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tv   With All Due Respect  MSNBC  October 28, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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laundry apparently in the east room. of course today's white house tours are getting entertained by actors but over the decades visitors, staff members and sitting presidents from tooft reagan have reported strange noises, unexplained phenomenon and ghost sightings. president abraham lincoln is the most common apparition. of course most recently i think abe lincoln was killing vampires, i think, on belaugh of moviegoers as a former president. enjoy halloween, we will see you on halloween but first with all due respect starts right now. i'm john hielman. >> and i'm mark halperin. with all due respect to james comey, really? once again it's friday and once again, as if on cue, this presidential race has been rocked, by another head scratching rally bending m.
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knight shyamalan plot twist. we're talking, of course, about the fbi's announcement today that it's revisiting its investigation into hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server. late this morning, fbi director james comey sent a letter to the senate judiciary committee saying new e-mails have been discovered that "appear pertinent to the investigation." that his agency suggested it had wrapped up last month when it declined to recommend charges growing up against the democratic presidential nominee. the new messages, which the "new york times" is now reporting were discovered during an unrelated investigation into anthony weiner, the husband of long-time clinton aide huma abedin, will now be reviewed by the fbi to determine whether they contain any classified information. soon after the news broke, a very gleeful donald j. trump stepped on stage at his rally in manchester, new hampshire, and let it rip. >> we must not let her take her criminal scheme into the oval office.
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i have great respect for the fact that the fbi and the department of justice are now willing to have the courage to write the horrible mistake that they made. [ cheers and applause ] this is bigger than watergate. this is bigger than watergate in my opinion. >> conservatives have been going wild over this news from the moment that congressman jason chaffetz first tweeted that the fbi investigation was "case reopened." mr. limbaugh, take it away. >> hot damn. this is -- this investigation will not conclude by the time of the election, folks. what, you think it will? no, it can't. this election cannot possibly conclude by a week from tuesday. did they come from wikileaks? has the wikileaks dump shown
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e-mails that comey didn't have? are there e-mails the fbi didn't get, didn't see, didn't find? where do these e-mails come from? the clinton campaign is going to be livid over this. they thought they had this slam dunk and put away. >> so, what did hillary clinton have to say about the big breaking news today? >> let me say a word about the recent flooding here in cedar rapids. okay, she actually didn't say anything today about the e-mail or about the fbi or james comey but her campaign chairman did. in a statement, john podesta, the aforementioned chairman said "already we've seen characterizations that the fbi is reopening an investigation but comey's words do not match that characterization, director comey's letter refers to e-mails that have come to light in an unrelated case but we have no idea what the e-mails are and the director himself notes they may not even be significant. it's extraordinary we would see something like this just 11 days
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out from a presidential election. the director o's it to the american people to immediately provide the full details of what he is now examining." so, mark, the details john podesta is talking about are still emerging. we are in a state of limited information but real information. on a scale of 1 to godzilla plus, where does this rank politically? >> for the next 24 hours minimum it's godzilla plus. i have no idea whether it will affect the race. without a doubt it will inspire republicans to press democrats, we need more facts. what we do know is james comey -- i've been saying this since he had his famous press statement, public statement last month. james comey is getting horrible advice. he is interfering in this election. he is responding to congress, congress has no business knowing about the closing and opening of criminal probes. i don't understand what the guy is doing but just from pure political point of view it's a
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nightmare for the clinton administration, the clinton campaign, i know why they're upset, they should be but they should haven't put their eggs in the comey basket, the chickens are coming home to roost. how's that for a poultry met snore. >> poultry poetry. look, i don't know about eggs in baskets, i will affirm and attest for the sake of public record that you have been in every instance critical of james comey, not just a month ago but throughout the entire thing. so -- and there have been times when i have agreed with you, times when i agree with you less. on this moment it seems like we have a problem if you were a democrat or republican, just looking at this on the merits you would agree with one thing that john podesta said, which is that james comey should come out -- >> the republicans agree with that. >> stand in front. >> you need to say more. >> stand in front of a podium and explain what the hell you're doing here. >> but he can't because he can't
