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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  November 3, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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turns out that's surreal and ecstatic as it is to celebrate a cubs team that doesn't have to say that for the first time in 108 years, wait until next year, keep pushing that rock no matter what is a pretty damn great way to go through life. thanks to the cubs for teaching me that. that is all in for this evening. good evening, rachel. >> god bless you, chris hayes. i was teary on your behalf. >> you sent me an all-caps e-mail and appreciated. >> within moments. man, congratulations. thanks for that. that was awesome. happy to have you here. donald trump's largest donor is this guy. his name is robert mercer. he's a hedge fund zillionaire and put more money in the effort to elect donald trump president than anybody else in the country. in this election cycle, one of the ways he spent his money
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funding one of the many republican superpacs that played a role in the primary process this year. robert mercer funded his own superpac and the person put in charge of running it was kelly anne con way who you know and famous and widely recognized as the campaign manager for the donald trump campaign. when she got that job, became donald trump's campaign manager, she had to quit her old job running the superpac. so then the mers earls had to replace her, the guy they hired to replace her and run the superpac once she left to go to the trump campaign, this guy, david bossy and very shortly after they put him in charge of the superpac, he also left the mercer family superpac to go work for the trump campaign just like kellyanne con way did and became the deputy come pain manager to conway. mercer is also reportedly the principle funder of
6:02 pm, a website that's on kind of a ragged, slightly unnerving edge of the conservati media. depending on where you're coming from and been around far while and if you want a flavor of what it is like in the conservative media universe, is these guys. birth control makes women unattractive and crazy. breitbart famously called bill kristol a renegade jew. for the crime of not supporting donald trump. after the massacre at a black church in charleston, south carolina, where nine churchgoers were killed by a white supremacist, responded to that massacre with this. hoist it high and proud, the confederate flag proclaims a glorious heritage. the editors are also seemingly encouraged to make as big a
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splash online as they can. one of their editors, very famously banned from twitter altogether after he led an online campaign of racist and sexist abuse against the comedian leslie jones. in general, bright bart's take on the "ghostbusters" movie is it should have been called weightwatchers. that's what breitbart's like. when donald trump said that if he is elected president he'll ban all muslims from the united states, that struck most people not jus as on scene but also kind of obscure, right? where did that come from? seemed like a nutty idea. where would somebody even get that idea? if they were going to propose that. turns out that's not a nutty idea. #deport all muslims. not that you can't come here if you're a muslim but here already we'll deport you. immigration is terrorism forever until you're conquered.
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close the borders. no immigration whatsoever. british settlers and descendants built civilization. slaves built the country as much as cows built mcdonald's. this is notice slaves with scare quotes around it not really slaves. so that's a little flavor. that's donald trump's biggest donor, robert mercer is reportedly the main funder of the head of took leave from the publication as con way became superpac. he took leave because the two of them at the same time were installed at the top of the masthead for the trump campaign, the same way conway from the superpac was campaign manager, the head of became the campaign ceo. from two mercer funded outfits came the campaign manager and the campaign ceo.
