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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  November 6, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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comcast has connected over 3 million people in need to low-cost internet at home. welcome to a brighter future. comcast. all right. that's going to wrap up this hour. again, this is a much busier afternoon than we were expecting. chuck todd and t.p. dailey is going to pick up our coverage now. >> thank you, steve. good evening. i am still chuck todd at nbc's election headquarters in new york. welcome to an even more special edition of mtp daily. parentally we had a new "meet the press" all over this morning. the sunday nerd edition is what we were going to call that. we'll still provide a show for political junkies out there tuning in for the blocking and tackling of an election over the actual blocking and tackling of sunday football. but obviously there's some huge
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news right now. so look, we'll break down the path to 270. we'll break down and give you more of the nbc news/washington journal poll, but let's begin with the breaking news out of the fbi. the fbi has concluded its review of supposed new e-mails into the investigation into clinton's private server. director comey sent this -- we reviewed all the communications that were to or from hillary clinton while she was secretary of state. based on our review we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in july with respect to secretary clinton. in other words, they are standing by their original decision not to recommend pursuing a case against secretary clinton. according to our own pete williams, nearly all of the e-mails they found in this review were duplicates of e-mails they had already seen. we're going to have the latest from pete williams in just a few minutes. the clinton campaign obviously
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breathing a big sigh of relief even though the damage may have been done. we are glad to see the fbi director as found, as we were confident that he would, that he has confirmed the conclusion that he reached in july and we're glad that this matter is resolved. the trump campaign, well, guess what they did? they went back after the fbi when the fbi revived the investigation, going so far as to suggest clinton would be indicted. the candidate himself didn't mention the updated news today in his stop in minnesota. here's kellyanne conway with steven kornacki a few minutes ago attempting to put the best possible spin on this latest decision. >> let obesity fair. she lied about the server, lied about the number of devices, she lied about having classified information. the fact that she put your and my security at risk does not
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change. it doesn't change october 28th and it doesn't change today. >> conway also argued the trump campaign has not been making this news a centerpiece of their closing argument, but if you i've been watching trump's rallies these past few days, you might think otherwise. join meganow on the phone with the latest is our own justice correspondent, pete williams. there had been speculation many of these e-mails were likely to be duplicates and it appears that way. they thought most of them were. that does mean that they found some other emails. what were those? >> well, chuck, what i'm told is, first of all, that the investigation is substantial done so, that's thing one. this is not an interim report. this is the end of the road for the examination of the server. what they say is that as you noted at the beginning, most of what they looked at was duplicates of what the fbi investigators had already seen in looking at the clinton e-mail investigation, looking at the documents on the server over the
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past several months. some were unrelated to official business, social things, that kind of stuff. there were some documents that were forwarding previously known classified documents. what i'm told is that the bottom line on the number of classified -- the number of documents containing classified information that were found on the server, that number hasn't substantially changed. it's not clear whether it went up by one or two but it's not a substantial change and that's why the fbi director says it doesn't change the bottom line on whether the case should be prosecuted. >> pete, it was amazing that he decided to send a letter that he sent with 11 days before the election, and itch to say i'm equally shocked that he sent another let we are two days to go before the election. what was the thinking behind this inside the fbi? >> well, i think the thinking all along was that if they could say, having put that letter out there two fridays ago, if they
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could say that they had reached a conclusion they would, they wouldn't simply sit on it. if they had reached a conclusion they wouldn't simply sit on it until after the election was over and then say oh, by the way, we did our investigation and we didn't find anything material. so the decision all along was if they could get there, they would, that they wouldn't put out an interim report, in other words, they wouldn't say, hey, we're 80% done. most of the documents seem to be duplicates. they decided against that. >> some of the criticism from some very well-known republicans including speaker gingrich implies he caved under pressure. how much pressure did director comey feel about getting something out before the election? >> i don't know if pressure is the right word. i think he just felt that that was the right thing to do if they could. now, i will say that i think it was self-imposed. the fbi wanted to try to get this answer before the election
