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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  November 7, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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morning at 6:00 a.m. full team coverage of the results begins at 6:00 p.m. eastern. "hardball" starts right now. election eve. it's really happening. it's over. let's play "hardball." good evening, i'm chris matthews in philadelphia. the u.s. institution center along independence mall where tonight, hillary clinton will join her husband and daughter, chelsea, along with president obama and first lady, michelle obama, to make a final push in the keystone state. and with just 25 hours to go until the first poll closing, hillary clinton is here to guard what most people see as her firewall state against donald trump.
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earlier today, she was in michigan. here she is. >> after tomorrow, the will begin and one of the highest priorities that i feel an obligation to address is how we bring our country together. a lot of people say we've got a heal our country or as the bible says, repair the breach. because we have so much deviciveness right now, now, i know it is unusual. i admit. for somebody running for president, especially the day before an election, but i've been saying this for months. to ata we need more of two things. right now. we need more love and kindness in america. >> mrs. clinton got an 11th hour assist yesterday after james comey cleared her for the second time in four months as he told congress the fbi's review of thousands of e-mails did not turn up anything that would
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change his conclusion from last july that she's clean. reacting to that news late tonight, donald trump accused the fbi of rigging the system. and said that couldn't have reviewed so many e-mails in just eight days. >> the investigations into her crimes will go on for a long, long time. the rank and file special agents at the fbi won't let her get away with these terrible crimes. right now, she's being protected by a rigged system. you can't review 650,000 e-mails in eight days. you can't do it, folks. >> well, trump continued that line of attack today saying h quote, tis justice in this country is la fing tok of the world. >> what's happening, what's happening is a disgrace and our country is a laughing stock all over the world. with what's happening with our
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justice, our country is a laughing stock. all over the world. they're laughing. nobody in this room can believe what's going on with the fbi and with the department of justice. nobody. nobody can. >> well, this comes as new national polls show hillary clinton with a clear lead now. bloomberg politics puts her up by three points nationally polls from fox news and cbs up by four points. that's the out liar. that monmouth poll shows clinton's support approaching a majority. she's now got 50% to truch's 44 in a four person race. joining me now, ed rendell. tom fitzgerald is a reporter with the philadelphia enquiererer, jacob sob rof and michelle sender. i want to start with the people
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here. governor, you know this state. describe the two people. the trump voter, is he as angry as trump and the hillary voter? >> there are two types. one is the angry voter, displaced worker, worker who used to be making $75,000 and now making 35. they're angry, frustrated and looking for simple answers. then there's the tra tishl republican voters who are thicksticking with trump even though they're going to hold their nose and vote for him. >> how about hillary voter sns. >> people who love hillary clinton and there are many of them. people on our base. who are strong democrats regardless. and thpeople i've been out campaigning 20 hours a day and there's a quiet determination that i'm finding with our people. not to let donald trump become president. >> so, it's fear of him. >> it's fear of him. but it's a fierce determination which will get them to the polls as much as the pha nat schism of the trump voters.
