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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  October 27, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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better angels and choose hope over fear. as we look into the eyes of our children, as we send them off to school each morning, and tuck them into bed at night, as hillary says the stakes in this election could not be more clear. and let me tell you, this is not about republicans verses democrats. none of that matters this time around. this election is about something much bigger it is about who'll shape our children and the country that we lead for them. not just for the next four or eight years but for the rest of their lives. because -- [ cheers ] >> as hillary pointed out, we know the influence our president has on our children. how they turn on the tv and they
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see the most powerful role model in the world. someone who shows them how to treat others. how to deal with disappointments, whether to tell the truth, they're takeing it al in. as hillary says, when you raise children in the white house like barack, hillary and i have, you were reminded everyday of the impact that you have. you start seeing the images of every child in this country in the face of your child. so when people wonder how hillary keeps her composures over her career and how barack and i have dealt with the national spotlight these last eight years, that's the answer. with every action we take, with every word we utter, we think about the millions of children
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who are watching us, who hang onto our every word, looking to us to show who they can and should be and that's why every day, we try to be the kind of people, the kind of leaders that your children deserve whether you agree with politics or not. [ cheers ] when i think about this election, let me tell you, that's what i am thinking about. i am asking myself, what do my girls and what do all my children deserve in their president. what kind of a president do we want for them? well, to start with, i think we want someone who's a unifying force in this country, someone who sees our differences, not as a threat but as a blessing.
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as hillary said, we want a president who values and honor women, who teaches our daughters and sons that women are full and equal human beings worthy of deserving of love and respect. folks who work their fingers to the bones who create this country and give their kids a better life. we want a president who sees the goodness in all the communities. someone who understands of the community where i was raised are filled with good hardworking folks. folks who work that extra job
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and shifts because they want something more for their kids. we want a president who takes this job seriously. [ cheers ] and has the temperament and maturity to do it well. someone who's steady, someone who we can trust with a nuclear code because -- we want to go to sleep at night knowing that our kids and our country is safe. i am here today because i believe with all of my heart and i would not be here highing lyi you, i believe in all of my heart that hillary clinton will be that president. [ applause ]
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over the years, i have come to know hillary, i know her and not just her extraordinary professional accomplishments but i know her personal values and believes. i know that hillary was raised like barack and i in a working family. hillary's mother was an orphan abandoned by her parents. her father was a small business owner staying late night working and keeping her family afloat. hillary knows what it means to struggle of what you have and want something better for your kids. that's why since the day she launched her campaign, hillary has been laying out concrete, detailed policies that'll actually make a difference for kids and family in this country. she said she plans to make college tuition free, to help young people drowning in de
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debt -- she's going to handle making sure that our climate is protected. [ cheers ] let me tell you this about hillary. she's involved and engaged in every policy issue that she's developed. you go an a website, she's going to raise the minimum wage. she's going to cut taxes for working folks. she's going to do her best to help women get equal pay for equal work. [ cheers ] if you want to know more, go onto her website, here is the thing for hillary,
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thankfully, she's a policy wonk, let me tell you when you are president, that's a good thing. [ cheers ] policies mattered. they really mattered and they determine whether our kids have good schools or whether they can see a doctor when they are sick or whether they are safe when they walk out the door on the way to school, policies mattered. that's why hillary has fought so hard for children's health insurances first lady, for affordable child care in the senate. that's why as secretary of state, she's gone toe-to-toe with leaders to keep our children safe and day after day and debate after debate, she has shown us such strength and grace, refusing to be knocked down and refusing to be pushed around or counted out. hillary does all of this because she is thinking of chern like
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her mother. children like like her daughter and her grand kids, children who deserves every chance to fill their god given potential. that's why hillary is in this. she's in this race for us. she's in this for our families and our kids and our shared future. so let me tell you, i am i inspired by hillary. that's why i respect hillary, she's lived a life grounded in service and sacrifice that has brought her to this day. that has prepared her to take on the hardest job on the planet. she has run an extraordinary campaign. she has built an impressive grass root organizations, she raised the money she won all her
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debates. [ cheers ] [ applause ] hillary has known her job, now we need to do our job, getting her elected for president of the united states. here is what i want to get real. if hillary does not win this election, that'll be on us. it will be because we did not stand with her. it will be because we did not vote for her. and that's exactly what her opponent is hoping will happen. that's the strategy to make this election so dirty and ugly that we don't want to be apart of this. when you hear folks talking about a global conspiracy and saying that this election is rigged. understand they are trying to