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if it could. and this was an all hands on deck 24 hour a day kind of operation to get through this. but they insisted it's thorough and that they always thought to themselves they could say what the answer was, they would. >> by the way, does this mean they're almost done with the anthony weiner part of this investigation? >> no. >> still a separate thing. okay. >> yes, indeed. >> pete williams, i know you were trying to get yourself in front of a camera. i'll let you go. joining me by phone from manchester, new hampshire, kristen welker, who just spoke with the clinton campaign. describe the mood of the clinton campaign on this news. >> well, chuck, they are breathing a sigh of relief. there's no doubt about that. this top clinton official said to me this announcement effectively takes the wind out of donald trump's sails. he's had the rug pulled out from under him. he can no longer stand at the podium and suggest that secretary clinton is the subject
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of an investigation a and that she might be indicted as we have heard from him in recent days. but i asked him about the political impact and they insist, look, we've seen a tightening of the polls, not only because of this announcement by director comey but because this is what happens in presidential elections. of course you and i have been watching these pols. whether they are tightening because of comey or otherwise, the bottom line is they are very tight. so could this push her over the edge in some key battleground states? it could, the campaign believes. and they made the point, will this force some superpacs to take their ads off the air that have been focused on this, that are running in all of these critical battleground states? what time of impact might that have? there's no doubt this is significant for the clinton campaign. in terms of messaging, what will we hear from secretary clinton? they say she's not going to dwell on it, she's going to try to focus on rangana herath closing argument. she wanted to close out this campaign on a positive note. she's been in full attack mode against donald trump in the wake
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of this announcement by director comey nine days ago. only recently starting to speak more about her policy issue, her vision for how she wants to take the country forward. i get the sense in these final 48 hours she's going to be hitting those notes and talking less about attacking donald trump. one final point, i've been talking to voters here in new hampshire, chuck. clinton sup sporter who is say their concern is the damage has already been done. we veal to see. >> kristen welker on the clinton trail in new hampshire. kristen, thanks very much. let me bring in tonight's panel quickly. ben ginsburg. beth foomy. and maria teresa bravard. welcome, all of you. beth, impact, tuesday? what? >> we're all so -- >> i know. >> our heads are spinning around. we're still processing the last news, now the news-news comes. the clinton campaign has been
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trying to maintain an assumption that, you know, the e-mail stuff is baked and people have already made up their mind about it and the polls would tighten anyway as kristen said. but you know they were furious and really frustrated this came to them the way it did at the time it did. perhaps ipts off the table, but if there's been damage, it's been done, they insist they're moving ahead with the strategy as it was and in our own polling we found it didn't make a lot of difference in battleground states polling. >> the peak negative for her was wednesday or thursday last week and there was this sort of she was restabilizing a little bit. obviously this isn't going to hurt. do you think this moves the needle or is it at this point too late? >> no. and one of the interesting factors is the push for early voting and absentee voting. locked people in in the midst of -- >> the middle of it. >> the middle of while comey was doing the investigation.
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it also served to remind people of the fact they do not think hillary clinton is honest or trustworthy. that's something donald trump will hit in the closing argument. >> can't resimulate either. if it had an impact, it could have been felt down the ballot that it helped republicans unite around a message at the end when they needed a message to unite around. >> but had it been any other candidate i think the republican party would have been able to capitalize on this last-minute moment, but he has his own issues. i was talking earlier with someone that in the last week of august you and i had a conversation ta any other candidate would have failed. but he has serious issues with not only the latino voter that is going to be so significant in arizona and nevada and florida, but he also has the other what i call the other voters that folks aren't talking about, the muslim-american and asian voters where they'll make a difference in ohio and pennsylvania, even
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texas when it comes to the muslim-american community. >> i want to talk about the person that may be in the real political fire here is not clinton or trump but comey. everybody is hitting comey again. still left and right. here's kellyanne last hour, conway, during another part of a response on this to steven kornacki. take a listen. >> he's mishandled the investigation from the beginning and this proves it yet again. in other words, why the dribs and drabs? why the investigation is over, no, it's not, i was just kidding, or we're not pressing charges but let me go to congress two days later and testify under oath all the things she did wrong that might lead a different prosecutor to pressing charges. i think that was the frustration and indeed the consternation for many people including donald trump. obviously, you know what, it didn't change my mind today that the investigation has been mishandled from the beginning. >> brian fallon, spokesperson for the clinton campaign, could have uttered that sentence there. newt gingrich tweets, comey must
