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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  November 7, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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pennsylvania s and michigan and their top surrogates hitting more states with time taking down. trump tries to steal away a group she needs to turn out to win. >> blacks for trump. i am telling you, you know? one of the things we are seeing in a couple of these faces like florida, african-americans are not turning out and when they do, a lot of them are voting for trump. this is disturbing to the other side. >> i am here to ask you to vote for yourselves and your family and your future. vote on the issues that matters to you because they are on the ballot, not just my name and my opponent's name. >> michigan, whatever credibility i have earned after eight years as president, i am
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asking you to trust me on this one. i already voted. i voted for hillary clinton. >> a brand new msnbc news map showing trump's path victory is tougher to plot. joining me now is kelly o'donell and jacob rascon and chris jansing and steve cornacki at election headquarter in new york. trump is saying that african-americans are turning out to vote for him in places like florida instead of clinton. have you seen any evidence of that and frankly, are you seeing more diverse crowds at his ra y ralli rallies? >> reporter: trump's supporters who argued passionately for their candidate. i have not seen any increase in diversity of crowds. i would say we have seen an
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increase in the signs that would show the support for that group, for example, we have seen a lot more blacks for trump and hispanics for trump and women for trump signs. usually, we see the campaign handing these signs out to people and regularly people holding those signs. blacks for trump who were not black and hispanics for trump who were not hispanics. it looks like he's getting more people with these actual groups when he does not see them. >> katy. >> we'll find out if he does in fact get those people tomorrow. >> this is after he praise comey for reopening the investigation and jacob, tell me how they justify that flip-flop? >> reporter: well, when the letter came out, the way they approached it that they had
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great respect for the courage of the fbi to write the wrong. it was predicated on them changing on the decision. it was not really praise for comey without anything else. it was for his willingness to change the outcome of the investigation, of course, there was no change so there is no more respects or that kind of talk come fing from the trump campaign. >> kelly o'donell, that same question for you, how does the clinton campaign adjusting their flip-flop of james comey violating the class act? >> reporter: team clinton is saying they are expected for r the outcome that comey reached that there would be no charges against hillary clinton is what they expected all along. the last chapter is the only chapter tt counts for them and focusing treill be no charges and in their mind it is a closed issue which is why it is not being discussed from the
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stage. they are assembling behind me more on the trial on this final day. for their voters, it is settled and we know politically that it is this kind of issue would dog hillary clinton if she were to become president and may not be resolved issue. from the campaign's point of view, they can zip it up for today to get them through the election, katy. >> chris, lets talk about the clinton's campaign, she continues to tie her election to obama of eight years in office. here are more of her remarks in pittsburgh earlier. >> when president obama came into office, put yourself in his shoes, young, dynamic, first african-american elected to become president of the united states. i don't think he gets the credit we deserve to make sure we did not go deeper in the ditch that we were in. >> reporter: the president has
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been trying to lockdown states he won for clinton. you and i are both in new hampshire. talk a little bit about how tight this stage has been and what it means? >> reporter: yeah, this is supposed to be a blue state but it has been tightening and i think there are a couple of things going on here, one demographics do favor donald trump and there is a large number of white people who do not have college education. why is obama here? well, take a look at this line and often a lot of students here at the university of new hampshire, he want wans to get millennials to the polls. he wants to make sure they are not going to the voting both for gary johnson or jill stein. there is also the democratic base where he won here in 2012 by six points. if he can energyize a lot of those folks that we are seeing, older folks and people with their kids here and families. if he can get them energized and
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remember there is no early voting here, it is tomorrow. >> we are one day out. >> yeah, take a look. here is all the sort of final national polling data we have. we have our own monkey news and national polls and they are all pointing to the same thing. hillary clinton walking in election day with a lead. there is always a possibility that a different group of voters turning out that maybe people are expecting, there is some suspense there. in terms of the race of 270, what that translates into is advantage of clinton going in the final day. donald tru what donald trump needs to do is take all the state that is are gray here and toss upstates and these are states that we have been thinking of the battleground states. if you are trump, you have to win them all. that's your first path to 270.
