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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 6, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PST

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yeah. do you want to see the rest of the house? -i can actually see a lot of it. -oh. good morning, everyone. i'm alex witt here in new york at msnbc world headquarters. it's 7:00 a.m. in the east, 4:00 a.m. out west. two days to rewriting history. election day 2016, and dramatic events on the campaign trail. donald trump rushed offstage by secret service. today, we're hearing from the protester in the middle of the commotion. >> people around me are booing, saying get out of here and yelling profanities. then all of a sudden, because they couldn't grab the sign, or whatever happened, bam. >> five stops in five states. trump will crisscross the map in some of the places he's headed might surprise you. >> i really think we're going to send a message from coast to coast, east to west, north to
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south. about who we are as a country. >> hillary clinton adding campaign stops and planning a big election eve get out the vote extravaganza. the path to 270, what does the map look like this morning? as early voting ends in a number of states. all that right here on msnbc, the place for politics. >> new reaction from the protester in nevada, escorting out of donald trump's rally last night, moments after secret service rushed the candidate off the stage. >> i have been supporting republican candidates for quite some time. but i just don't support donald trump. and i have been fairly vocal during the primary process, as well as now, and i'm doing my democratic, what i believe is my
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duty, you know, to show that i don't -- even though we're from the same party, even though a lot of the things he says may resonate with a lot of people and a lot of his supporters, i agree with them on many, many different issues, but i just believe that he's very dangerous to the country. so i just came with a sign. literally just had one sign that said "republicans against trump." >> trump returned to the stage minutes later, thanking secret service in denver, his final rally of the evening. he focused on hillary clinton adding stops to her campaign schedule. >> hillary, all of a sudden, she's making all these trips, going all over the place. she was supposed to be home sleeping. this is not good for her. she's going to michigan. see, michigan was never really in play for a republican. but you know what? it's in play for us because all of their cars are being made now in mexico. i think she's wasting her time. i think rather than going to
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michigan, she ought to go home and relax. >> and trump is also heading to michigan. one of five states he's hitting today. he'll also be in iowa. a new poll there finds him with a seven-point advantage. mike pence is up and down the east coast with events in new hampshire, north carolina, and florida. for the democrats, all hands on deck. president obama is back in florida after stumping there three days ago. as for the ticket, tim kaine will hold three events in wisconsin. secretary clinton has stopped in philadelphia before heading to ohio and new hampshire. and fresh off another star-studded event, the clinton campaign is out with two new ads this morning featuring republican military veterans, they will air during sunday night football. >> i spent 22 years in the air force, and i was a republican for every one of them. i was rationalizing donald trump's behaviors until i heard that tape. that was the last straw. i don't want my granddaughter thinking it's okay to be treated that way and my grandson thinking it's that how you
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should treat women. that scares me, that scares me a lot, so hillary has my vote. >> with just two days left, we're covering every angle. jolean is in ohio with student voters. mark murray is right here to break down the map to 270. jacob rascon is in denver with the trump team. we begin with kristen welker with the clinton campaign. she's in philadelphia. kristen, good morning to you. secretary clinton and president obama, they're both now going to michigan tomorrow for two separate events. what is driving the added campaign events in that state? >> that is the big question this weekend, alex. look, the clinton campaign feeling energized, feeling focused, during to one campaign official. the polls tight, though, nationally. a new abc news/"washington post" poll shows secretary clinton up by five points. now, that's up from yesterday, when she was only up by one point. but still, this is a close race, and it's close in michigan. so why is michigan so important? michigan is a reliably blue
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state. you'll recall that during the primary, bernie sanders pulled off a big upset there. the clinton campaign remembers that. it's very fresh in their mind, and the polls have been getting a lot tighter in michigan. right now, she has a four-point lead in that state. what would a loss in michigan mean for secretary clinton? it would mean it would complicate her path to 270. what would a win in michigan mean? it would mean that donald trump would have to sweep all of the major battleground states. ohio, pennsylvania, north carolina, and florida. so that is how significant michigan is. the clinton campaign sees that as their home turf, their firewall, if you will, so she's trying to hold court there. that's why she added a campaign stop there. by the way, pennsylvania, another part of her firewall. she wants to hold her ground here in pennsylvania. that's why she had the big event here with katy perry. last night, she's going to have a few more stopped today and then the big unity rally with the president and first lady on
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monday. you said it, it's all hands on deck right now for the democrats. not just for her top political surrogates but for entertainers as well. she'll be joined by lebron james in ohio later today and james taylor in new hampshire later tonight. >> lots going on, certainly there in philadelphia. thank you for that, kristen welker. let's go to jacob rascon in denver. he's with the trump campaign. good early morning to you out there, jacob. what more are we hearing from the protester last night? >> so this is somebody who came to the trump rally like many other protesters have, to hold up their sign and protest of the republican nominee. this is one of those republicans who decided to come, not somebody who supported bernie sanders or hillary clinton like we usual asee. so this person says he walked up, pushed his way quietly through the crowd, got up right in front of the stage and held up a sign that said "republicans against trump." and that's when he said people started pulling him and hitting him. take a listen.
