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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 5, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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good afternoon. i am ali velshi at msnbc world headquarters in new york. less than three days to the election. both candidates in the middle of a frantic push just 75 hours before the first polls close. hillary clinton is headed to philadelphia flight where she will appear alongside pop star katy perry and en route to florida, campaigned briefly cut short due a torrential downpour donald trump held events in florida and north carolina earlier where his wife melania introduced him.
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we start the hour with an ever-tightens race pap new poll out this afternoon gives clinton a one-point lead nationally. well within the poll's margin of error. clinton started her day in florida making two stops where she urged supporters to vote early. >> i've got to ask you. are you ready? [ cheers ] how many of you have already voted? [ cheers ] okay. so that means you've got time to get everybody else to get out and vote. right? so let's get out! less vote for the future. let's vote what we want for our country and our children and our grandchildren. got bless you! >> someone isn't going to have a voice tuesday. clinton is headed to pennsylvania where she joins katy perry who does have a voice.
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crucial for her winning the battleground state. kristen, the finalized schedule for clinton for the final three days of campaigning. has anything changed? >> reporter: have are changes, ali. put put up the schedule and discuss on the other side. how she'll spend the final days of this campaign. obviously tonight here in philadelphia for that concert with katy perry and stevie wonder. then tomorrow, makes small stops, tomorrow morning, here in philadelphia. then she heads to cleveland. that's an event with lebron james. undoubtedly that will energize supporters there. then to new hampshire where the polls are razor tight. a tied race in new hampshire. the new information comes in, ali. on monday she goes to grand rap its, michigan. the first time she has added a stop in grand rap itids. she add a she added a state friday. is the clinton campaign
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concerned about michigan? i've asked that exact question. no, not concerned. at the same time, it's important, they think, critical to hold court in michigan. it is a part of their map to get it to 270, and if donald trump were to pick it off, it wouldn't mean she would lose but certainly complicate her path to 270 and we learned president obama will make a stop in michigan as well. so underscores the importance of holding court. we knew about this final event here in philadelphia. that big unity rally with the president and with the first lady, and then, ali, added another stop in north carolina, a midnight rally there. north carolina, an important battleground state there. fighting for every vote there, and some concerns when they learned that african-american early voter turnout didn't match some of the numbers we saw in 2012. so you see president obama making a number of stops. it is critical if secretary clinton is to win the white house that african-american the turn out in force.
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an important part of the obama coalition. a lot of focus on african-americans from now until election day. ali, the headlines here, a new stop in michigan and a new stop in north carolina. >> kristen, let me ask you this. we know in north carolina early voting showed a trend of slower african-american voting in early -- we know it's a tight race, and that hillary clinton depends on that african-american votes in north carolina. pennsylvania's the same thing. if she wins pennsylvania, she's got to do well i philadelphia, with a heavy african-american turnout, but we don't have early voting in pennsylvania and don't know how that would go. >> reporter: exactly right. critical to pinning winning pennsylvania. philadelphia. driver turnout here within the african-american community. why she's here. made so many stops here and a big final unity rally here. why is pennsylvania important? pennsylvania is her fire wall. she wants to make sure she maintains not only places like
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michigan, but pennsylvania, which donald trump is making a very strong play for. if she holds court in pennsylvania, if she holds court in michigan it becomes very difficult for donald trump to win. if she doesn't, this is a whole different ball game. you are going to see a lot of attention, a lot of ads on the television airwaves here in philadelphia. by the way, the philadelphia suburbs also very important. they went from being reliably red eight years ago to turning a little blue. part of the reason why the state has typically trended towards democrats in the past several presidential elections, ali. >> a lot of focus on pennsylvania between now and election night. thank you, kristen welker in philadelphia. donald trump scrambling to find a path to 270 electoral votes with four stops in four states today. wilmington, north carolina. this afternoon trump continued to hit clinton over her support of obama care. >> yet hillary clinton wants to double down on obama care. making it even more expensive, and, in fact, much more expensive.