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get you to stay home. they are trying to convince you that your vote does not matter that the outcome has already been determined and you should not bother to make your voice heard. they are trying to take away your hopes. in this country, the united states of america, the voters decide our elections. they always decided. voters decide who wins and loses, period, end of story. right now, thankfully, folks are coming out and drove to vote early. it is amazing to see. we are making our voices heard across the country. because when they go low, we go high. [ crowds, we go high ] >> we know every single vote matters. >> back in 2008, and i say this where ever i go, barack obama
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won north carolina by 14,000 votes which sounds like a lot. but, when you break that number down the difference between winning and losing this state was a little bit over two votes per precinct. i wa i want you to all take that in. i know there are people here who did not vote. two votes. people knew people who did not vote. two votes of two or three folks per precincts would have gone the other way, barack obama could have lost that state and lost the election. lets not forget back in 2012, barack, did lose by about 17 votes per precinct. that's how presidential elections go. they are decided on a razor's edge. each of you could swing in this
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stadium. each of you could swing an entire precinct in this election for hillary just by getting yourself and friends and family out to vote. just doing what you are supposed to do. you can do this. but, you can also help swing an entire precinct for hillary's opponent with a protest vote or by not voting at all. so here is what i am asking you, get out and vote. get out and vote for hillary. vote early, vote right now. leave and go vote. and don't let anyone take that right away from you. as hillary mentioned, you may have seen in previous weeks folks were trying to cut early voting places and cut the hours they were opened but that did not stop people in the state, that's beautiful, now i understand there are more locations that are opening and i
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want you to all prowl those places. i want you to remember that folks marched and protested for our rights to vote. [ cheers ] >> they endured beatings and jail time, they sacrificed their lives for this right. i know you can get yourself to the polls to exercise that right. make know mistake about it. casting our votes is the ultimate way of "we go high, when they go low." voting is our high, that's how we -- how do we go high? >> we vote. >> no, no, we need you to volunteer and roll up your sleeves and make calls, knock on
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doors, it is turn out, we have to turn our people out. [ cheers ] do not let yourself let tired or frustrated or discouraged by the negativity of this election. as you are out there working your hearts out for my girl. [ laughs ] here is the thing -- that i just want to tell you all, because this has been a draining election, but i urge you to please, please encouraged, i want our young people to be encouraged because we still live in the greatest country on earth. [ cheers ] [ applause ] we do. i have never felt more help fop about the future, i want our young people to deserve that.
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be encouraged. i feel that way because for the past eight years, i have had the great honor of being this country's first lady. [ cheers ] [ applause ] first ladies, we rock! i have traveled from one end to this country to the other. i have met people from every conceivable background and walk of life including folks who disagree with just about everything barack obama and i ever said, but who welcome us into their communities. remember our neighbors are decent folks, these are -- we are all good people who are open hearted and willing to listen.
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while we may not change each other's minds, we always walk away reminded when it come to what really matters and when it comes to our hopes and dreams for our children. we are just not all that different. i want you to remember that it is that part of us as americans, it is that piece of us that is in all of us, that's what drive folks like hillary's mother who said to herself, i may not have grown up in a loving family but i will build a loving family of my own. i will give my children what i never had, i will pour my heart into raising a strong, smart, loving daughter. [ applause ] >> that's what drives people like my father who cannot getting up and putting in those long hours, who said i may have
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not gone to college but i am going to keep working because maybe my son or daughter will. because in this country, anything is possible. [ applause ] [ cheers ] as we walk away from this election, remember that is what makes us who we are. remember that. a country where a girl like me from the south side of chicago whose great, great grandfather was a slave can go to the finest university on earth. a country where a son of a single mother can make it to the white house -- [ cheers ] a country the daughter of an orphan can break that hideghest and glass ceiling, becoming the
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president of the united states. that's who we are. only when we come together and only when we work for it and fight for it. so that's why for the next 12 days, folks, we need to do everything possible to help hillary clinton and tim kaine win this election. are you with me? >> are you with me? >> i cannot hear you, are we going to do this? we are going to vote, we are going to vote early. we are going to stand in line. we are going make our voices heard. no one is going to take away our hope. lets get this done, thank you all. god bless. [ cheers ] [ applause ] michelle obama in winst winston-salem, in north carolina. their first joint appearance. i am kate snow, we are tracking
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an extremely busy day of political news. less than two weeks to go until election day. hillary clinton just wrapped up that rally with michelle obama. that state is very important to democrats. another hacked memo released by wikileaks and donald trump is jumping all over that. >> to more e-mails, wikileaks releases the more lies between the clinton's foundation and the clinton's personal finances, they all get blurred. lets begin with nbc, chris jansing, she's at that event in winston-salem, north carolina. >> reporter: what we saw was a master class political making. very few people who could do what she just did.
