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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 5, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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i'm ale velshi live in mork p.e.d. headquarters. 37 million americans already cast ballots. candidate keeping a furious pace in the closing days. right now hillary clinton on her way to philadelphia and will chose out her campaign there, joined by singer katy perry and her running mate tim kaine spurneding the entire day in florida. hillary clinton was in south florida and forced to cut her halle short by a sudden downpour. getting all wet. and donald trump on his way to reno, nevada and later on to colorado. he was earlier introduced by his wife melania.
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we start with donald trump and his frantic push to find a path to 270 electoral college votes. just last in our north carolina trump hammered clinton over the fbi e-mail probe. >> she illegally destroyed 33,000 e-mails after receiving a congressional subpoena -- i mean, think of that. she made 13 phones disappear. some with a hammer. she is the most corrupt person ever to seek the office of the presidency. >> nbc's katy tur joins us live from wilmington a new poll this afternoon shows clinton with just a one-point lead nationally. does the trump team feel that it's got a path to 270 electoral college votes? >> they do.
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do it in order to make that path a viable path, start campaigning in blue states. and they do need one blue state to make it to 270. that includes running the table with a lot of these battleground states. narrow path, but if they find a way to get something like wisconsin or michigan in their favor, potentially minnesota, they're going to have a much easier path to 270. that is why suddenly we are now seeing donald trump deciding to campaign in minnesota. it's an unusual move. certainly. because president obama won minnesota by eight points in 2012. it is a very blue state. many people say that he probably doesn't have much of a hope in that state, but they are also focusing on michigan nap . a state he's seen vociferous supporters, enthusiastic rallies. big rallies in those states, and also challenging for him, though, because there is a very large african-american community in that state, and donald trump hasn't done the same sort of outreach that hillary clinton
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has, even though he claims he has. he did visit a detroit, a black church and did make a stop at a flint, michigan, water plant, where he praised the executives of that water plant. the same plant that poison theed water in that city. so that didn't go over so well. challenges in michigan, certainly, but campaigning there again. he was going to be campaigning in wisconsin, ali, but is no longer doing that. they've cancelled that stop to add a michigan stop and now go to minnesota. they say the path to 270, they have one and could do it. the big thing they're leaning on is an idea there are underrepresented voters out there. that the polls are not correct. the donald trump supporters are first-time voters, low propensity voters, that the poll doesn't necessarily capture. the polls don't capture and holding out hope they'll have a big surprise in some of these states. so far numbers aren't in their favor, when you look at early
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voting numbers. especially in states like nevada, where our friend john ralston is reporting the early voting numbers so heavily favor democrats now republicans stand to lose the legislature in that state and the senate. >> katy tur, some people call them shy trump voter. we'll see. a long three days. good to see you and great reporting in wilmington, north carolina. while trump tries to figure out his path to 270, hillary clinton is working to mobilize voters, specifically african-americans and latinos in florida and pennsylvania today. clinton made a surprise visit to ar early voting center in west miami. her rally in south florida was cut short by pouring rain. >> i want to be the president for everybody! everybody who agrees with me, people who don't agree with me. people will vote for me, people who don't vote for me!