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i'm asking you for your vote so we can repeal and replace obama care and save health care. not only for north carolina, but for the country. >> nbc's hallie jackson joins me covering the trump campaign, hallie, watching and listening and finding out about minnesota. why? >> reporter: going to minnesota and so is mike pence apparently. according to some reporting. we're right because minnesota hasn't gone republican since 1972. the only state walter mondale -- in '49 and -- mondale's people kept tlim and currently more importantly, the tribune poll from a couple weeks ago shows hillary clinton up eight percentage points over donald trump. he hasn't lock downed a state like a florida or pennsylvania, you're hearing folks talk about, but he's going to play in minnesota. huh? i will tell you this. the trump campaign is tell thing our folks they believe that their internal polling shows it much closer. within three points.
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live, up and in that region, what the heck? the priority for them now, michigan. that is a place sort of the multiple aides telling us where they see best chances of flipping a blue states, if they have to, and michigan, maybe pennsylvania up there. wisconsin has flown off the map a little and seeing that with trump cancelled a planned stop for there tomorrow and adding a minnesota stop. >> frantic, both campaigns. changes. >> yeah. >> normally this time, by monday night, it's big and stable, and calm. this seems -- >> and drilling down. know what i mean? >> this saul over the place. >> exactly. it the michigan story, interesting what kristen welker is reporting about hillary clinton being there and barack obama in michigan on monday. and donald trump trying to make that play, too. sending surrogates, family members, full-court press in michigan as well as pennsylvania. intriguing. playing defense. and donald trump. an event there as well pap
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story line to watch in the next 48 hours. the trump campaign is seeing something and feeling good about that. again, i think pennsylvania's going to be an interesting story, too, although kind of the story we tell every four years. >> i worry a little bit about the strength of the strike in philadelphia affecting transit. >> so interesting. we were on-set yesterday talking about this and brought it up, an idea, a couple reasons. actually getting to polls. two, people who have to go to work and figure other ways to get to work. so exhausted they're like, oh, forget. i'm not going to vote. >> or couldn't vote before work and doing it on your lunch hour. >> and it's a hassle. >> right. we'll watch that. hallie, great to see you. as the candidates make their final arguments this weekend, early voting data and tightening polls dictate where the last few precious days of the campaign will be, as we were talking about. and how do those last few days change their path to 270? political eder mark murray here to break it down with the data i
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live. go i love. what are hillary clinton and donald trump's most likely paths to 270? what do they hope happens easily? >> start with donald trump path first. basically having to sweep all toss-up races and make a move where hillary clinton, one of her firewall states. say you end up giving donald trump florida, north carolina, ohio -- you end up giving him new hampshire. say utah, arizona. donald trump's at 263 electoral votes. that's shy of the 270 needed to win the presidency. what he has to do is pick off a michigan. you and hallie talked about. if not michigan, maybe minnesota. gets you to 270. of course, maybe even going into pennsylvania. so he has to be able to get one of those states. not only is it sweeping the toss-up races where the polls are incredibly tight, but it is being able to pick off one of those midwest states.
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hillary clinton's path is actually a little easier. she ends up winning florida, pretty much done. or doesn't win florida, you could end up having her win north carolina, and you give her back pennsylvania. she wins. but her easiest path is holding on to pennsylvania, winning one of new hampshire and nevada and holding the rest of the midwest states that have gone democratic in the last few cycles. >> the night for hillary clinton becomes particularly complicated if she does, as you say, possibly loses florida, loses north carolina. if pennsylvania's really in play and, of course, ohio. we think it's now in donald trump's camp. then she's got to rahn bit un a the board. kristen welker reported, adding stops. >> yes. and kristen talked about adding stops in places like michigan. walk you through the michigan vote. early vote later. a recent poll came out where hillary clinton is up four points. that could kind of concern you
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and one of the reasons why hillary clinton's going to campaign there again. president barack obama will campaign there. the one little bit of, if you're donald trump, one piece of caution here. you're 38%. >> good point. >> where donald trump, to be able to win the presidency. we've seen numbers in the high 30s, low 40s. to be able to win the battleground states, he's got to get up at least into that mid-40s, if not high 40s. >> mark, go back to the last screen. passed by something on early voting. get what you told me about this. >> so the early voting's fascinating. part is sometimes reading the tea leaves. go through the states that have really interested me. nevada. the people who have watched nevada's early vote. john ralston, basically the best political reporter in nevada. he thinks this is almost locked up for democrats given the high concentration of votes coming in from clark county. a lot of latinos. a six-point add vng for hillary clinton but the thought many unaffiliated voters particularly in clark county are democratic
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voters or potentially voting for hillary clinton. then i end up looking in florida. a very close race in the early vote. again, watch how that unaffiliated ends up breaking. when it comes to the early vote, this margin matters, but so does that unaffiliated vote. >> mark, thanks very much. senior political editor. and a special weekend election coverage begins tonight at 6:00 p.m. eastern with a live two-hour show hosted by joy reid and this tuesday, tune in for wall-to-wall coverage of the historic 2016 election beginning at 9:00 a.m. eastern. when we come back, the election on a global scale. what who wib wins tuesday will mean for the biggest foreign policy issues the world now faces.
