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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  October 28, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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problem of the country and make it greater. congressman, thank you sir for being here and pass along of the fact that this is not a reopening of the investigation because it was never really closed, there are outstanding issues with this. >> right >> comey's letter was sent to the hills out of the an abundance of precautions. kate snow is here to take things over. >> it is not over yet. breaking news we are continuing to follow the fbi director is now saying the fbi discovered new e-mails pertinent to the investigation. no time line or explanation of what this new material is or where it came from. a few hours ago on the 500th days of his campaign. donald trump gave his version of what was happening to his
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supporters. >> they are reopening the case into her criminal and illegal conduct that threatens the security of the united states of america. >> now, as thomas just said reopening is not accurate according to our justice correspondent, pete william is joining us now. we know it is not the investigation of russian hacking or the looking of john podesta's e-mails or anybody else involved in the clinton campaign in that russian hacking case. if you think about it, it is not anybody who was already investigated. what we were told that this was a device suggesting of laptop or
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a cell phone, officials would not be more specific about that. it has to be something that they did not look at before. it is not hillary clinton's e-mail server, it is not any of the laptop or phones that they looked at in connection of the investigation. it is something unrelated and they found something that suggests they need to take a closer look at it. the other thing i think ils important here is the officials say so far, they don't see any evidence that anybody is withholding information or withholding evidence from the original investigation. it is well outside the bounds of that original hillary clinton's e-mail investigation. they don't know what the significance e-mail it will be whether it is going to cause them to take another look of conclusion that james comey reached in july which is no body should be prosecuted, no one at
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the state department. that's the bottom line question here. obviously, politically this is a very important development. legally, it may not be. >> time line wise, do we have any idea how quickly the fbi will be able to process this new information and when we may lher any kind of conclusion? >> it will be well after the electi election. in order to look at this material, they have to go to court and get search warrants and do interviews with people and having this devices analyzed now and electronically to see what else is in it, that takes time. no, they don't know how long it is going to take but it is obvious and clear that it is going to be well after the election. >> pete williams always juggling his duty between msnbc and "nightly news." thank you, i will go over to
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kasie hunt right now who first broke the story. you talked to members of congress and that's how we found oit abo out about this. did they have any clue that this us coming? >> they had no idea. they had a number of in queries into the fbi and they tried to put in a lot of pressure on law enforcement so reopen this case or explain more about it and they say this letter is not in response to anything of the source. it is not in response to an in query they made or in a way they were pushing and they received it basically out of the blue and that, of course, been the challenge for people on both sides of the isle and i have been talking to sources on capitol hill as well as political sources in the course of my campaign reporting and there has been a collective threat if you will as they are trying to figure out how to respond to this. you can see the contours of how this may play out over the course of the next 24 or 48
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hours or the next 11 days. democrats are angry that comey put this letter out 11 days before the election without explain anythi explaining anything. this was something he was doing to cover himself based on whatever he had said previously in testimony and capitol hill. there is a demand from them. i this i it is going to be a growing demand for the lease more information of what he's talking about. there is a feeling that this opening door that this is going to let this hyperbole running while. we saw donald trump seizing on this in a broadway even though this was a specific crafted legal documents as pete was talking about. you are seeing on the republican side calls to provide more information before the election. obviously, for a different set of reasons. tom cotton, the senator from arkansas put out a statement saying they want to know more
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before november's election so voters can use this information to make their decision. there is increasing pressure from director comey on both sides but whether or not this is reopened no matter how this case unfolds legally, politically this has reopened of what i is -- for secretary clinton and one throws a wrench at the clinton's campaign very late. >> secretary clinton has been on stage now for about 20 minutes and has not address this issue at all. we are continuing to monitor those remarks. joining me now is sean spicer of the republican national committee, shawn, it is nice to see you. >> great to see you kate. >> what do you make of all of this. donald trump mentioned at the top of his remarks and his campaign manager is -- seems like you guys are sort of celebrating today. >> i think 11 days out, there is
