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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 5, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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-i would indeed. well, let's be clear, here. i'm actually a deejay. ♪ [ laughing ] no way! i have no financial experience at all. that really is you? if they're not a cfp pro, you just don't know. find a certified financial planner professional who's thoroughly vette at cfp. work with the highest standard. how can hillary manage this country when she can't even manage her e-mail and now she's going to run the country, and she's under investigation for years and be in trials.
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>> think about what it would mean to intrust the nuclear codes with somebody, with very thin skin that lashes out at anybody that challenges him? >> the candidates, their supporters in a final and desperate blitz of the battleground states. it's down to the bitter end and a frenzied finish as we all anticipate what is going to happen on tuesday. who will america send to the white house? just three days left. the candidates and their supporters investing precious time in the all-important battleground map. they are making the closing arguments, and technically it's closing time, and we track every moment, and the data as we forecast tuesday's historic vote
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as we look at the electoral map. it's 8:00 a.m. in the east, and 5:00 a.m. out west, and now time to get you caught up to speed, because it's a super saturday for the candidates and their surrogates. a combined total of 16 events in eight states, and trump returning to florida where clinton and kaine will also be on the stump. the tracking poll shows clinton with a four-point lead, 47-43. and trump ramped up his talk about conversations he allegedly had with a group of admirals and generals. >> i saw these unbelievably brave recipients of the medal of
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honor, and i asked how they would feel to have clinton as president, and i won't tell you what they said but it was not good, and can you imagine them taking orders from her. bad judgment. >> and president obama sitting down with an interview. >> when you stand on a presidential debate stage and you say to your political opponent, i'm going to throw you in jail, that's what happens in banana republic, and the fact you have republicans who in the past have criticized me to even talking to russians and now feel comfortable with supporting
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somebody who considers the former head of the kgb as a role model in the case that either they know better and they don't care, or they don't know better. >> so 72 hours ago our reporters are covering every new angle. kasie hunt in florida with the clinton campaign, and we begin with peter alexander in tampa with team trump. trump scheduled to campaign in half a dozen states in three days and what is he hoping to accomplish? >> reporter: thomas, good morning to you. 72 hours, belief it or not, until the first polls open and donald trump is trying to capitalize new momentum, and telling us privately, he feels good about new mexico, nevada,
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and michigan, and trump hopes to capitalize in the late surge, and clinton trying to slam the door on trump in states in particular like michigan. beyonce, with a surprise appearance in ohio. alongside husband, jay-z, hoping to elect the first woman president. >> with your help, a glass ceiling to break once and for all. >> donald trump's strategy decidedly different. >> when we win on november 8th, we are going to drain the swamp. and even taking a crack at clinton. >> i didn't have to bring j.lo,
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or jay-z, the only way she gets anybody. >> trying to deliver an overwhelming turnout among white working class voters. >> a trump administration will stop the jobs from leaving ohio and leaving america. >> with his legacy on the line, president obama rallies supporters in north carolina, a state that could determine his successor, criticizing trump's comments as qualifying. >> imagine in 2008 if i had said any of the things that this man has said. >> trump slinging it back at the prepare, misrepresenting his treatment of a protester. >> he spent so much time screaming at a protester. >> he urged the crowd to respect the man. >> i told you to be focused and you are not focused right now. >> the company that owns the "national enquirer" agreed to
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pay $150,000 told a story but then they did not public it, and said the claim of an affair is totally untrue. on the one hand you have hillary clinton relying on star power, and then donald trump campaigning solo, and this is a get out the vote operation n. cleveland with 1.3 million voters, there's only one voting site, and other news on that topic, we learned hillary clinton will be campaigning tomorrow again in cleveland with the star of the cleveland cavaliers, lebron james. >> thank you so much, and interesting note about the "national enquirer" story especially since the "national enquirer" is a backer of trump's