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talk about a criminal probe. it's ridiculous. >> for there to be accountability here i believe he must clarify what this is about. if this is about anthony weiner, it makes sense, right, huma abedin may have sent anthony weiner e-mails, this is related to his sexual texting to underage -- an underage girl in north carolina, if that's the investigation, that is a federal crime because it crosses state line, makes sense for the fbi to be looking at it but it could be significant politically in the sense that as you know and we talked about before donald trump has been criticizing hillary clinton for trusting huma abedin and has suggested in the past that there might be an issue with classified material getting out through her so this is potentially very significant. or it could be nothing. >> donald trump talks all the time about how anthony weiner shouldn't be -- hillary clinton can't be trusted because anthony weiner would have access to her e-mails. i will say this -- right now i don't know what james comey is doing. i don't know if he's watching our program, if he's on vacation for the weekend but to drop
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this -- >> yes. >> congress is interested in this. it's possible the reason he sent them a letter is because he made a deal with them "i will keep you informed on all developments." he has -- this is not the way the justice department is supposed to work. this is a case of great public interest, i get that. but you're not supposed to be trying cases in public like this. >> he has been hammered mostly by republicans because he exxon rayed -- >> and now by the democrats. >> but if you think about the history, he did what he did. he said there could be no criminal prosecution against hillary clinton that didn't meet the standard. republicans have criticized him like crazy. now donald trump is singing the praises of the fbi suddenly for having done this. >> but they're demanding he do more. >> there is clearly some element or at least there's -- comes the suspicion that there's some element of cya going on here with james comey but it's so irresponsible. >> 11 days before the election. >> so irresponsible. >> unless there's a good reason we don't know about. >> let's listen to donald trump
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foreshadowing the anthony weiner matter. >> why are these people with great knowledge of the inner workings of our country and security, why are they giving hillary clinton briefings. because it's going to get revealed. i mean, her number one person, huma abedin, is married to anthony weiner who's a sleaze ball and a pervert. and i'm not saying that -- i mean that's recorded history, white? i don't like huma going home at night and telling anthony weiner all of these secrets. >> but what about the fact that huma abedin, who knows every single thing about hillary clinton, she knows more about hillary than hillary knows and she's married to a pervert sleaze named anthony weiner who will send anything that he has out over twitter or any over form of getting it out. >> so i'll say again, the
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biggest issue is what does comey do next? i cannot believe he'll be silent for 11 days, it's unfathomable. but when or what will cause this not to be the lead story in the news? as long as it is, it's not good for hillary clinton. >> there have been reports that there are thousands -- as there would be -- thousands upon thousands of e-mails for the fbi to comb through. the idea that this is going to be resolved one way or the other before election day, i don't know if it would be worse, if it was resolved before election day or not. either one of them is horrible, right? >> i think comey could come out today and say "oh, by the way, that doesn't have anything do with an investigation of hillary clinton." >> he could but even then it would be an investigation of anthony weiner and huma abedin. so it seems to me that the question that i almost most want to know is why could this not have waited until the day after election day? this is a perfectly legitimate inquiry -- >> the only thing i can think so that he promised the senate judiciary committee, to whom he wrote this letter, if there are new developments in the case i
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will tell them to you. but why he would make such a promise is beyond me. there's so many potential investigations and on going probes that the hill is interested in. they're not entitled to a minute-by-minute timely play-by-play of any possible development. that's not the way the system works. >> and you could have an interesting debate about the question of whether such a promise to the judiciary committee if made would supersede the stake of the entire election. this is just -- it's -- to drop anything thereat point if you don't have a firm case to make is irresponsible. donald trump's campaign manager and attorney kellyanne conway will join us later in the show. she's an attorney, not trump's attorney. but first we'll talk about these latest dramatic developments with two campaign reporters after these words from our sponsors.
