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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  November 1, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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only one week to go. they say the best defense is the best offense. today hillary clinton rolls out a new renewed line of attack on donald trump to try to reclaim control of this race, taking on trump's checkered past with women. machado will introduce clinton while trump with a new $25 million battle ground ad buy and promising to stay on message. >> i will ask congress to convene a special session so we can repeal and replace. obamacare has to be replaced. we will do it. we will eliminate the obama/clinton defense and rebuild our badly depleted military. when did we ever need it more? i'm not a politician. my only special interest is you, the american people. that's why i've done this. >> but, taking up precious
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presidential election oxygen, the fbi and its now embattled director. the latest this hour on that investigation into clinton's e-mails. joining me now, nbc's katy tur at trump's second stop of the day in wisconsin and steve kornacki. trump is on the trump trying to focus on obamacare but overnight headlines say he's a dubious taxpayer and russian defender. >> reporter: still more allegations thrown out there. donald trump keeps trying to bat away this idea he has a connection to russia. also, the new documents that show he potentially avoided millions of dollars in taxes by using legally dubious methods. they are denying flatly all of the allegations that are coming out against him. in regards to the investigation of -- potential investigation into paul manafort, manafort
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says none of it is true and that he suggests this is democratic propaganda. "the new york times" tax dodger story, they say a fundamental misunderstanding or a intentional misreading of the law. they're denying pretty much everything out of hand at this point. the campaign is trying to stay on message. they believe they have a golden opportunity to hammer home three points that could get donald trump ground going into next week, or the very least, help those embattled down-ballot candidates. the three things are the donna brazile/cnn e-mail controversy. donna brazil potentially giving hillary clinton questions to a town hall. also the premiums for obamacare care rising and this idea that hillary clinton is still under investigation by the fbi for her e-mails. they believe that all of these things put together feeds into the narrative that they want to have out there, which is that there is a rigged system. one with a different set of
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rules for career politicians than for everybody else. and they believe that this is something that's going to not only potentially sway some independent voters but more importantly bring home republican voters. that's who they need going forward. they need as many republicans to support them as they possibly can. they need the moderate republicans on the fence, those uncomfortable with donald trump to come home to say hillary clinton is a worse option. i need to vote the ticket of my party. and that is so far what we are seeing with a number of party leaders today. paul ryan saying that he voted for donald trump, even though he refused to say donald trump's name. also ted cruz saying he voted for donald trump in an early ballot. it is working to an extent. is it enough to get him over the edge? we have to wait and see. some polls are tightening, but not all of them. it could just be outliers. we still have yet to see what the effect of this new fbi revival will be on the polls during this next week. >> we'll dive into the numbers with steve kornacki. pete, let's go from the action
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on the trail to the infreeingin in washington because the fbi set off this political firestorm with the e-mails found on anthony weiner's laptop. how is the fbi going through these e-mails today? what's their process? >> the process is slow, we're told, but methodical and not having any technical problems. don't have a bottom line to give you. a don't have a percentage. i don't have a little progress bar at the bottom of the computer screen. they simply don't know how long it's going to take. the outside experts we talked to thought it would be just a matter of hours to, for example, figure out how many of the e-mails are duplicates of those we're already seeing. apparently that's not the case. so, at the 50,000-foot level here, thomas, there was some hope over the weekend when this process began as soon as they got the search warrant on sunday afternoon that we could perhaps have an answer and perhaps some readout by today. that's obviously not going to happen now. and it's not at all clear that
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they'll even be an answer before election day. they simply don't know. they can't say how long it's going to take to begin to get the answers of the kind of thins we want to know. and given that, they can't say when -- how long this is going to take. we just don't know. a lot of uncertainty here, although they say they're not having technical problems. it's just taking a long time. >> okay, so this shadow remains active right now over hillary clinton. let's go to kasie hunt, who's on the trail with clinton's campaign. hillary clinton appears later this hour with a female latino immigrant. many would call that trump's kryptonite, kasie. her campaign on all -- hitting seven different states today. >> reporter: that's right. this is really the final push for all democrats supporting hillary clinton's campaign. but today i think designed a little bit to change the subject, or try to anyway, away from what wie learned from the fbi over the course of the last few days. she'll be appearing here with
