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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  November 7, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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michigan. north of the state, mike pence expected to hold a rally. just a moment ago hillary clinton wrapped up her final words to pittsburgh while donald trump was in sarasota, florida. each sprinting to the finish line. >> we have one more day, michigan. one more day. >> because in pennsylvania, it's all about election day. >> we are going to win michigan. we're going to win minnesota. >> just when you thought you'd seen it on the campaign trail, there is a moment donald trump complimenting the hair on the plastic mask. this is it. our entire team of correspondents has it covered coast to coast. full court press from msnbc and nbc news now. let's start with reporters in two battleground states where donald trump and hillary clinton are today. my fellow road warrior kasie hunt in pittsburgh. jacob rascon.
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i think ron is on stage now. fill us in. anything new or different today? >> he's wrapping up here in ann arbor. a big crowd of 5,000 or more people. a lot of students and millennials. that's a reason he's here to get excited about hillary clinton. trying to reassemble his coalition in north carolina, florida and here in michigan. again this is a state that doesn't vote early. there is absentee voting but not early voting as we have seen. they vote on tuesday for the most part. of course donald trump is making a big play here. he and mike pence, trump kids are spending a lot of time in michigan. they are confident in what they are seeing. they say trump's move to michigan is nothing new and republicans have done it in the past and they were almost
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expecting it. you can see president obama on stage. chants of yes, we can. it's 2008. when he start d on stage he said he's feeling sentimental. tomorrow there will be a president elect. this is his last campaign. the more you hear him, the more you know this is something special of president obama. he poured his heart and soul into getting hillary clinton elected. the president and the team are confident they have everything in place they need to pull it out for hillary clinton. this is a big swing state. people are surprised michigan is on the agenda. back to you. >> thanks. we want to head to kasie hunt. let's talk a little bit about the final 24 hours before election day. let's talk about the attitude, perhaps the grim slog to the finish line. has anything changed as we have seen the fallout yesterday? what's your sense?
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>>. >> reporter: we are in the middle of this. hillary clinton's event. you can see she's on her way over here. we have a huge overflow crowd. i think this answers your question about how this campaign feels today. it feels a little bit more like this is a last little piece of history and the clinton staff is feeling that way. you see hillary clinton here giving a speech more focused on the future than a lot of her stump speeches are. yes, she hit donald trump but talked about the broad choice. she called it the choice of the time saying there are two different americans you can choose from. both the vitriol and the stark division of the campaign were on display as they came down from sp pittsburgh airport. along the way here you had
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workers on the side of the road. sticking middle fingers up and leaving them there. here, things changed. everyone was cheering, taking pictures. we have a crowd. if hillary clinton does win the election the challenge she'll face and that's what you talked about this morning with reporters. she was asked, hey, is america ready to accept you as a woman who lived for a long time in public life? she said this is a divided country and we have to work on healing that first. that's the tone here today. >> i want to talk about michigan. this is a place you know donald trump is pushing hard. you saw president obama speaking in ann arbor. >> the question for michigan is will there be a surprise there? this is a state that democrats said there was tailor made for
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trump. >> there are policies. >> look, i think this is a state that's been solidly blue. they are trying to make sure if there is not a surprise in michigan. they think there could be. keep in mind it's different from the states in early voting. they have a sense of how well they are doing or not doing in florida, in north carolina. they didn't have a sense of that in michigan. frankly the clinton campaign wants to make sure they are responding in kind. it's interesting. we are about to take off and head to the grand rapids area. that's a conservative area of michigan that in the primary they didn't pay much attention to. it was quite frankly a lot of the white voters in michigan who helped power bernie sanders to the win. i don't think they want to get on their heels again. >> we are watching hillary clinton make her way through supporters, an image we see with donald trump on the rope line.
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this is the last bit of campaigning. all the phone messaging and pictures. jacob rascon is over in raleigh, north carolina. it's a huge battleground state not just at the top but down ballot. a sense from the trump campaign on how they are feeling here. big grievances? what do you got? >> the entire campaign has been based on this premise that the country is headed in the wrong direction and most people in the country believe that as donald trump said we don't win anymore, the military, the boarder. will donald trump be able to drive that change and part of that includes beating the corrupt political system of which hillary clinton is central, he says. notably this morning he left out talk of e-mails. the closing argument is supposed to be positive on offense.