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>> is that what you're hearing? on one side, republican loyalty together with angry reagan democrats you might call them and on the other side, democrats who like hillary. a lot of them. women especially i think and other ones who are just scared to death of trump. >> i think that's accurate. i think the fear of trump is suh p per powerful. also, i think trump is making a mistake talking about the rigged system. essentially depressing his base. he's suddenly telng them nothing you can do tomorrow will change this result. why would you be motivated to stand in a long line and vote for donald trump no matter how angry you are if the man himself is telling you it's over. >> have you heard people say i'm not going to bother voting because of that? >> i haven't actually heard anyone that. >> it's there. i was outside of scranton in hillary clinton spent so many
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childhood summers growing up in that area and you see trump signs everywhere up there. but i met a young man in the backyard of his house, smoking a cigarette, packing up his car. i said is that your trump sign? he said, yeah, absolutely. i love him. i said you going to vote for him on november 8th? no. the system's rigged. my vote's not going to count. why should i go out? >> you are a beautiful eulogy for ken thompson up there. i was just overwhelmed by your righting about that fella, but that's another subject. i want to talk to you about to be the and how you read the role of pennsylvania. i think from the beginning, the trump people have made a mistake talking about their chances here. it's the old fools gold. they think they can carry pennsylvania. numbers coming out of this city, the new numbers coming out of the burbs. a lot of educated women are going to vote for hillary. >> to me, i see them as rielle ray trying to in some way, convince their candidate they
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can still win. the story that we have out today at a "the new york times," the energy's really been anxious about his chances and he's really, his staff has been trying to kind of make the case that you can still do this, you're still h this and they're looking at states like pennsylvania. he was in minnesota of all places this weekend, so it tells you they're really trying to say we can win these state, win michigan, all these democratic strongholds when in reality, they are probably best really using their time in a place like ohio which is closer. >> okay, here's a big surprise. secretary clinton send iing the campaign the way she started it. this is a damatic change in strategy. never would have expected this. in a year when everybody says complain like hell about the country, embracing 100% the president of the united states, here's what she said in pittsburgh today. >> when president obama came in to office, put yourself in his shoes. this young, dynamic, first
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african-american elected to become president of the united states. and what does he find? he finds the worst financial crisis since the great depression. >> you know, it's kind of refreshing, governor. whatever party, but it's the democrats. remember with gore running in 2000. he didn't know bill clinton's name. who is that guy? just separated himself from him. this time, she said i like obama. i'm rupping on his record. >> you know, chris, that is resounded with african-american voters. they feel it. they feel the bond between them as something very, very special and when president obama said about ten days ago, vote for her is a vote for me. they get it. they get i. big time. >> on this for a while there, they were republicans were trying tag her for being him and
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using that against her, but she stuck with it. >> she did. they were making the case for her in a way. it's kind of, it's interesting to see that. he's her best argument right now. >> you were there, governor because i followed you around in 2008. prospect plaza down in north broad. largely poor african-american community there. middle class african-american in germ mantown, west philly, mixed. where ever they went, the black crowds were huge. really for the president. and they, you think we'll get that vote here? i'm going to ask, we're going to get the same african-american vote for hillary as we got for obama. >> i think they're working very hard in order to make that happen. i spent today with one of the republican election city election commissioners for the city of philadelphia. and the ooep the republicans in city government are doing everything they can to make sure not one african-american voter is turned away or intimidated or discouraged by the process.
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here in philadelphia. scott walker tweeted out something a couple of days ago that people were laughing at. a picture of hillary clinton and barack obama embracing saying this is what you're voting for if you're voting for hillary clinton. that's giflt to hillary clinton. >> sorry, give me your sense of this. the ability of hillary clinton and o obama together to keep this coalition together that was so dynamite in '08 and '12. >> she's b probably going to have a little bit of a different coalition over the weekend, black turnout was down. a lot has to do with the suppression efforts, but also when i talk to african-american, even though they're feeling like they're trying to heed obama's message to go out and vote, this is not the first african-american president. however, latinos are flockinging to the polls and young women are flocking to the poll so i think while african-americans are definitely voting for her, feeling like they want to continue obama's legacy, i think she's going to have a different coalition. they're going to play a bigger
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role in that. >> i think you're right may prove to be decisive for clinton in a key state of florida for example. through saturday, 565,000 hispanics completed early in person voting. 100% increase over 2012. hispanics and african-americans are turning out in large numbers and many are voting for the fir. froms according to florida political scientist daniel smith. one in five blacks and one in three hispanics didn't vote in 2012 in miami-dade and have cast their ballots so, here we have is that happening up here tom? >> there isn't any early voting to speak of. but except absentee. i think that one of the reasons that this state is cause iing a little bit of nervousness monk the clinton campaign and democrats are is because there is not a large hispanic
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population in pennsylvania. so, an american vote is really needed. >> thabt coalition, you talked about it before we came out. you've got a big city here, philadelphia, large minority population. democrat, almost everybody. and then you have the suburban population, better educated, college people. read the newspaper. surprisingly democratic in their voting this time. >> i think add to the coalition, suburban republican women and independent women for sure. i said to you, i don't think hillary will carry the city by as much as barack did. barack carried it by 490,000 vote margin. historic record. i think she's carry it by about 400. but barack only carried the four counties, 53-47. she's running 61-39. so, his margin in the four counties wu 120. hers will be 300. so she'll come out of five counties a little bit of head of
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what president obama did. >> so, she may be more than 500,000 ahead. >> out of the five counties, she'll be 700,000 ahead. >> that's a third of the state. >> pretty hard to overcome. not impossible, but would have to be incredible. >> have to be a lot of these secret silent trump voters, awful lot of them. >> we'll see. so, coming out of this part of the state of pennsylvania, 700,000 plurality for hillary clinton, which is very hard to overtake in the rest of the state, which is less populated. alongside her husband coming tonight here, chelsea clinton's coming. all three. president obama and first lady michelle and of course, the bon jovi and the big guy from the area, south jersey must be pouring in across the bridge, bruce string steen. this is "hardball", live from philadelphia on the eve of the presidential election.