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>> tonight clinton heads to philadelphia. she will join katie per rainy p concert. the latest poll shows a tight race in pennsylvania, kristen. the four-point lead for clinton. what's it feel like there today? >> reporter: i think the campaign is feeling confident, at the same time not taking this for granted. the polls are getting tighter. they're aware of it. so the crux of their strategy right now, ali, depends on them really defending these territories where they need to win, and they think they have to win. think about pennsylvania as her firewall, because if donald trump can pick off a pennsylvania, that's a game changer. she wants to make sure she holds court here in pennsylvania. why she's holding a big rally with katy perry and stevie wonder, and this means everything. a big unit y event in
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philadelphia with president obama and her own family. she raised eyebrows going to michigan. a reliably blue state, but the same philosophy holds. trying to hold court with the polls getting tighter. one more point. it is all hands on deck for the democrats, ali. not just the political superstars but the other superstars. joined by katy perry tonight, last night beyonce and jay-z, who made an impassioned plea to voters to get out and vote. big african-american crowd there as well. >> you and i share pennsylvania roots. democrats really depend on urban centers in pennsylvania. republican rely a little more on rural and suburb centers. sf philadelphia is in the middle of a transit strike, may not be finished tuesday. pennsylvania a state without early voting. everyone's got to vote on tuesday. >> reporter: you're right. there is concern about that. congressman, he's working furiously to try to end this
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strike, working with septa and the union to resolve this issue, but there is concern within democrats here in philadelphia. also for the clinton campaign. you're right. voters need to get out and vote. what i can tell you, you have people volunteering to come to philadelphia to drive people to polling places, and you are have friends reaching out saying, hey, after you've voted will you take me to my voting xblplace? more than 1,600 polling places most near people's homes but not all of them. where the trepidation sets in. >> people want to vote over their lunch hour, gone to work, not closer to home, if the lines are long. great reporting. kristen welker from philadelphia. in these last three days fbi director comey's letter to congress and subsequent leaks from inside -- that could affect
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the outcome of the election. on msnbc last night, rudy giuliani tried to correct a remark made earlier that day saying he did not have advance knowledge of the letters from fbi sources. >> i had no idea that jim comey was going to do what he was going to do the day that they it. did i ever think he bas dwrwas o do. i did know, quite true about four months, was that the fbi was very, very upset about the way jim comey had handled the case, but i heard that from former fbi agents, not from current fbi agents. >> joining me, old friend and colleague rebecca cindergrand, executive editor at "the washington post," and a former campaign manager for bobby jindal and the get out the vote director for the bush campaign in 2004. phillip, start with you. welcome to you all. used to rudy giuliani saying unusual things in this campaign.
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this one was weird and walking it back, a little unusual, because he said i didn't know he was going to issue that letter that day. >> i mean, everybody is screaming and hollering now with a few days left and trying to arouse up as many voters as they can. i actually believe he misspoke. the sprob nproblem is not right. for hillary, the last few daysen an avalanche in the last few days of the election. if she is elected, wins, a lot of problems between the republican congress which will keep the house for sure and all the investigations that will come out of the fbi investigation. >> jamelle, on the same point, for democrats -- all the investigation, for democrats on the other side, the brns
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saturd bernie sanders is a parties. >> none dus couraged by this but energized democrats. the results you're seeing particularly with african-american and latino communities you can see a lot of people are not paying too much attention this stuff. they understand. they've understood a long time, frankly, the fbi has not really done its job as far as serving our community. we're not all that surprised that all of a sudden there is some -- muckety-muck going on with regard to the election. >> the hispanic vote sup big. democrats don't have a monolithic on it for sure. it's leaning towards hillary, actually. the african-american vote is extremely down. all in the target states. north carolina down 6% compared to where it was in 2012. that's a big problem for hillary. >> and early stats, though. >> rebecca, listen to a conversation that occurred between reverend al sharpton and president obama last night about
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folks within the fbi trying to influence the election. listen to what he said and i want to get your comment on it. >>ey is a good man and i do not believe he is in any way trying to influence the election one way or the other. the overwhelming majority of fbi feel the same way. the wheoverwhelmy's people feele same way. >> president obama came out the other day and did seem to express an opinion. he did say we don't work on innuendo or rumor. seemed to be critical of the fbi's timing and decision to issue this letter and the leaks coming out and seems to be walking that criticism back. the latest from your reporters? >> reporter: absolutely. president obama has been trying to walk a very, very delicate line here. he wants to speak carefully about the situation. you absolutely don't want to be trying to affect the situation. but on the other hand, he also,
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if this is the democratic campaign right now, pushing this line very hard, that the investigation has been compromised and has been pushing into partisan territory perhaps. so he's been a little careful about this. the interesting thing, of course, is when you actually dive into the poll numbers, and as you were saying, jamelle was saying, democrats don't seem that moveed by it directly. they don't say directly, i have changed my vote because of this. the question was, of course, enthusiasm. we saw the numbers that dramatically now towards the end of the week are starting to see them slowly come back. >> that's your point, phil. if you are african-american in north carolina and weren't all that enthusiasticed as hillary clinton in the first plait plash place, might you stay home? >> i think they. they turned out in 2008 and 2012 because of barack obama. they're not resonating with her. i'm going by polling.
