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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  November 8, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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as americans. what i saw before i came in and what i see now is a sense of potential, of joy. there's america's best days are ahead of us. if we reach for them together. we don't have to accept a dark and divisive vision for america. tomorrow you can vote for a hopeful, inclusive, big-hearted america. [cheers and applause] our core values, our core values are being tested in this election, but my faith in our future has never been stronger. i love our country, and i believe in the american people. and i know, if we bring everyone
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together, we can set goals, and we can move toward them, and we can feel that sense of accomplishment that comes from being part of something bigger than ourselves. [cheers and applause] you know, one of the great privileges of crisscrossing the country as i have in this campaign is meeting remarkable people, people who stand up against the odds. people who like my late mother, people who understand that everybody gets knocked down. what matters is whether you get back up, whether you believe you can keep going. last night in manchester, new hampshire, i had the honor of
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being introduced by an extraordinary man, kizer khan, whose son captain khan was killed serving our country in iraq. you may remember mr. khan's speech at the democratic convention. and again, last night, he reminded us of the responsibility we all share to protect and defend our constitution. the story of captain khan is one of courage in the face of danger. he was with his unit when he saw a suspicious vehicle. he told hit men to stay back. he moved toward the vehicle to check it out. and the bomb went off. he lost his life, but everyone else in his unit survived.
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he was awarded the bronze star. [cheers and applause] and this intensely personal tragedy that the khan family experienced, becoming a gold star family, was one that they thought about, grieved over in the privacy of their home until they heard my opponent start talking about who was acceptable in america and who wasn't. the categories of people starting with immigrants, including african-americans and latinos and p.o.w.s and muslims, the list went on and on. and it created in mr. khan a sense of despair.
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because he asked himself, would his son have a place in donald trump's america. someone who paid the ultimate price in serving our country. but we can answer that question tomorrow. resoundingly. yes! absolutely! [cheers and applause] think about, think about how generations of americans throughout our history have come together to meet the tests of our time. >> we have been listening to hillary clinton's midnight rally in raleigh, north carolina. we are going to keep an we expect him to wrap up here shortly. we're going to play more of him live and go back and catch the rest of hillary clinton's final rally.
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let's listen in to donald trump in michigan live. >> and yesterday it was billy graham's 98th birthday. meaning an hour ago. but he's a great, great man and his son franklin has been so amazing, i wanted to amazing, billy graham, 98 years old, amazing. we're going to rebuild our military, and take care of our veterans who have not been taken care of properly. we are going to take care of our vets. it's about time, believe me. it's about time. we're going to provide school choice and put an end to common core, we're bringing education local. and women of law enforcement.
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we will save our second amendment, which is under siege. and appoint justices to the united states supreme court who will uphold and defend the constitution of the united states. the election is now. the election is now, can you believe it? it's today. it's today, it's unbelievable. you can make every dream you've ever dreamed for your country and your family come true. you have one magnificent chance to beat this corrupt, rigged system, and to deliver justice for every forgotten man, and forgotten woman, and forgotten child in this nation. we are fighting for every citizen who believes that government should serve the
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people not the donors, and not the special interests. and we are fighting to bring us all together as americans. we're living in a divided nation. we're living in a very divided nation, we're going to be brought together. just imagine what our country could accomplish if we started working together as one people under one god, saluting one american flag. i'm asking you to dream big. with your vote, we are just hours away from the change you've been waiting for your entire life. so to every parent who dreams for their child, and to every child who dreams for their
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future, i say these words to you tonight. i am with you. i will fight for you. and i will win for you, i promise. to all americans tonight, in all of our cities, and in all of our towns, i pledge to you one more time, together we will make america wealthy again. we will make america strong again. we will make america safe again. and we will make america great again. thank you, everybody. thank you. thank you. god bless you, everybody. go to bed. go to bed right now, get up and vote. thank you, everybody, thank you michigan, we love you, we'll be back. let's win, thank you.
