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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  October 31, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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who's in new york. we are off the road and getting back to the mother ship. halie, good to have you back. happy halloween. hillary clinton is grappling of an october nightmare with donald trump. trump is usually reliable blew michigan and hillary clinton is in ohio where trump has had the advantage. you see brown there he's about to introduce hillary clinton. today, of anthony and huma abedin, at issues of 60,000 e-mails and some of it has gone through hillary clinton's private e-mails. minutes ago, donald trump commented on this?
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>> i have to give the fbi credit, it took guts for director comey to make the move that he had and the opposition that he had trying to protect her from criminal prosecution. we can be sure that what is in those e-mails is absolutely devastated. thank you huma. good job huma and thank you anthony weiner. [ cheers ] >> there is donald trump of a different story from the white house with press secretary josh earnest weighing in on the same thing last hour. >> the white house is going to be scropolous. >> so a lot to get you caught up on our reporters. nand our stev
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cornacki and halie jackson are all with us. it is great to have you all together. halie, lets talk about the injection of new light of what we have in donald trump's campaign. how is he going to use this to maximum his advantage as we count down to eight days left? >> he's going to try to use it and the answer to his maximum advantage by hammering clinton again and again on this campaign stop, you heard him do it in the last hour here when he was speaking in grand rapids, michigan, going after her top aid, huma abedin and her estrange husband. it was summer or fall where he was going after weiner before any of this came to light. trump will be on offense. his team feels as if they do have a little bit of wind on their back. the campaign
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is tightening up even before this news, the fbi dropped on friday. obamacare is something you will see him focus a lot on this week, i can tell you that and are going to be effective and have been effective at least in their view. you know where trump's also unfolding a new line of attack is on release of the wikileaks e-mails, which is obviously e-mails that have not been authenticated by the clinton campaign or nbc news. there is a new one that appears to show cnn's contributor, perhaps giving a question or aleuti alluding to the question. donald trump has hit, on a corrupt system on that. >> halie, standby. i want to play more of donald trump. anthony weiner has became trump's savior in this campaign.
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>> i made statements that were rough like how could she be allowed to live with this guy or like how could she have access to this important information and i was badly criticized, right? now, they're saying oh, trump has good judgment. >> so pete, that remains to be seen of how good that judgment could be seen. explain director comey, the fbi's process to evaluate whether or any of these 650,000 e-mails are relevant to the private server of hillary clinton and is it remotely possible will get an answer before election day. >> it all comes out from one of these. what the fbi has done in last 24 hours is begin to analyze the content of this. when they do this, they don't look at the actual laptop, they have done this when they started the weiner's investigation. they make duplicate copies of the laptop, it is known as a mirror
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drive. that's what the fbi is working on. they have been at it for 24 hours. you mentioned the number 650,000, that's the total number of e-mails on the laptop. they're only going to focus on those that were to and from huma abedin that were found on the laptop. they're going to narrow down to the time frame when hillary clinton was secretary of state because that's the issue here with clinton's e-mail questi question when she was secretary of state. they'll use another program from the la laptop and collection of e-mails. they'll look at new information whether classified information ended up on the clinton east's server, t the whole focus of this investigation. >> the mirror drive is being used to look at pertinent information and not beyond
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investigation into anthony weiner, correct? >> that's right, i don't know whether they are going to use the same mirror drive that they made to look at that or they're going to make another one or have made another one for the purposes of the e-mail investigation. they had to get a sepate searcharrant to look at huma abedin's e-mails because those are outside of the scope of what anthony weiner is doing. >> joining me now with kristen welker, we'll hear from hillary clinton later. we know the campaign has been going hard after fbi director comey. here is her running mate. >> the fbi put up this unusual letter. very unprecedented and they're not supposed to talk about ongoing investigation and they're not generally supposed to put out political sensitive stuff right before the election. 11 days before the election, what hillary and our supporters
