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tv   Election Day 2016  MSNBC  November 8, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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afternoon, starting with my fellow road warrior in the same place as me, for once, katy tur. an election like no other. a country divided like never before. will it be an historic first? >> i have stayed focused on one thing. on you. >> or an historic comeback? >> america is tired of waiting. the moment is now. >> today no more speeches, no more ads. it all comes down to this -- one person, one vote. >> with your votes, you can beat the system. the rigged system. >> the best way to stop him, by showing up with the biggest turnout in history! >> today, america decides and history will be made. ♪ finally, it is the moment of truth. nearly 600 days of campaigning
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and in about four hours, we may get our first indications of who will become the next president. voting under way now in all 50 states and the territories. hillary clinton and her running mate, tim kaine, cast their ballots this morning. a short time ago donald trump and mike pence also made their choices. both campaigns hopeful about their chances. >> if you want to vote, go to to find your voting places. we're going to make america great again, i promise. >> so many people are counting on the outcome of this election, what it means for our country. i'll do the very best i can if i'm fortunate enough to win today. >> our reporters this hour span the nation covering the key battleground states that could decide this election. but we kick off this hour with breaking news. a court hearing in nevada this hour after the trump campaign filed a lawsuit over early voting. let's start with nbc's jacob
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rascon, following the trump campaign, he's at trump tower in new york. what have we learned from the campaign about this lawsuit so far? >> reporter: katy, we're still waiting for the campaign to issue a formal state. what we know is the trump campaign filed a lawsuit in state court accusing clark county, something in nevada, something donald trump talked about on the trail, accusing clark county of keeping their polls open longer than they're supposed to. on the trail we remember when this happened. this was in reno, before that secret service scare. he said people were being bussed into clark county well after polls were supposed to be closed. a spokesperson for clark county said that did not happen, there was nothing improper. this is something the trump campaign said they would do if they found anything they thought was improper. they would go after it right away. we're seeing them do what they said. again, a spokesman for clark county said nothing improper happened.
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we understand this is a largely hispanic neighborhood there in clark county and that the people who showed up were already in line, according to clark county. that's the disagreement here. a factual disagreement. whether or not people were able to get in line and vote or be bussed in, as the trump campaign said, after the polls were closed. trump campaign says, yes. clark county spokesperson says didn't happen. >> there's a hearing that will be under way in clark county to discuss this. first, i want to go to nbc's miguel almagar, are you hearing anything on the ground about this lawsuit -- potential lawsuit, or is voting going on as scheduled? >> reporter: katy, i can basically echo what jacob told you. county officials are insisting they did not break any laws. there were long lines, not far from this very polling location where we're at. when they did decide to cut off that line at 7:00 local, they said it took about 2 1/2 hours
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for that line to actually make their way inside the polling booth. we've been talking to voters all day long. we've joined by peter, a unlv student. you say you weren't shocked to hear about a potential lawsuit. >> no i wasn't, not from donald trump. >> reporter: tell us about the divisiveness you've seen in this election and what young people of your age group are saying about this election? >> it's a very big election. there's a lot of controversy behind it, but in my age group, the majority is close but it goes to hillary clinton. >> you were saying across this county where you live, here in clark county, there had been long lines for people doing early voting. what was it like at unlv and at other locations? >> one last last week during early vote there was a polling in the library of unlv and i saw multiple snapchats and long lines and people getting irritated about the long lines. >> reporter: thank you. people have been telling us they've been seeing long lines for voting over the past several days. those lines not only stretched around the corner but many times had stretched for blocks. again, county officials tell us
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at all of their polling locations they cut off the lines at 7:00 p.m. everyone who was in line was then able to vote. obviously, the trump campaign says something different happened. back to you. >> miguel almaguer in clark county. i want to bring in pete williams. it's relatively normal across the 50 united states to allow those who are in line at the time the poll is closing to vote. what is the -- what grounds does the trump campaign have? >> here's their claim. they say, yeah, we get that, but they say the problem here is that the county election officials made the decision way early, before the lines got long, before the time for cutoff happened, that they were going to keep the polling places in a few places open till 10:00. after saying they would close at 8:00. so, that's the first claim. and what they, in essence say is, doing this selectively was unfa unfair. that it favored voters in one precinct over another. there's a fairness question here.
