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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  November 7, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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you may remember mr. kahn's speech at the democratic convention and again last night he reminded us reminded us of the responsibility we all share to protect and defend our constitution. the story of captain khan is one of courage in the face of danger. he was with his unit when he saw a suspicious vehicle. he told his men to stay back. he moved toward the vehicle to check it out. and the bomb went off. he lost his life, but everyone else in his unit survived. he was awarded the bronze star. and this intensely personal
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tragedy that the khan family experienced, becoming a gold star family was one that they thought about, grieved over in the privacy of their home until they heard my opponents start talking. about who was acceptable in america and who wasn't. the categories of people starting with immigrants, including african-americans and latinos and pows, and muslims. the list went on and on. and it created in mr. khan a sense of despair because he asked himself would his son have a place in donald trump's america? someone who paid the ultimate price in serving our country.
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well, we can answer that question tomorrow resoundingly, yes, absolutely. think about how generations of americans throughout our history have come together to meet the tests of their time. our parents -- >> we have been listening to hillary clinton's midnight rally in raliegh, north carolina, we are going to keep an eye on that, and dip back in to the other dualing, final rally of this campaign by donald trump. we expect him to wrap up here shortly. we're going to play more of him live and go back and catch the rest of hillary clinton's final rally. let's listen in to donald trump in michigan live. >> and yesterday it was billy
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graham's 98th birthday. meaning an hour ago. but he's a great, great man and his son franklin has been so amazing, i wanted to amazing, billy graham, 98 years old, amazing. we're going to rebuild our military, and take care of our veterans who have not been taken care of properly. we are going to take care of our vets. it's about time, believe me. it's about time. we're going to provide school choice and put an end to common core, we're bringing education local. we will support the great men and women of law enforcement. we will save our second amendment, which is under siege. and appoint justices to the
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united states supreme court who will uphold and defend the constitution of the united states. the election is now. the election is now, can you believe it? it's today. it's today, it's unbelievable. you can make every dream you've ever dreamed for your country and your family come true. you have one magnificent chance to beat this corrupt, rigged system, and to deliver justice for every forgotten man, and forgotten woman, and forgotten child in this nation. we are fighting for every citizen who believes that government should serve the people not the donors, and not the special interests. and we are fighting to bring us all together as americans. we're living in a divided
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nation. we're living in a very divided nation, we're going to be brought together. just imagine what our country could accomplish if we started working together as one people under one god, saluting one american flag. i'm asking you to dream big. with your vote, we are just hours away from the change you've been waiting for your entire life. so to every parent who dreams for their child, and to every child who dreams for their future, i say these words to you tonight. i am with you. i will fight for you. and i will win for you, i promise.
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to all americans tonight, in all of our cities, and in all of our towns, i pledge to you one more time, together we will make america wealthy again. we will make america strong again. we will make america safe again. and we will make america great again. thank you, everybody. thank you. thank you. god bless you, everybody. go to bed. go to bed right now, get up and vote. thank you, everybody, thank you michigan, we love you, we'll be back. let's win, thank you. >> in a rally that began with donald trump defiantly saying he didn't need the rapper jay z and ending with his statement, people should go to bed, you
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just saw donald trump's last rally of this election in grand rapids michigan, rounding out at 1:06 a.m. the crowd certainly boisterous and loud throughout. pence introduced him. and there it is, the final rally of the trump campaign. as we told you earlier, we were going to go back and forth to the two dualing rallies. i'm going to get reaction from the panel, and we'll be dipping back in in all likelihood to hear more from hillary clinton. >> this is a moment, a moment upon moments, this is a moment, we just saw the unusual free wheeling rhetorical style of donald trump, he also said at one point, we planned this rally 12 minutes ago, so i'm really impressed you all got here. he's kidding, his supporters know he's kidding. what did you think of the trump we saw there tonight?
