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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  November 3, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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that does it for this hour, right now we have my colleague, thomas roberts. >> thank you halie jackson. we see melania of her solo speech. she's expected to take the stage any moment in the suburbs. with no time left, this is the nominee themselves hitting the battleground with their running mates visiting vulnerable states in the west and midwest. there is surrogates flooding all zones as well. trump and president obama share the same geography today. both holding events minutes apart in the sunshine state. >> i just left, by the way, miami and in leaving, i see air force one. so i said to myself, i wonder
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who that could be. he's down here campaigning for crooked hillary. now, why is he back in the office, sometimes referred to as the oval office, why? why is he not back working? >> he's campaigning everyday and considering that she's under criminal investigation, i think he's actually got a conflict. >> the choice could not be clearer. because donald trump -- don't boo. don't boo. anybody upset about a "saturday night live" skit, you don't want him to be in charge in nuclear weapons. let me tell you something. [ cheers ]
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who you are, what you are does not change after you occupy the oval office. all it does is magnify who you are. all it does is shine a spotlight on who you are. if you disrespected women before you were in office -- >> we are on the ground in five states and a slew of reporters, chris jansing is in berwyn, pennsylvania. and kasie hunt on the trail with clinton camp and our nbc's anchor, steve cornacki. steve, lets start with you for melania soloing this event. what are your sources telling you about the speech? >> reporter: she's going to talk about and what i know about this man in my heart. she's never done this before and never gone on the campaign trail
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by herself, we have not heard from her very much since the rnc and that speech that was pl plagiarized. here she is and she has a tough job. she's got to come to chester county which is largely well to do of all whites and a place where republicans thrived a decade ago. mitt romney only won this of the four counties. donald trump is is well down among women. she's going to give a message that this is a man i know and he's a good man and even as you turn on local television, you see these ads that hillary clinton's campaign put up where they are using his own words about women against him. >> chris, standby, lets go to
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steve kcornacki. >> this is a state where every four year they look at it and they say we are close, we are the campaign that puts it over the top and so far, 1988, there is no republican campaign that has. that's not what we are supposed to see. take a look at the numbers coming out of pennsylvania. look at this most recent numbers. we are getting a four point lead for republicans. they are close enough to be within striking distance but they need to get over the hump. if you are donald trump and you are looking at pennsylvania and you are saying okay, i am going to be the one and the republican that flips this state. you have to look at the suburbs. here is the problem for donald trump. as chris was just saying, these were traditionally republican areas, they have been trending towards democrats and barack obama won those suburban
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counties. trump is losing them by 23. you are almost tripling the margins. trump needs to eat in that margin. if you want to have a shot of winning, he needs to improve how he's doing in shows suburbs. romney lost by nine and trump is getting blown out by 23. he's got to cut into that. >> lets go our colleague, peter alexander, who's traveling with donald trump's team. >> for donald trump, too as he's trying to woo undecided female voters. that's the latest from donald trump on the trail? >> well, donald trump is trying to stick to his message and sticking to the telapromptor saying that he needs to stay focused. if he will cut out all the other
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stuff, well, that's what he's trying to do right now. one of his lines of attack is focusing on hillary clinton suggesting that she's corrupted and going after obamacare of disaster and premiums. if we can right now play for you one of the key moments, this is the message that trump has been hitting now for the course of this morning. >> it was reported last night that the fbi is conducting a criminal investigation in to hillary's corruption during her ten years as secretary of state. the investigation is described as a high priority. [ cheers ] it is far reaching and has been going for more than one year. it was recorded that an
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avalanche of information is coming in. the fbi agents say their investigation is likely to yield an indictment. >> of course, all that is based on unsubstantial reporting by fox news and there is a new ads for trump as well where they are calling it "unfit," suggesting that hillary clinton cannot be president because she would be crippled by an investigation. >> trump tweeted a while ago that my wife will be in pennsylvania. i will be watching from north carolina. we see the crowd there, we want to go to kasie hunt. these are the spots that could decide this election and we see melania trump now showing up five days before the election making the case for her husband.
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what are your sources and reaction to this addition. >> reporter: thomas, as we are getting closer here in the big picture, this race is and many ways it has been and i think even more intensely now about women and how they feel about donald trump and i think that you have been hearing more and more from the clinton campaign in recent days doubling down o on attack on donald trump because of things he has said. they are on their way of negative ads where a lot of the states they did not expect to be playing defense or seeing polls tightening so closely here. so i think that's part of why you are seeing clinton making sure that all of her surrogates are out and we see michelle obama an effective advocate on behalf of hillary clinton with women voters.
