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tv   Election Day 2016  MSNBC  November 8, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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the president's message to everyone today is go vote. that does it for this edition of andrea mitchell reports. tomorrow tune in right here for all of your post-election reaction. joining me here at noon, leon panetta and the madelineine albrig albright. follow the show online. hallie jackson is here next. an election like no other. a country divided like never before. will it be a historic first? >> i have stayed focused on one thing. on you. >> or a historic comeback. >> miamerica is tired of waitin. the moment is now. >> today no more speeches, no more ads. it all comes down to this. one person, one vote. >> with your vote, you can beat the system. the rigged system. >> the best way to stop him, by showing up with the biggest
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turnout in history. >> today america decides. and history will be made. >> did you get chills from that open? because i did. it is election day finally. i'm hallie jackson. can you believe it? 19 months after hillary clinton got into this race, 17 months after trump declared we are just five hours from the first polls closing. and we have a small army of reporters spread coast to coast covering everything from polling places to the hits to the demographic groups who will be key. this may be our road warriorist hour ever. you're kind of the appetizer, guys. we'll kick it off with jacob soboroff taking a look at pennsylvania and the city of brotherly love. >> reporter: your home state, my friend. can i not believe it has been all these months, but we're
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finally here. the big day election day. i just had a text conversation with one of the city election commissioners in philadelphia p and he told me turnout has been high across the city. we're in the fairmount neighborhood right now. center city is down that way. how long have you been in line? >> i've been in line for maybe 15, 20 minutes. >> not bad. >> this is the shortest it's been. earlier there were lines of up to more than two hours. >> reporter: and i want to catch somebody else. how do you feel to be out here today? >> hot. it was cooler earlier and now it's hot. i'm burning up. >> reporter: do you want to tell us who you're going for? >> do i have to? >> reporter: of course not. >> hillary. >> reporter: no, hillary, there we go. thank you very much. we've seen long lines, we have not seen those reports as donald trump was warning of voter
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fraud, a rigged system. everything is going quite smoothly here. and that is a good sign. not just for one or both of the candidates, but it for democracy frankly. >> all right. jake oka jacob, thank you very much. gatti schwartz is in phoenix. and long lines there, right? >> reporter: yeah, hallie jackson, out here we're seeing long lines. and we're also seeing interest problems. reports of problems. unfortunately, up like some of the other states, we can't actually go inside of the voting facility. we can only go up to right about here. there is a sign that says 75 foot limit. that is where it stops. this right here, stacy, are you guarding our freedom with the clipboard. she is one of the volunteers here just came to see people as they come out, making sure there were no problems inside. earlier today, 6:00 in the morning, a lot of people came out to vote before work. we talked to one man who came to this particular facility and he says that he waited in line for
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two hours. one of those hours he said he waited in line was because there were some glitches with some of the computer programs that they were using inside. and then he said once he got inside, there was a long line and they were asking people a lot of questions before they voted. so he's very frustrated about that. and we're also hearing sporadic reports of similar instances all throughout the county. we've heard reports that some people may have had to vote provisionally given a provisional ballot when there were problems. so those are reports that are alarm to go some of the activist groups here in phoenix. they say that they are hoping that the secretary of state here and county clerk can possibly extend hours tonight because a lot of people that were standing in line ended up having to get out of line and go to work. so they're hoping that the lines get extended and the polling sites get ended until about 7:00 here in phoenix. back to you. >> and chris jansing is in
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cleveland. >> reporter: democracy in action. take a look at what is going on outside. those folks are partisans. they're people who are giving out information including how to vote gmi idemocratic. we're in the heart of democratic country. and then also a woman who is making sure there are no problems. no real problems to speak of. i can give and you look at what is going on. this is what we're seeing throughout the county. very steady stream of people. no long lines. when we talk to the head of the board of lakes, he said this is what happens when you have record early voting. and they have had record early voting in columbus, in cincinnati, this dayton. but not in cleveland. down 22%, that is the concern for hillary clinton because this is the heart of her base. big african-american community. so hillary clinton supporters are going out four times today including a new canvassing, lessen than an hour from now, they have hundreds of different offices where they're sending