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with us now to dissect the fallout at this hour from the fbi director's incredibly vague
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and potentially really important letter about hillary clinton's e-mail -- actually not hillary clinton's e-mail, about some e-mail somewhere are two reporters on the campaign trail, kasie hunt is on the nation's capital and katy tur is covering trump in iowa and joins us from cedar rapids. i want to start with you, kasie, the clinton campaign's reaction to this in the immediate hours afterwards has been what? beyond john podesta's statement? >> essentially to get very angry privately about the way this has happened, the timing of it, the thing that stuck out to me in his statement and that has stuck out to me in conversations with democrats across the board is how much people are willing now to question fbi director james comey. i think, you know, there was some grumbling privately over the summer when he held that press conference and had some difficult things to say even though he ultimately cleared her
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of wrongdoing so they were on the one hand happy about that, not so happy about the way he characterized it but they were willing to keep their mouth shut p publicly but this time they're questioning anymore a way i think is significant. >> katy, i'll ask you the same question i asked kasie. the way john podesta put out an outraged statement, there's a bunch of stuff going on behind the scenes, donald trump gloating right now. what else is going on in trump world at this hour? >> the campaign could not be more ecstatic about this news. it's a welcome distraction for them. there were questionable headline this is morning about how much money donald trump was going to donate to his campaign and how committed he was in this final stretch. nobody is talking about that anymore, now they're talking about this fbi investigation. donald trump is hammering that on the campaign trail. he talked about it -- it was the first thing he talked about when he landed in new hampshire. we assume it will be the first thing he talks about when he gets to maine and he got a
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roaring reaction from the crowd there. they believe that this is something that if not -- are the l not -- if it doesn't get more voters into their tent it will muddy the waters enough to make those on the fence about hillary clinton not go out to the polls. i was just talking to michael steele and i asked him, is this the happiest day the gop has had in some time and he laughed and he said "yeah, it is. but what state of the race is this if this is what it takes for donald trump to have a good day on the campaign trail?" so while they are very ecstatic about this news internally and very publicly, there are some questions surrounding just how helpful it will be down the line. >> kasie, we're all trying to adjust to what happens next and it's hard to remember what was going to happen before this exploded. where is hillary clinton now? >> where is she for the next 48 hours? where might she be forced to respond to this?
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>> well, she is continuing with the plan that they had before which was, you know, she's been riding high, the level of confidence you've seen from her on the campaign trail as she's interacted with the reporters who cover her, if you once covered the hillary clinton who didn't get along with the press, it's a remarkable shift in attitude, or at least it was, until this. so as of now the plan is they're continuing, they're supposed to campaign in florida over the weekend, ohio on monday. there was a little fanfare as the plane was landing right before the plane learned about this new information, general palmieri was talking about how they were going to go into arizona, a big push into a red state they now think they can win and then they landed and everybody realized that this is now something that is likely to be a piece of the conversation for the next 11 days or almost 10 days now that we have left of this election. so i think the question is going to be when does hillary clinton -- does she at all take questions about this going
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forward? i think, you know, you've seen the aggressive posture john podesta took. i would imagine that if she was going to talk to reporters, it would be similar but i think this really changes the tenor, that has potential to change the tenor of the final days of this race. i'm still not convinced it's enough because to a certain extent this is something voters had digested. her honest and trustworthy numbers are difficult. it's not as if we've seen a fundamental shift there. we've seen voters go into her camp or decide she's going to be their person without telling voters hey, we trust her after all. i'm not sure it will fundamentally change it but you never know. >> katy tur, is donald trump going to change his schedule or do anything different as far as we know? >> we have no indication, he'll be in colorado tomorrow, also nevada over the weekend, they are focusing on a handful of states, the ones they need to
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win is states like nevada, colorado, arizona where hillary clinton might end up going it will be interesting to find out if donald trump has a gaggle of his own now, he hasn't had one since the middle of the democratic national convention so we'll find out if he decides it's okay to get in front of reporters and take questions. he's been avoiding doing this for a while but certainly since the allegations and the accusations from those female accusers surfaced so we'll find out if he feels comfortable taking questions because of these new allegations. but they want to try to use this to their advantage. he's just spent $10 million -- said he put $10 million into his campaign. we're told that's going to go to battleground tv ads. this gives them new messaging
