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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  November 7, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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all right, that wraps us up for the hour. i'm stephanie ruhle. coming up right now, more news with kristen welker in the state of new hampshire. >> reporter: stephanie, thank you. good to see you. good morning from manchester, new hampshire, one of the big battlegrounds in this tight election. hillary clinton was here last night. donald trump is here today. right now, the state of the race as we hit the 24 hour mark. the candidates and their surrogates are crisscrossing the country campaigning for every last vote. up until the very end. just out, the new battleground map. if everything goes secretary clinton's way, we have her at 274 electoral votes. trump at 170 and 94 in the toss-up column. that's the new national polls this morning with clinton leading trump anywhere from 3 to 6 points. we also have the very latest early voting numbers and what that means to the race.
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also in the final hours, the fbi standing by its decision not to bring charges in the e-mail case. clinton remains silent. trump lashing out. >> you can't review 650,000 new e-mails in a day. can't do it, folks. hillary clinton is guilty. she knows it. the fbi knows it. the people know it. and now it's up to the american people to deliver justice at the ballot box on november 8th. >> we also have exclusive new reporting on who donald trump is eyeing for top cabinet positions if he's elected. we'll be checking in with the team of political correspondents with the candidates from coast to coast throughout the day. we'll start with pete williams, kasie hunt and peter alexander all here. peter, i want to go to you first and this a game changer, some are calling it.
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essentially case closed? >> no, not anymore than it was case closed before the director's letter two fridays ago. as a technical matter, that's kind of a term of art in the fbi world. it was closed before tn't closes still freedom of information act requests going on but the latest group of e-mails found on anthony weiner's laptop is certainly over with in terms of the question of whether there's anything new to say about the case against hillary clinton. >> and pete, just take us inside the thinking in the fbi, if you would. i've been listening to you reporting. you say fbi director james comey didn't necessarily feel pressure but he did feel a sense of urgency to try to get this review going as quickly as possible. >> the reason i say that is i think this was self-imposed pressure. they certainly were well aware of the reaction to the letter that he sent to congress two
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fridays ago but they fully expected they would get blowback. perhaps not as much and strident and vociferous but certainly expected to be criticized but their own internal desire was to get the word out on what the results were, if they could do it before the election. >> pete, stand by. we want to go to hillary clinton now hosting a gaggle. >> reporter: it seems over time, you've been sometimes misunderstood. fought off a lot of prejudice. do you think today, america understands you and is ready to accept you? >> well, i think i have some work to do to bring the country together, as i've been saying in these speeches in the last few days. i really do want to be the president for everybody. people who vote for me. people who vote against me. because i think that these splits, these divides that have been not only exposed but
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exacerbated by the campaign on the other side are ones that we really do have to bring the country together. >> can you do that? >> yes. absolutely. absolutely. i love this country and i believe in our people and we have a big agenda ahead of us, but i'm excited. i think we will get a lot done and i do think we'll bring the country together. work until the last vote is counted. we're on a good track. >> you heard secretary clinton there say we're on a good track as our own andrea mitchell asked her if there was any damage done by fbi director james comey and initially saying he was looking into thousands of newly released
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e-mails and on sunday, saying there was nothing there. i want to bring in our own kasie hunt who was one of the reporters, a part of that press gaggle. kasie, talk about your takeaways from what you heard from secretary clinton, insisting she can be and will be a president for everyone. what are your takeaways? >> reporter: you saw there. of course, she kind of brushed off the effects of comey's second letter there saying she's excited to hit the campaign trail. she was asked and the answer you heard about her talking about the divisiveness was whether or not the country was ready to accept her after so many years in the public eye and so many difficulties in the public eye, as first lady, dealt with issues like that. tea and cookies quote from back in 1992 and beyonce embraced in a wholehearted way with the blue