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decided that there maybe some distractions but we won't be distracted. >> kristen, the painting of comey, you see obvious here from certain folks, fill us in on where huma abedin fits into all of this and the clinton's campaign currently. >> reporter: well, first in terms of the strategy that you heard from tim kaine, it really under scores what we are going to see from the campaign from now until election day. really trying to turn up the pressure on james comey and in terms of huma abedin, she's the estrange wife of anthony weiner whose computer of all of this. she's been off the trail for a number of days where all of this has been folding. she's been working out of her brooklyn campaign headquarter. the two are very close, secretary clinton clinre
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to huma abedin as her second daughter. they see her as a valuable member of the team. it makes sense to huma abedin to be back in brooklyn and deal with the issues that she is having to address there. she will be back on the campaign trail. what we are going to see today, thomas, secretary clinton here in the big battleground of ohio, she's going to try to pivot to put the attention back on donald trump and i think you are going to hear her really try to in her strongest term paint donald trump as a danger to national security and a leader that' that's -- and going back to some of her talking points which have been so effective throughout this campaign which has given her leads in a number of the battleground states. here in ohio, it is a very tight race, thomas. >> all right, steve, lets talk about the strategy of donald trump because this is really a chance that at least what we are seeing now approached of the chip away from clinton's firewall and michigan and
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colorado and mexico. is that a pipe stream for folks at this point? >> he's going to run the team and win all the toss upstates out there right now. the problem is even if he does that, that's a big if. he's got to find one blue state on this map, one state that right now we look at and we say that's a clinton's state. he's got to flip it. he's got to take all the toss up and find a blue state. you start looking around and pennsylvania, the start of this year where trump made a lot of noise there and suburbs around philadelphia and that one/two punch, looks like he's not going to be able to over come that. he starts saying new hampshire and they have been thinking that for a while. so where do you go after that, i think that's what we are seeing and this is definitely an 11th hour thing. and pick any
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cliches you want. they're not getting 270 unless they can find a blue state to flip it. >> they're making themselves available for that. we'll see if it works for them, thank you very much steve. >> thank you to our halie jackson and kristen welker and our pete williams. since july, donald tmp and his surrogates have blasted the fbi director and comey not charging hillary clinton of any wrong doing. today, donald trump's manager had this to say. >> it is fine with us. see -- i am reminded that maybe we have been asking the wrong candidate all along. >> all right, joining me now, surrogate for the trump's campaign. matt, good to have you with me and we have kellyanne conway, i want you to ta i can a listen to what donald trump has said about comey and his
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investigation. >> you saw that with the e-mails. it is a rigged system, folks, just remember it. when the fbi interviewed her only for three hours during the 4th of july weekend, her interview was not recorded and she was amazingly not even under oath. when the fbi director says the secretary of state was extremely careless and negligence. these terms are minor compares to what she actually did. they were just used to save her from facing justice for her terrible, terrible crimes. >> so matt, if the campaign or the republicans thought comey is playing politics in july, how are comey's actions any different now? >> what's different now is jaess comey is faced. we'll learn the
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facts weeks and months coming forward. he's faced with a serious problem inside the fbi with agents who believe that they should have been more aggressive in the decision that was made over the summer to not prosecute and face with new information that it would be impossible for the fbi to turn its heads to the fact that they have uncovered all these new e-mail information. he's in a tough spot. he's tried to balance and juggle this. at the end of the day, he realized his reputation is caught up if he continues to turn the other way. your station reported and other people have gone through jail from mishandling classified information. it is a serious challenge. >> it is a big if whether any of these e-mails are the radar of those that are expected from the fbi to go through materials whether it is pertinent or not
