up.
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[ cheers ] [ applause ] early vote is under way, make sure and get out and vote. we don't want to give this away. we have a movement going on that you never seen before in this country. you got to drain the swamp, believe me. this is a movement like they have never seen in this country before and every place is packed and the greatest people on earth and we are going to turn our country around. [ cheers ] we'll turn it around fast. 75% of the people think our country is headed in the wrong direction. we know it is headed in the wrong direction, we are going to fix it and take our country back and it is going to be put very quickly on the right track. real change begins immediately and repealing and replaces
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obamacare. [ cheers ] [ applause ] it is been announced that americans are going to experience another massive double digit hike in obamacare. you see that. including premiums like in the great state of arizona where they are going to go up at 116%. don't worry, you will be there very soon. unless, i win, in which case you don't have to worry about it. even bill clinton admitted that obamacare is "the craziest thing in the world where people whine up paying their premiums double." >> jobs killing obamacare is just one more way that the one more way the system is rigged.
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remember the architect of obamacare? he said they could pass obamacare because the stupidity of american voters would allow it to take place. >> when they force these bill through over the objections that many politicians, many politi politicians but really the american people and it was very, very sad. and all fairness to the democrats, had our president not lie 28 times. remember you can keep your plans and doctors. they believed him, too, like everybody believed him. hillary clinton, talking about
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liars, wants to double dow dowdown -- [ cheers ] >> hillary clinton wants to double down in obamacare and make it even worse. i am going to repeal it, replace it, we are going to have a replacement that's so much less expensive and so much better. you don't even get to use obamacare because deductible is so high and you know it is just -- look, it is so out of control. you will never get to use it, 4,000 or $5,000 before you can start taking just this and just happened, hillary clinton declared that obamacare -- did you remember this not so long ago, one of the greatest accomplishments of president obama, it is a total disaster.
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here in obama another five insurance companies are dropping out of obamacare. good luck in negotiations. that means all the residents covered by plans from this company will be getting cancellation notices very soon. you know this a catastrophic event for ohio workers and it is making it impossible for many parents to pay their bills, support their families or get quality medical care to their children. repealing obamacare is one of his single most important reasons we must win on november 8th. [ cheers [ cheers ] real change and also means getting rid of corruption in
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washington, d.c. hillary clinton leaked 33,000 e-mails and lied to congress under oath and made 13 phone calls, i mean 13, made them disappears sometimes with a hammer, right? bomb, bomb, lets get rid of these. and told the fbi she could not remember 39 different times. the clintons gave more than $675,000 to the wife of the deputy director of the fbi and the man who's overseeing the investigation into hillary's illegal server, a server we now know obama knew about. we found that out yesterday. wikileaks. to more e-mails, wikileaks releases the more lies between the clinton foundation.
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the secretary of states and the clinton's personal finances, they all get blurred. just today we read about clinton's confident, doug brand, bra bragging he had tens of millions of dollars. mr. band called the arrangement unorthodox. the rest of us calls it out right corrupt. >> the clinton foundation, hired a law firm to find out if their paid will jeopardize the irs. if the clinton is able to play this with their enterprise when they were not in the white house. just imagine what they'll do given the chance to once again control the oval office. we had enough honestly, we had
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enough of the clintons in all fairness. i had enough. [ applause ] >> at what point do we say, hillary clinton is the most corrupt person ever so seek the office of the president? [ cheers ] i propose the contract with the american voters that'll end the corruption and give the government back to the people. [ applause ] >> i want the entire corrupt washington establishment to heath the words i am about to say. if we win, on november 8th 8t8th 8th 8th -- [ cheers ] okay, okay, when we win, we
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don't want to take it for granted but we are winning in a lot of states. the media is going wild because they are saying you know this guy is winning in florida. he's winning in north carolina, he's winning in iowa, he's winning in ohio. all right, all right, when we win -- [ cheers ] we are going to washington, d.c. and we are going to drain t the -- a lot of spirit in this room is a good one. [ cheers ] that includes a constitution amendments to oppose term limits on all members of congress.