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from the and from the mercer superpac. i should also mention the next name down the masthead, deputy campaign manager used to run that superpac funded by the mercer family. something to like connect desperate dots and the dots here, here and here. it is like this is a very, very tight-knit thing, an orderly thing to understand. robert mercer and the mercer family and the trump campaign. robert mercer and the mercer family also fund something that's called the government accountability institute. and that sounds good, right? sounds like a kind of generic good government thing. it is not. it's a right-wing activist group run by the head of and running the trump campaign. it's also run by this person. this person runs the government accountability institute with steve bannon. he's also himself a senior
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editor at and both of those jobs are both funded by the same hedge fund zillionaire, donald trump's biggest donor. and with that support, working for those organizations, all funded by this one guy, this guy from the government accountability institute, this editor at, he wrote a book and you'll be very surprised to learn this book spins some very elaborate, very damning conspiracy theories about donald trump. no, no. just kidding. not about donald trump. the book is about how terrible, terrible, terrible hillary clinton is. and then once he produced this anti-hillary clinton book with all these elaborate theories about hillary clinton's terribleness, after he wrote this book, trump's campaign chief, this guy's boss at breitbart, he decided to turn it
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into a movie of the same name. very neat and tidy, right? all of a piece. it is all one freaking donor, a specific pedigree of a corner of the conservative media world and now the republican presidential campaign that doesn't really look much like anything else in republican politics. this is, yeah, super right wing stuff but it's not in a lot of ways not normal republican messaging. banning all muslims from the country, right? this is the corner of the conservative media world that says republican house speaker paul ryan is secretly working for hillary clinton. and he has been for months and he must be destroyed. also, they maintain that every republican you might have ever heard of not named donald trump must be destroyed from john boehner to paul ryan to john mccain. and breitbart-ville all of those guys, they aren't just the household name republicans that have led this party, whoever
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american has heard of if they care about politics. all of those folks are traitors, evil secret liberals who must be destroyed. they have campaigned for primary challengers against john mccain, against eric cantor, against paul ryan, against john boehner. they led the online media campaign to throw john boehner out as speaker of the house. incidentally, maintains that everybody in america needs to be aware of the rising threat of ecosexuals. people who have sex with trees. people are doing it with trees, you guys! it's terrible. eco-sexuals. and incidentally if you're attracted to that story, notice on the side bar there, get your own copy of the anti-clinton book. we'll send you the dvd version of it in case you don't read. hurry. act now while supplies are limited. actually, i don't think supplies are limited at all. i think they have a lot of them and probably have multiple
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copies if you want. give them fake e-mail addresses. this week "the new york times" and "wall street journal" reported there's been i guess you'd call it like a breakout. there's been a breakout from this otherwise insular little corner of conservative media and political activism. those two papers reported that apparently there are fans, true believers, there are people who buy this stuff who are working inside the new york field office of the fbi. "the new york times" and "wall street journal" first to report that the new york field office of the fbi used that anti-hillary clinton book and dvd of the same name from the guys and editor and his boss who's now the head of the donald trump campaign, the one funded by donald trump's biggest donor, right? they actually used that
6:10 pm anti-hillary clinton book as their source for launching a local fbi inquiry into hillary clinton. that was their evidence. that was their research. these agents in the new york field office reportedly decided they needed to look into what was saying about hillary clinton. all sounds terrible. totally legit. we should look into that. we're the fbi. it had previously been reported that new york fbi agents brought this anti-hillary clinton breitbart stuff to a meeting -- excuse me. brought the anti-hillary clinton stuff to a meeting with career justice department prosecutors back in february and one of the participants in that meeting described it as, quote, one of the weirdest meetings i have ever been to. but all we knew before now was that they had brought some stuff of hillary clinton and clinton foundation to that meeting. we now know based on the current
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reporting what the new york agents brought prosecutors at meeting wasn't just generic anti-hillary clinton stuff or hillary clinton stuff they had cooked up on their own. no, it was this stuff that had been cooked up at breitbart. it is the stuff that came from the eco-sexuals having sex with trees website. that is what they had and brought to career department of justice prosecutors and reportedly the current prosecutors were like, oh, where you did you get this? i'm not sure that's a case. thanks to lord knows whatever's going on apparently inside that new york field office of the fbi, that little adventure which is now reportedly over, that little adventure of the readers inside this one fbi field office, that's what's out now. in today's news five days before the election. that's what was braetlessly reported on fox news last night based on fbi sources, breathlessly reported on fox news as a whole new hillary
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clinton fbi investigation. one that was definitely going to lead to an indictment. fox news since walked back that part about it, definitely leading to an indictment and the trump campaign is running with it anyway. new investigation, hillary clinton definitely going to be indicted. of course, you know what? do you blame them? of course the trump campaign is running with this. you would expect them to. they bought and paid for it. the donor who is mostly funding the trump presidential effort bought and paid for this. i'm not saying it hyperbollically they paid the people that created the story to create the story. and so of course the trump campaign is going to use it. it's one thing to cook up a, you know, dubious conspire toirl political attack and fling it at the opponent and altogether to quick up a dubious political attack like this and have the fbi fling it at your opponent. that's a different thing.