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>> he was fairly controlled. and he's clearly trying to win right now, in a way he hasn't in previous months and months and months. all week, he really has managed the semiwell behaved and it's made a difference. you've seen a slight uptick in polls, barely, if only he had done this the entire campaign. he might actually have a shot tomorrow. >> as a remember, you're not speaking sarcastically, you're saying he's more well behaved than at other points in the campaign? >> yeah, i think he could have won this race, if he had just given it september through now of being semirestrained. he didn't even have to be full on well behaved, clearly he's completely incapable of that, if he had shown a teenie smidge of restraint and focused on hillary clinton and her corruption and the mistrust of the country
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bringing back in, he could have been in a strong position to win. >> we've been listening to elise jordan, let's dip back in as promised to hillary clinton's dualing final rally of this campaign in north carolina. >> because none of us want to wake up wednesday morning and wish we had done more, right? and years from today when your kids and grandkids ask what you did in 2016 when everything was on the line you'll be able to say, you voted for a stronger, fairer, better america. an america where we build bridges, not walls.
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and where we prove conclusively that, yes, love trumps hate, thank you. let's go vote, north carolina. god bless you. thank you all. >> and another moment of hiss tory concluded in this campaign, 1:10 a.m. in raliegh, north carolina, hillary clinton completing her last campaign event of this campaign year flanked by her daughter chelsea clinton, by her husband president clinton and an all-star roster, much commented on, lady gaga and jon bon jovi. we just saw the two nominees complete their last rallies of this cycle, separated by about four minutes apart. we are joined now appropriately by andrea mitchell of nbc news
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who has followed the careers of hillary clinton and bill clinton for the better part of their public lives. andrea, i wonder if you could tell us what struck you in this final address tonight. and a word or two about the historic moment we're witnessing. >> reporter: well, the energy, and the excitement here at nc state. we arrived here after midnight on election day. hillary clinton began the day talking to us on the tarmac in westchester at 10:00 this morning. she's still going strong. and she brought with her jon bon jovi. he had never performed before with lady gaga, they talked on the phone what they would do here, and they just rocked this place. it was really pretty fabulous. and then bill clinton spoke, and he got an incredible welcome, which is a far bigger and more enthusiastic reception than i think he's been used to for quite some time. so this was a real celebratory
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moment. the wrap-up of 2016, chelsea clinton introducing her dad, and the basic message is, tell your friends, tell your roommates, don't leave anything on the table. don't leave any vote unturned. north carolina can change as it has been to be fighting for voting rights, against voting suppression. there was a key ruling here just last friday from a federal judge. all sorts of issues in early voting, they need to get that vote out. i have to tell you, privately, my information is that the clinton polls believe that this is going to be very tough here. we've all been giving north carolina a lot of weight in the democratic column, because of the high level of early voting. they think this is the tightest of the battleground states that it could go either way. there's a lot at stake here, of course. debra ross a woman running against the incumbent senator, richard burr, the senate
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intelligence chair. they've got a governor's race, the governor here has been very controversial to progressive democrats on lgbt issues and also voting rights, there's a lot going on in this state. and they believe that these kids and other college students and others in the research triangle could be the answer, that and a very strong african-american vote. they're not at all sure they can make this happen. >> andrea, it's easy to lose sight of how much has happened in the last two weeks for the clinton campaign, about 10 days ago, that first letter from the fbi about the e-mail investigation, and here we are monday night going into tuesday, we're just about a day away from the second fbi letter also in its own way unexpected. from your time around hillary clinton, you know her well, you know what she's like, how did that all play out over the past 24 hours? how did she seem balancing all of those revelations with what