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and this is an enthusiasm battle between hillary clinton supporters and donald trump supporters. they believe if they can turn out every one from their base and get every one of them to their polls while at the same time making hillary clinton less palatable, they have a chance. this is something that will get buried in today's news. hillary clinton and her surrogates have been having campaign events around the corner from polling stations. they have been hammering the get out the vote early efforts. donald trump hasn't been doing the same thing. we go to event after event and there aren't those tables that you see at clinton events where volunteers are directing people to where their polling station is and encouraging them send in early ballots. occasionally we'll see volunteers in these lime green t-shirts but usually they're standing in the crowd and taking in the rally like everybody else. we rarely see them talking to anybody or holding a clipboard or anything like that. so the clinton team does have that advantage and getting out
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the vote early. donald trump hasn't taken advantage of that and they were talking about how they have all these new first time voters in their camp but it doesn't seem like they're doing absolutely everything they can to make sure each and every one of them gets to the polls, knows how to get to the polls and cast their ballot for donald trump. >> katy, thank you. kasie, is it true hillary clinton flies around on a plane with no wi-fi? >> it's not quite true. it's almost true. the wi-fi is in theory corporate go go but it doesn't quite work as well as, say, delta go go, which i'm sure you guys use all the time. it's spotty, nick merrill, the traveling press secretary has very serious pet peeves about reporters putting more than one device on the internet at any given time. it doesn't work that well. you just never know if you're going to have internet or not. >> that's a crazy, crazy thing. katy tur, kasie hunt, thank you
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we're joined by republican strategist and former director of jeb bush's super pac right to rise, that would be mike murphy. with us from washington, d.c., that would be matt bennett, the senior vice president for the group third way and a former deputy assistant to president bill clinton. mike, i'll start with you. it's obviously -- we always say
3:24 pm
it here, you are a republican but you are also a -- not a trump lover, let's put it that way. which is to say you're more of a trump hater. sitting where you look right now, give us a sense of what you think the political implications of the comey announcement is today. >> well, there's almost nothing as bad in the last 10, 11 days of the campaign than hearing you're going to be on the front page connected to anthony wei r weiner. >> in an fbi investigation. >> in an fbi investigation. it's almost like this was created to be an awful time for hillary clinton. it will grab everything for a couple days and the question is -- the campaign will demand this to not be as murky and it will go in one of two ways. the clinton campaign should be careful about picking wars with the fbi, bury weiner and see. i thought the john podesta statement was a little questionable. but if trump were jeb bush, he'd go to five points ahead. >> you said the john podesta statement was defensive. do you think calling for comey to clarify is the right thing to
3:25 pm
do? >> yes, i do, but i wouldn't go the paranoia route against the fbi. >> should the clinton campaign keep this up or change the subject? >> they won't be able to change the subject for a couple days but i'm with you. hashtag i'm with mark. this was outrageous. podesta's statement was tough, they have a duty to their candidate and to the 20 million people who have already voted and the hundreds of millions more that will vote to demand answers ahead of election day. this is ridiculous. >> but, matt informations -- i made clear of what i think of what comey did, but investigations don't work that way. it takes time. they can't say we'll have the answers on a schedule before election day. >> right, but they can say and what is and isn't within the scope of the investigation. what we know now is pure speculation. there's some reporters with inside sources in the justice
3:26 pm
department, some say it's three e-mail, some say it's thousands. everyone is running around chasing their tail because comey provided by almost no details. you're right he can't be definitive about what is or isn't going to come with the investigation but he can tell us what they're looking at. >> if it's right the reporting -- the reporting suggests none of this has to do with e-mails sent from -- this has nothing to do with hillary clinton's personal server, right? >> right. >> if that is true -- and this is not a great story for the clinton campaign in any way, right? >> right. >> but given the polarization in the country, given how dug in the partisans are, is this the thing that could move the needle in terms of how the race is unfolding? the dynamic between now and election day? >> if over the next 48 hours as we learn more it becomes more compartmentmentaliz mt aalized then i think it will be more of a distraction. this race needs an atomic-sized shakeup for donald trump to get
3:27 pm
out of the cul-de-sac he's in demographically and i can't rule it out because it's murky but i would be surprised if this evolves that big in 72 hours. >> all right, matt bennet, mike murphy, stay in your seats and wherever you are. hold on. we'll talk more about this story and other things to do with this race when we come back. if you're watching us on washington, d.c., you can listen to us on the radio at bloomberg 99.1 fm.