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and that is what the fbi at least part of the fbi is now doing in this election. they're using stuff from apparently as their research, as evidence and then they're leaking about their new investigation into this evidence to fox news right before the election. and here's the really creepy part. here's the prospect that the anti-clinton breitbart readers not just leaking it to the fox news and conservative media and prospect they're leaking it to the trump campaign directly. wayne barrett, great writer, writes today for the daily beast points out giuliani two days before fbi director comey sent his bombshell letter to congress about hillary clinton's e-mails this past friday. this was rudy giuliani unprompted bringing it up two days before the fbi director
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comey sent that letter. watch this. >> he's got a surprise or two to hear about in the next few days. i mean, i'm talking about some pretty big surprise. >> i heard you say that this morning. what do you mean? >> you'll see. >> stay tuned. we have to go. i'm out of time. i won't keep pressing you. >> we're not -- we're not going to go down and certainly not going to stop fighting. we have a couple things up our sleeve that should turn this around. >> we have a couple things up our sleeve that should turn this around. you're going to hear -- i'm talking about some pretty big surprises. that was rudy giuliani two days before the director of the fbi sent that letter about hillary clinton and the e-mail investigation that landed like such a bombshell in this campaign and arguably has put the presidency back in reach for donald trump. rudy giuliani two days before that saying we have a couple of things up our sleeve. you are going to hear about some big surprises.
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how do giuliani know that? did somebody at the fbi leak to the trump campaign two days in advance that the fbi was about to throw an anti-hillary clinton grenade into the presidential race? today mark hosenball at reuters, really good investigative reporter and reported that when the fbi director september that letter to congress about the clinton e-mail thing, quote, he was driven in part by a fear of leaks within his own agency. quote, two sources said a sanction of investigators based in that office is known to be hostile to hillary clinton. over at the guardian newspaper today, their national security editor who's a great reporter, spencer reports this, quote, deep an tiff think to hillary clinton exists within the fbi. according to multiple fbi sources speaking to the guardian.
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that deep antipathy. an agent says the fbi is trump-land. clinton is the anti-christ personified to some person -- some fbi personnel and the reason they're leaking is that they're pro-trump. the fbi would not comment for the guardian story and not a comment to mark and his reporting about new york's fbi field office, essentially trying to throw the election in favor of trump. but that's where we are right now. if part of the fbi is a fan club and trying to use the power of the fbi to throw the election in trump's favor, how does clinton fight back against that? how does anybody? joining us now is spencer ackerman, national security editor with the guard nan newspaper. nice to see you. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me,
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rachel. >> this current agent has told you the fbi is trump-land. read that reporting tonight along with this reporting we also got from mark hosenball, specifically naming the fbi, new york field office. we have had other reporting from other sources pointing fing earls at the new york field office saying if you want to -- basically to know where the leaks are coming from and the political impetus, it's that office. is it in your reporting, in your estimation, is that the right place to work or a more widespread thing you're reporting on? >> i would say it's more widespread thing. the new york field office is a locust. particularly when you look at its connections to giuliani as the daily beast reported today. really powerful story there but a lot of this seems to be widespread, rather persistent within the fbi itself and now something that their director jim comey is having to deal with. >> and now you have fbi sources, law enforcement sources coming to you talking about this. i'm not -- i'm not -- obviously,
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i'm not asking you anything about -- to point at your sources but is -- is part of what's happening now that there are some folks within the fbi who are concerned about the political interventions that are being made by some people within the fbi? is that why people are talking to reporters about this? >> first, there are people within the fbi and in law enforcement circles that are very disturbed that in particular the fbi appears to be throwing its lot in with trump. especially when you look kind of broader at national security circles, senior levels of the military, officer corps, very much afraid of trump. very much against, you know, to the degree that they can be without being overtly political. not on board certainly. same thing with a lot of people within the cia and around the intelligence community. so it's somewhat anomalous and striking that there are people, this sympathetic to trump in such a high profile way and then a kind of broader sense from within the fbi that this
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intervention that we saw with comey on friday with this very vague innuendo-filled letter is crossing a rub con, a threshold is crossed in american politics where now something much more familiar to the decades ago history of the fbi with j. edgar hoover essentially controlling a lot of people's political fates with innuendo. no one thinks it's that fair but if it rhymes in that kind of history it creates a great deal of anxiety. one more thing about this. there aren't a lot of people within the fbi that i've been able to find and people sort of in law enforcement circles and intelligence circles and even in political circles broadly who knows how this ends, how the fbi walks it back, who knows what the fbi will behave like if clinton is elected or trump is elected. >> what's the relationship between the fbi as an agent and director and new president once the fbi is known to play a role
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trying to get one side elected. to that point in terms of how this ends, i wonder how it ends over the next five days. do you have any reason to expect to hear more politically motivated leaks in either direction from the fbi over the next five days? >> they seem to be coming every single day now and an intense weekend. i have to tell you when i started reporting this story, i didn't think it was going to lead to someone saying the fbi is trump-land or using the fbi with a description, you know, rhyming with portlandia. that, you know, in my experience, a lot of people at the fbi are sober professionals and to hear that this is the way things have developed really was very striking. >> yeah. and they're using the power of that agency as a political op. this is a big deal. spencer ackerman with the guardian, really good to have you back. >> thank you, rachel. >> great reporting. lots to come including a big scoop exclusively here. we have a story to break form
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morning. we have it here first tonight. it's an impressive visual with it and that's coming right up.
