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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  November 7, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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though also, people the press does not talk about it. donna brazil gets the question to the debate but then it turns out to be a number of defense. who cares about donna brazil, she turns out to be not what people thought. she gets illegally, illegal illegally -- she gives the questions to the debate and takes those questions and give it to crooked hillary clinton. now, does crooked hillary clinton report it? >> did she say i should not have these questions or these answers, i think they gave them the answers, also, right? >> now, she does not not. >> i wonder if she had the questions in my debate sns. >> i don't think so because she did not do that well. i don't think so. the years of betrayal will end and they'll end and they are going to end quickly.
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they are going to end as of the day we take office which is going to be -- very, very soon. [ cheers ] north carolina jobs will end. real change begins with the media meetly and repealing and replacing obamacare. [ cheers ] [ applause ] sadly, it has just been announced that the residence of north carolina are going to experience massive double digit premium heights. 95 of the 100 north carolina counties will only have one ensured in the obamacare exchange. a lot of luck negotiating. it is not going to matter because we are going to win and terminate.
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it won't matter. [ cheers ] premiums surging and companies are leaving and insurers are fleeing and doctors are quitting. by the way, doctors are leaving and quitting. i have a friend who's a doctor and he said i have more accountants than nurses. it is so complicated. deductibles are going through the roof. yet hillary wants to double down and expand obamacare and make it even more expensive. [ crowd boos ] >> i am asking for your vote so we can repeal and replace obamacare. [ cheers ] and save healthcare for every family of north carolina. [ cheers ] thank you, thank you. [ cheers ] thank you.
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people are pouring in folks, folks. >> did you see last night in michigan of the crowd we had and the crowd we had -- by the way, how about 24,000 or 25,000 right next to fort bragg, did you see that the other night? we went to minnesota, we went to minnesota where we are doeing very well. minnesota is a great place. it is going republican this year. >> you have been watching and seeing and these people have been driven crazy of the dishonest media. we are winning in ohio. we are winning in iowa. we are winning and we think new hampshire, we are going to do great in new hampshire. [ cheers ]
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i hear we are winning north carolina big. [ cheers ] i hear it. we are winning florida. [ cheers ] >> headlines today on drugs. how well we are doing in florida. i think we are going to win the great state of pennsylvania. i do. [ cheers ] we are winning plenty of other places. we have to go, the big key is you have to go. we are in a rigged system, folks. >> you got to go or you got to vote and make sure that vote gets registered there. real change also mean restoring honesty of our women. [ chanting: we love trump ] thank you, thank you, wow. >> great, great spirit. i have a job right next to -- we
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have a beautiful property right next to charlotte. you know about it, folks? >> it is great, right? >> some of the people it is an amazing place, it is an amaze place to work and live. we love it. hillary clinton is the most corrupt person ever to seek office of the presidency of the united states, she threatened national security, she sold her office to the highest bidder and to cover her tracks, she deleted 33,000 e-mails after receiving a c congressional subpoena and nothing happens to her. [ crowd boos ] she's being protected by a totally rigged system, folks. she's being protected. you know james cartwright.
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donald trump in north carolina. that's a statement that he's delivering apart of his closing argument. we'll hear her closing argument of hillary clinton coming up in michigan. i am kate snow, good afternoon everybody, a new poll out just a few hours ago has hillary clinton ahead by six points nasd nationally. as you just heard from him and we'll get to that in a little bit. we were just listening to trump. that's where jacob rascon is there with us at the rally. what's the final pitch for voters as we could want the hou down. >> reporter: they are making on this prem sise as which the who campaign has been based that most of the country believe that the country is headed in the wrong direction and donald trump can drive this significant change. you hear him talk about how we
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don't win anymore, with the border or the military, he can drive the change to fix all of that. part of the change is necessary and beating a corrupt political system which he says hillary clinton is central and going after hillary clinton saying she's been protected by a rigged system. notably, he did not this morning and we have not heard him say it yet, talk about the fbi. we have all been wondering how much of a part of his message that he would make that since the new comey letter. yesterday, you heard him say once that he did not understand how the fbi went through 680,000 e-mails. he has not yet said that today. >> the campaign says this is supposed to be a positive message, something on offense and so far he's been mostly on offense, we have seen him sticking on this message.