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>> do you think they areaving a hard time with michelle obama's mockery of "when they go low, we go high" and talking about these hard negative ads against trump. >> reporter: that's what trump campaign was arguing and kellyanne conway was talking about that on "morning joe," this is the opposite of that example. the clinton campaign is arguing hey, this is still part of making sure that we get our message across and frankly getting out the vote efforts is a good motivator and making sure these groups have been targeted with donald trump and the campaign is aware of those comments and something that the clinton campaign is trying to pull off. they have to worry about here in north carolina, african-americans turn out are a real concern. we are focused on getting a lot of voters out on the polls. there are multiple lawsuits right now working their way into
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the court of voter's suppression issues here in north carolina, that's a focus here. >> we have clinton will be coming up in the next hour. i want to go back to chris jansi jansing. you see many of the nominee's spouses. compare melania to other potential first lady. >> reporter: what is she going to be like on her own. it is why i am looking around and talking to people from austria and from the uk and other european countries. she's also somebody that speaks five languages and successful. she's not the first reluctant one. i remember a conversation i had with laura bush when her husband
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said she's rhe's running for ofd fine, as long as i don't have to do public speeches. ha, ha, ha, we know how that turned out. michelle obama has liked to be with her daughter for dinner at night. she's not someone who grab the spotlight or thought of herself as an actual politician. i think all of those and people who come before her understands a reluctant that a lot of first spouses feel, this is not something that they chose to do, it is something they signed on because they believe in the person who's running. so it will be interesting how comfortable she is and i can tell you this though, having walked out and talking to people, she's going to find a positive receptive audience for having to stood up in front of live audiences before does really half. >> we'll take everybody back there the minute that begins. chris, thank you.
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>> peter and kasie, thank you. >> joining me now is sarah huckab huckab huckabee, thank you. melania is coming out to talk to these folks in pennsylvania. she's campaigned before but with mixed reaction. take a look. >> from a young age, my parents impressed oen me the values that you work hard for what you want in life. that your work is your bond and you do what you say. >> i wrote it and with a little bit of help as possible. >> they were kind of a boy thomas hock and -- i am very strong and confident and i can handle everything. >> she had to defend herself of plagiarism and of the first lady's speech and things her
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husband is caught on a hot mic saying. >> is it the best move for melania? >> melania is a great surrogate for donald trump. they're going to get to see a softer side as donald trump as she talks about who he is as a dad or a husband and give a glimpse where dnobody else can. it is a powerful story she has in his own success in their marriage and raising their young son >> we saw a tweet from governor mike pence, he's saying that his wife will be doing the introduction for melania. >> we'll see them there in that stage in pennsylvania. will melania be that special mix to the equation to attract undecided female voters in pennsylvania. >> she's part of that process,
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the other part is the major contrast between donald trump who he will be as president and who hillary clinton will be as president. i think donald trump did more for women in the first 30 days in office than hillary clinton has done in her failed record of government. >> how so? >> how would he do that? >> by empowering women and getting government out of the way so women can achieve the same way as they can. >> look, you and i are going to be different on that topic. frankly, that his stance on pro-life is one of the graeates things in his campaign and i think it was disgusting that the stance that hillary clinton took saying that it is okay that moments before a child is born fully viable that she's perfectly -- >> that's not an accurate
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arculatiar articulation. >> donald trump was pro-choice before he was pro-life. >> now, he's on the right side. i think it is a very big contrast to point out and frankly, i am proud that we have a gop nominee for president that's taken the strongest stance on life that we have ever seen. i think that's a positive. >> five days, how do you think he will pull it off, sarah? >> by getting more votes than hillary clinton. >> he's giving people a reason to vote for him. hillary clinton is not. her campaign in the final days have been nothing but personal attacks. donald trump has been talking about replaces obamacare which premiums that's skyrocketed and crippling our economy and creating jobs and keeping us safe and he's actually giving people a reason to vote for him. hillary clinton has not done that over the final days. the fact that she's focused to
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defend herself -- i think that's a good thing for us to move in the final day. >> melania is coming up. we'll take everybody there. >> any moment there, melania is taking the stage. how well will she make the case for her husband in these final days. the big question, will it work to help undecided female voters? is it too little or too late? we'll take you there live when msnbc continues for the place of politics. new job, or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at
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a live look there in berwyn, pennsylvania. there we have mike pence's wife is doing the introduction for melania trump. melania has not made any appearance on the campaign trail. she's had a bit of difficulties on things that her husband has said, how to defend him and the things of the hollywood access tape. we'll hear from melania coming up. first, payty kay tty jay, is jo.