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people out going door to door. if they don't get you the first time, they will nothing again and keep pushing this. they believe this race is still close and even though folks on the ground tell me they feel it favors touchdown, you can bet that they will be knocking on thousands and thousands of doors between now and the time the polls close at 7:30. >> thanks. let's head over to kerry sanders in another key battleground state, florida. >> reporter: well, it is a key battleground state. we're probably not going to be able to even project the winner until very late because it's such a narrow line between who is going to win and who is going to lose. one of the things that people have been focusing on in the last 48 hours is the surge of voters specifically in the hispanic population here in the state. and if we look at that group, we're actually looking at those who are originally from puerto rico. and lo and behold me, we have a young millennial voter. and you and your family is originally from --
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>> puerto rico. >> reporter: on thso this is th group we're talking about. what compelled you to come out here, did a specific candidate reach you? why did you decide to come down on your first presidential election? >> honestly i just want my vote to be heard so i placed my vote for jill stein and i hope she wins even though it's a short rar race but -- >> reporter: you know she won't win is what you're saying. >> well, according to all of the media, it's either donald trump or hillary clinton. but everyone, there are other people to vote for. there are other people. so let your voice be heard and research and go online and don't listen to the media. >> reporter: other than the fact that we are the media and you're on the air. but thank you very much for joining us. very nice of her to stop here, share with us some of her thoughts. remember, there is a whole segment of voters who are out
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here who are speaking where will they think that their candidate will win or lose, they're speaking at the polls. and roers that is the most important thing. people coming out and making their voice heard. so as we move forward in the next four years, you can at least say you spoke your mind. so if you haven't, like she said, go vote for whoever you vote for. >> good message. anne thompson is in columbus, ohio with a special guest. who do you have? >> reporter: i'm here with secretary of state jon husted for the state of ohio. mr. secretary, as we look here, no long lines. this is pretty empty. does this mean ohioans aren't interested in this election? >> exactly the opposite. because at this polling location, more than 50% of the people on the rolls voted early. we had a big rush this morning. almost everybody who is eligible to vote almost already has here. so there was a lot of excitement, people came out and voted.
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and there is no danger because they're not connected to the internet in any way. none of our voting machines are connected to the internet, none of the tabulation equipment at the board of elections is connected to the internet. so the cybersecurity risk is not available. and this as a voter votes is a paper tram for every vote that is cast, there will be a paper trail there. so everyone is recorded and every ballot can be recreated. >> you have the fbi and homeland security look at this system. did they give you the thumbs up? >> well, all of these machines are examined, they meet federal standard, they meet our board of voting standards. they're ready to go. and our machines have been secure. we've never had a problem. we don't expect one. >> there have some accusations that this system is rigged. what do you say? >> this system is not rigged. this system in ohio and i believe frankly across america is secure as it's ever been. >> mr. secretary, thank you very
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much. >> reporter: so that is the situation from grand view high school here in xwlumi columbus. about 70% of the ohioans go to the polls nap has been the average since 2000 and we'll see if that happens again tonight. >> absolutely watching what is happening at polling prailaces there and also in north carolina where we find morgan radford. >> reporter: in fact outside of this polling station here in charlotte, we've seen people come here on their way to work and during their lunch break. in fact let's go inside. people are coming here by the droves because they say their vote matters now more than ever. they will make sure that their voice is heard here in north carolina. and we've seen almost 2,000 people who have come through this particular polling station since it opened at 6:30. polling officials telling us they're expecting to see about 6,000 by the end of the day. but what is interesting is that when i was covering early voting here over the weekend, people were pretty his tachbt to tell me who they were voting for. but today a completely different story. people are loud and proud.
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they're saying i'm prouding for donald trump or i'm voting for hillary clinton. even a couple of moments of tension between voters while they were waiting in line. but either way, all eyes are here on the checkmate state. >> morgan radford joining us from north carolina. we have so much going on today if you weren't able to tell already. joining me onset will be donald trump's deputy campaign manager david bossy. and also possible developing news in nevada. we'll be back in three minutes. ♪ what? is he gone?? finally, i thought he'd never leave... tv character: why are you texting my man at 2 a.m.? no... if you want someone to leave you alone, you pretend like you're sleeping.