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secondly they say as a strictly legal matter, when the county decides to create -- to extend the polling times sort of arbitrarily they're, in essence, creating a new polling place. one that now stays open from the normal closing time until later and they can't do that under law. there's only a couple hundred votes at issue here. they're asking for a lot. they're saying, we want the voting machines and any of the affected ballots to be, in essence, quarantined for now. set said not counted tonight in the vote tally until this legal issue is resolved. because, they say, there are potentially tainted votes in here. they shouldn't all be mixed in and then separated out later. so, that's the sort of surprising thing they're asking for here because, as i say, it would appear there's only a couple hundred voters at most involved. but if they get the relief they want, this could be a monkey wrench in counting the votes in
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clark county. >> is it likely to happen? >> it's something of a novel legal claim here. here's the deal, tonight there is a -- there is a time for closing the polls that is set by law that the state has more flexibility in early voting hours. but this claim that creating a -- extending the polling places for early voting creates a new polling place under state law. i think that's kind of a novel claim. we'll see what the courts say. of course, if they don't get satisfaction before this judge, they can appeal. we'll see how long that stretches out. >> the trump campaign hitting the rigged system right out of the gate. thanks for joining us. let's head to a state with kerry sanders in florida, chris jansing is in her home state of ohio. the candidates visited the sunshine state a combined $69 times and spent $4 million in
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advertising. you're on the i-4 corridor. trump needs to win that region to win the state. what are you seeing? >> reporter: we're seeing an incredible turnout. 49% of voters turned out in advance. they voted early. it's expected there could be upwards of another 30% turning out at the poll here in tam pashgs along the i-4 corridor. we have seen people turning out sort of a steady stream of people all day. you can see the cars coming and going. there's all different demos that the candidates are trying to draw in. among the demos they're trying to get in in florida, believe it or not, are millenials. one of the reasons they're after the -- that demographic is when you consider a lot of people think of florida as the sunshine state with retirees but there are are actually more millennial voters in the state than there are voters over the age of 65. half of those millennial voters are either latino or african-american. i'm in a latin area here. we've seen a steady stream of people. you can see across the way over
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there, there are some folks holding up signs. we have to be 100 yards -- 100 feet away from the entrance of where people vote. how do you get a millennial vote? this is interesting. rock the vote decided what they would do is put a geo fence around every location. if you're a millennial, you show up and you want to hear the head and heart, local natives that i know you know, and you want to listen too music that's never been released before, you go on your phone to, i've put in my address here, and that's a song nobody has heard before unless they're voting. the idea is, you're a millennial, this is a livestream, you come out and listen to the music. >> the head and the heart? >> reporter: what's that? >> the head and the heart? i've never heard of them. >> reporter: you know what, i'm not a millennial. i'm just going with the fact that rock the vote says these are groups we should know. watski, you know them? >> no. i've been on the road for 17
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months. i know absolutely nothing, kerry. i know nothing about anything. >> reporter: you are my millennial, you know. >> barely, barely. kerry sanders -- >> reporter: folks are going out to vote today. this is a sample ballot here. remember these little bubbles you had in the s.a.t., you fill it out, feed it in. they have had a problem with really excited voters who are filling it out and then you personally feed it in the machine. it's one page and then the other. in some locations folks have been feeding them in too quickly, so they're spit back out. it appears the poll workers are now telling people, take your time. know this is a big deal. just take your time. it will all work out. of course, we're all waiting. it's going to be a very long night as we wait to find out how florida, which is a bellwether state, goes in this presidential election. >> people are nervous out there, kerry. people are nervous. thank you so much. >> reporter: absolutely. >> let's go over to chris jansing in ohio. republican governor john kasich