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you sweep them and you would get to 270. there are some indications in the polling and early voting and some of the things we are learning of demographics that some of these great states are maybe slipping away from donald trump. nevada, a lot of indications that nevada could be going blue. in just nevada from that list going blue. hillary clinton over 270. what would donald trump need? well, that's the second way he will get to 270. he's got to take states that we think of blue states and he's got to flip them in the last minute. that's what he's trying to do. we saw him in minnesota yesterday and we'll see him in michigan and pennsylvania, we have been thinking of these as blue states. what he's trying to pull off here, you can think of this as a hell mary passing football. they do have large, rural white populations, working class, they don't necessary have large latino population indications and latino voters are turning
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out in states there are significant latino voters. demographically, there is something of a match between these states and the trump coalition. again, there are other areas of the state that may do well for clinton. this is what he's left with of these great states and toss upstates start to flip away. maybe two rabbits out of the hat if enough of these states slip away. >> the campaign believe that donald trump's message is going to resonate there. they're thinking about initially the transition going forward since the polls have tighten so much. i have been sfepeaking to a numr of my source and they're talking to a few notable people from their top cabinet. nothing is set in stone. he's very superstitious about all of this. they are floating around the
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idea that newt gingrich as the state department and rudy giuliani as attorney general and chris jansing, you covered all of these men. what does it say of the notable absence of chris christie in this list. >> when you look at that list, chris christie and bridge gate, we have seen some drifting away. it is notable that we don't see him here and we did not see him here in new hampshire after the conviction of his who former aids, he cancelled the appearance here for donald trump. when you look at the others, he's really about rewarding loyalty. those are people who have been their for him. you see how many attacks that rudy giuliani puts out there. he's also a former prosecutor and attorney general. he wants this combination of outsider which is what he ran on. newt gich ringrich for all the he spent in the house.
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he likes to tell the number of military who supported him for a strong military. when you put those names out there and familiar names and names that people in the republican party know, you see that combination of things, you see loyalty and people representing both inside and outside of government and you see as you pointed out that notable exceptions of chris christie. >> and all these people are folks that travel on the plane are donald trump pretty consistently. chris jansing and steve cornacki, thank you guys, my road warriors. >> thank you very much for being here. >> thankou for having me. >> the polls have been up and down. >> donald trump seems to close the gap, where do they stand now according to our internal polling? >> well, i am not going to share my super secret. i think we got close races here and not just at the top of the ticket, our u.s. senate race and
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our race for governor, everybody is within the margin of yerror and we could see anything tomorrow. >> do you expect that donald trump is able to pull it out and which group he's going to do well with? >> i am a big believer and not calling it if it is not callable. i think it is really too close to call. i think the presidential race could go either way. hillary clinton has struggled trying to win over the bernie sanders supporters here in new hampshire. her biggest struggle has been winning over -- she lost the primary overwhelmingly. that's her big challenge her. donald trump has been unifying the republicans and kind of closing that gap steadily over the last couple of weeks and that's why we are as close as we are now. he's not enjoyed the same set of majority as past republican candidates have. did the last nine days, helped
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republicans coming home? >> clearly, we see it on all the polling. the last couple of weeks, the polls have tighten significantly. i would say the same thing with hillary clinton, quite honestly. she has had a struggle closing her side of the gap as well whether the folks from bernie sanders camp or the independence and other people of the democratic party who just don't trust her. the one thing that democrats and republicans agree on that hillary clinton has lied to the american people over and over again. donald trump, political facts gave him the lie of the year and multiple lies he told and he's often saying regularly in a inaccurate things day in and day out. to call hillary the biggest liar, a lot of people would take a big issue with that. >> i don't think he has at all.
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>> kelly from the beginning has run a strong independent race. kelly went to washington six years ago promising the people of new hampshire that she would be an independent voice of our state regardless of who she has to stand up, to. she's done that. she stood on principles and stood what is believed to be the right thing. she brought that to her campaign. her efforts have been independent and right now in the middle of closing the argument with voters across the state, 24 and 24. she's making 24 stops in the last 24 hours. kelly is a candidate and has been a senator where people across our state feels like she's our next door neighbor. they know her and like her and trust her and i believe she's going to be reelected tomorrow. >> jennifer horn, thank you very much for being here. >> we'll see how it all shakes out tomorrow. good luck.
