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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  November 7, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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i really did save hundreds on my car insurance with geico. i should take a closer look at geico... geico has a long history of great savings and great service. over seventy-five years. wait. seventy-five years? that is great. speaking of great, check out these hot riffs. you like smash mouth? uh, yeah i have an early day tomorrow so... wait. almost there. goodnight, bruce. gotta tune the "a." (humming) take a closer look at geico. great savings. and a whole lot more. and that wraps up this hour of "msnbc live." tamron hall picks up our coverage. >> great seeing you and congratulations to craig melvin. normally that hour but just had a baby. let's move on though to what some people would equate to labor this election. new changes in the latest nbc news battleground map.
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our final prediction before the election. the latest on the shifts in the map and we'll look at the national polls released just moments ago and also, this morning, with hillary clinton focusing efforts on the last full days of campaigning with states she's looking at and what they're saying about the fbi announcement there's no evidence of wrongdoing in those newly discovered e-mails associated with anthony weiner's account and his laptop. plus, this latest move as donald trump back to criticizing the fbi calling the system rigged. and what does trump's battleground strategy look like on the eve of the election? he is pressing hard into democratic territory. good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall coming to you live from our msnbc election headquarters in new york. just 19 hours until the first polls open on election day in six eastern states and 12 hours
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down to people in the tiny town of dixville, new hampshire, holding their election at midnight and final full day of campaigning, here's the state of the presidential race right now. our final nbc news survey monkey tracking poll out just this morning shows secretary clinton with a 6 point lead nationally. new polls from the "washington post" abc news, the new york times, cbs news and fox news all show clinton with a 4 point lead. and here are the greatest battleground state polls. clinton up 11 points in new hampshire. but clinton and trump are tied in florida and donald trump has a slim 1 point lead in ohio. and more than 42 million people have already cast their ballots including record turnout in the critical states of florida, north carolina, and nevada with a surge in early voting. latino voters set to hit a record high turnout at the polls. and this will be a frantic final
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day of campaigning by both candidates. donald trump is about to hold his first rally of the day. sarasota, florida, is where he's focused. and then on to north carolina, pennsylvania, new hampshire, and michigan. hillary clinton will hold a rally in the next hour at the university of pittsburgh and then michigan. this evening, she holds a rally in philadelphia with her family and a president and first lady, michelle obama there as well. bruce springsteen, jon bon jovi will perform and with her daughter and husband in north carolina. we have all of the correspondents fanned out throughout the country as our final nbc news battleground map is out and two changes affecting the toss-up column. joining me now to break it down, nbc news senior editor michael murray. >> this is our final battleground map and let me walk you through some of the changes and there weren't big ones. we ended up moving georgia back
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to toss-up. that was in the lean republican column. the polls there actually very surprisingly close. and then utah, we move that into donald trump's column in the republican column. we had had that in toss-up but those are the only two changes and to me, the big headlines are that you have hillary clinton at 274 and you have donald trump at 170. all you need is 270 to be able to win the presidency and so hillary clinton is the one holding the advantage right now. >> when we look at the shift specifically going back to georgia, for example, congressman louis, the civil rights icon on it and there seems to be a confidence with democrats as it relates to georgia but also hearing that donald trump's campaign is confident though about michigan. >> yeah, and tamron, michigan has been kind of the really interesting story in all of this and what donald trump, he actually has two paths, two things he has to do and he has to win all the battlegrounds. so you've got to give him florida and georgia.