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3:31 pm
fact that she is widely distrusted could actually be a benefit to her in this circumstance? which is to say so much of this is already priced into the stock when it comes to hillary clinton? >> yeah. and i think ultimately i agree with mike that this is probably not going to be a giant meteor that crashes into this race because unless something criminal emerges soon, everyone already has their positions staked out when it comes to the e-mail situation. democrats have accepted it, they don't love it and they've moved on. the clinton haters hate her and i don't think a lot of swing voters are sitting around thinking "you know, if there was one more shoe to drop on the e-mail scandal, that might push me towards trump." i don't think in the end it will have a huge impact. >> talk about how polling works. in the clinton campaign they do a lot of data and they were feeling good, we have a six, seven, eight point lead. how the we're going into a weekend. >> that will be very bad. >> how soon, if you're hillary clinton and demanding to know is
3:32 pm
this hurting me, how soon could they give her data? >> they could give her data in 24 hours but they could give her good data by monday. it takes a while to get the harder-to-find people both in polling and other analytics they want to do. 48 hours is a better footprint. but they'll feel it. the democratic party tends to be more panicky in their inside world than our guys do for whatever cultural reasons. the other loose variable in all this is trump was a dying campaign 24 hours ago. this is a huge shot of adrenaline. the question is what does trump do? if kellyanne hoods him like a falcon and gets out of the way, i doubt that the will happen. so-the-will do something which could make it worse for him in the next 48 hours. so this is the beginning. >> matt, if you were going into the field with a poll right now, besides the horse race, would you ask questions about this topic and if so what would they be? >> oh, yeah, you would have to ask questions about this topic. >> what would you ask? >> i mean, you would say -- if
3:33 pm
you learned that the fbi -- using the words the republicans are using, reopened the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails and it involved anthony -- you would spin it as horribly as you possibly could because that's what the republicans will be doing. and while i agree with mike you don't get good data for 48 hours, the other thing is there will be a cumulative effect of the messaging we'll hear from kellyanne and trump over the course of the next two days and that could have a ripple effect into monday, tuesday, wednesday. so we don't know how bad this is going to be till midweek. >> one of the things i like about you, mike, is you analyze this race in terms of available vote, who's out there, what's the universe of potential voters left out there making up their decision whether they'll stay home or go to the polls and who they would go to the polls for if they went. for those voters that exist in that universe right now, donald trump who we just showed tape of, calling anthony weiner a pervert, whatever, he has some issues making that kind of
3:34 pm
argue. >> there is a great irony of trump going on the offense on creepy sexual behavior. >> so if that's where thislan lands, anthony weiner, is donald trump able to make that argument for the available use of voters? >> i'm dubious. trump is always well equipped to hurt somebody, he can just never fix himself so will this cause people who don't like hillary because they can't trust her to think less of her? probably. but will it change what those college-educated caucasian voters think about donald trump? particularly women? particularly the way he's trying to outbid now the clinton campaign on these sexual attacks, i think it's a big lift 11 days out. >> so matt the coverage of this week before today was framed by the abc news tracking poll which showed clinton with a 13-point lead. today the tracking poll comes out, it's a four-point lead. we asked my former colleague gary langer who does the wol why and he says "the difference is because of a slight rise in the share of republicans and republican-leaning independents who are emerging as likely
3:35 pm
voters as well as consolidation amongst republicans." if you're hillary clinton or john podesta, what do you think about the lead going from 13 to 4 in that one poll? >> well, you think two things, one is you think it's terrible but you also think there's probably some outlier going on either on the upside or downside there. but keep in mind you also know that obama was up by one at this stage in the race against romney and ended up winning by relative landslide. so a four-point lead is still a sizable lead in a national poll and i don't think they're panicking at all about that. i do think that they're concerned -- significantly concerned about what's going on since then. >> i'd interject one thing on the polling. we are getting to the silly season where the mechanics of traditional polling are becomes incredibly hard. what i believe the clinton campaign is doing is more of a crm relationship with voters they've identified to make sure their army is holding less than
3:36 pm
trying random phone polling because the truth is you can't get through on the phone to half the quotas you need anymore. so the tubes in the radar in this polling we're obsessed with are sparking. it's hard to do. >> matt, if hillary clinton gave you a call storm morning, assuming we don't have new information by tomorrow morning and said matt, what should i do? should i be -- can we afford at this moment to go into a prevent defense or four corners offense or do we need to somehow be out there aggressively making some kind of case to counter this information flow? >> well i would advise her to do basically what she did today. leave the wrangling over the comey thing to aides and go out and make her closing argument the way she was planning to do it. it was smart of her not to comment in the clip you showed at the top of the show about this because what is she going to say? there isn't any information out there and i don't think she can bunk -- go to the bunker at all.