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alisa machado, the former miss universe that came up in that first debate. she said donald trump called her miss piggy and miss housekeeping. she was the subject of an ad for the clinton campaign, et cetera. so they really want to focus on donald trump's remarks over the years about women. they also have a one-minute ad out today. we'll see if it works. i will tell you, thomas, bill clinton also here in florida hitting three different cities. primarily african-american areas. that's really a goal here for both hillary and bill clinton, drive up african-american and hispanic turnout here in the state. bill clinton actually found he got a little bit of support from some voters in florida. take a look. >> i was in north carolina a couple days ago. at north carolina at&t had had their homecoming. so, for the first time in my life on sunday i got to go to church services in a hotel. because they moved the church services to where the alumni
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were. and they chanted, those e-mails ain't going to change my mind. we already know it's hillary's time. >> reporter: so, you can see bill clinton talking there a little bit about feeling some support from the base. this, of course, is what democrats had been hoping might come out of their -- of this -- what's gone on with fbi director james comey. it explains a little bit of their strategy of going so aggressively after comey. frankly, they really need their base to turn out. right now, the question is, can they hit the same numbers as president obama did. unlikely, but they need to get close enough that they get out enough voters to win. and hitting comey potentially fires up some of those base voters, which i think is what you heard bill clinton talking about there, thomas. >> let's dive into those numbers. steve kornacki standing by for us. trump touting this new abc news/washington post poll showing him leading hillary
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clinton by one point. that's the only one that shows him in the lead. what can we believe with the polls? >> just a week or two ago donald trump was looking at this exact same poll and showing hillary clinton up 12 points. he was saying this was a rigged poll. when he went on the whole rant against the pollsters. a short while ago, this is the one he was talking about. what a difference one poll can make. this is the abc news/washington post tracking poll. they now show donald trump ahead by one point. how do they explain this? how do they explain what's going on here? they point to one word. enthusiasm. they say that what they are seeing now, what they weren't seeing before, is that more people say they are enthusiastic or very enthusiastic about going out and voting for donald trump than who say that about going out and voting for hillary clinton. that is a change, they say, they have been seeing in the past couple weeks. it's not just related to the fbi, to the e-mails. it was predating that, a movement in the race a little bit. but they're pointing to enthusiasm. so they say that's where this
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new result came from. as you say, look, this is not the only poll out there. we have a whole bunch of polls out there. we have our new nbc news/survey monkey poll. there you go. then we have here pretty consistently we've seen hillary clinton leading, this is a weekly tracking poll we do. right now we see hillary clinton ahead by six. we haven't seen any change in this poll from the fbi e-mail story. again, that lead of about five, six points for hillary clinton. that has been pretty steady throughout the fall. the bottom line, we have a lot of different polls floating around out there. we have a lot of volatility in this race. you hear that word unprecedented to describe the e-mail story this late in the campaign. it's an unprecedented story. might be a fluid situation. might take a few days to really sort this out. bottom line, if you average together all the different polls you have out there right now, you still do see hillary clinton leading this race by about four, five points, somewhere in that range. fluid, volatile, but the average, she is still leading. >> seven days to go and hallie
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jackson, let's go to you because we know katy tur reported about the speaker of the house, paul ryan, and senator ted cruz getting their early votes in. paul ryan, though, specifically talking about the election. take a listen. >> i stand where i stood all fall and all summer. in fact, i already voted in janesville for our nominee last week in early voting. we need to support our entire republican ticket. >> so, you voted for donald trump and you're encouraging republicans and democrats and independents, anybody who will listen, to vote for donald trump? >> i am supporting our entire republican ticket. i have been all along. >> you voted for donald trump. did you see that side glance he got when it came through his ear piece of what the folks on that couch were saying? >> body language reading. >> yeah, i voted for trump. read between the lines and how this characterizes their relationship. >> it's no surprise. he said he was going to vote for donald trump. ted cruz said he was going to vote for donald trump about a month and a half ago. we sort of knew these men were going to hold to their word,
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that's what they would do. what's interesting about that appearance, he said the republican nominee, as he's been saying. it's he who shall not be named. the words donald trump not escaping from paul ryan's lips. he's saying what he needs to say, yes, i support the republican ticket up and down the ballot, which is very, very important to paul ryan. he wants to make sure that these vulnerable members of congress count ballot are okay. the other part you talk about the relationship, i thought it was interesting in that interview he acknowledged only heard about donald trump coming to wisconsin about ten minutes before the rest of the world knew. clearly, there's not going to be a ton of communication between donald trump's team, his advance team, and paul ryan staffers. i will say this, the speaker has been out on the campaign trail a lot over the last month or so, pushing for these down-ballot republicans. speaking of down-ballot republicans, let's talk about the new missouri poll that just came out within the last hour showing roy blunt up one percentage pointed over jason kander there. that is a change from where this race was in august.