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internal polling i'm seeing now. >> donald trump is not resonating with african-americans either? >> absolutely not n. a certain way. a racist demagogue is motivation for a lot of people. may be down because simply there's not an african-american candidate at the top of the ticket. that's a bigger reason why as opposed to some letter from the fbi that is about a story that frankly a lot of people already dismissed. >> rebecca, jam isle aelle and , special coverage, 6:00 p.m. eastern with a live two-hour show hosted by joy reid, and wall-to-wall coverage tuesday of this historic 2016 election beginning 9:00 a.m. eastern. up next, early voting ending today in north carolina. talking about that. both campaigns making a major push in that critical, critical battleground state. we'll have a closer look when we come back.
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a trump administration will stop the jobs from leaving the united states and from leaving north carolina. i used to be on the other side of things, as you know, and i led a very nice life, but i also love my country, and this was an easy decision. i went from being the ultimate insider to being the outsider like they've never seen before. polls closing until tuesday in that battleground state. the state board of elections says 2.9 million voters cast ballots in the 17-day early voting period. a 13% increase over 2012. our partners at target smart say democratic affiliated voters outpaced republican affiliated
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voters in north carolina just one among several other states where that's happening, but north carolina is a close race. the latest north carolina quinnipiac poll has hillary clinton up by three points. 47, to donald trump's 44%. go to nbc's morgan radford in charlotte. you've been speaking to early voters all day. great to see you, by the way. what are you hearing tr them? >> reporter: that's right, ali. we're outside of a polling station here that closed at 1:00 p.m. today. same for all polling stations throughout the state. if you can imagine, people were actually lined all the way around this block and around the corner that was before the polling stations even opened. ali, because they know their vote this time, it matters. it always does, particularly in this election. the people here i spoke to said they're surprised by just how much attention north carolina is getting this time around. we're standing in the heart of met l metlinberg. and we're seeing a microcosm
1:20 pm
what's happened throughout the country where democrats are targeting areas like this, in charlotte, higher numbers of young, urban minority voters and older white voters living in more rural areas tending to lean a little more trump. here at this particular polling precinct, a lot of people we spoke to in line sympathize with the issues and stances that trump supporters are supporting. for example, one gentleman came all the way and explained tighter border security and things like immigration are things she worried about happening here in north carolina and throughout the country at large. the types of things we're hearing because they know their vote counts and it matters. >> and having a conversation with phillip where he commented on the resonance of african-americans in north carolina and other states compared to the last two elections. are you seeing that play out? some feeling that african-americans are a little more reserved about hillary clinton than they were about barack obama?
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>> reporter: in fact, we have. i came back here about a week ago and spoke to young african-american ma len yillenno weren't impressed with either candidates. some of the african-american voters i spoke with here today actually said voter fraud is something they're worried about. remember, a case here in north carolina just this week. decided on friday it was illegal that they had actually removed about 6,700 voter registrants from the registration and it happened in largely african-american areas. i grew up just an hour up the road here in north carolina. people here especially in the african-american community are saying if we can't trust the process, how can we trust the results? >> morgan good to see you. morgan radford, thanks for joining us. a big story in the hotly contested battleground states, voting rights. three counties cannot purge thousands of residents from voter rolls. critics say an obvious attempt at suppression. supporters say a way to keep
1:22 pm
elections honest. president obama weighed in on the importance of every north carolina vote when he sat down with al sharpton. >> i won north carolina in '08 by two votes per precinct. you might be one of those two votes that changes the direction of american history, and the notion that somehow voter suppression is keeping you from voting, as systemic as republicans have tried to make voting more difficult for minorities, truth of the matter is, if you actually want to vote, then you can vote. >> joining me now, tim funk, political reporter with the "charlotte observer." good to have you here. thank you for joining us. president obama telling al sharpton, telling folks in north carolina, or americans, if you want to vote you can. is that really the case? we just heard morgan saying that some voters see the process as unfair. >> well, i think early on in the
