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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 29, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the director himself has said he doesn't know whether the e-mails referenced in his letter are significant or not. i'm confident, whatever they are, will not change the conclusion reached in july. >> the investigation is the biggest political scandal since watergate and it's everybody's hope that justice at last can be delivered. >> that was reaction from hillary clinton and donald trump to the stunning news of the fbi reviewing more e-mails related to the former secretary of
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state's personal server. good to be with you on this saturday morning. i'm frances rivera live in new york at msnbc world headquarters. ten days before the presidential election and stunning move from fbi director james comey and the now the big question, might it change the trajectory of this race? here's what we know this morning. in a letter to congress friday comey called for more investigative steps into clinton's private e-mail server. nbc news learned the fresh look stems from fbi agents investigating former congressman anthony weiner and whether he sent sexually explicit texts to an underage girl. weiner used a laptop that his wife also used. the e-mail numbers are in the thousands and the fbi says it now must be reviewed as well. hillary clinton received word of this latest twist as she was head for a campaign top? iowa and here's what else she told reporters during a news conference shortly after a rally in des moines. >> we have not been contacted by
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anyone. first we knew about it is i assume when you knew about it, when this letter sent to republican members of the house was released. so we don't know the facts, which is why we are calling on the fbi to release all the information that it has. even director comey noted that this new information may not be significant so let's get it out. >> thanks very much. secretary clinton, there are some reports that these e-mails were found on devices that belonged to your aide huma abedin and her husband weiner. >> we heard these rumors. we don't know what to believe and i'm sure there will be even more rumors. that's why it is incumbent upon the fbi to tell us what they're talking about, jeff. because right now your guess is as good as mine and i don't think that's good enough. so we've made it very clear that
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if they're going to be sending this kind of letter that is only going originally to republican members of the house, that they need to share whatever facts they claim to have with the american people. and that's what i expect to happen. >> i want to bring in nbc justice correspondent pete williams. pete, as we look at this letter from james comey it stood out at least to me his wording here when he says these e-mails appear to be pertinent but we just simply don't know the level of significance or relevance when it comes to what they're looking into. >> that's a good question. so here's the best way i think to explain it. what he's saying is that the e-mails are pertinent to the investigation because the goal in investigating the hillary clinton private server to see if any law railroads violated about handling classified information, the goal was to look at all the e-mails that were sent or received on that server. they thought they had done so. now they say there's this new
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traunch of e-mails that they found, so pertinent to the investigation because they will have to look at them. but then he says it's unclear what their significance is. and the reason for that as i understand it is they don't know what's in these e-mails. there may be no classified information at all. many of these e-mails could be duplicates of what they've already seen through the other ways they've gotten e-mails off the server. so that's why they don't know the significance. in any event, he said in this letter to congress that they became aware of these through an unrelated case. now, he didn't say what it is. but as you have noted officials know it's the former congressman of anthony weiner. the investigation is to whether he sent tooerls to underage girl and used a laptop computer. agents looking at that discovered that his wife huma abedin, the long time aide to hillary clinton, used that same laptop to e-mail hillary clinton
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and some of those e-mails went to the private server address. so that's why they want to look at it. they say the number of e-mails that were found on the laptop is in the thousands. they haven't examined them. they have no idea what's in them but there's no way that this review can be done by election day and of course because they don't know what's in them there's no way to say whether they have any legal significance or not. if it's simply the way it's been explained to mely legal experts i've talked to, if it's simply that now they know or as a result in looking at this they discovered there were more classified mairls than they thought, if it's not a huge number it's just more of the same, that probably wouldn't change the legal conclusion that was reached in july that this is not a case any prosecutor would take. >> there is so much importance placed on the timing here, pete, on two fronts. you have this release, now ten days until election day but also the timing of how long it will take them to review these tens of thousands of e-mails as well. so on both fronts, it's