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>> we heard that donald trump will be coming out at 2:45. we have a live shot, that's governor mike huckabee who'll be speaking before donald trump right now. we are going to keep an eye out on this picture. >> a reminder. msnbc is the place for politics. keep it tuned into us all day tomorrow and today for non stop coverage beginning at 6:00 a.m. eastern morning joe starts tomorrow and game time with rachel maddow and ryan williams and chris matthews. they have the results of this historic action as they come in. only on msnbc. here is a live look at democracy, outside of msnbc, world headquarter in new york. the site of tomorrow's election coverage. the stage is set and flags are raised. now, just one day until americans have their say. next up, live in philadelphia. the clinton campaign is gearing up to rally voters with the obama's later tonight at
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independence hall. we'll take you live to phillies, next. ♪ ♪ ♪ is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event. (bing)
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look at this mess, oh, wow, it is beautiful. look at that. looks just like me. [ cheers ] nice set of hair i will say. [ cheers ] thank you. >> he didn't keep it. trump having some fun in florida. he will campaign later tonight
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in new hampshire. both kacandidates are spending their greetings in the great state of pennsylvania. >> our final election rally will come as a bit of star power as well. john bonn jovi and bruce springsteen is all set to join. msnbc's jacob soboroff is in philadelphia for us right now. hey there jacob. >> reporter: hey katy. it is 7-1 democrats to republicans in this great city. this is the man that's tasked were given from a victory here, the head of the republican party. you are the head of the poll watching effort. how is that going and how many people are you going to have on the field tomorrow. >> we are going to have anywhere from 500 to 700 regular watchers
11:20 am
in certain area and another 1,000 election workers. these are people elected or appointed. >> reporter: are you worried of intimidation on the part of any major poll reuters that were not recruited? >> i am worried from the workers that were working inside the polls, mostly are democrats. 2012, they kicked out our quarter point of election officials. we got more that they are planning of the same issues again. i guarantee you that 6:30 tomorrow normorning you will st to see lines. >> reporter: the justice department appoints to uphold and people watching polling places and including here in philadelphia. >> do you think they should be here? >> yes, 100%, after problems with had and 2012 of the black panthers. >> reporter: all right, by all means. back to you.
11:21 am
katy tur. >> that's a problem that donald trump has been saying peop, peo keeping their eye on the election. jacob soboroff, thank you very much. >> bob shrum who's working for everybody. bob, thank you very much for joining me. you are a political veteran, we are a day out and hours into the polls opened, tell me what it is like inside the campaign right now and how are they feeling? are they confident or nervous? does it matter with the trump campaign or the donald trump campaign? >> if you are the clinton campaign, you are having good numbers but fighting every step of the way. they are blocking trump from getting one of the blue states he has to get. he's in a position wher where -- giving undecided toss upstat upstates, he still has to have a
11:22 am
big blue state. i cannot imagine -- i am sorry, go ahead. >> i want to ask you specifically about michigan. >> donald trump is going to be there at the end of tonight and hillary clinton is going there with the obamas. is she worry of losing that and if she does, does it break her blue wall? >> i think they're concerned ofcein the sense of blocking hip. when you look at the numbers, i think she's going to win by five or six points and her ground game is worth at least a point and she's going to have 300 electoral votes. they are not acting that way and they should fight every single step of the way. it is the only smart way to run a campaign >> does she risk not spending more time in ohio and pennsylvania and north carolina, florida states that she also needs to win to block a donald trump's victory. >> well, they have been in florida and a huge percentage of
11:23 am
the states have voted. they were in florida a lot of the weekend and ohio. this is a smart thing to do. >> pennsylvania, you know, is catnip for the republican party. >> every four years, romney thinks they have a chance to win pennsylvania and every four year they lose it and again in 2016. >> bob shrum, thank you very much for joining us. next up, the battleground blitz, florida, ohio and north carolina. three states that ultimately calls this race. our team is standing by. a moment earlier here on msnbc with the gold star father, targeted by trump earlier in this campaign. >> if your son were alive today, would he be surprised and what would he say what you will be doing? >> he will be standing right here, right next to me, left
11:24 am
shoulder to left shoulder. hey, hey, hey, there are no bad suggestions here... no matter how lame they are. well said, ann. i've always admired how you just say what's in your head, without thinking. very brave. good point ted. you're living proof that looks aren't everything. thank you. welcome. so, fedex helped simplify our e-commerce business and this is not a passive aggressive environment. i just wanted to say, you guys are doing a great job. what's that supposed to mean? fedex. helping small business simplify e-commerce. will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at
