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tv   MSNBC Live With Steve Kornacki  MSNBC  November 9, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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trump will be making his first trip to the white house as president-elect tomorrow. president obama despite all of that campaigning against donald trump, fierce campaigning against him promising a smooth transition of power. >> i think of this job as being a relay runner. you take the baton, you run your best race and hopefully by the time you hand it off, you are a little further ahead. you made a little progress. i can say that we have done that and i want to make sure the handoff is well executed. >> make no mistake, this was maybe the most divicive campaigns we have ever seen. can this country be put back together and can the government be functional after a campaign like this? we will dive into that and the question of congress. the white house turning red last night. the house still in republican control also. house speaker paul ryan
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celebrating today with these words. >> this is the kind of unified republican deliver we set out to deliver. >> that is what republicans have said they wanted for a long time. they will have the white house in january and the senate and the house. that's in complete control of washington. what does trump's victory say about president obama's legacy. those are two of about 1,000 questions in the air. we begin with our top story. this is the day after. the day after one of the most shocking election out comes in american history. one that very few people saw coming. maybe years from now a lot of people will say i thought that was going to happen. don't believe them. very, very few people were calling this one. the polling data we saw rung up to this thing said hillary clinton had an advantage. the forecasters said hillary
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clinton had an advantage. whether you were a clinton supporter or trump supporter, you were shocked by the turn of events as the results came in. hillary clinton disappointed. that is an under statement. her supporters and staffers were at the center on the westside of manhattan in new york city. they were ready for a blowout celebration. they were doing it under a glass ceiling and all of that symbolism and the returns started to come in and the numbers turned in florida and turned in north carolina and they knew they were in trouble and the next thing they were going home without hearing for their candidate. today all of them trying to come to terms with what happened. hillary clinton making an appearance late this morning in new york city, calling on her supporters to embrace the result. >> our constitutional democracy enshrines the peaceful transfer of power. we don't just respect that, we cherish it.
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it also enshrines other things. the rule of law, the principal that we are all equal in rights and dignity, freedom of warship and expression. we respect and cherish these values too and we must defend them. >> that was hillary clinton that defeated president obama who very much wanted hillary clinton to succeed him as as president. he spoke today as well and echoed hillary clinton's words. >> we are now all rooting for his success and uniting and leading the country. the peaceful transition of power is one of the hallmarks of our democracy. >> president obama is scheduled to mead with president-elect donald trump tomorrow at the white house. that will kickoff the process that kicks off january 20th.
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covering the clinton campaign for the last 19 months. he called donald trump sometime in the we hours of the morning to concede. we didn't hear from her publicly until almost noon today. what was going on? was it because it was a difficult statement for her to deliver? >> the campaign has not officially said, but reading the tea leaves, they were stunned. you are right. it was difficult. that was a part of it and she felt personally responsible. throughout the campaign season when i spoke to secretary clinton and her campaign, they said we feel like the weight of the world is on our shoulders and people were saying don't mess this up. you have to win this for all of us. i think this was incredibly personal and unnerving as you mapped out. they were not ready for it. i think there was a sense of needing to regain their footing and determine what she wanted to
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say. the speech she gave today i thought was one of the most important that she has delivered. she did strike this note of unity. that's obviously so critical given the moment and given how deeply divicive this race has been. she wanted to get it right and that's part of the reason she waited. it was stunning last night. we were there with thousands of her supporters and many of them crying and hugging. waiting to hear from her and they never did. >> take us through last night. this happened so fast. we were here looking at the numbers and from my standpoint here, we get the exit polls about 5:00. it looks to me seeing the numbers. clinton is winning the states. i see the early returns in the states and it seems everything is on track for a hillary clinton win. 7:30, 8:00 it starts to turn in florida and carolina and the next thing you know, it's all going. what was it like to be around the campaign?
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they were all out and talking to reporters and doing interviews and giving us updates. very eager to share their information with us. then somewhere around 8:00, 8:30, the communication with them started to get much more difficult and infrequent. they went dark and you got the sense they were watching what happened in florida. in north carolina and starting to realize this is not going their way and michigan. i think they were more concerned about michigan than they were letting on. when i saw they added a final stop in michigan and sent the president there, i believe it was two days before election day. i thought wow, they're seeing something that really concerns them. michigan was of course part of the fire wall, a state that they saw as reliably blue. remember what happened in the primary. bernie sanders got the huge
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upset. when they do the autopsy of this race, one of the things they will have to look at and we all will is that there was really this sense that they under estimated that perhaps we all did. how strong that working class midwest voter turn out was going to be. it just exceeded what they thought they were going to see and it overwhelmed them in the end. >> it is amazing whatever side you are on. the campaign flying so high until 7:00. watching it wash away. you don't see that often in politics. >> it was stunning. >> i can see you are bleery eyed. >> indeed. >> i want to turn to jacob rascon covering the trump campaign this season. she in front of trump tower. jacob, we heard from donald trump at about 3:00 in the morning i think it was. hillary clinton, barack obama,
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haven't heard from trump since the statement. what's going on behind the scenes? >> we don't expect him to come out today at all. the team is meeting behind the scenes whchlt we go back to last night, it is incredible to think about the process. we know his own polling internally showed it was a narrow and difficult path. the team crafted two speeches and mostly expecting to give the concession speech. of course as the results came in state after state they were winning, you could see the staff members and surrogates and others saying out loud can you believe this is happening? of course it happened and we are told that the team scrambled behind the scenes to put together that victory speech. he came out and said he talked to hillary clinton and we heard a different donald trump. no lock her up or drain the swamp or build the wall or rigged system. take a listen. >> now it's time for america to