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clearly major concerns of what else have been found. as you know we expressed concerns when the initial findings was done, we thought there was more to this at the time. we were disappointed in the initial ruling of this. this gives us hope that the fbi is actually taking the concerns that we and others have had about her use and handling of classified information a lot more serious. we don't know to the extent of which revolves around. the server she had and potentially new device and there is a lot of rumors going around there. ten days on the election of who's going to lead this country, i think cases reporting is correct, there is a lot of people who's going to want to know what exactly is there more to know and how did she handle classified information of potential breaches and did she mishandled it in a way that's unappropriate. someone seeking to be commander
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in chief got some questions. >> our fellow republicans saying, why right now. why is the fbi doing this just 11 days before this election? >> well, i am not sure how you can taint it. >> the lifelong republican. >> what i am saying katie, you heard our concerns the first time that they went through this investigation, we did not feel it is thoroughly enough or director comey address some of the concerns and if there were other case and circumstances that which we believe they had not given the department of justice of the grand jury of the opportunity to rule on these things. to find out there is more, it gives us hope they are taking it seriously than believed. >> what dow think needs to
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happen. how do you see this playing out over the next 11 days? >> well, the last time there was an investigation, director comey felt it necessary to come out and fully explain their findings and why he had come to those findings and he made it clear that this was unique and the american people needed to understand sort of the rational thinking which was not the case. he owes it in a similar fashion to come out and explain what else was there and were there additional classified information. did she not disclose everything as she said she has. there is a lot of questions and i think deserves clarity. we need further explanation for all the american people who are trying to go to vote. i know clinton's folks are trying to get as many people to vote as early as possible. this is something should be answered before they get forced to go out and vote. >> kellyanne conway tweeted "a great day in our campaign just
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got even better." >> is there a danger among republicans, you become over confident? >> well, i think we had a really strong week which more and more of the polls and the early vote and absentee ballot showing momentum for donald trump and mike pence. >> what today shows is reenforces what's been on the finds of most americans. in hillary clinton has one set of rules for her and one for everyone else. >> so i think there is a little bit of hope out there that maybe we are finally going to expose some of the second set of rules that the clintons have that so -- again, i think it is more of the momentum been with donald trump and cons to reenforce the narratives and further cast out
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her ability to lead this country. >> the polling has not been with donald trump and early voting you mentioned a minute ago, a little more than 16 million votes have been cast and about half of those are in battleground state. we broke it down, 54% women who voted so far. >> 85% or 45 years of age or older, more democrats across the country have cast their votes so far than the republicans have. >> you know they would contend that they are democrats who are so so far ahead of this point in the early voting that you are trying to catch up. >> well, let me insert some facts in the is discussion. a lot of these polls do show donald trump not only winning but a lot of cases friending forward. that's a fact. every one of these places whether it is iowa or north carolina and nevada or iowa, it is actually, testimonies always do well in their votes. the facts are, we are doing
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better than we ever have. they are not reaching the numbers that they normally have. you need to put all of that in context. obama won north carolina by 300,000. >> the top four obama counties in ohio. >> they're all down from where obama was and republicans are up. >> it is got to be in context and not true. >> if florida we are winning the early vote and absentee votes. >> the reality is -- >> i am saying national spe speaking. >> guess what, this is a state by state race game. >> more state than not -- >> i am not going to quiver over this is now our democrats work. >> you can ask president gore how it works. sean spicer, i appreciate your time. >> we'll be talking to kellyanne conway, the campaign manager for
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donald trump will be with us in the next hour of 4:00 with steve cornacki. stay tuned for that. kristen welker is out traveling with the clinton's camp today. she was in flight with her aids when this story first broke a couple of hours ago. >> kristen, tell me what happens when staffs and press started to find out about this news? >> reporter: well, we just wrapped up what referred to a gavel that's reporters asking questions. wrapped up moments before we learned about this news. we tried to get them to come back and getting reactions. we are still waiting. it is worth to but this day into context, it began with consistent dartieparting here i iowa. right now she's all tied up with
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donald trump and again with the revelation of her transition team of joe biden. during that gavel, they were telling the fact that they did feel good about their early voting totals and the acceptance of which democrats have been turning out. they began with flexing their muscle and talking about the fact that hillary clinton i is -- this is the issue more than anything else that's over shadows hillary clinton and her campaign of lack of trust of her. this is another roadblock as she takes it down to the finish line. the finish is on this early voting stage. they think that's the key of winning this election regardless of these negative headlines. >> to clarify, you have not been able to get any kind of statements out of the campaign yet and hillary clinton is speaking as we are talking. she has not addressed this yet,
