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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  November 3, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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third -- from a third lieutenant to his estranged second cousin. about a water rights issue on their property. >> wow. >> we call it the braddock. it's going to be great, man. get ready. >> and you have your american flag boxers. fantastic. 8:00, the music starts. that does it for us this morning. what a bad mental image. stephanie ruhle picks up the coverage right now. hurry. >> thank you so much, mika. hey, there. i'm stephanie ruhle. this morning, so much to cover. the tightening. new battleground polling just in. ready for this? new hampshire, tied. colorado, tied. nevada, donald trump is up. the race now closer than ever. rallying the bases. hillary clinton in arizona, speaking to her biggest crowd of the campaign. >> this state is in play for the first time in years. >> as donald trump rides his
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newfound momentum, trying not to get too confident. >> don't believe it. don't believe it. get out there and vote. okay, ready? we're going to pretend we're down. we're down. pretend, right? we'll pretend we're down. >> donald, the showman, and his wife melania speaking. donald trump's wife is hitting the campaign trail today. her first speech outside the convention. here's a question. why now? plus, how about great news? chicago finally. >> the cubs won the world series. >> of course, the cubs end the most epic losing streak in sports. and the entire city erupts overnight. >> number one, baby. >> chicago is exploding with happiness. >> how awesome is that? after an extra inning victory that may have been the best baseball game ever. we need some joy in this country. we're live in the windy city where the party hasn't stopped.
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we're going to go back to politics. though, beginning with just five days left until the election. both hillary clinton and donald trump are spending an awful lot of time in north carolina, a state where the average of all the polls has them dead even. donald trump also hitting the must-win state of florida yet again. his son, his wife melania, and his vp candidate mike pence are also on the trail today. hitting three states, including pennsylvania and michigan, where donald trump is trying very hard to break through. and once again, hillary clinton's super surrogates are out in force, hitting eight different cities, including president obama in florida, bill clinton in nevada, chelsea clinton in wisconsin, and tim kaine in the toss-up state of arizona. if you think that is impressive, getty up. take a look at our show of force. more than a dozen nbc correspondents in five states bringing every possible angle of this extraordinary race. we want to get right to it with the best team in the business. i want to start, an honor for
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me, msnbc's joy reid, host of a.m. joy, making her debut visit at 9:00 a.m. i appreciate it. i need you here. do you know why? because i don't understand these polls. help me. help me. colorado is tied. nevada, trump is up six. these should be blue states, and when you look at early voting, hillary clinton is doing very well in nevada. help me. >> well, first of all, good morning. i'm a little sleepy because i did stay up and watched the cubs game. in colorado, i think the poll that's showing a really tight race, one of the problems i have with the poll is it does have a very small hispanic sample. it's showing hispanics as only about 7% of the electorate. they're on track to be probably twice that, so i would take that colorado poll with a little bit of a grain of salt. i think all of these polls are going to tighten. you're going to see nevada tighten, new hampshire tighten. we're seeing that because at the end of the race, it's what happens. you're seeing republicans who
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may have been telling pollsters they were potentially leaning toward a third-party candidate coming home to the gop. you're seeing the race settle into where the race would be where republicans and republican leaners start to come home. >> how about the state of florida? things look like they're in a dead heat. maybe hillary is up a bit. who needs this state more? rudy giuliani said himself while he was in that chair, donald doesn't win florida, it's over. >> here's the irony. because hillary clinton's map is so expanded off of the 2012 map that barack obama established, if she wins colorado, which she is on track to do despite that poll, and virginia, and holds pennsylvania, which democrats are going to hold pennsylvania, she could actually wind up getting to 270 without florida. and without ohio. there is a map for hillary clinton that has -- that allows her to lose both. florida, i think the best estimate is that the democrats are doing pretty well, not as well as 2012 in terms of early vote. that state is basically tied. >> when i look at this -- who is
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it, the cbs/"new york times" poll, this does blow my mind. she was up bine nine. she's up by three. that can't just be republicans are coming home. that's a big shift. >> it is, and it isn't. i think you have to realize the really big leads, the nine and 12-point leads you have seen, probably weren't as big as they looked before. so you're seeing swings of these polls that make me think there's a lot of noise inside the poll. i look at the likely voter models of each of these polls. how are they sampling. frinls, the mew hampshire poll they did a sample that was 32% republican, 28% democratic. but barack obama won the state 52%/48%. i think a lot of these are shifting their models based on what percentage they think will be republican. their models are looking more and more republican. they're assuming more republicans will come out. i don't know if that winds up playing out that way. nevada is one of those state and new hampshire is.