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she was doing on the ground? >> well, she's been fairly philosophical about it in the last couple days, they really feel it set them back, this is one of the states where they could lose that senate seat, where they had momentum, and it just stalled completely when that letter came ten days ago. now we're in the 11th day, because it is election day. she just told us coming out of the last debate, which they feel they won, most people would agree with that, she said she was not going to respond to donald trump any more, she was going positive, this had been such a negative campaign. and then the very next day that letter came from comey and they didn't feel they had any other option but to go negative again. they had to fill the airwaves with attacks against donald trump, to offset what he was saying about them and also what we were reporting about comey. we were just all over tv and cable talking about the e-mails
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of -- a lot of speculation. their big argument was comey should have been more specific about what they did not know going in about that laptop. that's all water under the bridge. >> i'm told you have to run and catch the clinton bus, we will let you go and see you tomorrow on our election day coverage. thank you so much. >> you bet. >> andrea mitchell reporting from raliegh, north carolina. jamil, when you look at those two closing speeches. >> right. >> it's so easy to have this become rote or commonplace. but in substance, in tone, in mood, those were such drastically different final speeches from these two nominees. >> you had clinton offering a hopeful speech, saying that, look, this is what we can achieve, this is what we can do. it's not about, necessarily -- this is what we need to do, in order to save the country from
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donald trump, of course, there's a little bit of warnings in there, but his speech was almost entirely a warning, saying, this is our last chance, this is the last opportunity we have to save the america that we cherish. it's a strange way to sell a positive vision for america. >> and maria, the other thing you noticed, and i've been to these trump rallies in person, and like anyone in the news or anyone who watches the news. there is such a weird balance he has, as a performer between that somber style, it's do or die, it's me or bust. you need me. a few good men, you need me on that wall. and he bounces right to the jokes, and some of it even self-deprecating. when he said, oh, this rally was planned 12 minutes ago. he seems to be saying, i get it, i'm in on the joke.
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>> i think that that -- not only is he in on it, it's almost like this is how he feeds himself, he knows -- very few politicians can go in and read a crowd as well as donald trump. and his cadence and everything we saw just there, he was still angry. and it takes a lot of energy to be angry all the time. i don't know how he does it. i think one of the reasons when we say -- this is his most presidential to date, probably also because they took away his twitter. the president was talking about this. it's this idea that he doesn't have self-control. and if he does, it's almost to what you were saying for a limited time. he has a very limited time of -- everybody jokes these days that they're all add, how long can he concentrate on one subject, for how long. >> the final speech was a more streamlined version of his stump speech. we have a lot more, we're going to fit in a quick break, when we come back, we have the latest nbc battleground map projecti
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projections, a briefing on what's going on tomorrow -- or should i say today as election day begins. we have the first votes already cast. you're looking at a live shot of democracy plaza, right outside our headquarters in new york. we'll be showing all the results as they come in tomorrow. thanks for loading, sweetie. ...oh, baked-on alfredo?
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welcome back to our live election night coverage. 1:20 a.m., nbc's final release battleground map, shows hillary clinton with a significant lead. she has 274 electoral votes from nbc's analysis. you can see florida a key tossup on the nbc map. trump has his own map in his head, and he sounded confident today. >> we are going right after this, to michigan, because michigan is in play. and i may get there a little bit wait, but they're waiting, we have thousands and thousands of people. the polls just came out, we're leading in michigan. we're leading in new hampshire. we're leading in ohio, we're leading in iowa.
