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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  November 7, 2016 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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that was a group shot from tonight. we are told in the next 15 minutes or so hillary clinton will hold her final rally of the campaign. this one in raleigh, north carolina. lady gaga and bon jovi will accompany her for good measure, but before heading to raleigh, the campaign held a large star-studied event in philadelphia. the house was packed to see bruce springsteen, john bon jovi, president obama, first lady michelle obama.
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>> hillary sees an america where the issue of income distribution should be at the forefront of our national conversation. >> it will be a change election and we have to decide are we going to change forward, together, or backward? i think you know what the answer's going to be. >> this election is on us. it is in our hands. if we get out and vote tomorrow, hillary clinton will win. >> when hillary was a senator, when she was my secretary of state, she was really popular. people saw how effective she was, how she crossed party lines to get things done. >> tomorrow we face the test of our time. what will we vote for, not just against. >> also, at that event tonight,
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at independence hall on independence mall, jacob sober oohsobe soberof, you had to admire something they did tonight, they brought the sides in, they compacted a large crowd of 33,000, but they also lit the crowd. they put light wash over the tops of everyone so that everyone in attendance would show up on camera and it just made the crowd look larger and more endless. >> reporter: you can see -- by the way, brian i really appreciate that. at one point, i took a podium for mayor bloomberg, i felt the pain you were expressing for the advanced people of the world. it was really extraordinary to see what went on it's birthplace of our nation. it was a very different tone then so much of this campaign. it was at times very upbeat.
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there was at times very no tsta jake, but it was really get out the vote rally and i guess the question would be why in a deep blue city in a state has become reliably, or at least relatively blue, why would the democratic nominee need to come to this city and turnout as many democratic voters as humanly possible and the answer is, this city and this state, does not have early voting. you vote on the tuesday after the first monday in november, election day in the state of pennsylvania, and because of that, hillary clinton has a tall task. she needs to turnout as many voters as possible in this city to drive up those margins in the other areas of the state. we've come to know this area between pittsburgh and philadelphia, that reliably now red area in the center of this state. if she is able to do what she came here do tonight, turnout african-american voters, turnout those urban voter from here in the city of philadelphia, she'll go a long way towards winning
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this state and potentially winning those 270 electoral votes. tomorrow, all eyes will not be on those voters but where they are turning out. we know donald trump has alleged potentially a rigged election and the republican election commissioner of the city of philadelphia, al schmidt is watching those numbers closely, and the election protection coaliti coalition, they will be out at those polling places to see if there's any funny business out here in the city of philadelphia. >> and for folks who called is philly, i called it downtown philadelphia, like a rookie mistake. it is center philadelphia, and the man effectetly, billy penn, who looks the city of carolina, which is which has grown over the last few years. thank you for your reporting from the city of brotherly love, where --
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welcome back to the eleven hour. we're still waiting for donald trump at his late night rally in grand rapids, michigan. ted nugent continues to entertain the crowd, and hillary clinton on the other side of the screen holding a late event in the battleground state of north carolina. her rally in raleigh, we have our eyes on that venue, as well. at some point, possibly right about this time of night tomorrow night, there will be a winner and a loser in the 2016
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presidential election, and while it's not a part of any standing law, the concession speech, has become a tradition nonetheless in american politics. it's been in the news of late because if donald trump loses, he says he will wait and decide in the home, keep us in suspension whether to concede the election and accept the judgment of the voters. well, with that in mind, we took a look back at how it's been done. each one of these you're about to see after a long and hard fight going back to 1960. >> one of the great features of america is that we have political contest that they are very hard fought as this one is hard fought and once the decision is made, we unite behind the man that is elected. >> i have no bitterness, no rank or too tall, i say to the president as a fellow