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let's give him georgia and north carolina and let's give him ohio and give him arizona in the toss-up and let's add new hampshire. that puts him only at 263. seven short of the 270 needed so what donald trump has to do is go into a michigan, turn that blue, and i'm sorry, turn that red to finally get above 270 and mark, thank you very much. let's turn to the headlines this morning from the clinton campaign, secretary clinton yet to address fbi director james comey's latest announcement. and there was no new evidence in the new trove of e-mails to change his conclusion that clinton should face no charges related to her e-mails. this morning, her campaign chairman robbie mook asked about secretary clinton's silence last night on the matter. >> is the idea now any mention of the word e-mail at a campaign rally is simply a taboo? >> i just think americans have heard a lot about this. the director resolved this
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yesterday. that's what we asked him to do, to get the information out there. and bring it to a close. and so we're going to move on and we want to talk about the voters and their lives. >> secretary clinton will air a 2 minute tv ad making her closing argument on nbc and cbs in prime time tonight and president obama will be making campaign appearances for secretary clinton today in michigan and new hampshire. the first later this hour at the university of michigan. and that's before the president and first lady will join the clintons at that big rally planned for philadelphia. nbc's kelly o'donnell is covering the clinton campaign for us this morning. she is live from the university of pittsburgh where secretary clinton will hold a rally at the top of the hour. the focus heavily on pittsburgh but also this new story line that the campaign could be concerned about michigan. >> reporter: well, tamron, this is sort of a tonal shift on the final day. voting predominantly done on election day. we talked so much about early
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voting. that doesn't apply here in pennsylvania or a place like michigan. so closing out the campaign by trying to drive out the turnout and to have sort of the big emotional end point and so less of the partisanship today and more looking to bring the country together, part of this election cycle for really two years, anxious to bring it to a close. so emotionally, it has a different component today and we heard that from secretary clinton as she was about to board her campaign plane earlier today as she was talking to reporters about what this final turn means. >> having a chance to make all these stops today. the event tonight at independence hall is really meaningful to me. about where it is and everyone who's there. i really do want to be the president for everybody. people who vote for me. people who vote against me because i think that these splits, these divides that have
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been not only exposed but exacerbated by the campaign on the other side are ones that we really do have to bring the country together. >> reporter: and of course, there are still miles to go before she sleeps and donald trump sleeps and the country gets to wait for the results, but for hillary clinton, it is about trying to sort of turn down the harsher rhetoric of the campaign and try to reach beyond tuesday and to try to convey a message of how she would lead if she's the one chosen tomorrow. and so what we can also tell you is supporters are out. tired but here in pittsburgh at the foot of the cathedral on the campus on what is a really beautiful autumn day. tamron? >> looks like a beautiful day. going back to the closing argument, this video entitled "tomorrow," let me play a bit of that and quickly get some more analysis on it from you, kelly. >> i want to be a president for all americans, not just those
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who support me in this election, for everyone. because we all have a role to play in building a stronger, fairer america. the second thing i want you to know is this. i will work my heart out as president to make life better for you and your family. >> you see there's a soft tone, the optimism, the talk of family. even the lighting, many people over the weekend wondered if she would, in this campaign, still attacking donald trump when she would make that uplifting pivot and we'll see that tonight. >> reporter: that is a very important pivot. all that she has to say about donald trump and the harsher terms seems to be behind us now and with the e-mail issue in their minds behind them, do not expect her to talk about that. aides told me this is really about trying to present a closing argument that is about leadership and because this is reminding me of hillary clinton in the senate where when she got