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hillary and our failed establishment has spent $6 trillion on wars in the middle east that we never winner. a trump administration will never, ever put the interests of a foreign country before the interests of our country. from now on, it will be america first. donald trump this narch wilmington, north carolina attacking hillary clinton on foreign policy, but a new poll shows voters in four battleground states, arizona, florida, nevada and pennsylvania, all believe that clinton would handle foreign policy better than trump. what kind of ripple effects could trump's global view create with the world watching? joining us from washington, p.j. crowley, and author of the book "red line: american foreign policy in a time fractured politics and failing states," to be released next month. and kale perry.
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thank you both for being here. start in syria. the russians have put an aircraft carrier off the coast of syria. actually control, a lot of people don't know this, a naval base in syria. they had said some time ago, vladimir putin said the mission is accomplished in syria, clearly it's not. this is important. russian strategic presence in syria. >> and a virtual no-fly zone when you look to the surface-to-air fly zones put in place. when you look at specifically where the u.s. and russia differ. >> hold on a second. fix your audio issue. got an audio issue. going to p.j. while we fix that. >> p.j., donald trump vowed to suspend the syrian refugee program and talked how whoa approach the crisis. listen to this. >> we all have a heart, and we'll build safe zones in syria. get the gulf states to pay for them, because we owes 20ds
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trillion. we don't need to pay anymore. we have to fix our own country, but we'll help them, and we'll get people that, frankly, have plenty of money to pay. and they'll be happy to do it. >> so there are some people who think this is a major global issue and a lot of americans who say, he's right. it's our money. it's somebody else's problem. i'm going to vote for this guy. >> well, i think one of the variables that the next president will face one way or the other is what will be happening in, say, mosul with the liberation of that city on the iraqi side of the border and on deck an operation with respect to raqqah, the capital of the islamic state cal la f e caliphate. you don't have, as trump suggested, a united front among even america's regional allies. think about saudi arabia, emirates, qatar, turkey, all
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have a different view, of a desirable outcome in syria. so trying to navigate that will be a great challenge for the next president. obviously as the poll says hillary clinton already has a leg up in terms of -- >> an important point you bring up. bring in kale on this one. strike me if you solved the problem of isis and the problem of syria and the problem of iraq and they are all very different problems, you do need to get a whole lot of people on the same side of this thing. we have all the major players, many of the major players in the world just not on the same side as the united states on how to solve the problem. >> in so many ways, syria is sort of the new lebanon. right? so many different foreign powers putting their fingers into that war specifically and talking about russia now as a naval base, has bases across that country. from a geostrategic the standpoint, ask vladimir putin, he'd say the u.s. has been down it for dirk kads, bases in turkey, up through the gulf sboond the caucuses. now the russians have major
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footprint in syria. this comes at a cost for the russians it's blood and treasure. for the syrians and specifically bashar al assad, undoubted loyalty to do vladimir putin and the russians. that's shifted, changed in the region. the former assistant secretary spoken eloquently the russians approach syria like chechnya. look what's happening in aleppo, it's become grozny. a humanitarian disaster of biblical proportions shifting everything and for the coming years. a new reality for the next president, a russian presence in the region. >> people in swing states seem to think hillary clinton will do a better job than donald trump, the fact is, validity to the criticism the obama administration has not been particularly decisive on a nun of these issues including how to settle iraq and how to settle syria. >> yeah, but you're dealing, ali, with, say, a known-known
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and a known-unknown. hillary clinton has been to every corner of the world, dealt with many of these issues and leaders before, including vladimir putin. donald trump has kind of a -- presented kind of a hazy shorthanded voer eversion of wh might do as president but we don't know who his advisors will be and what he has presented is perhaps, calls into question. is nato obsolete? of course it's not sdpp he know more than the general? of course he doesn't. you know, if he thinks that vladimir putin is going to construct an actor in syria, he's not going to be a constructive actor in syria. you have one person who comes into the job, you know, prepared to deal with the challenges on day one and one guy who will have to learn on the job and there are risks that go along with that. >> let me ask you this. when donald trump says it's ill-advised to push bashar al assad out, you could be left way power vacuum that gave us isis.
