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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  October 28, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning. happy friday. i'm stephanie ruhle. we have breaking news overnight. off the runway. governor mike pence's plane in a hard landing. >> oh, my god. >> it's a 737 that ran off the runway. >> skidding. that's right, skidding off the tarmac. tearing up the ground. mike pence speaking out to nbc this morning. >> we felt i think if fish tailing a little bit, and then it slid to the right. it was about ten seconds of uncertainty. >> also breaking. joe won't go. nbc confirming hillary clinton is considering keeping joe biden on as secretary of state while donald trump on offense, pounding clinton over her
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foundation. >> mr. band called the arrangement unauthorized. the rest of us call it outright corrupt. >> ouch. and he's suggesting -- hey, let's forget the whole voting thing. >> we should just cancel the election and just give it to trump, right? >> that might happen. plus, a firestorm. the republican senator under fire for this exchange over the war hero tammy duckworth's heritage. >> my family has served this nation in uniform going back to the revolution. i have bled for this nation. >> i have forgotten that your parents came all the way from thailand to serve george washington. >> all right, we're going to begin this morning with republican vice presidential nominee mike pence speaking just a short time ago right here on msnbc about a very scary situation that took place last night when his plane skidded off the runway while landing at new york's laguardia airport. >> when we landed, it was
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obvious, i think to everybody on the plane, that the pilots were hitting the brake very hard, trying to get the plane stopped. on the plane, the mud splashed up on the windows. that was our first confirmation that we were off. >> well, we've got our team of reporters covering all the angles of this developing story. including our own campaign reporter who was onboard that very plane. i want to take you first to nbc's tom costello who covers aviation and he's live at laguardia airport. thankfully, no one was injured. walk us through what you learned happened here. >> yeah, well, mud on the windows is never a good sign. listen, federal sources are telling us it appears this plane came in quite fast and it landed very hard. but here's what's important. apparently, landing further down the runway than it should have. at much as halfway down the runway, and as you know, if you come into laguardia airport, you have to be on your game. this is a short runway to begin with. last night, we had rain, about a third of an inch of rain between
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7:00 and 8:00 p.m. wind out of the east at about 10 miles per hour. the wind itself, certainly nothing to be worried about, but a slick runway and then if the pilot comes in too hard and too long, in other words, doesn't give himself enough room to actually run the plane, that becomes a problem. and if you hit the arrester beds, which is what happened in this case last night, the plane went off the end of the runway and then into this crushable concrete material designed to stop a plane when it is coming in too hard, too fast, and it goes too far over the end of the runway. it goes into the arrester bed to stop it. if you hit the arrester bed, something has gone wrong. either with the piloting or with a mechanical issue. all of that combined would tell you there may have been some sort of a pilot issue here, and clearly, the ntsb go team, which is arriving this morning, is going to be looking at that. grabbing the flight data recorder which will tell them speed and when they hit the
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thruster and the brakes. and in addition, the cockpit voice recorder. the preliminary readout would suggest that in fact air traffic controllers were telling the pilot slow, slow, slow. suggesting that he was in fact coming in too far, too fast, and maybe had not adequately hit that runway early enough. the good news, everybody onboard safe. no injuries whatsoever. they then removed the plane overnight, and it is now in a hangar for the ntsb to take a look at. it's a 737. this is a workhorse of a plane. very reliable. stephanie. >> that's a big plane. thanks. our own tom costello at laguardia airport. i want to bring in nbc news campaign reporter vaughn hillyard, who was on mike pence's plane when it slid off the runway. and he managed to take some video on the plane. take a look at this. >> oh, my god.
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>> remain seated. remain seated. >> people seem shocked but not necessarily hurt, which is a good thing. vaughn, you were inside that plane. when i look at those images, that tarmac is shredded up. did you know you were sliding right off? >> this is not the first time this airplane has hit had ground hard. upon landing. we were in iowa earlier in the day and a similar experience where it bounced up slightly off and down. part about that, we knew we were off the tarmac when the plane came to a sudden halt and you could see 50, 100 yards away, the actual highway. that's when it became real that we were off the tarmac at that point. >> why is it, no big deal? we had a lot of hard landings? that seems strange to me. >> that's a good question. when you're going up and down three, four flights a day and coming down, so far, we have been good over the course of the three months since pence joined the gop ticket. he got up, came to the black of the plane as soon as it happened. everybody was looking around.