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>> you know who is watching the polls closely? hillary clinton. kasie hunt is in winterville, north carolina, where hillary clinton is holding a rally this afternoon. she's coming off the biggest rally of her campaign in arizona. we know those rallies pump up the candidates. but how are they really feeling inside? this is a stressful time. >> reporter: this is the grind it out phase of this election, steph. i think they were riding high there for a couple weeks, feeling like there was really no way this election wasn't on track for hillary clinton victory. and then between the tightening polls, the news about the fbi, things have gotten a little bit more down to the wire. but they were trying to play offense yesterday in a traditionally red state. arizona. there were a lot of question marks about whether hillary clinton was going to spend time there. they have been on the air advertising. democrats believe this is the state where it's kind of the perfect storm for a candidate like donald trump.
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the latino vote there being mobilized, potentially having suburban votes in phoenix, et cetera, turned off by what donald trump has to say, and a lot of enthusiasm on the republican side, so very, very polarized kind of environment. but hillary clinton last night was clearly excited by the crowd. she talked a little bit about the potential for winning arizona. take a look. >> so for the first time we have a real chance to turn this state blue again. here's the bottom line. i want to be a president for everyone, democrats, republicans, and independents. >> all right, kasie. she wasn't just excited by the crowd in arizona. she was really excited by the crowd in chicago. we cannot forget, hillary clinton is a chicago native. did she really stay up to watch the game last night? she has to be tired. >> reporter: she held in the back of this event for about 45
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minutes to watch the game on her ipad. i think we have pictures of her doing that that were hopefully provided by various clinton aides. a little bit of -- a moment of levity. there was a lot of speculation about whether or not she was going to go to the world series. she's from the chicago area originally. she describes herself as a life-long cubs fan. i remember when she was running for the senate in new york, there were questions about, you know, which baseball team was hers, but i guess maybe we'll give her a pass on that. >> it's tough not to love the yankees. those pin stripes look pretty cute. we have to move on. >> reporter: okay, no, no. >> we have to move on. >> reporter: no. yankees, come on. >> hallie jackson, she's not on the road. she's not on the trail. she's in the house right now. she's with us, while donald trump might be in north carolina, hallie jackson is here. ms. jackson. >> what up. >> donald trump, almost like giving himself a little pep talk. >> he was. >> motivational speech. i want to share tat with you
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right now. >> we've got to be nice and cool. nice and cool. right? stay on point, donald. stay on point. no sidetracks, donald. nice and easy. nice. >> well, there you go. >> that's it. in a nutshell, that's what he has to do over the next five days, steph. he's acknowledging it. he's saying it to himself. he knows it. he's hearing it from people close to him, listen, the polls are tightening up. you can't get off on these random side tracks. you can't get off on these tang nlts that are controversial that are going to overshadow some of the things you want to talk about like the affordable care act. the military and vets today. that in a nutshell is donald trump like, hey, here's what i have to do. stay on point, take it nice and easy. if he can do that, maybe he at least has a shot and there are republican operatives outside his campaign saying, yes, donald. stay on point. nice and easy. >> joy, is it too late? this is what paul manafort
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wanted him to do from the beginning. earlier today, kellyanne conway said on "morning joe," i said, let this be a referendum on hillary clinton, not you. and it's donald who said the ha sma shackles are off over and over. >> either your candidate is controllable and teachable or they're not. donald trump is donald trump. at a certain point, his top aides stopped trying to be a conventional candidate. so you have seen him unwound and doing what he can do. the concern for a voter is you have troothink to yourself, is this person, if he can't control himself for eighteen months, how would he then do that for four years? i think it's actually campaigns are a microcosm of what you would be as president. and i think voters should take into account if somebody isn't disciplined. >> donald trump finding this discipline. that's unusual. president obama actually sat down for somewhat of an unusual interview, and he actually took direct aim, criticizing director comey. i want to share this for a minute. >> we don't operate on innuendo.