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refused to vote for trump in ohio while clinton called on celebrities like lebron james. how close is this race right now in critical ohio? >> reporter: both sides think it's very close, even though the polls suggest the trend has been in donald trump's favor. part of the reason is because of early voting. and places like this, this polling place in ohio, in cleveland, in cuyahoga county, the vote -- early vote was down 22%. it's been steady today but not overwhelming. that's where she needs to run up the vote. the other place to watch is going to be north of columbus and some suburban areas. does hillary clinton win over some of the republican women? but let's talk about what's going on here in cleveland, so critical to hillary clinton if she has a chance to win here. and t.j. dow is a council member on the cleveland city council. good to see you. >> thank you. >> reporter: it's been steady but not super busy. are you worried for hillary clinton? >> i'm not worried. it's hard to duplicate what obama did in cuyahoga county
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eight years ago, four years ago, but i think cleveland is known for having a big push. so when folks get out to work, they'll be coming here, voting, there are going to be lines. i'm confident hillary will get what she needs out of clinton. >> reporter: what do you think about the ground game? one thing we keep hearing from donald trump's folks is that they have this superior ground game, in spite of the fact that we know he hasn't gotten any help from john kasich, hasn't exactly gotten any support from the incumbent senator, who is running here. but can that make a difference and how much? >> absolutely. perception is not reality. you know, we haven't seen any ground game from trump, at least in ward seven, the area i represent. i've gotten flyers and pamphlets from hillary. folks was knocking on doors this morning, telling people to get out and vote. you know, i've gotten things on my car. so, ground game definitely goes to hillary clinton in that respect. >> reporter: councilman, thank you so much. even as we speak here, i know
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the clinton folks are going door to door. if they don't get them the first time, they're going the second time. they have 400 different offices across the state where they're sending out canvassers. the last group goes out at 5:00. the polls close here at 7:30. >> chris jansing in ohio, kerry sanders in florida, thank you. let's bring in my colleague, kasie hunt, fellow road warrior. what are hillary clinton's plans for the rest of the day and what are you hearing from inside the campaign about which state they're watching for? >> reporter: katy, i can first tell you what those bands were either that kerry sanders was talking about? i'm just as out of the loop as you are on that millennial stuff. back to hillary clinton. she is in extraordinarily high spirits today, as are the campaign aides around her. i think they are supremely confident that this night is going to be one where she gives the victory version of the speech that she is preparing.
11:14 am
she is writing a concession speech, but i think that they will be surprised if she ends up delivering it. the state to watch late into the night is north carolina. they think it's extraordinarily close there. florida they're actually more confident. if that actually is something where the ballots get counted faster than they normally do, maybe we'll have is a result earlier in the night. i think they're going to focus there in north carolina. that means we could potentially see more of what's going on in nevada if there are challenges, things like that. you heard hillary clinton address this briefly last night in philadelphia when she talked about how she wanted voters to come out in such numbers that there was absolutely no question about who was the winner here. katy? >> an early decision would be beneficial to hillary clinton, no doubt. kasie hunt, thank you so much. we want to go to battleground new hampshire, where tammy leitner is at a polling location in nassau where
11:15 am
voters notoriously vote late. we know hillary clinton has already won one county, right? >> reporter: that's right. new hampshire is one of only states that have same-day registration voting which is what all of these people are doing along here. second reason, there are 40% of the voters here in new hampshire that are undeclared, which means they can change their mind up until the last minute. last reason, there are 130,000 voters that have turned 18 since 2008. that is 10% of the population here in new hampshire that are voting that are a very young part of the segment. >> thank you so much. you're looking live at nbc's decision sdedesk. it's coming up in just a second. they're trapped in there all day long, until this election is decided. the vote tally later tonight. state by state, county by county, precinct by precinct as the returns come in, we'll announce them live.