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campaign. >> joining me now is our guest. thank you for getting up early with me. beth, let's talk about history, is there anything in it as we go down the stretch, for example, beyonce and jay-z will drive voters for hillary clinton or was that just a good show? >> they are depending on jay-z and beyonce and anybody else they can to get out the black vote. they are happy with a look of the latino vote, and that is going strong. they need other people of color to come out and the turnout seems to be down right now, and they know that and they can come back around, and historically what we are seeing, you know, in 2012, we probably don't remember this as well, and the polls were closing then, too, and they were
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tightening, as we all remember, mitt romney and his team thought he was going to pull it out on election day to lose precisively to president obama on election day. it's not so much a lane for hillary clinton as we thought ten days ago, and that's why we are seeing her go back to states like pennsylvania, and florida is an all-important state for both campaigns and nailing down all the paths to 270 that she has, which is less the case for donald trump. >> i retweeted somebody yesterday, and jonathan and beth i will put it out there, and this person said if another white journalists asks a question again about how hillary clinton is taking the black vote for granted, this is how i feel. jonathan we see the president out there make the case for hillary clinton, the best surrogate other than michelle obama for her, and he is
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definitely focussing on north carolina, and delivering that state for her as opposed to the way he could not deliver it for himself in 2012. >> number one, thomas, i think that if hillary clinton wins this, maybe the lemonade election, a lot of parallels between beyonce and hillary clinton that went unspoken last night, and one of the great untold stories of the primary and probably i would guess of the general as we look back in the next few days, the force in her campaign is african-american women, and that was the strongest base for her in the democratic primary, and what carried her through so many states, and i think in a lot of states, north carolina, ohio, and others, that turnout and high percentage for clinton in the general election may tell the story if she is able to get
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past donald trump in those states. >> meanwhile, still all the intrigue of what happened in the fbi, and we have judy rue kwr r they have a couple surprises next. >> i had no idea jim comey was going to do what he was going to do the day he did it, and nor did i think he would do it, and what i did know is that the fbi was very, very upset about the way jim comey had handled the case, but i heard that from former fbi agents, not from current fbi agents. >> that was on fox news where he had a headwind. is there some indication he had cooperation from the fbi to team trump? >> our correspondent, pete willia
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williams, is looking into that specifically, and we know based on a out of a lot of news reports there's leaking out of the fbi from folks that, perhaps, want this investigation to go a different way than it has gone so far. we are told this is not uncommon in fbi investigations, that some of the agents doing the work don't agree with the decisions made at the top, and that's all fine, people can have a difference of opinion but the fact it's coming this late in a presidential campaign is unusual. the clinton team is saying they are pressing ahead and acting as though nothing has changed and just nailing down all the voters and, you know, trying to stay focused. >> nothing to see here, folks. >> exactly. nothing to see here. >> jonathan, we have 83% of likely voters believe clinton did something wrong or illegal, and 50% saying she did something
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illegal, and 32% saying she did something unethical but not illegal. that just plays into the lack of transparency, or the pay for play allegations from donald trump, and does that have enough time, really, to make an impact about where people stand about her character and quality of being presidential. >> jonathan allen on that story, he's a different guy and it's a good story, and i think most people made up their mind on hillary clinton. i think there are people believe she has done something illegal and unethical but will vote for her because they think donald trump is a menace and somebody they can't support, even if they
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think she has done something unethical, and some think she has not done either. and rudy guiliani, we don't know what the relationship is with him or some of the former fbi agents, and he is bragging about that, and the clinton team moved well to turn that story around, and at least make sure it was not, you know, a one-way, one-sided story against her. >> forgive me for the mix-up, and two john allen's, two different reporters, probably happens all the time. >> does all the time. >> and on the other side in 1980, ronald reagan rode the momentum past jimmy carter, and is this just like jonathan may have said, the hrelemonade election? >> let's remember in 1980 there
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was not a massive data machine, and they were not spending hundreds of millions on advertising and there was no such thing as digital advertising, and some of the tools that use to get out the vote did not exist in 1980, and that pushed the momentum in reagan's way. now it's about the grinding out the turnout and the candidates appearing and their surrogates appearing in the states that those candidates need to win. it's a different process and ultimately a different outcome. >> thank you. i want to bring in kasie hunt who has been covering the clinton campaign in miami, and we have tim kaine in florida today and donald trump will be there, too. explain how tight it is for that state, and if early voting