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so we have breaking news. it is essentially first lawsuit
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of election day filed by donald trump's campaign. and they are filing it in clark county, nevada. here to break it down for us is pete williams. pete, we're just now hearing about this. get us up to speed and tell us what we have to know. >> this lawsuit has been filed in state court in nevada by the donald trump campaign. and what they claim is that the voting was improper on early voting day on friday, that people were allowed to vote after the polls closed. and sthee not have been. now, like many state, nevada has a law that says if are you in line when the polls close, you can still vote. all the people who were in line when the polls closed can vote. what the trump campaign krams is will that people were allowed to vote who were not about in line when the polls closed. this was a polling place in clark county, in a hispanic neighborhood. and they claim those votes shouldn't count. it's not clear what the remedy will be here, but there will be a hearing on this and i'm sure
10:16 am
that the judge will dispose of this quite quickly. this doesn't sound to me like the kinz of case that has never come up before. this is pretty standard litigating. not sure what the case law is in nevada over this, but i'm sure we'll get an answer pretty quickly. of course whoever doesn't prevail can appeal and that process could take a while. there is no -- remember, there is no real deadline for this because this isn't a question about who gets to vote. so it's not urgent to solve this problem today. it's a fact you'll dispute over what happened. it's not really a dispute over the law. so presumably however this comes out wouldn't determine who gets to vote today. it determines whether those ballots will be counted. and that is part of the canvassing process that happens after the polls close. so no great time urgency to get this resolved, but i'm sure the judge will want to act quickly. >> so if there is no time urgency here, what is the
10:17 am
positioning behind filing this lawsuit today of all days? >> because when you hear about it and you want to get it resolved quickly. and remember, there is no great merit in wagt either. you act when you know the facts. and you go to court when you know them and try to get it resolved quickly. because the canvassing will start soon after the polls close. states have various deadlines for the canvassing thr, that's official counting. and any quiabestionable ballots will be set aside and these will be set aside undoubtedly if the trump campaign is able to prevail and the court will have to decide whether those votes count or not. i think one factual difficulty is trying to separate out who was in line after the polls closed. the way it normally works under nevada law, you basically give the last person in line when the polls close a little sticker. and then when they get to the polling place, the people at the polling place, polling clerks
10:18 am
and so forth, know they're the last one that is supposed to vote and someone is supposed to keep an eye on the line as they move in. we've not seen the filing in detail, so we don't know what their fact you'ual claim is abow it broke down. >> all right. pete williams will bring us any possible irregularities that come up and other lawsuits. and we'll keep talking about it with david bossie from donald trump's campaign. thanks for being here. let's start with what pete is discuss. why file this lawsuit in nevada? >> i think to pete's point, timeliness is an important element of this. judges look at if you wait too long, you lose some of your right to file. so we want to be sure that we're on top of thing. and that's why our legal team is on top of it across the country. and so this is the first of those cases that we're filing and we'll see where today goes. we'll see what this judge says.
10:19 am
because aboif people got in lin and obviously this case will get to the facts of whether people were able to get into line after the polls were supposed to be closed and be able to vote. and i think obviously we want every american to have their right to vote. but they need to follow the rules. >> but there has been discussin that this was in a heavily hispanic community and that this is essentially voter intimidation. >> hard to intimidate them after the fact. there is no intimidation, simply the facts are the facts. either about people got in line after -- >> intimidation for today? >> no, there is no intimidation, no suppression. this is a lawsuit about the rules of the game. we see the rules may have been violated, we file a lawsuit and let a judge make the decision. >> but stick with nevada here because i want to play something for you that roger stone said this morning. not formally associated with the campaign, but an ally. >> nevada is problematic.
10:20 am
frankly, trump has run one of the worst campaigns and the crew there is left over from the primary, these old americans for prosperity folks. nice people, just don't know anything about politics and actual getting elected. >> so for roger stone is off the trump train if you will, what is everybody else supposed to think here? >> i don't know what roger knows and what he doesn't know, so i know that we have a great team in nevada. we're working hard to win every vote there. mr. trump has been actively campaigning for every american's vote in every state across this great country. we've seen the hispanic vote in polls upwards of 30% in that state. and so we feel very good about where we are, our position today. and we're looking forward to the ballots being counted. >> as we talk about nevada and the lawsuit, are you planning to file more lawsuits, will there be more absolutes today? >> i have no idea. we're on a case by case basis. our lawyers, our legal team is
10:21 am
involved with tracking. you know, these types of issues all across the country. so whether this is the only would be or one of many, i have no idea. >> you mentioned that obviously donald trump has been campaigning you said this all 50 states. i know you don't think you will win all 50 15i9states. where are you most concerned? >> it's not a concern, we just have our path to 270. it's what our gateway is. and our gateway is north carolina, ohio, iowa, florida. and then we start looking at their map and we start trying to peel away. and that goes to the -- add that to the romney and mccain core, if you will. north carolina was the only one that mitt romney won of those states. so we feel very good about our core. we also feel very good about trying to pick off new hampshire, picking off pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin, minute. those are minute, those are states take were not on the battle plan early on.are minute states take were not on the battle plan early on.