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it's been one of the biggest stories of this election season. early voting data showing record turnout by latinos. the number which far exceeding 2012 numbers could far decide this race, especially in states like nevada and arizona, where the election is still up for grabs. gotty schwartz is in phoenix, where for the first time polls show a democratic nominee within striking distance of winning the state. are you seeing the same turnout from latino voters as we saw in early voting there? >> reporter: right now we're
11:20 am
seeing latino voters turn out. we're also seeing traditional voters here in arizona. there is one thing that is going on at a lot of these polling sites making a lot of people, regardless of where they're coming from, very frustrated. we've been hearing about problems within some polling sites. this one earlier today had some backup. they had some problems with computers. people were waiting in line for two hours. then we're also hearing reports of people basically being told they resident on the voter rolls when they are, in fact, on the voter rolls. we have the i.d., i'm not going to show your address, but the i.d. of sheila. you've been trying to vote for four hours. >> yes. >> reporter: you've been told you were not in the right place when clearly it says where to go here. >> i went to the right place. i was told that was an error. i was given an address. i went to that place. i said that was an error. saw people congress gating here. i stopped here. i cut through the line to get to a representative. i said, please make sure before i wait in line this is where i'm supposed to be.
11:21 am
i was told by the voting people, you're not registered. you're not in our system. i guess you can vote. it may or may not count. i was very frustrated. so i went home, called my sister and then i called the -- an independent voter who is now a trump supporter, i called the republican headquarters. they looked up my name to make sure you're a valid i.d. voter. you're supposed to be there. shame on them. now i'm back. >> reporter: fingers crossed we can get that in. >> today is important. we've heard this from people that support trump, people that support hillary. there's a very large campaign to oust the current sheriff of phoenix. people of all walks of life trying to vote. we're hearing that some are having problems and told to vote provisional no one wants to vote provisional for this election. >> i certainly hope that woman gets her vote in. gadi schwartz in arizona. arizona is where we're watching to see what happens in john mccain's senate race
11:22 am
against congresswoman ann kirkpatrick. crafton contain refusing to talk about donald trump when reporters asked him today about his support for the gop nominee. >> you recently pulled your endorsement of donald trump. would you -- >> i don't to want talk about him. >> you won't talk about him? >> i am and will not. okay? i will not. >> he's been saying that quite a lot. to a state that part of the democrat's firewall. it hasn't voted for a republican presidential candidate since 1972 but donald trump is hoping to change history. the republican nominee held a rally there sunday, hinting his campaign's internal polls put minnesota in reach. senator amy joins me. is it going to be a close race? >> i don't want to presume anything but he did his rally in the middle of the vikings game. that wasn't a good call. secondly, the early voting in minnesota has been tremendous.
11:23 am
600,000 people, double what we saw in 2014. it's 65% democratic, so we're feeling good. let me tell you, it's the power pantsuit nation day out here. i saw a lot of women in pantsuits at the voting booths. >> i want to ask you about breaking news we have. donald trump has filed a lawsuit in nevada alleging that something untward happened, basically, at a polling location in clark county, saying they allowed more voters to vote there than they should have allowed. are you surprised they're already hitting on this rigged system? are you personally worried that people are voting that should not be voting? >> first of all, when you look at the studies that have been done of past elections, that just isn't the case. i was prosecutor for a number of years, oversaw the enforcement of those laws in our biggest county. and i got to tell you, when you look at the reports, there just
11:24 am
isn't that kind of voter fraud. one, we're going to have election monitors everywhere. two, my biggest concern is what you just heard in arizona, that people aren't allowed to vote when they should be able to vote. that is why secretary clinton is such a strong supporter of getting voting rights act reauthorized and making more to make it easier for people to vote. i think you'll continue this argument. i hope what his son said today is true, that is if hillary clinton wins and if he feels the election is fair, fair, that donald trump will respect the results of the election. that must happen because that's what our democracy is based on. >> senator amy klobuchar from the great state of minnesota. thank you. >> we're excited about the day. now to florida where we're getting the voice of voters in miami. >> reporter: katy, just on this street in miami-dade county at
11:25 am
this polling station, whoa just saw pro-clinton and pro-trump caravans. hillary clinton leading by one point here, according to the latest quinnipiac poll. these cuban american voters are holding a life-size poster. you are the coordinator for donald trump here in miami-dade. i've been reporting from across several polling stations. i've not seen a strong volunteer effort like the one you have here. why do you think that is? >> because it's been very difficult for trump to get help from the gop up until now. here in miami we decided to step up and pick up the slack. >> reporter: thank you so much, juan. katy, that tension between the republican nominee and the republican party still playing out on site here in one of these states to watch on election night. >> thank you so much.