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demonstrates an advantage either way? >> reporter: florida, florida, florida, as per usual, thomas. this state could really end up deciding this election. donald trump really needs it more than hillary clinton does, and he does not have a path without it and she potentially does. the fact that i have spent the last six of seven days in florida, it's not quite that, but we have spent a lot of time here and that's because hillary clinton has, and that underscores the importance of it. the republicans have a slight edge in early voting here which will put more importance here on voting, and that's a potentially a bad sign for them, and for hillary clinton it's all about turning out those core supporters, especially african-americans, latinos and millennials, those really excited about president obama but are less excited about voting for her. she had a crowd about 10,000
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people in cleveland to see pwae onsaeu and jay-z, and that's the beginning of the celebrity blitz that she has in these final days, and katy perry doing a concert for her in philadelphia, and the capstone rally in philadelphia on monday will be with president obama and mrs. obama, and the gang getting together with one last push, and you were just talking about this with beth, leaks still coming out and comey's role in this, and president obama was asked about this in an interview with al sharpton recently. take a look at what the president had to say about it. >> i said before and i will say it again, jim comey is a good man and i do not believe that he is in any way trying to influence the election one way or another, and i think he's a
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serious public servant that wants to do the right thing. when you are investigating a case, unless you have unearthed something, you need to just do your job. if there are things you think are worth presenting, then you present them to a prosecutor and the prosecutor makes a judgment, and the prosecutor can make a decision either to file a charge or not to file a charge. >> reporter: lawyer in chief president obama there talking a little about the aprepaaappropr way for this to be handled and the president walked a careful and narrow line, and so we will see what we get over the next stpa hours, and the time is coming to a close on the election. >> and we didn't get to point out, the pwbeyonce stuff, she w
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in a polka dot pants suit, and casey, this was the worst kept secret that beyonce was going to be there, and a lot of head faking that she was not going to show. >> the campaign was absolutely adamant, there was going to be no -- the reports that beyonce were coming was not true. >> we needed a friday surprise, and we got one. after eight days you can officially file for snow bird status in florida, so for you, you are a lucky woman. >> reporter: thank you. donald trump leading north carolina, and right now some data proving he could lose, and what can he do to turn things around with just three days? we explore that next. ...and those places keep changing every few months. the quicksilver card from capital one doesn't do any of that.
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donald trump out in the country today, the battleground crisscrossing the states today, the all-important areas of nevada, florida, colorado, as well as north carolina. polls there show him trailing hillary clinton. joining me now, congresswoman, a republican from north carolina and a trump supporter. congresswoman, great to have you with me. as we dig down, it shows a super tight race with donald trump trailing clinton by three points. how would you explain after so many events in south carolina trump has not been able to pass hillary clinton. >> i know the one poll shows hillary up, but there are other polls that shows them in a tie
5:24 am
and up to five points for donald trump. we know the national tracking polls as well, and what is happening here in north carolina is significant. 93,000 republican ballots cast in 2012, 5,000 left for the democrats in early voting. that's very significant because democrats always out sell republicans in north carolina, so the fact we are down and early voting ends at 1:00 today. i think that's telling. >> there might be an "it" factor, and that comes to hispanic turnouts. they do expect to win north carolina, florida, and nevada, because of the latino vote. do you think donald trump shot himself in the foot with his hard language coming down with the statement he gave out of the
5:25 am
gate when he started his official run, and the border talk, the wall? >> no, actually i believe he is going to win the hispanic vote. he is going to do well with the hispanic vote percentage wise, when we are talking about numbers and previous presidential candidates, and i believe he is going to excel in the women's vote, which he is running about the same as mitt romney did in 2012, and he is also going to increase the black vote and i believe he is going to increase the hispanic vote as well. there are a lot -- the hispanic population in north carolina, we have got a lot of hispanics supporting donald trump, and they believe the things that donald trump is saying, and they want a country where it puts americans back in control rather than the federal government, and they see who hillary clinton is, and they see how flawed she is, and they see her criminal behavior and see how untrustworthy she is.