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there, she was very low profile, iffing if you can do that trying to build and form relationships. that's what she's trying to do now and that's the note she plans to end on. >> thank you very much, kelly. and to donald trump's closing argument, at a rally right now making his case. the first of his rallies in five different battleground states today. here are the headlines coming in and again, the live event happening in florida. trump casting his doubts on director comey not changing his conclusion on hillary clinton's e-mails. trump insisting you can't review 650,000 e-mails in eight days, he says. his campaign manager, kellyann conway questioning the fbi director's latest announcement. >> why reopen an investigation if there's no there there? that's something both sides ask and it's been a hot mess from
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the beginning. >> donald trump running his two minute ad to make his closing arguments to voters and new this morning, trump campaign sources tell nbc news among those being considered to serve in a trump administration, rudy giuliani for attorney general, newt gingrich for secretary of state and retired general and defense secretary for national security advisors. in sarasota, florida, donald trump about to hold his first rally. the deficit that donald trump has with female voters, suburban voters and they roll out, peter, information on some of his early hires and they are all pretty controversial men. >> reporter: that's right. and we should let you know, donald trump started speaking. he's going to punk chalt his remarks at this speech throughout the course of the day. over five stops with what they describe as a positive call to action and the unifying message here. the crowd erupting here in
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sarasota but what's notable is they haven't been all that unifying. donald trump just said if they win, referring to hillary clinton, america loses bigly as he likes to say. he has been peppering speeches of the idea of a rigged system insisting it's impossible 650,000 e-mails could have been reviewed by the fbi in just nine days. not all were related to hillary clinton. some were duplicates and some personal. only a limited number we're told by law enforcement sources were likely new. but we're also expecting him to try to make a direct appeal to some of the communities, african-americans and hispanic americans who the campaign insists have been left behind by the growth of president obama likes to tout. a short time ago in a room exclusively white, blacks with blacks for trump and erupted in cheers. >> we'll follow up but i want to
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follow on the closing argument. are they expected to have a pivot to a more positive view of america as hillary clinton is doing in this ad? her closing argument or is it go all the way down? that the system is rigged. >> reporter: a positive call to action. a unifying message, literally, minutes ago but for the first ten minutes of this speech, donald trump went right after the system is being rigged. if they win, america loses. this is our last real chance to make the change america wants. without this, we're out of luck. >> thank you, peter, very much. as i mentioned, donald trump is holding the rally in sarasota, florida. by all accounts, state he needs very early. let's listen to what he has to say now. >> reject the media and political elite that's bled our country dry.
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it's finally time for us to fight for america. we're going to fight for america. i'm not a politician. my only special interest is you. you know, i built a great company. one of the great companies. one of the great real estate companies. some of the most incredible assets in the world including doral right down the road, other things. buildings with the desert family and with related. we had a tremendous career. but, and i was on the other side. you know, my whole life, i was always watching, watching. and it's very nice and very comfortable to be on the other
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side. but i love this country. and this country was going bad. it was going bad. so i went like from sort of an ultimate insider, i mean, people that absolutely, senators, called, don, how are you? come over, give them a check and say, how are you? the day i announced, it was like, donald who? we don't know donald trump. you have to see these guys. i know them better than anybody. it was time. there was time. i had to join the other side which is you. we are going to do things so special. our country was in trouble. our country was in trouble. $20 trillion in debt. making deals like the deal with iran where we give them $150 billion. where we give them $1.7 billion
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in cash. you know what that is? that wouldn't fill up this side of the arena. the things our military is allowed to deplete. our military is depleted. we can't do that. this is among the times where we most need. >> so this is donald trump, part of his closing argument in florida. very similar, honestly, to the speeches he gave drgt puring th primary, a struggling america that needs fixing. he cited the rigged media, the rigged system. so the uplifting pivot that peter alexander reported perhaps will come in later and now we hear donald trump's first rally of the day and started off in the campaign speech, the stump speech we've come up with over the last 16 or 18 months. sheila jackson lee. congresswoman, thank you so much for your time.