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we don't operate on incomplete information. we don't operate on leaks. we operate based on concrete decisions that are made. >> i mean, hello. that's pretty aggressive. but we also operate on transparency, and director comey, one could argue, was trying to be transparent. >> i think take that as a shot at the fbi director. i say that was i don't know when that was taped, but the day before, josh earnest in the white house daily briefing took a very different tack and said the president believes in the integrity of the director. for the president to come out, and barack obama is a very deliberate man, a very deliberate speaker. he says exactly what he means. i took that as the white house is unhappy with what he's done. look, james comey has been criticized across the board by former white house counsels, by former assistants attorney general on the left, on the right, republican and democrat, because what he did was so unprecedented, to weigh in in any way on an election 11 days
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out, particularly when the other candidate is also the subject and his campaign is a subject of an investigation that the fbi quite properly is refusing to comment on. if you're not going to comment on one candidate but you come in in a very vague way, in a leading way, comment on the other, that has never happened in the history of the fbi, including j. edgar hoover. the white house is unhappy and i would take the president for what he said. >> unprecedented is sort of the word of this entire election. donald trump about a week ago, a week ago, donald trump when he stood on the podium day in and day out talked about a rigged election, how unfair the polls were. here we are one week later when the polls are shifting and things are looking better for donald. i have not heard him mention rigged or unfair polls or watch out for election day. what gives? >> the polling issue, that's something -- this whole campa n campaign, he's decided he likes the poll and then he doesn't
6:13 am
like the polls when he's not doing well, and then he likes them again. that's not unusual. but you nailed something that is significant as we make the final turn into the final stretch, which is he's not talking rigged system anymore. instead, he's trying to show, i don't want to call it a more positive message, but a message that is about hillary clinton. and it is about policies like the affordable care act, and it's about sort of what he would do as president. he's really pushing his first 100 days argument he's been making for a week or so, and less so the rigged system that was creating a lot of fire and brimstone among his supporters. it appears to be a deliberate turn in the last week or so, prompted, i think in part, by the hillary clinton e-mail situation, the fbi server announcement. they realize they have a little unexpected wind at their back and they're trying to take advantage because frankly it's very much an uphill climb. >> we have to go. right now, i'm like, i want to argue with the producers. i'm so glad you're here. but we have to go. hallie, joy, i'll get in a fight
6:14 am
with them during the commercial. >> now, to what is arguably the most epic drought in sports history, and it's finally over. >> the cubs win the world series! bryant makes the play. it's over. and the cubs have finally won it all. >> how beautiful is that? the chicago cubs are world series champions for the first time in 108 years. winning in ten innings in a game seven finale for the ages. beating the cleveland indians 8-7. nbc's own very enthusiastic ron mott is in chicago where fans are still partying. >> hey, steph. good morning. yes, there will be a lot of sick calls made to the office today after this must-see tv went late into the night last night. there's folks back here playing hooky. he's playing hooky? and they're not even ashamed to show their faces. and why not?
6:15 am
the cubs are world series champions. they waited 108 years in the city, especially on the north side, to hear the words. the cubs back in town early this morning. still working out the details of the parade. take a look at the champagne wishes and dreams in that locker room and that clubhouse last night after this big game. an exciting, thrilling game. it was one of those games that was not for the faint of heart because the heart palpitations were going around the country, especially here in chicago and certainly in cleveland with the big moments and then of course ben zobrist, the mvp, winning it all there in the tenth inning for the cubs. so we have parades coming up, a lot of energy and a lot of emotion, a lot of tears i'm sure have already been shed and folks are bleary-eyed at this point. happy. we'll send it back to you. >> all right, we're going to take this spectacular sports moment and get geeky. could the world series winner predict the presidency. political junky ken ruden noticed this trend.