2:22 pm
what is the answer to that? >> i'm not sure. i do know that the syrian civil war was much different five years ago. an uprising against bashar al assad and he snapped back. his violent retort against his own people -- >> he had troops open fire on peaceful demonstrators. >> right. for a number of years there wasn't that russian intervention that we see now. it was a sieve's war occurring within the borders of syria but all changed because of the vacuum of power and the russians are inserting themselves in significant ways. interesting, this relationship between putin and trump. we don't know. the great unknown we're talking about. will trump, if he became president, defoer to putin on syr syria? russia did not need to insert their own dictator into syria. they have bone in bashar al
2:23 pm
assad. >> looking at theed advice hillary clinton gave barack obama leaving the state department. don't appear too eager to work together. don't flatter putin with high-level attention. is that indicative of the kind of approach question expect if she's elected? >> i think so. the last two administrations, president george w. bush tried to establish a constructive relationship with vladimir putin and he left office with an active conflict in georgia. whether a reset under president obama? it did work to a large extent when dmitry medlov was in office. whatever russia has dmone in trying to sow chaos an undermine the confidence of the american
2:24 pm
democracy is an act of the russians. and the next president will not only have to confront what to do about that, going have to try to unify you'europe to continue to support ukraine and have to figure out at some point in time, is there common gluground be reeachieved with russian. vladimir putin is probably going to be a factor in american foreign policy for the next eight years. >> yeah. >> he will leave office, not until early 2024. won't about reset but it will have to be some kind of crisis management. forcing, you know, costs on putin, but also leaving avenues for potential cooperation if that pressure works. >> and the next eight years? we thought he left once and didn't thieve time either. good to see you. thank you both for join us today. hillary clinton and donald trump campaigning in florida today. clinton visited the state more than a dozen times since the
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introducing the first-ever infiniti qx30 crossover. visit your local infiniti retailer today. infiniti. empower the drive. in case don't realize how important the state of florida is for the battle for the white house, look how many times the candidates made stop there's since the conventions. a total of 66 visits. early voting data from partners at target smart show the numbers of democratic and republican affiliated voters are evenly split. for more on the florida ground game, join by a writer for "the miami herald." thank you for being with us. comes down to florida, always. neither candidate can win the race generally speaking without the state, but when every vote counts the get out the vote effort is important and by all accounts, hillary clinton is supposed to have the upper hand
2:29 pm
in florida. >> she's got a narrow lead in what we're seen so far in the democrat graphics of the early voters, but it's pretty narrow. i mean in 2012, barack obama had a lead at this point over mitt romney, or democrats had a lead over republicans because we haven't actually tabulated any votes. 1 100,000 votes, something like that. seeing a lot of latinos and independents voting and the democrats think that will help clinton. >> talk about latinos and this latino coalition hillary clinton seems to be building in florida. a recent survey showed clinton holds a 30% margin over trump with likely hispanic voters. does that seem to be make sense to you? >> well, obama won over romney by 21%, hispanic vote according to exit polls. a historic, record-shattering
2:30 pm
number. trump shored up support american the african-americhispanic sflo edged out advantage over clinton in that poll. he originally split the cuban-american goal with clinton, a troubling sign for his campaign. >> one of the reasons why hispanics in florida started to move into the democratic column is because of the cuban-american vote is declining in importance or population and the younger generation of cuban-americans don't seem to share the particularly conservative views of their parents or grandparents? >> that's correct. the key factor in the cuban-american vote in terms of whether they trend republican or democrat is the year they arrived from cuba. so the younger, more recent arrivals are just not following in the same conservative footsteps of the original exiles and we've seen the rise of the puerto rican vote in central
2:31 pm