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>> good morning to you. great to be with you. >> thank you. let me get your reaction first to director comey last night, late sunday. now saying that his conclusion has not changed. they've reviewed these e-mails found on anthony weiner's laptop and has nothing to do with hillary clinton. is it too late? >> well, first of all, let me say that secretary clinton is forging ahead strongly and beginning to tell her story of what america will be under her leadership, if we're so fortunate, meaning all that are supporting her to be victorious tomorrow. she's focusing on the kind of america we want to live in and i'm excited about that story, excited about her own personal story and the fact that she is reaching out to every american, wanting to represent all of them. having said that, it's very clear that there's a great deal of respect by americans over the years and decades of the importance of the fbi and the investigators that have been
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part of upholding the law. it's unfortunate that we're at a point where we are because, yes, the letter did say that there are no different conclusions after looking at thousands of e-mails through an automated process and review. then that was delivered in july. i believe from the perspective of the former secretary, it is finished but it's unfortunate because it might have been more appropriate to do that thorough review as was done by very responsible and, how shall i say, professional members of the fbi and then have a statement as opposed to the one done on october 28th. that is something we'll have to look at. but i want to tell you right now that we have a positive surge going on in north carolina. i just came out of north carolina. they are excited. the african-american vote. >> is she going to win north carolina? >> strong on election day. >> congresswoman, will she win
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from what you've seen on the ground? >> let me say prayerfully, she will. they said it's an election day turnout. i believe she has the same opportunity in florida, election day turnout with people of goodwill. women are praying. in cleveland, i'm with congresswoman and they are turning out voting today, even voting tomorrow. the african-american vote is excited. listen to the great endorsement by lebron james and many others. beyonce over the weekend. but i think it's going to be about america. we're not going to be groups. we're going to be americans who go out and answer the questions that secretary clinton has asked. what kind of america do we want it be and frankly, i think that's going to drive a lot of people to the polls. a lot of people are doing that historic vote on eleion day. 50% in some states. 60% in other states and looking to that surge. we think this matter with the fbi is over. we want the secretary to talk
8:20 am
about who she is and how she will lead and how she will bring us together. we think she's ready to do that and i'm excited about her 2 minute presentation. >> i want to move off to your point of this e-mail issue and the conclusion yesterday to these polls. you are in ohio. donald trump is leading by 1 point there. his team seems to believe that they can pull off a victory in michigan. also, they believe that they could potentially pull out a victory in minnesota. you said that so much of what will happen in the next cycle is about president obama's legacy. how do the democrats fight back in this final day in key states like michigan, like ohio, that have quite honestly been divided amongst race, class, and this fear for some donald trump supporters that this america they know will change forever after this election if hillary clinton wins? >> i clearly think that the voters in michigan traditionally
8:21 am
voting democratic in the presidential elections and the voters in ohio will go to their core values. the core values, this is a great democracy. they want to have full employment. these are messages that former secretary clinton has in her manufacturing. they want to make sure that they have an increase in minimum wage, something that mr. trump doesn't even speak about. they want a real reform in the criminal justice system and it will drive the voters out. the young voters, the millennium voters, a lot at the universities in michigan, a lot of young voters in ohio. and frankly, i think they are getting excited and most of them say they vote on election day, texas, by the way, having an exciting turn-around because of former secretary clinton and as i've said, we are praying. we are working, and we're not going to cease and i think those voters are going to come out and vote for america. what is america? an inclusive democratic nation surging to its highest possibility. >> thank you so much for joining
8:22 am
us. thank you. early voting in ohio is hitting record-breaking numbers. today is the last day for early voting in that state, especially in the city of columbus. a lot of focus. 75,000 voters have already cast an early vote, way up from 68,000 that voted early in 2012. nbc's jolene kent is live in the board of elections. jo, what are you seeing on the ground this morning? >> reporter: it is packed and it is electric here at the franklin county board of elections. i want to show you 98 voting machines here. they're called dre's. direct recording electronic machines. at no point when people are voting or afterwards will these be exposed to an outside network. cyber security in franklin county and throughout the state of ohio. you can see people have been waiting in line outside in these epic lines that are going all around the shopping center that we're inside right now. something you should know about ohio, it is a very tight race