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this is about as consistent we have seen donald trump on just about anything in the last couple of weeks, he's continuing that today and notably as i said without the punch that the argument against hillary clinton used to have with that reactivated investigation by the fbi, kate. >> jacob, you just mentioned pun p. . you are with him on so many stops along the way. is this a lower energy trump right now or is he still feeling it out there? >> reporter: you know, this morning, i watched him and he was very high energy, maybe a little lower energy if we are being nitpicking right now. yesterday he was very high energy and he had a lot of stops and five states yesterday and another five today. he's got a lot to do and a long way to go. >> it is a grueling schedule, that's why i asked. thanks so much. lets shift over to the clinton campaign with kelly o'donell where the democratic nominee wrapping up her rally.
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she's got the same kind of speed of final hours making a lot and a lot of stops in philadelphia, tonight. what's her closing argument? >> reporter: well, it is very different in tones of what we just heard, a lot of it was getting out the vote and here in pennsylvania, it is all about election day, voting is done on the day itself and not early voting and she also was trying to help the down ballot by having the democratic candidate for the senate here, she kind of put out the old vote for her as well pitch. clinton talked about the number of republicans she has known and worked with over the years with whom she disagreed but she respects them but believes they were fit for office.
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she went into her argument he does not have the experience or the judgment or temperament to serve. it was a punchy peach to drive voters to the polls but it was more toned towards the end of the campaign. the final lap for hillary clinton is trying to paint a picture of the kind of leadership she would hope to bring and healing of the country after the election has been so contention and a lot about sounding a note that goes beyond november 8th. in pittsburgh, that's certainly one of the issues that people were responding to and certainly she comes back here tonight to have a two stop in pennsylvania, in the same day of the final hours, tells you the same deal. philadelphia will have the former president and her husband and the current president and mrs. obama and bruce springsteen and john bonn jovi, there is music and star power trying to close it out.
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>> that's coming out tonight. does she go on after that to north carolina late tonight. >> yes. the classic of the final day of the campaign is ahm midnight ray in a state. certainly a battleground but it is a way to tie her candidacy to the legacy of president obama where he's very popular but narrowly lost that stage last time and trying to make the connection that she would be a continuation in many ways to the things that voters in north carolina who are democrats really appreciate about a barack obama. it will be sentimental in many ways. it is all about kind of a rest day tomorrow and ready for speeches and whether it is a
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congratutory speech. this is the last lap of a two-year campaign for hillary clinton and about 18 months for donald trump. for those of us who have been covering, that's the last time we'll hear that sound track and it is still in our heads. >> yeah, that song keeps on playing on. kelly o'donell, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> after our show here tomorrow on msnbc, i am going to head down to the philadelphia suburbs for nbc's election night coverage. those four suburban counties are the most crucial area in that crucial state of pennsylvania where kelly oh is standing. the latest polls had clinton up four points in the keystone state. that's within the margin of errors. when you are talking about pennsylvania, there is no one knowledgeable than our former governor of pennsylvania, ed randall is with us.
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he's also a hillary clinton supporter. nice to see you. >> nice to see you kate. >> lets talk about the polls. 61-29 if you look at the south eastern part of pennsylvania, around philadelphia. i spoke with the gop director this morning. he can see the city is your strong suit. when you look at the skbuuburbsd trump's team is arguing they can pull it away. you heard donald trump say we are going to win pennsylvania. >> well, sure, having said that, kate, all the public polls showing at about four points in and an increase that's still in the margins of error. anybody who's hoping for clinton, they better vote tomorrow because you never know. the big difference for president obama won the four philadelphia suburban counties and 53-41
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against romney. hillary clinton is running 22 points ahead where president obama won by six. president obama's out of the four suburbs of 124,000. if hillary clinton is running three and a halftimes better, she has a chance by 3,000 votes. she won't win florida by quite as much but say by 400, she leads the five counties over 3 quarter of a million votes ahead. >> there are not enough folks of the rest of the state to cast it. >> i was looking at the numbers today. you got like 23% of the whole population of the state is in those suburbs in philadelphia. that's how you do the map. how hard would it be? if she lost pennsylvania, can she win the election? >> sure. >> she will have to win florida or she has to win north carolina and probably nevada and new
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hampshire. she can make up to it. if she wins florida, she can lose. i think she's going to win pennsylvania and maryland and our people have to vote. pennsylvania is really sees essential. you got another big race going on, we heard hillary clinton appearing with katie mcginty. it is getting tight there. there is a new ad that came out this afternoon. it is featuring a president and this is for katie mcginty. >> reportedly falling behind donald trump but katie will stand with us and fight for us. on tuesday, stand with me and katie mcginty, she's someone that you can trust. >> is it telling us democrats