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be under enormous political pressure to cave like this and announce something he can't possibly know. here's a democrat criticizing comey on news today. john conyers of michigan, longtime democrats. in the days that come we will have many questions about the fbi's handling of this investigation. in the meantime, however, i welcome this news confirming again that no charges are warranted into this matter. we have a political loser in all of this, james comey. >> from his point of view, he argued he was doing the right thing in both cases, that he had to bring the information forward when he did the first time and had to do it the second time, but he has put the fbi in the middle of a political campaign like never before. >> and the fact he wrapped it up literally two days before an election, it just seems unseemly. at a time when people distrust government thinking every single thing that is happening right now is for political gain it jeopardizes the fbi. >> this is long-term, yeah. >> there's no sense anymore that anybody's a straight shooter, that anybody's a fair actor,
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that everybody is being influenced by politics, everybody's drawing their own conclusions selectively based on their own perspective. >> it's a shame. >> all right. so now -- by the way, ben, i want to go to something kristen said. do those superpacs that have been using this, are they legally obligated to pull it down? >> i don't believe they're legally obligated to pull it down. as superpacs, they're allowed to put the ads up, stations can pull them down the they find the information was false so, it will come down to the wording that is in the superpac ads. again, this comes a little late to influence eiththe messaging. >> stick around. coming up, the campaigns, we'll get into some mill handicapping you could call it. they're crisscrossing the country as they search for various ways to 270. we'll have the latest look at our electoral map. and deep zbooif the final nbc news/"wall street journal" poll
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for the homestretch. and later the latest on the high stakes battle for the house and the senate. does the comey news have any impact there?
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welcome back. even before today's surprise, the fbi had concluded its reviews of the e-mails on anthony weiner's laptops, both campaigns and surrogates were in hyper drive, crisscrossing the country in a slew of battleground states. for the trump side, they were doubling the number of states. with clinton, there was definitely a little more focus. take a listen. >> we have one chance. it's our last chance. it's on tuesday. it's the 8th. it's our last chance. >> two days, florida. two days to decide the future of the country. and i need you to go vote.
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>> i will never, ever quit on you. no matter what. >> a lot of democratic big gun surrogates hit the trail today. wisconsin, pennsylvania, michigan, arizona, florida to name a few where folks are. just last hour, hillary clinton rallied with king james in, where else, cleveland, ohio, could have been akron. republicans blited the battlegrounds today themselves. new hampshire, iowa, minnesota, yes, minnesota. a blitz of swing states he's got to win just to stay in the game plus some of those big blue states in the upper midwest including michigan where trump and pence have made four stops in the past seven days. according to folks inside the trump campaign, internals are showing a dead heat in michigan and they claim a three-point race in minnesota. cl clinton campaign is taking michigan pretty seriously in
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their final blitz along with stops in cleveland, minnesota, ohio. minnesota is calling trump's bluff on that one. the map favors clinton but the trump campaign is hoping to pull out a win. our nbc news/"wall street journal" poll, clinton holds a four-point lead nationally among likely voters but that is down from an 11-point lead in october. those numbers came out this morning. we have new numbers this hour and they paint a pretty dark picture about the future of american politics. look at these numbers. 64% of likely voters we surveyed say the election has made the nation more divided. 62% say we're on the wrong track as a country and that same number 62% say this election has made them less proud of the united states. whoever gets to 270 is going to face a potentially unmanageable political storm in this country. and these campaigns are looking at very different roads. let me do little refresh.
2:20 pm
there's the clinton campaign in our battleground map. we have her sitting at 274. we still have michigan, not a toss-up but in leading democrats. i'm going to walk you through a basic trump scenario. his shortest path sweeping the big three of florida, north carolina, and ohio still leaves him short. needs arizona and utah. new hampshire. and everything on the board, you've seen me do this plenty, he's short six. yes nevada would do it but the numbers don't look good there. that's why they're in michigan. this is a plausible scenario for h him sweeping but the problem is florida is something if you believe this early vote data is somewhat leaning in clinton's column. if that happens he's got to find 19 somewhere else. pennsylvania would do it. but pennsylvania, boy, that becomes a reach. you see here, florida, north carolina, ohio.