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politician, that he did a wonderful job. >> mr. nixon has won, the democratic process has worked its will, so now let's get on with the urgent task of uniting our country. >> congratulations on your victory, i hope that in the next four years you will lead us to a time of peace abroad and justice at home. you have my full support in such efforts. >> the president asked me to tell you that he telephoned president elect carter a short time ago and congratulated him on his victory. >> the people of the united states have made their choice and of course i accept that decision. >> he has won. we are all americans. he is our president and we honor him tonight. >> he will be our president and will work with him. this nation faces major
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challenges ahead and we must work together. >> there is important work to be done and america must always come had first so we will get behind this new president and wish him well. >> i have said repeatedly in this campaign, that president was my opponent, not my enemy, and i wish him well and i pledge my support. >> this is america. just as we fight hard when the stakes are high, we close ranks and come together when the contest is done. >> but in an american election, there are no losers. because whether or not our candidates are successful, the next recamorning we all wake up americans. >> whatever our differences, we are fellow americans, and please believe me when i say no association has ever meant more to me than that. >> i so wish that i had been able to fulfill your hopes to lead the country in a different
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direction, but the nation chose another leader so anne and i join with you to earnestly pray for him and this great nation. thank you and god bless america. >> the express that comes to mind is that is how it's done w. thanks to our archive master producer, andy franklin for that, who better to talk about it with than our presidential historian and author michael beshlos, a friend of this broadcast and all with us tonight from washington. michael, we have elected skou skoundrils and criminals. but at the end of the day they have left the pursuit, left the campaign, most of them, as honorable men and they have of course been in history all men and this is a process that has its own grandeur and you seem to believe this process is very important to the republican?
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>> i do and of all the speeches that you showed, bryan, tian wa gore in 2000, after that long recount, he feels probably more people he feels voted for him in florida than voted for george w. bush. he won the popular vote. he was agonized, yet he give this is graceful speech, essentially telling americans no matter what you think about that recount, george w. bush is my president, too. that sort of the acid test and that is the way it's done. >> and what about the list of possibles here, starting i guess as we said in the intro about 24 hours from now. >> yes, that's exactly right and as we know, donald trump is left open the possibility that he will not concede and might charge vote fraud even when there's not much evidence of
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that, that strikes an election that was badly run. i hope that does not happen and sometimes in the heat of the moment you think these things perhaps will come around tomorrow night if he does lose and fall with in that tradition we've just seen. >> my personal list for pionance, was larry ford. his face was the face of wrecked campaign sadness. his beautiful daughter, susan ford, visible over his shoulder. what a long and aching campaign, unable to get elected in his own right following the tragedy of a nation kind of cleaved open after richard nixon. whoever does wins going to have quite a challenge because we are far, far apart as we sit here tonight. >> well, we're far apart, but as you and i have talked a lot about, it happens to have the context in history in 1860 we were very far apart, too and nevertheless, steven douglas,
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who had lost to abraham lincoln, went to lincoln and said, you are my president and god bless you, sir, despite that long rivalry they had in illinois. >> do you think what happens starting tomorrow night, if we get an expected concession, is a -- the start -- the countdown of a process that continues until that person's -- the winner's hand is placed on a bible and we have the other kind of lump-in-the-throat moment in politics and that is the peaceful transition of power, which is i guess the only -- the cannon boom is the closest thing we come to exchanging arms on that day. >> that's exactly right and as you remember 1961, theodore white wrote about the making of the president, and actually was the documentary, the film version, showed john kennedy taking the oath, with richard nixon standing beside him and the narrator says, so power
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passes, that's the way it's done in this country, goes all the way back to the beginning. >> michael beshlos, who will be of counsel to us tomorrow night, yankee fans will understand if i call him the ma rirks anriano r until he's given us our way of looking at the history that was just made. we'll make history one way or another, michael, thank you as always, we'll be talking to you along the way. >> thank you, bryan. sleep very well tonight. >> i'm going to bank it. thank you. donald trump, hillary clinton both set to appear soon at rallies in michigan for trump, north carolina for hillary clinton. we'll bring you those live when they happen. this is the 11th hour. one of millions of orders on this company's servers. accessible by thousands of suppliers and employees globally. but with cyber threats on the rise, mary's data could be under attack.