3:37 pm
i think she has to be working aggressively. >> they obviously had a full schedule of plans of things to do with celebrities and in battleground states, she's going to arizona. should they basically act like nothing is going on and she should continue her schedule or does she need to address it somehow? >> i think for the next 48 hours they ought to jump on the ride of let's hear everything, fbi. >> out of her mouth? >> that would be fine. this is the dominant story now, be part of it or look clueless. i think these nuances -- >> if you worked for her you would say in a rally you would say how dare the fbi do this? >> no, no, that's the tone on pushing jack? what's the line? >> i would say i want total transparency, if i want fbi director comey to explain what they're looking at. we'll cooperate in all ways. >> let's see all of anthony's e-mails. >> repeat the old apology and pivot to the other stuff in 27 hours once the fire has burned out. you cannot pretend this won't be a fire for 72 hours. >> i predict she won't talk
3:38 pm
about it, matt. >> i think you're right, that's my predict, too, but it's not what i would do. >> she might, i think if she does it will be on a tarmac or airplane availability. i cannot imagine her addressing this in front of 7,000 people at a rally. that would be weird but she might address if it she feels it would move the ball. i think they probably feel good about the podesta statement. they've gotten positive feedback upon social media. i think they'll keep up an aide conditions for now. >> i don't like to ask you to do this because it makes you uncomfortable when i put you in the position of advising the trump campaign. >> you've done it a couple times. >> i don't like doing it but i kind of like doing it. >> you totally like it. >> there was a little -- there's a little discord, discontinuity between -- dissonance between trump having trashed the fbi for months and months and today now singing their praises, is that dissonance a problem? should he go on and be praising
3:39 pm
the fbi right now? does that make the most sense politically for him to say something counter to what he said about comey two weeks ago? >> yes there's a problem with that. i think the fundamental piece of advice trump needed for a year is on occasion shut the hell up. that's why he's in the trouble he's in. get out of way and let the thousand knives work for 48 hours and then comment. but he won't do that. instead he will overplay his hand soaked with adrenaline and make himself the story by monday. >> it's hard to get the hood on that falcon. >> very hard. because it's a crazy falcon. >> it's got talons. matt bennett, mike murphy, thank you for being on the show. always a pleasure. more on this story and also we'll talk a little bit about joe biden's crazy week when we get back. ♪ somethinnew has arrived. ♪
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..etails in with penl in phoshoand ese. ..o put out e just enougha tail to spur theiences... ...imagination to fi in all the blanks. this windows pc amazi,having. ...rig at my finger ps is ible. joining us from trump tower, donald trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway, an attorney and close observer of this story. kellyanne, you're a good reporter and a lawyer. tell me what you think james comey's statement means. >> it means that he was in a very tough spot, mark, if he had sat on this information and let the election go by and it was revealed later, people would cry foul. they would say that's not fair, we had a right to know and i think he did the right thing by putting out the statement, sending the letter to the eight
3:43 pm
congressional chairman. the clinton cam spain in a tough spot. they criticized comey even though he found in their favor. then he testified before congress, everybody sees you in the screen when he's testifying talking about under oath how she didn't have one server, she had 13, she destroyed e-mail, there were confidential e-mails on there, there was national security information on there. so this just is the next chapter in all of that and we'll see where it leads but i think it plays into what people's reluctance about hillary clinton already is. they don't trust her they don't much like her and this doesn't help. for somebody calling on comey, ironically, to be transparent and be honest and have immediacy, she's never practiced that herself.
3:44 pm
i think many americans will say how many times have my friends and neighbors been under fbi investigation? if the answer is two, your neighbor is hillary clinton. people know this isn't normal unless there's a "there" there. >> kellyanne in your answer now and your twitter feed you took a shot at podesta's statement for being kind of inconsistent or hypocritical. >> i agreed with him. >> that's my question. you had a little barb there but my question is just as a matter of what you -- what would you like to see director comey do now? would you like to see him come forward in the next 24 hours and explain what this is about? >> well i have a sense of humor on twitter and elsewhere and it's difficult for some people to swallow. hough -- and i will continue to. however it's not for me to say what director comey should do. he's the fbi and i want to remind everybody because i think it's a tough day for team clinton and their supporters, including in the mainstream media because the fbi is not the rnc. it's not the trump campaign. it's not the vast right wing conspiracy. it is the fbi.