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tomorrow, stick with msnbc for a full coverage of election day and night. live from rockefeller center and democracy plaza, the skating rink. welcome back to "hardball" from philadelphia's independence mall where we're waiting for one of hillary clinton's final rallies of 2016. over the weekend, the "new york times" got behind the scenes access to the trump campaign and reporting reveals a candidate privately concerned or even worried about tomorrow's results. they described the closing days of his candidacy as a jar, split screen. the cory graph show of kaufl and confidence and on the inside, the needyness and vulnerability of a once boastful candidate now uncertain of victory. the campaign has taken away his access to twitter because it quote turned out to be an essential move by his press team
3:18 pm
which deprived him of a previously unfiltered channel. i don't know how you tell donald trump we're taking away your toy. in michigan, president obama ceased on that reporting the poke fun at trump. let's watch the president. >> over the weekend, his campaign took away his twitter account. now, if you're closest advisers don't trust you to tweet, then how can we trust him with the nuclear codes. >> for more on that, we're back with joseph, tom rendell, michelle in new york with the times. governor, has anybody ever come to you and taken away your means of communication? said we trust you to be governor of the state, but you can't have a phone. >> chris, i'm sorry to admit it, but i still have a flip phone. >> okay, but this idea, the thing is about the twitter account, which is riot esz to
3:19 pm
tom people, he tweets like 3:30 in the morning and 5:00. up absurdly ranting and raving on his twitter machine. >> it's unbelievable. it's extraordinary. i'm amazed they've been able the keep it away from him. >> who's in charge? jacob, can you report on this? who has the authority tho tell the candidate for president you can't use your device? >> effort evidently, kelly ann conway. if you look closely, the way you know it's donald trump, it's in all cap, there's 12 expla information points and nonsensical. >> they actually -- >> they sound coherent. >> tell me about this. i don't know attack the peace by saying rsht aren't all politicians on the eve of an election deeply worried inside? i've seen guy, women have been
3:20 pm
elected year after year, every two years all their life, tip o'neill used to sweat. he didn't have credentials. people worry. that's why they get ahead in politics, they worry all the time. is this really news that trump worry sns. >> the difference is he's so in public if you hear him, he talks to his followers, all he says, i'm going to win m i'm going to win. he's really exuding this confidence and saying he has nothing to worry about. he's going to these blue states saying i'm going to win pennsylvania. i'm now in michigan. i'm going to take this of her. basically, you don't have to listen to any of the polls. they're not scientific. just listen to me. this idea is that yes, it's news because worry, very worried in private and the fact his advisers are worried, i spent last week with him at a rally, he said, you know, that everybody's telling me stay on message, donald. just kind of focus, donald. he was kind of poking fun at himself, but in that moment, he was saying my advisers are very
3:21 pm
worried and telling me to please stay on message. when i'm not, i have all these issues with my campaign. >> as we await hillary clinton tonight here in philadelphia, donald trump is about 125 miles north of here. he's up in scranton. looking to chip away clinton's lead in pennsylvania. let's listen to donald trump in scranton. >> in your state and throughout the country. i want to take this moment to share a message. with all of the democratic voters in our country who are thirsting for change like everybody else. everybody is thirsting thirsting for change. you're tired. of a government that works only for wall street. and the special interests. you're tired of the reckless foreign policy. the crazy wars that are never won. hillary clinton is the last stand for the wall street and
3:22 pm
special interest donors and to special interests themselves. and hillary is the face of failure, she's the face of failure, of failed foreign policy. real change begins, she is indeed the face of failure. look at what she's done with e-mails. look at the mess. look at the mess and look at the corruption. real change begins immediately with the repealing and replacing of the disaster known as obamacare. there's a great, we had great victories in this room, by the
