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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  November 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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country the democratic city committee of philadelphia. and that's "hardball." it's the real thing. thanks for watching us. "all in with chris hayes" starts right now. >> tonight on "all in." >> if somebody is not voting right now who is watching your program, you are voting for donald trump. >> four days out, a president obama exclusive. >> imagine if i had been running had said one tenth of the things that donald trump has said. people would have immediately said that person's not qualified to be president. >> tonight the president in his own words on the fbi. >> our goal has been and should be that our investigators and our prosecutors, that they're not used as a weapon. >> on voter turnout and on the fear of a trump presidency. >> i would feel deeply frustrated not because of
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anything he said about me but because i would fear for the future of our country. >> plus a stunning admission from rudy. >> did i hear about it? you're darn right i heard about it. >> tonight the question, did people inside the fbi tip off the trump campaign about the comey letter weeks in advance? all that plus what we know about where the polls stand right now and jay-z and hillary live in this hour from ohio when "all in" starts right now. >> good evening from new york. i'm chris hayes. on this final friday of the campaign, four days to election day, the presidential race is nearly as close as it has ever been. tonight hillary clinton's campaigning in cleveland with an assist from jay-z and maybe possibly dooaccording to rumorse queen b herself. beyonce. that's sherrod brown on stage warming things up. clinton's third stop of the day. trying to turn out young people
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and african-americans who don't appear to be turning out at least quite at the 2012 levels according to polls and early voting. those two groups have been targeted by republican efforts to restrict or repress voting founded by donald trump's claims of voter fraud. he'll issue a restraining order against the trump campaign and longtime trump ally and associate roger stone barring them from harassing or intimidating voters on tuesday. donald trump campaign is appealing the ruling. that case is one of several filed by democrats this week. decisions are still pending in pennsylvania, new jersey, michigan, nevada, arizona. donald trump and his campaign continue to exploit and distort fbi director james comey's vague disclosure last week of new clinton-related e-mails with apparent help from people connected to the fbi itself. two nights ago on fox news host brett bair previously reported
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to have led nowhere was moving to a likely indictment. that came directly from two sources with intimate knowledge of the bureau related work. but the next morning he started to walk his story back a bit. today he all but retracted it. >> it was a mistake and for that i'm sorry. i should have said they'll continue to build their case. indictment is obviously a very loaded word, john, especially in this atmosphere. and no one knows if there would or would not be an indictment no matter how strong investigators feel their evidence is. >> even after the initial walkback trump continued to say the report out on the stump yesterday. brian williams asked kellyanne conway about it last night. >> will donald trump amend his stump speech to walk back the same thing? >> well, the damage is done to hillary clinton. no matter how it's being termed, the voters are hearing it for what it is, a culture of corruption. you have responsible members of congress coming forward saying
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what they see and we could be living this nightmare from basically the moment he took office. >> the point was the story was not true. will your candidate amend that? and the answer was, the damage is done. so who cares what the truth is? sure enough trump was back on the campaign trail going way beyond the retracted report. >> as you know, the fbi now has multiple open criminal investigations into hillary clinton. she may now face major problems for perjury. she'll be under investigation for years. she'll be with trials. the fbi agents say their investigation is likely to yield an indictment. hillary has engaged in a massive criminal enterprise and cover-up. if she were to win, it would create an unprecedented constitutional crisis. >> again i feel the need just to
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respond here. if it were the case that this was based on anything, it would have to be bair's report which has been retracted. the perjury charge was invented out of thin air as far as i can tell. he's just calling her a criminal based on essentially no evidence at this point. if all the fbi leaks to the press weren't bad enough, now it turns out people connected to the bureau may have been leaking directly to trump campaign. rudy giuliani former prosecutor with lties to law enforcement, now admitted he had knowledge of the fbi director's announcement last week. >> all i heard were former fbi agents telling me that there's a revolution going on inside the fbi and it's now at a boiling point. i had expected this for the last -- honestly, i thought it was going to be about three or four weeks ago. i did nothing to get it out. i had no role in it. did i hear about it? you're darn right i heard about it. i can't even repeat the language that i heard from the former fbi -- >> an interview on "hardball" a few moments ago giuliani denied