2:21 pm
they all go red, michigan makes a lot of sense. if just one of these three ends up going blue of the big three, florida, north carolina, ohio, then michigan wouldn't be enough. it's a narrow trump path. it's not unrealistic, but as you can say it's precarious, especially as we've seen with the hispanic vote. i want to go around into some of these last-minute battlegrounds. we've got folks that we want to check in with in both florida, wisconsin as well and of course our own kelly o'donnell. let me start in wisconsin. charles benson, veteran political reporter for our nbc affiliate in milwaukee. charles, walk me through wisconsin. is it closing at all or is wisconsin looking like it normally does every four years since 1988? >> yeah, it's looking like every four years in wisconsin. republicans have not won here since 1984 when ronald reagan took the state. since then democrats have won seven in a row.
2:22 pm
keep in mind, chuck, you have to go back to the april primary. donald trump and hillary clinton were not their first choices. when they came back into the state, they knew they had to refwrr regroup from that moment. donald trump has been at wisconsin five times. hillary clinton has been here zero time s. but the early voting has been concluded here, one out of four wisconsin voters has already voted and the two counties that have produced the biggest number of votes so far in early voting, milwaukee county, dane county, and that spells good news for hillary clinton. >> ron johnson has been making a furious camback in this race. total nail-biter at the end? >> yeah. milwaukee was not in the world series but if they're looking for a game seven it will be tuesday night with ron johnson, the republican, trying to hold
2:23 pm
his seat and democrat russ feingold trying to win back his seat. in these final weeks they've spent $23 million in tv and digital ads mainly from the outside. look, they don't even pay aaron rodgers that kind of money around here. okay? >> you reminded me of who we're competing with for air time. go back to what you should be watching, watching the packers come back against the colts. kelly o'donnell is in cleveland. ohio, democrats seem to have a renewed hope they can somehow sneak ohio back into the blue column. can they? >> certainly in cuyahoga county where we are, it is a democratic stronghold. you get the sense in this part
2:24 pm
of the state there is enthusiasm. when you add to the mix lebron james, there aren't enough superlatives how people feel about him and a lot of the good work he is doing through his town dawgs dags, he talked about that before introducing hillary clinton and talked about being one of those kids in the community who thought his vote didn't matter and now he does. trying to make the connection to the african-american youth. it is a tougher state for hillary clinton because of the economic distress that's gone through in this industrial sort of decay. this is my hometown so i get it from that level. but there is a sense as she closed cleveland here she felt good about where they stand and they're looking to try to use this to block donald trump.
2:25 pm
>> all right. let's go down to florida. is there a one state-state this cycle or multiple states? mark caputo of florida, he's their florida guru. it seems there is no path that the presidency without florida for donald trump which then tells you if there is a check mate state it is florida. >> certainly. and right now, it's kind of anyone's chess match. the early voting data is trending clinton, you realize it's not as good as bavm. you look at the internals of who's voted and you realize if you adjust for the people who were democrats who actually probably voted republican in
2:26 pm
2012 and depths who probably voted republican in 2012 and vice versa for the democrats and then you add the number of election day number they've moved forward, hillary clinton is probably in the same exact position president obama was in 2012 around this time of the election where democrats walked in with a big lead but republicans overperformed on election day and president obama won by less than a percentage point. a lot of polls if you aggregate them together showitis a toss-up state. the data, a toss-up state. democrats have a lead in casting early ballots. if you ear betting on this race, i would not bet a lot of money on either candidate. >> it seems like the unknown and why democrats keep saying they feel better about it a is no party affiliation turnout situation. everybody's been noting a bunch of no party affiliate voters showed up particularly in the i-4 corridor and seem convinced this is code for bigger turnout
2:27 pm
among puerto ricans than they expected. >> here's what gives the clinton campaign a boost in their sails. right now the hispanic vote is overperforming where it was in 2012 and the african-american vote is almost at the same level it was in 2012. if that trend holds, they might exceed their renl station numbers. good polls in hispanic florida show donald trump is getting his clock cleaned with hispanics, especially puerto ricos in the i-4, whether registered democrat or republican pimts not a good scene for donald trump. in the end, don't forget white voters, nonhispanic white voters are still the overwhelming majority of florida's voter rolls, like 64%, 65%, and they've cast about 67% of the ballots, good news for donald trump.