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>> in a rally that began with donald trump defiantly saying he didn't need the rapper jay z and ending with his statement, people should go to bed, you just saw donald trump's last rally of this election in grand rapids michigan, rounding out at 1:06 a.m. the crowd certainly boisterous and loud throughout. pence introduced him. and there it is, the final rally of the trump campaign. as we told you earlier, we were going to go back and forth to the two dualing rallies. i'm going to get reaction from the panel, and we'll be dipping back in in all likelihood to hear more from hillary clinton. >> this is a moment, a moment upon moments, this is a moment, we just saw the unusual free wheeling rhetorical style of donald trump, he also said at one point, we planned this rally
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12 minutes ago, so i'm really impressed you all got here. he's kidding, his supporters know he's kidding. what did you think of the trump we saw there tonight? >> he was fairly controlled. and he's clearly trying to win right now, in a way he hasn't in previous months and months and months. all week, he really has managed the semiwell behaved and it's made a difference. you've seen a slight uptick in polls, barely, if only he had done this the entire campaign. he might actually have a shot tomorrow. >> as a remember, you're not speaking sarcastically, you're saying he's more well behaved than at other points in the campaign? >> yeah, i think he could have won this race, if he had just given it september through now of being semirestrained. he didn't even have to be full on well behaved, clearly he's completely incapable of that, if
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he had shown a teenie smidge of restraint and focused on hillary clinton and her corruption and the mistrust of the country bringing back in, he could have been in a strong position to win. >> we've been listening to elise jordan, let's dip back in as promised to hillary clinton's dualing final rally of this campaign in north carolina. >> because none of us want to wake up wednesday morning and wish we had done more, right? and years from today when your kids and grandkids ask what you did in 2016 when everything was on the line you'll be able to say, you voted for a stronger,
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fairer, better america. an america where we build bridges, not walls. and where we prove conclusively that, yes, love trumps hate, thank you. let's go vote, north carolina. god bless you. thank you all. >> and another moment of hiss tory concluded in this campaign, 1:10 a.m. in raliegh, north carolina, hillary clinton completing her last campaign event of this campaign year flanked by her daughter chelsea clinton, by her husband president clinton and an all-star roster, much commented on, lady gaga and jon bon jovi. we just saw the two nominees
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complete their last rallies of this cycle, separated by about four minutes apart. we are joined now appropriately by andrea mitchell of nbc news who has followed the careers of hillary clinton and bill clinton for the better part of their public lives. andrea, i wonder if you could tell us what struck you in this final address tonight. and a word or two about the historic moment we're witnessing. >> reporter: well, the energy, and the excitement here at nc state. we arrived here after midnight on election day. hillary clinton began the day talking to us on the tarmac in westchester at 10:00 this morning. she's still going strong. and she brought with her jon bon jovi. he had never performed before with lady gaga, they talked on the phone what they would do here, and they just rocked this place. it was really pretty fabulous.
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and then bill clinton spoke, and he got an incredible welcome, which is a far bigger and more enthusiastic reception than i think he's been used to for quite some time. so this was a real celebratory moment. the wrap-up of 2016, chelsea clinton introducing her dad, and the basic message is, tell your friends, tell your roommates, don't leave anything on the table. north carolina can change as it has been to be fighting for voting rights, against voting suppression. there was a key ruling here just last friday from a federal judge. all sorts of issues in early voting, they need to get that vote out. i have to tell you, privately, my information is that the clinton polls believe that this is going to be very tough here. we've all been giving north carolina a lot of weight in the democratic column, because of the high level of early voting.
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they think this is the tightest of the battleground states that it could go either way. there's a lot at stake here, of course. debra ross a woman running against the incumbent senator, richard burr, the senate intelligence chair. they've got a governor's race, the governor here has been very controversial to progressive democrats on lgbt issues and also voting rights, there's a lot going on in this state. and they believe that these kids and other college students and others in the research triangle could be the answer, that and a very strong african-american vote. they're not at all sure they can make this happen. >> andrea, it's easy to lose sight of how much has happened in the last two weeks for the clinton campaign, about 10 days ago, that first letter from the fbi about the e-mail investigation, and here we are monday night going into tuesday, we're just about a day away from the second fbi letter also in
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its own way unexpected. from your time around hillary clinton, you know her well, you know what she's like, how did that all play out over the past 24 hours? how did she seem balancing all of those revelations with what she was doing on the ground? >> well, she's been fairly philosophical about it in the last couple days, they really feel it set them back, this is one of the states where they could lose that senate seat, where they had momentum, and it just stalled completely when that letter came ten days ago. now we're in the 11th day, because it is election day. she just told us coming out of the last debate, which they feel they won, most people would agree with that, she said she was not going to respond to donald trump any more, she was going positive, this had been such a negative campaign. and then the very next day that letter came from comey and they didn't feel they had any other option but to go negative again. they had to fill the airwaves
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with attacks against donald trump, to offset what he was saying about them and also what we were reporting about comey. we were just all over tv and cable talking about the e-mails of -- a lot of speculation. their big argument was comey should have been more specific about what they did not know going in about that laptop. that's all water under the bridge. >> i'm told you have to run and catch the clinton bus, we will let you go and see you tomorrow on our election day coverage. thank you so much. >> you bet. >> andrea mitchell reporting from raliegh, north carolina. jamil, when you look at those two closing speeches. >> right. >> it's so easy to have this become rote or commonplace. but in substance, in tone, in mood, those were such drastically different final speeches from these two nominees.