1:23 pm
early voting period, there were only a few places you could vote in, for example, greens br boro the road. only a week or two and it expanded nexpan expand expanded. that cut down the availability. charlotte, many more places you could vote, but -- and the stories are out there and that has cowed some people. i have to tell you, i was at the obama rally last night and he made a big point of, you can't sit on the sidelines. you've got to vote. my legacy's on the ballot. when i was at a poll, early voting site this morning, i saw a lot of african-americans there, and i talked to a lot of young people. some of whom voted for bernie and they're antipathy to trump has gotten them out there today. >> what's your sense, the statistics about the early vote in north carolina have been? what does it tell us mow this
1:24 pm
might play out on election night? >> democrats are about what they were in 2012. the african-american votes were, you know -- last week down as much as 17%. i'm told this morning they are more like 5%, and maybe shrinking by the end of the day. what's interesting, republicans are up. early vote hag always been a democrats' thing. bank a lot of votes and try to build an insurmountable lead so on election day republicans can't catch up. happened in 2008 with obama and mccain. this time i think republicans are voting at a greater clip in early voting. interesting is the unaffiliated voters who are the fastest grows group in north carolina. they're up 43% or more. and nobody's really sure who those people are in terms who they might vote for. tend to be younger. a little more diverse than the republican party and a lot of them moved here from other places. i think both candidates will get
1:25 pm
some of those votes. >> donald trump is in north carolina today. been there nearly two dozen times since the convention. it's important for him and he seems to be staying on message when he's in north carolina. how do you think it's working for him? >> well, i think you know -- i think as your reporter said, the cities are strongholds for democrats, but i've been out in the small towns and rural areas of north carolina. and trump's actually pretty popular throughout because of his populist message on trade. areas that have lost hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs, and they feel like even though he's a rich guy from new york, he speaks their language. he cares about them. they think he sort of puts his foot in his mouth sometimes but think he's on their side. he's in wilmington today, i think coming to raleigh on monday. and you know, no republican has won the white house without north carolina since 1956. 60 years. so trump has to win it and i think clinton doesn't have to
1:26 pm
win it, but she's hoping to economic mate him here by winning it. and also, in case she loses a michigan or pennsylvania, she might have a backup with north carolina. >> we'll all be watching your state closely tuesday. good to see you. you can see more of reverend al sharpton's interview of president obama at 8:00 a.m. north. and next, hillary clinton high-powered surrogates, joe and jill biden and the role they're playing to help her win the state of pennsylvania. the world is full of surprising moments. they're everywhere. and as a marriot rewards member, i can embrace them all. the new marriott portfolio of hotels now has 30 brands in over 110 countries. so no matter where you go, you are here. join or link accounts at
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nart toomey, by the way, senator toomey won't eastern tell us, after asked 12 times whether he supports this guy or not. how hard can that be? >> right now joe and jill biden campaigning in bristol, pennsylvania, where hillary clinton holds a two-point advantage over donald trump in the clear politics latest poll.
1:30 pm
209,000 people voted early in pennsylvania with registered republicans holding a slight lead over democrats in early voting turnout. joining me now, nbc's ki 's kel o'donnell. good afternoon in philadelphia. stumping heavily for hillary clinton in the keystone state reminding people he's from scranton parks p scranton, pennsylvania. how much does this matter to hillary clinton's campaign? >> reporter: i think, ali, joe biden is speak to issues in a way hillary clinton may not be as much of a natural fit. talking about the middle class, and vice president biden will often say that in washington, if you're known at middle class joe, it's not a compliment. he uses it to get a laugh but reflects the political atmosphere where he feels so comfortable. talking about not only home-state values for him, but understanding working voters.