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he's the change agent. the change the country needs. i would say there was at least one exception this morning when he was on defense a bit talking about jay-z and beyonce saying their lewd talk is worse than his lewd talk. he was off prompter, it seems and on defense. mostly he seems to have been sticking in the last couple of weeks. almost more than ever to this positive and message he really wants to stick with people. >> he said james comey is ur7bd cutting the messaging in the final days. >> the nickname for hillary clinton, crooked hillary came long before the letter, as you know. when the letter ten days ago came from director comey it gave his argument more punch. it seemed a lot more.
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it seems the argument lost some of the punch. he didn't mention e-mails at all this morning. here's where some of those in the campaign have been saying about the fbi though. >> i question director comey. i don't know how you go through that many e-mails. >> 650,000 new e-mails, basically they have to look at one per second. 24/7 since they announced this information. that's good efficiency for the federal government. >> i would say again he didn't mention it in the speech this morning. he said something briefly. it's amazing what's going on at the fbi. that's notable considering how many times he mentioned the fbi in his speeches in the last ten days. it appears at least on prompter he's trying to stay away from making that a central point of his argument today.
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>> jacob, you have a lot of travel ahead of you. good luck to you. i want to bring it back now to set on 30 rock. we are joined by jason miller from the trump campaign. thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> we played sound from some of your colleagues in the trump campaign questioning whether the fbi was able to review 650,000 e-mails. do you trust that the fbi did what they said they did? >> i want to point out how remarkable this is. we are closing out this campaign in deep blue states like michigan and pennsylvania pen. >> we'll talk about it. let's start with this. we saw two top advisers to donald trump essentially question whether the fbi was telling the truth. were they? >> i'm not in the fbi, not in the doj. a little bit suspect that they were able to get through 650,000 e-mails in this stretch. the broader point in the election is the fact that the clinton foundation itself is
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under investigation. the fbi is looking into it. this is the pay to play. >> the investigation, they are going into that. there is an ethical cloud hanging over the clintons as we head forward. it raises into question what kind of white house we have if secretary clinton won. more important americans are frustrated and ticked off at all the nonsense coming out of washington in the rigged system. what mr. trump is putting forward as you see them mention he's putting forward a positive message. we can bring back american jobs and the terrible trade deals. it's a positive message that will help put them across the finish line. >> we talked about the white house it would be under a hillary clinton presidency. specifically on the issue of transparency. you had a little bit of a feisty interview. is it safe to say we won't see the tax returns before the election? >> mr. trump has been consistent. he said as soon as it's completed he would release
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those. >> soonts that's completed we'll have those put forward. he's been consistent with it all the way through. >> will he release his tax returns? >> he's been consistent. as soon as the audit is completed he'll put it forward. >> still no audit letter though. >> as soon as the audit is completed he'll put it forward. >> let's talk about the deep blue state of michigan. you have to flip a blue battleground. you look at polling in wisconsin, in pennsylvania which joe scarborough likes to call fool's gold. >> we are excited about the battleground states in florida where mr. trump is 130,000 votes ahead of where the ticket was. 140,000 votes ahead of the pace. the gap between republicans and democrats of north carolina doing much better there. we talk about ohio and iowa. we are three of the last four polls showed mr. trump leading.
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new hampshire is feeling good. >> some say that isn't enough. >> we feel good about nevada. the absentees and on election day the turn out operation will do it. in the state of colorado on friday, republicans pulled ahead of democrats for the number of ballots returned. similar to washington state. you can turn them in on election day. where's the battleground? michigan. plenty of states to get past 270. >> if you lose there are you done? toast? >> michigan? oh, no. we have a good opportunity to win. it's not a must win. two weeks ago if we had this conversation with all the candidates, mr. trump, secretary clinton, president obama, bill clinton, all in michigan, the deepest of blue states supposedly the week before the election. this is how mr. trump changed this trade and economic growth. people in michigan see the ford
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jobs going to mexico and they are ticked off. >> president obama was there within the last half hour or 40 minutes. i want to play you what he just said, listen. >> over the weekend the campaign took away his twitter account. if your closest advise rs don't trust you to tweet then how can we trust him with the nuclear codes? >> i posed the question to you. if he's dictating tweets like the campaign said how do we trust him? >> you can't trust everything you read in the "new york times." no one has taken away mr. trump's twitter account. here's the thing. sit donald trump closing out the race strong? he knows what he has to do to win the race. we are seeing energy, momentum, polls. we saw secretary clinton in a blue state with crowds and people around her.