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important. >> yeah. i think the election questions, probably the more pressing one of course. who knows how long it's going to take to do this. what the fbi says is that comey felt there is no good answer here. if he says this now, if he discloses this development now, then he's going to be accuse of doing something that could affect the election. on the other hand, they say he decided that if he withholds it and then it comes out later or it leaks out, people would say, well, he was trying to affect the election by not saying it. and you have donald trump out there saying that the system is rigged, that that might play into that as well. so that's why he decided to disclose this based on the fact that he had told congress in july that the investigation of the e-mail server was pretty well wrapped up, he felt not to tell congress about this development would -- in a note he sent to the fbi staff, would mislead the american people. >> yeah, and now we're seeing the heat from both sides and even members of congress for him
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to give more information or at least say something else. nbc's pete williams, as always, thank you for being with me this morning. i want to bring in kristen welker who is following the clinton campaign. she's at the airport in white plains, new york, where hillary clinton takes off to florida later this afternoon. kristen, how blind sided was hillary clinton and her camp by this news? >> completely blind sided, frances. thi they had no warning about this. we were onboard secretary clinton's campaign plane yesterday mid flight when one reporter saw this break, the internet service was really spotty, so the rest of us couldn't really see it. when we nationally asked the campaign staff about it, they couldn't respond because they hadn't seen the reports. so they had to digest the news. it was really a stunning turn of events. as you point out secretary clinton will be barn storming in battleground florida today. a state where the polls are very tight. she's going to use this trip to try to turn the page on this october surprise.
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>> that's why it is incumbent upon the fbi to tell us what they're talking about. >> reporter: hillary clinton trying to reclaim this narrative after the bombshell news. fbi director james comey looking into more e-mails. >> the director himself has said he doesn't know whether the e-mails refs s referenced in hir are significant or not. >> reporter: at a haste my arranged press conference in iowa last night, clinton was asked if she thought the news would fuel voters' lack of trust. >> i think people a long time ago made up their minds about the e-mails. >> reporter: donald trump wasting no time capitalizing on the news in new hampshire yesterday. >> this is bigger than watergate. >> reporter: trump who has been lagging in the polls for weeks grappling with his own controversies seizing the chance to put the focus back on clinton. >> if fbi would never have reopened this case at this time unless it were a most egregious criminal offense.
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>> reporter: and after calling the system rigged and criticizing the fbi investigation, now sounding a different note. >> i give them great credit for having the courage to right this horrible wrong. >> reporter: republicans who are close to giving up on trump now piling on. house speaker paul ryan pushing for the director of national intelligence to suspend all classified briefings for secretary clinton until this matter is fully resolved. the new york post making one of its signature headlines out of the revelation the investigation may be connected to anthony weiner's texting scandal. the fbi discovered e-mails they say may be pertinent of the clinton investigation on a device weiner shared with his estranged wife abedin, clinton's top aide the news couldn't come at a worst time for clinton with ten days until election day, most polls show her in the lead, touting their strong early voting turnout the campaign even announcing a trip to a
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traditionally red state. but moments after that the news broke mid-flight, a campaign and candidate caught off guard. >> secretary clinton, how did you find out? >> the same way you did. >> reporter: vice president joe biden was asked about the fact that former congressman anthony weiner is at the center of this probe. he said he didn't want to comment, that he's not a big fan of weiner's. in terms of the political state of play right now, donald trump still lagging in the polls as weern learning that he's loaning his campaign $10 million, a huge infusion of cash, that he's hoping is going to help him come back. frances? >> nbc's kristen welker following the hillary clinton campaign and watching to see what she will say later today. thank you. i want to bring in hugh hewitt, political analyst and nbc news and msnbc politics senior editor beth houy. i want to start with you. you had hillary clinton last night who said voters had mate up their minds about the e-mails
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a long time ago. is that enough for her to say that and what more should she say? >> she can't say much, frances. and i think i agree with what kristen just said, this could not have come at worst time for her. people have made up their minds, generally. but will they come out to vote? certainly if you've had a family member who has been investigated, prosecuted, convicted, you're wondering about a double standard in american justice. and even if secretary clinton wins i think looking out beyond this, we need a special prosecutor to look into the fbi's conduct of this case because everybody is mad at director comey this morning. he could play quarterback for the browns he's getting so many hits. it's a terrible day for the fbi, it's a very great shock to the clinton campaign, and the abc tracking -- abc news tracking poll has it down to two points this morning, two points. >> wow. given that, hugh, i'm curious your thoughts when it comes to james comey and the fact that he hasn't been saying anything more and not expected to, nor releasing more information about these e-mails.