10:23 pm
we're leading in north carolina. i think we're doing really really well in pennsylvania. and i do believe we are leading in florida. so it's going to be amazing. >> that was donald trump on the trail today, his last day on this campaign trail. back with me, i want to do a stray map segment, this is not about your opinions who you want to win obviously, this is just, who is winning. elise, you worked some campaigns and you were showing me your handwritten notes there. >> i think hillary clinton is going to get upwards of 320, i think she gets florida, north carolina. i think donald trump does win ohio. i think a big wild card is arizona, but trump ultimately pulls it. i think hillary clinton will get nevada and michigan. >> in your view, we're going to
10:24 pm
put the map back up on the page here. what you're saying is the middle south, anything that's a tossup to the southwest and michigan you're giving to her. >> i'm giving to her, and even erring on the side of being overly cautious, because i'm trying to be a little risk averse in my predictions. i think she's going to have a very good night tomorrow. >> if she's anywhere near your prediction, would be blowout? >> i give a landslide -- >> landslide? >> land side. i'd call it a landslide. i do think it's pretty bads. republicans have been comforted by the thought that they are going to hold the senate. if they do hold the senate, it's going to be maybe 51. it's going to be incredibly close. a lot of those seats have really suffered over the past week with clinton gaining additional strength. >> i have to look at a couple
10:25 pm
thins, i was in georgia two weeks ago, the early vote in georgia was overwhelmingly women voting for the democratic party. i would look at it, where is the woman vote going, and georgia is one place we look at. the fact that texas is a tossup, is it going to go blue this time? i don't know. you have a million new muslim american voters, places like corpus christi, 15,000 voters that could swing the election. there's also michigan, in pennsylvania, ohio. even though they're not the largest population, in these areas where it's going to be close, i would look at the muslim american vote and asian-american vote. >> if you were in a random normal year and you were told that both nominees were closing out in michigan, you would say that's good news for the republican nominee. this is not a normal year? >> no. >> the fact that he's there, may reflect the fact that he has a
10:26 pm
team that pulls up the website 270 to win until they decide where to go? that's not the reporting, it's a joke. i'm laughing but it's not a joke. the sec spending numbers we have to reinforce that. if he wins, that will make him a genius who won with his gut. if he loses there will be a lot of people saying, we didn't know how to do this. >> i think michigan is gone for the democrats, i think also they'll get ohio, i'm actually -- i mean, ohio is my home state. from all i'm hearing from reports there, the party also -- everyone is enthusiastic about voting, the fact that voter -- the voting restrictions there indicate that early voting can only happen at your county seat, essentially, you know, one location in the entire county, that -- you know, the lines around the block tell us that people are enthusiastic about this race, and a lot of people
10:27 pm
in those lines are people of color. >> i agree. the silver lining, i would think of this election, is the fact that in 2014, we experienced the worst voter participation in 72 years in this country. we're already seeing we're on track of having an incredible increase in voter participation. >> elise, i wonder, what do you think about the larger role of the attention for this race? because in a traditional race, there's such an effort to put it in front of people. and this was a race because of donald trump if for no other reason, that was always in people's faces. it was a race, i can tell you, and being a political journalist here, people come up to you on the street, enough, stop with the trump. i get it, but we have a lot of data that suggests if you give people a choice, they will still watch donald trump. we had record breaking audiences for those debates, even though they were hard to watch. it was like that famous 30 rock joke about tracy morgan's movie
10:28 pm
hard to watch. it was uncomfortable, how did that affect the 3r50i78ry and this general election? >> i think at first, everyone within the republican party was at least a little excited that so many people were tuning in and watching. and maybe oh, the negative attention, trump was a passing fad, and then it became really clear that no one on stage could figure out how to extinguish donald trump. that's what's been so petry phiing about this entire process, the guy's been teflon, he can say anything, the nastiest, most vulgar, most insulting -- >> i think that had a lot to do with the fact that the republican party didn't repudiate him right away. they were enamored with the big crowds. when he announced his speech that he was going to run for president. the majority of the people were paid actors, that was all a charade. no one called him out -- he went after latinos, latinos were the
10:29 pm