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we are back life from new hampshire. our correspondents are all in place. >> mariana, you are in tampa right now at hillsboro, what's the driving force to get out the vote there, is it political issues or the candidates themselves? >> reporter: from what i am seeing now, it is people driven by the issue who's making a final push to get out to vote. it is women like martha and carla trying -- to get all the
11:28 am
vote. caat tr catherine, it is a monday, why are you doing this? >> i want to encourage people to make it right. >> reporter: i don't want to get in your way, i know you are fast walkers. it is women like them getting out the vote in florida. the latino and minority votes are one of the big narratives in the sunshine state and across several battleground states in this election. >> good luck keeping up with them, mariana. lets go to our morgan radford is standing by. what are you see k ing on the ground? >> reporter: this is the gop headquarter here. you can see all the communities here on the map. they're trying to reach by tomorrow. if you look in here, you can see people who are hard at work and reaching out to voters and
11:29 am
calling them and e-mailing them and trying to find out exactly what it is they want to hear ahead tomorrow. the democrats are up to about 300,000. >> the republicans here on the ground they are not worried because republicans typically turn out on tuesday and they don't poll as high numbers of the early voting periods. this is the swag room. donald trump is here and these are flying off the shelves in north carolina as people are getting ready to get out there. >> morgan radford. >> next up is nbc's jo kent is live for us. it is final day and early voting there. more people are voting now than they did four years ago, why? >> reporter: well, they are voting because they are passionate against the candidate or for a candidate. it is 2:30 in the afternoon. polls are closed for early voting. it is electric in here and tons of voters flowing in and record
11:30 am
voting vote in franklin, county, where state high in ohio of a toss up. 48% for hillary clinton and 47% for donald trump. here people are voting and the 98 voting machines here, these are direct, recording electronic devices. they are not connected to the external internet. they are of course, getting ready for tomorrow but so far still people are flowing in even though early voting was over 30 minutes ago. katy. >> thank you very much. jo kent, thank you very much >> we are waiting for trump to speak in north carolina. >> new hampshire where i am right now could help him. i will speak to the former governor to pick his brain about the stakes of this risk and we have our last minute guest for you, james taylor will be here
11:31 am
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something wrong? so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? you want the whole thing? yes, yes! live whole. not part. aleve. . i got a good feeling tomorrow but i got to tell you, we don't take anything for granted. >> we must ensure that hillary clinton is never elected president of the united states of america. we got to do it. >> we are watching for donald trump, he will be speaking around 2:45 many north carolina. i am in new hampshire which we'll see visits by president obama and donald trump a little later today. clinton campaign volunteers have knocked up some 400 and 50,000 doors this weekend along. they may have talked of 56% of
11:35 am
all of new hampshire's likely voters. cl clinton suffered a blow out of primary defeat in february. >> it shows clinton is in the lead in the 2016 election race. joining me now, moderator of "meet the press," chuck todd. what is the states that you are watching out tomorrow in. >> well, i look at it this way, how to watch it early and how to get our early clues. i am just going to walk you between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m., we are going to know the contours of this election and we'll know where this is headed. here is why. very early at 6:00. indiana's polls is closed. >> are we calling it in that hour? >> it shows you that republican turn out are doing well. i have the same at 7:00 with virginia, that's a 7:00 polls closed. >> state's counts is pretty
11:36 am
quickly. the last vote in is northern virginia which four years ago it was a very tight race as the vote totals were coming in and romney heading to slightly and obama narrowly carried it. does trump ever have a lead in ve virginia? north carolina at 7:30 and georgia at 7:30. we have the split polls closing between 7:00 and 8:00. look at what i have done here. >> virginia and indiana are all states that who pulls close between 6:00 and 8:00 and i will throw in ohio there. the point is that's the election right there. we are going to have a great sense of where things are going right there. and between 7:00 and 8 c:00, we are going the see our raw totals in florida. i still think this is a -- how florida goes, if florida goes
11:37 am
trump, it continues. she can win it without florida, he cannot. >> we are going to find out. thank you, chuck, we'll see you at 5:00 p.m. in just a little while here on msnbc. turning now to our chief of staff, the president of george h.w. bush, john sununu, he's here we me right now in new hampshire. how is donald trump doing in jo your state? >> i think trump is one behind. kelly is even of the plus one or two and chris is plus one or two. >> you suggested that the fbi director is not running charges. >> the state department is asking one more for up to five years to look at a few thousand of hillary clinton's e-mails.