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who has more to gain by his silence or not knowing anything more, hillary clinton or donald trump? >> well, the voter loses. i do not know what he does. jack kinks ston, the congressman was right when he answered congressman in a way that on blined him to send this letter yesterday. he had said everything was done and tied up and the bow is on it. new e-mails arrive and pete williams said, a traunch of e-mails, like trench of e-mail, thousands of them. i don't know how you wrap it up in ten days and i don't know what you can say. absent if they find the proverbial smoking gun, they should put it out. >> i ask you about that, beth, what more can hillary clinton say about this. and your words, this with ten days to go is the worst case scenario. how do they right it? >> hugh is right in that both sides are really mad at director comey and trying to parse through this and figure out how to approach it because we just don't know enough. the campaigns don't know enough to say this is what the e-mails are showing or what they're trying to probe. it does put hillary clinton in
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particular in a bad spot because she has to defend herself against what? we don't know what she's defending herself against. she needs to. she is arguably -- inarguably ahead in this race. yes, maybe the polling has gotten tighter but she has been ahead in national polls and in all the battleground states now for weeks. it would take quite a lot for that ship to turn around and be against her. on the other hand, with ten days to go she's suddenly on the defensive about something. republicans have a tool that they can use against her. and the whole issue i think that he raised was of voter motivation. if you're somebody who is still trying to make up their mind or you were inclined to vote for clinton but weren't excited about it is this going to keep those voters home. if that's the case, what's not necessarily is that going to do to her but she's likely to win, it could drag down votes down ballot. >> hugh, when you have early voting well under way and you look at how that's been going lately, hillary clinton leading in many of the critical battleground states, is there a concern when it comes to this, that that may -- >> yeah. >> go ahead.
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>> there are 122 million votes cast in 2012. 20 million votes according to your expert earlier in the program have been cast already. that leaves 100 million people. it's going to have a dramatic affect on people and we don't know about anything except voter intensity. there isn't one trump voter out there who is going to stay home as a result of this. they're going the run to the polls. they're going to do the proverbial crawl through broken glass to get there. secretary clinton support much thinner. damaged by the obamacare premium explosions. damaged by a campaign less than inspiring. they need michelle obama and the president out there. she is going to florida today. florida should have been locked down if she was winning. >> what is she doing? what is she saying? what is the message that needs to get out there in these crucial ten days for that to happen given the fact that right now it's all about this and saying, yeah, director comey release more, but until he does, what are they left with? >> they're left with silence. they really can't say anything
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because director comey cannot release these e-mails. first, a subpoena may be required. second, it's not up the hillary clinton or john podesta or me or anyone to say do this or do that to an fbi active investigation. they're stuck with an on-fire campaign plane going down for ten day, whether or not trump can take advantage of this, that remains to be seen. disciplined message on the obamacare prem yiums and the fbs haphazard handling of this case may, in fact, impact the result dramatically. >> from what hugh was saying, can't do anything, can't say anything, can you both do that and not say anything but be on, you know, the defensive at the same time, i should say, defensive? >> you know, with respect to hugh, what hugh said, florida is always going to be a very tight battleground, always has been. it's the deciding state. the fact that she's campaigning there doesen mean that there has been a failure on behalf of the clinton campaign. she doesn't need florida as much as trump does and trump has been behind slightly in florida. she's just trying to nail that down into her camp. they are following the game plan
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they've had which is to basically target in on those last-minute really crucial battleground, north carolina, ohio, florida. she's going into arizona as we know, trying to make a little bit of play for a red state. i don't think any of this changes her calculation. she does need, however, to be prepared with an answer about this. >> right. >> that's the real question. is what is the answer because nobody really knows what's being probed here. she's just going to have to go back to that message that she gave last night at the presser, everybody has known about my e-mails for a year and a half. if you're upset about that you're going to vote one way, if not, you're going to vote another way. >> hugh, in this election cycle maybe not much may surprise you anymore. is there anything that you're hearing from your listeners that may be surprising in can this development? >> so many october surprises and i don't think we're done on either side. the russians dropped another thousands of podesta e-mails last night via their front at wikileaks. lots more is going to happen. i'm sure the a clinton campaign