1:31 pm
as a catholic, understanding the very large catholic population in pennsylvania. some of the things where he can dme connect in a personal way and this is sort of a last campaign of joe bind as the sitting vice president and emotional components to it well and he's able to draw that out in his rallies maybe hillary clinton is not as well suited for. so it's a different dimension that he brings to supporting her, and it's the kind of thing he enjoys doing, and a passion for campaigning in pennsylvania is something we see on display and because the state does not have early voting, being here now trying to sell that message getting out to vote could be potentially very helpful in a state both parties want so badly. >> may not be the only probably with voting tuesday. saying to kristen earlier, if that transit strike doesn't get resolved how does that play out for philadelphians who need to vote tuesday? >> reporter: an open question
1:32 pm
and certainly a complication. when we talk an ground game, usually implicit, transportation is up and running. now over some of the basic issues, you have a labor union fighting for things that relate to health care and pensions, at a time when they certainly turned up the pain quotient trying to negotiate for a better deal. top have it at election time is a challenge. talking about campaigns wanting to get their voters to polls, sometimes you have the carpools and the driving senior, but they count on public transportation being available. and so for both parties, any hit hiccup in getting people to cast think ball sit a threat to turnout and a major inconvenience for voters. we all know part of what gets people to the polls is an expectation they can get there do it in a reasonable amount of time and get home, or off to work. so it is one of those sort of unknown things that could be a real factor for pennsylvania. ali? >> kelly good to talk to you. nbc's kelly o'bon o'donnell in
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with new guaranteed tidylock protection, you won't have to face one more stank face. tidy cats. every home, every cat. there's a tidy cats for that. welcome back. i'm ali velshi in new york with headlines we're following. three days until voters choose the next president. donald trump rallies in four battleground states now on his way to reno, nevada after making earlier stops in florida and north carolina. he will end his day with a late-night rally in denver. hillary clinton is on her way to philadelphia where she will end her campaign after facing a heavy downpour at a rally in south florida. stocking not taking donald trump's rise in the polls well. the s&p 500 on a nine-day losing
1:37 pm
streak. largest since jimmy carter in the white house. a trump win could mean slow growth or even a recession. why would wall street fear a republican? the cheer investment officer of wilmington trust says, "markets have not priced in a trump win. they're starting to." with us from philadelphia, blake rutherford and peter navarro, senior trump policy adviser and professor of public policy at the university of california, irvine. thank you for being with us. peter, start with you. trying to make sense if whether the market didn't expect donald trump to win and don't like uncertainty or are really worried what donald trump might do if he becomes president. not asking for your opinion on donald trump. i know what that is. why do you think the markets are doing this? >> ali, the markets have been in a downward trend since august, actually. i told everybody i knew to go in to cash. it's been a good call.
1:38 pm
here's the thing. if you look forward -- i see dow at 25,000 in the first four years of a trump administration. >> wow. >> let me make the case. if you compare the two candidates. right? all stock prices are, ali, you know this, expectation of a future stream of earnings. you get growth, korptd eacorpor earnings go up. taxes, trade, energy and regulation. the difference between the candidates. donald trump will cut taxes. stimulative to growth. hillary clinton will raise them. fush down. donald trump going back to the 1980s of ronald reagan. hillary clinton raise it. donald trump says he's going to unleash the power of our oil, gas and coal industries, driving down energy costs for corporations. make them nor kpeptive. drive down electricity costs for consumers. and hillary clinton said put the
1:39 pm
coal industry out of business. most of all donald trump will eliminate the trade deficit, and that basically is going to do that by increasing exports, reducing imports. that system ltimulative to grow. we lose about a point of gdp a year. doing that the last 15 years. just because of the trade issue alone. >> okay. >> so what donald trump wants to do is go from 1.9%. >> i hear you. >> to 3.5 to more. >> not sure we can debate whether that's possible. bring in blake, a democratic strategist. peter's right. a couple of things to agree with peter on through our history. one, donald trump says he cut taxes. hillary clinton does say for certain parts of the population, those who earn well, raise taxes. they're not far apart on trade, but on the issue of taxes, what's the argument as to how that is going to promote economic growth? if she's raising my taxes. why do i like that? >> ali, you like it, number one,
1:40 pm
she's raising taxes on the highest 1% of all americans. going to take revenues, reinvest them in the american economy. invest in infrastructure, public health and education leading to economic growth. donald trump tax plan adds to the national debt. puts $5 trillion back in the national debt. not going to lead to any growth, simply because he's going to slash taxes for the wealthiest percentage of americans. his friends. and corporations. it's not going to drive money back into the economy. ali, we have to talk about trade. the crippling aspect of donald trump plan, wage a trade war with china and mexico. it's going to drive american businesses out of business, and it's going to drive us into a recession. his plan to increase tariffs from china, exports coming into america on mexican exports coming -- >> ali, challenge him or -- >> hold on, peter. >> absolutely crippling.