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pants suit last friday night at that beyonce and jay-z concert. so it really has been a change and the challenge will be no matter what the outcome on tuesday night, whether or not these divisions that have been so, on such stark display over the course of the last 18 months have any hope of reconciling and of course, i think what we have seen from this comey news over the last week or so is a real change in particularly the senate. democrats think it may have cost them a couple of senate seats in the end and of course, that has a potential to have a big impact on governing for secretary clinton because it could mean the difference between a democratic and a republican senate. so i do think that today, this is, of course, the last full day of campaigning. we're coming from here to pittsburgh to grand rapids back to pennsylvania going to philadelphia and then overnight, well, at least at midnight in raleigh before she comes back here to new york, i think that there is a real sense of history kind of surrounding this day
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because, you know, all the chips are on the table. kristen? >> kasie, let me ask you quickly about the politics of this. secretary clinton yesterday out on the campaign trail did not want to talk about her e-mails even though she got this gift from director comey. it seems like her strategy is to really try to focus on her closing argument and these remaining 24 hours to let surrogates deal with the e-mail issue. what are you anticipating today as she hits all of those critical battleground states you mapped out? michigan, pennsylvania, north carolina? >> reporter: i think they play away from the e-mail issue. we saw her in this crush of reporters that surrounded her and there you go. you can see her getting on the stronger together express. the last voyage for the campaign plane. only been flying on it since labor day but i'll walk over
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here otherwise i'll get left on the tarmac. but they want one more shot to talk to voters. michigan, pennsylvania. north carolina, they have a better idea. but there are places where they don't have a sense of what vote is in, how well their machine has or hasn't been working. these are all states that vote on election day. so i think you can expect them to really try to focus on their closing message and get that very last-ditch effort to talk to as many people as possible. i don't think they have any interest in talking about e-mails, so i wouldn't expect to hear much about that today. kristen? >> the intrepid kasie hunt about to board on the plane. we really appreciate it. safe travels, my friend. appreciate it. i want to bring in peter alexander following donald trump in florida. peter, let's talk about the political implications of all of this. donald trump yesterday slamming director comey again, effectively saying, you just can't review hundreds of
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thousands of e-mails in a matter of days. he's going back to this argument that we have heard from him that the system is effectively rigged. do you think this is going to be an effective strategy? what is his campaign telling you? >> reporter: definitely sticks with the strategy he's had for the last several weeks. making it clear it wouldn't be possible. one of the top aides said it's impossible to go through 650,000 e-mails in the course of 8 or 9 days worth noting not all e-mails were related to hillary clinton or to her private server. some of them, of course, for personal e-mails. to huma abedin and estranged husband, a disgraced former congressman anthony weiner but donald trump is hitting on this fact. kelly ann conway saying there are still open questions about this investigation. the point trump is making and the way he's trying to capitalize it is in each of the last three rallies said hillary clinton knows she's guilty, the fbi knows she's guilty and up to you, the american voters, to
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provide the verdict at the ballot box on november 8th. that's the way he hopes to deliver on this with the remaining time left. >> peter, i know it's loud there. let me try to ask you one more question. we see donald trump looking for this path to 270 and he is going after michigan with everything he has. he thinks he can turn that reliably blue sate rtate red. talk about the strategy. >> reporter: first, he'll head over the course of these next 12 hours. be here in florida in a few minutes from now. got to win florida to start with. 29 electoral votes at stake here. a lot of early voting showing latinos up in large numbers coming to places like this. sarasota, in sarasota county. it's a county that while barack obama won in 2012 by one percentage point, mitt romney won this county by 8 points and trump knows he theeneeds to gro that number going forward. that's why he visited this state more than any other in the
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country in this convention. his 39th visit. you talk about the effort in states like michigan and minnesota. minnesota is a state that's voted democratic for decades, the same is true of michigan. not since 1988 has a republican won that state. they know they need to flip a state. this morning, they believe michigan is the place they can win. they're also keeping an eye on pennsylvania where trump will head to scranton just a few hours from now. >> peter alexander bringing us up to date from the donald trump event. 24 more hours to go. thank you for that report. appreciate it. now to the final 2016 battleground map. nbc political editor mark murray. just a few changes heading into the final day. what are they and how does the map look right now? >> let me walk you through. what we ended up doing was moving georgia from lean republican back into toss-up. we had a poll that showed hillary clinton down one point in georgia and others show a