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she took a packed auditorium and held them in the palm of her hands and delivered and talking about how her husband could have lost her in 2008 but by two votes per precincts and he could have won. but, 17 votes per precincts in 2012. she focused on children, something that allowed her without naming him by name to go after the decisive rhetoric of donald trump. she knows her audience as well and there is a large after canc african-american population here. joining me here to talk about this, tais our director for the clinton's campaign. what is this by you? >> we know in the closing day, the most valuable asset is your candidate and somebody like
12:21 pm
michelle obama, what do you get out of this? >> there is no effective voice on the campaign trial than michelle obama, she's -- she brings a moral clarity to this race partly because she does not do a lot of politics. she's someone that people see as a real moral leader. while we are in north carolina on this particular day, north carolina is voting now and they have been for several days. people as the first lady says, people can leave here from this rally and go vote right now. that's why you see places like north carolina and florida, this week because people are voting by election day, 60% of people in north carolina will have voted. she, like most people who were skilled at something, she makes it look easy, i know how hard she works -- >> she works a lot herself. i work for her husband and she
12:22 pm
makes a compelling argument. particularly focusing on kids. >> having said that, jen, the fact the matter is, you guys woke up to headlines. and through connections of the foundation and not what you want to see on the front page of the newspaper. >> i think that as you know these stories are generated by e-mails that were stolen by the russians and were put by the russians does not change the fact that doug band has admitted it. >> we don't think they are working because the people have made their judgment about the foundation and when you see the clinton foundation, a charity with a four star rating and you
12:23 pm
compare that to the trump foundation which has been a legal donation of political candidat candidates. >> reporter: i don't think anyone is disputing that or no we are disputing the star rating that you have. they are questioning whether they use that contact to enrich themselves. clearly from the e-mail and even chelsea had reservations about it and john podesta. >> i think that there is a lot of interests behind the scenes staff entry. we understand that but we don't believe that this is something voters are going to focus on or care about. >> and playing by different set of rules. >> voters are looking back at this election about what it is really about. it is questions about what kind of a country we want it to be,
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we have seen people have made their decision and reject donald trump. we have seen millions of people have already voted and voted for our ticket. that's what this race is about. everyday, there is going to be new wikileaks who understands that and everyday the political press is focusing on, we don't think that'll affect the press. >> reporter: i want to give you the last chance to answer this because it was on the front page -- >> the foundation has done great work. the state department has looked at this and they have said there is no decision that clinton has made the secretary of state. she made it based on the best of the interest in the country.
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>> yeah, let me ask about this race now. how confident do you feel about her chances and is this about down ballot races? >> we certainly want to do whatever we cannot to help with democrat ballots. we want to make sure that voters are getting complacent. that's why we are doing rallies in north carolina. >> we want to make sure that people understand. that does not mean, don't slack off or maybe i don't need to make that extra phone call to get them turn out. we are only going to win if everybody runs to the take and completes the game plan as we have seen it belong to election day. that's why you will see hillary keeping at it for the next twelve days. >> reporter: michelle obama and the president as well? >> they'll continue to do a lot
12:26 pm
to help us. we have amazing people and running mate, tim kaine. the president and the first lady and vice president and doctor biden and president clinton, you will see everybody that's doing everything they can. >> reporter: let me ask you finally, there is not much time left and a lot of people voted and will continue to vote. having said that, how concerned are you of this drip-drip wikileaks from the front page that's coming out. >> it is something that the political press focuses on everyday. it is not what the election is about. it is about who we are as a country. ever since the debates, we have seen our polling numbers moved and voters registration is at an all time high. we roger goodell thieally think turning out. this is their moment to say i
12:27 pm