10:22 am
and it's been exciting. public polling and internal polling shows that we are women within t well within the margin of error. >> and if you don't win in florida -- >> we're seeing very good numbers out of florida. >> today? >> yes. >> what is your war room telling you? >> our war room tells us it's obviously a very close race. but we feel very good about the turnout model for us and for them. in a sense that we will come out ahead in florida. what we see, you know, is excitement across the board. and that's why donald trump has taken his message for every american. >> hispanic vote obviously very important in florida and other state. what do you think you will get turnout wise african-american and hispanic vote? >> we've seen polls anywhere from the low 20s to the "l.a. times" saying high 30s. >> that seems optimistic based on some of the numbers out there. >> but that is an "l.a. times" poll showing us we're in the high 30s. there is polling across the board. i think it's state specific. but we feel very good about mr.
10:23 am
trump's message to the hispanic and african-american communities. we'll be interested in seeing what kind of numbers he pulls. >> when you wake up tomorrow morning, where are you going up to work? >> that is a graleat question. i feel like i'll be asking president-elect trump if i can receiver him in any way possible. >> thank you very much. we have much more ahead this hour. lots at stake tonight including 34 elections that could end with maybe a democratic takeover of the senate. we'll talk to haley barbour about whether he's confident republicans can keep control of congress. that's next as we take to you live pictures of a polling state in battle ground ohio. that is cincinnati right there. now that fedex has helped us simplify our e-commerce, we could focus on bigger issues, like our passive aggressive environment. we're not passive aggressive. hey, hey, hey, there are no bad suggestions here...
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you recently pulled your endorsement of donald trump. did you vote for him today? >> i'm not talking about donald trump. i have not and will not. i will not. >> that was john mccain the senator of arizonaed a today month he's not going to talk trump. as you take a look at democracy plaza, a live look at what is happening just outside 30 rock where all the action is going to be unfolding tonight, including what ends up happening in that arizona senate race that john mccain was just voting for himself there. the question is of course which party ends up with control of the senate. this is how it looks right now. republicans have control of the senate. but let's play this out a little. let's pull the steve kornacki and do some big board action. here's what the senate battleground looks like for us. we filled in arizona because john mccain looks like he has a comfortable lead there. same thing with marco rubio in florida. and with illinois, it looks like senator ma
10:28 am
mark kirk is in trouble. so let's look at nevada where we were just talking about it with pete williams. high latino turnout could end up helping to boost the democratic candidate there. if you go pennsylvania, katie mcginty was out already speaking with reporters. she's picking up steam there. but do you know who is losing steam is evan bayh in indiana. that leaves us with three key battlegrounds. and watch these numbers up ear as we move these around. let's talk about what happens in missouri. democrat jason candor could unseat roy blunt there. but if richard burr hands on to his seat and same with kelly ayotte, although that race is close, 50/50 split. what happens then? in case you missed it in your high school civics class, it's the vice president who ends up making the tie breaking vote making that trip down pennsylvania avenue for every close senate vote in 2017.