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>> caddy, it is good to have you with me, what do you think of melania coming out five days before the election. >> well, it is hard to see how she can develop much a relationship with voters with just five days to go. that's not a lot of time left and everybody in term of analyzing the speeches is going to go through plowing through and seeing if there are other lines that's similar to other political leaders. one of the biggest of this whole campaign is how donald trump lives in the independent house in the middle of manhattan and is a billionaire who flies his own plane. well, if donald trump can put up that connection against all odds, perhaps, melania trump, can do the same thing, building connections with trump's women and trump's supporters.
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who knows? this is one of the oddest campaigns and all things can happen. >> the fact that donald trump basically brags about the things or lives the things as p aspirationally. can melania help bridge that gap? >> that's hard to see. you have to remember that a lot of the early voting has taken place and someone like florida of 55% of early voters being women already and 60% of democratic voters in florida are also women. in loops and polls subject that we know that women are breaking towards hillary and they are voting early. i don't see how melania trump can make enroads with them. it is a hard push for her.
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my husband is the person that most respect women and is going to do great things and in spite of that ""access hollywood" tape out there. >> this speech that's happen in in an area of wealthy suburbs of philadelphia. does that make melania relatable when they are putting her out in an affluent area. >> it is a county where romney won in 2012, the only county he won. i don't envy her or anyone who has to make the case for donald trump for women for females. it is five days out and the last stitch effort. we have seen the wife's president and the president and
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so now to put her out there does not seem that it is going to have as much of an impact. lets be honest, melania and trump told us what donald trump is really like. when she sat down and did her one on one interview with cnn, she actually said, i live with two boys at home. she's given us a sense of donald trump, look, women are not st d stupid. they have been paying attention and know who trump is. she has a tough job. i don't envy her when he has to do that. >> and in those interviews, don't feel stoorry for me. it is where you can feel empathy for her but see that she does have pride and in the fact that she's married to donald trump and they're ready to take things o on together as a team. is that what's needed to be demonstrated now. >> i know a lot of spouses are reluctant to come out when the
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other is running for president. is that what needs to happen right now for those that's suspicious for donald trump and his character and motive? >> i think she's out today because frankly it would looked odd if she had not been out. she had to get out and i think there was not a choice, you cannot have the candidate's wife not appear in the final few days o of the campaign. after that "access hollywood" tape came out, she came out and said she did not like what he had said and she apologized and there was no excuse for it. she was much tougher than when she was when she sat down and started blaming bleeing billy b it. it is hard for me just to see, if you are a college educated woman in the suburbs of pennsylvania who does not like
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the way donald trump talks about women, how is she going to change that. >> pence's wife just introduced the potential first lady and here is melania trump as they are switching places at the podium. chris jansing, what is the crowd there like for melania and how are they like for donald trump? >> reporter: you can hear for her yelling for her and very excited for the possibility. >> thank you, that's very nice. >> i love you. thank you. [ cheers ] >> we love you, too. >> what a wonderful welcome here in pennsylvania, it has been
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more than 500 days since my husband, donald trump, announced he will run for president of the united states. [ cheers ] i remember that in june of 2015 vividly surrounded by our family and speaking to an audience of millions, donald, promised to campaign on behalf of those who feel the system is broken and does not work for them. those who just want a fair share and an opportunity for better education, a better paying job and a better future. [ cheers ] >> he pledged to restore integrity to washington and respect for america abroad. this is not an ordinary campaign. it is a movement.
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[ cheers ] a movement in which people feel included and inspired and involved. i have seen it firsthand. we are deeply grateful to the millions of americans who believe in my husband because they know he believes in you. [ cheers ] he believes in america and he will make a fantastic president in the united states. i come here today to talk about my husband, donald, and his deep love and respect for this country and all of its people. i have come here to talk about this man that i have known for 18 years. and i have come here today to talk about our partnership, our family and what i know for sure in my heart about this man
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who'll make america great again. [ applause ] [ cheers ] i know exactly what that means. i grew up in a small town in pennsylvania near beautiful rivers and forest. sylvia is a small country that was back then it was under communist rules. of course, we always knew about the incredible place we call "america." america is a word for freedom and opportunities. america men, if you can dream it, you can become it. [ cheers ] when i was 10 years old, we learned the man named ronald reagan was elected president of the united states of america. we heard of what he was saying and doing.