believe in an equality and we feel optimistic about this. >> reporter: you and i known each other for a long time in the carey's campaign and you know politics. what keeps up at night? >> people decide that they don't need to turn out that this election is a better shape than they think. it is what always happens in the last week of the race. the polls are tight and we fully expect this is going to happen. they are called battleground stakes for states for a reason. donald trump is right, he can still win. our concern is if we execute our game and all of our supporters
12:28 pm
staying engaged and turn out. we'll be fine. >> thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> reporter: kate, you know we have a situation here in north carolina where you have three races that's at least in the polls up until just released in the last hour. and so you are going to don't see these kinds of rallies and seeing super surrogates to come out and you will continue to see a little bit from the clinton campaign that they have made a decision that in case of what we saw today with these new accusations and the clinton's foundation whether it is used to enrich the former president and by extensions of the clinton famil family. i think it is not a surprise that what we heard at the beginning because we have not talked about hillary clinton's
12:29 pm
speech yet was largely attribute to michelle obama. michelle obama seemed a little taken aback by that. hillary clinton snows that she has a higher approving rating than any other politicians in america. the last figure i saw was 59% having her here delivering that message about getting out to vote in a place like north carolina where you have races that are so close. the clinton campaign believes can make a difference, kate >> chris jansing out of north carolina asking the tough questions as she always does. chris, thank you for an interestingerinteres interesting interview. donald trump just wrapped up his rally. late this afternoon, he will be in toledo, ohio, showing trump and clinton tied at 45%.
12:30 pm
kelly o'donell is in toledo. talk about the last sevenevent u heard chris jansing is interviewing clinton's campaign manager. >> it is the same set of circumstances but you will hear it through a different lens when you are at a place like this where donald trump will be speaking at an hour from now. they hear the issue related to the wikileaks and the memos and e-mails that have surfaced because o f that. as given voters another way to look at the clinton's overtime, and bill clinton and chelsea clinton and to look at have they been able to enrich themselves and have the lines blurred. he's going to make the argument that if you have as a voters some sort of hesitation about
12:31 pm
hillary clinton or some kind of discomfort with sort of those issues overtime of the use of foundation where there is ever anything clouded her judgment and of course, the clinton's team says no, that was not the case. donald trump will article that there is. they'll try to close the argument in any ways and they would agree with what was said. with trump and pence must do is try to make a case to their voters and those who maybe decided and movable some how that it is possible for trump to win. that's important not only for trump and his candidacy but for his republicans broadly. mike pence is trying to help encouraging republicans to come back home as phrase that he's using traditional from pence of
12:32 pm
a volatile and hitting the clintons and using the wikileaks hacked information even though that's a source of information that the u.s. government says was stolen by russians intelligence and it people that it is not the kind of thing that should affect the outcome of the american people. donald trump will hit that drama hard here as he did earlier today in another part of ohio. ohio is a must, must win for donald trump, the fact on the ground and the demographic of ohio. he's talking about this issue of were the clintons some how able to use their foundation as a pack to open that enrich es them. >> joining me now, contributor,
12:33 pm
host of "midday" is charlie syk sykes. give me your post-game on these two events we saw the last few hours. >> well, you nearly got the sense of the culturals and gender issues he got. when you watch hillary clinton with michelle obama, and then of course, i have to ask myself of the alternative universe if there is a rational responsible republican candidate. how will this race be different with these wikileaks revelation of what's going on. in a different universe, these would be game changers and the kinds of things that would be driving the presidential race. but, at this point, i don't know that donald trump is going to be
12:34 pm
able to capitolialize those thi. you just announced who you will be voting for and it is neither cl clinton or donald trump. yeah. >> i am going to be writing in evan mcmullin. i like the idea of wisconsin and utah being the designated drivers for the party. >> i would actually like to be able to wake up on november 9th and be able to look at myself in the mirror. i cannot vote for donald trump, he's unfit and poor judgment. evan mcmullin has shown himself a worthwhile for people who did not want to vote for the worst of the two evils.