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[ cheers ] at the core of my contract is my economic plan, that plan can be summarized in three beautiful words for this room, jobs, jobs, jobs. now, it is terrible, what's happening to this area and this country with jobs is terrible. h hillary clinton promised to bring upstate new york 200,000 jobs when she ran for senate. instead, the jobs left. they did not come in. they left. she has been there for 30 years have has not fixed anything. she made things worse except for herself and her husband. 47 million americans are at food stamps and 45 million americans living in poverty. nearly one and four americans in
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their prime earning years are not working or able to work. 70 american women and children are in poverty and nearly half of african-american children under the age of six are living in poverty. our national debt has doubled in eight years and our infrastructure throughout our country is crumbling. bad shape. our airports and roads and bridges our tunnels and schools are hospitals. our trade deficits with the world is down nearly $800 billion a year. we are living through the greatest jobs in the history of the world. think of it. that's so true. the single greatest jobs theft in the history of the world. politicians have allowed to happen to this area but to all
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areas of our country, nafta, ttp, they want to approve a disaster. ohio has lost one and four manufacturing jobs. and signed by bill clinton and supported strongly by hillary clinton. remember every time you see factory wiped out, it was caused by the clinton. why a deal like that was allowed. we lost 70,000 factories. think of that one. i tell everybody. it is a typo. it cannot be 70,000. . another bill and hillary back in disaster. just this year, eaton's
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corporation laid off people and moved their jobs to mexico. under my conscious if a company wants to fire their workers and moved to mexico and ship their products back in the united states, we'll put a 35% tariffs for those product. [ cheers ] and folks, just in case you have any questions whether that happens, you will not going to see those companies anymore. when you do, at least the country is going to make a lot of money, okay? >> we'll immediately begin to ren re-negotiating nafta. right now it is a one way highw highway. we lose your jobs and companies and we lose everything. we lose our cash. i would say, they get the cash
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and they get the jobs and they get the companies and we get the drugs and we get the unemployment. that's all we get. we get nothing. we get less than nothing. we'll terminate nafta and get a much better deal for our workers if we cannot re-negotiate it properly. we'll get a better deal for our workers and companies. we cannot continue to be the people led by stupid people, we cannot. [ cheers ] >> as part of our plan to bring back american jobs, we'll lower taxes in our businesses from 35% down to 15%. we'll also cut taxes for middle class families by 35% and massively simplify taxes for all americans. [ cheers ] we'll be a rich nation once again. [ cheers ]
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but, to be a rich country, we must also be a safe country. hillary clinton unleashed isis onto the world, you know that story, and spreading violently spreading into the united states. there are now 1,000 open isis investigations in the united states. isis is on a campaign of genocides against christians and the middle east or what they call the nation of the cross. the nation of the cross. they are crucifying and drowning and be heading their victims. this is something that we would read about in history books and not since medieval times. so we have no choice, we will stop isis and we'll stop them fast.