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close race so we move it back in the toss-up. we move utah into lean republican front toss-up and evan mcmullen and getting an excess of double digits but still hasn't been able to lead so we have donald trump in a better place in utah but hillary clinton at 274, donald trump at 170. if hillary clinton holds on to the things in blue, she is in the driver's seat in this election regardless of what happens in the battleground states. peter alexander just in florida. that is key but right now, hillary clinton has the advantage and a substantial one on the battleground map. >> and mark, just so our viewers understand, talk about the importance of a state like michigan and why as donald trump looks for a path to 270. that could be critical if he could flip that state. >> reporter: exactly, kristen. here's what michigan does. you move that to red and all of the sudden, give donald trump
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all the other battlegrounds here and that, boom, puts him above 275. not a big margin but michigan would do the trick. so would pennsylvania but that's the tough challenge on winning over a state that's been blue for a long time now. >> a challenge indeed and as you point out, have to win a whole lot more battle ground states than that. we appreciate that. i want to bring in veteran democratic strategist for bill clinton's 1992 campaign james carville with former spokesman for ted cruz's presidential campaign, rick tyler. thank you to both of you for being here on this election eve. james, i want to start with you. i'm here in new hampshire. i have to tell you, i was out interviewing folks last night in the wake of this announcement by fbi director james comey saying there's there infuriated because the damage is done
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politically. is that assessment fair? is it done to secretary clinton or an 11th hour political gift and put her over the edge in some key battleground states? >> a lot of people think it didn't have a great deal of effect on republicans. i don't know if you would rather have this information or not. but this thing is going to be decided now by how many doors we knock on and how many voter lists that you contact. i think people's decisions are already made what they think about the the e-mae-mails and e. this is three yards and a cloud of dust time. and the information probably did irritate and energize democrats. i know that's helpful. >> talking about the ground game, more than a million volunteers out over the weekend but is the real thing at stake here potentially the senate? so many close senate races. democrats felt really emboldened
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prior to the comey announcement and then all those races seem to get a whole lot tighter. >> these elections, generally, break one way or another right at the end. somebody does a point or point and a half better than we anticipate. if that happens, will take a lot of these senate candidates with her and if not, maybe not so much. all the polling i see up by 5 points. up by 5, then the democrats will open the senate seat there. some of it is you don't have the number of tickets today that you did in the past even 20 years ago. so we'll see. the race did get tighter but we'll see. right now, they've got to get the people out and if they do that, they told me 3 million contacts on saturday alone and they have a really, really, really good ground game. they've invested heavily in it and they think it's really paid off in florida.
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but i think they know it's paid off in nevada and i think they're going to bring some good dividends but it's up to the people out there right now, there's no more tv ads, no more debates. it's strictly a street game now. >> let me bring you in here. do you think the cake is effectively baked at this point? and i wonder what you make of donald trump's strategy by going back to the rigged argument saying it's impossible to go through 650,000 e-mails in a matter of days. is that smart? >> look, the fbi involvement in this campaign is clearly stopped the momentum for hillary and turned it to donald trump's favor. donald trump has actually been very much on message and holding on to that momentum but kristen, the problem is the wall as mark just went through is wall. the wall is not red, it's blue. hillary clinton's strategy is to hold that wall together. that's why you see her in states that don't have early voting and
7:17 am
hold it together. michigan, pennsylvania, and new hampshire. and then she's on offense in north carolina but the wall is blue and donald trump needs to break that wall somewhere. he's got to turn one of the blue states, not only that, win all the toss-up states and break one of the blue states to make this go his way. >> rick, when i talk to trump campaign officials saying, hey, we feel good about michigan. we think we can win michigan. james talks about the ground game and a robust one in michigan. on the part of the clinton campaign. can donald trump come back and sort of make this push in these final days and swap a state like michigan? turn it from blue to red? >> if he was any other republican candidate, probably no because we would look at the history of michigan but donald trump has had an appeal to these rust belt states and so perhaps he could and then the question is, what is the rnc's ground game? because they have focused a lot on saying that while trump
7:18 am