2:28 pm
>> the biggest clump of split ticket voters are probably going to be hispanics, probably cubans in south florida between hillary clinton and marco rubio. let me ask you this -- what is his safe zone? how much can he afford clinton to win by and still survive? >> probably still about the three percentage point range and doesn't look like hillary clinton will hit that if she wins. rubio is well-known here, bilingual, this is a county where the democrat needs to win big over the republican. i don't think marco rubio will win miami-dade but he won't lose it badly and that bodes poorly for congressman patrick murphy. if to beat any one of these four candidate ts, trump, murphy, rubio, you want to be rubio.
2:29 pm
>> the only republican who ran for president who gets to give a victory speech on november 8th. always good to talk to you. >> the battle for congress, democrats believe they have a good shot at the senate. are is the house in play at all? we'll dig deep. my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet? the search for relief often leads here.s,
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4:00 games are headed to halftime so get in here, tune in and stick with us for the next 30 minutes. we're going nerd central, house, senate, you name it. a lot going on other than the presidential tuesday night. first i asked familiar phones who couldn't make it to the show tonight to tell us what they'll be watching on election night. here's what a few of them said. >> i'm going to be watching what happens in florida, the battleground state that has been visited more by donald trump and hillary clinton than any other state. >> watch for the share of the electricity rat that goes third party. >> the polls in virginia close early so we'll get a sense of the direction the house campaign is going based on the results of barbara come stock's race. >> i'll be watching the latino vote which could decide all-important florida.
2:34 pm
>> up with chance to vote, your thinking, feeling, and attitude. >> one of the most consequential days in this country's history. >> election day gets me fired up and makes me most proud to be an american. >> the day we stop guessing about what the voter is thinking. >> it makes me emotional. it's democracy in action. >> really freaking exciting. this is not a spectator sport. whoa, this is awful, try it. oh no, that looks gross what is that? you gotta try it, it's terrible. i don't wanna try it if it's terrible. it's like mango chutney and burnt hair. no thank you, i have a very sensitive palate. just try it! guys, i think we should hurry up. if you taste something bad, you want someone else to try it. it's what you do. i can't get the taste out of my mouth! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. shhh! dog, dog, dog.
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welcome back to this special edition of "mtp daily." fbi director james comey announced today that the bureau's review of hillary clinton's e-mails has not changed. and they have not changed their assessment from last july. that hillary clinton should not be prosecuted for her handling of classified information. trump saying comey made the decision under political pressure to end the investigation. of course democrats have been criticizing him for reviving it. what impact might any of this have on the race for congress? it looked as if hillary clinton could lead a wave, sweeping democrats into control of the senate and maybe even putting the house in play. now post comey, that's out of
2:38 pm
the question. david washington, five house races are where the stakes are high and maybe they gives us a clue about whether democrats can get a double-digit gain even if they can't win control. how are you? >> good. >> we pick five and start way out west. probably a race we won't know the result of until thursday or friday. darrell issa, orange county, what's going on here? >> northern san diego, sage county. republican hasn't lost since 1936 but i think donald trump will be the first. sas is proof that even if you're the wealthiest member of congress you can run a poor campaign. issa has not adapted with his district-. he's a profile character in a district trump is unpopular. he introduced trump at a rally in may. a year ago i asked democrats who's doug applegate? they said we'll get back to you
2:39 pm
in a few days. now it's a toss-up. >> what's the hispanic population in this district? >> about 20% of the population, a lot letss of the vote but a well educated, wealthy district. >> trump is costing issa this one? >> issa could be costing himself this district. >> very quickly. your next one, john mica, suburban orlando. stephanie murphy might become the youngest member of congress. >> this is orlando, right across the street from where the pulse nightclub shooting happened. right after that, she decided to get in the race. the anti-washington thing works against him. >> next race, suburban chicago, this district always on your list. classic swing district, right? >> this is a classic rematch. and bob dold is one of the few
2:40 pm
moderate republicans left in the house. brad is sh needer was beaten by him in 2014. my guess is schneider gets that seat back. >> because it's a presidential year. the closest thing we have to an ex-serving democratic seat. rick nolan a freshman member of congress twice, once in the '70s and once a few cycles ago. this was the top target for republicans for a long time. >> he was doing well. mills is having a shot around this time. >> is he brad pitt like. we'll let others decide. and if you live in washington, d.c., you know a lot about this one. mclain, great falls. this is your classic highly educated republican leaning district that might do what?