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we are back awaiting these
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two live events, the last two of the night. and degr andrea mitchell has flown millions of hard miles. this is not her first rodeo. it's also not her first bus ride. this is her last election eve event for 2016 and not to brag, but tonight she's on a bus. on route to a rally in raleigh in critical north carolina. andrea, how are you? >> reporter: and in fact, this is such a historic night because you had two obamas, two clintons, independence hall, and we asked bill clinton flying on the campaign plane with hillary clinton tonight how meaningful that was for him and he said it was very meaningful. he was on the board of the constitution center. he said our country started at independence hall and it's fitting that we had this night here and he said tomorrow we will celebrate democracy. we were shouting questions by the way and he was pretending
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not to hear. he said he used to pretend not to hear our question when is we were covering the white house all those years ago, you and i, brian now he said it's for real, he doesn't have to cup his ear, ala ronald reagan, and it's the real deal. we asked how meaningful this was, how proud he was. he hugged her and she was kind of playfully dancing around with him, but it was quite a sweet moment as they arrived for a midnight rally, the last event of 2016, and the first event of the election day will be, we believe, a 3:00 a.m. or 4:00 a.m. arrival with remarks and some friends and supporter there is back at westchester airport before she votes around 6:30 in time for the "today" show. >> man they always do that and it's the andrea mitchells of the world who pay the price because it's a lousy bus wide,ride, a l
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motorcade. >> i wouldn't be anyplace else tonight. >> the great moment, andrea, as you look at the tape, one of the people taking pictures back of the press core after they society h stow is john bon jovi, who made the trip, and is one half of the entertainment package, the other being lady gaga. i'm told they are watching us at the big screen and are probably excited to hear andrea mitchell is on the bus that's about to arrive there. >> i don't know about that but one quick humble brag is that president -- president clinton said when i asked him how meaningful it was, he said i saw what you said tonight on your network so you're all affected by this, as well. there is a little history being made at least tonight they hope more tomorrow. >> not even a humble brag, andrea. >> she doesn't even brag when she brags. >> no brags. >> andrea mitchell on the bus. one of the women on the bus this campaign season for us. we're back here with nicole and
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eugene. we've covered a lot tonight. you were especially struck by as i said the highlight reel of how it's done. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> some really terrific people conceding the race. >> yeah, listen, i've experienced this day before voting on three campaigns, a win, a loss, and i guess you would call 2000 a draw, and when they end in a concession speech, whether you're giving it or hearing it, it is usually the most impactful moment of the whole cycle and i remember when i joked at the beginning of the broadcast about doing my last interview on election night with you and joking about my dad not voting, but -- >> tonight i was so polite. >> you were very polite -- >> but i remember when john mccain handed me his concession speech, mark salter had written it, a poet, really, and i read it with tears streaming down my face. it was just -- i think it was
8:55 pm
the speech that defined everything that john mccain is. so it's -- some men who are aware of the hitestory that you just played, realize how important it is usually the remarks given by the man who has lost that are more remembered than the speech given by the victor. >> that reel showed us that it's an important moment in our democracy, we expect it, and for sure we're not sure if we're going to get it. >> thank you. i just wanted to put a period at the end of that sentence. thank you to nicole, thank you to eugene, t"the 11th hour" taking a final break. we're back right after this. the world is full of surprising moments.
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sorry about that vent blowing your hair. start the hair, skin & nails challenge today and notice a difference or your money back. nature's bounty. last thing before we go, those who survived will do some reflecting about the history that may be made tomorrow night and about those who have fought and died for their country and for the right for all of us to vote. not all will vote, however some, don't like the candidates, others don't think their vote will count. i wanted to show you the one guy with perhaps the best excuse on the planet not to vote, the only american not on this planet right now has voted electronically. american astronaut, is one of three humans orbiting at 17,000-miles-an-hour inside the international space station. he has voted via nasa
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electronically. put it this way. if he can vote, think of how much easier it will be for all the rest of us here on earth. that does it for this election eve 11th hour. >> let me wish you a happy election day and it's midnight on the east coast and then today we have all been counting down for two


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