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[ cheers ] [ applause [ applause ] unlike what they have done in mosul which is turning out to be difficult. we are not giving three or four months of notice, we are coming in. >> you think general patton would say we are coming i think three or four months, getting ready. they are throwing people off buildings and hanging their victims. the new york post just published reports about isis crushing children to death and burning adults alive. now, hillary wants massive immigration from the most dangerous regions of the world where isis operates including a 550% increase of syrian refugees over and above the thousands and thousands that president obama is taken. we don't want isis in our
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country. the hillary's refugees plan would leave us with radicalism and extremism inside our shores. i only want to admit people who'll support this country and love its people. [ cheers ] >> so important. [ cheers ] keeping our family safe is the highest obligation of the president of the united states. a trump administration is going to suspend immigration. we will suspend the syrian refugee program. that was easy. we are not going to take the risk when it comes to the safety of the american people, no longer. let me state this as clearly as i can. if i am elected president. i am going to keep radical
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islamic terrisorists out the he of our country. [ cheers ] >> all right, we have been listening into donald trump as he's giving one of his rally speeches there in the battleground state of ohio in springfield. we are seeing a lot of trump signs great again. and draining the swamp and lets go to peter alexander. the narrative that donald trump is playing really hits hard on wikileaks and bill clinton of the memo, bill clinton and the foundation and its donors. >> reporter: that's exactly right. >> it is worth noting from that latest batch of wikileaks e-mails, there is no evidence that came of actual corruptions,
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unseemingly in the eyes of many people. -- this is the point that the trump folks want to be making on the course of this day, they want to be on offense and focusing on the problems that hillary clinton has and her as a rule herbvulnerabilities. he's going to focus in suburbans and rural areas and the suburbs outside of toledo and they'll go to northeast ohio. that's an area that 2012, mitt romney, was running. he needs to be deep red and energized voter there. at the end of the day, that is calculation by this campaign putting their of big rallies and events and more micro targeting and direct mobilization efforts going forward in the stage. >> what more do we know about
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the ohio gop chairman is not going to be at any of trump's ohio events today. i know he was with halie jackson in the last hour and some people are scratching their heads wondering why he would not be apart of this. >> i think a lot of people donald trump does not have his establishments. he's doing this as an insurgence outside and going against the establish of washington, not just among democrats but republicans. ryan has not been with him at any point of this campaign. the chair of republican here in ohio, he has said he will be voting for donald trump. that's where things stand at this time, it is a state that's heavily divided and this is perhaps the biggest swing state in the country. for donald trump, really is there is no room for error.
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>> peter, thank you very much >> donald trump is talking about a poll that we don't typically talk about here at nbc news because it does not meet the standards of what we would be talking about. donald trump was saying he was up by four and recent polling. the one conclusion mark murray puts this out known, the biggest take aways that clinton is ahead in most states. the battleground of ohio and north carolina is very important. that's where we'll find our hillary clinton with michelle obama. chris jansing is there. seems like donald trump has come out with different narratives. >> they are walking out
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together. >> reporter: they just came out. we are expecting to hear from hillary clinton, thomas of a very pointed attack on the things that donald trump has said, she's going to speak out against bullying. we are going to hear from michelle obama a very specific outreach to young people, to blacks, to college students, women, if they win those groups. they know not omnivore hillary clinton can win but debra ross, the senate candidate can win here, they have nine women who are up for u.s. senate seats. part of the reason they are here is to fire up to get those senate in democratic control and fire up women to be apart of the process more than they have. a big hug between arguably the two most famous political women
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in america. >> this is a big moment, we had the different lists of folks that were coming out. we were just listening to ohio and now these two women taking the stage. lets listen in. [ applause ] >> hello, wake forest, it is so great to be here in this beautiful city at this extraordinary time -- [ cheers ] to have a chance to be with so many and including of the wake forest family. [ cheers ] and, it does not get any better than being here with our most
11:31 am
amazing first lady, michelle obama. [ cheers ] i want to thank everyone who has filled this arena and i especially want to thank doctor hatch and the staff team and students at wake forest university. i will never forget visiting here with the legendary maya angelou of one of the most powerful voices our country has ever heard. i could not think of a better place to come back to with another woman whose voice we need now more than ever. [ cheers ]
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i want to say what i think is obvious but cannot be said enough but this, maybe the most and not the most important elections of our lifetimes, no matter our age but for young people, it will be so consequential because every election is about the future. this one is about whether we build and the progress we made and the legacy that president obama has built or ripped it a and go backyaward. we have a lot of work to do and i don't mean just in the presidential race. lets be sure to elect r, roy cooper, the next governor of north carolina. he will always put the people of
11:33 am
north carolina first. he will repeal hb 2. [ cheers ] he knows discrimination is wrong. it is bad for business. it is against north carolina's values. lets send debra ross to the united states senate. [ cheers ] she will be an independent voice of the working family of this state. she will help breakthrough the gridlocks of washington. unlike her opponent, debra ross has never been afraid to stand up to donald trump. [ cheers ]
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remember it is not just roy's name and debra's name or my name is going to be on the ballot. so much of what we care about or that's at stake in the election is, too. voting rights are at stakes. if you care about this sacred right and want to make sure our leaders of both parties do their part to protect and strengthen it and not chip away at it. you got to vote in this election. and, so i hope after all north carolina has gone through with the efforts to suppress people's votes, you will turn out in the biggest numbers ever to say no, we demand the right to vote. and, supporting our veterans is at stake.