10:29 am
so obviously a ton at stake when it comes to the senate. and as we look at control of congress overall, somebody who is obviously very interested in that is house speaker paul ryan. he's in his own re-election fight. looking pretty comfortable in that fight. and that's where we find kelly o'donnell in janesville, wisconsin. what you got? >> reporter: well, wisconsin of course is p one of those states we're watching in part because it is home to paul ryan who has a very big job regardless of the outcome tonight. if the nominee of his own party is president-elect, they have had a tense relationship ryan and trump. ryan already voted for trump but would not defend him in some of the more controversial things. and if it is a president-elect hillary clinton, then ryan has a tough job as well because they r. they are so far apart on so many issues. so he may have a test with retaining his space as speaker. there are those who have always
10:30 am
been in disagreement with him who are kind of stirring that pot. but paul ryan and his aides say he is intending to seek the speaker ship again and has a plan for how to kind of remake a republican agenda. and if it were a president-elect trump, they're ready with some ideas that they hope a republican white house would take on. so for paul ryan, no real suspense about his own race. he's very popular in his own hometown. and there is a lot of sort of interest in wisconsin because that has tightened in the senate race here. where it is a rematch of 2010, current incumbent republican ron i don't know so that is facing once again russ feingold, a testimony. there was a while when it looked like russ feingold was arrest and away and republicans have put resources here, the tightening we've seen in in the presidential race has been reflected here. so this could be one of the nail biter races we're watching
10:31 am
tonight. >> and you'll be out there all night long. thank you very much. joining pea now, haley barbour of the bgr group. governor, thank you very much. if speaker ryan wakes up tomorrow morning to a president-elect hillary clinton, sdw he only have himself to plaip bla blame? >> no. hall ryan has to paul ryan's responsible is to maintaining the republican majority in the house. he's workered very hard at that. that is ten times more of his effort goes into that than worrying about the presidential election. so neither he nor mitch mcconnell or anybody besides donald trump is really responsible for what the trump campaign does. and i think the trump campaign is in in a very competitive race that is going down to the wire. but i believe that for paul ryan's job, he's pretty certain of having a republican majority in the house, so likely to be a
10:32 am
little bit smaller. and the question is will we have a republican senate again. >> what do you think, will we? >> i think that probably it will be 50/50 or 51-49 republican probably if it's 51-49. but we have about eight races that are within the margin of error. some of which nobody expected to be close. ron johnson you mentioned has closed the gap. you've mentioned that roy blunt and richard burr who a lot of people thought were safe a while ago are in very competitive races. but republicans have 24 seats in the senate and the democrats only 10 that are up this year. so the republican challenge has been difficult from the start. i think that they have managed it well. but they have to limit their losses to three or if trump wins to four. >> you mentioned missouri and north carolina. are those the two races that you are most concerned about? >> no, ma'am, they're not. you got a couple places where
10:33 am
the republican is behind. wisconsin, illinois. but missouri and north carolina are places where you've got very popular senators who are getting caught in the downdraft. it's interesting it that trump will carry missouri, but in some ways people that are voting for trump think that roy blunt has been there for so long, and we won't change and this is a change election. that he is in a very close election as is richard burr. i personally think both of them will end up winning, but it's just a testament to how many close races there are in the senate. >> governor, you were a little conflicted i think about coming aboard the trump train originally. you obviously support him now. you've called him a middle finger to the establishment. do you worry if he loses what happens tomorrow morning with those supporters who want to keep giving that middle finger and who now don't have a candidate to represent them? are you concerned about the
10:34 am
potential of unrest? >> certainly wasn't my first choice, but life is a series of choices band whand when the cho for hillary clinton versus donald trump, i'm for donald trump every time and have done everything i can to help them. both parties are very divided. bernie sanders got 43% against hillary clinton and donald trump won our nomination with 43% or 44% of the vote. so there is a lot of division in both parties that both parties will have to deal with regardless of who wins or loses. and i think both parties will be starting to address this not only in washington, but in state governments and local governments and at the grass roots. >> former mississippi republican governor, haley barbour with his candid assessment of maybe a 50/50 or you, governor. hillary clinton hoping she can pull off a win in battleground
10:35 am
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that goes beyond assuming beingredients are safe...ood to knowing they are. going beyond expectations... because our pets deserve it. beyond. natural pet food. we are following up now to that breaking news we brought you earlier this hour. donald trump's campaign filing a lawsuit in nevada, the first we have seen from his campaign on election day. justice correspondent pete williams has an update for us now out of our voting watch unit. >> so a little more detail about what this is. this is the complaint that was filed actually last night just after 5:00 p.m. las vegas time in clark county. and what the trump campaign argues here and claims in this lawsuit is that at four different polling places, not just the one in the hispanic