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we are seeing it in blue states as well. we are changing this electorate. >> if he wins what's your role in a future administration? katy tur has reported that newt gingrich is a possibility. rudy giuliani as a.g., is that accurate? >> nobody has made that plan. >> you're looking at transition though? >> there is no internal talk about the palace intrigue or moving the chairs. we are focused on tuesday and getting the win. >> if he doesn't win, you joined the campaign halfway through. are you going to wake up and look at the family and say they are proud of the work they have done. >> only plans i have post election are to coach second grade basketball. i'm looking forward to that. assistant coach. i haven't committed to be the head coach. kpietd about the opportunity. help make america great again.
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>> thank you joining us on set. jacob talked about the 650,000 e-mails. it was based on computer algorithms and the way they have done sorting as the way we see it on this network. >> the presidential trifecta out for hillary clinton. up next, we'll head to new hampshire for a preview of the rally. we'll talk to jeanne shaheen about the neck and neck race in the state. stick around. ♪ ♪ hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there.
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it's time to vote yes on proposition 55. this is it. time's running out. the deadline ten and a half hours away before election day.
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president obama headed to the university of new hampshire this afternoon to help try to close the deal with millennial voters. that's where msnbc's chris jansing joins me now live in durham. talk to me here. what are you seeing and hearing? >> a huge crowd. remember when we talked about president obama doing one or two events a week. he's doing three just today. this line, three quarters of a mile long. lots of families here including as we go through students, a couple of ladies here. what brings you out? >> we want to see the president. we support hillary clinton. we are here, absolutely. >> i want to show you some of the line. while we are doing that let's look at the polls. the latest unh poll shows that hillary clinton is up 11 points. if you look at the senate race, a lead now for maggie hassen. neither side believes the race
10:20 am
is this close. the reason you know it is they are sending their top surrogates here. donald trump will be here later as well. look at the information on the ground game. according to the republicans, they knocked down a 1.4 million doors so far. although the democrats point out there aren't that many doors in new hampshire. they knocked on some of them twice. 2 million calls. that's for 738,000 estimated voters. a lot of voters out here. take a look live out here again. before moving into the whitmore center on the campus of the university of new hampshire. big deal here is bernie sanders beat hillary clinton substantially in the primary. they want the president to appeal to young voters. gets out young voters. we have talked a lot. you as well have early voting. not so here. getting people revved up and ready to go to the polls tomorrow. that's why the president is
10:21 am
here. it's why donald trump will be here later tonight. hallie? >> chris jansing, thank you very much. thanks for joining us. >> we are so excited to have president obama coming to durham. i live right next to this community. you haereard the lines are alre very long around the building and down the street. >> should heaven have to go to rally millennials? he wouldn't have had to if they had been excited about the candidacy anyway. could you make the argument she's having difficulty winning over a key voting block and how do you see new hampshire going? >> i have done a lot of campaigns in new hampshire over many years. we want the best and biggest surrogates we can. the candidate as often as we can before election day. we know it gets people excited.
10:22 am
i have been on -- i was up at dartmouth last weekend. i have been at keen, plymouth, unh and i can tell you we are excited to have the students come out. there is a lot riding on it. we have a difference between hillary clinton and donald trump on climate change. donald trump doesn't believe it exists. hillary clinton is talking about how to create jobs. donald trump doesn't have an answer on that. hillary clinton is talking about hillary clinton. making sure young people and everyone can get hillary clinton. donald trump wants to appeal the affordable care act. there are differences. >> let me ask you about yesterday's announcement james comey. the nine days prior, in your view how much did it hurt, not just hillary clinton but down ballot races including the one happening in your state. >> i think the momentum is on
10:23 am
our side. >> i wonder what you saw -- >> you know, i think as we heard from hillary clinton's campaign she was ready to make the e-mails available. there wasn't anything. nobody was worried. the time is to turn the page on that. had to get the voters out. we have to get everybody to the polls tomorrow. >> do you worry director comey tainted it with members of congress in a way that it's ir r -- irreparable? >> we have to take a look at what director comey did within the fbi. i certainly will be one of those calling to do that. we'll see what we find. >> do you trust him? >> it was highly unusual. we heard his own internal affairs department say what he
10:24 am
did was against their internal procedures. as somebody who's been a prosecutor, director comey should understand that you don't comment on pending cases, especially when you don't have any hard evidence. what he did was create confusion in a way that didn't help voters as they were looking at the situation here. again, that's in the future. right now we are focused on what we need to do to get voters out. >> one thing i have heard is the importance of a supreme court nominee. the next president and their role in that obviously. if republicans do block hillary clinton if she were to win supreme court nominee would you support lowering the threshold to nominate one especially with the nuclear option? is that something you would support? >> i would have, absolutely. as i travel around new hampshire, i think one of the big messages from the election is voters are tired of grid lock.