3:23 pm
way. great victories in this room. and i went to school in pennsylvania and my kids went to school in pennsylvania, so, i guess we assume it's a good place to learn. look, have you been seeing the polls by the way? oh, boy. oh, boy. see, the dishonest people back there, the media, the totally dishonest. they are so dishonest. they are so dishonest, folks. you can't even read articles in certain papers anymore. "new york times" is a total lie. you can't, i mean, you can't, it
3:24 pm
is to false. nothing to do th me. i'm just telling you. such lies. such lies. such fabrication, such made up stories. now, the times is going out of business pretty soon. such made up stories. such vicious, made up stories. but i'll tell you they're going a little crazy because we're leading in ohio. we're leading in iowa. we're leading in new hampshire, where i'm going to be in a lilt while. we're doing fantastically well in north carolina. i think we're leading. we, i believe are leading in florida. and now, hillary just announced she's going to additional stops. she's going to michigan, traditionally not really a republican state.
3:25 pm
but you know, i've been talking, i have man of the year in michigan a number of years ago and i started telling and talk ing about your car business is being stolen from you. i've been saying it for years and years and years. and you know what, michigan now agrees we're leading in michigan. we're leading. and when i heard that crooked hillary is going there tonight, she had to. nobody thought in terms of michigan. when i heard, i figured you know what, i have nothing to do tonight. so i'll go there tonight and give it the last word. okay. so after this, i'm going to new hampshire. and then i'm going to michigan. we're going to have a great victory tomorrow, folks. we're going to have a great victory. they have no idea.
3:26 pm
the dishonest media has no idea. actually, they do have an idea, they're saying what is going on? and look at these people and look at this enthusiasm, there's nothing like it. by the way, and i have to say, this is considered the history of this country. this is actually and you've been hearing it, this is considered the greatest movement nobody's ever seen anything like this, folks. nobody's ever seen anything like this. and you know, i was thinking today, the it's a movement if you really think about it, it's a movement of common sense. it's a movement of competence. it's not a movement where we give $150 billion to iran. where we give them $400 million in cash but that turns out to be
3:27 pm
$1.7 billion in cash to iran. for hostages. for hostages. which our president lied about and swrus one other thing. why is he campaigning all the time? he ought to be working on jobs. on getting rid of isis. on our borders. on our health care, which is failing so badly. >> governor, i don't know how you read it, i read a guy who's throwing spaghetti at the wall, hoping one oof these lips is going to work. he doesn't say he's winning in florida. and without winning in florida, he can't win the election. he's not saying he's winning here. he's saying he's winning in iowa and he's winning in ohio. perhaps, he's right. and he may win in new hampshire because it's hard to predict new hampshire, but the states he clearly need frs path to the white house are florida, north carolina and eerpt here or some
3:28 pm
other huge state like michigan. >> no question. what i love about donald is james comey, two days ago, was a hero. he was a courageous fighter fighting back against clinton conspiracy. now, he's a bum. the polls are rigged but when donnell's ahead, they're right. he's nuts. he's absolutely nuts. >> i notice the democrats liked comey in july. >> you remember, i said i thought what comey did when he clears hillariry was wrong because he shouldn't have made a public press conference. dnld has no connection to reality. he's leading in state, just said he's leading in states there's not wup u public poll to back him up. he makes things up. no kek to reality, but that doesn't mean he won't become our next president. >> pennsylvania, you've been elected here twice for governor and you know the state. do you think democrats will win here handily or sweek er? >> i think we'll win between two