10:39 am
neighborhood, but at four different polling places, cardenas market, deer springs town center, silverado ranch plaza and the las vegas strip on west harmon avenue, they say there were two problems. they say in a couple of the polling places, the poll workers made the decision earlier in the day that they would stay open until 10:00. not just when they saw that there was a long line. so that is their first claim. and then of course almost every state has a rule that if you're in line when the polls close, whoever is in line can vote. so that is the first claim. and the second claim they say is the one we talked about earlier, that people who showed up after they got -- they got in the line after the polls closed and still allowed on vote. so they say what we want you do is set aside any affected ballots and any affected voting machines. don't co-mingle them, don't throw them in with the bin of all the i'm who vote today until
10:40 am
we can decide whether they will count or not.i'm who vote today we can decide whether they will count or not. it's 100 pages of legal filing and it includes sworn affidavits by people who claim they were at these polling places and saw what they say are ir lregular irregularities. >> pete williams, thank you very much. i want to bring in now president and ceo of the center for progress action fund and informal adviser to hillary clinton, also former policy director for clinton's 2008 campaign. thanks for being here. >> great to be with you. >> let's stick to the news pete williams is talking about. what is your take on this lawsuit? >> i think this is clearly just a desperate attempt by the trump campaign to actually rig the vote to ensure that people can't vote. it's very clear according to nevada law that you can vote if you're in line and i think that
10:41 am
there is a lot that is just really trying to throw a bunch smoke and mirrors here to depress the vote. but i'm excited about the turnout throughout the country. we're seeing democratic counties from florida, new hampshire, ohio, people are voting -- i'm here in philly. i went door to door. there is a lot of excitement out there. >> david bossie for donald trump's campaign was on this show earlier who said this lawsuit is simply about following the rules that are out there, the rules of the game basically. do you buy that? >> no, i don't buy that. i think that this is a blatant attempt to depress the vote and they have done it probably too late and i think that the lot is very, very clear here that everything has been followed. you know, the difference between the parties couldn't be starker. kms want to get more and more people out to vote and republicans are trying to stop people from voting. it lawsuit is just another lawsuit in terms of to
10:42 am
republicans going from state stit to restrict voting, restrict sites. we want people to vote, we want people to have a large turnout and we're seeing that. it's very exciting. >> you say it's exciting. i know a clinton top aide says they're tired by elated. is there a concern that you're celebrating too soon? >> i've been in a lot of elections. no one is celebrating. i literally just came from door knocking myself and i know that there are thousands of volunteers out there every hour. 10,000 this morning. so we have a lot of work do over the next couple hours. it will be a tight race, but i'm excited by how many people are coming out. >> and i have to ask you about the wikileaks hacked e-mails. your name has come up in these calling hillary clinton bleeping insane to use a private e-mail system. do you worry about the long term damage? >> those aren't really accurate, but i don't worry about that because i think that hillary and
10:43 am
everyone has been really focused on what is really at stake in this election and i think it's unfortunate how many hurdles have come her way. but this campaign is meeting and surpassing each aefrnd every onf them. >> thank you very much. kasie hunt is in chappaqua where hillary clinton is today. what do you have for us, any updates on what clinton is up to, how her campaign is feeling? >> reporter: well, hillary clinton is expected to move shortly to downtown manhattan where she will continue to work on the two versions of the speech that she is preparing to potentially give tonight when she takes the stage. but i have to tell you, i think they are very much expecting her to be giving a victory speech. and not the concession version of this speech. the aides i've talked to are incredibly confident this morning. they have been joking around, having fun. she went down obviously to her polling place and voted. her aides have been talking
10:44 am
about the line at seuss ap-usan th anthony's gravesite that shows women are excited about a woman president. privately they will acknowledge that dhthey could lose ohio. they know that north carolina is going to be absolutely neck and negle meck down to the wire. but they are very confident about florida and if they pull that off, there is almost no way for donald trump to win. >> kasie hunt, we'll talk to you all night long i'm sure. americans potentially very emotional about the results no matter which way to goes. but how are people overand he a saes going to react? we get the international response ahead. and a look at voting happening in charlotte, north carolina. ♪ my hero zero. ♪ such a funny little hero ♪