doesn't have a ground game, the rnc does. if, in fact, he were to flip michigan, the rnc would probably have been responsible for that and get a lot of credit for that but if it is not and clinton has the ground game and he doesn't, then michigan and all the surrogates sending there, well, they're being very competitive right now but seems likely to hold blue. >> i want to get both of you quickly to weigh in on what we were seeing in terms of early voting. james, let me start with you. in north carolina, they are saying african-american turnout hasn't been as strong as it was back in 2012. on the other hand, you have very robust turnout among latinos in states like nevada, north carolina, and florida. what is your main takeaway at this point if you were to read the tea leaves? >> first of all, they won nevada in the vote. john said that david told me that and i would be surprised. so that's a true bit in the ground game but i think they're very confident about florida and
7:19 am
the early vote in florida is advantageous to democrats and it is a problem. it's an acknowledged problem we've got to get african-american turnout in north carolina. it got better later in the week and i think with the president out doing the stuff they've been doing yesterday and today, may not reach 2012 levels but i think can get it pretty good and doing everything they can. no one denies it. >> what do you see so far, particularly when we have these reports about very strong turnout among latinos? >> i'll make a prediction, kristen. i think the vote is going to deliver this florida for clinton. that's going to block trump going forward. i don't know if it would be called early but i think the republican party's appeal to the hispanics this cycle is going to come home to roost and i think latinos giving the early voting and you'll have the largest
7:20 am
hispanic turnout in american history. i think florida goes to clinton because of the latino vote. >> end on that prediction. >> i think she has a better chance in arizona and ohio. i think a chance in both. but a lot in arizona also. >> if she flips arizona, that would be quite a story indeed. she's maaciking a push for that reliably red state as well. thank you for a great conversation. really appreciate it. be sure to join msnbc for all day coverage of this historic 2016 election tomorrow and we'll ramp up to the results with our prime time team, special coverage kicks off at 6:00 p.m. eastern. up next, is georgia about to turn blue as mark murray was about to turn? in the toss-up column with hours left until election day. we'll talk about that and much more with a man who marched, protested and beaten and arrested for the right to vote? john lewis, georgia congressman,
7:21 am
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you can't review 650,000 new e-mails in a day. you can't do it, folks. hillary clinton is guilty. she knows it. the fbi knows it. the people know it. and now it's up to the american people to deliver justice at the ballot box on november 8th. >> that was donald trump in suburban detroit last night reviving his attacks against fbi director james comey and his decision not to bring charges against hillary clinton after reviewing the latest round of e-mails. i want to bring in congressman john lewis, a democrat from georgia. really appreciate it. >> thank you very much for having me the day before the big
7:25 am
election. >> it is a big day, congressman, and i want to get to that in just a minute but i want to get your reaction to this breaking news as i've been talking about all day and speaking to hillary clinton's supporters and they say the concern is the damage is already done from the initial announcement by james comey. do you think that's true and what specifically is the damage? is it to the clinton campaign or to those down ballot races? >> i think the damage is already done to the down ballot races. the people are going to turn out and vote for secretary clinton. they believed in her. the democratic votes would be there on tomorrow to deliver and to make her the next president of the united states. >> let me ask you, given that prediction, we know 42 million people have voted so far according to our exclusive data from target smart. your home state of georgia is
7:26 am
getting a lot of attention and in fact, we have moved it from leaning red to a potential toss-up. do you think that this is a state that secretary clinton can flip? what are you seeing there on the ground? >> i tell you. in the past few days, i've traveled to many parts of the state and the democratic party, the men and women are ready. young people, african-american, hispanics are ready to run to the polls and vote tomorrow. and turn georgia blue. we can do it. >> you feel confident in the ground game? has the clinton campaign actually built up a robust ground game in georgia given the fact that it typically does go red? >> we have people working all across the state. there's field offices. many young people. many women. latinos, african-americans,
7:27 am
students. >> i know that some democrats are concerned about the fact if you look at the early voting totals in north carolina, they haven't seen as strong turnout among african-americans in this cycle in early voting as we saw back in 2012. are you concerned about that? we've seen secretary clinton trying to energize the african-american community in the recent days including president obama who's gotten very personal. are those efforts working? are they effective? >> i've been to north carolina. i've been to pennsylvania. spending time here in georgia. but i tell you, with the religious leaders and others, students, organizers going to churches yesterday. i think people will be at the polls on tuesday. >> all right. congressman john lewis joining us on a very busy and very important day on this election eve. great to see you, congressman. appreciate it.