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right? >> yes, that's a really important point. we are all waiting and watching to see if she has any type of official reacting. in this case, she has not yet. i antidepressant that's because her campaign is still processing the information and trying to get to the bottom of it as you are talking about throughout the hour, there is not a lot of information in that statement that was put out by director comey. i suspect they're trying to learn a little bit more before they officially response. clint secretary clinton is sticking to the folks here and urging them to get out and remind all of controversial comments that donald trump has made. winning depends on women and the other part of obama
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administration turning out. >> thank you very much, we'll keep an eye as we have been. lets move onto ari melber. he's going to break down the language in this letter from director comey sent over to members of the house and the senate. it is moving really fast. he was briefed by his staff just yesterday. is that right? >> that's exactly right. >> this is political and news bomb shell by any means. it is not niesely on a legal bomb shell. it is too unusual. according to the fbi, yesterday, the director was briefed that in another case of a separate and unrela un unrelated case other e-mails turned up and they are basically interested in reviewing they will them. >> he basically says in connection of an up ya case, the
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fbi has learned of the existence of e-mails that appears pertinent to the -- i agree the fbi should take appropriate investigative steps to allow investigate everiors to review e-mails to assess their importan importance. that line right there is the fbi director. >> his statement is different from what donald trump and some other immediately responded. >> what he's saying is that there is something here worth looking at and they're going to do that. >> he's not saying we know what this is. if he found a crime or a smoking gun, we maybe passed that point. that's keon what the fbi director told us here. what people are wondering is, is any of these are the kinds of things that i thinking the outcome of the investigation or of other cries or e-mails as
12:18 pm
pete williams reporting of federal sources is not being por pr treyed. >> can i ask at the risk of hypothetical. i think a lot of voters a wondering of the process. >> legally, not politically. >> if something were to happen the next seven days that's that's -- what happens then legally? >> there is nothing in this letter or any information we currently have that would suggests anyone. >> a presidential candidate or sorbortinat. and you basically continues about your way. nothing would change the 11 days. i did get off the phone moments ago with the federal prosecutors who said, look, you had an
12:19 pm
unusual level of desure and transparency about this case because this was hillary clinton. >> director taneycomo if you believe him and him him in his words. which we heard from bingsly both sides from this point. >> what he will say is yesterday, we woke up and went to work. >> we found new e-mails. his responsible to that is having briefed congress and he's got to brief them with an update. >> if you believe that fact and you put forward and he got those e-mails. we'll look at some more of those e-mails. >> we are going to work on a quick break, hillary clinton just wrapped up her speech without mentioning the breaking news news. >> coming up, we'll follow the news. >> the bureau is reviewing this.
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the after shocks of the news of the fbi announcing reviewing of a batch of hillary clinton's e-mails or e-mails related being felt across the world now. donald trump hammering clinton on this. >> hi colleague is in maine where donald trump will be holding a rally the next hour. kelly, give is a read on how republicans are reacting. >> reporter: there is a sense that this could be a break for donald trump. sources i say say it is an
12:24 pm
opportunity. and not everyone here is happy a about this news. they felt that this issue had not gotten enough attention. when the justice department and james comey decided not to take any action for clinton's. it may also help some of the senate republican races where they cannot try and have tried democratic candidate on a hillary clinton's range of issue and that think help them as well >> whatever the facts are and thousand they perceive there is a lot of details to be learned. there is enough in the air th that -- it also does something a bit different than the wikileaks and the hacked stolen e-mails of john podesta, what has been the subject of another news but has not delivered some kind of
12:25 pm
smoken guns that republicans are conservative. but but, to put on the death of james comey, someone who has cleared many prosecutions does opened the door politically. you see donald trump is using from the republican party. so much of what is haeping the presidential left. what will ultimately be the down ballot races. >> and even the house, as late as this news comes. the big question, is there something here that can trade voter's minds? >> thesis are opened questions. >> many voters resolved in their own mind of what to do and think to make of the hillary clinton's e-mail issues. it is generating highlights today and that's something that the trump campaign has not ian
12:26 pm
often go their way. >> this surprises are news that's difficult for donald trump. >> we had people waiting for hours. they were outside in pouring rain, we have been able to southbound serve and talk to some people who learned about this. they held captive in a political sense where several hours here are going through the security process to see donald trump will be later today. they totaled this audience that trump will complete his ral zi he has an interview challenged ask fox news camera. he will do it on the stanl here. these supporters remaining here and providing a sense of audience. >> these actual voters here in maine, a place that we are not visiting this late in the campaign season. because of the way they proportioned their electoral vote is part of why we are here. this will get buzz in a way that