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i love this story. russia only has one aircraft carrier. they have one aircraft carrier. it's old and it's called the admiral kusnetsov. unlike most modern aircraft carriers that use fancy high-power catapults to basically slingshot aircraft into the air, the admiral is old-school. it's also just old. the admiral doesn't have a catapult system to fling aircraft into the air. so instead, look. see how its nose goes up. it's a baby ski jump at the end. it's buck tooth. the bow curves up. that's what its planes reply on to get airborne because they don't have a catapult. one russian aircraft carrier is
6:24 pm
diesel. it's pretty belching this thick plume of smoke wherefo it goes and once you're on board the ship's plumbing reported to be so bad nearly half of the toilets are out of commission at any one time and that's bad no matter where you are but really bad when you have a 1,700-member crew in that confined space. russia, i'm sure, is psyched to have its one aircraft carrier. one is better than none and it kind of sucks. when it sets sail, there's so much fear that it might sink along the way or it might get stuck or stall out that everywhere it goes, see that boat there and how little that is? that's the -- that's their aircraft carrier's tug boat with it alongside wherever the carrier goes. just in the event it breaks down and needs a push. because that happens often. and that is what makes this really interesting. because starting last month, russia's one aircraft carrier and its battleground including
6:25 pm
its tug they set sail for syria to go take part in russia's very controversial military campaign in the middle of the syrian civil war. given the history of problems, anybody that knows about it waiting to see if it would make it all the way there. it's a long sail. this is the first time they have tried to put the aircraft carrier in a combat situation. there have been fears to conk before it got in theater. well, today, a website called ukraine today made some headlines today posting this article. russian aircraft carrier towed in mediterranean. and we have not misspelled mediterranean. that's the way it appears in the article. satellite photos showed the ship stopped moving, says the carrier is being towed to a russian support point and then there's a satellite photo and does seem to show it being towed by another
6:26 pm
vessel. don't believe it. don't believe it. this is fascinating. we reached out to the u.s. naval indianapolis tut today. their experts told us they're 100% sure, nearly 100% sure that the aircraft carrier not actually being towed in this picture. for one thing, if it was being towed it would be being towed backwards in this picture and it's almost apparently impossible to tow something as large as an aircraft carrier backwards. more importantly, there are no wakes visible in the photo. if it's an active tow, both ships would be moving, there would be wakes behind them you can see. we also think that the boat that appears to be doing the tugging here, we don't think it's a tug boat. we think it's an oiler which is basically a floating gas tank and probably refueling the aircraft carrier. this is not the configuration an american aircraft carrier would be in getting refueled but this might be how the russians have to do it.
6:27 pm
and our friends at the u.s. naval institute think that's what's happening in this photo. thinks they're gassing up, not necessarily being towed. although everybody's waiting for that to happen at any moment. the admiral is not collapsed at sea, at least not yet. despite what you might have seen today. russia's one terrible aircraft carrier with the buck tooth front and the rest of it chugging away towards the war in syria. and i should tell you that russia's one terrible autocratic leader also reportedly still chugging away toward ting to influence the u.s. presidential election and that, and unbelievably surprising detail about that, is something that we have gotten an exclusive scoop about tonight. this is a story to break tomorrow. we've got it tonight. this is something nobody else has at this point. that's next. stay with us. [ cough ]
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and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar. okay. this is exclusive to us. "newsweek" reporter curt ikenwald on a tear. the first cover story blast in the late part of the campaign was a groundbreaking story about donald trump's foreign business entanglements. that's the story where we learned that trump's plan for dealing with the business conflicts of interest becoming president, his plan for dealing with that is to let his family run his business instead of himself. which, of course, wouldn't resolve those conflicts of interest at all. they would just be about his family instead of about him. then a couple weeks after that we got this, the castro connection, how donald trump's company violated the u.s. embargo against cuba.