7:28 am
>> good to see you. thank you. down to the wire. president obama makes one last blitz through several swing states to stump for hillary clinton. my colleague chris jansing is about 35 miles northeast of here in durham. hey there, chris. >> reporter: hey, battleground new hampshire. what's going on? bernie sanders and non-college educated whites. i'll explain when we come back live from the university of new hampshire right after this. just like the people who own them, every business is different. but every one of those businesses will need legal help as they age and grow. whether it be help starting your business, vendor contracts or employment agreements. legalzoom's network of attorneys can help you every step of the way so you can focus on what you do. we'll handle the legal stuff that comes up along the way. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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the focus today, the last day of the 2016 presidential campaign is on the battleground states. the candidates and their surrogates are spread out all over the battlegrounds. nearly 30 appearances in all today. our political team is spread out all across the country and i want to start with my friend and colleague chris jansing who's in durham, new hampshire.
7:32 am
i was out talking to voters last night here in new hampshire and in manchester and a lot of them are still undecided. what are you hearing there on the ground in durham? >> reporter: i mean, that's exactly why the president is coming here. it's so intense and make sure they bring people over to their side. this is the crowd largely from the university of new hampshire. it is going to be huge. thousands of people. and the reason the president is here, remember bernie sanders won this state in the primaries. 60 to 38% to make sure these college students come out. look at how far these line goes. people have been going, wow. the other reason is that the demographics are favorable to donald trump, non-college educated whites. this isn't a tremendously diverse state but in the end, it comes down to the ground game. the republican leader of the trump campaign said we've knocked on 1.4 million doors. the response from the democrats,
7:33 am
there aren't even 1.4 million doors in new hampshire and sometimes we've knocked on doors twice. and it will be interesting to see the president giving the final push out here in new hampshire which up until now has been a reliably blue state. let's go to mariana in tampa. >> reporter: i'm in the west tampa sandwich shop. this is hillsborough county and this county has predicted 19 of the last 20 presidential elections. now the latino turnout here is the area with the fastest growing latino population along the i-4 corridor. just in florida, 200,000 more hispanics voted early as of friday than in the entire early voting period in 2012 according to steve shale, a democratic
7:34 am
strategist. the way they vote could be different. we won't really know until election day. i gear up for a long 48 hours. i have my cuban coffee set up here and i'll toss it over to morgan radford in north carolina. >> reporter: that's right, guys. we're here in north carolina. this is the swag room for trump supporters. look at these items like hot chicks love freedom and i'll show you something quickly. the headquarters here in wake county, north carolina, and with all that swag, it doesn't mean anything unless they have the volunteers who are calling people and sending e-mails, trying to remind north carolinians now is the time to get out the vote. in fact, we have volunteers like charles. down to the wire. ground zero. just 24 hours until the election. how are you feeling? >> great. turnout is up among republicans and statewide, a phenomenal sign. we had more republicans, unaffiliateds choose republican. >> like a different type of
7:35 am
republican? >> i think the trump year has been a different year. i think it may be to our advantage. there are republicans coming out because of donald trump but we haven't seen before. and some democrats, conservative democrats. unaffiliateds. >> reporter: you're trying to get them out to the polls. north carolina has to go to their precinct and that's what you hear in north carolina. let's go in columbus, ohio. >> thanks, morgan. we are in franklin county, ohio, right now. the lines wefor early voting ar epic. you can see, we are all around a shopping have. it snakes all the way to the back. what we hear is a lot of enthusiasm in this line. we've seen that this race is too close to call. every single early vote matters. we're already seeing records being broken. 78,000 people in franklin county all lined up throughout this
7:36 am
line patiently waiting. that is a record turnout compared to 2012. we've seen the 2012 race numbers completely shattered. here in ohio, statewide, clinton leading 48% to trump's 47%. that's in the margin of error. everyone excited to cast their ballot, many for the first time and i'll show you the entrance to the franklin county voting center here and it continues all the way down here and so what we see here is a very tight race and christian and it's too close to call. back to you. >> it's going to be a nail biter. if that doesn't get you excited for election day, i don't know what will. fantastic reporting guys, really appreciate it. chris, mariana, morgan, and joe. great stuff. counting back to election. the path to 270. a dramatic update to the nbc news battleground map. stay with us.