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so grateful for the support and prayers of people all across the united states, for donald trump and for our firm belief that we can make america great again. >> republican vice presidential nominee mike pence moments after voting. he said he voted for donald trump. joining me now -- you're laughing at that. we don't know. we didn't see the ballot. >> we hope so. because i think he voted for himself, too. >> i want to start with breaking news we have. the trump campaign filed a lawsuit in nevada saying that polling places -- or a polling place was kept open longer than it should have been.
11:30 am
what can you tell me about that? >> i can tell you a little about that. i spent the entire day sunday, excuse me if i get my days a little confused here, after leaving him on saturday nice we went to las vegas. and my group of surrogate, we campaigned all throughout nevada. there were already complaints in the early voting on saturday that two or three polling places had been kept open two or three hours long. there were affidavits to that effect. so, this is not -- whatever they found today is probably piled on top of this. >> this is a couple hundred votes in the lawsuit. >> well, who knows? this is a place that -- i don't know, democrats call it paranoia and republicans call it reasonable suspicion. this is harry reid's home turf and we don't exactly trust harry
11:31 am
reid. >> what if there were voters in that line that are trump voters? are you worried trump voters are being disenfranchised here? >> i'll say one more time, this is harry reid's polling place. he's an old hack politician. you know, this is the guy that called romney a liar. >> this is an hispanic polling place. do you think this hispanic area is all breaking for hillary clinton? >> i have no idea. the only thing i know about it is, when i got there on sunday, republicans in nevada were already worried about the early voting on saturday, in which they claim had affidavits to the effect, that three polling places were kept open two hours longer to get extra votes in. they were challenging those votes. >> is this what we're going to see the rest of the day and going forward that the trump campaign are going to push back across results if they don't break in his favor? >> how about you play by the
11:32 am
rules. if you close at 9:00, you close at 9:00. >> were you in manchester last night? >> yes. >> i was, too. i've been to almost every donald trump rally since the beginning. i heard a man scream when governor pence was talking about hillary clinton, assassinate that b-word. why do we keep hearing trump support rz -- >> i don't know. that's not fair. i was in colorado, in denver, the day after they threw a rock through the headquarters. >> hold on, hold on. i've been to every trump -- i'm asking you about the trump campaign. >> no, no. >> why do we keep hearing this negative language, inflammatory language, talking about assassinating something? mayor, someone said assassination. assassinate that "b" word. >> you hear the same thing at hillary -- >> i've never heard assassinate donald trump -- >> they threw a rock at trump
11:33 am
headquarters. had you not interrupted me, i would finish the sentence. almost hit a little boy i met on saturday morning, who was still traumatized by it. the guy was arrested. the guy was a hillary clinton supporter. we know from wikileaks that they paid people, thugs, to create riots and fights in chicago. to break up the trump campaign. >> i know you want to turn towards the clinton campaign. i have you here -- >> no, no. >> you represent the trump campaign. we're going to have a vote tonight -- mr. giuliani. >> i want to show the unfairness of cnbc. >> this is msnbc. >> msnbc. you understand. >> hold on. let me ask a question. >> the reality -- hold on. no, no. >> let me ask a question. >> the reality is, the hillary clinton campaign has involved itself in more violence and paid for it than anything going on in the trump campaign but you don't report on it. you don't report on the fact -- >> those are unsubstantiated --
11:34 am
>> thousands and thousands of thugs to make it look like the trump campaign had violent people, but they were being paid for it by the clinton campaign. >> to are unsubstantiated -- >> they're on wikileaks. >> we can move on. let's talk about tonight. donald trump, what is he doing right now? how is he feeling? >> he's feeling very good. he feels like he can win this election. he feels like the last-minute momentum for the last four or five days is very much on his side. she needs to bring all kinds of people in to get crowds. she can do it all by herself. everything we can see, the momentum is moving in our direction and we can win this election. >> if he does lose, should we expect to see him concede graciously, as every other loser in a presidential campaign has done? >> absolutely, unless he loses the way gore losed, who didn't concede two or months later.