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>> podesta has been blamed over this. if the fbi were begin to investigating those cases, it will reveal connective tissue to the trump campaign. would you encourage the fbi to enclose that or not? >> the problem is this, it is a problem when the fbi comes out this close in an election and made major announcement that's political. the major of this investigation is it was already happening in the political context just a few months ago. when he saw this new information, it is not just a few e-mails as you know pete williams reported, it is a heck of a lot of e-mails. it is over 600,000 e-mails. we don't know the content of those e-mails. that could be positive or negative or terribly e-mails in there or we don't know yet. he has to look at it. he's got no choice. if he had not made an
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announcement, this all would have come out one way or another. it is messy. if the hu russians hacked john podesta's e-mails, we need to take steps to make sure it will never happen again. it is criminal and wrong. that being said, it is happening and hillary clinton herself is starting as responded to contents of these e-mails in two different debates and it is playing in these and change in the race and of the scandal and the way the clintons doing business is what we'll be talking about in the final week of this race. >> we'll wait to see exactly if we get any information on the fbi and not giving information about whether they are investigating on the hacking. we have this news week reporting map that after a look through court documents that donald trump's companies have systemically destroyed or hidden
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thousands of e-mails. did trump and his team show poor judgment in doing that? >> you know i don't know all the facts on those private cases. the big difference between trump and clinton is that clinton's wrong doing happens while she was serving in the public office. it is hard to compare that when someone does it in private. >> she has not been found of any wrong doing. you are trying to say -- >> that's not true. >> they did not recommend charges to loretta lynch in a criminal capacity. >> can i -- she's not convicted of a crime but she, herself, has said she made a big mistake in contravening the policy and not
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handling the classified information in that matter. she bungled that. whether or not she's committed the crime in this process is what this investigation is all about. we also know that the foundation has been investigated and the wall street journal did a great piece on this over the weekend, the clinton's foundation has been investigated this whole time where people is under the impression that all of these investigations are seized is not true. that's a serious concern for this campaign. >> but, also the trump's foundation just to categori categorize -- >> but not by the fbi. >> i know but there is other wrong doing going on by the clinton's foundation. i don't think anybody's answers are clean of this. >> the big difference between the two though is wrong doing is wrong doing, the big difference between the two is that hillary clinton's was about our most
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serious information that a government official has to handle and a way that she implemented protocols around that information, that's what the difference is. the clinton's have been in office continually since 2000s. she was senator from new york and secretary of state. we have learned that the clinton's foundation gauge engage inside the system th that -- this is a fair thing for voters to know. that's why the fbi is digging in on this. these leaks do not paint a pretty picture. >> but there is no implications of guilt because of an investigation. that's saying the same thing of donald trump having to paid people off dating all the way back when the government was investigating them for discrimination charges and they took a plea. but, they
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took no guilt the take thing th plea. matt, i appreciate the conversation we had here, i know we'll continue to talk about this, happy halloween. >> same to you. >> matt schlapps, thank you, sir. >> donald trump calling hillary clinton's e-mail investigation is the biggest scandal since water gate. >> john dean is joining me next from the white house. (announcer vo) when you have type 2 diabetes there's a moment of truth. and now with victoza® a better moment of proof. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal. lowers my a1c better than the leading branded injectable. the one i used to take. (jim) victoza® lowers blood sugar in three ways. and while it isn't for weight loss, victoza® may help you lose some weight. non-insulin victoza® comes in a pen and is taken once a day.