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if you believe that america should stand with those who served because they servered us you got to vote. when you think about yourself and families and people you know who worn the uniforms of our country, the best way to make clear that we respect the military and we'll do everything we can to make sure they and their families have what they need as they sacrifice for us is to show up and vote. [ cheers ] i should not have to say this in
11:36 am
2016, if you believe in science and you know that climate change isra is real and demands action right now, you got to show up and vote in this election. [ cheers ] immigration is at stake if you believe we need to fix our system and keep families together and give people who love america a path to citizenship, you got to vote. [ cheers ] marriage equality is at stake, too. [ cheers ] if you believe everyone deserves to be treated equally in america no matter who they are or who they love then you got to turn out and vote in this election.
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[ cheers ] good jobs that pay good wages are at stake, investing in our roads and bridges and water systems and all the work that needs to be done in our country, that really matters and we could put millions of people to work and have a more competitive economy. that's why we pros a bpose a bi program. i don't want anybody to work in this country and not have a good job with a rising income to support themselves and their families. [ applause ] >> if you believe that, then you got to come out and vote. [ cheers ] [ applause ] and particularly for all of the students here, a affordable college education is at stake. [ applause ] and not only that, relief from
11:38 am
students debt that you already have is at stake. [ cheers ] [ applause ] so if you believe as we do that everyone should be able to afford to go to college and graduate -- [ cheers ] >> and that everyone should have a chance to pay down and pay off your debt, then you got to get out and vote in this election. you know, dignity for women and girls -- [ cheers ] again, i wish i did not have to say this. right? [ cheers [ cheers ] but, indeed dignity and respect for women and girls, is also on
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the ballot in this election. [ cheers ] i want to thank our first lady for her eloquent, powerful defense of that basic value. [ cheers ] [ applause ] >> i think you are getting the idea that i believe everything we care about is at stake in this election. you got to vote, you got to get your friends and family and neighbors to vote, too. don't take it from me because i think you heard some really compelling voices saying the same thing. one of them is here with us today, right? [ cheers ] there are so many things i
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admired about our first lady. [ cheers ] michelle, reminds us to work hard, stay true to our values, be good to one another. [ cheers ] >> and never ever stop fighting for what we believe in. [ cheers ] she has spent eight years as our first lady advocating for girls around the world to go to school and have the same opportunities as boys. she has worked for healthier childhoods for our kids here at home, better nutrition and more exercise and we are seeing the results, we actually are seeing kids who are healthier and some thing she was determined to try
11:41 am
to achieve, she's encouraged more young people to go to college and follow your dreams and she has supported america military families who served and sacrificed as well for our country. now, it has not been all hard work, she played a mean round of car pool karaoke. among the real privileges that i had was seeing the president and the first lady danced. [ cheers ] cow, one could only hoped -- [ laughs ]
11:42 am
>> she also planned an amazing vegetable garden at the white house. i can promise you, if i win, i will take good care of it michelle. [ cheers ] boy -- >> thank you. >> boy, did she dazzled the world with that wise and beautiful speech at the democratic national convention this summer? [ cheers ] [ applause ] i have stood on the debate stage with donald trump, any of you seen those debates? well, that has proved once and for all i have the stamina to be preside preside president, the commander in
11:43 am
chief. [ cheers ] but, there were times during those three debates, the loops running in my head was what michelle said to us at the convention, right? "when they go low, we go high." [ cheers ] and on top of all this, just by being herself everyday, never missing an opportunity to honor her parents for the hard work and sacrifice that set her on her way, she has shown every little girl and boy in america that there are no limits to what they can achieve if they work hard and do right and believe in themselves. [ cheers ] [ applause [ applause ] seriously, is there anyone more inspiriing than michelle obama?