11:38 am
comey went through 650,000 in one year. >> there is technology to do that. >> tell the state department that there is technology to do that. >> do you believe that the fbi's decision essentially to close the case a couple days ago or yesterday is going to impact trump's momentum. >> they did not close the case. >> they did not recommend charges. >> not going to indict at this point. yeah, i do think -- >> at this point implies that they may indict further down the line. why do you believe that there is an indictment coming where all of the evidence putting out so far suggest that they have not putting out an indictment and the fbi said he will not recommend any charges against her. >> you are trying to please her case strongly? >> there are tons of e-mails that they are ask fing for five years to analyze.
11:39 am
>> the attorney general who met with bill clinton in the back of the tarmac. it is a reflection of the culture of corruption that's involved in this process. >> moving along, this campaign has been marked by many low moments. you suggested that something about bill and hillary clint clinton -- >> do you regreat getting into that on the set of trump? >> i do regret that i did not focus on this corruption issue. >> why do you ask questions on distractions. >> why don't you ask if i am concerned that approach -- >> why don't you focus on a culture of corruption instead of coming out suggesting of the marriage? >> the democrats have dumped tens of millions of ads and
11:40 am
that's going to be on $120 million and most of it going to negative advertising attacking the character of the candidates. the real issues in this state going north. the play issue is running against kelly ayote and the state has lost its advantage for years. those are things bringing voters up and we need to see how much of the impact we have. >> what time do you think you are going to know one way or another tomorrow. >> about 10:00. >> i am going to hold that. >> governor john sununu, thank you very much for joining us. >> coming up, we'll take you live to experts who know the states better than anyone else and we'll talk to james taylor, we'll ask why he's been campaigning for clinton. stay with us.
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joining me now is james taylor. the one and only james taylor and his lovely wife, thank you very much for joining me. we pulled you off from the lobby of this hotel. >> in the middle of our chooees burgers. >> i am sorry. >> you played a little bit of a concert. >> tell me why hillary clinton is the choice that you think american should pick. >> because she's a public servant, she is known quantity and prepared for all of her life for this job. i think of her partially because she's a democrat and i am a
11:45 am
democrat. she's a positive, caring, sincere and honest person in spite of this -- a baffling depiction of her being this corrupt person. this untrust worthy person. i think it is a stress to say that. >> why do so many americans believe that in. >> maybe because they have been told that over and over again by people who known they are going to be running against her for a long time. she's had a target painted on her back for a long time. >> have you take a look at any of the wikileaks e-mails? >> no. >> do you think it is fair they're coming out against her? >> the wikileaks has been released and you are seeing the operations of clinton's campaign and all the things they have been struggled all over. >> people have to be able to have candid and, you know so, y
11:46 am
know sort of protected conversations between each other. i would not want every word that i speak to kim or my brother, it is important to know the context and people speak in shorthand sometimes. sometimes they are joking and you know, it is difficult to know exactly what is meant particularly in an e-mail. i do find it alarming that things that were intended to be sort of privileged and not a privilege conversation, a private conversation. >> kim, what is this election about to you? >> i think it is about in many ways of the fabric of what our country is. you know , katy, 200 years is nt a long of a time.
11:47 am
i think of it as an experiment, a fragile experiment and tested to the way that it stretched to the limits by donald trump, we had to get involved. we could not sit back anymore. >> do you understand why trump voters find him appealing and why they feel frustrated and why the government has not been representing them and the economy passed them by. do you understand where that sort of support comes from? >> well, yes. >> i do, i do understand some of it. i don't understand why people who feel this enfranchise and they have been disempowered and why they would choose someone like donald trump to channelling them. to me that's baffling. i cannot see it. why you would choose this so clearly self-interested businessman with no experience
11:48 am
and really no regard for the depths of commitment that it takes to be a public service on this level. i don't understand why people would choose him to champion that. i cannot and i just don't get it. >> hillary clinton has done private speaking engagements with fans. she did not want those transcripts released. some people look at her and hey, listen, she's got something to hide, is she representing me or her own self and the special interest that she's been working with as long. does that -- do you find people who mistrust her for those reasons. >> i don't think of her as a saint. i think of her as a human being. i do think of her as a public servant and someone who believes in government and believe that government can do good things for people. >> the idea that we could vote
11:49 am