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are kind of desperate and worried? what do you think? >> pat toomey put an ad on tv. >> folks outside of pennsylvania may not know that the republican toomey ran an ad containing president obama. >> that was not the first time he did it. he ran an ad where he had me quoted saying "he's a decent man." he's a decent man. look, here is a quote, i am for katie mcginty. we responded to those things. the impression of president obama is far more important. president obama would have to make that ad and pat toomey had to know when he put the ad on that he will get the response. >> you think mcginty has it
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tomorrow or you don't know? >> you cannot tell me if secretary clinton wins pennsylvania and tells me how much. if she wins by three or four points, katie wins or awfully close. if donald trump wins pennsylvania, remember pat to s toomeyist is ticked off by dona trump. >> it is interesting and who knows. pennsylvania, put it down as too close to call for president and too close to call for senate. >> it is going to be an interesting night. >> ed rendell. thank you very much. >> i am turning over to kasie hunt. just handed with the clinton campaign. grand rapids, michigan. what's going on and what's happening on the plane and what's next? we just touched down here in
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grand rapids, michigan, a little bit of an unexpected place to be for hillary clinton on this final day. they ramped up a little bit here in michigan as the concerns have mounted that maybe there is some surprise brewing here that the potential, this ground for donald trump. and jokes were made where john bonn jovi is flying to rally on the campaign trail. there is a lot of rallying in the last day of this. a little bit of nostalgia for the people that's doing this. comey's letter cleared the air a little bit. he was met with some eye rolls. but allows them in their views to enjoy this last couple of 48 hours. you can see it in the mood of the staff and the candidate
12:19 pm
herself. when she got out of her car and onto the plane and earlier today. she was face timing with her granddaughter, charlotte. just very kind of, you know moving through this last day as you might expect. now, hearire grand rapids, we a driving to a town here. michigan is going to end up being all about detroit and african-americans there is where it needs to be. the votes here, a lot of them are whites and some of them are democrats. that's part of the rational for being here. i think that the confidence overall is coming from faith in the ground game that they feel. in the early voting states so places like florida and nevada and the reporting of that latino surge they would talk so much about coming out in these great numbers. the other piece of today is the
12:20 pm
fact that pennsylvania and michigan don't vote until election day. they really don't have as many benchmarks here to know what is going on. so as you can see behind me, we are waiting for hillary clinton to come down off the plane and you are getting a little bit of a look of the reporters and who followed her around everyday. you may noticed that it appears as though we are asked to hurry up and wait and kate i know as you know is a familiar scene. >> yes. >> that's what happens when you are on the campaign. a lot of rushing and waiting and waiting. >> it will be a fun 24 hours though. >> thanks so much. we are checking in with the campaigner chief. you are looking live now at democracy plaza. here at 30 rock in new york where tomorrow night we are tracking the election results as they come in. stay with us. this car is traveling over 200 miles per hour. to win, every millisecond matters. both on the track
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president obama has spent six of the last several days crossing the country. he's clinton's top surrogate. the president's job approval rating is at 53%. tonight president obama will be joining the rally at the big mall with bonn jovi, he will go back to the white house and it will mark the end of his role. lets turn to our chris jansing in durham, new hampshire. >> what's the strategy behind hitting the two states in the last day of his campaigning. >> reporter: i think there are a number of things. this is a state where donald trump made a play where barack obama won. they're both states where hillary clinton lost to bernie
12:25 pm
sanders and that brings us to college campuses where he is which he's going to make an all out push for the millennial vote. you see here the organization, first of all, they got a crowd here, capacity standing over 7,000 people. sus usually, the warm up has been pretty dull. ken berns came out here and he had his crowd on and going after donald trump, make this nightmare history and gabby gifford came out of throw standing ovation for her. she says of her less than one minute, it is hard for me to speak but there are two words that i want to say for november, that's "madame president." a big standing ovation for gabby gifford. >> one example of this in jacksonville, florida and duval
12:26 pm
county where steve shell, points out before barack obama came to visit, the republicans were out voting the democrats there. the president turned it around and now the democrats are in the lead the. something that the clinton campaign believes in strongly and one final thing. this will be the last solo campaign appearance of barack obama as president of the united states, of course, they have that big event in pennsylvania later today where he will join michelle obama and both of the clintons. this is it, a big entourage and pretty emotional for them. it is also about his legacy and getting hillary clinton elected. >> thank you chris jansing, i want to bring our national secretary for biden.