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teachers, firefighters and nurss support prop 51. prop 51 repairs older schools and removes dangerous lead paint and pipes ensuring classrooms are safe for all students. for safe schools vote yes on 51. she has brought all of this onto herself. there we have donald trump seizing on news of the fbi
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examining more e-mails that could be relating to hillary clinton's personal server. we'll hear from hillary clinton in ohio. she's appearing in ken state and should be introduced shortl shortly. the question is, is it fair as we heard from donald trump saying numerous time. john de dean, sir, it is good to have you with me. someone at a front row seat to the mother of all political scandals. why are trump's comparison as you say in your piece, nonsense. >> not even close. clearly the nixon's problem with water gate it was deep seeded and he tried to corrupt the entire executive
11:23 am
branch and involved obstruction of justice and perjury and really reveal it was just a tip of an iceberg and unravelled two years plus period, we saw and insight of presidency that was rugged and pathetic and sad a. >> mr. dean, donald trump joked that hillary clinton was kicked off. you were there, what's the real story? >> i did not have a clue what he was talking about at the al smith's dinner. what is the water gate commission had never heard of it and then i flashed and realized that he was talking about the story of bogus claim of water gate revision that hillary was kicked off in the water gate in query by the house
11:24 am
judiciary committee. it is not true. it never happened and i may have misspoken and somebody has run with it the wrong way but she was never fired. >> good for you to clear it up for us. >> we know our, eric holder, criticized director james comey. i fear he has unintentionally and negativity affected the public trust in both the justice department and the fbi. >> i think there is no question, in fact, we were told during water gate why they were not investigating where that was the rule of the department of justice. the statue of limitations is long enough and we look at these things after a campaign. comey has broken a rule that's been in place while i was at the department of
11:25 am
justice and all these years since. i don't remember how it is going to shake out but he really has caused problems for himself and caused a deep problem for the department of justice. >> sir, not just what he did on friday and getting your opinion on that but what he did in july. does that mean the same standard to you as well? >> very unusual of what he did in july and coming forward and tip capitol hill when there is no prosecution, simply there is no prosecution or there may not be any statement to go up to the hill and explain it and defend it. i think mr. comey was thinking of mr. comey and not what he's doing to the department of justice and certainly what he was doing to mrs. clinton. >> sir, great to have you on today, we appreciate your time. nice to see you, sir. >> thank you. we have been asking you today on our pulse question, do you think the f
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. welcome back there, we have hillary clinton right now in ohio. >> we'll monitor that and we'll take it you back to remarks when necessary. >> donald trump's path to victory always included that state. thanks to the latest headlines involving hillary clinton's e-mails. over 3.5 millions have casted their
11:30 am
ballots. we have some news that you want to save for us. how are the latest campaign headlines resonating with voters you are talking to? >> reporter: those numbers you mentioned, that's why hillary clinton had lunch here yesterday in fort lauderdale, she's coming back tomorrow. it is all about her e-mails right now. >> let me interrupt right now. let me go back to hillary clinton, she's talking about her e-mail issues. that's a good question. and first of all, for those of you who are concerned about my use of personal e-mails and i understand and as i have said, i am not making excuses, it was a mistake and i regretted it. now, they want to look at e-mails of one of my staffers and by all means they should look at them. i am sure they'll reachhe same
11:31 am
conclusion the did when they looked my e-mail for the last year. there is no case here. [ cheers ] [ applause ] and they said it was not a close call and i think most people have decided along time ago what they think about all of this and now what people are focused on is choosing the president and next commander in chief of united states of america. [ cheers ] and, did any of you see the debates? [ applause ] >> well, i think it was important because i had a chance to talk about my 30 years of public service. and then people could weigh that against my opponent, i am running against a man who says he does not understand why we cannot use
11:32 am
nuclear weapons. he actually said that why are we making them and we wants other countries to have more weapons, imagin imagine -- imagine nuclear weapons smacked in the middle of the middle east. if you are telling yourself, he will surround himself with smart people who stop these crazy ideas, remember this, when he was asked on foreign policy, donald trump said he did not need to consult because and i quote "i have a very good brain." [ laughs ] he says he knows more about isis than our generals do. no, he does not. [ laughs ] of course, the people donald trump has around him includes two men whose activities are reportedly being investigated
11:33 am
ties to russia, vladimir putin and putin's allies. lets not get disstrakt distracted from the real choices of this election and the consequences for your future. [ applause ] [ cheers ] i started saying last june i believe that donald trump has proven himself to be temperamentally unfit and totally unqualified to be president in commander in chief. i got to tell you, i did not take any pleasure of saying that. i have known, i have known for years now that people who ran for president, republicans and democrats and i have my differences with republicans and with democrats. but, i never doubted their fitness to serve. donald trump is different. that's a serious as it gets. >> today, i want to talk about
11:34 am
national security because when the election is over and people wake up on november 9th, we'll have pick the person who'll carry the responsibility for all of these decisions, that should convince anyone how how the stakes are in this election. i want to focus on three most crucial questions facing as president. can you be trusted to command our nuclear arsenal, how do you handle the crisis and do you know the difference between our allies and adversaries? [ applause ] [ cheers ] we'll start with nuclear weapons. i know there are some who'll say that any discussions
11:35 am
of this topic could be fearful but i don think so. in part of what you just heard from bruce blair. when dozens of retired nuclear launched officers publicly state that donald trump should and i quote, "not have his fingers on the button." this is a topic that cannot be avoided. as i have said, donald repeatedly suggested more country should have nuclear weapons. he must not realize or care that the more nuclear materials in the world, the more terrorists are to get their hands on it or someone will missed calculate and start a war that cannot be stopped. >> we are listening to clinton addressed in kent state in ohio, pivotal both of the campaigns.