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hopeful speech, saying that, look, this is what we can achieve, this is what we can do. it's not about, necessarily -- this is what we need to do, in order to save the country from donald trump, of course, there's a little bit of warnings in there, but his speech was almost entirely a warning, saying, this is our last chance, this is the last opportunity we have to save the america that we cherish. it's a strange way to sell a positive vision for america. >> and maria, the other thing you noticed, and i've been to these trump rallies in person, and like anyone in the news or anyone who watches the news. there is such a weird balance he has, as a performer between that somber style, it's do or die, it's me or bust. you need me. a few good men, you need me on that wall. and he bounces right to the
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jokes, and some of it even self-deprecating. when he said, oh, this rally was planned 12 minutes ago. he seems to be saying, i get it, i'm in on the joke. >> i think that that -- not only is he in on it, it's almost like this is how he feeds himself, he knows -- very few politicians can go in and read a crowd as well as donald trump. and his cadence and everything we saw just there, he was still angry. be angry all the time. i don't know how he does it. i think one of the reasons when we say -- this is his most presidential to date, probably also because they took away his twitter. the president was talking about this. have self-control. and if he does, it's almost to what you were saying for a limited time. he has a very limited time of -- everybody jokes these days that they're all add, how long can he concentrate on one subject, for how long. >> the final speech was a more
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streamlined version of his stump speech. we have a lot more, we're going to fit in a quick break, when we come back, we have the latest nbc battleground map projections, a briefing on what's going on tomorrow -- or should i say today as election day begins. we have the first votes already cast. democracy plaza, right outside our headquarters in new york. we'll be showing all the results as they come in tomorrow. are my teeth yellow? have you tried the tissue test? ugh yellow. what do you use? crest whitestrps. crest 3d whitestrips whiten 25 times better than a leading whitening toothpaste i passed the tissue test. oh yeah. crest whitestrips are the way to whiten.
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welcome back to our live election night coverage. 1:20 a.m., nbc's final release battleground map, shows hillary
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clinton with a significant lead. she has 274 electoral votes from nbc's analysis. you can see florida a key tossup on the nbc map. trump has his own map in his head, and he sounded confident today. >> we are going right after this, to michigan, because michigan is in play. and i may get there a little bit wait, but they're waiting, we have thousands and thousands of people. the polls just came out, we're leading in michigan. we're leading in new hampshire. we're leading in ohio, we're leading in iowa. we're leading in north carolina.
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i think we're doing really really well in pennsylvania. and i do believe we are leading in florida. so it's going to be amazing. >> that was donald trump on the trail today, his last day on this campaign trail. back with me, i want to do a stray map segment, this is not about your opinions who you want to win obviously, this is just, who is winning. elise, you worked some campaigns and you were showing me your handwritten notes there. >> i think hillary clinton is going to get upwards of 320, i think she gets florida, north carolina. i think donald trump does win ohio. i think a big wild card is arizona, but trump ultimately pulls it. i think hillary clinton will get nevada and michigan. >> in your view, we're going to put the map back up on the page
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here. what you're saying is the middle south, anything that's a tossup to the southwest and michigan you're giving to her. >> i'm giving to her, and even erring on the side of being overly cautious, because i'm trying to be a little risk averse in my predictions. i think she's going to have a very good night tomorrow. >> if she's anywhere near your prediction, would be blowout? >> i give a landslide -- >> landslide? >> land side. i'd call it a landslide. i do think it's pretty bads. republicans have been comforted by the thought that they are going to hold the senate. if they do hold the senate, it's going to be maybe 51. it's going to be incredibly close. suffered over the past week with clinton gaining additional strength. >> i have to look at a couple thins, i was in georgia two weeks ago, the early vote in georgia was overwhelmingly women voting for the democratic party.