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having any information about the fbi. >> i had no idea that jim comey was going to do what he was going to do the day that he did it nor did i ever think he was going to do it. what i did know, which is quite true, for about four months, is that the fbi was very, very upset about the way jim comey had handled the case. but i heard that from former fbi agents, not from current fbi agents. >> you have no inside information, as of this moment from the fbi? >> correct. >> two democratic congressmen are now calling on the justice department's inspector general to investigate alleged fbi leaks to the trump camp. president obama sat down for an interview with my colleague al sharpton. we'll be airing that interview coming up. he commented on what appear to be politically motivated leaks from in or around the fbi. >> when you are investigating a case, then, unless you have unearthed something, you need to
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just do your job. if there are things that you think are worth presenting, then you present them to a prosecutor. we give enormous power to our law enforcement officials to keep us safe, to do a great job, to protect us, but we also put these norms and rules in place, some of them written, some unwritten, to make sure that any of us are not suddenly affected by innuendo or rumors. and that's true for an ordinary citizen and true for somebody who is running for president of the united states. >> i'm joined by matthew miller, former spokesman for the justice department. what do you make of all this? >> you know, i think what we have seen, each day we see that there's more of a real crisis going on in the fbi. you have agents that are at war
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with their supervisors inside the bureau. you have agents that are at war with prosecutors. and you have an fbi director who is unaccountable to the attorney general but he supposedly reports to. i think the way the president said it is exactly right. these are rules that exist for every citizen, that includes hillary clinton. but when you see the fbi director come out, you know, all the way back in july and set the tone at the top that the rules don't apply to him, it's not surprising that agents on down the line think that they can leak to the press and it sounds like think that they can leak to someone who represents the trump campaign, rudy giuliani. >> one thing that's caught my eye is the sourcing on all of this. i want to be clear about it and there's a point wayne barrett made last night. a lot of this sourcing has been very hazy. people familiar with the investigations, sources close to this, people with knowledge. that's not necessarily people inside the fbi. so part of what's i think really dangerous about this is you got a ton of anonymous sources,
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extremely loosely identified who might be swirling around a game of telephone from a current agent to a former agent to rudy giuliani to someone else, to a reporter and next thing you know, hillary's about to be indicted is coming out of the mouth of a republican nominee and on about 5 million different facebook share pamgges. >> yeah, and that always happens about the reporting of investigations. it is clear, though, that there are agents directly leaking. if you look at some of the stories, particularly "the wall street journal" story that ran over the weekend, they quote law enforcement officials and fbi officials on background. so it is clear. and then what happens is in this, you know, heated political season so close to the election, it takes off and it's in the mouth of the republican nominee, it's in the mouth of their surrogates, in the mouth of right wing media and all over social media as well which goes back to the point of why law enforcement is not supposed to say things about investigations
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publicly, privately, in any venue so close to an election. they're supposed to just be quiet. >> let me ask you this, i saw a few conservatives pointing this out today saying your liberals, you're so upset, someone is leaking an investigation. isn't that what mark felt did during watergate and you all think woodward and bernstein are a hero. >> there is a difference. there was evidence of a crime. by the time the leaks happened, by the time all the investigation was over and the impeachment hearings were over, there was clear evidence of a crime. let's look at the hillary clinton e-mail situation we're talking about here. it's already been reviewed by prosecutors and found, you know, there was no evidence of any crime. there's not going to be anything in these new e-mails that's going to change that conclusion. so what we have instead is not leaking -- these aren't whistleblowers that are leaking. these are people who are leaking to try to influence the outcome of the election. that's obviously very different than what happened in watergate. >> matthew miller, appreciate it.