6:30 pm
curt just had two big swats against donald trump in the form of "newsweek" koifr stories over the last several weeks. well, tonight, we have got scoop number three. and we have got it exclusively. this, ready? this is the cover story breaking tomorrow. why the russians are backing trump. and then you see the sub head there? inside putin's complex gambit to weaken the nato alliance. once again and we have obtained an advance look at some of this story. some of it's lead and some of it's details. i have to tell you, i'm going to be a little bit woolley to quote this and describe some of the rest of it because we here at msnbc we have not obtained the entire article. we have pieces of it. we have characterizations of the rest of their reporting and this is "newsweek" reporting. this is not nbc or msnbc
6:31 pm
reporting but some of it is red hot. korgtd what we have seen, "newsweek" will report tomorrow this remarkable detail of donald trump and the russian government. "newsweek" as far as we understand it going to report tomorrow that after donald trump publicly insulted the khan family, the family whose son was killed in iraq, russian governnt officials busy hacking documents trying to influence the u.s. election, they briefly freaked out after donald trump insulted the khan family because the russians assumed that donald trump would be forced to drop out of the race. according to "newsweek"'s reporting, the russian assessment of that political problem that they were worried that it made donald trump appear psychologically unsuitable for the presidency, something he could not come back from and forced out, forced to drop out
6:32 pm
of the race. "newsweek" further reports that briefly because the russians thought they were going to lose trump as a chosen candidate in the election, the russians stopped at that time, they temporarily stopped feeding hacked e-mails and documents back out at the u.s. to try to influence the election. basically, the idea is that if it wouldn't benefit trump anymore, if trump is replaced by lord knows who, well maybe they wouldn't be so good to russia. so they held tight for a little bit. stopped leaking hacked documents into the u.s. market when they thought that trump might be about to be thrown out of the race. the report that's due tomorrow also discusses donald trump's distrust of american intelligence. specifically about russian hacking of the dnc and russian hacking to influence the election. "newsweek" will report tomorrow that u.s. allies in western europe are worried that they won't be able to trust donald trump as president.
6:33 pm
this is the part where i'm going to wrote directly from the "newsweek" article. this is what we have. a former british official says that a lot of people are trying to connect the dots of the data in the intelligence files to try to understand trump. they're certainly are a lot of conspiracy theories bandied about and concern of trump's head and whether we would be able to work with him. he reports, quote, officials in western europe say they're dismayed they feel compelled to gather intelligence on a man that could be the next president of the united states but they believe they have no choice. moscow is seen as a direct threat to their efforts. for perhaps the first time since world war ii countries in western europe fear that the american election should trump win could trigger events that imperil the national security and do irreparable harm. imperil the national security and do potentially irreparable
6:34 pm
harm. western european spy agencies collecting intelligence on trump to try to understand that what they perceive to be that threat to them about his potential election. this is the third investigative bombshell in a series of them from "newsweek." it will be out in full tomorrow. those excerpts we just read we have them exclusively tonight. we'll be right back. ♪ [beeping] take on any galaxy with a car that could stop for you. simulation complete. the new nissan rogue. rogue one: a star wars story. in theaters december 16th.