12:27 pm
trump supporters are already fired up. >> now, there is something for them to see whether they can use this responsibly. >> kaellelly o' donnel. >> congressman leader, king, you are on the house intelligence committee. you know the sbe lady well, did you have any idea that this was coming today. >> i don't think anyone does. >> i have been on the phone for the last 24 hours and trying to track it down. >> to me, this is a potential game changer >> i don't think we can over estimate how important this is. >> joimz comey puns the reality of politics. he's indicating and giving me the impression that this is very, very significant and to be reopening from an investigation, and again, he would not be doing
12:28 pm
that. so that would not be enough to reopen an investigation to announce 11 days before election. there has to be something very significant. i think it could be a game changer. >> i just want to mention that our pete williams keep on reporting in washington, this is not a re-opening of the investigation because the fbi never had closed. >> they were not going to pursue any kind of charges. >> technically, that's correct. in the mind, over debate would go other and over again. and it is basically over done with and the public eye is reopening the investigation. >> congressman, do you have any sense from your colleagues or committee. do you know what this new batch of e-mail is or where it came
12:29 pm
from? also, i do know there is a number of the fbi and in the community felt that the investigation have missed issues going back to comey first made his findings, they have been talking to people. no, whether it is a foundation or whether it involves any kind of -- and president obama over the private e-mails. i don't know, it could be a number of things. it has to be something of significance otherwise comey would not have done it. he knows the new consequences of making this announcement today. >> does it have to be significance? i asked that because our ar ari melber, in a way that he's
12:30 pm
damned if he does or damned that he does not. he does have to tell us the information even though it is not significance. >> it is always going to be new information coming in. this is unending when you got thousands of e-mails and so many forces. he's always getting additional information. listen, if he -- as much as anyone, james comey knows what it means when the fbi director come out after saying several months ago there was nothing to prosecute on or could not be prosecuted on or should be. and now to say that "he's going to reopen it." that's the impression that the public has that he's opening the investigation. if it is not significance that it was wrong for comey to make
12:31 pm
this announcement. >> what does the congressman do, do you want top sit and wait or see this evidence sit on the intelligence committee. what do you do? >> there has to be a briefing of the leaders of the intelligent committee and probably the over sight committee, none of th this -- and to have the director of the fbi coming out and say that he's taking another look of criminal investigation of the former secretary of state and the front run over the president of the united states. this is totally unprecedented. >> congressman peter king of new york, thank you for being with us on the phone. >> kate, thank you. >> developments keep coming in a story. it is moving fast. i am going to be joined by our spokesperson, an aid to attorney general, eric holder, clinton's
12:32 pm
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we are following breaking news from the fbi investigation that's pertinent to hillary clinton's usage of e-mail. i want to spring in our spokesperson, matt it is nice to see you. you have been on a bit of a twitter storm and you have not been happy today with the dw developments, tell me why. >> it is part of the course for really just astonishing way how director comey handled this case. >> the fbi doj have rules how they are supposed to handle these things.
12:36 pm
they are not supposed to talk about ongoing investigation and tarnish someone's reputation. for what he did today close to an election when it involves a public official, the fbi and the department of justice bend over backward not to do anything or say anything that could lead to a public eruption close to the election, that's what he did here for no reason. >> lets explore that though, did he have to because of what he did back in july? did he have to come out and say there is an addendum that i made back in july? >> that's the way he's looking at it. the press conference of the original sin has been compounded by further sins. the way to correct that is not to make mistakes. >> first rules hold is
12:37 pm
understand you are once you are in it, you stop digging. he keeps on digging. this close to the election to release this letter. we know nothing about what the fbi is looking at and as you said and reported that it does not involves e-mails from clinton. it could be something that's not even wrong doing and we don't know that for a while or two someone that does not work for the secretary. he has thrown grenades and given ammunition for one side and it is inappropriate for the fbi to do. i cannot think of a time in history where the fbi director has done this outrageous and close to the election. >> pete william is saying we don't know whether the new e-mail in question had to do with clinton or involved her. we don't know what this new
12:38 pm
batch of e-mails is. what needs to happen now. h now we are in this situation, what would you be advising your clinton's supporters, what would you advise her team to do? >> i would advise the clinton's team to talk about what they are talking about. there is nothing they could do about this. they don't know what the fbi investigating. they have to focus on their campaign. the real question for the fbi and the department of justice, why they felt the fleneed to ac inappropriately this close to the election without real election as to what it is what they are doing. they owe the american public an answer and i have my suspicion of why he did it but it is in rum incumbent on him. matt miller, former chief spokesperson at the department of justice, great to have you with us.