canary in that coal mine. >> if you build it with paid actors, they will come. >> everybody -- it drives a lot of enthusiasm for a movie. >> donald trump was ultimately repudiated in dribs and drabs, that didn't seem to -- >> not right away. >> i really -- i give donald trump's rise, i accord so much of it to the huge field, and because no one would choose. everyone was auditioning for their fox news hosting gig. >> i think that's right. >> there were way too many in the race. the establishment didn't win at the poll, the rnc, what are they really going to do. but still, letting -- that first debate was a critical mistake. >> when people look back at this race, there will be inflexion points where certain republicans said, oh, no i've discovered
10:30 pm
trump is vulgar, i didn't realize it before. now i'm calling him out. john mccain pulled his endorsement over that. what happened? nothing. >> but they pulled -- >> and they -- all of a sudden they realize that they had daughters, all of a sudden they respect it more. nothing happened because they realized, i think the american public realizes that that wasn't sincere. and it also came way too late and was very opportunistic. >> they were trying to save their own skin. these are folks that were in really tight races, they realized they had to save the congress and the senate as best they could. >> and if that's the case, right? then that is just principled as politics, which happens all the time. we're going to fit in a quick break here, we come back, we have more on the battleground map. we have more on what's happening for tomorrow. here's a shot of i believe bruce springsteen, riling up the crowd, the usa signs, a large crowd there for hillary clinton as she unveiled all the
10:31 pm
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he wears his army he hat, walks aroundpliments. with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community. i'm very proud of him. male vo: welcome to new beginnings. comcast. none of us want to wake up wednesday morning and wish we had done more, right? and years from today when your
10:35 pm
kids and grandkids ask what you did in 2016 when everything was on the line. you'll be able to say you voted for a stronger, fairer, better ameri america. >> hillary clinton tonight making history in what was her final rally. earlier in philadelphia, she had her largest crowd, 33,000 people came out there, just hours before the polls open, they also may have come to see bruce springsteen who was on stage to support as well as president obama and first lady michelle obama, plus, of course, former president bill clinton. it's the first time that both those families have been together in completion during a campaign. now, president obama made a direct appeal for another clinton presidency.
10:36 pm
>> we now have the chance to elect a 45th president who will build on our progress. who will finish the job. who already has the respect of leaders around the world and the people they serve. who is smart and who is steady and tested. someone who comes to this office as well prepared as anyone who has ever run. more than me, more than bill, the next president of the united states, hillary clinton. >> now, you know president obama's closing argument. i want to bring back our panel. you look at president obama out there today and sometimes it's what we don't even remark on that is most remarkable. jamil, this is a president who is leaving office after an incredibly tumultuous period and
10:37 pm
a lot of opposition. with high enough approval ratings, this is pure political cal cue house. you didn't see george w. bush out there, because he wasn't popular. that was simple and he got it. this is a president that's popular, they think he's an asset right now. >> he's young enough, popular enough. we're going to see him again on the campaign trail, campaigning for hillary clinton should she be elected. what you're seeing here is historic. you've never seen a president this popular, eloquent. that's the best word for it, campaigning for his former rival on this kind of stage. it's something you're seeing resonate with certain electorates. young voters who want to feel that fervor for a candidate, the
10:38 pm
way they felt for obama. >> george w. bush was historically unpopular. clinton had a surge in popularity after impeachment. in the modern era, two termers don't go out on the last week of the campaign trail. i want to play a little more of obama's greatest hits today. >> we have one more day, michigan. one more day. >> the choice you face, when you step into the voting booth, it really could not be clearer. donald trump is temperament ali unfit to be commander in chief. over the weekend his campaign took away his twitter account. if your closest advisers don't trust you to tweet, then how can we trust him with the nuclear codes. hillary did a great job for america. for every american who has not
10:39 pm
felt the progress of these past eight years, she will work and she will deliver. she won't just tweet. >> i just have one question for you, new hampshire? are you fired up? >> fired up. >> ready to go? >> ready to go. >> fired up? >> fired up. >> ready to go? >> ready to go. >> fired up? >> fired up. >> ready to go? >> ready to go. >> except for a couple sentences, you wouldn't be far off base to think that was barack obama from a different election cycle. >> i have to say this. the fact that he keeps pointing out you have to control donald trump's screen time reminds me of the conversations i have with my 4-year-old daughter. back to the point. what he inherited from george w. bush was serious, our country was in an economic crisis, we were not sure we were going to be able to make it.