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he came back, made sure everybody was good. there was another one of the reporters who cracked 2016, governor, and he paused for a moment and a little fist pump into the air. >> so mike pence, you know, came to the back of the plane, said we're a-okay. right after this, you're all getting right back on, not that one, but a different plane. were you a little nervous here? >> as soon as we wrap up here, i'm heading to newark. we're flying out of a different airport and oon a different plane, as we saw tom, that 737 is going to be out for a while. so we're going do be riding on a plane without the trump/pence paint job. flying out of newark, going to be headed to pennsylvania, north carolina, and then new hampshire. >> same pilot? >> we'll see when we walk on. >> there you go. vaughn, stay safe. all right. back on the campaign trail. vaughn hillyard. >> turning to that campaign trail, nowhere donald trump has been everywhere he's gone, donald trump is bringing up one thing over and over. wikileaks. calling out the clintons for
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what he describes as outright corruption. nbc's peter alexander is in manchester, new hampshire, where donald trump is speaking today. no surprise, this seems to be at the heart of every trump speech right now. >> yeah, i think you're exactly right. we're on the banks of the merrimack river a short distance away from where donald trump will be with his first stop of the day. this is a point he has been making, punctuating his speeches throughout the course of the last several weeks. not always specifically about wikileaks but always this idea of corruption. even recently insiszing that hillary clinton shouldn't even be allowed to run because he accuses her of criminal wrongdoing. of course, the justice department didn't pursue the case against hillary clinton after its investigation led by the fbi director james comey. but here is one example just yesterday after that most recent wikileaks leak of donald trump going directly after his rival. >> the more e-mails, wikileaks releases, the more lines between
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the clinton foundation, the secretary of state's office, and the clintons' personal finances, they all get blurred. hillary clinton is the most corrupt person ever to seek the office of the president. >> so there it is. there he is accusing hillary clinton of being corrupt. and even without donald trump in the room, i was at that event in springfield, ohio, yesterday. this idea resonates with his supporters. many of them made this very point to me, that they think she's incredibly corrupt. they think she would be a terrible candidate. before trump arrived, there were chants of "lock her up" taking place. >> something else donald trump is bringing up is that "access hollywood" tape. one would guess he wants to put that away. he wants to put it front and center. he's now threatening to sue the network, nbc? >> yeah, no, he was asked about this in an interview with bill o'reilly at fox news. and basically, what he said was that was an illegal recording. he said that he's considering a
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suit. he said we'll wait and see until after the election. he says the recording should not have happened. it was illegal because in his words, it took place in a prives dressing room. in fact, it happened on an "access hollywood" branded bus while they were both wearing mic microphones for an interview. so none the less, we wait to see on that, but it's not the first time he's threatened a lawsuit. a man who has a very litigious history. most recently threatened he may potentially sue the women who accuse him of sexual misconduct in the past. >> which would in term open him up to discovery. i'm not sheer he wants that. >> we have to turn to hillary clinton. nbc's kristen welker following the clinton campaign in white plains. we have to talk about these e-mails. we were just addressing with peter alexander, donald trump loves talking wikileaks, the clinton foundation. you have spoken to the clinton team. i mean, these thoughts that bill clinton was potentially getting larger speaking fees after doing some work with the clinton
6:10 am
foundation, that smells a little stinky, huh? >> well, look. the problem is the optics in this case, steph. that's always the problem. there's never really a smoking gun, but it raises questions about were lines blurred between the clinton foundation and secretary clinton's state department. the clinton campaign, the clinton team pushing back against that notion forceally. they say that there was never any wrongdoing. never any interplay. take a listen to what one of secretary clinton's top campaign aides had to say. >> i think the people have made their judgment about the foundation. what you see with the clinton foundation is a charity that had a four-star rating, has done a lot of great lifesaving work. and you compare that to the trump foundation, which has made illegal donations to political candidates and spends money buying portraits of donald trump. >> the clinton campaign trying to turn the page on that headline. they also note that u.s. intelligence officials point the finger at russia for these hacks