8:23 am
right now. neck and neck according to the columbus dispatch newspaper. 48% for hillary. 47% for donald trump. a lot of supporters from both sides here early voting today and here in franklin county, what you can see, all these voters will make up 40% of registered voters will have already voted before election day even starts and we only have about 2.5 hours left until early voting shuts down. they start getting ready for the big day tomorrow. tamron? >> jolene kent, thank you. battle ground trying to get people out to vote tomorrow. now that early voting ended there, up next, talk live with the gop canvasser working to get the vote out one day before the election. we'll be right back. will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job,
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now to north carolina with nearly 3 million people have
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already cast their ballots. according to our partners at target smart that the number of democratic voters outnumber republican voters by about 300,000 in early voting. the real clear politics polling average for the state shows donald trump leads hillary clinton by less than 2 points. nbc's morgan radford joins me now from raleigh, north carolina, a state where both candidates will be campaigning today. that just illustrates the importance of what's going on there. you've been in the state all weekend. you talked to a wide range of voters and canvassers. what are you hearing? >> reporter: that's right, tamron. in fact, i'm in my home state and this is the gop headquarters for wake county in north carolina. and this is the swag room. you can see all these items like hot chicks love trefreedom and life sized poster of donald trump here and a better vz scve scene. trying to encourage people to
8:28 am
get to the polls on tuesday because that's their day, they say. let's talk to one of the volunteers. you've been on the phone, e-mailing people. what have they been telling you? >> everybody is very, very excited and they have voters that are voting this year that haven't voted in 20 years because they're ready to take this country back. >> reporter: is it about the republican party or donald trump? >> i think it's leading with donald trump but there's many other candidates that we're supporting in this office. 45 of them. >> reporter: are you feeling hopeful? >> i am. absolutely. >> reporter: down to the wire. again, this is known as the check mate state. you can hear the phones ringing off the hook, the swag flying off the walls and tomorrow is the day that republicans are feeling hopeful. >> thank you very much. let me bring in our political panel right now. roland martin is the host and managing editor of news one now.
8:29 am
the white house correspondent for american urban radio. thank you so much for joining. let's talk about the ground game. you have sheila jackson lee with me a few moments ago who believes hillary clinton can win. ohio. despite the polls show clinton behind 2 points to north carolina, they believe they've got the ground game in place. what do you see as the big headline, particularly for north carolina right now? is it the black vote? >> north carolina is not just only the black vote but it's also this new wave of those who are coming into north carolina, tamron. it's those who come from the north to find jobs down there and many of the progressive cities. it's a college state. you've got people who are more progressive and thinking it's not the old north carolina that it used to be thought of. it's more progressive in thinking and the types of people that come there. it's not just about african-americans and the latino community that's very much in that stage and you have to remember when it comes to the latino community, they are focusing in on the issues. number one, immigration and the
8:30 am
fight for 15. so they're en masse. african-americans have big issues as well. >> that's the thing, roland. you watch all the commentary, even the numbers there. is the clear headline that there's a surge with latino voters but back and forth on where the black vote stands. the institute of southern studies said in the last few days of early voting, 122,000 african-american voters cast their ballots in north carolina. that is a better number than we were seeing at first when there was a decline of 25% from 2012 and now about 9% lower than what we saw in 2012. >> first of all, we cannot talk about black turnout and ignore voter suppression. north carolina gop specifically, laser-like focus targeting black voters and so you saw that. you saw in the first week of early voting in north carolina. they had only one early voting location in the major counties. i was in ohio this weekend. same thing.
8:31 am
only one early voting location in all of cuyahoga county where cleveland is. yesterday, 4,000 people were waiting in line according to media reports and cincinnati, around 2:00 p.m. because of the same thing. so you're seeing that and black voters are angered by the voter suppression and souls to the polls but the things are critically important that we have to understand. howard university did a particular poll showing 86% of black women democrats. black women hate them more than anybody else but 20% of black men in the poll identified as independents. also, the african-american research collaborative dropped their poll out. today on the show as well. here's an issue. enthusiasm. only 20% of the blacks say they were enthusiastic about voting compared to 54% in 2012 and here's the key. 54% of black people say it is most important to vote this year.