2:41 pm
>> barbara come stock is one of the few republicans who decided she wasn't going to vote for trump after that "access hollywood" tape came out. luann bennett has a good shot because of the loudoun county suburbs in nournl. >> republicans have held on to the state cycle after cycle and democrats swore they could win it. is this different? >> it's a toss-up. this is one of those seat where is a couple weeks ago it looked like bennett might have the edge. lit go down to the wire. >> also, mr. wasserman. why isn't -- democrats don't have enough seats in order to win this. is it because too many rural seats they would win in a normal year trump does well? >> exactly. a tale of two houses. sbub barn, well educated districts and these blue-collar districts, for example, in northern maine where democrats thought they were going to have a great shot and they may not have them in the bag because trump is actually doing some
2:42 pm
pretty good things for republicans in place. >> i think there's no question trump is helping them in iowa, house races and new york houses. thank you very much. let me bring in two good friends of yours as well as mine into this conversation. wasserman, walter, all charlie cook's empire. >> the gregg popovich of political handicapping. >> we want to go senate. this morning your mentors, you have the same mentors, mr. charlie cook. he basically pushed the senate races, i made him push until the final two. the final two he couldn't push were missouri and north carolina. why wasn't he ready to call those two? >> missouri is going to be tough partly because we don't know how well donald trump will do. look at the end of the day.
2:43 pm
that is going to i think be the deciding factor in the missouri race. not that long ago it looked like roy blunt was in deep trouble. fop of the ticket, one thing that puts this thing back. in north carolina, you know what, we are all getting inundated with data and yet we don't have the capacity to actually dig down into it. a lot of early vote data but unless you're sitting where the campaigns are with voter file history, it's selly for us to trying to start analyze what this means versus 2012 and what this means for the different races. >> can you underestimate the impact comey had on the down ballot situation over the last two weeks? >> they don't want to put fbi or
2:44 pm
e-mails back into the conversation in any form but it would be really bothered in that basically comey said remember that letter i sent ten days ago? it turned out to be nothing. clinton still has an edge electorally. that hasn't changed. she still has an edge. what did that comey announcement do? it only need to move up a point or two. if republican enthusiasm is where it is going to be, then roy blunt may fall across the line through none of his own doing other than the comey thing may be depressed democratic. it may have reminded them maybe that's why i don't like the national democratic party and hillary clinton. you may see the same with richard burr. enthusiasm won't change five or ten point bus in a one or two point range it can make the difference. >> the last race, charlie did pick, amy, was new hampshire.
2:45 pm
he's uncomfortable doing it. it was like if you were going to make me, he was leaning challenger way on that. how do you feel on that race? that was the thirtd of the last one that he felt comfortable picking. >> chuck, you're basically pitting me against my boss. thanks. putting me in a really comfortable position. each one of these races, we go through eesm of the tiny little day death tails to say here's why i think this candidate over this candidate. if it seems hillary clinton looks stronger in new hampshire
2:46 pm
and pennsylvania you can see that being enough to flip those two states. if the thing is much more intense on the republican side, that enthusiasm is still there, i don't know. i'm not going to even push it. there we go. louisiana and georgia may do us a favor and go into overtime and we may end up with a special senate election a year from now. two senate elections in two years. >> 2017, 2018. >> we'll have a governor's race in virginia and a senate race. same year. >> we'll continue to pick house and senate races and pretty much every month to decide who controls the senate. appreciate it. our panel is back after the break with what else we can expect from the last few hours on the trail. stay tuned.