12:35 pm
>> i think that's over stating it. i am doing this as a matter of conscious. clearly, i am old enough that i remember when conservatives did not smear that principle when they wanted to vote for somebody who was a small government principle and intelligence and constitutional conservatives. that's what i am going do do. i do like watching what's happening around the country where people are stepping back and you know what, we may not be able to affect the outcome of the election but we like to keep our hands cleaned. whatever happens, who ever wins this election is incredibly wounded and bruised and weak whether it is hillary clinton or donald trump. some of these we would like to step back. >> charlie sykes. it is always great to have you with us. up in the casnext, the clinton'
12:36 pm
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a hacked memo had donald trump saying "the clinton's operations is corrupted." we should point out those e-mails that were hacked have not been authenticated by abc news or hillary clinton's campaign. i want to bring in our beth f fouyh to break these down. i want to read parts of the 2011
12:40 pm
memo that was out today. >> this we dedicated ourselve ourselves -- so this is a memo, the contacts he's writing of defending what he's been doing >> exactly, chelsea clinton has been involved and got in there and started to feel like some of the things that's going in there. she wanted to make sure of whatever that's happening were not doing anything that could somehow tarnish the name of her father particularly. >> so what doug does is taking through these businesses, consulting firms and representing how he was able to take those clients and getting it in front of the foundation and contribute the work.
12:41 pm
a big donation and in some cases also gives some money to bill clinton for speeches and appearances and lectures and such. it seems to be enriching both foundations. it is also enriching in bill clinton personally. >> he talks about vacations and free trips and hotel rooms and all of this sounds unseemingly when you read the memo. that's what people are reacting to. the allegation from trump that it is corrupt or pay for play is substantiated. you don't see it in the memo at all. at the time when this memo was written. nowhere is the suggestion that doug band was taken -- clinton did indeed as secretary of state who meet with some people contributors to the foundation. there was no evidence that she
12:42 pm
was meeting them because they were foundation owners. i mean, there were people that the secretary of state would meet anyway. >> you and i know these people and chelsea clinton and he actually worked here at nbc for a time. >> such animosity in their innermost circle. >> at one point, doug band referred to chelsea as a spoiled brat. so much stress there and understandably so. chelsea is looking out for her parents. the most public people and two famous people of the world, is somebody working for them and trading for their names and enrich his company or getting more clients or enriching her
12:43 pm
father but perhaps for the wrong reason. beth fouhy, thank you for breaking it down. joining me now is jim sharp. he's host of "arizona news." >> jim, it is nice to see you again. you had a chance to talk to donald trump jr. what were the headlines for you and i want to talk about arizona specifically. >> well, i asked him, do you feel like a rock star that you are waking up in a different city everyday. yeah, he's not sure where he's waking up which is kind of funny. he came to our studios. i thought he talked about obamacare which arizona had the worse numbers in the country. a 25% increase in premiums, we are talking about 116% in arizona. i thought it was smart that he
12:44 pm
talked about that. >> he will be at arizona state university at 2:00 talking to a rally there. >> this is donald jr. talking about his father's missteps. >> he said some of the things that needed to be said and issues that he's talking about now and things that nobody wants to talk about and things that plagued this country. he's done that since day one. his greatest endorsement is the political elites or the wall street. he's talking for the american people >> he's saying he does not think his father has made a lot of missteps. how does that play with arizona voters? >> i didn't want to stop him, he seemed to be on a role there. he's very punctual. i know where my dad made mistakes.
12:45 pm
you should be willing to talk about it. >> yeah, you acknowledged your dad has made some mistakes. i told him, i am not criticizing your dad, i am going to criticize this campaign and this war on the media is not working out well for you guys. i said this is a winning issue for you and maybe it is too late in the exam pain but it is a winning issue for them >> do we have one more clip? >> i think we have one more clip from the interview and we'll talk about this last one. >> my father is an unlikely person of the voice by the people and for the people. now, we see it. it is over the elites and over the elites, that's a partisan problem we are dealing with. >> jim, he sounds like a candidate himself. did you get a sense that we may see a donald jr. run one day?
12:46 pm
>> you know it is funny, we were talking off the air and we hear it all the time. he's down to earth in person and man, he hits all the points and does not sound slick doing it. i think this guy does have a future. i don't know if he's a new york city mayor or not. i think he's on a sprint for something. >> we are taking a few hits from your microphone there. >> jim sharpe. good to see you, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> donald trump and hillary clinton is stumping hard in the battlegrounds of north carolina. >> young african-americans turning out to vote. morgan rad is joining me now with the latest installment of what we are calling the red, white and you, election. hillary clinton is there today
12:47 pm
with the first lady. trump made two campaign stops yesterday. what are you hearing from younger african-american voters in particular. >> we are here at north carolina, this is the largest black college in the united states. just to give you a sense of how important these black millennial voters are. there are 24% of the state's eligible voters and to give you a sense of what it means, they turn out in higher rates. they did it in 2008 and again in 2012. they are not only from their white peers, they care about things like -- they're at 70% higher loans than their white counter park. >> we sat down to hear what it is that they want to learn from either candidates to swing their
12:48 pm
votes or states. >> thank you, everybody. donald trump and hillary clinton. >> it is great to be here at unc, greensboro. >> both battling over this. the largest of the swing state and home of the largest african-american school. >> if they want to take the state, they need to win over students like these. black millennials make up 24% of the state's eligible voters. over the margins, it helped obama win here. everybody did the beyond imaginable things. >> in 2016, their support for clinton is nowhere near as strong. the number are dropped even worst. >> i don't feel the same connection with clinton than president obama. >> what about donald trump? >> definitely note donald trump.