8:32 am
only 8% said that in 2012. when you start going inside these numbers, you're seeing that there's an issue here. hillary clinton has an intensity problem. had one for a problem, especially for millennials. same thing. millennials. 18 to 34. saying they're not going to vote, not enthusiastic but voting against trump more so than for clinton. >> peter alexander is reporting that part of trump's closing argument is to the latino communities, as you know, largely against him at this point. huge numbers. and to the black community. let me play what rudy giuliani said. >> this message as given by donald trump is for everyone. he talks about african-americans, what he wants to do for the african-american community and the hispanic community. if you look at the battleground states, he's either ahead in every one or within the margin of error.
8:33 am
>> this last closing argument 24 hours out to the black community. >> donald trump has shown us, the nation, and the world who he is to african-americans. i mean, when he deals with issues, he goes to his debates in places like charleston, south carolina. he doesn't bring up the issue of the shooter. and he goes to for a debate and comes back and deals with flint. it's an issue of either/or when it comes to police. the police or people affected? he supports the police whereas on the democratic side, it is working with both. supporting strong policing and weeding out the bad policing. donald trump even has one of his major african-american surrogates out of tlachflorida, jackson who is said to have been the one who pulled a lot of the numbers. at one point, the african-american vote in florida was 9%. sean jackson has now defected from donald trump saying he's
8:34 am
not going to do anything for african-americans. so i think donald trump is going to have a hard time with the black vote. >> there is the issue here and that number, black men, 20% independent in the poll. here's the issue. immigration is a powerful and potent issue of african-americans. i can go back ten years hosting my radio show in chicago. when it came up, black folks calling in. actually against the issue of immigration reform. he understands that. look. he's not appealing to black voters but also white voters saying, i'm not a racist but understand, the biggest concern of whether or not you're going to have a significant percentage of black people, not large but say, what i was hearing about immigration, forget latinos. they're voting against him. that's what he's banking on. the small sliver that could put him over the top. >> there was just a conversation i had yesterday with a young african-american voter male from chicago who brought up the documentary 13 and talked about the disproportionate number of black men who were sent to
8:35 am
prison during the years and said, i could not bring myself to vote for donald trump but i still after seeing that documentary have bad feelings about the clintons. >> criminal justice is a big issue. >> and she's been trying to deal with that issue, trying to confront it. she picked up critical endorsements. two former black lives matter but right now, it's pure intensity. black mothers and fathering ss black mothers and fathering sag you better go vote for hillary clinton. >> it's a pleasure. coming up, we'll go live to the one county in florida that correctly predicted who would be president the last 19 out of 20 elections and with early voting among florida's latinos increasing, 100% over 2012, could that make the difference in the sunshine state?
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welcome back. we've just received new early voting data from the nbc news data analytics lab using data provided by target smart. as of this morning, this is what we look at. more than 43 million votes have been cast nationwide in the battleground states. nearly 20 million votes cast. nationally, more women and more democratic affiliated voters have voted early. over 5.5 million florida voters have made their pick for president already. the party breakdown, roughly even. talking 40% democrat. 39% republican. with a large number, 21% marked other. msnbc's mariana atencio is in tampa right now and in a county that's almost evenly split which is incredible between democrats,
8:40 am
republicans, and independents. tell us about where you are. >> reporter: it's crazy, tamron. i'm in the west tampa sandwich shop where you really see that breakdown over brunch, over lunch here. this is the i-4 corridor. this is where i started my tour de florida, if you will. everyone here, tamron, talking about record turnout by latinos over the weekend. so since i am in a cuban sandwich shop, i figured i would talk to cuban american voters today who tend to lean republican. as soon as i walked in the door, i met vivian with her big bag of sandwiches. where are you taking these sandwiches? >> to feed hillary clinton's people. >> reporter: you're a 68-year-old cuban american. donald trump over the weekend here in tampa said big story, cubans have endorsed me. are you the exception to the rule? >> no, he's lying. all he does is lie. that's a lie.