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that have allowed wikileaks to sort of what they call weaponize or they say russia has essentially weaponized wikileaks. but the bottom line is voters to some extent have expressed concern about what is in the wikileaks, but trust issues about clinton are baked into the cake largely at this point. they're trying to focus on the get out the vote effort, we saw that yesterday when secretary clinton was joined by michelle obama. she's going to be barnstorming iowa, making two stops, and she'll be joined by women's rights leaders. >> maybe painting a picture of what a clinton white house will look like. maybe joe biden sticking around to be secretary of state? >> they are eyeing him, steph. no doubt about that. a source confirms that the transition team has put vice president joe biden on the short list for a possible secretary of state. i spoke with a top democrat earl yethis morning who said the vice president wasn't expecting to be on the list. he was expecting to transition
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out of government. however, he wouldn't rule it out. while secretary clinton herself has insisted he eed she's not f on the transition yet. she's focused on trying to win the race because even though she is ahead in a number of polls, she doesn't have it locked up yet. in a state like iowa could be key. iowa, by the way, one of her toughest battleground states. that's a state where she's going to really be fighting. polls show it as a tied race there at 44%. >> thanks. we have to take a quick break. coming up, did michelle obama deliver? the first lady going all in with hillary clinton. plus, the moment from this senate debate that's got everybody talking. >> i have forgotten that your parents came all the way from thailand to serve george washington.
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talking about a global conspiracy and saying that this election is rigged, understand that they are trying to get you to stay home. vote early, vote right now. leave here, go vote. and don't let anyone take that right away from you. >> that, of course, was michelle obama on the campaign trail with hillary clinton, taking direct aim at donald trump's claims that the system is rigged against him. i want to bring in conservative radio talk show host and msnbc contributor charlie sykes. also with me, lynn sweet, washington bureau chief for the "chicago sun times." lynn, i want to start with you. sort of a battle of the wills. trump campaign working on this voter suppression, this idea that they're trying to keep some women and african-americans from voting, while michelle obama doing exactly the opposite,
6:17 am
saying you better exercise your right to vote. is this a battle of the wills here? who is going to win? >> it's dangerous for both sides. you know, whenever you try to navigate through this, you're risking keeping your voters home. if people think the election is rigged, it cuts both ways. that's why what you want to do is target your voters, turn out your vote, which is exactly what michelle obama was doing in a big auditorium or venue full of clinton supporters. that's the focus instead of telling people it's rigged, that's exactly what people tell you not to do because your voters may say, well, if donald trump's fate is cast, why bother going to vote? it's a very dangerous, very dangerous political route to travel, that donald trump is taking in his talk about the rigged election. >> charlie, somebody who might not be going home, joe biden. a trusted source has told nbc that he's now under consideration for secretary of
6:18 am
state if clinton wins the election. do you think he would take it? >> i don't know. obviously, this is pre-election spin here. hillary clinton and joe biden have not been on the same page of foreign policy. joe biden has a pretty consistent record of being wrong on almost every issue of foreign policy. but i think it certainly is a signal of gravitas, of seriousness, because donald trump is not capable of countering that. who is donald trump going to name as secretary of state? is he going to name rudy giuliani, mike huckabee? newt gingrich. who has he got to float out as a name like that? >> lynn, is it a big premature for the clinton campaign to be putting joe biden's name out there? she hasn't won the election. >> well, a lot of people probably don't know it, but there are formal government paid transition efforts already under way for both campaigns. and it's prudent to be putting together your lists of people. the effort started months ago. so what is interesting now is that the biden name leaked.