10:25 am
tired of this divisiveness. they want us to address the challenges facing the country including the supreme court. we need to move forward on president obama's nomination and get it done. >> thank you very much for joining us. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> coming up on this monday before election day the final push from both to get voters to the polls tomorrow. up next, to tampa, florida, to check it out. you are looking live at democracy plaza on rockefeller plaza, i think. you're looking at donald trump and hillary clinton. even better the candidates aiming to get your vote tomorrow. our mission is to produce programs and online content for african women as they try to build their businesses and careers. my name is yasmin belo-osagie and i'm a co-founder at she leads africa. i definitely could not do my job without technology. this lenovo yoga, you can configure it in so many different ways, it feels like a much more robust computer than the old mac that i used to use.
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he's going like 'i don't remember.'
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welcome back to msnbc. remember before the break we told you that you would see democracy plaza? guess what, you are seeing it. the ice rink here at 30 rock, the center piece of the election center tomorrow night. it's where i will be checking
10:29 am
out exit polls, talking down ballot races and checking in with the vote watch unit looking for voting irregularities. the clinton campaign hoping minority voters will create a fire wall that donald trump won't be able to overcome tomorrow. jacob so boaroff is in philly checking out key latino voting blocs. what have you seen? >> reporter: that firewall you spoke about, the latino and minority vote is being built here in offices like this one in a battleground state of florida where i am now. this is hilsboro county, the swingiest county in this swing state. we have found young people, minorities driving this final push to get out the vote. i want you to hear some of the instruction instructions out here. >> this is the final two days of voting. we need to get everybody out of
10:30 am
their house to the polls. >> this is what they were saying when we found them. i have michael here. you are a black millennial pushing the get out the vote effort. what do you say to young voters when you knock on their doors? >> if they want to be represented at the ballot box they have to get out to the polls and vote. millennials have a lot of issues and a lot of people expect us not to get involved. we are pushing them out. >> people like michael that are making the difference here. the fact that they are targeting latino and black neighborhoods here in hillsboro county which predicted 19 of the last 20 presidential elections will make the difference tomorrow. i want to hand it over to jacob so boaroff in philadelphia. jacob? >> thank you so much. listen, hallie, you know as well as anyone being from the area that the african-american vote
10:31 am
will be absolutely critical to who wins this battleground state of pennsylvania. the reality is in philadelphia where i am now at the republican headquarters in philadelphia, democrats outnumber republicans 7-1. it is a tall task to win over that vote but people are working hard here. let me show you what's going on inside this office. the chairman of the republican party. we'll talk to him in a little bit. t-shirts on sale, $20. free handcuffs with hillary t-shirt, purchase. i have not seen the handcuffs. i can't confirm they are here but they are part of the package. loi literature here for people to pick up. the most interesting thing we'll watch tomorrow is this is a list of what's called poll inspectors, majority and minority from the republican party. once people get checked in. in order to make sure the process goes smoothly. one of the big questions people have and we'll talk to the
10:32 am
police in the next hour. whether or not poll watching efforts may lead to voter intimidation. he'll answer in the next hour. for now back to you. >> msnbc's jacob so boaroff, thank you very much. we are all about november 8 here. without forgetting about november 9th. what happens then? whether donald trump wins or loses we'll ask the woman who ran mitt romney's campaign after the break. right now you are taking a live look at mike pence on the left, joe biden on the right. on the left, the guy aiming for the job of the guy on the right. lots happening on the campaign trail. stick around.
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but my mind's made up. ♪ ♪ ♪ is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event. (bing) live look. mike pence on the left, joe
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biden on the right. pence in michigan telling the crowd there his ticket is going to win the state. i think the vice president will have something to say about that. he's speaking live in florida now. usa today publishing the closing arguments before election day. hillary clinton referring to what she argues is donald trump's campaign. quote, we can come together to build a stronger america or fear the future and fear each other. trump wrote america has too many problems, too many things to fix to mire our government in years of sordid corruption and criminal investigation. the question is which message will resonate more with americans? joining me now former deputy campaign manager for romney 2012 and msnbc contributor. thanks for being with us on a
10:37 am
huge day. this is a grab bag of things to discuss. i want to talk about the long-term future of the republican party. when we wake up wednesday, what's the story line when it comes to where the gop is going. if trump wins it is a different party than the one i joined many years ago. >> do you get under the tent if that's the case? >> i don't think so. i don't think i want to be part of a party that donald trump is the head of and that so many of the alt right fringe elements of society have been brought into it. i don't think that will happen. i don't think donald trump will win tomorrow. i do think that the republican party will have a little bit of a civil war to contend with in the days following the election no matter what occurs. >> here's what he said to paul ryan. he was doing a radio interview.