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>> when i pulled out the sign, people around me were trying to grab the sign. the people around me are booing and saying get out of here and yelling profanities. then all of a sudden, because they couldn't grab the sign, or whatever happened, bam. i get tackled by all these people. and somebody yelled somebody about a gun. so that's where things really got out of hand. people were just kicking me, grabbing my arms, twisting them. >> so he says somebod else yelled gun, and that may have been what triggered donald trump being rushed off the stage. in fact, that's what the secret service said triggered him being rushed off the stabling. less than ten minutes later, donald trump was back. he said nobody can stop us. nobody said this would be easy. the protester says he's a republican but says in this cycle he's supporting hillary clinton, wanting to make sure that donald trump doesn't take the presidency. today, donald trump will be in five different states. and then tomorrow, he'll be in another four, including
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michigan, when you're talking about his running mate mike pence also in michigan three times in the last three days. >> confirming, no gun was found, correct? >> no, no weapon was found. and of course, they have people go through metal detectors as they go in to prevent something like that. >> jacob rascon in denver, thank you for that. let's get the newest look at the path to 270 electoral votes. to do that, we have nbc news senior political editor mark murray in studio. first question, michigan. why has this become so crucial to both candidates? >> let me break down why michigan or maybe pennsylvania are so important, as kristen and jacob were talking about. right now, hillary clinton has a 274 to 180 electoral vote lead according to our battleground map. if you end up having 270 votes, you win the presidency. right now, clinton is above that. let's say we give donald trump all of the toss-up states on our map. so the florida, michigan, ohio, w hampshire, you put utah and
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then arizona in donald trump's column and he's at 263. short of the 270 that's needed. he has to pick off something else. so if michigan gets in there, 279, or if he can't do michigan, you do pennsylvania, and that gets him at 283. what donald trump's strategy to win this presidency and it's a difficult one but a doable one, is you have to run the table in all the toss-up contests, the even steven races in the polling and pick off one of these reliable democrat states. >> if he does not win either pennsylvania or michigan, does he still have a path? >> it's very difficult. so say, you know, we end up having pennsylvania and michigan and hillary clinton's column. then donald trump has to do something like maybe pull off a colorado, for example. and then that gets him at 272. that's a possibility, why he was in denver last night. or what you have to hope to do is somehow you have nevada, even though the early vote is in the democratic column there, but if
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you take that away from hillary clinton somehow, that that ends up bringing her below 270 electoral votes. so again, i would actually put this almost in poker terms right now, hillary clinton is holding two pairs right now on the final card pull. donald trump doesn't have anything, but he's hoping for an inside straight. that's his path to 270 electoral votes. >> a lot of gambling going on certainly. what about the other states that are in play that usually aren't? he's going to minnesota today. >> he is going to minnesota, although again, it's very hard to see if wisconsin is not in play, then it's very hard to see how minnesota would be. but alex, there's one other state that's really important to note. we have donald trump running the table in these battleground states, if hillary clinton is able to win florida, you see that puts her at 303, the election would end up being over. we're about 70% of the returns on the early vote are going to come in very early in the evening on tuesday night. if we find out that hillary clinton has the lead in florida,