3:45 pm
and it's not for me to say what he should do next. appreciate the fact that given the information he had he decided to go forward with it. why do appreciate that? because i'm an american that love this is country and american democracy and believes he should come forward when he has information like that and not let 11 days until the election get in his way. that's an artificial timeline. i think what will happen is responsible people will be asking down ballot democrats how they feel about this. just the way down-ballot republicans are asked about every a, c, and c and donald trump so it's an important issue up and down the democratic party and it plays into -- i heard mike murphy offering his advice on operation falcon, i'll take that under advisement. but in addition when you look at undecided voters, it's clear that what makes them undecided is they don't want to vote for hillary clinton. they've already made that decision so the question is won't this push them further
3:46 pm
away? >> but kellyanne, let me come back to my question. your candidate and campaign were free with criticism for director comey when he laid out his case against hillary clinton, which was damning and declined to prosecute. you have said on multiple occasions he should have on the basis of the evidence prosecuted her, indicted her. in this case you're saying -- >> a majority of americans agreed. >> but in this case you're saying "i can't say what i want the fbi to do." previously you said you wahe sh have indicted her, now you say you can't say. >> john, you're asking me to judge hours after learning about this -- this separation investigation what director comey can do versus him having a press conference and we knew 33,000 e-mails had been deleted, they weren't all about yoga recipes and girl talk with her girlfriends and daughter. we already know she violated what was told she could and could not do at the state department. you're asking me -- the two aren't comparable, you're asking me to judge an investigation
3:47 pm
that just happened. >> kellyanne -- >> we want him to do his job. >> i'm not asking you to judge an investigation. i'm asking whether you're for him being fully transparent or not. >> yes, you did. i'm for him doing his job and for him having a result that's consistent with what he finds in the evidence and i'll leave it there. i realize it's a tough day for those who have taken the champagne bottles off the shelf and uncorked them calling no path left, the race is over, the polls are disastrous. the polls are not disastrous. pre-fbi investigation announcement today as mark pointed out earlier, we went from my mus 12 inus 12 to minus. i predict polls will continue to tighten. we see in the our internal polling. mr. trump will take his case directly to the voters and i'm sure secretary clinton will ignore this issue as she does so many others. >> i'll correct you. comey did not have a press conference, he made a public
3:48 pm
statement. he didn't take questions from the press on this. >> got it. >> he certainly sounded -- incurred the wrath of people right left and center. >> do you know when mr. trump learned about this development? >> when the rest of us did. and it sounds like the white house and clinton campaign were in the same boat. i read a couple reports the white house found out about it through media reports. >> i'm just wondering if you know what his initial reaction was to it. >> well, his initial reaction was wow and, of course, you know, you've been showing and he came out with a statement pretty quickly because he was in new hampshire for a campaign event, he'll be in three states today, very typical for him with thousands and houses of voters at rallies, not hundreds and hundreds but the fact is that for him he's been way ahead of this for a long time. other cable stations are playing him talking about october 17 of this year, july 27 i believe. >> we played that as well. >> and that's important.
3:49 pm
he's always ahead of the curve even when people denounce him and get high minded and angry about where's his evidence. he's ahead of the curve. >> will this be your main message from him in the campaign for the foreseeable future? >> not at all. he just gave his second and third speech of three speeches today mark and he mentions it at the beginning and gives an entire speech talking about repealing and replacing obamacare, his nine or ten point plan for his first 100 days, his reform package. so anybody who thinks he is only talking about that is not paying attention to his speeches and taking a 45 second snippet. >> do you have a tv ad in the works on this? >> we have lots of tv ads about construction and -- >> but i mean specifically on this development? >> well, we've had scripts suggested to us today and our fund raising is off the charts yet again. our small-dollar fund raising is incredible and moments like this it spikes through the roof which they just told me upstairs it's happening again. i think obamacare on the
3:50 pm
collapse, our small dollar fund-raising, the $10 million check mr. trump cave go his campaign, the tightening polls and u.s. just leaving it on the field and taking the case to the voters, including in states i think the clinton team thinks they have wrapped up. we're going to win this race but we'll win it before the fbi's decision today and this will sow further doubt unrelated to us at all about hillary clinton's fitness for office. you simply -- you can't have national security briefings, you can't have access to information if you've already proven to put all of us at risk along those same lines as secretary of state, unfit and unqualified to be president. >> kellyanne, i want to ask you to respond to a story our colleagues wrote yesterday in bloomberg business week, josh green and sacha eisenberg who have an official who says "we have three major voter suppression operations under way within the trump campaign" and goes on to detail what those three are. is that true? >> no.