10:38 am
>> even if we come up short on the top of the ticket it is really important to keep the senate so we can make sure we have control on what kind of judges go to the bench. >> even if we come up short on the top of the ticket. paul ryan acknowledging the possibility now that donald trump where he is in the polls. the other thing is looking at the down ballot races. can republicans keep control of the senate? >> sure. >> are they likely to. >> we have seen that we have really fantastic candidates running well ahead of trump. it will come down to important places like new hampshire and pennsylvania and nevada. i think marco rubio ais running way ahead of trump. it's up in the air now. the republicans are doing what they can in these critical states to swim against the stream. >> i'm going to be up here
10:39 am
checking out exit polls. we'll look for trends in the numbers we are seeing. specifically i will be looking for college educated women, noncollege edge indicated women. who would you be looking for? >> i think it's interesting to see what republican women are doing. everyone is talking about independent voters and maybe soft d voters, hispanic voters. we have seen that republican women are rejecting donald trump in higher numbers than any previous nominee. we saw a poll over the weekend. it might be that republican women are who deprived them. >> benji starling report iing o that. any admissions for you there? >> the party that's been struggling with nonwhite voters, women voters, young voters.
10:40 am
the candidate would be talking about all the white guys. >> msnbc contributor katie packer, thank you very much. early voting, by the way, is happening in a few spots including ohio. only for the next 20 minutes in that state. we'll head to columbus where folks have been lined up all day to get the ballots in under the wire. as we go to break another look at democracy plaza here at 30 rock. my executive producer can see it from his office. stick around. to do the best for your pet, you should know more about the food you choose. with beyond, you have a natural pet food that goes beyond telling ingredients to showing where they come from. beyond assuming the source is safe... to knowing it is. beyond asking for trust... to earning it. because, honestly, our pets deserve it. beyond.
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be happy. it's glad. 43 million votes are being cast in the presidential election. 11 million more early votes than in 2012. like north carolina and ohio democratic affiliated voters outpaced republicans in early voting. we have all the early states
10:44 am
covered. morgan, let's start with you. >> reporter: the latest "new york times" numbers show 44% and 44%. the candidates tied here in the swing state of north carolina. that's why here in ground zero at the gop headquarters you can see all the communities they are trying to reach. that's by tuesday at the headquarters. they have been calling, talking to residents here for what it will take to get them to the polls on tuesday. ahead of today's big rally they have all the swag here. this is the swag room. you can see things like that. they wear dog tags. they said you cannot imagine how quickly this has been flying off the shelves ahead of today. though the democrats are ahead by 300,000. they are not really worried. republicans turn out to the
10:45 am
polls on tuesday. they say they are hopeful they are ready to get there in 2012. jolene kent is in columbus, ohio. >> reporter: thanks, morgan. 17 minutes left in early voting in ohio. we are in franklin county where the race is tight. you can see behind me a huge line. along the lines we have candidates here campaigning. joining us now is governor ted strickland. you are running for senate. you are in a very tight race right now. things don't look like they will turn out in your favor. >> this is democracy in action. we have a strong grassroots effort. i'm feeling good. hillary clinton will cover ohio. >> what do you think will push ohio into hillary's column? it is a tight race. 48% to 47% for donald trump. >> the fact is we have thousands of volunteers and hundreds and
10:46 am
hundreds of paid organizers in the state going door to door, getting out the vote. that will make the difference in ohio. >> ted strickland running in a major race, determining the difference of power in the senate. you can see the line behind me. about 14 minutes left in early voting here in ohio. back to you. >> in the interview live with ted strickland the polling average has rob portman with a load in the senate race. in addition to the top of the ticket, end of the down ballot races we were talking about there are ballot initiatives. five states looking at recreational marijuana on the ballot. gadi schwartz is in california. among the redwoods, very wilderness man of you. >> reporter: i want to show you why they call it that. this is an enormous redwood
10:47 am
forest conducive to growing marijuana and hiding marijuana. in fact, back in the 1990s during enforcement efforts people used to actually hide marijuana in the tops of the trees, grow it up there. now with medical marijuana legal and the possibility of marijuana being legalized to recreational use. we are seeing more of the grow facilities. this one has hundreds of plants inside. it would basically legalize marijuana up to an ounce. matthew is here from the cannabis tours to show you what an ounce looks like. in states like maine they are talking about the possibility of two and a half ounces for legal recreational use. all of those on the ballot in california, arizona, maine, massachusetts and nevada. right here in california, legalized marijuana for