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has kept the breabest for donal for last. the george bush dui drop last week of 2000. >> for this election cycle we're each headline is unupping the last one. you still think with this story and this look for the fbi it's one upped in the next ten days? >> you bet. more than one. >> oh, boy. we'll have you all back to talk about it as we have. thank you. great to have you with me. up next, i'll ask former u.s. senator bob graham who served on the intelligence committee about the significance of this latest e-mail twist and his home state of florida. does donald trump have a chance in the sunshine state? ♪ eyes open? goo because it's here. cue confetti.o y hi to xiidra, lifigras oplmic solution. xiidra is the fit preson e dr sution approvo treat the gns and mpms of dry eye. so givyour doctor a ring,
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welcome to a brighter future. comcast. donald trump is quick to pounce on the fbi's latest announcement painting the investigation in clinton's
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private e-mail server as a bigger scandal than watergate. jacob rascon is in california. jacob, bigger than watergate, a game changer, according to donald trump? >> he spent the last couple of weeks talking about how rigged the fbi investigation was. and so yesterday he is now saying that, look, maybe the fbi isn'ts a rigged as i thought. he says this changes everything. this is bigger than watergate. maybe surprise leg he isn't spending a lot of time talking about it. in his rallies he spent two to three minutes talk ak it and then he moved on to his stump speech. in the next rally he did the same thing. even though he's saying this is huge, he's not overplaying it in that way, that he's not spending the entire rally talking about it when you might think that he might do that, at least half the rally. his campaign is framing this in a week they say that was already really good for them. they said the affordable care
6:22 am
act premium news was good for them. hit that hard. the wuk i cikileaks and bill cl they are hit that hard. some tightening in some national polls instead of a nine-point lead, some polls including ours i think found a six-point lead or so. so they were feeling good already, they said. here's some of trump last night addressing this issue. >> we've pulled ahead nationally in numerous polls and this was all before this recent disaster for her but justice for the country occurred. we had gaps but we are really moving. and i just wanted to say that because i don't know what's going to happen now. >> reporter: so now he says there will finally be justice. though we don't know what's in those e-mails. one thing that the trump campaign and clinton campaign have in common is both asking that the fbi release more info
6:23 am
on the investigation. frances? >> something they do agree on as you are there in golden, colorado, where supporter there's are gathering for that trump rally. for more of the latest developments in the race of the white house given this new review of e-mails i want to bring in former florida senator and governor bob graham and co-author of "america, the owner's manual, you can fight city hall and win." i appreciate you being with me on a sart morning. you have this letter from the fbi director that has been called vague and cryptic. your thoughts on that and also the timing of director comey. >> frances, i think that director comey had a very decision. you've described that if he released it or if he did not mention the fact that there was this issue, he would have been criticized on either side. i think it's premature to describe this as being more significant than watergate on the very limited information
6:24 am
that we have about it. i have a lot of confidence in director comey and that he's handling it in a highly professional manner. and that as soon as he is able to provide more information, he will do so. >> talk a little bit more about the thought process, especially given your insider, chair on select committee on intelligence. what it entails going into this and knowing this is the information, again, brought on by a separate investigation by the fbi to anthony weiner's computers and devices there. so what would that have entailed as far as this coming across his desk and how he went about it, knowing that there's ten days left before election day? >> i don't know how this happened to come to the director's attention, but it seems from what we know now that he's handled it in a very appropriate manner. he made the decision that he could not announce to the
6:25 am
american people if there had been a discovery of this particular laptop computer, but on the other hand, since nobody has gotten into the information that might be stored in that laptop, he can't provide any details. tough position. i think he's handled it correctly. and there will be more news for folks like frances to report in the days ahead. >> senator, you're saying he handled it well, but we're also hearing the heat that he's under from both sides, members of congress who are saying he's got to give us something a little bit more. he owes it not to donald trump or hillary clinton or anybody else, but to the american public when it comes to this. do you think that he's under any obligation to give any more information or at least say anything more? >> i think he's under an obligation to say what he knows and what he can vouch to be the truth. i don't think it's his responsibility to be spreading unvetted rumors about what might