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so, a lot of folks are keeping an eye on that because that's going to be a -- potentially a bellweth bellwether. it's anomaly and -- it can't an anamly and bellwether. >> did you get a blast of rock music? let's go back to kasie hunt in florida. just the seven-state attack of hillary clinton with seven days to go. she has herself and her surrogates positioned where they need to be in these heavily worked battleground states. so, talk about the enthusiasm of folks you're seeing there in florida. >> reporter: well, thomas, you're seeing them be pretty strategic about where they send their surrogates in the final days. you had bernie sanders in new hampshire today. of course, he won there by big margins. i think they really are trying to remind people that, you know, hey, this guy you backed in the primary, he's with hillary clinton now and he thinks it's really important that you show up. there are, of course, is some
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concern, near the top of the list of concern, based on this fbi news of the past couple of days, because it tends to be kind of such an independent, swing type state. it's possible this could have saved kelly ayotte's senate seat for her, at least helped her. of course, you have president obama tomorrow heading to north carolina. they view him as somebody who can really fire up particularly african-americans, and also latinos. and that's something that, frankly, they really need in north carolina. if you think about that state, what's driving dpems there. it's college educated white voters in the rally-durham research triangle area and african-americans. he's going out there to speak to them. you also have bill clinton here in florida doing two stops, also talking quite a bit to african-american voters. you'll remember talking to african-americans in the south is some of what gave bill clinton that famous reputation he has as somebody who is so, so good at retail politics. so, that's what they're trying to do here today. clinton herself, of course, shortly coming down here. again, trying to focus on the
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early vote in particular. 4 million people have already voted here in the state of florida. >> real quickly, do we know if she's on time? if so, this should hit around 2:45 when we see her? >> reporter: she's approximately on time. she just landed. we heard a clinton official gaggled midflight. hopefully we'll have news. the clinton plane doesn't have terribly reliable wi-fi. >> we learned about that on friday. >> reporter: still not reliable. as soon as we get that, we'll bring it straight to you. >> thank you so much, kasie hunt, katy tur, steve kornacki, appreciate it. as we wait for hillary clinton to speak in florida, team trump is under fire over a report revealing the gop nominee's tax dodge stretched the law beyond recognition. we'll ask one of his senior advisers whether it's time for trump to come clean with his tax returns. later this hour, some news you could use, especially if your political gas tank is running on "e."
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while the clinton campaign has been rocked by news the fbi is renewing its investigation into her private e-mail server, donald trump is faying his own flood offing intive headlines. his former campaign manager is under scrutiny for suspected ties to russia and trump himself accused of tax dodging. but they do remain on offense out on the campaign trail, talking about policies today. specifically obamacare. with donald trump there in pennsylvania. joining me is trump campaign senator adviser jack kingston. we know hillary clinton is appearing later this hour with former miss universe machado. do you think this will work to get under donald trump's skin,
11:19 am
just like it did before? are you worried about that? >> i don't think so. i think we learned our lesson on that, thomas. we're not going to be engaging. i think american people, particularly those in pennsylvania, are far more worried about their obamacare premiums going up 53%, or if they were in arizona, 116%, or in north carolina, 40% increases. so, those are all three important states in this election. that's a very, very relevant issue. you know, i think if you look at the average family, they may even be confused about hillary clinton possibly being under criminal investigation from the fbi, but whether they are or whether they aren't confused, they do know their obamacare care premiums are increasing and they're very worried about that. and i think they're going to remember it next tuesday particularly. >> seven days to go and we have nbc news confirming the fbi conducting a preliminary inquiry into former trump campaign manager paul manafort, and trump
11:20 am
continues to insist he has no relationship with russia. i want to play for everybody what he told me specifically in november of 2013. >> do you have a relationship with vladimir putin, a conversational relationship or anything you feel you have sway or influence over his government? >> do i have a relationship. and i can tell you that he's very interested in what we're doing here today. he's probably very interested in what you and i are saying today, and i'm sure he'll be seeing it in some form. but i do have a relationship with him. >> sir r you confident trump doesn't have ties to russia that could impact the decisions he would make as president? >> i'm absolutely confident of it. you know, "the new york times" itself has debunked the story that there is some nefarious tie between the two of them. what he has said in terms of, let's wipe out al qaeda, let's wipe out isis, and let's work with those people who are willing to cooperate with us in syria to do so are -- in iraq or
11:21 am
iran, and, you know, john kerry is trying to do the same thing right now in geneva, trying to work with russia to focus on a common enemy. that's what donald trump has talked about. that's nothing in comparison to hillary clinton -- >> but, sir -- >> -- transfer of uranium rights. >> with respect to the conversation donald trump had with me, he specifically in 2013, did he lie to my face in 2013 or did he lie to the american people in 2016, saying that he doesn't have a relationship with puten? >> well, i don't know the context of your conversation. it would appear that he -- there might be another question or two to ask by what did he mean by that in 2013 because i think in the last debate -- >> the question speaks for itself. do you have a relationship with vladimir putin, one where you feel you have influence over his government. he said, yes, i do have a relationship. in 2016 when pressed by george stephanopoulos he said no. on the debate stage recently he said no. so, one has to be a lie, in 2013 or 2016.