12:27 pm
see how i put you back on the swing of things again. >> i was not ready. >> you are not back right now. you know what these final 24 hours push is. give us some insight into how any campaign and i know here, you are clinton's supporter. what are these final 24 hours paula ebb mean and what do they need to do? >> they are emotionally experienced over the course. on the eve before the election after you made that last call to that last supporter, there is not a lot you can do other than look for that data to start coming in and plan for every problem or flare that may pop up on election day. candidates and campaign staffs tend to get nostalgic and remaining nervous in the final hours. >> they get through the next 12
12:28 pm
hours before that. >> you spend so much time with president obama. this is got to be a little bit bittersweet for him of the final event he's doing solo this afternoon, what do you think? >> he said that it was the last campaign he had in them. he had one more and that's this campaign. he feels strongly electing hillary clinton. he's a great campaigner, campaigning for john kerry, he won an unlikely campaign in 2008. when i think he looks and sees that crowd tonight, he's going to think about how far we have come over the past eight years and his legacy on the line and obamacare and wall street reforms and after the financial crisis, he's her best surrogate. his approval rating is 53%. that's higher than ronald reagan than 1988. >> it is the highest in the
12:29 pm
polls and of all the people we want to check. >> you want to look at our battleground map and you can tell us where we are off? >> the map looks pretty accurate. what will surprise people is that, i think hillary clinton will win more decisively than you think. but, at the oend f the day, ten senate will remain very close. >> ben labolt, used to be press secretary for biden. >> thanks very much. >> keep your tv tuned to msnbc, all day tomorrow live coverage of the historic election, begins tomorrow morning with morning joe at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. we'll have full team coverage as election results roll in with rachel maddow and chris matths picking up our coverage at 6:00 p.m. eastern, right here on msnbc. [ crowd noise ]
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live pictures right now as donald trump continues to speak to that crowd in raleigh, north carolina. lets check in with sean spicer for the republican national committee, nice to see you. we were just talking to you during commercial break about how much longer. lets talk strategies if we can. what is the ground game for donald trump and how does it stack up against the democrats? >> i think eat stacks up phenomenup phenomenaly. >> as you can tell exponentially larger and we made 105 doorknobs in 2012. when you look at the early votes and key states and every one of those key battleground states, our early votes returned and that's in large part because that ground game brings home that key vote. that's what's allowing us.
12:34 pm
you got a candidate and an infrastructure and combining and making sure we can campaign that. >> what about minnesota, lets talk about a state that was not part of the equation. >> it has not voted for republicans since 1992. what are you seeing that we are not seeing? >> all of these states, michigan, 1988 was the last time for republicans. i feel good about michigan. >> why? >> it is a combination of two things, you got infrastructure that's gliding. donald trump has an infrastructure and ground game that's able to take his message and bring it to many homes as possible. look, two weeks ago when donald
12:35 pm
trump went to michigan and talked about going to colorado and mexico, everybody laughed for a moment. the next day, the democrats go backup on tv and doubled down d and the president of the united states going there. the two valuable assets you have in our campaign is time and money. they realized that the map is expanded. >> when you look and board down on, go zero in on michigan for a second, you got detroit and the suburbs of detroit. >> all people who want change. look, if you live in michigan right now and destroy, at some point you are saying i had enough of democrats control in this place, maybe it is time republicans came in and we gave them a chance. i think that you are seeing that and you saw it rick snyder, he came in and did a phenomenon job. >> we have an infrastructure there. he gives these guys a message of hope and change.
12:36 pm
they follow the same tricks in detroit over and over again. they are ready for change. >> this message a while ago, before we got here, we were t e taking part of speech and part of his argument is saying the system is rigged. is that the best way? >> for a lot of people, they do feel that the system is rigged. it taps into the feeling that government is stacked against them and policies and government is not working for them. >> donald trump is channelling the concerns. frankly a lot of people felt that they had a government that's unresponsive where they have not seen an increase in their jobs and a healthcare system that's promised to be affordable or lose their doctors. he's channelling the frustration of the american people.