11:35 am
>> the recount was automatically kicked in and he did not initiate the lawsuit. the recount was kicked in then he did graciously concede. >> no, he didn't. he conceded and one hour later withdrew his concession. >> the recount automatically kicked in. >> then he brought a lawsuit. what do you think that was before the supreme court? what was that before the supreme court of the natures decided by the supreme court of the united states? a lawsuit in which davis boyes represented gore and ted represented bush. it was a lawsuit. so if it's a close election where there are allegations of fraud, of course he'll contest it. if there's not, he won't. but don't tell me there wasn't a lawsuit in the gore case. i was involved in. but that's the usual thing you do to us. when i come on cnn or msnbc or cnbc, it's like going before the grand jury and -- >> it's also difficult for
11:36 am
reporters talking to donald trump and his surrogates because oftentimes, many of you will just completely obscure the facts or gloss over the facts and then -- >> nobody obscures the facts. >> -- and then say things factually untrue. donald trump says that often on the campaign -- >> there was a lawsuit. al gore was involved in. why did he have a lawyer if -- >> mayor giuliani -- >> you got the facts wrong. not me. >> appreciate it. good luck tonight. >> thank you. new video this hour, bernie sanders casting his vote in burlington, vermont. right now a live look in cleveland, ohio, americas having their say about the next four years. within the next four hours, democracy plaza will be packed as results from the polls pore in. first, a look back at debates that set twitter on fire. >> gore had -- >> i don't know who you were talking to, secretary clinton, but you were totally out of
11:37 am
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a live look at cincinnati, ohio, where voters are casting their ballot right now. decision day for voters and a few states are more important to the campaigns and not very many states are more important to the campaign than north carolina. that state was hotly contested in 2008 and 2012. more so potentially this year. it could very well decide this race. at the heart of the state's political power is mecklenburg county, where we find morgan rad fo radford, where you are, in charlotte.
11:41 am
how long are the lines and what are voters telling you? >> reporter: voters have been coming here on their way to work this morning and on their lunch break. now the lines are actually pretty short at this hour. we've already seen thousands of people come inside. about 2,000 so far. officials are saying they expect to see 6,000 by the end of the day. it's interesting. let's go outside here. what's funny when we were here covering this and covering early voters, people were shy to say who they're voting for. today are loud and proud, i'm voting for hillary clinton or voting for donald trump. what's interesting is there were moments between tension between voters, at least twice that i saw waiting in lines. we were mesmerized by her hat. you're a sign language interpreter. what are you teaching the kids? >> i try to encourage them, first of all, to have fun. also to remember that it's an honor and privilege to be able to vote. there are people all over the
11:42 am
world who don't have this honor. women don't have this honor, they don't have this privilege and many people have fought and died for this privilege. to try to learn about the process. it's not a perfect process. no candidate is perfect. but to just -- to honor the process, to honor the process. and i teach them to be proud. the sign for proud is here, proud. >> reporter: what's the sign for the candidates? >> it depends on who you ask, but hillary clinton is h.c., initials h.c. >> reporter: quickly, what's the other one? >> trump. >> reporter: this is trump? like his hair? >> like his hair. >> reporter: this is what we're hearing from the voters here in north carolina. they're in a dead heat now. the race is tight. back to you. >> morgan radford in charlotte, north carolina. thank you so much. nbc's final battleground map gives clinton the edge, 274 electoral votes to donald trump's 170. but with key states like florida, ohio and north carolina in the toss-up column, the result will depend on voter
11:43 am
turnout for both parties. steve kornacki joins us from our election headquarters in new york. what's the key state you'll be looking at tonight that could shake up this race? >> i'll give you a couple. i'll take the easy way out and not give you one. let's look at it this way, what path would it take donald trump to win this thing tonight. i want to show you how narrow this is and how limited his options are. look at ithis way. if you look at the gray states, think of these as the most competitive, as what have been the battleground states. you see donald trump starting at 169. he's got to win all. he has to win this congressional district in maine. that might be doable. got to win new hampshire, got to win north carolina, georgia, florida. some of these will be really tough for him to pull off. got to win this district in nebraska, omaha, arizona, nevada. do all that with am map here and you see donald trump just hits the magic number of 270 with no margin for error. here's the first problem for the trump campaign, all those states i said he's got to win, the early vote numbers from some of