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i got a really nice thank you note today from a friend of
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a friend saying one of the things that she likes about the show is that sometimes i give a warning if i'm going to show something that is gross or vulgar or offensive happened in politics or the news today. thank you note said basically thanks, i watch with my kid and i'm grateful for that warning because some of the stuff i don't want to show my kid so that was nice to hear. i'm glad that that thing we do on the show and has been helpful. that said, what i'm about to show you now, this is something from today's news that is gross, that is offensive, but it is not the kind of gross or offensive that might make you want to cover your kid's eyes. the thing to cover up is your sense of civic decency. it will offend that. have you seen any of these online? save time, avoid the line. vote for text from home. these ads popping up all over social media and claim to be paid for by hillary for
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president 2016. some appear in spanish which is particularly nice. there are lots of different kinds of ways to suppress the vote. right? you can cut the number of polling places, the number of days for early voting, require new kinds of i.d. and paper work in order to vote you know people don't have. trying to convince people to vote by e-mail or they can vote by hash tag or text? that's vile. you cannot vote by text. you cannot vote by e-mail. you cannot vote by hash tag. you cannot vote by a facebook post. there's no phone number you can call in order to cast your vote. anybody who tries to tell you any different is lying to you about that and they're lying to you for the worst possible reasons. i know it's the end of the campaign and ishtdn't be surprised but that stuff is disgusting.
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behold, your president and the osprey swoop. the osprey swoop from the
6:43 pm
university of north florida in jacksonville. their mascot's the osprey, fish hawks. they snap fish up out of the water with their amazing talons. s of prois also known for huge wingspan, the average wingspan like five feet across or something and from that wide winged swooping badass raptor comes the university of north florida signature fan gesture which is thes of proi swoop. and you can tell somebody prepped president obama on the osprey swoop before going to the university of nth florida to urge everybody there to vote for hillary clinton. >> it's good to be in duvo! before i get started, i was taught that before i do anything else, i got to do a swoop.
6:44 pm
come on. >> come on. the osprey swoop. even if we hadn't had the strategic swooping today, crowd goes wild. it was just a huge day in the campaign. five days out. shear number of events on the schedule, candidates themselves, biggest surrogates campaigning all over the country. hillary clinton just wrapped up a huge rally in raleigh, north carolina, with bernie sanders and pharrell williams. in phoenix today, tim kaine held a rally with the speech entirely in spanish. clinton campaign says the first time a candidate on a national ticket has ever done that. a republican side ted cruz hit the trail for the first time for donald trump and appeared in iowa today with mike pence. at that event, ted cruz refused to say trump's name. even though it was a trump event. which is nice. and insulting at the same time. and that is ted cruz in a
6:45 pm
nutshell. in pennsylvania, the northern philly sub usuals melania trump, mrs. made the first solo appearance of the whole campaign. >> love for this country is something we immediately shared when i met donald. he loves this country and he knows how to get things done. not just talk. he certainly knows how to shake things up, doesn't he? donald trump, with your help and god's grace, we'll make america great again. >> the would be first lady of the united states, melania trump, speaking today. today we also had the actual serving president in florida. he made two separate stops. did the swoop, jacksonville, devalue county, president obama lost that county twice by little. democrats are hoping to keep things at least close again there this year.
6:46 pm
president obama also went to miami where he won twice by double digits. this year, the clinton campaign is looking strong in south florida in the early vote. president obama today did his best to roll up more votes there. you could tell from the vote early signs from the rafters. and you could also tell from his speech. >> you don't have to wait until election day to vote. what does that say up there? i'm sorry. i can't hear you. what's it say up there? you know, i'm still not hearing it. what, what? vote early! you know, there are times where history is movable. where you can make things better or worse. this is one of those moments. and it's in your hands. this incredible power that each of you have. hillary clinton will move us forward if you give her a chance.
6:47 pm
and if we win florida, we will win this election. it is in your hands! so go out there and vote! >> history is movable. it's in your hands. we know what it looks likes to have the campaigns everything they can to win the race, right, but to see if it's working, for that you have to talk to people super, super close, not just to the action but to the data and we have got a very special, very specific look at that, next. stay with us. ♪ hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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vote! >> president obama speaking in duval county, florida, this afternoon. that's part of the florida that usually leans republican. democrats hope to if not win there at least least if not win there at least keep it close there. joining us is steve shale who ran president obama's campaign in 2008. so you have been, i would say, slightly bullish, slightly positive on democrats' choices in florida up to now. how do you think things are going in the state right now? >> i think they're going well. saturday i was a bit down on it. but what we've seen over the last two or three days is an explosion of turnouts among african-americans and hispanics. there have been 170,000 more hispanics that have voted early yesterday than in the entire 2012 election. it's shaping up to be a much more diverse electorate than four years ago, and that's fogo
6:51 pm
news for us. >> we've seen the raw numbers, but what proportion of the electorate do you think that is? >> so we had about 4.8 million voters through last night, another 3,000 or 4,000 more today. we're pushing what is likely 60% turnout already in. by the time we get to tuesday, we'll be close to 70% if not a little over of all the votes that are going to be cast in the door. so the good news for floridians and americans, i think we'll know pretty early on tuesday. >> those are remarkable numbers, by the end of the weekend, we'd be at 70% of the vote already cast. one thing that has been being raised in nevada. listen, there's so much early voting happening in nevada, polls don't matter. look at the early vote. look who's turning out to early vote. polling at this point is irrelevant, because so much of the vote is already cast.