5:26 am
>> you can't characterize that as criminal behavior, and these are cases and exploratory enquiries that do not pick the characterization of a criminal. i can tell you -- >> you think that somebody is guilty? you think somebody is guilty when they are charged with something looks like a fraud case? >> i can tell you donald trump is not under investigation of the fbi -- >> we are not supposed to know about it, congresswoman, as you know. would you respect the fact that we are not supposed to know? >> we do know because director comey came forward over a week ago -- >> yeah, and it's becoming highly political and also a fact that there could be a investigation into paul
5:27 am
manafort -- do you prefer we stay quiet on that? for the first time in the history of the rnc, you lessen the blank on the stance for ukraine, softening the language of what america would be -- >> those are all speculative -- >> no, you put that in your platforms. >> let's talk about proof and facts. let's talk about the fact that obamacare in north carolina is killing business and individuals who have it. obamacare is a huge issue. you know, donald trump can run on it alone, if not for the fact that hillary clinton were as corrupt as she is. that's just a sideline it seems right now. >> you would rather see 20 million people not have health insurance and see trump -- >> no, we want every american -- we want every american -- there's a new person that will
5:28 am
take your spot because of redistricting coming up in north carolina, and repeal and replace, how hard did that work when you were there in trying to see that happen, and you have to have a real thing for trump to do if he wins. >> here are the facts. it will be easy when donald trump becomes president. if it was hillary clinton, it was hillary care before obamacare, and it will be hillary care 2.0 if she is elected president. she already said what she is going to do and she wants to expand it. what does that mean? higher premiums and deductibles and even higher than we are seeing right now. this is a huge issue for voters. you cannot deny it. across the country, in north carolina, certainly, but you know, here is the other thing. and this is what i am hearing from voters here in north carolina, you know, men, women across the board, they want a trustworthy president that is going to give the country back to the people, and hillary clinton on the other hand, you
5:29 am
know, who is her mentor? i have the book right here. he writes in the book basically an acknowledgment to satan, and -- >> i think that's a bridge too far. >> i can read it to you. would you like to read it? >> but i would like you to explain why the only person -- please don't put on your reading glasses to read right now. >> sir, right now, to satan -- yeah, i am incorrect, to lucifer. >> look. thank you very much. when it comes to donald trump's admiration to vladimir putin, does that worry you at all? he is the first person to show such affection for the russian president, and that's the one thing he has not -- everybody else he flipped around on, but vladimir putin, he never flipped. >> that certainly is your
5:30 am
characterization of that. >> he called him a great leader. >> i would say he recognizes him of the leader of russia and he will be the leader of the united states and they will develop a relationship. when we talk about affection, let's talk about the affection for lucifer and -- >> so we had a small problem there. i don't know if that was an intervention from god or a technical issue, but coming up later we will hear from south florida voters, and voters tell us why there's just as much excitement about her campaign as there was for president obama. sorry about the technical glitch, it was just gremlins in the system.
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let's get back to work. i am thomas roberts here at msnbc at headquarters. and early turnout is about 2.5 million early votes than in 2012. and our targets early voters, women are turning out more than men, and democrats do have an edge over republicans, look at this, 43% to 39%. and morgan, talk about the significance of the area where you are right now, and the overall turnout? north carolina has one of the most early voting days in the nation. >> reporter: that's right, thomas. look at the line here behind me. you can see these people lineup,
5:35 am
and this polling station opens at about 9:00 a.m., and 30 minutes ahead of the time the polling station, and you can see people lined up around the block, and it closes statewide at 1:00 p.m., and you can see all different kinds of people in line, and we are in charlotte, and this is the largest county in all of north carolina, and it's a blue dot in a sea of red and it's especially an important area for democrats, and you can see this is a microcausism of the strategies, and people are
5:36 am
courting the younger minority vote here in the city and the older white and more rural voters are there, and i am from north carolina and coming back the last few months, and i have been talking to people about how they are voting, and what struck me, not only how much attention this state is getting this election cycle, and we know we are relatively important in the election cycle but we are surprised how much attention we are getting this time, and the authenticity around the election process, and people are claiming election fraud on both sides, and there was here a judge ruled illegal, 6,000 voters were taken off of the voter registration list, largely african-americans, and they are questioning the election process at a time when it's very important. >> i hope you get a bit of a brief break to enjoy your home state when you are not working. >> and coming up, can we look to the romney campaign to predict what will exactly happen on tuesday? we explore that question after this. beyond assuming the source is safe...