3:29 pm
and four. two and four points. yeah and i think the question is, key question is, do we win by enough for katie mcginnty to be elected to the senate. >> you figure that takes coat tails. >> at least three, maybe four. >> the start's been hard for r a woman to win. >> never had a woman senator. >> or governor. thank you so much, governor, you know this stuff. jacob, thank you. from los angeles, you're quickly adapting. tom, i read you all the time. get the enquirer every day in washington. >> i'll try. >> mace, you write beautifully. i love the you know, it's not just rot reporting, it's writing and you are very, very beautiful as a wrirt. thank you for that. up next, new battleground state polling coming in. trump was correct about where he stands. not sure you've got to go by him as your chief pollster. this is the last moment. and this is "hardball." on the last night live from the
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night long. live from the national constitution center here in philadelphia, right behind me, there you see it, independence hall where our democracy began. chelsea clinton's coming, the first lady is coming. the president's coming for a big rally here at independence mall. on the final day of campaigning here tonight, some of the last polls from battleground states. you may want to write these down because they all matter. in florida, clints holds a one-point lead in a quinnipiac poll. one point. two-point lead according to an opinion savvy poll. that's the name. in ohio, trump's up by seven points in the later emerson poll. i think he's looking good there. in north carolina, clinton leads by two, but is tied with trump from the latest poll. so, north carolina is tricky. in nevada, clinton holds, leads by one. despite all this early voting in the late emerson poll. in new hampshire, clints leads
3:35 pm
by one point in the emmer poll, but 11 in the latest abc tv station up there. i want to bring in terry, been following him for years t. founder of keystone poll. how does this state look? >> yeah, right now, hillary clinton has a lead of about one and a half to two and a half points and we've got some polls that we normally wouldn't include in the mix of it. but here's the point. we have been there before. mitt romney closed the gap on barack obama and obama won by five points. it really comes down to two or three groups, chris, the african-american turnout right where we're sitting now in the city of philadelphia. who wins the populous philadelphia suburbs where one in every five vote will be cast and the democrats won the bushes. and for trump, he needs the
3:36 pm
white, blue collar workers literally around the state, particularly in the southwest and northeast. there's no difference than what you see nationally where white blue collar workers trump, right. women, college educated voters, you go to ohio. to virginia. you go to florida. and quou look at the demographics. some like florida have a heavier proportion of hispanics where they'll play a big role this year if african-american turnout is down and some expect it might be. it could even be more important than ever in the state. >> seems to be it's more polarized. the city's been democrat. the rural areas, the t in the middle of state has been alabama. very conservative. culture issues. guns and abortion rights and things like that. very conservative. but the question is will the, is there going to be an increase in white working class men coming out and voting that would off set, will that off set the
3:37 pm
educated women from the suburbs. >> you hit the key. haas the key. the same can be said for ohio, where trump is doing better. there will be an increase in the turnout of white, working class voters. in this state four years ago, mitt romney won the working class counties outside of philadelphia and still lost. that's the key. if hillary clinton wins the sush ush, whether it's here, in columbus, in virginia, in the northern part of virginia, the i-4 corridor, in florida, these are the key areas. this could still come down to a base election. >> i know exactly. let's talk about base election. i spent some time on friday with the city committee. watching award leersd get ready with the street money. very professional campaign. they made sure every voter gets out and votes. put the money in the streets. hire the young volunteer, baby st sitters, whole thing. how does that off set polling?