6:19 am
and that could be for a few reasons, including the ones you mentioned, to show that whatever their disagreements are, once you become a secretary of state, you work for the boss. biden knows that very well. if he were to take a job, but you have somebody who you're sending to the world who has been a vice president, that's a very strong signal of a united united states going out to the world a message from the white house, one that is hard for trump to counter, as charlie said. >> i want to talk about a different race. in exchange from a debate last night between illinois republican senator mark kirk and his democratic challenger, tammy duri duckworth, in which kirk questions her heritage. >> my country has served this country going back to the revolution. >> i have forgotten that your parents came all the way from thailand to serve george washington. >> okay. charlie, the truth is that tammy duckworth's mother is from
6:20 am
thailand, but members of her father's family did in fact fight in the revolution. i mean, the polls already had tammy duckworth in the lead. what does this do to mark kirk? >> well, mark kirk probably wasn't going to lose. he's a good guy, but you cannot fix stupid. what is it about republican senate candidates that every two years they have to blow themselves up. they have to say something stupid. there's no defense for that. he has to apologize for it. he's made probably an unwinnable race unwinnable and just a little more ugly. >> more unwinnabler. lynn, what do you think? you're from illinois. >> i'm covering the race. i listen to the debate last night. and it was an unforced error. what mark was trying to do was make a wise crack. and he didn't pull it off. it was something he should not have done. and he's military. she's military. i'm surprised he just didn't respect everybody's family service and move on from that.
6:21 am
when you tell jokes during debates, you have to be pretty careful about what you do. and i bet we hear more about it today because it is -- kirk is facing an uphill battle. he needed a very, very strong showing from the debate. he didn't get it last night. and he needs to figure out a way to reclaim it. there's one more debate left between the two. and maybe this won't get all the attention. but it certainly will be used in a negative way against mark kirk. and he didn't need it. >> yes, moving on. not going to happen. lynn, charlie, thanks for joining me. >> thank you. next, we're going to take you back to the clinton foundation, under fire again. this time for its ties to what leaked memos call bill clinton inc. we'll follow that next.
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welcome back. time now for your morning primer. everything you need to know to get your day started. vice presidential candidate mike pence's campaign plane made a scary landing last night, sliding off the runway at new york's laguardia airport. luckily, none of the 48 passengers, including governor pence and his family, were injured. >> and on the trail, donald trump holds rallies today in new hampshire and maine before holding a rally in iowa where hillary clinton will also be holding a women's and early vote rally. >> a jury acquitted the leaders of an armed anti-government protest that seized an oregon wildlife refuge for 41 days last winter. the bundy brothers do remain in custody on charges from another high-profile stand-off in the state of nevada. >> and police fired pepper spray and bean bag rounds and arrested more than 140 activists trying to block the construction of a
6:26 am
north dakota oil pipeline. the group argued the pipeline threatens the areas water supply and the native american tribal sites. >> and i love this one. for the first time in 71 years, chicago's wrigley field will host a world series game. the cubs, of course, face off with the indians tonight for game three. the series is currently all tied up. >> and in just minutes, former president bill clinton will rally voters in the battleground state of pennsylvania. but today's event comes amid several new questions about the clinton foundation following the latest wikileaks release. a 2011 memo sheds light on how bill clinton allegedly monetized his post-presidency. and reince priebus calls it quite the smoking gun. msnbc's ali velshi has been looking into all of this. again, these are wikileaks e-mails. none have been verified at this point. >> what they're telling us is some relationships we should start to explain. everybody knows about huma abedin.