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away, are there comparisons to the last presidential race, and we are talking about 2012? joining me to talk about, brian williams, and he was the press secretary for mitt romney's race. ryan, thank you for being with me. is there any way to think this race can compare to what we lived through in 2012? >> no, it's totally different. there was an incumbent president running last time, and nothing in this campaign has been conventional, and every rule in politics has been thrown out the window. i don't think we know what to expect. the shifts in votes, and these polls recently have been dramatic in the last two months, and it was pretty consistent and tightening at the end, and we have seen such speech changes between donald trump and clinton and back to trump now and probably clinton on election day, and it's a totally different scenario.
5:41 am
>> the perception of 2012 of mitt romney, you know, a great guy, a family man, but a rich guy that liked to fire people, right? now here we are in 2016 with a rich guy is that known for the tag line of you're fired. why do you think there has been such redefinition of the gop party in just under four years? >> i think trump came in and seized some of the discontentment party and people of the republican party felt the leadership in washington after taking back the senate and house in 2010 and they had not been paying attention to the base of the party and their concerns and there was a strand pop yao almost, and it's certainly difficult in 2010 -- 12, rather.
5:42 am
and mitt romney's dog on the roof of his car, and that's a different world than what we are dealing with this time? >> it's a steroids, ryan, nuclear steroids. remind us what it was like for you at that stage in the race to where we are now, and the type of pressure that was remaining, or the kind of ease to know that there was light at the end of the tunnel and you felt momentum. >> at this point, many of the people on these campaigns have been doing this over a year, some two years. all of their work will come together and culminate a win or a loss, and the campaign that is going 100 miles per hour is going to go to zero the day afterwards. you are looking for a glimmer of hope and any kind of increase in your polls, and giving you confidence you will win on election day, and it's kind of an affect that you can't explain unless you have been in one of these races. i am sure staffers and candidates on both sides are in
5:43 am
this nervous energy mode hoping they win on election day and hoping it will be over. >> come tuesday, who do you think will win? >> i think it probably will be hillary clinton, but i think it's going to be a lot closer than people have imagined. >> thank you, sir, and nice to see you. in a moment, the voice of the voter. coming up, next hour, election night indicators. what are the early signs of how the vote is going to go? it doesn't? alka-seltzer plus cold and cough liquid gels fight your worst cold symptoms including your runny nose. oh, what a relief it is!
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[vo] all customers who have changes been impacted right. will be fully refunded. we're taking action and renewing our commitment to you. early voting comes to an end in many states today. nearly 36 million people have already casts their ballot, and in florida only 11% of the early votes are back from black voters, and that's down from the same time in 2012.
5:47 am
nbc tremaine lee went to florida to ask voters if an enthusiasm gap exists with clinton and president obama. >> we are about to maybe elect our first woman president, and i don't sense the same level of excite, though. in 2008, and you had people who never thought about politics, and why do you think you can't feel the excitement for hillary clinton? >> people don't adjust to change, and in 2008, you had an african-american male, the first one to become president of the united states, and when they are not comfortable with that change they react in different ways, in chaotic ways, and when president obama came into office, he came in to a troubled time, and we
5:48 am
were so far in debt, and the financial market was crashing, and he came in and made a lot of change. now people are trying to find things, i believe, trying to find whatever they can find, little things that he may not have done right or could have done differently, but can't. >> we invite you to watch our special weekend coverage, that begins tonight, 6:00 p.m. eastern. on tuesday, watch msnbc for wall to wall coverage of the historic 2016 election all beginning at 9:00 a.m. eastern. most polls give clinton a better chance of winning this election, but can she capture it without winning florida? it's all about florida, folks. we go there next. alka-seltzer plus liquid gels. clean better than a manual... electric toothbrush was going to he said sure, but don't just get any one.