1:41 pm
we have to talk about taxes and we have to talk about -- >> let me ask you -- >> in an honest manner. >> a lobbyist, not an economist. >> 2% gdp growth. >> no, we're not. >> right now. at this moment. >> well, last year we had 1.5%. >> i'm talking about right now. peter, okay. regardless -- >> call it what want. >> call it -- >> call it 1.5 and should get the -- >> give you this. 1.5. donald trump said he can take it to 4. a speech recently, 5 or 6. that is not possible. more likelihood of growing an afro than that is of happening. >> sure. let me address that. 1947 to 2001 grew at -- >> right after the end of the world war. >> no, no. 1947 to 2001, ali. that's five and a half decades. >> very high -- >> come on. let me have my moment here.
1:42 pm
hit 2002, china into the world trade organization and basically we loot 70,000 factories, 5 million manufactures jobs don't see us mewages go up. hillary clinton promised 70,000 new jobs in 2012. fast-forward to 2016. 95,000 jobs lost, trade deficit with south korea double and 75% of damage in the swing states of michigan and ohio. tell you what, on top of everything else, the biggest problem clinton's going to have pushing that economy down is obama care, and when -- >> i want to ask a practical question. >> sure. >> you and i enjoyed a long history on a business channel. this is is a different one. need to ask a fairly practical question. how do the trade wars. >> no trade war. >> how do limitations on trade particularly from lower wage asian countries help our economy grow? >> so if you think about it,
1:43 pm
ali, we have five trading partners, run huge deficits with. china, germany, japan, mexico south korea. in each case, a bad trade dheel can be renegotiated favorably. the trump trade doctrine is this, we'll trade with anybody in the world but it's got to increase the gdp, decrease trade deficit, strengthen manufacturing base. the deal hillary clinton negotiatinged in 2012 with south korea went in the wrong direction. nafta. bill and hillary clinton 1993 has cost us a million jobs many of them -- >> you know that bill clinton didn't negotiate nafta. right? >> i know that he signed nafta in 1993. >> and the -- >> in 1992 -- >> and i need -- separate segment. that's for a separate segment. we'll do it. blake, hillary clinton was late to the, i don't love trade game. bernie sanders pushed her into that corner. she's now there. where does she really stand on trade? if you're in north carolina,
1:44 pm
from the south, you're from the rust belt, and you wonder what your future is, why do you believe hillary clinton's in your corner? >> you certainly should believe hillary clinton's in your corner, because she's adaptable. certainly is in a position and evolve -- >> that's a switch. >> ali, i want -- >> adaptable? that's a new one. >> you made -- the begins which is, why don't markets like donald trump, markets like stability, predictability. donald trump sun stable and unpredictable. >> now you're going personal. >> what we're -- >> going personal. don't do that. because -- >> and why do you -- >> the fbi for an orange xbruju sunchts don't be personal. >> you can't be anti-immigrant and be pro economic growth. you can't want to deport -- >> of course you can. >> think you can grow the economy and can't be anti-free trade and think you're going to grow the economy. >> the african-american community -- >> has not -- >> both of you -- >> gentlemen -- >> here's the thing.
1:45 pm
i have a show 5:00 a.m. eastern. a little hard, but we could have discussions like this. i've got to go now but invite you both back. thank you so much. >> been too long. >> great conversation from you both. blake rutherford and peter navarro, up next, donald trump statements could be encouraging more russian hacking against the united states, and in our next hour, 37 million people have already voted in this election. how much do the demographics of those voters tell us about the possible outcome this election? there's a denture adhesive that holds strong until evening.