7:37 am
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our brand new and final battleground map of 2016 shows donald trump's path to 270 has narrowed with just one day left until election day. nbc news senior political editor mark murray is back with us to help us break it all down and i want to start with these new national poll numbers we're seeing, mark, talking about the fact that donald trump's path has narrowed and part of that is being reflected in these national polls. secretary clinton holding on to her lead. >> reporter: that's right. we end up going through the latest polls and actually been a slew of polls in the last 24 hours and they all show a pretty consistent story with hillary clinton ahead. you know, anywhere between 3 and 6 points so the highest our nbc survey monkey poll had at 6 points. the national "wall street journal" had hillary clinton plus 4 and in the meantime, between when we got this graphic up, a brand new fox poll that also has hillary clinton up 4 points. a lot of consistency right now in the poll and kristen, what i
7:41 am
also find is how consistent hillary clinton's lead has been. this has actually been a very stable race despite all the ups and downs and the different story lines we have followed. just look at this right now where hillary clinton has had a very durable lead. sometimes in the mid single digits and sometimes higher than that but very consistent. >> and of course, this race is going to be won in the battleground states. a lot of battle ground states razor tight. i was curious to see secretary clinton open up a lead here in new hampshire, 11 points. how surprising was that and what else are you seeing? >> you know, it's not all that surprising. and a much closer race but after that big "access hollywood" storyline came out, there were many polls showing hillary clinton with either a double digit lead in new hampshire or one in the high and single digits but let me walk you through our battleground map. hillary clinton with a 274 to 170 lead over donald trump and
7:42 am
when you mention about new hampshire and why that's important, say, for example, that hillary, you know, you keep new hampshire as a battleground and drops her below the 270 you need to win the presidency, so she has to either win a new hampshire or nevada or she has to end up getting new hampshire, be able to do it, just holding on to her map and not dealing with any of the battlegrounds and the toss-ups. >> mark murray, fascinating as always on this election eve. great to see you, my friend. >> thanks, kristen. and we want to shift gears now and turn to some sad news to report. janet reno, the first woman to serve as u.s. attorney general has died. reno's god daughter said the former attorney general died from complications due to parkinson's disease and served during a tumultuous time. reno also authorized the seizure
7:43 am
of 5-year-old elian gonzalez at gunpoint to be returned home with his father in cuba. praised to help reduce crime, battle terrorism and drugs. janet reno was 78 years old. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event. (bing) for over 100 years like kraft has,natural cheese you learn a lot about what people want. honey, do we have like a super creamy cheese with taco spice already in it? oh, thanks. bon appe-cheese! okay...
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just a short time ago, hillary clinton boarded her campaign plane to begin the final full day of campaigning making stops in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, as well as philadelphia and michigan and north carolina. donald trump has five stops in florida, north carolina, pennsylvania, new hampshire, and michigan. on "morning joe," kellyann conway said they have multiple paths to 270. >> we dipped into minnesota. we're going into 248 blue wall in michigan, pennsylvania, colorado, new hampshire, new mexico, minnesota, for example.
7:47 am
we've obviously had team clinton on the run in terms of where they're going to schedule and deploy their supersurrogates in the final days. >> joined now by the clinton campaign's national political director. thank you so much for being here, amanda, really appreciate it on this election eve. >> great to be here. >> let me start off by just getting your reaction to the news. fbi director james comey saying there's no there there. any worries there's been damage to secretary clinton's chances in some of the critical battleground states and director comey's announcement as too late? >> we've been at it for a long time. making sure we're getting our grassroots. making sure the people are mobilized and, you know, this news came and went. we knew it was resolved. we said that from the beginning but when you're reaching this part of the campaign, you've got to do everything you can to get the door knocks out, make sure
7:48 am
the hillary coalition is in tact and ready to go. that's what we've been focused throughout. >> you heard canckelly ann conw say they've got you guys on the run. michigan and pennsylvania. those are the firewall for secretary clinton. how confident are you that you will hold turf there? because of the upset in the primary to bernie sanders. >> we feel fantastic and as you're seeing, a lot of great surrogates there. we're going to keep doing everything we can on doors but we know that as we get into these final days, timing really matters, and michigan is one of those places that does do it the old fashioned way and a lot of election day voters. you've seen in our schedule and our surrogate schedules that we've got to get out to michigan in these final days. michigan, pennsylvania, new hampshire. we'll be there, we'll earn every vote and keep working hard. >> i want to get your take on some of what we have seen in early voting. record numbers of latinos in