florida. in the poll you mentioned, astoundingly clinton favor of 71% to trump's 19%. the difference was just very strong blue. >> both -- in their teens, spending a lot of time in florida in the final days of the race. where does it make most sense for hillary clinton or donald trump to drill down and get the most bang for the next two days? >> i think they've been deployed to exactly where they should be. clinton in broward county today. south florida is key for her. we always talk about the i-4 corridor around central florida, tips the balance of the state, but the bulk of the votes are in miami-dade, broward and if she can get democrats here, build a blue wall against florida between votes here and in orlando, doesn't matter what north florida does, because there's not enough people. meanwhile, trump is in tampa, was in tampa, in sarasota monday
2:32 pm
sand shore up the deep republicans in southwest florida and try to keep margins close. >> thank you for being with us, patricia. from "the miami herd." and donald trump will hold a rally in colorado. will he find political fortune out west? we'll ask our political panel after this break. one of millions of orders on this company's servers. accessible by thousands of suppliers and employees globally. but with cyber threats on the rise, mary's data could be under attack. with the help of at&t, and security that senses and mitigates cyber threats, their critical data is safer than ever. giving them the agility to be open & secure. because no one knows & like at&t.
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2:36 pm
clinton gain the day in florida, where tim kaine is spending the whole day. started with a rally in fort myers, in sarasota and ends the day in st. petersburg joinings jon bon jovi at a get out the vote concert. with just three days to go, nearly 40 million people cast their vote for president. those early votes trend where the nominees are spurneding their last days of the campaign. and rick tyler, msnbc political analyst and former national spokesperson for the ted cruz campaign and jason johnson, professor at morgan state university, and the politics editor at "the root." thank you all for joining us. rick, start with you. donald trump is now playing in 11 states in these final days. hillary clinton focusing on new hampshire, florida, pennsylvania, ohio, michigan and north carolina. for trump is he in too many states? too broad in his search to get
2:37 pm
270 electoral votes? >> yeah. he needs to break one of these states. he needs to break into a blue state. if you look at map, if hillary wins florida, it's over. wins north carolina, it's over. she may be competitive in georgia. if she wins there, it's going to be over. she's in pennsylvania because she wants to hold pennsylvania, because trump has lately been competitive there. she can't let him somehow -- if he would twhan stawin that stat many paths open up for him. she's got to win new hampshire. of course, another competitive state and the reason he's in so many states is he just is hoping one of these states, maybe one of these upper midwestern states, the rust belt state, will break open. they talk about minnesota. i don't see that happening. talk about wisconsin. probably not likely. they talk about michigan. could be. but they need something to break the blue wall. >> jason, here's president obama why people should vote, during his interview with reverend al
2:38 pm
sharpton. >> i think a lot of people still can't believe that donald trump would be elected president. there may be a complacency setting in. if you supported me in '08, or in '12, if you think i've done a good job, if you believe michelle's done a good job, everything that we've done over the last eight years will be reversed, with a trump presidency. >> jason, clinton is focusing on places like philadelphia, cleveland. obviously north carolina. we're seeing from early voting turnouts in north carolina, there's an enthusiasm gap, if we can use that word amongst african-americans. president obama seems to be specifically targeting african-americans saying you could make the difference here? >> ali, i actually disagree. if you look at it. i've said this before. just because you're michael jordan doesn't mean you can't be lebron. hillary clinton was never going to match barack obama's numbers when it comes to turnout of
2:39 pm
african-americans. she's done very well with african-americans in north carolina. the numbers are down in places like florida, but not down to where they were eight to ten years ago. as long as she maintains her lead, another key thing. hillary clinton's going to do better with white voters than obama ever did. as long as she did well with white voters and latinos, she could still win. >> 40 million people already voted, in some states, record turnout. as rick was talking about, the trump campaign has to break into the clinton early vote firewall. what is it looking like? >> i don't think it's looking very good for him, because people sdoonconstantly talked aa non-traditional unconventional election, it is, but certainly political rules still apply. organizing, organizing, organizing. you still have to run an organized campaign. if you look at hillary clinton's schedule of events, they of