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it'...when that laxour loves your body back. only miralax hydrates, eases, and softens to unblock naturally. so you have peace of mind from start to finish. love your laxative. miralax. the cyber attacks come from the highest levels of the kremlin and they are designed to influence our election. i find that deeply disturbing, and i think it's time -- >> she has no idea whether it's russia, china or anybody else. >> i am not quoting myself. i am quoting -- >> hullry, you have no idea. >> 17 -- do you doubt 17 military and -- >> our country has no idea. >> donald trump dismissing
1:49 pm
claims russia is interfering with the u.s. election. his comments fly in the face of his own security briefings. according ing ting to "newswee uncourage more cyber attacks. and u.s. intelligence officials are prepared to hit back at russian hackers if they try to disrupt the election. nbc's hans nickels joins us from the white house. what have you got? >> reporter: look at what the russians could potentially do. in the realm of cyber mischief we hear a term thrown around and outright cyber attack. in terms of a cyber attack, crucial infrastructure, not a lot of expectation for that. there's preparation for it. u.s. officials expect cyber mistrmi mischi mischief. a fake twitter account. bogus media. what air attuned to. we know as you said on nbc news reporting, prepared for a
1:50 pm
counter response. >> expecting it or sending a message we're ready for it? >> well, expected may be too strong. i would say between expecting, prepared for and concern. right? i mean, i asked secretary carter this, defense secretary carter this very question in paris a couple weeks ago. asked what they're doing to defend. he said, look, cyber command a always, constantly defending against threats. in terms of the response a word we keep hearing around here, proportional and proportionality whatever they think the attack from russia or edwhere, non-state or state actor with impressive support of the state, will the response will be proportional. a final note, vice president biden to chuck todd, we may never know if the united states hits back. >> thanks a million. hans nichols as the without. next, battleground michigan. hillary clinton there yesterday. trump goes there tomorrow. polls show clinton with a small lead. can trump close the gap?
1:51 pm
1:52 pm
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1:54 pm
at this point donald trump's path to 270 includes turning at least one blue state red. right now michigan could be the campaign's best hope. the latest detroit free press poll showing donald trump trailing hillary clinton by just four points there. a trump campaign aide tells nbc news michigan is one of two states that is a top priority for surpassing the threshold of 270 electoral votes. pennsylvania, of course, the other. joining me now, kathleen braid, political reporter for the free press. thanks for being with us. donald trump seems to have momentum. detroit free press poll two weeks ago shows him up four points. hillary clinton gained only one point in the last two weeks. the campaign is setting mike pence and eric trump into the states in these final days. what do you make of this? is it possible? could michigan be a trump good bet? >> certainly.
1:55 pm
although michigan has a pretty big tradition of voting for democrats in presidential election years. they haven't put a republican or voted for a republican for the white house since 1988. and so it's kind of a long shot, but the polls have definitely tightened very much. she was up by 11 points in early october, and now is down to 4. so mr. trump is coming here to michigan tomorrow. he's coming back to mccomb county which has shown big support for him. he was in mccomb county on monday. he'll be back trying to raise his numbers again on -- on tomorrow. and he's in a big amphitheater. so i'm sure he'll attract big crowd. >> what's interesting, your newspaper is reporting wayne count any detroit is where donald trump is making his biggest gains. >> well, that's -- and frankly, the african-american vote is a little low.
1:56 pm
the absentee voters in michigan, they're down in detroit nap could be one of the reasons for that. >> all right. hillary clinton is in detroit on -- she was in detroit friday focusing on turning out the african-american vote. we've discussed this afternoon there are struggled with that in north carolina. how's that going in michigan? >> the same in michigan. in 2012, about 81,000 people in detroit voted by absentee. that number is down to just close to 60,000 this year. so that's a 20,000-vote difference, whether or not that will be made up from people going to the polls, but hillary clinton had a big crowd in detroit on friday. friday evening. i had more than 4,000 people at eastern market, a big, big open-air market and very big enthusiastic crowd in detroit. and we're expecting to see some more big names from the clinton campaign coming through michigan before tuesday.
1:57 pm
>> good to talk to you. from the "detroit free press." >> thank you. much more ahead this saturday with just three days to go until the election. we'll look at the candidate's strategies, where they're going and what can we tell about their strengths and weaknesses. matters. both on the track and thousands of miles away. with the help of at&t, red bull racing can share critical information about every inch of the car from virtually anywhere. brakes are getting warm. confirmed, daniel you need to cool your brakes. understood, brake bias back 2 clicks. giving them the agility to have speed & precision. because no one knows & like at&t. for medicare. the annual enrollment period is now open. now is the time to find the coverage that's right for you ... at the right price. the way to do that is to explore your options. you can spend hours doing that yourself ...
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good afternoon. i am ali velshi at msnbc world headquarters in new york. less than three days to the election. both candidates in the middle of a frantic push just 75 hours before the first polls close. hillary clinton is headed to philadelphia flight where she will appear alongside pop star katy perry and en route to florida, campaigned briefly cut short due a torrential downpour donald trump held events in florida and north carolina earlier where his wife melania introduced him.


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