11:44 am
these states are looking very shaky for him most notably in nevada. if he didn't win nevada, and he won everything else i showed you, still not enough. clinton's over 270. then what would trump need? he'd need to flip one of these states that we think of as a pretty safe blue state. the one they have been paying the most attention to. and the clinton campaign started to pay attention. that was michigan. if they could ever flip it, no republican's done it in 28 years, if trump could ever flip it, you see, he would then be back above 270. again, no margin for error. look down in florida, there have been signs of high latino turnout in florida. could be a big problem for trump. if you win michigan and then turn around and lose florida, look at that, you're back -- then you need to find another state. you have to flip pennsylvania or something. we start getting into the land of improbabilities and very remotely unlikely occurrences. if you can't hold on to carolina, you're just talking about it, then this thing is just gone for trump. we're talking almost, almost no margin for error as these states
11:45 am
start to come in. >> when you talk to the campaign, do they tell you to keep your eyes on michigan because that is the state they believe they'll be able to turn red tonight. we'll find out later. steve kornacki, thank you so much. let's go out to pennsylvania with thomas roberts live from montgomery county, the third largest county in the state and one critical for donald trump. hey there, thomas, what are you hearing? can can you hear me? >> reporter: i can. i'm talking to democrats and republicans who actually get along. they were hugging. >> fantastic. we're proving it to america. >> i love to hear that. >> reporter: you have been here so many times with the trump campaign. 20 electoral votes are up for play from pennsylvania alone. this state has gone to the democrats over the last six presidential elections. but here we are at lower marion school. it's the penn valley elementary school. we're lucky enough to have a couple of families we got to chat with us. this is missy with her four kids
11:46 am
that all go here. and then phyllis, who is voting for donald trump. used to be part of the democratic party. missy is voting for hillary clinton. so, folks, let me start with you. why did you choose donald trump over hillary clinton? what did he bring to you? >> i have great confidence that he can restore our jobs in america, that he can restore our health care, that he can make our country safe. he loves our police. he will be good for international relations and improve the damage that has been done. he'll support israel. and i don't want to go and take the time to go into each country individually right now, but i could. >> but you think he'll be the best abroad for international relations? >> absolutely, no question. >> reporter: missy, you're the other way. you think secretary clinton is, why? >> i'm voting for hillary clinton for my children, for these four guys right here. everything she stands for my family and i believe in.
11:47 am
education, equal pay for women, children with special needs, so many other reasons. these are the reasons i'm voting for her. >> these four kids, just so you know, we have triplets in front. this is the older brother in back. the triplets, tlhey're a handfu, a little bit to wrangle when you're doing a live shot. just like the democrats and republicans, they're getting along for now. it's going to be a long night. pennsylvania, they have the absentee ballot. there is no early voting. everything happens today. they expect about 80% of the people on the rolls here to come through later today. they'll count those absentee ballots tonight, right here. we'll keep you posted from pennsylvania. for now, back to you. >> all the excitement is happening in pennsylvania today alone. thomas roberts, thank you so much. next up, we have mark mckennan, one of the hosts the showtime show "the circus." we'll also take you down to florida. that's a live look at cincinnati
11:48 am
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11:51 am
looking right now at live pictures in cleveland where people are casting their votes, joining me now live is mark mckennan, executive producer of showtime's "the scircus," a brilliant mind. tell me in these final moments, what it is it like being with a candidate? >> a ton of noise and very little signal. you hear polls here, polls here, long lines in kansas. your cousin called and said x, y and z. a lot of an ekt doelgts.