6:27 am
the vice chair of hillary clinton's campaign. more than a chief of staff role. she's her alter ego. she's been with hillary clinton for many years. bill clinton has an equivalent, doug band. this guy started with him in 1995 in various roles. an intern and became his body man, which means he was the gate keeper, the way to get to bill clinton. and after the clinton presidency ended, he was instrumental in starting up the clinton foundation. clinton global initiative. but he went off on his own because it doesn't pay necessarily to just hang out by the president, and he started a company called tunayo. >> the pr company. >> they represent some of the biggest companies in the world. >> so where does that fit into all of this? doug band leaves. starts tenayo, now what happens is they have a lot of big clients. this is just a few of them, dow, coca-cola, ubs, and the allegation, as you piece these e-mails together, is that doug was taking money from these companies. they became clients of doug's,
6:28 am
which also gave them the privilege to pay bill clinton for speaking fees. in order to get the access to bill clinton, he threw them memberships in the clinton global initiative, worth about $20 million a year. c kn cgi is part of the clinton foundation. the big event held in new york where all the rich and famous gather. it's a bit of a davos for business. that's the allegation that doug was selling access to the president, getting him speaking gigs. in the meantime, collecting retainers from this companies. they allege he made $8 million just for this process, and bill clinton made $3 million in speaking fees. >> chelsea clinton, also a central force within cgi, she has an e-mail in question. >> one of the e-mails in there from november 4th of 2011, she wrote to senior advisers, my father was told today of explicit examples at cgi, clinton initiative, of
6:29 am
doug/teneo, pushing for and receiving free memberships in cgi and of multiple examples of teneo hustling business at cgi. the idea is i'm close to him, you want to get to him. you need to become a client of mine. that's the allegation, at least. >> help me understand, while this doesn't smell great, is there an actual smoking gun? reince priebus says it's a smoking gun. someone else could argue, this is it way business gets done. >> doug squeezes everybody because he knew bill clinton. bill clinton wasn't a public official at the time. it doesn't smell great, but no, there doesn't seem to be anything else. this is very separate from allegations the state department was selling access to cgi or vice versa. in other words, if you give a donation to the clinton foundation, you could have a meeting with hillary clinton. that doesn't speak to any of that. that's just bill clinton and doug band making money off bill clinton. >> so based on all of this, there's no sign there's any sort of illegal behavior. >> it seems a little unsavory. >> little unsavory.
6:30 am
doesn't taste that good, but won't make you sick. >> for instance, if bill clinton just went to a speaking agency, he would get speaking fees. they would take a quarter of it, and everybody would think that's okay. because the allegation was doug is getting business from companies because of his access to bill clinton, that's where it starts to feel a little unseemly. >> web is a little tangled. alley velsy breaking it down for us. >> coming up, we have to take a break because we have to pay the bills, with two weeks, just two weeks left to go. feels like a long two weeks. donald trump is trailing hillary clinton significantly when it comes to campaign cash. this as new reports claim almost nobody from his inner circle, including his own children, have donated to his campaign. an adviser to the trump campaign joins us live.
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6:34 am
11 days? steve cortes is a member of trump's national hispanic advisory council and a trump surrogate from chicago. good luck to the cubs, steve. >> thank you. yeah, going to be a very, very big weekend between halloween and three cubs games. the city of chicago is going to be hopping. >> a big weekend in chicago. i want to talk about this campaign. also, big weekend for the campaign. this idea of voter suppression. bloomberg business week put a piece out saying, within the campaign, they learned that there's a voter suppression effort, and our own reporting says it is a discouragement tactic. the trump campaign is discouraging certain groups. women just like me, not to go out there and vote. explain this. >> that's not true at all. i think even to use the term voter suppression to me is just completely false, and it's misleading because it makes it sound like we're trying to cheat somebody out of their right to vote. what is accurate is there's an incredible enthusiasm gap, meaning our supporters, trump supporters, are practically maniacal in their support for donald trump, whereas hillary clinton supporters.
6:35 am
even folks who claim they want to vote for her, they're voting for her grudgingly so, so given that, i think she has a potential problem with turnout. this is nothing related to voter suppression. i tell you, you mention, i'm in chicago, a very blue city. i come across a lot more hillary voters than trump. i have yet to come across, i know this is anecdotal, but i have yet to come across a single voter who says, i love hillary clinton. i can't wait to vote for her. >> you don't need to love her. she just needs them to vote for her. bernie sanders had the most enthusiastic supporters out there, but he couldn't beat hillary. she had the numbers. let's talk polls. when we look at the poll numbers, hillary is clearly ahead. in fact, based on the business week reporting, within the trump campaign, your campaign has poll numbers that reflect what nate silver's do, putting hillary ahead. it doesn't really matter if you have trump supporters cheering louder. you have less supporters. >> well, look, we'll find out, won't we, in 11 days.