6:26 am
be there. in a very decision where there's no winners in terms of the options that the director had. i think he's handled it very professional professionally. >> i'll have to ask you about florida. hillary clinton is headed there later this afternoon. you served the state for almost 30 years in different capacities as well. so you know -- knowing it inside out and knowing how crucial florida is in this race, do you think that this development, do you think that this renewed look into these e-mails may change anything for that, especially for hillary clinton knowing how important it is for her? >> i think it may contribute to an underlying anger that we've seen for so many months from such a substantial number of americans, that they feel government's not listening to them, that they're not being given respectful treatment. frankly, that was one of the reasons that we wrote this book "america, the owner's manual,
6:27 am
you can fight city hall and win" to tell americans that they don't have to depend on who has gotten elected. they have a lot of power within themselves to solve problems. >> sure. >> and the challenge is to have the passion to -- >> but, sir -- >> -- to commit to do it and the skills. >> i ask you, given that, given that, do you think that this story could hurt hillary clinton in that state? in your state? >> yeah, i don't know if it would have any greater impact in florida than it would elsewhere, but, yes, it could have such an impact and feed in to this sense of cynicism and distrust in government. >> is there any conventional wisdom from your perspective if she's ahead in florida right now? and, also, as she heads there, what is her message? what would you like to hear from her given the developments here? >> frances, she has been ahead
6:28 am
for the last several weeks. it's going to be very close. the last two presidential elections in florida were decided by a point or less. it's probably going to be the same thing in 2016. i believe that what mrs. clinton should do and the same address vice for mr. trump is, in these remaining few day, let's talk to the american people about what will it mean to their future if i am elected president, how will i go about making your life better, making our nation stronger and more secure and the world a safer and more peaceful place? those are the things that i think people are looking for in leadership. and this is the time to provide it. >> all right. we'll see if that message can't come out from both hillary clinton and donald trump especially in light when so many people asking questions about this fbi's investigation.
6:29 am
thank you so much. appreciate your time being with us, sir. bob graham, former florida senator and governor as well. thank you. how might this latest e-mail investigation affect the huma abedi abedin/hillary clinton relationship ? picking up for kyle. hereou go. you wouldn'put up wi part of a pizza.r kyle. something ong? so when it comes to pain relievers, why puup with justart of a day? you want the whole tng? yes, yes! live whole not part. aleve.
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clorox 2 've turned removing sins into a science. now e-t with clorox 2! watch stains disap right before yeyes. re 4 times more stains than d. welcome back. i'm frances rivera here at msnbc world headquarters in new york. at the half hour, here's what we're monitoring. hillary clinton is m aing on the fbi to release more information about its review of e-mails that may be related to the investigation into her private server. clinton said the american people deserve to have as much information as possible before they vote. the fbi announced it was reviewing newly discovered e-mails to see if they are relevant. the messages were discovered during a federal investigation of anthony weiner. he is the soon to be ex-husband of a long-time clinton aide huma abedin. joining me now is the executive director of the new york democratic party and former
6:33 am
senate aide to hillary clinton. always good to have you here with me. you heard hugh hewitt saying, you know what, hillary clinton shouldn't be saying anything when it comes to this in the next ten days. do you agree with that and what should she be saying? >> she shouldn't say anything because she doesn't know anything and neither do any of us and this was clear in her press conference. it's incumbent on the fbi director to provide more information because the truth of the matter is neither hillary clinton nor even the republican members of congress who received his letter can actually illuminate this situation for us. it's really about what the fbi director knows and can shed light on because truth is, 15 million people have already volted an there are people still voting to this day. and we need to have some clarity. >> when we also have her heading to florida and really at some point where, you know, she could spend time elsewhere and the message that needs to be out there now, many will be wanting answers and feeling she needs to be on the defense of this.