11:44 am
[ cheers ] >> maybe it is a especially meaningful to me because i do know something about being first lady of the united states. [ cheers ] [ applause ] and, you know, i am going to state the obvious, it is not easy. you got so many people counting on you. you got the eyes of the world on you. and, when you are trying to raise your children as she is and i did, and give them the space and support they need to have a normal and safe fulfi fulfilling childhood as possible, that makes it even harder. you know, i used to hang out in the main hall on the second floor of the white house around the time chelsea would come home from school just is to be sure i got to see her and see what happened that day and try to figure out what i needed to be thinking about and doing for her and lets be real, as our first
11:45 am
african-american, first lady, she faced pressures i never did. [ cheers ] [ applause ] she has handled them with pure grace. [ cheers ] [ applause ] by any standards, she has been an outstanding first lady who made us all so proud. [ cheers ] she and the president have been such wonderful friends to me and my family. it meant to world to me. i just want to say one more thing about the first lady's work. i mentioned the military families, she's been there fierce champion, mill itary
11:46 am
families have come up against a lot in this election. it made me boiled when donald trump disrespected a gold star family. mr. and mrs. khan. he still has not apologize to them. he made it worse. just yesterday he said again, that if america had only made him president, years ag ago -- their son, captain khan would still be alive. honestly, i don't understand how anyone would want to rub salt in the wounds of a grieving family and he keeps insulting our military. yesterday, when he heard a retired army colonel and a formfor former dean of an army college
11:47 am
says that donald does not understand strategy, trump said i will teach him a couple of things. actually, yours the one that got a lot to learn about the military and everything else that makes america great. [ cheers ] start by learning of the dignity and sacrifices of our men and women in uniforms. he should learn from michelle obama how a leader supports them and not disrespects them. >> so no one knows more about what's at stake in this election than our first lady, all the progress that we achieved under president obama's leadership is at stake. he pulled our economy out of the biggest ditch that it was in when he became president.
11:48 am
he saved the autoindustry and tackled healthcare, education, climate change and civil rights and so much else. all the work that we have done to strengthen our relationships with other countries and securing our leadership in the world is also at stake. i for one and i hope all of you do not want that hard work by our president and our first lady and millions of americans to be wiped away. we cannot let that happen. we got to do everything in our power to get everyone out to vote to understand no matter what issues you care about, it is truly on the ballot. this is been a hard election and at times, its gotten pretty ugly, has it? >> we all felt it especially kids. i hear this from parents and children across our country,
11:49 am
kids write me notes and they hand me little cards and notes when i shake hands with them. their parents write me and teachers talk to me. kids are scared by the rhetoric they are hearing. i see the educatoreducators' he nodding. little girls are hearing ugly things that's been said in our campaign and made them feel terrible and doubt themselves. that's why it is important for voces like our first la, first say wait a minute, it is important to respect our women and children. boys and girls are alike. our kids will scared they'll be sent out of the country because their parents are immigrants or they're immigrants. they are scared if they are muslims or a disability. i got a letter from a parent, a mom in wisconsin adopted her son
11:50 am
in ethiopia when he was a toddler. he just turned 11 years old. i love it when little kids do birthday remembrances. america is the only country he ever known. one day he turned to his mom and he asked, "if donald trump becomes president, is he going to make me go back to theep eth" we want to make sure that america has a place for you, the american dream is big enough place for you. we got to -- i saw that sign, i believe in love and kindness, right? >> here is one place to start. we know that bullying is a real
11:51 am
problem in our classrooms and playgrounds and online and teachers reported this election has made it worst. i want you to know, we are going to launch a major new effort to help states and communities and schools and families ain bullying, where ever it takes place. [ cheers ] we'll work together to make the internet a safer place for kids, and psychologists to support kids and schools targeted. the young woman i met in iowa who told me she was bullied because of her asthma. i cannot think of anything important to make sure every single one of our children know that they are loved, just as they are. [ cheers ]
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[ applause ] so ultimately, my friends, as michelle obama reminds us, this election is about our kids. and in this case, my grand kids, their lives and futures, nothing is more important to me than that. i have been fighting for kids throughout my career. i will fight for them every single day of my presidency. we have a job do do. starting right now, lets come together and lets work together and lets be helpful and optimistic and unify in the face of divisions and hate. bring people together in a spirit of mutual respect and solve and share challenges. lets have each other's backs and lift each others up and not tear each others down. lets go out and win this election to make sure we do exactly that for roy cooper and debra ross and all of us. lets make sure you vote early. vote as soon as you can.