6:36 am
i would be the first to concede, i think we're probably slightly down. i think we're probably the underdog, but we're going to fight right to the finish line. this is going to be a horse race. i think it will require a photo finish at the end. i believe we're going to win. i'm actually kind of heartened that i think the other side is taking it for granted. i think they're dancing in the end zone a little bit already. they haven't won yet. we're fighting extremely hard. we're in every single battleground state, if you look at upi, which i think is reasonably objective in terms of polling, in every battleground state, we're tied or within the margin of error. that tells me we have to fight to the finish. by the way, the news flow for once is benefitting us because the scandal that are coming out about the clinton cartel, and that's really what they have operated for years, the scandals that are coming out and new information coming out is really, i think, working in our benefit and showing that she's a fundamentally flawed and corrupt candidate. >> getting your message out, it's clear this is the time to do it. money would help you. donald trump has said he's putting $100 million in. where is it? based on the last report, it was
6:37 am
just $30,000, and it wasn't even a check. he was just moving staff members from trump companies to the campaign. where's all the money? >> well, we know from what has already been reported that he spent north of $50 million. he has pledged $100 million total. i don't know exactly what he spent. here's the point. it's almost funny people are criticizing him for spending tens of millions of dollars of his own money on this campaign, compared to the clintons who have made $200 million in speaking fees, i mean, who in the world believes -- >> hold on, sir. for clarification purposes, he's only spent about $60, and if you want to put that against the 32 campaign events that were held at trump locations, trump business locations, he's also made quite a bit of money. >> okay, well, no, this has been a net money loser, clearly, this campaign has been for him. but it doesn't matter. he cares about maamerica, and h has already had an unbelievably
6:38 am
successful business career. he wants the last great act of his life to be saving this country. he saved new york city years ago. he's employed tens of thousands of people, built amazing buildings all over the world. now he wants to take the same skills to rebuild america and reclaim our government, to reignite our economy, and to restore our security. >> how would you say he's saved new york city? i would love to know that. i'm a new yorker. >> he saved new york city because when he started building things like the hyatt, midtown manhattan was having serious problems. he believed in new york when a lot of people didn't believe in new york. this was pre-giuliani days. i think even a lot of democrats, edkoch would talk about this, how much donald trump did to save new york city. this is a man who builds buildings and sells deals as opposed to the clintons who wild ious with tyrants all over the world and sell influence. >> why would you guess that mike bloomberg, someone who -- i used
6:39 am
to work at bloomberg, but you could talk to new yorkers. that's a three-term mayor who doesn't support trump. in fact, he calls him a fraud and a hoax. >> he should have gotten in and run against donald trump, then, right? there's a reason, he knew he couldn't take us on. this is a movement. it's not about a new york billionaire, mike bloomberg. not about new york newsroom, not about k street in washington, d.c. it's about millions of american workers who feel they have been forgotten by a crony system. they have been dispossessed by globalism, and by a rigged government that exists for it own benefit and doesn't care very much frankly about what happens in fly-over america, and our movement is intent on changing that. we can, again, restore our constitution, reignite economic growth. we need to grow again. this is the first presidency in american history that never registered one year of 3% or better gdp. that's a tragedy, and we have to reverse it. >> donald trump has his family,
6:40 am
his kids by his side. does it surprise you that his kids, who have given to other politicians. they have actually given to hillary clinton in the past, they haven't put money in the campaign. how come in. >> no, it doesn't surprise me at all. look at how much they're giving. they didn't have to necessarily go to their pocket. they're giving sweat equity. they're on the campaign trail constantly,constantly giving interviews. we don't have a lack of funds in any sense. we're probably going to have a surplus at the end of the race. we have spent wisely and frugally. donald trump has done this his entire life. he's done more with life, and he's done it in this campaign. we don't have nearly the money hillary clinton has. largely, i would argue, because of her influence pedaling all over the world. the thinks we're learning about doug band, he should be named doug stamper because this is house of cards stipe tough. >> you don't think paul manafort's ties to russia, mike flynn being tied to russian tv, that's not a little um? >> paul manafort has nothing to do with our campaign. >> he did.