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i would look at it, where is the woman vote going, and georgia is one place we look at. the fact that texas is a tossup, is it going to go blue this time? you have a million new muslim american voters, places like corpus christi, 15,000 voters that could swing the election. there's also michigan, in pennsylvania, ohio. even though they're not the largest population, in these areas where it's going to be close, i would look at the muslim american vote and asian-american vote. >> if you were in a random normal year and you were told that both nominees were closing out in michigan, you would say that's good news for the republican nominee. this is not a normal year? >> no. >> the fact that he's there, may reflect the fact that he has a team that pulls up the website 270 to win until they decide
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where to go? that's not the reporting, it's a joke. i'm laughing but it's not a joke. to reinforce that. if he wins, that will make him a genius who won with his gut. if he loses there will be a lot of people saying, we didn't know how to do this. >> i think michigan is gone for the democrats, i think also they'll get ohio, i'm actually -- i mean, ohio is my home state. from all i'm hearing from reports there, the party also -- everyone is enthusiastic about voting, the fact that voter -- the voting restrictions there indicate that early voting can only happen at your county seat, essentially, you know, one location in the entire county, that -- you know, the lines around the block tell us that
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people are enthusiastic about this race, and a lot of people in those lines are people of of this election, is the fact that in 2014, we experienced the worst voter participation in 72 years in this country. we're already seeing we're on track of having an incredible increase in voter participation. >> elise, i wonder, what do you think about the larger role of the attention for this race? because in a traditional race, there's such an effort to put it in front of people. and this was a race because of donald trump if for no other reason, that was always in people's faces. it was a race, i can tell you, and being a political journalist here, people come up to you on the street, enough, stop with the trump. i get it, but we have a lot of data that suggests if you give people a choice, they will still watch donald trump. we had record breaking audiences for those debates, even though they were hard to watch. it was like that famous 30 rock joke about tracy morgan's movie hard to watch. it was uncomfortable, how did that affect the 3r50i78ry and this general election? >> i think at first, everyone within the republican party was at least a little excited that so many people were tuning in and watching. and maybe oh, the negative
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and maybe oh, the negative attention, trump was a passing fad, and then it became really clear that no one on stage could figure out how to extinguish donald trump. that's what's been so petry phiing about this entire process, the guy's been teflon, he can say anything, the nastiest, most vulgar, most insulting -- >> i think that had a lot to do with the fact that the republican party didn't repudiate him right away. they were enamored with the big crowds. when he announced his speech that he was going to run for president. the majority of the people were paid actors, that was all a charade. no one called him out -- he went after latinos, latinos were the canary in that coal mine. >> if you build it with paid actors, they will come.
12:30 am
>> everybody -- it drives a lot of enthusiasm for a movie. >> donald trump was ultimately repudiated in dribs and drabs, that didn't seem to -- >> not right away. >> i really -- i give donald trump's rise, i accord so much of it to the huge field, and because no one would choose. everyone was auditioning for their fox news hosting gig. >> i think that's right. >> there were way too many in the race. the establishment didn't win at the poll, the rnc, what are they really going to do. but still, letting -- that first debate was a critical mistake. >> when people look back at this race, there will be inflexion points where certain republicans said, oh, no i've discovered trump is vulgar, i didn't realize it before. now i'm calling him out. john mccain pulled his endorsement over that. what happened?
12:31 am
nothing. >> but they pulled -- >> and they -- all of a sudden they realize that they had daughters, all of a sudden they respect it more. nothing happened because they realized, i think the american public realizes that that wasn't sincere. and it also came way too late and was very opportunistic. >> they were trying to save their own skin. these are folks that were in really tight races, they realized they had to save the congress and the senate as best they could. >> and if that's the case, right? then that is just principled as politics, which happens all the time. quick break here, we come back, we have more on the battleground map. for tomorrow. here's a shot of i believe bruce springsteen, riling up the crowd, the usa signs, a large crowd there for hillary clinton as she unveiled all the starpower tonight her last night on the trail.