6:34 am
is that the distraction she should be seeing in ten days from the election? >> i will tell you we have a candidate running here in new york, a former army colonel who is running for congress upstate and he said that not since 1864 is the white house, the house, the senate, and the supme court sort of up for grabs politically. i would rather be talking about that. i don't want to have to be talking about e-mails ten days out. so i think the american people have made up their mind. i think the e-mails are sort of baked into the consciousness of the voters at this point. democrats and republicans have made up their mind. the polls have tightened. i think american voters still prefer hillary clinton to donald trump. and so i think in the next couple of days, again, i think hillary clinton will be talking more positively about her messaging. i just -- but there's no information that she seems to have to be able to give to illuminate and that's why i think it's incumbent upon the fbi director. >> i want to ask you about the timing when it comes to the secretary and talking about this as well. we know this news came out, she
6:35 am
didn't find out the announcement until she was on the plane from other reporters as welt but she made comments, if you're going to do the counting and the math, five hours after that news broke. so given the fact she's been criticized with not coming right out there and not holding a press conference she was also at a rally in iowa before she made those comments. do you think it's going to matter at all in the next ten days? do you think that right away she should have turned this around even though you're saying now she shouldn't say anything, but should she have addressed it sooner? bun with of the things you don't want to do is say something and then have to backtrack if the information that you put out there is found to be erroneous or incompete. and i think that is -- that was important for them. it's to make sure that we have a handle on all the information before we go in front of the american people and discuss it. and as you saw in her press conference, even then they were as much in the dark about it as we were. and again, that's why interestingly enough both republicans and democrats are looking to director comey to do a little more here for different
6:36 am
reasons, but i think -- >> of course. >> right. but it's interesting that there's a bipartisan message where the burden is now on the fbi to release a little more information. >> we want to be clear that we don't know the content of these e-mails, whether they were sent -- received -- whether they were duplicates. and looking into that as well. >> we also do know that the fbi director has said himself that while it may be pertinent it may be insignificant. and so i think -- >> the level of pert innocence is really what's in question here here. i want to talk about the relationship and huma abedin and hillary clinton and especially from you, a senate aide. they have been through so many challenges but how do you think this may play into their personal relationship and the crucial days to come? >> you know, i don't know. listen, as you said, i have worked with both of them for a number of years and known them for a number of years. i've always found huma to be a dedicated public servant. incredible public servant.
6:37 am
and i don't know what the next few days are going to hold. but you know, as i said before, i think the american people have made up their mind about the e-mails and i believe that hillary clinton will be president of the united states. i don't know about their relationship. >> if she is president of the united states and even this investigation goes on and well past november 9th, how do you n anticipate that playing out if and when the fbi goes through them? >> because of -- as has been mentioned, thousands of e-mails that we're talking about here, i don't think that anything could be cleared up with any permanence before the election. i doubt that. the truth is we could learn more at least about everyone's role in it and the substance of these e-mails. that at least i think should be able to come out before the election. >> executive director of the new york democratic party, thank you for being with me. as we were talking about with basil, will the e-mail story
6:38 am
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the fbi's new review into hillary clinton's e-mails and how this will play out in the next ten days and what the clinton campaign will do to minimize the damage. we'll talk to two journalists. in the next hour, joy reid takes a look at what donald trump's proposed economic policies could do to this country. that's coming up next on "am joy." using 60,0 point from my chase ink ca i ught a the fruit... veggies... herbs he middle ofhe city, so nowveryone ow we havsome of the freshest juice in town. see what the power of points can do for your business. learn mo
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6:45 am