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president reagan's mourning in america was not something in the united states. it began to feel like mourning around the world even in my small country. it was a true inspiration to me. later i live in milan and paris and working hard as a fashion model, i work with people from all over the world. fashion is a business of glamour but it is also hard work. there are ups and downs and tie hides and ridicules and interjections. i love my work, as a young entrepreneur, i wanted to follow my dreams to a place where freedom and opportunity were not a boundary, of course, i came here. living and working in america was a true blessing. i wanted something more.
11:29 am
i wanted to be an american. after a ten year process which included many visas and a green card, in 2006, i studied fromore test and became a u.s. citizen. [ cheers ] >> it is the best privilege and the greatest privilege in the world. i am an immigrant and let me tell you, nobody values the freedom and opportunity of america more than me. both as an independent woman and as someone who immigrated to america. [ cheers ] [ applause ] >> love for this country is something we immediately shared when i met donald. he loves this country and he knows how to get things done. not just talk. he certain lily knows how to sh
11:30 am
things up, does he? [ cheers ] [ applause ] he knows how to make rear view mirror change and make america great again is not just some sloga slogans. it is what has been in his heart since the day i met him. over the years of our marriage, i have watched my husband grow more and more concerned as he sees american workers suffer. i have watched him gets frustrated as he see travels to care for children whiele workin outside the home. i have watched him sees over and over again policies that make our country less strong and less secure and safe. every time my husband learned of a factory closing, either in
11:31 am
ohio or north carolina or here in pennsylvania, i saw him get very upset. he could see what was happening. he saw the problems. and he always talks about how he could fix them. my family is truly blessed. the most important thing we have in our family is health and love and loyalty. donald has built -- [ applause ] [ cheers ] >> has donald has built a successful company and the privilege to go to work each day to do a job that he loves and alongside, his adult children, this is a great blessing for any parent. he had the great and fulfilling life but donald knew he could not sleep anymore and watch what was happening in our country. and that's when this movement begun.
11:32 am
[ applause ] [ chanting: trump, trump, trump ] >> donald trump has asked a simple and around important question. what kind of country do we want? do we want a country that's safe with secured borders? >> yes. >> do we want a country where every american gets a fair shot. do we want a country that honors our constitution? do we want a country that honors life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? [ cheers ] do we want a country that respects women and provides them with equal opportunity? do we want a country where every child has access to a good
11:33 am
education? [ cheers ] do we want children to be safe and secure and dream big dreams? [ cheers ] do we want a president who's be holden to know one but you, the american people. [ cheers ] yes! [ cheers ] do we want a president who's a fighter for us and will never give up. yes. >> then we want donald trump to be our president. [ cheers ] [ applause ] [ audience chanting: trump, trump, trump ] >> people have asked me if donald is the president, what kind of first lady will be? >> it will be my honor and privilege to serve this country. [ applause ]
11:34 am
i will be an advocate for women and for children. let me tell you a little bit more about what that means to me. i am a full-time mother to our son, an incredible boy. as his father travels around the country, running for president, i am with our son. we talk a little bit about politics and a lot about life, homework and sports. we know how fortunate we are. still, i have the same conversations with my son that many of you have with your sons and daughters, nieces and nephews and grandchildren and god children. i want my little boy to know that he's blessed to be born in this country that values
11:35 am
individual's freedom and constitutional democracy. i want our children in this country and all around the world to live a beautiful life to be safe and secure to dream freely of love of a family of their own some day. we need to teach our youth american values, kindness, honesty, respect, compassion, charity, understanding, cooperations. i do worry about all of our children, as we know, now social media is a certain piece of our lives. it can be a useful tool for connection and communication. it can easily be -- technology has changed our universe.
11:36 am
but like anything that is powerful, it can have a bad side. we have seen these already. as adults, many of you are able to -- children and teenagers can be fragile. they are hurt when they are made fun of or made to feel less in looks or intelligence. this makes their lives hard and can force them to hide. our culture has gotten too mean and rough especially to children and teenagers. it is never okay when a 12 years old girl or boy is bullied or attacked. it is absolutely unacceptable. when it is done by someone with no name hiding on the internet.