6:16 am
eight times when the american league wins, the white house went to the gop. when the national team wins, so do the democrats. the cubs of course are in the national league so this could be a good sign for team clinton. we have to take a break. coming up, for the entire general election campaign, she has stayed off the trail. today, melania trump is going all in, stumping for her husband in pennsylvania. why now? we're going to take you there live. plus, colorado was supposed to be a layup for the clinton campaign. now it might actually be tied. the state's governor joins me live. one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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comcast. donald trump's wife will give her first speech since the republican national convention today. the campaign hopes melania trump can appeal to suburban women. chris jansing joins me now from
6:20 am
burr wn, pennsylvania. you're in the philadelphia suburbs. why was this location chosen for melania? >> so important in terms of the republican voter. these four counties around philadelphia have more than 20% of voters, and you said the magic word. suburban women. the trump campaign believes they can bring suburban women, republican women back home, and that melania trump is the best person to make that case. and they think a lot of people are going to turn out. look, they have a big screen up here for the overflow. that parking lot is for people, not for cars. people are going to be there, they believe, and then let me bring you inside. this is like a football field. it actually is a kind of practice field in here for soccer. but take a look at the size of this. they think they'll get 2,000 to 3,000 inside. what's her message going to be? it's going to be to talk about the donald trump that she knows, not the one they have seen in the tv ads. in his own words, talking about women in ways that the hillary clinton campaign has seen their
6:21 am
numbers grow, even among republican women. and she's also going to talk about her own story, hitting on key things for donald trump. talk about coming to this country legally, hitting on immigration. she'll talk about her own american dream, her success story. economic opportunity, and there's a lot of interest in her, as you know. we haven't seen much of her since the republican national convention and the controversy over her speech and parts of it being plagiarized. so they think it will bring a lot of people here, and republican women in particular who are inclined to come home, they think that she can help convince them, stephanie. >> thanks, chris. for more on this, i want to bring in ana marie cox, senior political correspondent at mtv news. help me. how does a supersexy, ultra glamorous, slovenia chauffeur driven wife of a billionaire connect with white suburban women in berwyn, pennsylvania? >> i think you have said it. i think it's a tough reach.
6:22 am
you know, i hesitate -- i don't want to bash her too much. i mean, she is the wife of the candidate. she didn't sign up for this necessarily. but donald trump has politicized family pretty well in this election. she's made the other candidate's spouse the subject of a lot of criticism, and in fact, you know, made him almost the point of his countercampaign to hillary. so i think it's fair for us to be critical of melania. i think, though, what the problem here is is the country has changed a lot from a time when she might have been a more useful surrogate. i think american women want to see partners, not trophy wives. i think they want to see women who can speak boldly and strongly for themselves and not just on behalf of another candidate. and i think that, you know, they don't really see that in her. and i feel a little discomfort about this whole thing happening. i'm not sure what melania could say, part of me wonders, you know, this whole like private
6:23 am
donald, we've heard from the private donald, haven't we? we have heard what donald trump sound like when he doesn't think the cameras are on. i'm not sure if what melania could say about that would be helpful to him. >> i don't think one needs to bash melania at all. in terms of what message do people need to hear from her. she's up there, we haven't seen her. she's been reluctant to come on the campaign trail and said it's because she devotes herself to being a mother of a young son, which many of those women in the audience will be, but what message does she have to relay? >> see, that's the question i have, too. i'm not sure what there is to say about donald as far as the private person. that's not -- i'm not sure if there is a private donald. i'm not sure if the person that he is at home is the one who is very different from the one we have seen on television and we have eavesdropped on when he doesn't think he's on television. that's the case she should probably be making to the extent she can make one. but i don't know if there's much there there. you know, he's running on his
6:24 am
business record, running on his profession, and he is running on his personality, which i guess she is attest to, but do you think it's a personality that is going to be appealing to those women, the suburban women? i think this will work for the women who want it to work. if that makes sense. if there are women who are looking for a reason to vote for trump, putting melania on the trail might be helpful. but i don't think that there's that many of them. i don't think there's a lot of persuadable women out there. i think donald trump is probably gotten the women he's going to get. i don't think melania can help him. and like i said, i think part of the problem is she's not the right first lady for these times. she's not an equal partner. she's not someone that speaks forcefully on her own behalf. she is someone who devotes herself to raising her son, which is more and more rare, let's say that's a wonderful thing to be doing, but it's not typical of working women in america. so i don't know if she has a lot
6:25 am