3:38 pm
trump has nothing like that. >> they're doing analytics and more data mining in the last couple of week, but here's the match up. trump people say they won't talk to us. it's called the shy vote. don't you like ta? the shy vote. and that -- >> when does that come to reality? here's the difference. does clinton's organization make the big difference particularly in these key places around. look, obama only won 13 of 67 counties here. that's all. six of them, 40% of the vote. right here in philly, allegheny county, pittsburgh. the same is true for other states. >> now, democrats in the state because of the organization see here and just because of demographics, republican party cannot build a party by spot tig the other side 25% of f the
3:39 pm
electorate. hispanic and african-american. because that means you have to carry two-thirds of the whites. >> you need to add me lineals. if the odds are more than you know, 65, 70% that hillary clinton wins the state of pennsylvania. >> that's one way of doing it. she's going to win. thank you. up next, we got word today of some of the names donald trump is be careful here, reportically considering to be in his cabinet. rudy giuliani on the show, attorney general. reince priebus, chief of staff. newt gingrich, secretary of state. are these real names to a possible real candidate or are they scare crows that scare people away from trump. we'll be back with a round table when "hardball" continues here live from philadelphia. what powers the digital world? communication.
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welcome back to "hardball." live from philadelphia's independence mall. there it is, independence hall. that's the building where we had the declaration of independence and constitution. waiting for hillary clinton. bill clinton's coming, president obama, michelle obama. chelsea clinton, bonn v jovi an bruce springsteen. enormously popular especially around this part of the united states. meanwhile, donald trump continues his rally in scranton, pennsylvania. that's where jacob is standing by. >> yes, so this is his third of five rallies today and we've been keeping track and between saturday and today out of ten stops that he's making, he only has a sol lead in one of those state, but he is promising the
3:44 pm
moon to all of these supporters. just now in pennsylvania, he said i believe the polling shows us tied here, but i think that's wrong. i think it will be a blowout. when you talk to his supporters and i've talked to hundreds of them, i would say there are many who believe it's a close race or they're worried he is behind, but most believe in this idea of a shadow of undercurrent trump voter that doesn't show up in the poll, but who will show up on november 8th. the campaign says today is supposed to be b a day of a positive call to action. so far, donald trump has stayed on the offensive and mostly positive. at least in terms of turning this country around as he said, but he's also gotten sidetracked a few times and gotten on defense even comparing his lewd comments as he calls them to jay-z and beyonce, so he's fallen back into some of that, but mostly, he's stuck to what we've seen with him over the last couple of week, which is a
3:45 pm
mostly consistent message here, railing against the media, a corrupt political establishment and promising the moon. he will turn this country aro d around, he says. >> have fun up there. may not last much longer. the donald trump show is b about to end. any way, nbc news reporting that trump is eyeing i don't know what the make of this. just going to go along with it. a happenedful of loyal campaign surrogates. in other words, the once you've seen so far would be the ones you'd see. among the names considered according to the conversations with three campaign advisers who requested anonymity, rudy giulia giuliani, newt gingrich as secretary of state. michael flynn for defense chief. and national security adviser and the current republican national chairman, reince priebus, is under consideration for white house u chief of staff. now, thank you. for joining us right now.