11:22 am
so, which one is it? >> i think the 2016 question was, do you have a -- some kind of a back room relationship? is there some sort of a coziness? he actually said he hadn't met him. so, i think that is the answer we need to go by. again, in 2013, he may have been talking about do we have a philosophical belief in investment 6 prosperity for both nations, fighting terrorism, something like that. i don't know. but i do know that the 2016 question was to put to rest this idea that he had some relationship that was back room and nefarious. and the reality, again, is hillary clinton is the one who did the famous russian reset. she's the one whose husband got paid $500,000 for a 30-minute speech in russia and she is the one who signed off on a uranium ownership transfer to russia. so, if there's any candidate in this race who has a particularly uncomfortable relationship,
11:23 am
uncomfortable to the american people, that would be hillary clinton. so, you know, and -- but again, "the new york times," which we could all agree hasn't actually been in our camp on near anything, but they have debucced this. i think it's a probl proper question but i think it's been vetted and put to rest. >> i think they debunked certain issues about something to do with an e-mail server. they did not debunk whether or not there was a personal relationship. something donald trump told me to my face in 2013 that he had. so, we've got to leave it there, sir. i appreciate your time. and i know we've got seven days to go and we'll probably talk about this again. trump campaign senior adviser, jack kingston. thank you. today we've been asking you the microsoft pulse question of the day. despite comey's surprise letter, a new nbc news poll shows clinton maintains her six-point lead over trump. so, will the fbi announcement change your vote? 18% of you said yes, 82% said no. the poll is live. check it out at
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democrats are smelling blood in the water and reliably conservative state of arizona. polling shows virtual dead heat between clinton and trump. chris jansing is live from phoenix and you're at the democratic state offices. is there one specific county they're focusing on for this state to flip? >> reporter: right here, maricopa, phoenix. goes down to the border. there's a big latino population. that's critical for hillary clinton. this is the youngest voter. he doesn't actually have a ballot. this is the script all of these people -- these are volunteers. they're not paid. this is the script they're using to talk to folks to make sure they get their base out. look, they're outnumbered in
11:28 am
terms of registrations, even though they had big gains this year. but before they go for the republicans and the independents, they also have to get their core voters out. and that's where sheila and barbara come in, who have been making phone calls. what are people telling you? >> they're excited. they're so excited to vote for hillary. they have voted early, lots of elvoters. if they haven't voted early, they're going to stop in and do an early vote or vote november 8th but they're really, really excite. >> reporter: what are you hearing on the phone? and you also employ door-to-door. >> i have been doing some pan casting. i've only gotten wonderful responses. they give me water. sometimes i see the ballot on their table -- >> reporter: that's the thing that probably makes your heart stop. >> because it's there. i say, take it now. i said, you need it right now. yesterday at a woman's and it was sitting on her purse because she was so excited about hillary, she was making hats for her children for halloween with
11:29 am
hillary on them. >> reporter: but she hadn't voted? sdwli said, go, go, go, right now and do it. i'm getting such wonderful responses. it's a privilege -- >> reporter: what kind of questions are you getting? do they ask a lot of questions? >> they don't ask a lot of questions, for me, a lot -- their minds have been made up. they're voting for hillary. >> reporter: the e-mail thing, james comey, that has -- >> that has not -- >> no. >> -- harmed hillary at all. >> reporter: do the words donald trump ever come up? >> no, not really. but they're early voting. >> reporter: these folks are working every single day. you know this, thomas, because you've been on the campaign trail, what fuels this besides passion for your candidate? junk food. right? >> yeah. you are calling my name right now. >> reporter: they don't get paid, but the junk food is there. >> right. all the snacks you can eat. great work. thanks so much. certainly important to fill everybody in about the importance of arizona. now a tossup. despite their rocky relationship, speaker paul ryan
11:30 am
revealed today, he did vote for donald trump. >> where do you stand on voting for donald trump and endorsing donald trump? and how should that impact -- >> i stand -- >> all republicans and independents and democrats watching right now? >> i stand where i've stood all fall and all summer. in fact, i already voted here in janesville for our nominee last week in early voting. we need to support our entire republican ticket. >> so, he voted for our nominee. when video surfaced last month of trump bragging about groping women, ryan told republican colleagues he could no longer defend the gop nominee. today he says he cast that early vote to support the entire republican ticket, but stopped short, as you saw, of using trump's name. joining me now, republican strategist, democratic strategist bob shrum. speaker ryan suggesting he voted for trump but not saying his name. is he all in for trump or what? >> there is no secret that there