2:40 pm
directly aligned, her get out the vote rallies are directly aligned with early voting states. with registration deadlines. she's targeting voters. she's going out to pull her votes. donald trump has run an anti-hillary campaign, what's booing him. i think his lack of organization will come back to bite him. it may have been unconventional primary, but a lot of the rules that apply to traditional politics, traditional campaigns apply in the general election, and i'm going to tell you, i believe they still apply. >> rick preston -- rick, the president is -- headed to new hampshire on monday. the trump campaign is feeling pretty confident in new hampshire. given how much the polls have tightened what is trump's most effective message there? >> new hampshire, low taxes, and jobs. of course, you know, the president is vulnerable on obama care. rates have been going up and up and up and talks about so many
2:41 pm
people being -- insured, except people can't use the insurance because they can't afford the premiums and the co-pays. very vulnerable there. it's a combination of obama care and the track record there, and the fact that, look, the economy just has been limping along. we've gotten good numbers over -- over and over again, but be they're small. we can do much better. >> jason, i want to ask you about ads. hillary clinton's going to philadelphia. a free concert tonight with katy perry who just released and ad set to katy perry's song "roar." that's sort of her big final ad. donald trump is closing with a pretty populist anti-washington, anti-insider message. i watched them both. both pretty good. what's the effectiveness of these and how will they go over do you think? >> they're not that effective. who's watching ads this late? interesting about the -- >> watch them because we watch them. what we do.
2:42 pm
i do wonder. >> the thing about these ads is, at this point, they're reinforcing the decisions that people have already made. right? like the last time that donald trump and hillary clinton really got to make a message that people would hear was probably before last weekend. this weekend it's all about, as tara said, can they get their ground game together? get enthusiasm together? this is is important. the reason you see hillary clinton going to places like pennsylvania, the reason you see obama going places like michigan, one, it's not just because polls are tightening, which they are. these are states that do not have early voting. enthusiasm is important because people are only going to be able to vote on one day. if they run into problems that could damage the campaign. >> back to the ground game, tara, a second in nevada. owing people voting stations often in supermarkets and one mexican supermarket in nevada, car dei cardanya's extended because of so many people. clinton camp confident they can deliver nevada. just talking about this in florida.
2:43 pm
are they confident about it there, too? >> i think that nevada, i think she's going to win the state of nevada. again, i want to emphasize this. i work and campaigns. her pollster, worked with him on campaigns together and i can tell you. her targeting is based on joel benenson polling. joe did polling in 2012 for president obama and saw how about krit and spot-on his work was. yes. they see nuopportunity in flori. talking more talk about puerto ricans but other latinos in florida are trending very democratic, and when you look at the influx of people coming in from south american, from central america, those are people turned off by donald trump's message. they feel his message is targeted towards them, and i think that the clinton campaign is capitalizing on those voters and that her strategy has been about talking to all of those different voters and i think that matters. understanding that hispanics aren't just one group nap matters to people.
2:44 pm
i'm recognizing the various communities within the hispanic voting bloc, and speaking to them. also, along those lines, not talked about as much i bring it up. asian-american voters. we've seen asian-american voters trend very democratic. starting in '08 and stronger in 2012 and she's targeting those voters, too, and they can make a difference. >> like in south florida, at a demographic shift from people who were struggling rb for many years and shifting over. tara, and rick and jason, thank to all of you for joining us. from allegations of voter intimidation to reports of voter fraud. next, issues we're following in several states and picking up special election coverage joined by director josh weeden, the man behind hollywood's biggest hits and ads now encouraging americans to vote. the world is full of surprising moments.