6:41 am
>> he's gone now. >> doug band is not part of hillary clinton's campaign. what do you want to pick? >> no, but he is very much a part of the clinton machine. >> as was paul manafort -- he was very much part of the trump machine. so which one do you want to go with? >> i'm not here to answer for manafort, but doug band has told us in writing now, we know this, and by the way, the clinton people want to say, oh, these were hacked e-mails. we shouldn't talk about them. they were perfectly happy to talk about the illegally stolen tax returns from donald trump. >> i'm going to leave it there. those tax returns, before that report came out from the "new york times," were verified by the accountant who signed them. we have to leave it there, steve. i have to take a break. i know you need to get ready for halloween in chicago as well as the cubs. >> thank you. >> all right, steve cortes. coming up, donald trump has spoken a lot about improving the inner cities, but could his latest gaffe be the final nail in the coffin when it comes to the minority vote?
6:42 am
6:43 am
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6:45 am
we're going to work on our ghettos. they're -- you take a look at what's going on, where you have pockets of areas of land where you have the inner cities and you have so many things, so many problems. >> in the ghettos, you heard it right there. donald trump stumbling after the word ghettos, suggesting he was trying to regain his footing after he uttered a rarely used word. here to talk about that and much more, msnbc contributor josh barrow, and "new york times" report reporteriamec alcindor. are we being hypersensitive, too politically correct, or is donald trump just absolutely out of touch and that's just bad? >> i mean, i think this is just a continuation of the fact that he's been stereotyping where african-americans lived, when he was at the debates, he said african-americans and hispanics were living in hell. this idea isn't that far from
6:46 am
what we have been hearing before. i just published a story about african-american voters saying they have heard this kind of language that donald trump is using all throughout their lives. teachers joking with them, you should go back to the ghetto. third grade teachers telling you, you're going to die before you're 18 because of where you live. this is really personal for african-americans which is why he's polling at about 4% with african-american voters. >> josh, why even do this? why is donald trump going after this narrative? here we are, the obamacare premium hikes are a gift to donald trump. low gdp is a gift to donald trump. why doesn't he stick to those types of issues? >> he has no message discipline at all. it's been like this for 16 months, and such as it is, it worked for him. he won the primary without any message discipline. i think their campaign in the performance of appealing to minority voters, it's been about white voter voters, trying to s we're not racist. look at us doing our appeals to black voters. eve if it doesn't work with black voters.
6:47 am
maybe it convinces some white people he's not too racist to be president. i don't know how well that's working either. then also, i think some of this is serving as a dog whistle to his sort of white nationalist supporters, when he talks about black communities as being, you know, pathologyized, he's appealing to voters who have racist attitudes. i don't think that this is necessarily something that is serving their objectives even if it's not appealing to black voters at all. >> to josh's point, a lot of this has worked for donald trump before. is hillary clinton's campaign getting a bit too confident here? we're looking at all this money now pouring into senate races, going after beating marco rubio, should democrats not focus on the race alt hand? donald trump is a candidate like we have never seen. and it ain't over. >> when you talk to people in hillary clinton's campaign, they don't sound like they're people who feel like they're super confident they're going to win the presidency. remember in 2008, she felt very confident going into the
6:48 am
primaries and was beat by president barack obama. so i think even whielg we might think, oh, they're starting to feel like they have this in the bag, the clinton world has already been burned very badly with that feeling. so yes, they are looking to the senate races because they're thinking even if she's elected, she also has to govern. the idea of governing with the gridlock president obama had to deal with is something she doesn't want to go in. she's trying to have people and allies for those big policies. she's been saying in her first 100 days she was going togo after immigration and other big issue things and to do that, she has to have a senate that is behind her. >> we talk about the lack -- hillary clinton may have the poll numbers, but there is a lack of enthusiasm. we have spoken to so many voter whose have said, well, she's the lesser of two evils. if donald trump stays on this narrative around wikileaks. around the clinton foundation, if more comes out around the clinton foundation, could that sway votes? jennifer palmieri said the cake is already baked.