11:37 am
we have to find a better way to talk to each other to disagree with each other and to respect each other. we must find better ways to honor and support the basic goodness of our children especially in social media. it will be one of the main focuses of my work if i am privileged enough to be your first lady. [ applause ] [ cheers ] i would work hard to improve everyday life for women. with the opportunities, women will advance and achieve. some women have been left
11:38 am
behind, i see that. when 60 million people are without health insurance and too many have choosing between basic needs like rent, food and healthcare, this cannot be. we cannot afford to have more of the same. we must break with the past and embrace a future that's worthy of this great nation and her beautiful people. [ cheers ] [ applause ] >> we must come together together as americans. we must treat each other with respect and kindness even when we disagree. i will be there to support my
11:39 am
husband's efforts to help all americans when he's president. donald trump will make america fair. he will make america safe. he will make america prosperous. he will make america proud. yes, this man i know so well, donald trump, with your help and god's grace will make america great again. [ applause ] thank you. god bless you and god bless this beautiful country. [ cheers ] [ applause ] all right, there you are listening to melania going about 20 minute to a crowd there in berw berwyn, pennsylvania, a suburb in pennsylvania. chris jansing is in there. it seems that melania were well greeted, folks were yelling from the beginning "we love you" and
11:40 am
she said "we love you back." >> reporter: sometimes these things read differently in the hall than they do at home. standing here as they turn up the music, i thought this was a really fine debut for someone who has never given a solo political speech like this before. if you just look at what they teach you in speech class which is stay on message. did she make people feel as if they're a different person that they have done or donald trump they have seen, perhaps, inappropria inappropriate, she joked a little, she certain linly knows to shake things up and she talked about love and responsibilities and all the questions she asked. do you want a country that respects the constitution? all those things i think were certainly tailored made from the
11:41 am
audience. i am thinking that when she said "our culture has gotten too mean and rough and respecting each other." a lot of folks will look at that line and say it was her husband that has added. will she motivate the people in this room to go out and knock on doors and make phone calls. she's a former model who cuts a striking figure and poised and we saw that. she certainly appeals to this room. there was a woman who i talked to before this. because of the e-mail, she was convinced several months ago that she could not vote for hillary clinton and some of the things donald trump has said made her changed her mind and i ask her, why are you here? well, my son still supports donald trump and he wanted to come.
11:42 am
he's a teenager and he's not old enough to vote. there is nothing melania trump could say as much as she respects him as a professional woman and someone who speaks multiple languages as much as she thinks she has handled her self well. that's what has to happen here. for the people who are watching this at home, she has to change a lot of minds in a state where donald trump is now down five points and even in this county where romney won four years ago. thomas. >> i think as you point out, it was beautifully performed speech by melania who was reluctant to go out in a stunt and do this kind of thing and be that character witness for her husband. folks were skeptical in certain words of the kind of first lady she would be and also discussing for social media when a 12 years
11:43 am
old boy is mocked or bullied. we know that her husband going after the 3:00 a.m. rant of miss universe. of course, going after women and making kelly and rosie o' donnel and we can go on and on. is this a large contradiction to donald trump, the candidate, to donald trump the person melania trump knows. >> reporter: the person that melania knows is not the person a lot of america has seen. what was put on her shoulders today in the closing hour of this campaign was almost -- you are asking someone to take what was one of shortest political speeches you're likely to hr and in that convince people who have heard the things you talk about and seen the tweet and heard the words just from this year and heard the words dating
11:44 am
back to 2005 and other times and see a different donald trump. can you transform those opinions of him in a single speech. of course, you cannot. that kind of responsibility is one that no one could meet. could she change a few minds, maybe? >> did she as i said perform this very well, did she come across as believable and likable? in this audience, she certainly did. the hills she's asked to climb on behalf of her husband from people who are skeptical and downright don't believe he had the temperament and character to be the president, that's too far to climb. >> thank you, chris. i want to bring in our bianca. i know you had listen to this speech. >> i don't know what she can make just a few days left. this was the part of her story
11:45 am
that i was waiting to here, the immigrant story. she talked about her childhood and the american dream. any person you meet and any immigrant will tell you how much they love this country and what an opportunity they received by moving into this country becoming a citizen. it is a conversation that my dad has had to me. i don't know why she waited so long to bring that aspect of her life particularly, given donald trump's stance on immigrants. i was pleased to finally see her address this issue once and for all. i don't know if it will have much of an impact. when chris was talking about the donald trump she knows. i cannot control donald trump. i cannot control my husband whether on twitter or at home. >> she also said he's a person that respect women. it will be interesting to see how women react to this and see
11:46 am
how melania performed and the words she used and how she characterized her husband. since yshe met donald trump 13 years ago. i traveled and did the miss universe with donald trump. we know donald trump treated vladimir putin. he never fluctuated on that and he fluctuated on everything and everyone in this campaign. >> it is bizarre. i don't know what kind of conversation they had and the interesting role that vladimir putin played throughout this election, never in my wildest dream that we'll have a candidate sort of having this bromance with the restitutiussi.