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that gives us a very big indication of how the night is going to go. so watch what happens in florida. i would also say north carolina is very important, too. so those are really the 50/50 contests that if they go hillary clinton's way, we're not going to need this map all that much because we know how election night will break. >> i want to make sure, they fixed all the machines in florida, so there's no more potential for hanging chads allah 2000? >> we'll have our map of hanging chads and all the recount mechanisms if we need them, but let's just get the votes first. you're going to blow my mind. >> don't want to do that. you have two days to go. thank you very much, mark murray. >> winning michigan, why both candidates are redoubling their efforts in a state that was thought to be over. mark was explaining. we have further news on that after the break. [ keyboard typing ]
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if you haven't mailed in your ballot, don't do that. bring it. bring it. take it to the drop box in your county. don't put it in the mail. i know everybody says how honest everything is with our political system. but we all know better. >> that's donald trump last night in denver. one of more than a dozen stops he's making this weekend. let's bring in chris kofinis and scott jennings, forming white house deputy director of political affairs under president george w. bush. gentlemen, off we go. let's take off with you first, chris, with the clinton campaign adding two new events to the schedule, one with the candidate, one with the president. are they worried and if so, why? >> i wouldn't say they're worried. it's a smart strategy. the has been tightening in some
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of the battlegrounds. it hasn't turned completely, no critical battleground state has turned completely to trump, but they tightened enough where you want to be smart about it in the last few days of this election. i think when you look at the battleground map, you know, with about two days left, i would rather be the clinton campaign than the trump campaign. the trump campaign really has a difficult path here. they've got to pick off a blue state, and as of yet, they haven't been able to turn any of these polls in their favor. and so it makes it a difficult road unless -- it makes it an impossible road, to be honest, unless they're able to do that. >> the clinton campaign just trying to lock this down. conversely, donald trump has also added an event in michigan tonight. his campaign believes the state could be the key victory here. where is that idea coming from? is it internal polling? do you know what the polling
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might say? >> well, i think the trump campaign believes it's closing in michigan. their polling does show that, and they're also looking at the absentee ballots. absentee voting is up in michigan this year, but it's down in detroit, which has a lot of african-american voter whose would traditionally vote democrat. what you see from the trump campaign is some belief they need to win another blue state, that's true, and michigan with demographics similar to ohio and other rust belt states, may be the path of least resistance. on election night, if they don't win florida and don't win north carolina, there is very little path to go through for a route to 270 that doesn't go through michigan and wisconsin and the upper midwest. so right now, the trump campaign is looking to open that door and they're seeing some data on the absentees that indicate there's a possibility. >> moving west, let's go to iowa. the final poll out of that state is showing trump opening up a seven-point lead there. iowa has only voted for a republican once in the past
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seven elections. and let's remind our viewers that trump lost the caucus, so if he pull said this off in iowa, do you think then other states could follow, kind of like a domino effect? >> no, i mean, the one thing about presidential elections and i would say probably this one in particular, there is a uniqueness in terms of some of these key battlegrounds. and i think for whatever reason, trump has been able to click with the older, it's whiter demographic in iowa. it doesn't necessarily translate over when you have more diversity in like a michigan or ohio and in particularly florida, where he's having more challenges. the bottle line is it's a simple demographic map. what i mean by that is if you have trump's inability to build support amongst millennials, african-americans, hispanics, and women. that becomes a real difficult hurdle for him to win some of these bigger states.