11:36 am
no republicans have not won the white house without winning ohio. >> the controversy around the latest fbi investigation of a new batch of e-mails found through an unrelated case is what has all the headlines eight days before the election. joining me now is charles sykes who supported evan mcmullin for president and our former adviser, elise jordan, it is great to have you both with me. your reaction to h in tillary clinton's offense of her e-ma s e-mails. >> she's trying to make this all about temperament and this is all about donald trump's fundamental temperament and those undecided voters who were
11:37 am
on defense because they are worried of what donald trump would do of nuclear arsenal. she's trying to call questions on the mind of voters as to donald trump's basic sanity and fitness for office. >> she has to make sure that people don't have suspicion of her and there is this looming cloud of anything to do with this new batch of collected e-mails from an unrelated case dealing with huma abedin and anthony weiner and she's got to stay on offense and stay strong on that and keep claiming that the innocence is just like the other case. >> yeah, that's of course, the problem is, this cloud is going to hang over her the next eight days and her presidency. rather strange decision by the fbi director to put out this letter. the frustrating thing is it is difficult for her and her allies
11:38 am
to defend themselves because we don't know what they are investigating. that is bomb shell but it is a con at the present time free bomb shell. maybe it is or maybe it is nothing at all and you know hopefully we'll get some clarification over that over the next eight days, otherwise, this absurd election becomes more ridiculous. >> people tweeting me of nothing being released but it is the innuendo that matters here. and why would comey make a move if nothing is relevant or pertinent. >> certainly he was within his boundaries to release his letter, he was doing this of the after math of the hillary clinton. the fact that there is
11:39 am
not any information or real charges is complicated here because we can go crazy and imagine the worse or this could be nothing. >> elise jordan and charlie sykes, thank you very much. joining me now, he's a surrogate of hillary clinton tch, i want to play back for anybody who has missed it. the issues that's been grabbing all the headlines with this new batch of e-mails with director comey. why in the world would the fbi decide to jump in an election of no evidence of any wrong doing with just days to go? that's a good question. and first of all, for those of you who are concerned about my use of personal e-mails, i understand and as i have said, i am not making excuses, it was a mistake and i regret it. now, they want to look at e-mails,
11:40 am
one of my staffers and by all means, they should look at them. i am sure they'll reach the same conclusion they did when they looked at my e-mails for the last year. there is no case here. [ cheers ] [ applause ] >> james, we wait for the fbi to get clearance on what hillary inton is saying there and the democrats criticized director comey, if there is something there, would he be accused of a cover up. >> lets start again, he was acted in accord nation -- of the republicans. and leaking things from the clinton's campaign that they had. the question is how are we in particular and how are democrats going to respond to
11:41 am
this. this is really, really quite extraordinary. it would seem to me that the fbi should be getting rolled by the house republicans. that's what is happening here. there is nothing going on and in the meantime we do know that our democracy is under assault by the kgb. that's an issue in this campaign. people have to decide do we want our country for ourselves or led the kgb and the republicans decide this election. >> most americans and intelligence agencies feel that the hacking of wikileaks of john podesta e-mails was provided by the restitutions. wheb n we tak away of the wikileaks exchange and focus on the fbi, james comey was praised by the fbi and why now a difference for comey
11:42 am
when they found something that's pertinent? >> when the facts change our mind, what do you do? >> you cannot say in spite of justice or formal people of the bush's administration or the ethics people saying all over saying this is unprecedented, why are you defending this and why are you sitting here when the fbi is acting on behalf of jason chavetz. democrats across the country, people have to know this. >> in july, when comey did the unprecedented act to reveal when he was not going to have charges against loretta lynch and on the left up and arm of what james comey has done, is this a double standard? >> when the facts changed, you change your mind. that's a hard