6:49 am
that's not going to change. >> the public polls have tightened in the last few days. donald trump's favorability numbers have been improving. it's a suggestion that republican whose have gone away from him because of the tape or the debate performance are coming back. there has been a little bit of a shift in the race. when you talk with insiders on the left and frankly on the right, people who are not inside the trump campaign, they tend to say that the public polls overstate how much things are moving around and there has been a sometimes modest but also clear clinton lead throughout the entire race. i think that the clinton campaign certainly doesn't want to project an image of complacency because they want people to turn out and vote. whether on the inside they're highly confident they're going to win, my suspicion is they are, but this narrative that the race is closing in, the clinton people have an interest in getting people to believe she's not ahead as much as she cis. >> yes or no, are there any more oh, my gods coming? do the clintons have a holy cow
6:50 am
donald thing coming or does donald have one? >> in this cycle, i would go with yes. >> it's a good bet that something weird will happen at any point in this election. >> i'm a little tired. okay, thank you both so, so much. coming up, >> there's been a lot of talk recently about rigged election and grabbing muskets. will donald trump supporters actually physically revolt? there's schools closed on election day. will they revolt if he loses this election? wh it like to ben goodhands? lis to be taken care of. home, car, life insurae obviously, ohhh... but with added tches you can'tg, like claim free rewards... obviously, ohhh... even a claim sisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! means proction niquetras only m anxpert allstate age.
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6:53 am
i believe november 9th, if they say hillary clinton's won, there will be an unrest like we probably have never seen. >> will you accept the outcome? >> hell no. >> you heard it there. trump supporters telling us what will happen if donald trump loses the election. it echoes a "new york times"
6:54 am
report talking about violence if trump does not win. jacob rascon is live. you've been to countless trump rallies. are most supporters telling you this? >> the short answer is no. the overwhelming majority of trump supporters don't talk like that. i remember that interview. that was in colorado. the gentleman's name was calvin, one of a handful of people over the course of dozens and dozens of rallies that talked that explicitly about violence. the overwhelming majority of trump supporters, i would say while they believe in some form or another, the election is rigged, usually, they mean the bias in the media makes the election rigged and while many of them say that they won't accept personally hillary clinton as their president, meaning they'll always believe she shouldn't be allowed to run or the process was unfair, most resign to the fact there's not much they can do except to go on
6:55 am
with their lives. while some say their country is over, the supreme court will be liberal forever and they can kiss the future of their grandkids good-bye. we don't hear that kind of talk a lot. and that was pretty explicit and again, i only heard that a few times. i will add to that that there are many who say this movement, they believe, is bigger than the candidate and if donald trump were to lose, they say they're not going away. i've heard people tell me we're never going away. there's going to be no reset with the republican party. we're not going to be purged or anything. these tens of millions of people probably who are behind donald trump solidly, from what i see on the trail, they don't expect to be going anywhere. they don't expect to go back to the republican party that they used to know. many are divorced from a lot of the republican party leadership. they believe that donald trump does that the party betrayed
6:56 am
them. there's all of that. >> it's truly an extraordinary time for republicans and that's not going to change come november 9th. thank you for joining us this morning. we've got to take a break. the most controversial ad is from a super pac run. former senator bill bradley on why it's caused him to flip-flop on super pacs. at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains intoto science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stai disappear right before your eyes.
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i have a lifetime experience. so i know important th is. i thodid the ancestrydna to find out i'm only 16% italian. soon learned that one our ancestors was eastern european. this is my ancestor o i didn't know out. that wraps us up for this hour. be sure to catch me tomorrow with this guy and catch me on twitter @sruhle but please say something nice to me. i'm getting tired of the hate tweets. something who sends me nice tweets is my friend. >> you get nice tweets. >> you could send me one. >> i'll send you one after the broadcast. thank you, stephanie. see you in the morning. federal officials investigating what could have been an aviation disaster. mike pence's campaign plane
7:00 am
skidding off a slippery runway in new york thursday night. fortunately, no one hurt but the vp nominee said it was a bit scary. >> when we landed, it was obvious, i think to everybody on the plane that the pilots were hitting the brake very hard trying to get the plane stopped. we felt it i think fish tailing a little bit and then it slid to the right. it was about 10 seconds of uncertainty. >> let's get right to new york's laguardia airport for the latest on just what happened. tom costello. >> reporter: federal aviation authorities are telling us it appears this plane came in too far down the runway. attempted to land at approximately halfway down the runway and coming in too hard and too fast. that's the initial preliminary data coming from a look at the atc information. in fact,


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