to both of you, appreciate your time this morning. rosy, as we start with you, what kind of shift in strategy or message do you anticipate seeing from hillary clinton and donald trump that we wouldn't have seen 24 hours ago, before this news broke? >> well, the e-mail story has already been, you know, form a large part of donald trump's messaging against hillary clinton. i think, you know, you could expect this to become an even larger part. he often talks on the trail about this issue. it was actually a little bit surprising to see yesterday that he didn't devote more time to it. but it seems like they might still be sort of like trying to figure out exactly how to deal with this. >> that's the tough part, paul, when it comes to this on knowing what they should say, what they shouldn't say, given what we don't know, given by what wasn't said by director comey. >> it's a big problem for hillary clinton because it's an empty box. you can put anything you want to in it. for all we knee the e-mails say, honey, go pick up the milk and
6:46 am
sugar but it also could say, you know, don't forget to cash the giant check from bin laden. right? there's no way to know what is and is not in these e-mails. so whatever your particular preference is to make hillary clinton look innocent or to make hillary clinton look guilty you could put anything you want to in there. and all anybody, all hillary clinton can say, we don't really know what's in there, which is a terrible position for her. >> without a doubt, i can imagine that's the tough part for the clinton camp to say how are -- especially with so many we cans out there and how to do it to minimize whatever damage has been done for the story so far. >> right. i mean, you know, we just don't know exactly what is in these new e-mails that james comey is saying are pertinent to the investigation. so i don't want to speculate about what's in them but also, you know, the clinton campaign doesn't want to speculate about what's what's in them because the public doesn't know. everyone is in the dark kind of on both sides. >> how dangerous is that, paul?
6:47 am
i don't know the danger is right word to use. but you know, how uncertainty is that given there's ten days and nobody knows kind of how to go about approaching this. you have donald trump calming this bigger than waterwatergate game changer. does he risk it in terms of overplaying his hand? >> i don't think donald trump is calling it, he needs to change some minds. and if nothing else, he can use this to cast more doubt on hillary clinton. now, i think rosie is right, a portion of this people have known, it's been in his speeches all along. so we're not sure how much this changes the discussion. it certainly gives us an opportunity to spend a lot of time on your program talking about hillary clinton and e-mails and what we still don't know. >> yeah. >> which is great message for donald trump. >> that's the point. to hillary clinton, what she said yesterday saying that i think people a long time ago made up their minds about the e-mail. but rosie, could the investigation impact down ballot races and what we're looking at
6:48 am
there as far as giving, you know, the gop a boost? >> womeell, there is hope amonge republicans in helping them out in the down ballot races because it could drive up republican turnout and keep some republicans who may have been thinking act defecting to hillary clinton in the fold. so definitely there is some hope that this could help them out. i think at this point most people think that the presidential itself that big is sort of -- that that cake is sort of baked that the point but people are hoping that this could at least prevent a sort of disaster for the congressional majorities the republicans currently hold. >> let's talk about after the election, paul. if hillary clinton does win and she is president, do you see that the e-mails continue to plague her? is that -- especially knowing how much is going to entail looking into these tens of thousands supposedly e-mails and how long that will be in whatever comes out of it? >> yeah, the problem with this e-mail story from the first day for hillary clinton is once you acknowledge that there are some
6:49 am
30,000 e-mails that they did not turn over to the government because they consider them private, that means there are e-mails out there we haven't seen. and that will trickle out for years. if there is still a republican majority in the house they will use those committees to investigate those mae-mails to e very last day. this is not going away. donald trump is in the middle of 70 lawsuits of his own. so he's going to be in court, too. whoever is president will be litigating them. >> until we get there, i want to get your take, both of you, are we done with october surprises now? i mean, we've got 31st, on monday, and then election day, are we done, rosie? >> i think we should all get ready for the november surprises now. >> oh, boy. >> right. >> here we go. you agree with that? >> yeah, wikileaks already has another batch of e-mails out today. i haven't had a chance to reach them yet because i've been sitting here. >> sorry to take you away from the wikileaks but goes to show you how much one story is outdoing the next. we will see what november brings us even before election day to
6:50 am
both of you. thank you for being with me. appreciate it. >> thanks. some numbers that shed light on the political implications of this e-mail story could have on hillary clinton's campaign. we need to be ready for whatever weather may come our way.