8:41 am
there are a lot of people like me, cuban americans, my age, my generation who are democrats. and are not endorsing him. >> reporter: when donald trump talks about strengthening the embargo, is that something that is attractive to you as a cuban american voter? >> as a cuban american voter right now, at my age, the embargo needs to end. >> reporter: tamron, one last thing. the video wants to say to you. >> i have a message for you. you're an exceptional journalist and i would really like to see more of you on msnbc. >> reporter: clearly, you are the winner here. one final note on cuban americans. cuban americans support by 52% so a recent poll by the "the new york times." it is neck and neck here in the sunshine state and voters like vivian may make the difference on election day. >> tell vivian i'll be in florida soon and we can share a sandwich, if she drinks, we can
8:42 am
do that too. give her a hug for me. thank you. a deal has been reached to end the strike by thousands of mass transit workers in philadelphia. up next, the impact on the race in a state that does not have in-person early voting and a live look here at 30 rock. renamed democracy plaza. for nbc's special election coverage, you'll see quite a site on the rink tomorrow night. the states will appear and some will go blue, some go red. we'll see if we get a winner tomorrow. our mission is to produce programs and online content for african women as they try to build their businesses and careers. my name is yasmin belo-osagie and i'm a co-founder at she leads africa. i definitely could not do my job without technology. this lenovo yoga, you can configure it in so many different ways, it feels like a much more robust computer than the old mac that i used to use. i actually, i do yoga like off my computer and it works really well. and there's something about it that feels really cool. i feel like i'm in the future.
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a potential complication for voters in pennsylvania has been averted. philadelphia's public transit system has reached an agreement with the workers union to end the strike that shut down the system for nearly a week. that's good news for voters in the state which has no early in-person voting this election cycle. msnbc's jacob soboroff is in
8:46 am
philadelphia and this has a potential impact not just on the voters in transportation but of course with unions and the parties there. >> reporter: tamron, i am with someone very relieved about the end of the septa strike. how big of a relief is the avoidance of the transit strike to you? >> a great relief because it means the voters won't have any impediment getting to the polls on election day and stops a lot of legal actions on voting day. >> reporter: 100 million have the opportunity to vote on this thing. donald trump said it's no secret the elections will be rigged in philadelphia. >> no, it's not a concern with these machines. like you said, you described them as antiques. they're not connected to the internet. they're not wireless. they're not plugged into anything except for a power outlet. they can't be hacked into.
8:47 am
none of that. >> reporter: democrats outnumber republicans in the city. are you worried about large-scale in-person voter fraud? >> we have cases of voter fraud in elections in philadelphia. individual isolated cases, but we've never seen anything and we investigate every case, suggesting a widespread coordinated effort to steal thousands of votes or anything like that. >> reporter: deceptive practices, voter intimidation by the other side, hoping to quote unquote monitor people at the vote? >> we take everyllegation seriously on election day and work closely with the district attorney's office who has an election day task force to respond to the complaints when they come in. >> reporter: he's got an important job tomorrow so i'll let him get back to work. >> you're doing important work as well, thank you. >> thank you. president obama set to speak in michigan this hour with the latest poll showing hillary clinton's lead over donald trump has strong turning this
8:48 am
traditionally blue state to battleground. that's what the new map is showing but still has michigan in the democratic column. both candidates will also be there today. a live report crowd growing to hear the president. we'll be right back. ♪a one, a two, a three percent cash back♪ next. there's gotta be a better way to find the right card. lets you compare hundreds of cards to find the one that's right for you. just search, compare, and apply at you're a smart saver.
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welcome back. president obama is about to make the first of three campaign appearances for hillary clinton. it is in this surprisingly close polling state of michigan which last voted republican for president in 1988. ron allen joins us live from the university of michigan. what are you learning on the ground? why is this potentially a spot where donald trump could see strength? >> reporter: well, he's paid a lot of attention to michigan. mike pence spent time here. they are having the final campaign appearance in grand rapids in the western part of the state later tonight. that gives you an idea of how important they think it is. president obama is coming here to hold onto the state.