12:37 pm
>> when you look at our map and where do you see the win coming in tomorrow? >> i think it is not just, i believe michigan is going to stay and colorado is the one that i would watch. i feel good about north carolina despite the democratic promises and again, you look at pennsylvania, virginia and new mexico, all state that is are coming home. all states that obamacare a car twice. every one of them, donald trump got the momentum going for him. >> we'll see tomorrow. communication director for the rnc. >> we'll talk about the four ski battleground states. lets talk about the issues that they are voting beyond choosing the president like south dakota where minimum wage is on the ballot. voters are deciding whether or not to lower the minimum wage,
12:38 pm
$7.50. and on the california ballot, i am not making this up. there is a measure that requires actor in the adult film industry to use condoms. >> on the side bar, her california ballot had so many measures on it this year, it took her an hour to vote on that ballot. we'll be right back. he gets a lot of compliments.
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>> morgan radford in north calina but first start with jacob soboroff, what are you seeing there? ro >> reporter: hey kate, i am here with al schmidth. >> this rwhat's up with that an that something you want to see happening here? >> reporte >> we want everyone to be sure that election day is going to be smoothly and no voter fraud or intimidation. >> doj did that in 2012 as well. >> reporter: i want to ask you about donald trump, over and over again with the election where he said it is going to be rigged and a lot of talks about that. they are worried about the democratic side. this is a city 7-1 democrat to republicans, what do you anticipate anticipating here tomorrow?
12:43 pm
>> with more an a million registered voters, election day is turbulent. a big danger is that each side escalates anticipation of what the other side is going do and before then things get a little crazy. >> reporter: all eyes are here on philadelphia. we'll send it to my colleague, mariana antensil. i want to take you inside as this church lobby is being transformed to a polling station as we speak. the doors just opened. i am here with supervisor election of craig vladimir here at hillsboro county, you have been preparing for this day with your team for years. what will this look like tomorrow? >> yes, it will be transformed to a polling location. the tabulation and equipment is here. we also have the electronic poll books that are here that's all set up to check the voters in.
12:44 pm
we are loogiking for r a smooth day here. >> reporter: this is kind of a super bowl, i know you worked security for the super bowl aso we know your stuff. what are you expecting tomorrow in terms of turn out? >> you know we had 425,000 people have voted in hillsboro county, we had 850,000 registered voters. i think we'll have a robust turn out and 52% of our voters voted prior to election day. >> we had 240,000 people voted on election day. we had no lines and closed on tonight. >> thank you very much, craig, for your time. >> more democrat ballots have been returned. democrats have a slight edge, that does not mean or necessarily how people are voting. we have talked to some voters here in florida who say they are splitting the ticket and that's why this state remains such a
12:45 pm
toss up. another battleground state to watch is ohio and that's where jo kent is at the station. >> thank you, you can see all the nine machines right now. they are in the process of being processed and backed up. in this election where there is l of concerns about cyber security and what happens with your vote. we want to show you something very special here. this is one of the voting machines of the hard drive inside where the votes are secured. as with anything with the 24th century, you have to back it up. there is a memory card here which is backed up with all the votes that happens with early voting today. a democrat and a republican each have a key. digitalis not good enough. they back it up on a roll of peop paper here. it is sealed and goes to a
12:46 pm
secure location. the votes that are tallied here on the machine and will go to columbus and those votes will begin to tally and voting is over. we are facing a tight race here in ohio. 48% going to hillary clinton and 47% supporting donald trump. if he's able to turn out those older white voters, he could take hoohio tomorrow. hillary clinton if she gets that younger minority vote, she can take this important buckeye state. that's what we are looking at here. i want to send it now down to north carolina, morgan radford, hey, morgan. >> that's right. the latest poll numbers from the new york times. we are at 44% between each other here in north carolina. this is ground zero, let me take you inside. this is the gop headquarter in wake county north carolina.