11:31 am
is no love lost between ryan and trump. and it's been long -- you know, we viewed this for a long time. he held out an initial endorsement of trump for a long time. paul ryan is pretty reasonable. paul ryan is pretty much the establishment. as you know, trump has many troubles, many hurdles. trump versus the media. trump versus women. trump versus the gop establishment. and that's why we are in the trouble we are now. and paul ryan couldn't even say the name trump. he just mentions over and over again, republican ticket. >> so, bob, we know hillary clinton appears this hour in florida. with alicia machado, the former miss universe who turned out to be kryptonite for donald trump. he famously went after her after hillary clinton brought her name up from the second presidential debate. now we have the clinton camp releasing a new ad that hits trump over his comments about women. i want to show a portion. >> i'd look her right in that fat, ugly face of hers -- >> she ate like a pig. >> a person who is flat-chested
11:32 am
is hard to be a ten. >> you treat women with respected? >> i can't say that either. >> all right, good. ♪ >> bob, to secure this election for clinton, is her only hope to abandon anything positive and deliver all nasty nuclear-style messages about donald trump and what his presidency would mean? >> well, one, she does have some positive ads on that i think are very effective. two, you watch that ad and you understand why for ryan and for so many republicans trump is the political equivalent of he who must not be named. they just don't want to name him. they feel caught in a vice because they need the trump voters and other voters who don't like donald trump. that ad is particularly effective. there was a poll showing these spots are effective because it uses him saying these things directly. people find it very credible. i think she does have a demographic advantage with
11:33 am
women, with hispanics, with minorities. i think it would be very difficult for her to lose this election, although it may get closer because of what comey did. >> so, i just want to pass this along because we're just getting this in from our political unit that the clinton camp has gone out now to colorado with a six-figure ad buy, virginia with a six-figure ad buy, michigan, six-figure statewide ad buy, new mexico six-figure ad buy just in albuquerque. so, with the six days before this election, can an ad just like we saw there and bob brings up a point that clinton does have positive messages but with this new infused money going into ads in those four states that i mentioned, does that hurt trump with republican women like yourself? >> this is why people need to raise a lot of money and do it towards the end, because with the comey effect versus the billy bush effect, she's got to get her message out. and the only way you can do this -- you can't be in every state, and you've got to have money to get last-minute ads.
11:34 am
this is exactly what they're doing. so, bravo to her strategist because this is exactly what they're doing, is getting her message out and hitting it hard in the states that matter. look, you're already seeing a difference for hillary clinton in arizona. you're seeing it in north carolina. so, what they're doing is right on message. if you're looking at this generally from a -- from a republican -- or from a strategist point of view. and that's why it's very important that she raise a lot of money. if you can look, the trump camp, that's where they're behind. they're behind a lot with the money because there were so many people, so many republican donors that didn't want to get on the band wagon. so, that is a problem. >> but we know, bob, trump is also investing new money in new mexico and michigan. is that a fever dream at this point? >> i believe it's a fever dream. i believe it's smart of the clinton people to respond to that. but, you know, we see this every four years. where republicans think, romney thought, for example, if i win minnesota, i can win minimum manipulate.
11:35 am
i can go into pennsylvania, which republicans haven't carried since 1998. but it's been catnip in all these elections. the reason it is for republicans because they have a real disadvantage in the electoral college. once california shifted over, they have to almost run the table in these battleground states in order to win. right now, it doesn't look to me like they have much of a chance of doing that. so, despite comey and what i thought was an outrageous violation of the justice department's rules, that you don't do something that's going to influence an elections just before the election, despite that, i think with her demographic advantages, with her advertising, and noelle is exactly right about the money advantage and why it matters, with that i think she'll go into tuesday in very good shape. >> our pete williams reporting loretta lynch and james comey met on the sidelines over regularly scheduled meeting. just taking a sidebar there. do you think comey was out of bounds? >> i think comey, you know, had a couple of choices.