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we're talking about battlegrounds a lot. a state like new hampshire would hold the key to the senate. according to the "wall street journal," $120 million combined was spent. we have a report now from tammy leitner who is in new hampshire. tammy, talk to us. people behind you, waiting i see at that polling location. >> reporter: this has been an extremely busy polling location. this is the quietest it's been all day. people have been lined up here since before 6:00 a.m. when it opened. as of a couple minutes ago, 2800 people had voted here. we're expecting about 7,000 today. now, one of the reasons new hampshire is such an important state is 40% of the residents here are undeclared. which means both candidates have to work extremely hard to get those votes which is probably
10:49 am
the reason donald trump has been here nine times, including last night. candidate was here on sunday. obama was here campaigning for her. and one other tidbit, the local newspaper for the last 100 years has endorsed the republican presidential candidate. this time for the first time in 100 years, they did not do that. i spoke with the editor just a short while ago and he said in good conscious, he felt they could not endorse donald trump. >> and now over to kelly cobiella. obviously the world is watching this presidential race. what is the reaction you're seeing in london? it's he late or early there? >> reporter: it's fairly late in the afternoon/evening here. people headed homee late or ear? >> reporter: it's fairly late in the afternoon/evening here. people headed home late or earl? >> reporter: it's fairly late in the afternoon/evening here. people headed homelate or early? >> reporter: it's fairly late in the afternoon/evening here. people headed home and you can bet that they will be watching wall to wall coverage just like you are in the states of this election. and of the vote coming in into
10:50 am
the early hours in the morning. it's of huge interest around the world for obvious reasons. the effect of the united states on the world is immense, economically, militarily and in so many other ways. just to give you a sense of some of the of what the newspapers are saying in the uk, this is the left-leaning "guardian" with a picture of hillary clinton saying, america decides after the most bitter and divisive campaign in memory. so, they are picking up on that, of course. "the daily telegraph" with a picture of donald trump and a quote from him, it's going to be brexit plus, plus, plus. the one that really sums it up, world holds its breath as america votes. people are watching for so many different reasons. trade, immigration, the world economy, what will happen in the case of either a clinton or trump presidency. a lot of unknowns and people will be watching until the very early morning hours here. >> a late night for us, early
10:51 am
morning for you, kelly. coming up, we'll check -- we've been all around the country. we're going back to new york and talk to jacob rascon as you get on a look at what's happening at trump headquarters. folks watching the results on the massive monitors we set up. if you're in new york, we should come by and check it out. i'll be there tonight. beyond is a natural pet food
10:52 am
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10:54 am
already through 54 minutes of this election day show. this day is flying. this night will fly by, too, as well. battleground ohio is where we find chris jansing. you have been out there on the ground. it's lunchtime, right? have you been seeing more people come in on their lunch break
10:55 am
where you are? >> reporter: we actually have. it's been interesting to watch the ebb and flow. what really the clinton campaign wants is the flow, right? because record early turnout across the state, not in cleveland, not in cuyahoga county, that's where the high african-american population is, that's where she wants folks to come out. the other thing we haven't seen, frank lishgs as you watch this steady flow we've had throughout here and cuyahoga county, no problems. we have a couple of poll watchers inside, another one outside who's there if people have any concerns or questions. they haven't seen any of that in spite of the fact "the column dispatch" did a poll that shows almost one in every five voters had concerns whether this would be a legitimate election. so far, everything here is smooth. the question is, will they get this late surge that the clinton folks at least quietly acknowledge they need if they're going to have a chance to really win this state. remember, love these statistics,
10:56 am
no president has won the presidency without winning ohio, no democrat since jfk. we have a lot happening on this election day. you heard from david bossi, donald trump's campaign manager. the path to democracy, what you'll see on that ice rink. wait until you see our graphics package? can we tease that? are you on medicare? do you have the coverage you need?
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♪ ♪ is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event. (bing) linlfinally here, the end o campaign 2016. the beginning of what will happen the next four days. we have all-day coverage as you head to the polls, you make the decision of election 2016. msnbc's special election night full team prime time coverage begins. it's the best political unit on msnbc. i'll be on nbc news as well. lots more ahead coming up this
11:00 am
afternoon, starting with my fellow road warrior in the same place as me, for once, katy tur. an election like no other. a country divided like never before. will it be an historic first? >> i have stayed focused on one thing. on you. >> or an historic comeback? >> america is tired of waiting. the moment is now. >> today no more speeches, no more ads. it all comes down to this -- one person, one vote. >> with your votes, you can beat the system. the rigged system. >> the best way to stop him, by showing up with the biggest turnout in history! >> today, america decides and history will be made. ♪ finally, it is the moment of truth.


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