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welcome back. iver got to show you something that's horrifying. we asked clinton voters what they thought of trump and trump voters what they thought of clinton to see how bad is this divide. let me put up the word. in is what clinton supporters think of trump. first words out there
2:51 pm
temperamental, misogynist, sexist, womanizer. probably not surprising but rough language. now, let me show you what trump voters think of clinton. crook, crooked, corrupt, liar, dishonest. ben ginsburg, how is this -- you have the country basically saying it's a choice between a crook and a racist. >> the polarization over the last decade is getting worse. that's going to put interesting pressure on whoever survives this election and has to govern. talked about how difficult that would be, whatever presidential race, considerations in the house also highly polarized get really, really interesting especially in the house when it comes time to choose the speaker. >> how are we going to get -- >> it is so shocking we're even having that conversation. that, you know, legitimate senators of note are floating
2:52 pm
this as an option we got to this in this country. >> eight is enough. >> exactly. >> has a good rick to it. >> it worked the first time. whoever wins, kelly a little ahead, assume it's her, have to move ahead of the nomination and quickly after that to do whatever she can and reach out. it's going to be hard, chuck, because not only do you know, an outreach to republicans but also the left sitting on her shoulder urging her to not go that direction. she's made a lot of promises to those guys she can't walk back. >> she said first 100 days immigration reform. >> i would think republicans would want reform. >> we thought that in 2012. >> republicans have an opportunity to give her a supreme court justice that works. if they can get past social issues that hurt them with their
2:53 pm
base, all of a sudden they have a clean slate. they can govern again. i know that's a long shot. for them i would use it as an opportunity. >> a run at a republican primary, right? >> i'm going with infrastructure reform and tax reform as issues you set the ground. >> she needs paul ryan. >> she needs paul ryan a lot, strangely enough. he's going to be the most important man in washington pretty soon. he's the only one that bridges the gap between the folks who want to move forward and govern and who don't. whether he's got credibility after this, wishy washy supporting trump but not really, going his own way. >> whether or not paul ryan is going to survive his own political party is she going to be the one, anybody besides him is going to be so much more extreme. >> does paul ryan need trump to do badly for his own survival.
2:54 pm
does he get punished? >> the scenario you're talking about hillary clinton can set the tone telling democrats to vote for paul ryan for speaker. >> that's an interesting thought. >> just coalitional politics. >> i've been -- >> she loses the left forever. >> if james comey offers a resignation you don't accept it, right? >> no. >> you do something like that as a way to everybody clean up that situation. >> that's right. >> mitch mcconnell. he knows if he loses the majority he gets it back in '18. the numbers that way. what incentive does he have to make the senate function that well for her politically? >> he lost all his credibility with president obama. saying the only role he wanted to play in eight years walgreen's. >> with who? >> as legislator. >> if the republicans continue to elect him, he's got that credibility. >> if he wants to be a man of the base, to be the majority leader of a party that is shrinking rapidly and is going to go away forever if they don't
2:55 pm
start playing ball on some level, he could do that. i think paul ryan would be willing to take that gamble. i don't see that with mitch mcconnell. >> depends on the agenda the new president proposes whether senators and representatives get to be statesmen or they have to be partisan hacks. >> there doesn't seem to be a good scenario. >> not at all. she has the opportunity -- it all depends how badly republicans lose. if they lose badly they have to cap political courage and realize we have to revamp otherwise we will never step foot in the white house. as goes demographic changes we'll never have majority in the senate as well. >> they are going to blame trump say we had a bad candidate with flawed message. let's get back to normal. >> he's opened up a base i think you'll have a strong fracture in the republican party. the fact he basically said when he decided to unendorse him the first time he didn't talk to
2:56 pm
ryan, the trump campaign, the rnc, there is no political leadership. >> you have the last word? >> last word is -- >> super glue for the party. >> super glue for the party, ceremonial blood letting and we'll kind of get back to winning elections. >> all right. >> it's going to be fascinating december. onto 2018. >> rip van winkle. >> thank you guys. we have a little more right after the break. liberty mutual stood with me
2:57 pm
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that's all we've got right now, but we know you've wantmore. you know who will give you more steve cornerback yaek wi-- a busy afternoon. we expected all along but much busier than anybody was ready for. a new letter from the fbi director james comey. he now says fbi is finished with its review of those new e-mails discovered in the last few weeks of this campaign believed to be connected to hillary clinton's private e-mail server. the fbi, comey says, sticking with its conclusion from july that clinton should not be charged in connection to that private server. now, these were the newly discovered e-mails just


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