10:48 am
recreational use is polling at 4%. >> is that a drone, i assume? >> it's a great drone. we are having fun with it in the redwoods. >> schwartz doing his thing out west. we have all had a front row seat to history. hillary clinton could make history if elected the first female president. up next the head of clinton's alma mater saying what it means for her to shatter the ultimate glass ceiling. i'm my team's #1 fan. yay. sports. i've never been #1 in anything until i put these babies on. now we're on a winning streak and i'm never taking them off. do i know where i'm going? absolutely. we're going to the playoff. allstate guarantees your rates won't go up just because
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halie jacks
10:52 am
the challenge now is to practice politics. fear is always with us but we don't have time for it. not now. that was hillary clinton. giving the student commencement address in 1969. she was the university's first speaker. after that address, she ended up in the magazine. joining me now is doctor paula johns johnson, thank you for joining me. >> thank you for having me. >> if she ends up winning the presidency tomorrow night, winning the white house, how do you think it is going to affect some of the younger female students at your college? >> well, this is a transformational moment for women's leadership. it is very, very powerful for our young women as well as our
10:53 am
children and our young men, in fact. to see the fact that a woman can achieve most powerful job, probably in the world and for young women and young girls in particular to be able to imagine themselves and see themselves in hillary clinton, that's a tremendous motivator and one that i think is as i said a transformational motivator as we think of developing the next generation leaders. >> on the flip side is if she ends up not winning tomorrow night and donald trump takes the presidency, how does that affect the same group of young people you are talking about? >> well, i would think that the feeling will still be won than hillary clinton, secretary clinton broke a glass ceiling. >> even if she does not win. >> she's broken a glass ceiling and i think that the motivation regarding moving forward will be
10:54 am
just as strong. the need to move forward and the need to address the issues that women leaders address will only be felt incredibly strongly by the student population. >> my colleague has an interesting write up on today. she quote a psychologist who says clinton has a fine line to walk. she's not only president but she will have to be in his words, first mother, as well. you think she's going to be held to a different standard if she's elected? >> well, women are held a different standard. she's already held in a different standard as are most women. this is part of the challenge, a significant challenge that we face and in terms of the dichotomy of her roles. she's a singular person and the totality of all she is, we are
10:55 am
women and we are mothers, we are grandmothers and daughters and friends and when we bring our whole selves to our leadership roles, we don't separate those roles out. that's the beauty of women's leadership. that's what is extraordinary and what's that we address as we think about developing this next generation of women and face the challenges they need to face, how do you bring the totality of who you are and which we know brings much more powerful leadership. at this moment in perfectly exciting. the totality of women and being brought to the leadership and recognize as a powerful source, not only the united states but frankly around the world. >> doctor paula johnson, thank you very much for being with us. >> we have a lot ahead on msnbc. as we go to break, we want to take a look at the number of early votes cast nationally so far, 43 millions all around the
10:56 am
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huge day today, bigger tomorrow. be sure to check msnbc for all day coverage of the 2016 election. i will be here at the same time of 1:00 p.m. and heading upstairs for all of our election night coverage at 6:00. msnbc special election night, full team primetime coverage, guys, this is it, we have been doing this for 600 days. right now, i will toss it to my fellow warrior, hey, katy tur. 600 days? >> 594, man. >> oh my gosh. >> yes, that's right we are in manchester, new hampshire. voters will hear donald trump of one of his final campaign rally of 2016. president obama is hitting the
11:00 am
states with less than 24 hours ago. trump and clinton through several swing states today, including north carolina and pennsylvania s and michigan and their top surrogates hitting more states with time taking down. trump tries to steal away a group she needs to turn out to win. >> blacks for trump. i am telling you, you know? one of the things we are seeing in a couple of these faces like florida, african-americans are not turning out and when they do, a lot of them are voting for trump. this is disturbing to the other side. >> i am here to ask you to vote for yourselves and your family and your future. vote on the issues that matters to you because they are on the ballot, not just my name and my opponent's


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