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we have music's first couple, jay-z and beyonce, and
5:52 am
senator bernie sanders, and the billionaire business mogul, mark cuban, and they are all team hillary, and donald trump receives support from family members and his presidential vice president, mike pence. >> i didn't have to bring jay-z, i am here by myself. >> i want to bring in our guests. msnbc political analyst and former adviser to senator rand paul. let's dive in right now and peter, let's start with you, because of the experience of going back 44 years, and examine the key voting bloc that each must have and are clinton and
5:53 am
trump doing what they need? >> i think they said from the beginning, democrats start with 240 electoral votes, but the big thing is money and get out of the vote and the clintons solved both issues, and in terms of the ground game, clintons are doing well indeed, and trump does not seem to be having the ground game that he will ultimately need to win, and at the end of the day, a big, big factor that nobody is talking about is weather. weather determines turnout. big turnout is for democrats, and low turnout is for republicans, and that's why they are using these code words for voter saw freshen. >> that's a good point. what is your take and especially request donald trump strategy,
5:54 am
trump being trump, and that's just enough. they have not had a real machine like the clintons have? >> if trump does have a semidecent day on tuesday, it's testament for the rnc, and what they did for them, basically building a platform -- >> if you say enthusiasm, look at the rallies, and so for you and what you have seen, isn't that just powerful in and of itself? >> they were not taking e-mails from allrally attendees. >> see that sign, text this phone come, and gave them one phone sum and my mother's zip
5:55 am
code and it's fascinating what i get back, and they are collecting data, whether or not they are getting e-mails. they are getting millions of people and their cell phones, and they are like our appendages now, these iphones and they have access to millions of people that may not be there, but they know their numbers. >> they are also running a 1-800 number, and you get a rambling guiliani talking about how important it is to put a check on hillary clinton or prevent the rubber stamping, and if you give name and money, you can accomplish that. to that point that you earlier made, there seems to be multiple doorways in which people can participate. >> trump had a video how you can give so much money and you will evened up on the trump tower wall. >> he only send it to you. >> i think it went out to
5:56 am
everybody that would give them their cell phone number, and you get these push messages to get you involved and see specific video from donald trump. but when we think about specific states and the 2016 map, could we see a total redefinition of red states cracking blue and blue states cracking red and we are going to have a different path in 2020. >> i am interested in the latino vote, and it's going to play out in nevada, arizona, and texas, and you are seeing new latino voters who registered and we don't know exactly all these new early voters, how they are going to sway, but is it going to cause a trump vote or are they people who have been motivated by donald trump and that rhetoric? >> is there an ominous cloud of suspicion that remains through
5:57 am
innuendo over hillary clinton that has been shackles around her legs to get through the campaign? >> i think less now and the primary reason is donald trump. the hispanic community is one that i have been working with for many, many cycles. the one thing about the latino vote is that it's not mono hreutic, and not all democratic and not all republican, and it will be interesting in nevada to see how it does divide itself up, and sometimes social issues drive the latino issues more than the economic issues, so we will see how they divide up, and some will be for trump but the vast majority, i think, will be for hillary clinton. >> now, we will see how and examine this surge that we new that would come after the rnc autopsy of latino voters come 2016, but we will have the data
5:58 am
shortly about how it all rolls out. thank you. appreciate it. do we have trust in the polls? there's a certain skepticism that pollsters are having trouble getting it right? that's the fluctuation in the polls, one day clinton is up and the next day trump is up. who has it right? stay with us. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen.
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