11:53 am
vote this afternoon. [ cheers ] i am excited of what we are going to see happening here in north carolina. and i am so excited to be introducing our amazing first lady, michelle obama. [ cheers ] [ applause ] [ cheers ] hey there, you guys are pretty fired up, right? i like that.
11:54 am
wow. let me start, of course, hillary's, you know many covent tributes taken me off and thrown me a little bit and very generous. i want to take this moment publicly to thank hillary. i mean -- it takes a level of generosity in spirit to do what hillary as done in her career and her life for our family and this nation. if people wondered, yes, hillary clinton is my friend. she's been a friend to me and
11:55 am
barack and billy and chelsea, they have been friends to us from the very day my husband takes office. so it is going to be good. it is going to be good. but, i also want to take some time to recognize your former senator kay hagan who's here, it is good to see you. and again, i just want to lend my voice to your outstanding candida candidate, debra ross, as hillary says she's someone who cares deeply about the people in this state. she's always going to put your families first. lets make debra your next u.s. senator, all right? lets make roy cooper your next governor, how about that? [ cheers ] and all the members of congress
11:56 am
who are joining us and your mayor, thank you, mayor. more importantly thank you to all of you for taking the time waiting in lines to be here today to help us support the next president and vice president of the united states, hillary and tim kaine. [ applause ] i don't know about you but i am fired up. [ cheers ] . we are going to make this happen. you may have noticed that i have been doing some campaigning for hillary. i know that there is some folks out there who have commented that it is been unprecedented for a sitting first lady to be so actively engaged in a presidential campaign, and that may be true. but, what's also true is that this is truly an unprecedented
11:57 am
election. [ cheers ] that's why i am out here. i am out here first and for most because we have never had a more qualified and prepared candidate for president than our friend, hillary clinton. never before in our lifetime. i admire and respect hillary, she's been a lawyer and first lady of arkansas, first lady of united states and u.s. senator and secretary of states. [ cheers ] [ crowds chanting, hillary, hillary, hillary ] [ cheers ] >> yeah, that's right. hillary does not play.
11:58 am
she has more experience and exposures to the presidency than any president in the lifetime, more than barack and bill. she's absolutely ready to be commander in chief on day one and yes, she happens to be a woman. >> this election is also unprecedented because i don't think we ever had two kacandidas with such dramatic, different visions of who we are and how we move forward as a nation. one candidate has a vision that's grounded in hopelessness
11:59 am
and despair, a vision of a country where it is weak and divided and our communities are in chaos and fellow citizens are a threat. this candidate calls on us to turn against each other to build wal walls, to be afraid -- and then there is hillary's vision for this country that you just heard. a vision of a nation that's powerful and vibrant and strong, big enough to have a place for all of us, a nation where we each have something very special to contribute and where we are always stronger together. that's the choice we face between those who divide this country into us verses them and
12:00 pm
those who tell us to embrace better angels and choose hope over fear. as we look into the eyes of our children, as we send them off to school each morning, and tuck them into bed at night, as hillary says the stakes in this election could not be more clear. and let me tell you, this is not about republicans verses democrats. none of that matters this time around. this election is about something much bigger it is about who'll shape our children and the country that we lead for them. not just for the next four or eight years but for the rest of their lives. because -- [ cheers ] >> as hillary pointed out, we know the influence our president has on our children.


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