6:52 pm
do you think that's the way to look at florida too? >> first of all almost every poll that's come out in the last three or four days has been within the margin of error of the other one. we have 50%, 55% of state already voted. we're seeing record hispanic turnout, very strong african-american turnout, 100,000 more democrats who have no voting history or just a little bit of voting history have voted more than republicans. so things like that are better indicators of where the electorate's going to end up than looking at a poll that shows a one-point movement here or there. >> it's one thing to watch every twist and turn, but watching those numbers rack up, top 30 million and keep on going in terms of early vote, the election's already under way, steve shale, thank you for your time tonight. good to see you. >> thank you, rachel. sfla we'll be right back. ake on,
6:53 pm
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tonight, i will be on the "tonight show" with jimmy fallon. i wore my glass, a totally ill-fitting jacket and got an unexpected civics lesson from jimmy. watch. >> the thing to watch at this point, first thing to remember is that more tha 30 million people have already voted. >> yeah. >> so if stuff happening in the last few days is going to influence what happens in the election for those 30 million people, they can stop paying attention. >> donald trump said we could actually change our votes.
6:55 pm
he tweeted out, you can change your vote in six states. and if you realize -- he did this once with "dancing with the stars," when kate gosling, and in some places it is legal. >> i did not know that about "dancing with the stars." you never know where you're going to get your education. that's tonight on nbc. stay with us. esurance does auto insurance a smarter way. like their photo claims tool. it helps settle your claim quickly, which saves time, which saves money. and when they save, you save. that's auto and home insurance for the modern world. esurance, an allstate company. click or call. esurance does insurance a smarter way, which saves money. like bundling home and auto coverage, which reduces red tape, which saves money. and when they save, you save. that's home and auto insurance for the modern world.
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and banning edibles that would appeal to a child. raising a teenager, that regulated system makes a lot more sense than what we have now. plus, 64 taxes marijuana to fund priorities like after-school programs. personally, marijuana's not for me. but my mind's made up. i'm voting yes on 64. okay. this is propaganda, really obviously, it's propaganda from an iraqi group fighting. they made this propaganda video of themselves to counter isis propaganda. it shows soldiers storming into mosul. there's dramatic music, and there's this one soldier who's kind of the main character. and he enters into the city and spies a christian church. he sees that the doors are locked on this church, and he uses the sledge hammer that he's
6:59 pm
using to destroy the lock and open the doors to the church. because the idea is that the door has been locked since these totalitarian monsters took control. throws the doors open, walks down the aisles, to the alte alter,puts down his gun, the bells ring and these people come into the church. the video ends with a scream in arabic that says mosul's bells will ring again. so i mean, this is propaganda, very over the top propaganda, particularly for a western audience and christian audience, it is nevertheless an evocative thing to see. one important thing to say is that mosul is a very diverse, culturally rich city, military offensive to take back mosul started a couple weeks ago, and
7:00 pm
what i am about to show is you is not propaganda. we've gotten in new images from reuters, what they show is the largest christian church, a huge catholic cathedral built in the early part of the 20th century, it's a land mark culturally and religio religiously. these are photos of the first mass being said after isis occupied that city for two years of the battle for mosul isn't over. iraqi special forces are still pushing their way into the city. once that battle is one, the battle against isis is still not going to be over. tenuous time and a tenuous place, but this is a nice thing to see. we'll see what happens next. that does it for us tonight, we'll see you again tomorrow. now it's time for "the last word" with lawrence o'donnell. >> i'm so grad you covered the da


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