6:51 am
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6:53 am
now to the most important numbers of the week following the new fbi review of hillary clinton's e-mails. there are five data points to watch, to see if this story tightens the race. i'm joined by steven shepard of politico. steven, always great to have you with me this morning. >> good to be here. >> >> let's start with this first number. 67%. what does that tell us? >> that comes from a fox news poll, the percentage of likely voters who don't think hillary clinton is either honest or trustworthy. that is obviously before friday's -- >> that's what i was going to ask you, yeah. >> yeah. this poll was conducted earlier in the week. we don't yet have any public data in since yesterday's letter. it's going to take a couple days before we have really a good idea on where things go here. but one thing i think is
6:54 am
instructive here is that you have this perception already baked in that hillary clinton isn't honest or trustworthy with two-thirds of likely voters believing that 99% of trump voters believe hillary clinton isn't honest or trustworthy. but so do 32% of clinton voters. those people are still at least through this point up until yesterday, they are still with clinton on the ballot test. the question is, with the cloud of a possible fbi investigation hovering over her, is that what moves them off, or do they already think this, and this just reinforces that? >> i want to see those numbers when they do come out. i want to move on to 40%. what's that 40% of what? >> who are the clinton voters worried about hillary clinton's honesty? well, it turns out a lot of them are bernie sanders' voters. 83% of hillary clinton's voters, according to a pew research study. democrats who supported clinton in the primary. 83% think clinton is honest. but only 40% of democratic voters who supported bernie
6:55 am
sanders in the primary think hillary clinton is honest. if we're looking for a clue at which voters are still -- they may be with clinton, at least up until this point, but they're a little hesitant. if we want to know who they are, they're more likely to be sanders' supporters in the primaries. >> what in particular makes them push for her being untrustworthy. let's talk about the percentage of undecided voters who said it was the wikileaks disclosure that made them less likely to support hillary clinton. >> right. about 40% of voters said that they were less likely to vote for clinton after wikileaks published these john podesta e-mails. this comes from a "usa today" poll. her private speeches of big bankers. what we're hearing about from the fbi director yesterday.
6:56 am
they might be perceived through the same lens. right now, 41% of voters said it would make them less likely to support her. right now they're trump voters. so it's possible people just put on their team jerseys and viewed this news through their own partisan lens. >> 1.6. tell us about that number and what it's about. >> right. back on july 5th, james comey gave that extraordinary press conference in which he said the fbi wouldn't recommend charges against clinton but called her use of a private server extremely careless. that was the amount that hillary clinton's net lead over donald trump dropped between july 5th and the start of the republican convention a couple weeks later. the polls show her on average five points ahead but the "washington post" poll shows her up by two going into yesterday's news. so look, this could really tighten the race. or it might not. we don't know yet. but this might be a guide to how this might play out. >> when will we see the new numbers, steven?
6:57 am
you've got me intrigued. quickly, when will we see the next ones? >> tomorrow morning from interviews conducted friday and saturday. by and large, i would expect monday or tuesday, really will be tuesday a full picture of how americans process this news. how voters process this news over the weekend. >> all right. as we will try to process it, as well. thank you so much. i appreciate your being with me this morning, steve. >> my pleasure. and that does it for me this hour. francis rivera. thank you so much for being with me. joy reid is up next with the political impact of the fbi's announcement. joy will also speak with the former aide to attorney general eric holder about all of it. it's all next on "a.m. joy." have a great weekend, everybody. buwhen you have hi blood preure d need cd medicine that worksast, the choice is simple. coricidin hbp is the only brand d need cd medicine that worksast, at ges perful cold sympt relie thout ing ur ood presre. codin hbp.
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vote something already under way in our country. so the american people deserve to get the full and complete facts immediately. the director himself has said he doesn't know whether the e-mails


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