8:52 am
he'll be introduced by chelsea clinton. that gives you an idea of how important the state is to the democrats. want to talk to folks we met earlier, dave and laura who have been here since early in the morning. how concerned are you about donald trump trying to target michigan? >> very concerned. we are afraid of his policies, the way he's dividing the country, and just the overall message of hate. >> reporter: do you think he can be successful? do you think donald trump can win michigan? >> i'd hate to think it. i guess it's a possibility. but i'm just hoping that hillary will prevail. trump is what i see is the fear and rage candidate. i don't want to think that michigan will support that. >> reporter: thank you very much. appreciate it. of course a lot of people are here just to see president obama. this is a unique day. tomorrow there will be a
8:53 am
president-elect and people are feeling nostalgic for president obama. he's popular. he's been to ann arbor eight times now. he's scheduled to take the stage in about a half hour we believe. chelsea clinton will introduce him. the problem for hillary clinton is the poll numbers have slipped. she was ahead by as much as 11 points. now five points or so. she's really trying to i can ma sure this remains part of her firewall. >> thank you, ron. let me bring in mark murray, senior political editor. let's look at where we are now. michigan is a tighter race. the battleground map, the scenario you look at shows. >> you need to play defense. so much of the discussion was on pennsylvania. that's where president obama is going to be with hillary clinton for a big rally they will be having in philadelphia. in the last couple of days the trump campaign said we'll go to
8:54 am
michigan. the problem is not only has it been a democratic state but just the demographic of it. i would be surprised if donald trump does better than mitt romney did. you lose by ten points, four points, one. that's what they are trying to do here in ann arbor, in detroit. the base is to make sure they try to make it prevent donald trump from winning. >> they will both have two-minute ads. we showed a rally with donald trump talking about the system being rigged. you know, using the same language equating the united states to third world countries. over the weekend you have hillary clinton, katy perry, jay-z, beyonce. you may not like their music. there is a festive energy. there is energy surrounding her.
8:55 am
he's gone back full circle to the rigged message. >> the rigged message was starting to dominate after the debate season and before the bombshell james comey letter. to me the story of donald trump is how consistent his message has been throughout this. a lot of people thought, boy, once he gets the republican nomination he'll try to win over suburban america and shore up his problems. he's still had the same message as he had during the primaries. >> what's been consistent is it is donald trump versus the world. the world reaction has been incredible. we'll talk more about it. from the surrogate standpoint. today he makes the announcement of what the cabinet would look like. rudy giuliani on there. obviously people raise eyebrows with a decision like that. but he has newt gingrich. >> right. >> again, basically donald trump alone against his party, but he has those people in the audience. >> the story we have been talking about is how divided the
8:56 am
republican party is. usually the side that's more divided than united ends up losing. in a perfect world you want george w. bus on the campaign stage withyou, mitt romney wanting jeb bush -- >> dick cheney. anybody. >> they're not there. to me that's the biggest indication of where the race is now. one party is united the other isn't. will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job,
8:57 am
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endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. thank you very much for watching on the eve of election day. turning it over to andrea mitchell. >> it's almost like we can touch it. right now on "andrea mitchell reports," election day minus one. final twist in the 11th hour. the campaign turned upside down by the fbi director saying the search of anthony weiner's
9:00 am
laptop produced nothing new of hillary clinton. the review is over testimony . e >> we are on a good track. >> hillary clinton is the most corrupt person ever to seek the office of the president of the united states. hillary clinton is being protected by aotally rigged system. and now it's up to the american people to deliver justice at the ballot box tomorrow. that's what's going to happen. >> ground game. over 42 million americans have already cast their ballots. now the race is on to be voted on election day. >> i'm supporting hillary clinton. i have


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