10:40 pm
he's not only been able to bring the country in better constraints, we also have health care. we have to sort that out. you have folks getting free community college. the place he brought us from all the way to today. he realizes in order for him to cement his legacy, he needs hillary clinton. that's one of the reasons he's been campaigning so hard for her. >> i find the most interesting part of barack obama during this campaign season has actually been michelle obama. she's really come into her own in a way, as a political force, i would argue has been the most successful surrogate that any of the campaigns have enlisted. and take 2008 and her unsteady entry then into the political scene and how much scrutiny she was under. and today, how she is universally beloved. i believe her approval rating is more than barack obama's. she looks like she loves campaigning. it makes me wonder if she would consider her famous declarations that she would never run for
10:41 pm
office. >> there's people that love that idea. her ora tory has been second to none. we're going to play some of that after we fit in a break, some of michelle obama's closing words. and we have an update on how that fbi investigation played out across the campaign trail. hard to believe it was just yesterday, when the fbi issued its second letter about hillary clinton. we will be back after a quick break, you're watching msnbc. why am i so devastatingly handsome, i'm in a fragrance...
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10:45 pm
said about the candidates. one of the most unusual things that occurred, had nothing to do with the candidates. it had to do with the fbi and its own description of its its processes against prior protocol into this campaign. it was all started by director comey, sending a letter about ten days ago now to congress, that was hard to decipher. and another letter you may remember this sunday that answered whatever questions had been raised, officially saying the investigation into hillary clinton was still done and closed. the ensuing period, though, set up many controversies and the trump campaign has continued to seize on this issue, even up to today. take a listen. >> the fbi, the director, was obviously under tremendous pressure. so they went through 650,000 e-mails in eight days. yeah, right. [ crowd booing ]
10:46 pm
so sad what's going on. >> basically, they would have had to look at per second 24/7 since they announced this investigation. that's pretty good efficiency for the government. >> hillary clinton is being protected by a totally rigged system. >> i think it's a little suspect that they're able to get through 650,000 all in this stretch. >> the panel is back with me to discuss this. the fbi role really unprecedented as i mentioned. i want to fact check one thing about the investigation, whether people thought it was well done or not, there's been a lot of confusion with the trump campaign about the quantity of e-mails. the letter said they reviewed all the letters to and from hillary clinton, which was a small number. the 650,000 refer to all e-mails found on the laptop of huma abedin. so when you look at this, starting with you, as a
10:47 pm
republican, there was a feeling that director comey's first letter, however unusual, was a gift because it put this issue back in the news. more than a gift, some republicans interpreted it as a smoking gun sign there must be something awry. they put a lot of heat on that and that was stopped sunday. >> for the down ballot republicans, it provided them with their last hope. with donald trump, the way he had been flailing, this gave them something to remind that hillary clinton's power needed to be checked. so i think it helped to loose the fortunes of some fortunes that were struggling. whether or not it was the right strategy i think is, you know, something that we may debate down the road. but for now, yes. >> i think that unfortunately what this campaign has done is really put into question so many of our institutions. so he's basically put into question the media has an
10:48 pm
oversight. he's been after the judge trying to undermine our judicial system. this is another one, the fbi inserting themselves -- >> do you think director comey felt that pressure? >> i think so. but when we are right now living in increasingly a conspiracy that government cannot be trusted, he put the law enforcement under that guise, as well. >> but i don't think you can blame trump for doing that. comey did that when he inserted himself. and bill clinton did it by having that conversation with loretta lynch and discrediting the attorney general of the united states of america. so i think it's made it very difficult for voters to maybe wanting to give hillary clinton a chance to overlook these unseemliness of it all. >> right. and you make the point that it may have helped the republican
10:49 pm
turnout. the larger question for the trump campaign, having started with his own set of messages that pushed the party, whether you agree or not, he really closed on a romney-esque strategy of echoing of whatever was in the news. those kind of strategies don't usually work for candidates. here's chuck todd. take a listen. >> frankly, this is sort of a similar mistake that mitt romney made in the last month of the campaign in 2012, which is follow the news cycle. you know, news cycle candidates, and there's some of our colleagues that sit here and talk about, those things matter. no, it doesn't. you get caught following the news cycle, it's like taking a b-12 shot but it doesn't last. and fundamentals matter more in the long run. there was larger fundamental issues that trump was tapping into and he got off the message
10:50 pm
a little bit long-term. >> yeah. his fundamental problem is throughout this campaign is he's been able to control the lies he's been telling. lies that basically serve whatever particular policy or rhetorical point he was trying to make. here he's just jumping on something in the news. it looked desperate. it looked frankly reckless. the facts bore that out. [ overlapping speakers ] >> if you take the narrative off of his own failings as a candidate, from that sense, it was a gift just because it got him to stop making dumb mistakes. [ overlapping speakers ] >> every candidate, regardless of who is winning or not, would have taken advantage of that. i think it's more that the fbi inserted themselves unnecessarily. >> but both things can be true. the fbi obviously in its second letter to clean up what they did in the first letter, which shows you each they thought they were wrong.