11:52 am
you have internal polling going on. but you try to keep your candidate calm. i remember in 2004 we were having a great day, we landed and we got the exit polls and they were terrible. they were completely wrong. the oxygen got sucked out of the plane because we thought we were going to lose. >> you've been on the trail for the past however many months. >> almost as long as you. >> with trump, with hillary clinton. what's the difference between the two -- the supporters for each of the camps? >> i was truck last night, i was with trump most of the day, i know you were, too. i was struck from the very first rally, every rally i went to, how enthusiastic and rabid his supporters were. they were more so yesterday. they were on fire. certainly because it's the last day and voting is coming but they are a compassionate, committed crew. it's very different at the clinton rallies. more sober, dedicated voters,
11:53 am
much more methodical. it makes you think what's going to happen after this election because these are people who are really cranked up. they really believe in donald trump. there's going to be a lot of letdown people if they doesn't come through. >> what about the republican party, do they find a way to mend -- >> i've been saying for a while, we need to blow it up but i didn't think it would be blown up quite this way. it's frured and split. in a lot of ways i think this is a much longer process -- >> no matter who wins, though, there will be a giant rift -- there is a giant rift. >> it's like two parties. there's two parties within the republican party. one is going to be the establishment party run by paul ryan and the other is the trump faction. the question s who's going to take that over? who's going to run that movement? >> does donald trump continue to run it in. >> i don't think so. he'll have a hand in it but who will he confer it to? and is it transferable or not? >> one last question. you were there for the 2000 recount. >> oh, yes, yes.
11:54 am
flashback, flashback. >> walk us through the facts of that. >> i mean, the fact is, you were right and rudy giuliani was right. there was an automatic recount and there was a lawsuit. so, you were right. >> thank you so much. host of hbo's -- showtime, showtime. >> premium cable. >> i want to take you live to where we are looking at arizona right now. there are protests going on right now. our own gadi schwartz will be coming up to take us there and tell us what is going on.
11:55 am
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♪share the spice of life. ♪♪ we danced in a german dance group. i wore when i first got on ancestry i was really surprised that i wasn't finding all of these germans in my tree. i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. the big surprise was we're not german at all. 52% of my dna comes from scotland and ireland. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at let's go back to nbc's gadi schwartz at phoenix, arizona. there's a student walkout where you are? >> reporter: yeah, it's breaking right now. hundreds of kids have left north high school here in phoenix. what nair doing, they're trying to stay on the sidewalk, but they have this giant joe arpaoe
11:58 am
doll. we understand they're going to some neighborhoods to canvass. they have police right here. these are not kids that can vote. the ones we've talked to so far say they are out here trying to get rid of joe arpaoe. some with anti-trump sentiment. it's hundreds of kids. two high schools in phoenix, we understand -- you can see how fired up they are. joe arpaio has had a friendly relationship with donald trump.
11:59 am
joe arpaio has been the center of controversy here in phoenix for his policies on deportation and his policies when it comes to racial profiling. there's a case right now, he's under indictment because his deputies have been accused of racial profiling. that's joe arpaio's blowup in the back of that truck. hundreds of students are -- this is the type of movement a lot of people, a lot of activists in arizona say is very unique. back to you. >> live tv and gadi schwartz, the master of walking backwards. that's where we'll leave it on this election day. i'm katy tur in new york. a reminder our live election coverage begins tonight with brian williams, rachel maddow. kate snow picks things up right now. >> two candidates.
12:00 pm
one aiming to shatter the glass ceiling. >> deal me in. >> the other to shatter the system. >> our country is rigged. it's crooked and it's broken. >> the election that has defied prediction finally comes to a vote. today history will be made. hello, everyone, i'm kate snow. here we go. i don't think i need to hype this up for you. it is election day 2016. you already know how historic it is today. 3:00 east coast time right now. just a few hours until polls close in these parts. we have got you completely covered on this huge news day that is changing by the minute. if you were just with us, you saw gadi schwartz in phoenix. there's a protest under way in the city of phoenix. explain what's happening. >> reporter: well, these are highch


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