11:36 am
and i think that he did as an individual what he thought was right. i mean, look, we all don't know. we don't know what's in there. we haven't been in privy discussions behind closed doors on the fbi and loretta lynch, so we don't know. but i'll tell you, this was a very bizarre move for comey to make. and i agree with what the white house is saying. just step aside. we all just need to let this play out until we have further information. >> we know the president is going to be on the stump today later for hillary clinton. we'll see if it comes up at all. great to see you. thanks so much. so, ahead, two mystery battleground states. right now it's anybody's guess who's going to win florida and ohio. we take you live to both swing states kochlg up. we wait for clinton to take the stage with the former miss universe in florida. and the other question, as i was just saying, can the president fire up the obama coalition in ohio? nbc's kelly o'donnell joins us there next.
11:37 am
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because no one kills germs better than clorox. hillary clinton landing moments ago in lakeland, florida, en route to dade city, florida. that's where w have our kasie hunt. we spoke with her earlier. we know the former miss universe, alysic alicia machado introduce her. bill clinton is hitting the rally in ohio. the commander in chief will hold a rally in columbus in about three hours. clinton and trump are locked in a close race in the buckeye state and real clear politics has trump ahead by 2.5 points. nbc's kelly o'donnell is live in columbus for us. we know the toss-ups, ohio,
11:41 am
florida, arizona. but in ohio, obama won by slim margins in '08 and 2012. can he convince those ohio voters that clinton should be his successor or not? >> reporter: well, that is certainly a challenge for the president. he will make that case today because he has that history with ohio, winning narrowly is still winning. he took this state in '08 and '12. prior to that it was george w. bush who won two times in a row and bill clinton won in 1996. the margin is narrow. a lot has to do with the conversation of 2016, a lot of the issues where trump has had some resonance during this campaign season play well in ohio. so, president obama has a task. and the expectation is when you think of the stature, magnitude of having a surrogate like a sitting president, this is very important for hillary clinton and gives her a chance to expand her reach. so, for example, today she's in florida. the president of the united states is in ohio, trying to map
11:42 am
out as much territory as they can with her message to try to make him not only a great surrogate, building on his own legacy, but trying to help hillary clinton win here. what we know is the president will be trying to drive voters to the polls early. so far in ohio, less than 1.2 million have voted. that's a big number. it leans a little toward those who are democrats, outpacing republicans who have already turned out to vote early. and in addition to that, we understand from clinton sources that the president will have a lot of campaigning left on his schedule. not a lot of that publicly announced yet. the president will be on the trail in those key battleground places, trying to expand the reach but also to try to make as much impact as possible. and for the whole clinton campaign, we don't expect to hear much, if anything, about the fbi director comey and e-mail issue. they seem to have put that on the shelf, at least for now.
11:43 am
>> yell o'donnell in ohio for us. thank you very much. i want to check back on the microsoft pulse question. we've been asking you at home, despite comey's surprise letter, a new nbc news poll shows clinton maintains a six-point lead over trump, do you think the fbi announcement will change your vote? 16% say yes, 84% say no. check it out, once again, we're waiting for hillary clinton to take the stage with former miss universe alicia machado. all of this comes as the campaign works to turn the focus away from e-mails and back on trump's controversies with women. something the vooep addreeep ad earlier in south carolina. >> it's a guy whose very definition of what he thought he could do because he was a star and because he was wealthy, what he could do to women. that is the definition of sexual
11:44 am
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take a look at this. happening right now, hillary clinton expected to take the stage very shortly in dade city, florida. she makes three stops in the sunshine state today. this is what polling points to a photo finish. she's going to be appearing there at that very podium with former miss universe alicia machado who donald trump attacked on twitter after hillary clinton brought her up during a debate saying donald trump called her miss piggy during the '90s. live from miami with a key group of hillary clinton voters, votes she very much needs, even donald trump, too, millenials. mariano, what are people saying about how they feel about these candidates and is hillary clinton or trump the person they feel best for the oval? >> reporter: thomas, i've been
11:48 am
canvassing with these millenials throughout the day. they've certainly seen hillary clinton out and about throughout florida as well as her surrogates. she has joe biden coming to talk to college students tomorrow, obama at that university in orlando last friday and that j. lo/marc anthony concert they were talking about over the weekend here. really, it's not just the star power that is driving these millenials. what is driving them out here are the issues. i'm here with 29-year-old single mother as well as gabby garcia. you're 27 years old and i've seen you knock on doors all day today, braving that miami heat. why are you so passionate about this election and how long have you been out here in total? >> we have actually been out and about since the first day of early voting, so rain and sun and -- and lots of rain. we're out here really because getting out the vote is so important and critical in this
11:49 am
election. >> reporter: when you hear about mill millennial voters, you hear they're apathetic, some aren't going to vote. what drives you personally out to the streets today? >> we're knocking on the doors of latinos, specifically latinos in our community that are now about 12% of the voting bloc. we know just that there's a huge tide and change coming. when i'm knocking on these doors, the people that are answering, you know, they're my mother, my sister, both of who were young parents, and my mother who is a breast cancer survivor. i want the women in this community to know their vote and their lives matter. >> reporter: so health and reproductive health important for these voters, as donald trump gave that important policy speech on health care today, and a final fact for you, an nbc -- i'm sorry, a "usa today" rock the vote millennial online poll gave hillary clinton 62% support among this key voting group, while donald trump has 21%.