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if you can't win some of these bigger states, he simply does not have the numbers to get to 270. >> scott, in your mind, you say without florida and north carolina, this is pretty tough. can you envision a scenario that you see 270 for trump? >> sure, i mean, i think he has a chance to win. on election night, we'll look to florida, as mark murray said earlier on the show. if he wins florida, we're in for a long night of counting vote in a lot of states. if he loses florida, which may come in early, the returns, then it's probably going to be a very short night. so after florida, let's say he wins it. it looks good for him right now in ohio. it looks good for him in iowa. i think he's going to flip iowa. you can already see a lot of states that barack obama carried in 2012 are coming back to trump, so florida is the key, and that will follow with north carolina, ohio, iowa. those are all flips. nevada does not look good now for trump. he needs to win new hampshire to replace those electoral vote. there's a path. a lot of key is to whether he
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can keep florida under control. >> kind of sounds like threiadig a needle. chris, you have conducted focus groups. have you noticed a shift at all, and if so, in what direction and why? >> the shift was, at least with the debates ones, it was towards clinton. there was always a sizable bloc, and looking at where the race has ended, we always had a sizable block of voters who were undecide undenobody could figure out why they were undecided. that's really hard for democrats like myself to understand, but it is what it is. i think you can break it down really simple in terms of what's going to happen on tuesday. if turnout amongst the key democratic blocks of voters, millennials, women, african-americans, hispanics, if that is up and up to 2012 levels or higher, then hillary clinton
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is going to have a very good night. for some reason it's down, it's closer to 2004 or worse levels. then we may have a problem. it's really that simple, i think, at this point. >> all right, gentlemen, good to talk to you both. i know it's a long couple days for you. thank you for joining us. coming up next, a check on early voting in ohio and how crucial the buckeye state may be. what powers the digital world. communication.
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don't expect weather to be a major factor in turnout on tuesday. the weather channel forecast sees no major storms with much of the country dry, with above average temperatures. the great lakes and south central states could see a bit of rain. let's go now to ohio. jolean kent is at the state house in columbus where election results will be monitored. she's been traveling the state, talking to voters there. what are you hearing, with a good morning to you. >> well, good morning to you, alex. we're hearing so far so good from the early voters hitting the polls. today, polls here in franklin
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county open at 1:00. they close at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow, there's another chance to vote at 8:00 a.m. there are been major long lines reporting at the precincts so far. those who have been able to vote said the lines have moved pretty quickly. there are concerns of cyber security andby vulnerabilities in the voting system on election day and these days leading up to it. the fbi now involved, the department of homeland security, and the secretary of state of ohio also bringing in private security to test the systems to make sure that everything works going forward into election day. we're also watching polls as people get ready to line up and vote. the economy, of course, one of the top issues in this critical swing state. we have been talking with voters across the state who say that the economy and job creation is something that they're looking for from their candidates as they make their final decisions. >> that was quite evident in your discussions with people yesterday in lorraine, but you have found the economy to be really superseding everything else, no matter where you are in the buckeye state?
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>> well, so far, we have been in lorraine county and franklin county and we'll be heading to other places later today. the economy very much top of mind, but sometimes for certain voter whose have secure jobs, they're also concerned about immigration and national security and terrorism as well. >> all right. we appreciate that live report from columbus, ohio, outside the beautiful state house. that's going to do it for us this hour. i'm alex witt. thank you for watching. coming your way at the top of the hour, "politics nation." he'll have an exclusive interview with president obama discussing the power of each and every vote. coming up on tuesday, watch msnbc for our wall to wall coverage of the historic 2016 election. it begins at 9:00 a.m. iron. meantime, i look forward to seeing you tomorrow 5:00 a.m. eastern on "morning joe" first look. make it a great sunday and stay with us on msnbc the place for politics. diabetes can be a daily struggle,
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good morning. coming up on msnbc's your business. the small business advisers to donald trump and hillary clinton make the case as to why their candidate will be best for america's aunentrepreneurs. how one veteran is transferring the skills he learned in the military to run his tech company, and what this ohio couple is doing to get customers to shop small and buy local products.


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