to say that will resonate with the kind of women he needs to attract. >> she'll be speaking before a very large crowd today. thank you joining me. up next, with five days left, the campaigns are spread out all over the country, and so are our reporters. we're going to whip across the nation city which battleground states the campaigns are focusing on and how close the states are. and now with victoza® a better moment of proof. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal. lowers my a1c better than the leading branded injectable. the one i used to take. and better than that diabetes pill i used to take. (jeff) victoza® works with your body
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welcome back. you're watching msnbc. it's time for your morning primer. everything you need to know to get your day started. you know what we're kicking off with. the chicago cubs. after 108 years, the team finally ended their world series title drought with an epic 8-7 extra mining victory over the cleveland indians. >> overseas, two u.s. service members were killed and another two wounded in a northern province of afghanistan. according to nato, the victims were backing afghan forces in their fight against a resurgent
6:29 am
taliban. >> and longtime clinton aide huma abedin is slated to make her first public appearance for clinton at a d.c. fund-raising event today. it comes nearly a week after the fbi announced it was investigating thousands of possible clinton-related e-mails found on a laptop abedin shared with her estranged husband, anthony weiner. >> and police and student protesters clashed outside louisiana's dillard university last night, when former kkk leader david duke arrived at the historically black college for a senate debate. police fired pepper spray to block more than 50 protesters for entering the auditorium. >> and at country music's biggest night, the 50th annual country music awards, garth brooks took home the biggest honor as he was named intenter n entertainer of the year. friends in low places, could have been anybody's campaign song this year. we're going to go back to the campaign because just five days to go. that's all we've got, and several polls are tightening in key states ahead of tuesday's election.
6:30 am
we're covering the race full on with our team of reporters blanketing the country. first, to the great state of florida where the latest polling shows hillary clinton with a slight two-point advantage. nbc's ron allen is live in miami with more. ron. >> reporter: hi, there, stephanie. florida, florida, florida, and we're waiting for president obama to get here. he's been here to florida again and again and again. three trips in the last three weeks. he's going to come back on sunday to close things out. we're on the campus of florida international university. you see young people, you see latinos, you see african-americans. you see a lot of signs saying vote early. that's what this is all about for president obama. she's trying to preach to this crowd to get out and vote and to be excited about hillary clinton, something that has not happened the way the clinton campaign wants it to. he's here in a couple hours. >> thank you, from florida. let's head north to north carolina, where hillary clinton has a three-point lead. nbc's jacob rascon is live in concord, north carolina, a major
6:31 am
state, jacob. >> reporter: after today, donald trump will have spent more than 20 stops in north carolina. a must-win for him, just like florida. and after spending weeks talking about how the polls are rigged, they are now touting the campaign, what they see as a significant tightening in the polls, including in north carolina. donald trump trying desperately to stay on message, even acknowledged that yesterday. saying easy, nice and easy, donald. take it easy. he's today going to focus on building up the military and veterans issues. stephanie. >> let's head to corn country, iowa. where the latest poll shows trump and clinton tied in a dead heat. nbc news vaughn hillyard is live in des moines with more. vaughn? >> reporter: morning, stephanie. it was six months ago that it was mike pence endorsing ted cruz before the indiana primary. but now, fast forward six months. both ted cruz and mike pence are waking up here in des moines where they will appear on the
6:32 am
campaign trail together. aides said last night that the two camps have been talking since the summer, and back in september, when ted cruz ultimately endorsed the ticket, miex pence was one of those reasons while ted cruz said he decided to join with the ticket. they'll be here in iowa and then heading to michigan where this is ultimately part of mike pence's message of come home to republicans. count this as a notch for the ticket. >> from iowa to arizona. where donald trump has the slight edge over hillary clinton. actually, more than a bit of an edge, five-point lead. jacob soboroff is live in phoenix. jacob. >> reporter: hey, steph. who would have thought five days before the general presidential election that both the democrats nominee and the vice presidential nominee for the democratic party would be right here in phoenix, arizona. hillary clinton held what her campaign billed as the largest rally of her campaign in tempe last night. 15,000 people showed up. tim kaine will be here later today in phoenix, giving an address exclusively in spanish, as part of the campaign's effort
6:33 am
to target the surging latino voter registration base that is here in the state. we'll have a look at that group as well later today, right here on msnbc. back to you, steph. >> there you go. arizona, iowa, north carolina, florida. the candidates all over the map, and so are we. when we come back, we're going to go to the rocky mountains. rocky mountain tie, in fact. it was supposed to be an easy clinton victory, but now new polls have colorado in a dead heat. will hillary clinton pull it out? the state's governor joins me next. its official, i work for ge!! what? wow... yeah! okay... guys, i'll be writing a new language for machines so planes, trains, even hospitals can work better. oh! sorry, i was trying to put it away... got it on the cake. so you're going to work on a train? not on a train...on "trains"! you're not gonna develop stuff anymore? no i am... do you know what ge is?