12:49 pm
>> he did get straight a's. >> the problem is neither candidates is talking about the issues they care about. >> tuition. >> for sure. >> are you nervous of graduating? >> yes, i am. >> for me, i am afraid that i will be paid less. >> it is that discrimination is what they are most worried about. >> i leave the house in the morning, in some people's eyes, i maybe a threat. >> when it comes to fighting these young voters, they say the old ways are not working. >> so they're going to church to find your parents, where should they go to find you? >> i would say online, the different forms of social media. >> hats off to my what? >> hats off. >> even online, pandering, they say it is more than ever. >> i think we are excited of somebody out in the community
12:50 pm
and putting their hard work. >> it is actually honestly. >> reporter: well, kate, hillary clinton is polling two percentage points higher than donald trump here in north carolina, and that shows just how close this race is and just how crucial these black millennial voters really are. kate? >> that was fascinating, morgan, they like the on-line stuff but they don't like when it's phony on-line stuff. >> a little hot sauce in their bag. >> there you go. we're going to head to polk county, battleground florida. that county bigger than the whole state of delaware. for decades they voted republican, but now it's a toss-up. we'll check in with whose message resonates more there, after this.
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so today marks the fourth day of early voting in the battleground state of florida, with hillary clinton and donald trump making multiple campaign stops in the sunshine state. just this week alone, both of them vying for that state's crucial electoral votes. mariana joins me from florida. what are you hearing from voters out there? >> i'm in between tampa and orlando, and this is the area which may determine which way florida goes, undoubtedly one of the most important swing states in the country right now. i'm here with the uberoff family. they've been kind enough to invite us into their home this afternoon. this is dad, who is 90 years old. dad, did you vote already? >> i did already, yes. >> who did you vote for? >> i voted for hillary clinton. >> all right, that's dad, but dan, his son, has a different
12:55 pm
story. dan, have you decided who to vote for yet? >> no, i haven't. not yet. >> what are you waiting for to make up your mind? >> well, anything can happen in another week and a half, you know. i'm not real big on either one of them, to tell you the truth. >> reporter: you're an independent voter, and undoubtedly in one of the swingiest areas of the swing state. are you being bombarded by both national campaigns right now? >> on tv, yeah, in the media, and also, you know, a lot of local politicians that are running, there is all kinds of political advertisements on the tv about that, and you just don't know what to believe. >> reporter: but in the mail have you been getting a lot of materials, literature? >> yes, but not about the president campaign, more about the senate and the congress and which a charlie, chris, marco rubio,
12:56 pm
patrick if you are murphy and a people. i get all the political advertisements about them. >> reporter: thank you so much, dan. that important senate race, patpa patrick murphy, marco rubio generating a lot of buzz. but people like dan who are independent and haven't been receiving a lot of campaign materials in the past couple days. so we'll keep monitoring how the family is voting and we'll keep you updated on msnbc as well. >> thank you so much. a beautiful backyard with the wind chimes. appreciate it. a live look at toledo, ohio. donald trump expected to take the stage any minute. we'll be right back.
12:57 pm
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1:00 pm
in new york. 12 days and counting until the big day. election day topping our agenda right now. the gap is closing, or maybe it's widening. the new polls are all over the map. >> the media now, they're going wild. the media is going wild, because they're saying, you know, this guy is winning in florida? he's winning in north carolina? he's winning in iowa? he's winning in ohio? we have a bundle of brand new polls from a bunch of different states to show you exactly what that race for 270 looks like right now. 12 days out, i'm going to go over to the big board and take you through it piece by piece. that's in just a minute. also on


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