12:39 pm
for more, i want to bring in our anne gerund with us and matt. great to see you with us, isaac, i will start with you. we have been talking with matt and we were talking with representative peter king of the political side of all of this. where do you read this right now and wa hat is the political fallout on both sides? we are at the point where this issue is baked in for a lot of voters and people who against clinton because of her e-mail server problems or against her no matter of what comey has said today or people who are feeling that she's been persecuted on this issue feels like that's where it is. it is about if there are any swing voters loeeft and i am no sure if we know if there are at
12:40 pm
this point or something that ramps up enthusiasm against clinton and decreases enthusiasm for her among democrats. >> we learned things through wikileaks about how concerned some clinton's aids were of the story. at one point, robby mook, the campaign manager says did you have any idea of the depth of the story. i am sorry, was that mook? that was podesta. >> forgive me, that was mook. we were told that everything is taken care of. i just bring this up because that's the conversation up until a couple of hours ago about these wikileaks and now we got this story and is the clinton campaign in panic right now? >> well, they have said nothing
12:41 pm
and they're in radio silence mode. hillary clinton fishnished a 40 minute appearance. and thus far her campaign has not said anything about it. so we don't know the level of freak out that they are in at the moment. clearly, as you mentioned, the scope of the e-mail problem as a political liability and as a potential legal one only really came clear to them after her campaign was up and running. robby mook did not know this private server kpused when exis took the job and you see his exchange leaked by wikileaks and he herconcerned he is and other
12:42 pm
are and podesta both realized that they did not have the full picture of what this e-mail liability potentially was after the campaign really is a going concern. >> isaac, the white house is speaking later tonight. >> do they just ignore this whole thing. i don't know how he could address it because he spoken before about how he cannot talk about an active investigation. it is also, there is so many avenues that this goes down. these e-mails seem to have been found because they were on the e device that anthony wiener had. >> that's not something that we are reporting on. it is being reported by the new york times. >> if that's true tch. the levels of this going into the political scandal, all of the strand of the craziness
12:43 pm
election coming together. for a lot of voters, it could be a reminder of things that they don't like about the clinton and all the drama that comes along with it that could create more political problems. >> thank you very much both so much, really appreciate it. >> back after the break with reactions from the trump campaign, stay with us. i was working in the yard, my chest startedur
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breaking news we are getting our first comment from the clinton's campaign about this afternoon's news from the fbi james comey sending a letter of the new e-mail they are looking at. this is a statement from john podesta in response, he says upon completing this investigation, more than three months ago, fbi director comey
12:47 pm
declared no reasonable reasons to move forward with this. in the months that donald trump and his republican allies have been second guessing the fbi and in both public and private browsing the career officials there to revisit their conclusion in a desperate attempt to harm hillary clinton's campaign. >> fbi director comey should provide the american public more information than it is contained in the letter he sent to eight republican chairman. we have seen characterizations that the fbi has reopened this case. we have no idea what those e-mails are and the director himself knows they may not even be significant. again, this is from john podesta. it is extraordinary that we
12:48 pm
would see something like this just 11 days out. the director owes it to the american people to provide full details of what he's examining. we are confident that this would not produce any conclusion difference from the one the fbi reached in july. kasie hunt is not with us. katy tur is with us covers the trump's campaign. >> katy, in the statement that i just read coming out, they were specific, it is been character sized that the fbi is reopening the investigation which is not comey said. they are referring to donald trump. he started out his last event by saying it is reopened. >> reporter: the knitty and gritty details of this, they are looking into e-mails and donald trump will be hammering that message home to his supporters. this is a message that resonates
12:49 pm
with donald trump regardless of whether the fbi is going to reopen or look into new e-mails or whatever hthey end up doing. can they use this money for undecided voters or vote voters are still on defense or voters who did not go out and vote for hillary clinton. they want to see their base turning out in larger number and they a and they are going to start to hammer this message home day in and day out. he's still short of $100 million that he promised. that money is going to be going into battlegrounds state tv ads. we'll find out if they use this latest news from the fbi in those tv ads potentially trying to discourage clinton's voters from going to the polls. the rnc is seizing on this and
12:50 pm
sean spicer and senior strategyist is saying he thinks it is going to reenforce the narrative of secretary clinton that's not a helpful one. the election cycle is volatile that you cannot predict that's going to happen day in and day . a lot of the last cycle may have decided who they want to vote for. this cycle he believes there is a chunk of people they won't decide until election day because there have been so many october surprises and in his words, coming from the clinton campaign. they will try to use this to their advantage. he hit on it and talked about it in a round table. he is going to be here in cedar rapids, iowa tonight and find out how far of message will go for them. >> covering the trump campaign and that is exactly where hillary clinton was in the last hour. donald trump heading there