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the search for relief often leads here.s,
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introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a high intensity tens device that uses technology once only in doctors' offices. for deep penetrating relief at the source. new aleve direct therapy. [ rumbling ] we're leading in two different national polls, and the denver post just reported it's all tied up in colorado. how about that? >> how about that? republican vice presidential nominee mike pence rallying supporters in the state of colorado, where hillary clinton had been holding a solid lead, but a new poll now shows it's a dead heat. joining me now is democratic
6:37 am
governor john hickenlooper, a top clinton supporter in the state of colorado. good morning, governor. >> good morning. >> i have to ask, what happened to hillary clinton's lead in your state? >> well, certainly, i think that the fbi has influenced the polls, if thought the election. and if you get one poll that shows them tied, there's still several that show her up several points. but it's going to come down to getting out the vote this weekend. i think this weekend and especially on monday and tuesday, whoever really rolls up their sleeves and gets people fired up enough to get out and vote, i think that's going to be the difference. >> does the fbi or does james comey coming out make that big of an impact? when i look at the abc polls on trustworthiness, it now has donald trump up eight points versus hillary clinton in terms of trustworthiness. that announcement from friday would make that big of a difference? >> it's hard to see. i can't imagine that it would, but it clearly had an impact. i look at the two of them, and
6:38 am
donald trump has been incapable of saying the same thing twice almost within a 24-hour period. i mean, this thing about -- i think most of the people i talk to and run into in the course of a day, they're tired of hearing about the private server. they're much more concerned about the allegations of sexual assault against donald trump and all of that stuff. i mean, look at the stock market as trump has come up in the polls, the stock market has really struggled. and i think that redplekts people's certainly the business community's unease with a potential trump election. >> but governor, in terms of the stock market, that's about volatility. the stock market reacts to volatility. if you loox alt where the polls have been all along, they expect it to be hillary clinton. because that changes, that could account in a change in the stock market. hey, things are different, not necessarily we don't want donald trump. >> you could argue that, certainly uncertainty. what people want is predictability in terms of making their capital investments
6:39 am
in business or anything. but i would argue that donald trump wants to throw out our trade agreements. he wants to get rid of a lot of the basic foundational building blocks of our economy. i think that uncertainty causes -- it's more than volatility, i think the market is reacting negatively to that. >> for your state, for voters in colorado with five days left, what does hillary clinton need to do? >> well, i think she's got a great team on the ground here. i think they've got to realize that the polls are just polls. you don't know for sure. and they have to make sure that every one of her supporters gets their vote in. i think if there's that effort, and i think there will be, i think that she does fine. but the big question is, everyone has to spend the time making the phone calls, making sure they get their ballots in. it's going to be all about turnout and people's will to make sure that she wins. >> the clinton camp is returning to the airwaves in colorado after pulling advertising really a few months ago.