12:47 pm
people have been coming in and out everyday and volunteers and making calls and trying to get voters to the polls. what's interesting is a number of young republicans supporting trump not because of who they are but the issues they cared about. i am saying to blacks today, please here me and listen to me, i look like you, we need you to reconsider the party that we are apart of and consider moving from democrats to independent. i am a registered independent but a conservative. we need to be catered to and get out there and fight for our vote, rather than think they have it and put the images of beyon beyonce to get us to vote up here. >> thomas wha, what speaks to y most? >> it is a change up, someone does not have a track record and getting tired of hearing of the
12:48 pm
promises. >> i know john was talking about it earlier, is that something that you thinks i being blown out of portion or adequately represented. >> i think it is blown out of proportion, it is common sense. i don't see the issues at all. >> reporter: what do you mean of common sense? >> if you are a man, you use a man's bathroom and if you are a female, you use the female's bathroom. >> people have been coming in this room and pigging cking up so they can go support donald trump. this year, republicans say it is going to be their year and they're going to take the state just like they did in 2012. that was so fascinating. thank you very much. coming up. it is all the buzz, valid measures and a handful of states would legalize recreational marijuana use. we'll take you to the event.
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so pot is on the ballot in nine states tomorrow on election day. voters in states, california, massachusetts, maine, arizona, nevada will decide whether to legalize pot for recreational use and marijuana for medicinal purposes is up for a vote in four states. arkansas, florida, montana and north dakota. we look at proposition 64 in california. gotti? >> we are in humboldt county and these majestic redwoods are known to pot smokers worldwide. this is where for decades a pot farmer has been cultivating the strongest marijuana on the planet. it is also given a lot of cover to those farmers when marijuana was illegal. now marijuana obviously is legal when it comes to medical use.
12:53 pm
it is also possibly going to be legalized in the coming days. we are starting to see more grow facilities like this. we are joined by a tour operator here in humboldt. matthew, why the redwood forests? why is it so popular and known to pot smokers? >> one of the reasons is we have been growing for a long time. since the early 60s or 70s, we have been growing cannibis here and it's easy to hide cannibis here. that's another part of it. in the late 80s and early 90s, people used to hoist mr. plants in the top of the redwoods or they buried shipping containers in the grounds. >> this is a far cry from the grows in the forests. this looks like tech logically advanced growing. >> this grow is permeated by the county. no need to hide it.
12:54 pm
>> when it comes to prop 64, how much marijuana are we talking about? >> you will be able to possess an ounce. >> what are does an ounce like like for those of you who don't know. >> it looks like this. this is called train wreck. this is going to be on the ballot in four states. there is one state, min maine that is 2.5 ounces. double that. >> do you see anything stopping prop 64 here in california? >> no, i think it will pass. the polls are showing it will pass. i think people in california are tired of jailing people for plants. that's what it comes down to. they want the revenue and put people in jail. >> thanks so much for talking to us. matt was talking about the polls in california. we are talking about polls that
12:55 pm
are 58% showing people in favor of passing legalized recreational use of marijuana here in california. of course there are four other states with the similar measures on the ballot. this is an industry that is expected to bring in possibly $40 billion by the year 2020. a lot to consider for people going to the polls, but 58% of people so far poled seem to support marijuana legalization for recreational use. back to you. >> thanks so much and we'll be right back and don't forget to tune in to msnbc all day tomorrow for live coverage of election day. full team coverage all through the day and as election results roll in with rachel maddow and brian williams and chris matthews at 6:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc. we are talking to voters one day before they head out to the
12:56 pm
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humira is the number #1 prescribed biologic for psoriatic arthritis. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. want more proof? ask your rheumatologist about humira. humira. what's your body of proof? >> that's going to wrap up this hour. i will see you back here tomorrow afternoon. election day at 3:00 eastern and tomorrow night as part of the coverage on the network. up next, my colleague picks up our coverage. hey, steve. >> how are you doing? good afternoon here live in new
1:00 pm
york. can you believe it? one day to go now. just one day left. topping our agenda. >> you have day to make every drm come true. >> this is a historic, historic election andy woo will do everything we can not only to win, but then immediately to get to work. >> so this is it. the final day of this extraordinary and extraordinarily long presidential race. who is going to emerge the winner? i will head straight to the big board for a look at exactly where this race stands in the final hours before voters head to the polls. also on the agenda, hillary clinton's biggest surrogate, president obama is in not one, not two, but three battle ground states today and said the choice is obvious. >>


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