11:50 am
the millennial vote important in florida as is every vote in nor. this is a must-win state for donald trump if he is to clinch that magic 270 electoral votes. >> we know it remains a toss-up. thank you very much. great work. we go back to our colleague, msnbc's kasie hunt joining us from dade city, florida, where hillary clinton will be appearing shortly. appearing with former miss universe machado. we've got this new information from a gaggle that happened on the press plane. this is right before they all landed in florida. what are the big headlines? >> reporter: hey, thomas, actually, pretty significant headline here for the last week of this presidential race. the clinton campaign is making some new investments on the air waves at a very late stage. they're going to put ads back up on the air in colorado and virginia. those are two states the campaign has thought and still thinks are very strong for hillary clinton.
11:51 am
strong enough that they had really gone off the air, you know, until now, which is, frankly, pretty remarkable considering they have been historically swing states. they're also going to be going up on the air in michigan and new mexico. that's two new states. michigan is a rust belt state, of course, that has had a lot of -- the kind of anger that has driven the tea party and the anger that has driven donald trump from a lot of the working class white voters who, frankly, have been left out of the changing manufacturing economy. new mexico is a real new one and it's just come up on the radar in recent days. donald trump, of course, focusing more and more on new mexico now. now, the clinton campaign's spin on this is that they raised more money in the last week than they have at any other period, $11.3 million. they say this is simply to shore up places and make sure that donald trump -- that the door remains closed to donald trump
11:52 am
in these places. they also say that it's part of a pitch to help senate and house races. that could be true in some of these places. it's a little bit of a stretch. the senate race in colorado, for example, is all but over for michael bennett, the sitting senator there, just for one example. you know, i think that this really does show you that there is a level of nervousness. now, the timing seems to be coordinated with what's happened with the fbi, of course. we don't know exactly 100% that's what precipitated this, but it's not necessarily a show of strength or a sign of confidence in these final days. it also, you know, i think the flipside could be, hey, if, in fact, they didn't go back up, they didn't spend the money they had and something went awry for them on election night, they wouldn't want to look back and say, we should have spent the millions while we had the chance. i will say the electoral college map and projections, and we talked endlessly about what
11:53 am
donald trump's potential paths are here and how he would have to run the table in battlegrounds if he wants to win. if colorado, virginia, new mexico and michigan are really on the table, the entire map looks different. and, you know, if the clinton campaign can't bank on especially virginia and colorado, but also the others which are traditionally blue states, then we're looking at a completely different calculus on election night. my census is not these ad buys necessarily say that, but they are certainly a signal that we should keep our eye out for surprises. >> they don't want to be complacent. we know the trump campaign has already responded. let's get this up. kellyanne conway says, someone at hillary campaign seems nervous. they pulled out of colorado and virginia months ago. they have never run ads in mississippi and nevada. it's interesting to see how they're trying to characterize this now. they were asked on the plane, the clinton team, about arizona. and hillary clinton is due in arizona tomorrow, right? they added that to her schedule
11:54 am
late last week to travel there, where they think that that continued toss-up state is in play, could be a win for her. >> reporter: it could. they think it's a place where -- they have been watching it carefully throughout the whole election psych toll see if it could potentially turn. they think the kind of unique mix of the messaging and the fact that arizona is a relatively small state. it doesn't necessarily take a lot of money on the air to change opinions. georgia is a little different story. that's one of the other states they were watching. one other thing i should note, thomas, that i neglected to mention are the ads they're going to be putting up on the air in these states, they are the one -- the titles that they use internally are "just one" and "role models." the "just one" ad is the one that talks about donald trump and whether or not he's fit to be commander in chief. the other one, "role models," it's with kids looking and talking about whether or not donald trump would be a role model for their children. i think this is significant
11:55 am