11:47 am
>> what would your dad say about that? >> you would have to call him. >> he clearly wants to medal in our politics and our democracy. >> chaos factor. >> he's a master deflection and they got a massive problem at home and starting with the economy and so he deflects about other issues and syria and ukraine and our election here at home. it is curious to say and i am curious to why she has not come out to speak out against communism and what she saw firsthand growing up as a child. >> we know that there are cuban americans that have this reaction to america embrace of america and fidel castro and the influence where some of the families had to live under. right now michelle obama, the super closer. >> absolutely. >> she's fear less for hillary clinton's team.
11:48 am
can melania trump elevate to that kind of status with such little time and less is more so to speak. >> i cannot imagine this will have a major impact on where the race stand currently right now. she stayed on message which donald trump can take some lessons on that and delivered a well, written speech. i thought it was really, really wonderful to finally hear from her as i am an immigrant myself. it is great to hear her story. but it was odd, the bully thing was a little bit odd. i applaud her for talking about but her husband is the classic bully and he's the definition of bullying. >> would you say it is tone deaf? >> what i think is malpractice. >> we were just talking about
11:49 am
putin. it is a little bit too late and great to hear from her and i totally agree. and the fundamentals of this race has not changed. we still have to get to 270. melania trump has been rocng on a lot of place. a lot of people have to see her. >> well, she was happy to be out there. when he posts it, he did not seem to be happy. >> ladies, thank you very much, we'll take a break. uber users, they can stop struggling with pinpoint and the type of car they choose. here is the verge update. >> uber just rolled out a new app aimed at making your ride experience less stressful. it allows users to zinc up their
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to prevent education cuts that would hurt our kids. no wonder prop 55 is endorsed by the california pta, teachers and educators. because all of us want to help our children thrive. it's time to vote yes on proposition 55.
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the choice could not be clear. don't boo, don't boo. [ cheers ] [ applause ] >> all right, the president having a good time there in florida earlier today, a focus on getting the voters to the
11:54 am
polls. joining me now is the author of "the black man in the white house." thank u for joining me. >> i was looking at my twitter time. cornel blecher. >> here is where we are and for early data is showing for voters that black americans are turning out lower numbers than they did back in 2012. do you understand the reason for the enthusiasm gap for that. is there something that you can put your finger on? >> this presidency seems to be more fun and more relaxing and have a lot of fun. the other part of this is math
11:55 am
and americans struggled with math. the clinton campaign right now and you look at the raw number of people who have been voting early, particularly african-americans and hispanics, they would argue that they have more black votes of a 70% increase of black votes right now than we did in 2012. as a percentage, however, it is not a percentage. >> cornell, is that the factor for clinton? >> i think that donald trump has driven a decisive and anti-immigration and anti-latinos messages here for the last several months. i think we would be silly think that the hispanic community is
11:56 am
not going to respond to that. if you look at the way hispanic voters are early voting and it goes counter narrow that we had lower energy here and enthusiasm here. if you were to tell me six or seven months ago, they would have more hispanic afric african-americans now, i would have laughed at you. that's seems to be what we have right now. >> i think we would all be laughing right now. >> i want to have you back, we are out of time. i do want to talk more math with you. >> we should talk north carolina soon. >> thank you, sir. >> our look from our microsoft, pulse today. this is the first time melania trump gave the speech. could she convince moms to vote for donald trump, 4% say yes and 96% say no. back in a moment.
11:57 am
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live moment where president obama will be rallying here. >> thanks for your time, i am thomas roberts, my colleague, kate snow has it all covered now. very exc about the cubs. congrats to you. >> thank you, good afternoon everyone, no time to wait, we got five days to go. as we heard from donald trump's wife, melania a few minutes ago. we'll recap that for you and both candidates and their vp picks, all over the map today. events in iowa and pennsylvania and arizona and north carolina, some of the states could end up deciding this whole thing. we are going to hear this hour from hillary clinton. i want to start with kasie hunt waiting for the democrat nominee to start her


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