6:40 am
do you think they pulled out too soon? were they too confident? >> i don't think so. i think they were trying to put their resources in places where they can get the greatest benefit. right now, we have a couple of congressional races that are very close. and by her coming back in with more advertising here, i think it's helping a lot of the down ballot races as well, which i think obviously would be a very important thing when she gets elected president to have more support in congress. >> do you know gary johnson personally? >> no, i don't. i know -- certainly, i know who he is and i know a lot about him, but i don't know him personally. >> he's now taking a 5% take really in the latest poll. jill stein at 4%. how big of a factor are these independents in colorado? >> well, as close as we can tell, i don't think -- they are obviously getting a lot of voters. a great deal of dissatisfaction, but i think they're taking voters away from both secretary
6:41 am
clinton and donald trump. probably equally, maybe hurting trump a little more. >> all right, governor, thanks so much for joining me. i really appreciate your thoughts, and great seeing you. >> this seeing you. thanks. coming up, the polls show the presidential race is tightening. but donald trump still has an uphill climb when it comes to electoral votes. i going to ask a trump surrogate, it too late? ity and i would always answer hispanic. so when i got my ancestry dna results it was a shocker. i'm everything. i'm from all nations. i would look at forms now and wonder what do i mark? because i'm everything. and i marked other. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at
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we're going to be nice and cool, nice and cool. right? stay on point, donald. stay on point. no sidetracks, donald. nice and easy. nice. >> donald trump reminding himself to stay on message. and it might be working. new polls are showing donald trump within striking distance in a number of states. anthony is a trump surrogate and part of his small business advisory council.
6:45 am
he's a managing partner at skybridge capital, an investment firm that specialized in hedge firm investing and the author of "hopping over the rabbit hole." welcome back. >> thanks for having me. >> donald trump on message is working. when paul manafort was part of the campaign, he wanted donald to stay cool, to stay calm, to stay quiet. why didn't he do this already? >> listen, i think it's a combination of things. when i came on a few weeks ago, we talked about him being an authentic person. the hat he's wearing there sold out for us. we should have made more with the orange print. this guy is a classic entrepreneurial disrupting businessperson with a big personality. you know he's an entertainer. he's going to be unusual, stephanie, right to the end. >> staying on message wouldn't be authentic. to stay here i am, do this, donald, isn't authentic. donald several weeks ago when he
6:46 am
said the shackles are off, isn't that authentic. >> i disagree. saying nice and cool, the self-soothing donald, is going to take us right to the presidency. this is a guy who has people loving him. i was at trump tower until probably midnight the other night and we were saying we would chew through the wall board for mr. trump. i want you to imagine the type of team he's going to bring to the white house in terms of their experience, business judgment. >> like who? what are their names? >> peter navarro, david malpass. james donovan. i could name you hundreds of people. >> in the same vein, this letter was sent. peter navarro in your wards, a superstar. this was sent by 370 economists, including eight nobel laureates who are opposing donald trump. they say things like this. trump's statement reveals deep ignorance of economics and an inability to listen to credible experts.
6:47 am
he promotes magical thinking and conspiracy theories over sober assessments of feasible economic options. >> if mr. trump was sitting here with you, you would say, those guys haven't worked out well. at the end of the day, the global economists -- >> hold on, nobel laureates. nobel laureates. >> but stephanie, what is the nobel peace prize at this point? it's a coffee klatch in norway of west-leaning people. >> economists. >> i know that. they're getting the nobel prize from a group of left-leaning people in norway. you're suggesting these 370 people have a lot of credibility, and i'm suggesting that their acadeademia and stylf economics has not worked for the middle class of the united states or the working class. the working class in the united states is becoming the working poor because of these foolish policies that are promulgated by these nobel prize winners. what you need to restore the united states is common sense. we need to rebuild the
6:48 am
manufacturing base of the united states. and we need to restructure these trade agreements for the americans. those 370 people that you're mentioning are primarily globalists that are focused on the global architecture, and they don't like the disruption of somebody like donald trump. but the american people do. you're going to see that on november 8th when we win this election. >> what do you make of the markets as donald trump is doing better, the markets are falling. why? >> i think markets sttypically like stasis and predictability. the disinformation from the mainstream media about our economic plans and our agenda has caused unevenness. >> hold on, you think professional investors, you think professional investors like yourself are getting your cues from watching television? >> the brexit, we had a 5% to 8% selloff initially in the brexit, and then the british market has