because they are both the negative messages that the clinton campaign is pushing in this campaign and we've heard her talk about the last two days. this is not the positive, upbeat, let me sell hillary clinton to you message that they have on the air in these places. >> kasie, keep us posted. we do expect alicia machado to introduce secretary clinton there. we'll take folks back there when that happens. one week, that's it, before election day and multiple outlets predict a clinton win. "new york times" predicting at 88 %. even uk betting firms say it's 85% likely. one man who correctly predicted the winner over the past 30 years says trump is going to win this one. joining me now is alan lichtman. what's the biggest indicator for you that trump will win? >> well, it's none of the things any of these other things look
11:56 am
at. it's my historically based prediction system which is 13 key factors that determine whether or not the party holding the white house is going to keep the white house. and if six or more of those factors, which essentially measures the strength and performance of the white house party go against that party, they're predicted losers. and right now, there are exactly six keys against the incumbent democratic party. so, by the narrowest and shakiest of margins, history points to a democratic win. however, and i'm not a hedger, i've never hedged in over 30 years, and you know that, because we've talked many times, i do have a major qualification this time. >> and it is? >> and that is, a generic republican should win this election. this should be a change election. but the republicans may have glommed onto the one candidate
11:57 am
so many americans find to be uniquely dangerous that he could be a history-shattering candidate who can actually snatch defeat from the jaws of victory because at so many levels he's done and said so many things that would have driven anyther candidate absolutely out of the race. look what happened to herman cain when he was running for the republican nomination in 2012? three women accused him of sexual harassment. he's gone. a dozen women have accused trump of sexual assault and he bragged about a sexual assault, yet here he is right at our doorstep. >> the paradigm politically by donald trump has completely shifted how folks will run in the future. on the political website sees the possibility of an electoral college popular vote split. while this campaign is all about going back to the '90s, are we really going to go back to 2000 and see this same possibility? >> i sure hope not. that's the only time in the last 125 years that you've had that
11:58 am
kind of split. it's really bad for the country. it's very unfortunate we're still clinging to an 18th century model, which is, of course, the electoral college which was largely a result of slavery because through the electoral cleernlgs i'm sure you remember, they had the notorious three-fifths compromise where for purposes of allocating electoral college votes slaves would count as three-fifths. if you had popular voting, they would count as zero. here's the big question, this are two big questions. much bigger than anything else confronting us. number one, is this incredibly, puzzling, disturbing election and anomaly. are we going to return to more normal politics or is our politics going to take a radical turn where we care less about truth and xenophobe, secondly, are foreign powers going to continue to meddle in our democracy and undermining it the
11:59 am
way apparently russians are right now. >> we'll see what happens in seven days and we'll have you back on here. thank you, sir. great to have you on. >> thank you, thomas. we go from american politics to america's favorite pastime because most everybody right now needs a break from politics. so, for the next 30 seconds, let's talk some baseball. tonight, the 112th world series continues between the cubs and the cleveland indians. two teams with the two longest championship droughts to date in history. no world series titles for the indians since 1948. nothing for the cubs since 1908. but think about it, when the cubs last won the series, the world was being introduced to henry ford's model t. arizona, nevada, and alaska weren't states yet and nascar was just becoming a thing. regardless of who wins, history will be made. yes, it will. that will wrap up this hour. i'm thomas roberts. kate snow, a cubs fan, picks things up right now. >> sorry for yelling. >> sorry for yelling over you,
12:00 pm
thomas, my go cubs. hello, i'm kate snow. happy tuesday to all of you. the next time i say that sentence it will be elections day tuesday, one week from this moment, voters will be out in force. it is closing argument time and money spending time. new ad buys by the clinton team in michigan, new mexico, colorado and virginia. and this hour we're waiting to hear from hillary clinton. she'll be live in dade city, florida. our decision 2016 team is in place, traveling with the campaigns in florida and wisconsin, steve kornacki will break down the latest polls on this last full week of campaigning. let's start off in dade city, florida, where hillary clinton expected any minute now. kasie hunt is down there with the clinton campaign. kasie, do we expect hillary clinton to bring up the comey investigation again? is it going to be something she talks about or something they're trying to leave behind? >> reporter: i don't think we should expect her to talk about this again today, kate.


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