11:43 am
concept for people to get some time. it is unprecedented. look at what's going on. i can sit here and defending assault on american democracy. this is an unprecedented event that was done on behalf of the house republicans. and as we know the kgb is all over this election and this is what we are talking about. we ought to be talking about our democracy is under assault right now and what we are going to do about it or not somebody saying in july about james comey. that's a distraction. how many did you read today that people say this is unprecedented and republicans saying it is unprecedented. this is unbelievable eight days before the election. it is unbelievable that you are defending it. >> you are making excuses for comey by bringing up something
11:44 am
that somebody said in july. >> new york city i o, i am not for director comey. he's been phrased from the left end and the right, correct? >> i don't know what someone said in july, i know it is unprecedented for the press conference and talk about his opinion as oppose to nothing to the investigation. you know what, one of us -- >> wait, i am confused. only one of us can talk at a time. >> when under alberto gonzalez, he did not take his under the bush's administration. he's been praised trying to i mpart neutrality on part of politics. >> we are talking about the fbi against the justice department, against everything that we all know and getting involved in the
11:45 am
presidential election. if you want to defend that, you defend it but i am not. >> this is outraged and i think the american people ought to take our democracy back regardless of what the press wants to do. >> what's the best thing that hillary clinton can do other than to ask the fbi to make it all public so everybody can judge it. >> make it public. we call on it time and time again. why are you talking about something somebody said in july. come on, tell us what there is. if it is nothing substantial then this is an effect of attempt to hijack a collection and you got to call what it is. >> do you feel of the fact that it is so unprecedented that it caused a ripple that called cause hillary clinton this election? >> i cannot think about the election right now. what i can think about and can talk about is how unprecedented this is and
11:46 am
how the house republicans in the kgb trying to affect our democracy. that's a very important issue. that's the most important issue that anybody has faced in the campaign in a long, long time. >> we got a way to go. >> james, we do. eight days to go and much more after that. >> yes, sir. >> as we try to move forward and come together as a country beyond this election and there is a lot of work to do. james, it is great to see you. >> we are not going to come together with the kgb and all that. >> thank you sir. >> next, hillary clinton is at a rally in kent state, ohio. hillary clinton is taking on the fbi director's decision and we'll have that for you after a quick break. remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪
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all right, we are watching hillary clinton, she's speaking in kent, ohio there. we want to
11:50 am
go back to florida. pivotal to trump and hillary. >> we are back with mariana. we know early voting is going on, forgive the interruption before. >> reporter: yes, that's right thomas, i am in betty's soul food restaurant. voters mehere watching clinton going on the offense about her e-mails. miss betty, we are over it. it does not mean anything to us. we are a diverse country. secretary clinton is going to be here and obama is here in florida. sending my nieces and nephews to college and keeping a business
11:51 am
like betty's to open for business, that's what's important. >> reporter: is there an enthusiasm gap here in florida relating to this late e-mail controversy. >> we casted our votes here and we continue all the way up to november the 6th, the lines are getting longer, i voted up by mail and my wife voted by mail already. enthusiasm is very high here in florida. >> reporter: thank you very much, marlomarlon. ballots have returned so far so it speaks to how close the race is in florida. clinton is up to 1% according to our latest. the polls were taken before the controversial growth last friday. that's why clinton is back here tomorrow and a small difference here could make the national difference on november 8th. miss betty is here, she said you were handsome and she was saving some fried chicken for you. >> miss betty is the best.