12:51 pm
later. we have kasie hunt back and you broke the story this afternoon when the letter was sent by fbi director comby to republicans on the hill. we don't have the graphics ready yet because this came in the e-mail. john is saying donald trump and his allies have been baselessly second-guessing the fbi and brow beating the officials to revisit the conclusion in an attempt to reharm the campaign. and they are saying that it is extraordinary. and the statement is on the computer here too. you would see something like this 11 days out from the presidential election and they want him to say publicly what the full details of these
12:52 pm
e-mails are. and they want more information and we are confident they will not produce conclusions than the they reached in july. the fbi director recommending against prosecution over the summer and this closed book. >> i don't mean to interrupt, but we have breaking news that may be about the "new york times" report mentioned by one of our guests a few minutes ago. pete, we got ahead of ourselves. have we confirmed where these e-mails were from? >> we were told that they were on an electronic device in an unrelated investigation. we were told that the unrelated investigation is from ajt me in
12:53 pm
easte -- anthony wiener in new york. he was texting with an under age girl and that is where this device surface and in looking at the device, some e-mails were discovered and now the fbi wants to look and see if they have bearing on the investigation of the hillary clinton use of a private e-mail server. >> do we know if this device was anthony wiener's device or his wife's device who is a top aide to hillary clinton. >> i should have said, the potential connection here is that wiener is married to the top aide of hillary clinton when she was at the state department. you are looking at a picture hereof an earlier announcement by wiener. that is her standing next to him on the right. she was a top aide to secretary clinton at the state department and has continued to be a close associate of hillary clinton's in the campaign. whose device it was, whether it
12:54 pm
was strictly his or strictly hers or theirs is not yet clear, but that's why they were looking at the device, we are told. >> just to be very clear here, this is politically going to raise a lot of questions. ajt me in wiener is being investigated for something different and they encounter e-mails that might be related in some way to hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server? >> initially he said they were pretty much wrapped up with the investigation and it's more or less over. now in this letter, we found additional e-mails we want to look at to see if they are. in the letter they may be pertinent and they want to look at it and they want to see what the significance may be and were they classified. that's what they are going through now.
12:55 pm
that's why the e-mails discovered on the device were of interest. >> pete williams, we will let you continue reporting. i want to turn to the studio to ari. politically, this story is getting worse for the clinton camp. legally speaking, let's talk about the legal process. they encountered something they think is interesting and happens to be related to anthony wiener who everyone is pretty familiar with by now. they will look into it. >> let's start with the politics. when this story broke an hour ago, this looked bad for hillary clinton and this looks a lot worse. these are not headlines or topics that she wants in the closing days of the campaign. >> without saying she is being accused of any wrong-doing and
12:56 pm
saying it wasn't a close call on her part. we know that pete williams confirmed that and the fbi is saying today they want to ascertain whether the new e-mails they got are classified. we can infer reasonably whatever they got from the devices that provides questions that they still need to investigate as to the potential classification of the materials. it is unlikely that it is clearly top secret item that is stamped top secret. they have a bunch of time to determine that and it was not just e-mail for thes from the gap. this is something that according to the fbi director needs time to investigate whether it's classified. the color that might be sensitive, there are awards within that and they might look
12:57 pm
at with the confirmation reporting that that material itself is from anthony wiener or huma. >> it could be conversations and we have to go to break because we have guests at the top of the hour. stay with us. dy ♪ tresiba® is a ce-daily, long-acting insulin that lasts i want to trim my 4 hour ♪ tsiba® ready♪ trtriba® provideporful a1c redun. reas slow anstea. ♪ tsiba® ready♪ works li yrbody's insul. when my heduleha... i can take tsiba®g any me of rs. tsiba® ready ♪ i take it if i mwhenemember, dose, as lg as tre at least 8 hours betweedos. once in use, it lasts 8 weeks twic lesiba® is used tocontrol g wiich lasts 4 ekation... idiab koacisis,diabes. dont dung episodes of l blood sugar,
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we will continue our breaking news about hillary clinton and her e-mails and the fbi investigation. two big interviews coming up. the chairman of both campaigns. a spokesperson and chair woman of the other. >> kellyanne conway the campaign manager coming up and brian fellman. continuing our coverage. a busy day today 11 days away. it is the october surprise. we thought that scandal over hillary clinton's private e-mail server might have been behind us, turns out that issue is coming back in


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