3:46 pm
any way, although it's unclear if priebus is interest nd the crucial staff role at the white house, a senior trump adviser told b nbc that thinking behind a priebus selection would be we need to find that balance between someone who knows how washington works and shakes thipgs up. sources also tell b nbc that trump himself has not taken an active part in part out of superstition. francesca, white house co correspo correspond. david karn, mother jones bureau chief. dave, you're new. i don't assign my belief to this except that these are the people truch has put forward as his front team, so it may well be that if he were to pull an upset tomorrow night, he would be thinking to them. but try this one on for size. rudy giuliani, attorney general. >> the thought i would give you
3:47 pm
is trump is known to be a loyal guy. so rudy juligiuliani would not choice. >> he'll take anything. he take all the abuse, defends every word trump says. >> basically, he's the consummate surrogate for someone like trump. he's saying trump is a genius after the attacks news that trump had not paid taxes. >> wu he's not unqualified. he's a former u.s. attorney and of course, a former mayor of new york city. >> you think it's for real? justifies the time we're going to give? in other words, i don't think he's going to win. he might win. anything is going to happen tomorrow. we don't know. the votes haven't been cast. do you think he would go to giuliani for ag? >> or chris christie. >> even funnier. take your pick. but yes, of course. you're going to give the --
3:48 pm
>> newt gingrich if for secretary of state is particularly troubling because newt is very smart, but he loves trouble. he's not a problemsoeverer, a peace keeper. not the guy you want going off into the world trying to make peace with other countries. >> he and rudy are not stable. they're erratic individuals. democrats say i want to have a cabinet that's going to look like america. this is going to look like the locker room where trump brags about grabbing women. it's obscene that that is the best they can come up with. >> you raise an interesting point on gender if not sex, which is tricky to talk about. zpl and kole. >> but three of these guys have nine wives among them. >> old white guys are lots of wives. >> does raise their family virtua. >> you might say lots of family values. >> too many. >> hillary clinton has said he's
3:49 pm
going to have a half female cabinet. she has said that. >> there are also more women in positions of power in the democratic party. not as many elected officials in the republican party and then you have to look at someone who would be possibly very qualified in a trump administration. like kelly ayotte, but she did not endorse donald trump, so even ifhe were to win her race, she wouldn't be at the top of his list to join the cabinet. >> at the last debate, he was so angry. i asked about stuff about hillary, she should be in jail already. that's not an ag type of temperment. >> arguing with rudy is an acquired ability, which i have developed. my hunch is if hillary clinton wins tomorrow night and we declare all the major networks declare it, the big news will be first woman elected president. after a all this crazyness,
3:50 pm
there will be the huge story. it's like kennedy puts a man on the moon or plans to. that's what goes in the record books forever. i get the sense o biggest story overseas whent won't be that hillary wins because they've got women leerds all over the place. it's that we didn't elect donald trump. that will be the big story. they can forget about trump. >> well, certainly i'll be writing about how the first woman president would come about. also, donald trump, and how his candidacy would have went up in flames if he were to win, but more importantly, that she will still be under investigation potentially by the fbi for the -- >> no, no -- by congress. >> i said potentially. >> is she? >> also, but also -- but also by congress as well. years of investigations that -- but donald trump would have the same effect. zpl who say? >> there has been a lot of information out there about how the fbi is trying to look into the clinton foundation for
3:51 pm
potential pay to pay schemes. however, if donald trump -- >> all right. only thing we heard yesterday from james comey. she's clean. >> for the e-mails. >> well, do you have to come out -- never mind. i heard something on another network. she's clean for now. oh, that's cute. it's just cute. the round table sticking with u ut. innocent until proven guil. up next, these three tell me something i don't know. this is "hardball," the place for politics. ♪ don't let the food you eat during the day haunt you at night. nexium 24hr... shuts down your stomach's active acid pumps...
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we're back here in philadelphia where hillary clinton will be joining bill an chelsea clinton, plus the president and first lady for a star studded campaignfinale. they never line us up with the first and the middle, but you're the one. >> happy to be sitting next to you. so, progressives are prepare frg a big hillary clinton win tomorrow and they're creating a naughty and a nice list for potential cabinet picks on the nice list, tom perez. they think he should be held over. he could be attorney general. on the naughty list, cheryl sandburg. >> no big time business person. >> nobody who has tied to wall street as well. >> huh. your turn. >> not quite so fun, but i'm looking at the results in north carolina where most were expecting hillary clinton to do
3:56 pm
pretty well, but some of the early results showed trump up. what a loft democrats are telling me is what they're seeing is a big surge in the unauated voters and they're skewing young. what they say the demographic to look out for is the rapidly growing latino population, which is turninging out in droves that no one was expecting. >> i've spoken to two former trump advisers who say they don't want to vote for trump. why? because they're scared if he gets control of the justice department and irs, he's going to take out an enemy's list and go by it one by one. >> thank you. we're not done. another hour of the special is coming up. we've got heavy hitters as we get ready for the obamas and clintons and their big campaign finale.
3:57 pm
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