11:52 am
>> mariana will be right down as soon as i wrap up. >> all right, thomas. >> we have fried chicken for you. >> as soon as he wraps up. >> fried chicken and cauli greens for hillary, thank you, and we'll take care of it. >> we'll all be right down on the show. that's for sure. >> thank you very much. miss betty there, appreciate it. we'll be back with nina turner right after this. yes, ge makes powerful machines. but i'll be writing the code that will allow those machines to share information with each other. i'll be changing the way the world works. (interrupting) you can't pick it up, can you? go ahead. he can't lift the hammer. it's okay though! you're going to change the world.
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welcome back, on the left of your screen, you see the event of donald trump and on your right, hillary clinton is speaking to voters there in ohio. coming up on msnbc, we'll have it all for you. joining me now is our state congresswoman and our political analyst, nina
11:56 am
turner, it is great to have you, lets dive into this. >> there are certainly some concerns. there are some concerns right now. the e-mail revelation mayor may not change the outcome of this election. i don't think it will change the results, people have formed their opinion. are there enough f of the independent realm. there is some concerns about the types of people that the secretary has around her and what types of judgment they'll have mos movin will be a lot of hillary, her or mr. trump for that matter. we are dealing with the two most unpopular candidates making it to the final run here. we can see the attention here in this country unlike what i have seen during my time of the election.
11:57 am
>> huma abedin and the fact that this has to do with the investigation into her husband. of unrelated case by the fbi that found these e-mails. i know you were a super bernie sanders' supporter and you did get on board and backed hillary clinton. did any of this make you regreat? >> i am not backing anybody in this general election. let me clear it up. i am backing the american people, that's who i am backing and unfortunately, the american people are taking a backseat in the general election. we are not talking about income or wealth in equality and dealing with the needs of the american people because it has been drama and drama and more drama on top of that all through this election. >> you talked about hillary clinton over donald trump, how are you not saying you are not a hillary clinton's supporter.
11:58 am
>> you had me? not me, you need to go back and roll the tape >> what i want to see in this election cycle, we have eight days left is more conversations about what these two candidates can do for the american people and less about all of this drama. this campaign cycle has been solely focused on those two personalities and not a lot of conversations about what is in the best interests of the american people and how do we move this nation forward from here and eight days from now is really not going to be over because we have, we are so polarized in this country that who becomes the next president of the united states of america is going to take all of us to try to bring people back together. >> who is it going to be in the white house that does that for you, nina? >> the people is going to d decide. i only got one vote and other folks have to vote whether it is the secretary or mr.
11:59 am
trump. >> they'll have to work hard to bring this country back together. the democratic platform is the most progressive flat fo platform. democrats have more ideas. we have to implement it and follow this platform. >> this is monday and not a freaky friday. i am just going to have to leave it there. >> thomas. yeah, we'll come back. >> we'll come back. >> we got nothing but time on our side. >> our former ohio state, congresswoman, nina turner, thank you very much. lets take a look at the polls for you and the fact whether or not director comey of the surprise letter he sent to the hill will cause the election. 11% of you say yes and 89% of you say no. that's going to wrap up this hour, i am thomas roberts, kate snow is here to pick things up. >> hello everyone, a week and a
12:00 pm
day to the election, we have got a packed hour for you. donald trump is supposed to be walking out for his rally in warren, michigan, he's running a little bit late. hillary clinton is early for her rally in kent, ohio. we'll show you her most force full comment yet. we have the best coverage for you for this whole hour. our investigative team is breaking down what is a legal story with political under tone. lets start this hour in ohio, my colleague kristen welker is standing by. hillary clinton is starting her rally right off the bat talking about this fbi investigation. what did she have to say? >> reporter: well, look at under score her strategy approaching this head on, the campaign thinks it is a show of strengths and it really turn up the pressure on director comey and what they are calling for it is to release more


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