3:51 pm
that person misspoke and used a phrase that's not true. it's hillary clinton trying to suppress our voters. no, that's not true! so the details offer in that piece -- going into a fair amount of detail, you say there's no effort to suppress any vote on the democratic side coming out of your campaign? >> what we're doing here is what the clinton campaign is doing and all campaigns do, which is we're trying to touch voters with present messages customized to what we know about them analytically and through our sophisticated modeling systems. anybody who wants to vote and can should vote. i tell you what. >> we get reports, i just had one two or three hours ago, we get daily reports on the early voting absentee ballots and we feel confident about the returns we're seeing compared to where pop and governor romney were at this date in 2012. we think those early investments in early voting absentee balloting are paying off. >> all right, kellyanne, thank you for coming on the show, we appreciate you making time for
3:52 pm
us what the is a busy moment for you, no doubt. we will be right back. nd es hyb. get upo $5,000ustomer cash onelect 2016 models. i served under president bush and obama. a global coalitionwas askedm i served under pres couer isil.nd obama. that ty knoworabout the islamic state or il than do the genera, ofhe reality. but i believe secrary clinton really understds thehrt thathe islamic state poses and i believe she understands how to wld american power to ultimately defeat this threat and to keep us safe. and i approve this message.
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this breaking story regarding fbi director's comey statement. i'm wondering what you thought of kellyanne conway's posture towards comey? >> well, i couldn't quite understand why she would not answer the direct question i kept asking her, it's totally inconsistent to say they have an opinion about what comey should have done on the question of bringing an indictment or not and they're entitled to express that opinion but now we can't have an opinion. >> i think their point was back then we have a lot of facts and now we don't have facts. >> i'm not asking her to rule on this i was asking her to say is she in favor of transparency which at this moment as you pointed out, lots of conservatives and liberals and centrists right now are all saying comey needs to be more transparent. i think the trump campaign -- i know there's danger in that because it might not work to
3:56 pm
their advantage, but as a matter of principle it seems they should be for him being transparent, neutrally transparent. >> it's late on a friday. the fbi is shut down for the weekend. >> we don't know where comey is. he could be fishing. >> if comey stays silent, this thing seems to me to be a wildfire through monday. >> i cannot imagine -- comey's behavior has been hard to parse for months now but the pressure on him over in the coming hours to say something more i think is going to be intense. that was the only thing i could predict. >> incredible if he says nothing, incredible if he says something. we'll come back and tell you what we're doing sunday night right after this. hi my name itom.
3:57 pm
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...stop clic aroun..the lowestcs are alys pay less and get more ly at good evening, i'm krchris matthews in washington. we begin with the news what some are calling an october surprise. the fbi is reviewing newly released uncovered e-mails related to hillary clinton's private e-mail server.
4:00 pm
we're expecting hillary clinton to hold a press conference herself on the campaign trail in des moines any moment now and we will bring you that when it happens. in a letter sent to the senate judiciary committee today, fbi director james comey said "in connection with an unrelated case the fbi has learned of the existence of e-mails that appear to be pertinent to the information. i agreed the fbi should take appropriate investigative steps to allow investigators to review the e-mails to determine whether they contain classified information as well as to assess their importance to our investigation." clinton campaign chairman john podesta called on director comey to provide more information and when i spoke with donald trump's running mate mike pence today about the news, in his first national interview since this story broke, he agreed. >> >> well, obviously it's a very serious matter but both donald trump and i commend the fbi for their transparentsy and willing to to m


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