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none of us want to wake up
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>> so we are expecting her to make her way shortly down there. there are members of the crowd who have gathered there at the airport for what is considered an impromptu rally, perhaps a final chance to address reporters before she goes home and ultimately makes her way to
12:37 am
cast her balance lot earlilot e. we expect to talk to our reporters who have been traveling embedded with the former secretary of state. but we will play you a little bit of sound from that rally earlier today. take a listen. >> there is no reason, my friends, why america's best days are not ahead of us. if we [cheers and applause] reach for them together. we don't have to accept a dark and divisive vision for america. tomorrow you can vote for a hopeful, inclusive, big-hearted america. i regret deeply how angry the tone of the campaign became.
12:38 am
after he has insulted everyone, more than half the population, by the way, immigrants, african-americans, latinos, , p.o.w.s, women, he then launches an attack on our democracy, refusing to say whether or not he would accept the outcome of the election. well, let's show tomorrow, there will be no question about the outcome of this election. >> you heard there hillary clinton. you can now see hillary clinton making her way down the stairs from her plane. take a listen to the crowd as she disembarks.
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♪ ♪ i'll be strong ♪ take back my life song [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ i'll be strong ♪ my fight song ♪ take back my life song ♪ take back my life song ♪ ♪ take back my life song
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♪ i'll be strong ♪ my fight song ♪ take back my life song ♪ i'll be strong ♪ my life song ♪ take back my life song ♪ i'll be strong ♪ take back my life song ♪ ♪ i'll be strong ♪ my fight song ♪ take back my life song
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♪ take back my life song ♪ >> you're looking at live pictures there of hillary clinton greeting the crowds at west chester, new york. joining us on the phone is andrea mitchell, traveling with the clinton campaign. good to have you with us in the early morning hours. talk to us about what it's like this morning. a lot of enthusiasm from the crowds greeting her. >> caller: this is a lot of reporters, staff and friends, staff from the brooklyn headquarters who have come out, children in the crowd. they've been waiting for about a half hour, 45 minutes behind
12:42 am
schedule. we just came from a really big rally, about 6,000 people, and raleigh, north carolina. lady gaga had performed in philadelphia, and they came and did a pick-up set, introducing the crowd to bill and hillary clinton. clinton is very upbeat, excited. on the plane coming in. staff played -- i'm huffing here because i just came off the plane -- a game called mannequin, where they play a video. everyone poses. and then breaks the pose, and they played this terrific video, i think they're going to play this. we don't have wi-fi. >> yeah, andrea, we can see her.
12:43 am
>> caller: last fight on this campaign plane traveling with her today before that, we all had to fly commercially to catch up, and she would fly in a private jet. very close quarters. the highs and lows, the e-mail controversy, the comey letters, the comey retraction. and they decided they were going to -- and now it's election day, and she'll be voting around 6:00 or 6:30. and she is preparing a speech. to bring the country together ♪ and also to the video -- [ inaudible ]
12:44 am
>> andrea, we're looking at pictures of secretary of state clinton as she just got in her suv flanked by secret service detail. we can see the few hundred members of the staff and supporters and fans greeting her on the tarmac. tell us a little bit about that last flight back home to chappaqua, what was the mood like on the plane? who was on the plane? is the campaign very optimistic that they've left it on the field. they've now returned to cast their ballots at the end of this gruesome two-year process? >> caller: i can tell you a lot of the old veterans, hillary clinton people were on that plane, philippe, had been in communications at the state department and then not been part of the campaign officially, but now, as we now know from
12:45 am
debate prep -- donald trump, and a lot of the e-mails, he acted behind the scenes. jen palmieri. and other of the top aides, also some long-time clinton staff and friends and supporters, patricia marshall and also a very close friend. so it's been a little bit of old home week, and also john bon jovi said that he has gotten to know bill clinton in 1996. told us that he got to know bill clinton through some charity work in '96, 50th birthday back then. and family, friends, see each other on vacations, and he's been campaigning for the last couple days for hillary clinton in north carolina and florida and other locations. so john bon jovi has been quite
12:46 am
an ally here. and he came back to talk to some of the reporters as well, a cnn producer, and he met him when he was traveling with john kerry in 2004. these cycles sort of repeat themselves. this press corps is largely female. the boys on the bus are now the girls on the bus. the newspaper, network, correspondents, there are a couple men mixed in, but it is a very female press corps. these are top reporters. have enjoyed each other's company. so there's a lot of comradery as well. >> i can imagine as these campaigns have done in the past, they bring together the press in ways nothing else can.