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joining me lynn sweet washington bureau chief for the washington sun times. let me start wh you. that brett baer story, it went from 0 to 1,000 then walked back down and basically back to zero. it was stunning to watch someone on that network essentially recant a story which is something new. >> unprecedented. inside fox news that report created a big problem because bret is an anchor, he's not a reporter. he's going on air to bring new information to fox viewers and there is really a journalistic breakdown here. there's a lot more questions to ask about how that report got on the air. it led to him walking it back. then you have bret baer going on
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air and making a discredited report. >> i don't want to pile on him. because people make mistakes. less outlets running with it and more what it means about the integrity of the bureau and this idea that we keep getting from folks around the new york bureau which a revolt happening in the bureau that wants to see hillary clinton essentially, you know, in an orange jumpsuit like the people you see at a trump rally. >> one of the compliments i want to give here is who asked rudy giuliani, he's connected in new york fbi circles, that he the question that reporters should ask at the beginning. not what did you hear, what do you think, what do you really know. and he finally said, giuliani, that he did not have firsthand
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information about the situation. i think that's the most important thing for our viewers to know right now, that the -- that one of the people who you thought was a source really is not. and that's instructive, and we know that donald trump is immune to fact checking, but perhaps rudy giuliani is not. we just saw that happen. >> let's be clear here, too, surrogates are not sources and they're not reporters. this idea that new information is being entered into the public record about the most high leveled functions of the federal bureau of investigation is ludicrous to begin with. >> this is so crazy. just stepping back, there's an old journalism rule that says very close to an election, if you're in a newsroom, you did not put out an explosive story that could sway the election one way or the other unless there's an extreme public need to know. what rudy giuliani did, what
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bret baier did is polluting the public record without really knowing anything. that's a disservice to viewers and also a disservice to the democracy. >> lynn, you've been a political reporter through several cycles. have you ever seen anything quite like this crazy leaking and sort of rumormongering? >> well, on top of every other unprecedented type of thing we've seen in this election with trump, no, and it's particularly dangerous as journalists and as consumers of the news to have this kind of environment, but having said that, the responsibility -- let's not take anybody from trump either who was repeating, making stuff up out of whole cloth. so people make mistakes along the way in what they've reported. and you got to cut people slack for making mistakes which is different than the decision, if you go on air or if you write something this close, donald trump was making things up that no one ever said.
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okay? that's where i think we have to keep attention on. when you have somebody who can't -- he's in a good situation. he has a lot of breaks here with this fbi bombshell. he is making stuff up that doesn't exist. he already has a very good issue. he had this handed to him. and that to me is what the focus is on. and as much as i think we do need now and after this a good bunch of self-introspection about our own business and how we handled this campaign, chris. >> no, i agree. the fact that rudy giuliani's given a public platform on fox news and now he's gone on other networks to explain his sourcing, really, news producers and journalists need to say, as you said, surrogates are not sources. >> chris matthews did a great job of -- >> yeah, rudy giuliani will say it if you give him the platform. but you have to step back and say, we don't want to do that. his visceral reaction to the
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idea of having donald trump in the white house and how his own legacy is at stake. that's after this two-minute break. stick around. >> if you supported me in '08, in '12, if you think i've done a good job and you believe michelle's done a good job, everything we've done over the last eight years will be reversed with a trump presidency. coaching means making tough choices. jim! you're in! but when you have high blood pressure and need cold medicine that works fast, the choice is simple. coricidin hbp is the only brand that gives powerful cold symptom relief without raising your blood pressure. coricidin hbp. [rock music playing] [music stops] [whistle] [rock music playing] [record scratch] announcer: don't let e. coli mosh with your food. an estimated 3,000 americans die from a foodborne illness each year. you can't see these microbes, but they might be there.
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bachelorette." it's like some "love and hip hop" stuff. >> the eve of the early voting coming to a close, president obama was in fayetteville trying to lift the early turnout of african-american voters. earlier the president took a moment between those two rallies to sit down with my colleague, reverend al sharpton. >> there's been a lot of energy, as you've been traveling the last few days. >> right. >> you just finished a rally here in fayetteville. and you've said your legacy is on the ballot. yet there are reports that the african-american vote is not exactly where they would want it. how do we translate the energy that you clearly inspire and the message that you have inspired about your legacy into actual votes? >> look, the good news is that what we've seen over the last several days is in florida, in north carolina, in places all
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across the country, votes generally have been up. you have seen in the
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