7:49 am
nevada and then there's this from florida. 565,000 hispanics have completed early in-person voting. that's a 100% increase from 2012. this is based on an analysis done by the miami herald. so what do you make of those numbers, amanda, what does that mean? >> we feel incredibly proud of what we are seeing from our ground game. really, the connection with hillary clinton. the answer back to donald trump. you are seeing the latino community engaged and not just in bigger numbers but seeing new voters come out and that really is a sign here that the latino community is engaged, voting, listening and watching. we couldn't be more proud of it. >> there are some analysts who say what we will see ultimately in this election is a record number of latinos who turn out to vote. that donald trump may have awakened a sleeping giant, so to
7:50 am
speak. do you think that's possible we're going to actually see a record number of latinos voting? i know you've been pushing towards that but could be the case? >> absolutely. we've been seeing this across the board and talking about it quite a bit. not only the voter registration numbers received but the volunteer efforts, the engagement. one of the things that isn't often followed as closely on english media is the work she's doing on spanish media as well, on some of the programs that are really traditional in the latino community and of course, i was in arizona with senator kaine when he gave his speech all in spanish. that's a first time that's ever happened in a presidential campaign. >> let me ask you about another key group. african-americans. their turnout is not as robust in states like north carolina as it was back in 2012. secretary clinton doesn't need to match exactly what president obama did but she needs to get close. are you concerned about that and president obama obviously out there helping her make the case.
7:51 am
do you think he's going to help deliver the votes or do you think she'll fall short? >> i believe our surrogates have done a fantastic job, clearly having president obama and the first lady makes a difference but you see in north carolina, we had a fantastic weekend with african-american voters and we're going to keep pushing at that. we know we need to be out there on the counties and those communities and we're seeing some really great work and so i'm not worried that we'll be able to hit the targets we need to hit and we're seeing that energy come along. lebron james in ohio yesterday was also a really great moment for us on the campaign, but we got to keep working at it. >> amanda, just very kwek quick why do you think african-americans are not seen turning out with strong numbers as you were aiming for at least prior to this moment? i don't want to prejudge that but prior to this moment. >> we see some really great energy out there. so i'm confident that we're going to hit the right numbers. but listen, coming after the
7:52 am
first african-american president and his reelection, that's a motivating factor but we want to meet it and having, of course, president obama out there, the first lady out there does make a difference. being able to connect to voters to say, we need to do it again and make history again. that's really been our message out here. >> all right, amanda rentur thank you. >> thank you for having me. battleground pennsylvania up next. where everything is on the line in the next 24 hours. msnbc's jacob soboroff is live. >> reporter: greetings from philadelphia city hall. what's behind the beautiful blue curtains and behind that door right there are absolutely critical to what happens in the battleground state. tomorrow on election day, i'll tell you more and tell you why after this break. don't go anywhere. gary, gary, gary... i am proud of you, my man. making simple, smart cash back choices... with quicksilver from capital one. you're earning unlimited 1.5% cash back
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male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community. i'm very proud of him. male vo: welcome to new beginnings. comcast. a quick end to a mass transit strike in philadelphia could help with voter turnout in
7:56 am
the city. a democratic stronghold. jacob soboroff in the city of brotherly love, my hometown. let me get your reaction on the ground. aircra a lot of folks concerned about how this strike was going to impact election day. >> reporter: absolutely breathing a sigh of relief. hundreds of thousands people potentially not able to take regional mass transit and now able to get to the polls tomorrow. i want to show you something quick. right here behind the blue curtain and 1.1 million registered voters will have the opportunity to vote tomorrow on election day. direct recording, no paper ballots but the man behind this door over here is going to make sure that hopefully that's not a problem for anybody. this is the officer of al schmidt. >> my uncle was the city commissioner.
7:57 am
>> reporter: i want to get a question here for commissioner schmidt. critical job tomorrow here in the city. how to protect the vote? >> 1700 precincts. the last are calling through the election boards and keeping a close eye on this election like any other. >> reporter: are you worried about a rigged election? >> not worried. >> reporter: we'll have more in the next hour here inside city hall. back to you. >> great conversation, great information. jacob soboroff, thank you. and we'll be right back with more live from manchester, new hampshire. stay with us. my name is barbara and i make dog chow natural.
7:58 am
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