12:47 am
do you have a sense of what hillary clinton's day will look like upon landing in chappaqua? give us a sense of what's going to unfold in the next couple hours as these polls close by the end late tuesday. >> she's going to vote, first of all. and i think get some sleep, which she's badly needed. she's been going non-stop. she had a big rally in philadelphia, which was quite emotional, shouted a question to bill clinton in the forward cabin, and we went back and forth, i don't know if you saw some of that video earlier. that was the flight from philadelphia to raleigh, but he was very moved by ending the campaign at sites where our democracy was founded. she at one point during the philadelphia speech said i know it's been a very angry campaign and i'm sorry about that. and a man shouted out "it's not
12:48 am
your fault." his voice was heard and everyone laughed. it was quite extraordinary for me to see michelle and barack obama and the clintons in such a warm embrace, literally, on that stage in philadelphia, knowing what went on in 2007 and '08, when they were in such a bitter primary fight. and there had been tensions between their staff, certainly, even when the team of rivals came together when she was secretary of state. but what you really saw with the president campaigning every day, vice president biden, despite his own family, not running for the presidency, which he wanted to do, but every part of this administration has been dedicated to electing hillary. the presence could not have been more forceful. >> as somebody who's been following this campaign, not nearly as close as you have, but
12:49 am
today a comment that hillary clinton made, that she regretted the tone of the campaign, in terms of how it has ended, and we even heard in the sound bite we were playing earlier, somebody from the crowd shouting back "it's not your fault." talk to us a little bit. you've been so close to the campaign, in terms of feeling her sentiments change. what did you glean in terms of that statement and how she felt she ran this campaign? >> caller: well, that, what happened in philadelphia at independence hall, and i mean, that was something that she's been expressing in the last couple days. they had started after the last debate to turn toward a more positive message. when we asked her on the plane flying back from the debate in las vegas, she said, you know, i'm not going to respond to all of his taunts and everything that he says. we're going to get back on the issues. and then the very next day, the
12:50 am
comey letter came, and they felt like they had to aggressively counter donald trump's went on she just eviscerated him for the next week. and then on sunday when the reprieve came, if you will, from comey's second letter when we were up in new hampshire, it's clear she was already moving back toward a positive more uplifting message. they know she has high negative. she's been shadowed by the e-mail controversy . she's apologized for it reluctantly. she was dragged into that. we know that from the e-mails. she first expressed regret last september 4th, a year ago in an interview with me, but didn't only apologize. it took a couple more days for the staff and regrets all the transactions right now to get
12:51 am
her to fully apologize then in an interview with abc. she's come very slowly to a real recognition that she needs to be more transparent, that she has to explain herself to people. here on the tarmac at 10:00 monday morning when we started this trip today, whether she thought people understood here. she said no, i understand that people in america don't fully yet know who i am and i have to work on that. they had that few minute advertisement tonight, speeches all day. you'll hear a lot of this resonating in her speech tomorrow night. they hope it will be a victory and not a concession speech. they're very worried about north carolina. they think it is the tightest of the battleground states. they don't have much hope despite some polling and media speculation of doing anything and winning georgia. they do think that florida is neck and neck. they have a really good shot
12:52 am
they believe at michigan. they think their ground game is better than donald trump and despite the trade issue and other negatives with voters in michigan they've got the college educated voters, african-american support in the big cities and they're hoping had counting on pulling out michigan and think they've got a good good shot at new hampshire but they discount privately that poll on monday that shows an 11-point lead in new hampshire. to their mind, their numbers, it's a lot closer than that. >> andrea mitchell has been on the campaign trail for us live from westchester county airport. you two get rest. i know it's going to be a long day. joining me is ben jealous, former president of the naacp. we have a very quick -- i want to ask you quickly what, are we looking for today? >> folks turning out. donald trump has pushed people out on both sides.
12:53 am
question, does he push out more people to vote against him or for him. >> we'll have a lot more after the break. i'm ayman mohyeldin.