not to have government or even have less government which is very difficult to have. the idea that you can vote to against government is what you get when you vote for no government is bad government. government is inevitable. you need someone that's positive and believes that government can work for people. >> if she wins or if you win, do you see, is there a way for this country to unite again? it is very dediviivided right n. half the country believes that she's a liar and people chanted she's a liar and people that support hillary clinton don't seem to understand some levels why donald trump supporters like him, he's been called a lot of names. do you think this country can unite after this? >> i heard bill clinton saying one time, we were campaigning
11:50 am
with him in iowa a couple of years ago. he said "look for the candidate that bring people together and not divide them." it was not before hillary and not on that only resonates and you know katy, i have to say not just as a woman but as a citizen, i am so sick of these wikileaks and i am sick of the e-mails. we need to look at temperament and training and qualifications. obama has said over and over again. you just mentioned to former governor john sununu that there were a lot of distractions. i am tired of this distractions. >> a lot of her campaigns and the attacks against donald trump. >> how could you not want to attack? if she's not attack she's passive and -- it is still a
11:51 am
double standard as a exponential standard. >> james and kim taylor, thank you very much for taking the time to come out and speak with me. >> we'll get hot hamburgers for you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> we are just getting word. robert john bonn jovi will fly with clinton and her aids and the process court. ahm ahm a midnight rally. another live look in north carolina as we take it out where donald trump is expected to rally lo rally voters any moment. we'll keep an eye on it. our live coverage from manchester continues after this break. jack be nimble, jack be quick, jack knocked over a candlestick
11:52 am
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we are back live. the campaign rally that's just a few hoursrom now. this state four electoral votes could prove critical tomorrow night and joining me now jimmel. for electoral votes in this state, why is it so important? >> because it is so close, you just heard governor john sununu, it is a couple of points between clinton and trump. >> trump is taking the stage right now in north carolina, we can watch him live on this picture. what is the message that resonates among new hampshire voters that donald trump has on his side? >> donald trump struck right and talking in the beginning of how he's independent. you heard him say this is your
11:56 am
magnificent chance to beat the corruption marchine. they don't like that and strike out on their own. >> it is gone blue for the last election. he's been up here a lot. >> you said it is been clinton country but bernie sanders beat him overwhelmingly. >> donald trump won overwhe overwhelmingly in the primaries. does clinton has a chance here. i heard rumors people are walking into vote writing out bernie sanders and walking out and not voting on the blaallot all. is that going to concern clinton's campaign? >> actually give clinton of the edge here because she's got a killer campaign operation. she's got a great operation and they do a good job getting out to vote. there are people on the left who don't like her. the left is going to rally around clinton than the right is rallying against trump.
11:57 am
>> james, true. donald trump has cut us a little bit short. we'll go to him right now. kate snow comes up next but lets listen into donald trump before that. >> everybody is watching or whether we are ruled by the people. we are going to be ruled by the people, folks. that's going to be our choice. our failed political establishment has delivered nothing but poverty and problems and nothing but losses. nothing but losses. we don't win anymore as a country. we'll start winning again as a country. [ cheers ] they get rich by making america poor in my cases. it is time to reject the media and political elite that bled our country dry. >> and these are among the most dishonest people. i will give you the truth. they don't give you the truth.
11:58 am
they rarely give you the truth. you know it and they know it. that's the scary part. it is time to fight for america. i am not a politician and i can say proudly. my only special interest is you. it is you. [ cheers ] we are going to bring back the jobs that have been stolen from you. we are going to bring back the wealth that's been taken from our country. we are going to bring back the minors and the factory workers and the steel workers and we are going to put them back to work. the economic policies, of bill and clinton has destroyed throughout the entire country. the corrupt clinton gave us nafta and china's horrible entry boo -- job killing deal with
11:59 am
south korea, that was hillary clinton beauty and the trans pacific partnership which will be a total disaster. hillary clinton said this is the gold standard. she lied during the debate. she said hey, by the way, who won the debate? did we win that debate? but, she lied during the debate and she lied and she said it is the gold standard and she said she never said it. don't worry about gold, we are bringing back gold. >> bryant, we are going to do clean call. the minors are going to be back. not if hillary clinton get gets -- minors. i guess you are thinking of something else. clean call. >> you know thinking about it though also, people the press
12:00 pm
does not talk about it. donna brazil gets the question to the debate but then it turns out to be a number of defense. who cares about donna brazil, she turns out to be not what people thought. she gets illegally, illegal illegally -- she gives the questions to the debate and takes those questions and give it to crooked hillary clinton. now, does crooked hillary clinton report it? >> did she say i should not have these questions or these answers, i think they gave them the answers, also, right? >> now, she does not not. >> i wonder if she had the questions in my debate sns. >> i don't think so because she did not do that well. i don't think so. the years of betrayal will end and they'll end and they are going to end


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