6:49 am
never been higher. the brexit was something that people did not expect. what do people do in the markets, 28 years as a wall street investor, they sell off and get themselves into cash a little bit. when people realize that the brexit was not the armageddon that all these people were kabuling about, the market restored and confidence restored. when we switch from campaign mode to full transition mode, mr. trump's messaging and the mesnling from his economic team, people as brilliant as steven munuchen, the markets are going to be very happy. >> how about guys like jamie diamond when they give speeches and say, well, our next president when she's in office -- i would think jamie has a pretty good handle. >> jamie is a terrific guy, but he's running one of the largest regulated institutions in the united states. and he sort of is hemmed in. >> and donald trump wants less regulation. >> he should have buyeah. >> you know the guy in the box in the monopoly box when he's stuck in jail, they're stuck in
6:50 am
jail. >> they should love less regulation. they should hate elizabeth warren. >> they're fearful if he doesn't win, they have to deal with these people. i wrote an op-ed yesterday about a terrible rule to against wha elizabeth warren. their boards would crucify them. >> i don't want anybody to get crucified. >> me either. i want to give a message to people. when we win, it's fine. he'll did a phenomenal job for the united states and he's going to bring the right people into government that will make you happy and for all americans, not just the republicans. the democrats, the independents, you'll be happy too. >> i'm happy you're here. >> i appreciate it. we'll take a break. coming up, two u.s. service members tragically killed while on a mission to afghanistan. we'll have those details next. e? american express open cards can help you take on a new job,
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two u.s. soldiers have been killed today and two others injured during a battle in afghanistan. i want to take you now to nbc's hanz nichols for the latest. >> reporter: we know there was a fire fight between u.s. service members along with afghan forces in kunduz. two and another two casualties and two wounded. at the same time, we get local reports up to 30 civilians, afghan civilians were killed in an air strike. now, we are not for certain where that air strike came from, if it came from the u.s. the extent there's a connection between the two stories, the u.s. forces there on a train advise and assist mission with the civilians also killed, finding a link between those stories. we're pressing pentagon sources what exactly happened. by way of background, stephanie, this happened in kunduz province in the north. you think of the taliban being
6:55 am
stronger in the south but the north has been hot of late. killed this year's to nine and under these new looser terms of engagement, president obama put more u.s. forces in harm's way and at the same time, when he leaves office, increased the number of troops to stay behind in afghanistan. that number now is 8400. stephanie, this is going to be a challenge for the next president. >> thank you so much. hanz nichols in washington, dc. i'm not sure if you knew this, but bill murray is a cubs fan. if you didn't, i don't know what planet you're on. he may have had more fun than any of the cubs players. i love bill murray. proud of you, son. ge! a manufacturer. well that's why i dug this out for you. it's your grandpappy's hammer and he would have wanted you to have it. it meant a lot to him... yes, ge makes powerful machines. but i'll be writing the code that will allow those machines
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call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now - and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. this one is for me. there probably isn't a happier cubs fan today than actor bill murray.
6:59 am
maybe chris hays and kate snow. but he was in the stands like a regular fan cheering at the final play that he says he has been imagining for a long time. then the the chicago native soaked up the celebration inside the locker room. he even grabbed the mike, did interviews and of course, showered with champagne by cubs president, the ofc. how beautiful is that. what a night for the cubs. i just want to say, good job, cleveland indians because nobody else is saying that and they deserve it. way to go guys. though lebron james now wearing dwyane wade's jersey. amazing. i'm stephanie ruhle. you can find me on twitter a at @sruhle. he always shakes his head. >> that's not why i shake my head at all. i will say the indians got a squad good enough to get they will back there a few times. thank you so much. thank you so much. you can now count the days left in this campaign on one hand. right now, the fight for every
7:00 am
last vote because it's becoming clear, every vote might matter in a few states. two national polls out this morning show hillary clinton out in front. donald trump, not far behind. both surveys have her lead within the margin of error. if you think that's razor thin, wait until you see the newest numbers from the states that will decide the selections. in battleground north carolina, clinton continuing to bring the star power in hopes of rallying younger voters. a today, it's bernie sanders and pharrell. president obama also still on the trail. donald trump employing his most loyal surrogates. his family, don jr., ivanka, eric in three different states and melania making the solo campaign debut in just a few hours in pennsylvania. >> we're going to pretend we're down. we're down.


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