2:45 pm
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they even want to try and rig the election at the polling booths where so many cities are corrupt, and voter fraud is all too common, and then they say, oh, there's no voter fraud in our district. there's no voter fraud. take a look at st. louis, at philadelphia, take a look at chicago. people are going to be watching on november 8th. >> donald trump make election rigging a central part of his campaign. his call to watch for voter fraud, allegations of voter intimidation. an ohio judge issued a temporary restraining order blocking any unauthorized poll watching after democrats in the state complained of voter harassment. democrats timed similar lawsuits in some battleground states, concerned that alleged gop bullying will keep voters away. joining me now, reporter zach ross good to see you. allegations of potential voter intimidation, only coming from
2:49 pm
democrats? >> yes. it's only donald trump, candidly, who's been out there telling supporters to watch voting closely in certain areas. that's really not a strategy hillary clinton employed. coming from democrats, yes. >> and what, if any, any evidence, anecdotal this tact titactic we're going to watch is intimidating anyone? >> interesting question. a lot of concern around civil rights groups, advocates, trump tell sag porters would lead to harassment and intimidation at the polls. we've seen isolated incidents so far pap gentleman in virginia yesterday armed, legally armed, talking to voters, and asking them who they were vote for in a way some found threatening. it didn't end up preventing anybody from voting. we saw a man with a baseball bat that said trump on it in north carolina. actually a poll worker standing near the polling station or across the street. again it doesn't look like it prevented people from voting. >> right. the conceptual -- anything
2:50 pm
anybody can do? what do you do? call police? what do they do if they think somebody is there to intimidate you? >> there are election observers, with the federal government. there are however, it's explained that a disproportionate number of african-americans were personur from the voters roles. what's that about? >> three counties in north carolina had illegally purged voters. they suspect the voter is not really registered where they
2:51 pm
say. a judge just yesterday agreed that that was illegal, that it violates the federal voteor act and these rote verse been restored to the rolls and they're going to get to vote. >> zach roth from, thank you for being with us. >> donald trump has vowed to bring jobs back but is his message resonating with voters? t for you ... at the right price. the way to do that is to explore your options. you can spend hours doing that yourself ... or you can call healthmarkets ... and let us do the legwork for you - with no cost or obligation. we'll search a variety of plans from nationally recognized companies to find the coverage that's the best fit for you ... at a price that fits your budget. and we'll do it at no charge to you. just tell us what you're looking for ... what deductibles you prefer ... what doctors you want to see. let us know if you want prescription drug coverage
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2:55 pm
jo, oi've been watching your reports today. this is a story of the manufacturing base having been crippled, former midwest stronghold, important states falling by the wayside and feeling like they've been left behind. >> ali, that's exactly right. what you see behind me is republic steel. this place used to employ about 2,000 workers. now it's just down to four. completely idle. it's not in operation right now. the economy is one of the top issues here in lorraine county. what is it about the economy that voters here really want? >> they want jobs. that's the key goal. they want industry, that back, or new industry to come into the area. we are a steel town here in
2:56 pm
lorraine and elsewhere in northeast ohio, but we also have manufacturing in other areas such as there's an auto plant in ohio, an assembly plant. lorraine had an auto plan. it closed down about a decade or so ago. people are tired of losing jobs. >> as we look backwards in order to understand what comes next, this is a democratic stronghold county. it's gone for obama, it went for other previous democratic presidents going back to the reagan years. is there a shot? does trump have a shot given all the changes in recent years? >> it's possible. republicans can win. there was a republican mayor a few years ago in lorraine. we had a republican county commissioner who was elected back in 2010 in the tea party wave. but traditionally democrats do very well in presidential years. the republican gains tend to come in off-year elections. >> we certainly have spoken to some trump activists who are
2:57 pm
very, very aggressive about their own pitch but of course democrats tend to outnumber. we have seen, ali, a few more republican registrations in the primary season. ohio a must-win state for whoever becomes the next president. ali. >> it's good to see you in ohio. that is it. we're at the end of our hour. i'm ali velshi. joy reed has more coming pup
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. i don't think i need to tell you all of the wrong things about donald trump, but here's what i want you to remember. i want to be the president for everybody, everybody who agrees with me, people who


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