10:51 pm
but if you build a bubble, then as a campaign strategy, it's not just riding the news, he basically went out and said this is what this thing means. take my word for it. and it turns out if you believe the fbi by sunday, that's not what it means. it was not a smoking gun. >> 650,000 e-mails, according to the reports. most of those e-mails were duplicates of e-mails they've already reviewed. so this is something we knew within hours of that letter coming out. this is a mistake the trump campaign could have avoided. they could have seen this especially since comey was grandstanding during the summer, having the press conference, leading to hearings. frankly, they could have seen this coming. they knew that these -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> they had firmer ground to stand on. they tried desperately after he really botched a series of debates and made himself look so -- like he couldn't grasp basic fundamentals of the policy issues.
10:52 pm
he suddenly was making these big addresses and they were serious and reading from a teleprompter. but it fell hollow because he hadn't been laying the ground work. >> i have to say, the biggest travesty of this election is if you ask the average american voter where do these folks stand on policy, most folks don't know. that's because everything has been crowded out with basically smoking mirrors, this whole idea of we want to make it more hollywoodesque than anything else, and that's -- >> or people may not know the details. i think donald trump, his approach to immigration, his approach to governing, they have a sense of what it is, even if they know there's a lot that's missing. there's not a lot of there there. and hillary clinton has laid out a million policies. we're going to be back with watch to watch for when the polls open in a few hours. stay with us. (laughschedules. schedules.
10:53 pm
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10:56 pm
the biggest moment of the campaign? i'm sure everyone has one. our panel is here. i'm going to you first, maria. >> when donald trump announced himself that he was going to run for president and he went after the latino community. the story is he galvanized the latino community. you had organizations coming in and businesses coming in saying how can we teach civic education? >> the access hollywood tape, period. he put his toxic masculinity on tape for everyone to see. a lot of people don't believe terrible things, they don't think sexism is real unless they see it or hear it on tape. ray rice proved that. >> what did people see in your view in >> what democrats have been trying to tell america for a very long time. what women have been trying to say for donald trump for well beyond that. >> that there was something wrong with the way he approaches or treats women? >> that he's a sexist boar. >> basically that tape brought
10:57 pm
over ten women coming forward. >> that tape and his -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> khan speaking at the dnc about his fallen son. it really was a moment, a very american moment that anyone could watch and have empathy for this family and their sacrifice and what it means for our democracy to have men and women who are willing to go and fight abroad for our liberty. and then donald trump's response was atrocious and really showed his character. >> what's so interesting is campaigns can get so wrapped up in the personalities, and he was another person and honoring a fallen hero. like so many of us, i was there on the floor, and it started out with people making noise, because those conventions go on and on. as he began to speak, you could feel the room, this room of tens of thousands naturally quiet as people listened in. it was quiet. >> yes, yes. i was also in the room, and it
10:58 pm
was like being in church. somebody saying the words that he said, it was something that i never really experienced before in politics, and i think, yeah, donald trump, it made donald trump show his behind, as we say. >> we're out of time. i will tell you, my biggest moment of this campaign is when "lock her up" became an official slogan of a major political party. not a place americans want to be, where we're trying to jail political opponents. i want to thank our panel and wish you at home a happy election day. thank you for watching. stay with us, because we have you covered all day and night on this election 2016. you're watching msnbc, our coverage continues after a break. [ crowd noise ]
10:59 pm
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