12:54 am
it is finally here. good morning, everyone. happy election day. i'm he'll lex witt. breaking news moments ago. hillary clinton has landed in here home state of new york. there she is departing her hillary force one jet. she came down off that plane and look at all the happy exuberant people there. can we note it's not even 4:00 in the morning? it was a huge crowd cheer her on for what they hope is a historic night. she is expected to cast her vote
12:55 am
later on this morning in chappaqua, new york where she has lived for the last eight years. this whole thing has been 18 months in the making. this morning, millions of americans head to the polls to pick our nation's 45th president just hours after trump and clinton wrapping up their final nents michigan and north carolina respectively. it has been 510 days since donald trump did that, rode down his fifth avenue trump tower escalator to announce his candidacy for the president. 575 since hillary clinton released her official campaign video announcing her second run for the white house. it came to a head last night as the campaigns held their final rallies. trump taking to michigan as hillary clinton amassed her largest event yet with over 20,000 supporters gathering in front of philadelphia's independence hall to here her on within former president bill clinton, president obama, the first lady, jon bon jovi and bruce springsteen is, both rock
12:56 am
royalty. she and trump delivering clothes arguments early this morning. >> today is our independence day. when you step into that voting booth today, today, there is one core question for you to consider -- do you want america to be ruled by the corrupt political class or do you want america to be ruled by you, the people? >> tomorrow you can vote for a hopeful and close-up big-hearted america. i really believe it's the most important election of our lifetimes because we've never had a clearer choice never. it is a choice between division or unity. between strong, steady leadership or a loose cannon who
12:57 am
could risk everything. >> well, it was an all out sprint for the candidates. they were barnstorming through the states of michigan, new hampshire, florida, north carolina and this morning, we have the very first election results of the day. this half the small town of dixville, notch new hampshire with a total population voting wise of eight, they continued their midnight voting tradition. clinton captured the most votes with four followed by two for trump, one for gary johnson and there was a write-in for mitt romney. since 1960, that town has accurately predicted about 50/50% is, seven of the last 14 elections. but our final battleground map has clinton leading with 274 electoral votes toe trump's 170. there are 94 votes in the tossup category. reminding you all here it is just a prediction. clinton also spoke to millions of tv viewers during two minutes of primetime on the major networks where she laid out her vision for the nation. >> i think we can all agree it's
12:58 am
been a long campaign. but tomorrow, you get to pick our next president. so here are a few things that i hope you'll think about. first, it's not just my name and my opponent's name on the ballot. it's the kind you have country we want for our children and grandchildren. >> but it was president obama. he gave the most visceral speech of the final day of the campaign offering his full throated support for hillary clinton and with the latest gallup poll putting his an probable numbers at a record high of 56%, those numbers not seen since 2009, he's putting that rating on the line for clinton. >> so with whatever credibility i've got after eight years as your president, i am asking you to trust me on this one. i -- >> well, trump's running mate mike pence and campaign surrogate sarah palin along with trump's daughters ivanka and tiffany and sons donald junior
12:59 am
and eric were hitting the trail one last time. >> you know, this isn't just a choice between two people. this is a choice between two futures. >> i choose to stand with donald trump, and every american who knows we can make america great again. >> this is bigger than one man. if they have a problem with donald trump's tone or something. something on the periphery. well, so what? you know, this is bigger than one man. it's bigger than a party. >> let's now take a closer look at this final last day of campaigning. katy tur traveled with the trump campaign all day long. katie? >> goo morning. donald trump has been on the campaign trail for 510 days and in that time, he has upended almost every single political norm. later today he finds out if it all worked. donald trump is trying to close the deal. hopscotching across the country to give his final pitch to the american public. >> this is it. this is it. good luck. get out there. i did my thing.
1:00 am
i mean i worked. >> in sarasota almost giddy. >> is there any place more fun to be than a trump rally? right? >> the campaign like their candidate is feeling good. over the past week and a half, the race tightening so dramatically, even his seasoned aides were surprised. only hours left and trump still hasn't released taxes, haven't quashed perceived conflicts of interest between himself and his company should he win and not cleared of fraud charges against his university. there's uncertainty how he would governor. nbc news has learned from senior sources trump won't talk transition because he doesn't want to jinx his chances. but his staff is talking about newt gingrich as secretary of state, rudy giuliani has attorney general, reince priebus as chief of staff. officially team trump denies these names are under consideration. one thing is certain though, whatever does happen politics will not be the same. >> there is


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