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bind the wounds of division. we have to get together. to all republicans and democrats and independents across this nation. i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. it's time. i pledge to every citizen of our land that i will be president for all americans. >> so since then, there has been a lot of good news for trump as well on top of that. you have mitt romney, jeb bush, bush 41 and bush 43 saying congratulations. none of them voted for donald trump as we understand it, but it's time to come together and rally behind our president-elect. >> jacob rascon. thanks for that. the story of the election last
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night, some of the exit pollidate at that explains what happened. let me take you through the most important numbers we saw as these returns were coming in. some of these key groups voted and look at this. we talked so much this this campaign about what voters with college degrees and a lot of whites and suburbs. the key here was in the run up to last night, every poll that we saw practically was telling us that hillary clinton would win this group. that would be historic. no democrat had won this group before. this was supposed to be one of the big strengths. white college graduates. white suburbanites defecting from the party because they didn't like donald trump and giving hillary clinton a win with that group of voters. it didn't happen. this is closer than usual. the republican usually wins by a bigger margin, but he won the group of voters by four points. that was significant in the suburbs. significant in suburbs across
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the country. the democrats were counting on bigger margins than they got. that was critical. it wasn't just that -- another mistake with the board. here we go. it wasn't just white voters. non-college whites. we talked about this group and how donald trump might run up a record shattering share of the vote. well, he did. he won by 39 points. a 39-point trump win with non-college whites. blue collar white voters. mitt romney won by 26. that's a one-two punch. he didn't get buried like a lot of people thought. he ran up big numbers in those blue collar white areas. that was a potent combination for them. also this. we talked from the minute donald trump got into the campaign and talked about immigration and use said terms like rapists and murderers. there was talk he was going to do worse than mitt romney had
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done with latinos. romney got 27 and trump might be in the teens with latino voters. overall this is not a great number. this is not nearly as bad as a lot of people thought it would be. trump ends up with 29% of the latino vote and clinton 75. this was 71-27 for obama. trump didn't get as buried here with latino votes as there had been expectations. some of the things we saw there in the exit polls. we will dive more in the states as we go through the hour. we have a lot in the board and some of it works. donald trump will step in in january and bolstered by a republican house and republican senate. they did hold on to that last night. that does not mean necessarily a congress full of allies for the new president. he has criticized trump. he refused to campaign down the stretch. ryan today struck a conciliatory
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tone. >> there is no doubt our democracy can be messy. we do remain a sharply divided country. as we do every four years, we have to work to heal the divisions of a long campaign. i think president-elect donald trump set the perfect tone for doing just this. >> we are also learning in just the last few minutes that nancy pelosi is the democrat's leader in the house, she has spoken with president-elect trump by phone and congratulated him on his victory. for more i want to turn to republican congressman chris colins from new york. the first member of congress who endorsed donald trump. congressman, we had you on and thanks for joining us. >> good to be with you, steve. i can't think of a situation like this before.
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you have the party's nominee and the speaker of the house. they were not campaigning with each other. there was obvious tension between them. does donald trump want to work with paul ryan or want somebody else running the house? >> he will work with paul ryan and i was honored president-elect donald trump called me. he and ivanka and we chatted longer than i thought. we discussed the role of congress. mr. trump is supporting mr. ryan and as we move forward. i was on the phone with him and we have an agenda that will be aggressive out of the gate starting next week with our leadership races. monday, tuesday, wednesday. we will hit the ground running. we have a lot of work to do now knowing that bills that we pass can go to the president's desk and be signed into law.
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they are no longer going to be messaging bills. they will go and be put into law with a signature of president trump. there has been great dialogue and i have been on the phone all day. one thing i can tell but mr. trump. you saw it in the speech. the day that matters to mr. trump is today and tomorrow and the days to come. not yesterday. as a ceo, he is not someone who holds a grudge. the rhetoric was tough on both sides. the clinton campaign and the trump campaign at this point is saying exactly what i know is in his heart. he is going to unite this country and work and he has the word compromise in his vocabulary. it won't be his way or the highway. it's for all americans.
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>> we spent the time saying is this when donald trump pivots. that almost became a cliche. the speech he delivered last night overnight, the tone was markedly different. that was a victory speech. the tone was different than anything we had heard during the campaign. i'm curious. take a step back. not idea logically. what is your read of donald trump as a leader. donald trump as a person. is there something you can look at when you see him? is there something you say there is going to be a difference between the candidate and the president. >> donald trump the fighter and when he was getting punched. he is a counter puncher. from meetings with mr. trump, he's a listener and he is
1:17 pm
respectful and a note taker. he asks the right questions. he is exactly what you expect in a ceo. it's unfortunate the country didn't see the behind the scenes mr. trump that i saw and others. look at his family as an indicator of who he really is. what a wonderful family he has. that didn't happen by accident. for the americans that are concerned, they do not need to be concerned. mr. trump does respect women and understands we are a nation of immigrants. that's not mr. trump you saw him and the real mr. trump. that calmed the you saw a piece of that today. he is reaching out and i was
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honored. >> always good to be with you. >> we have been saying it for weeks. this presidential race is in some ways a referendum on president obama's legacy. the american people did not give his party a third term in the white house. president obama in his remarks today saying he does not see the results as a loss. >> i also told my team today to keep their heads up. because the remarkable work that they have done. often without a lot of fanfare. that work has left. than the that existed eight
1:19 pm
years ago. >> adam schiff from california. thanks for taking a few minutes. let me set it up this way. president obama had the highest approval rating of his second term. he was out there campaigning. they had the advantage in the early vote. they had the better surrogates. the stars who were out there campaigning. they had trump get hit with a scandal. we couldn't think of a precedent for it in the general election. they led in the polls and the key swing states. what went wrong? >> steve, you are probably a better analyst than i am, but the bottom line is donald trump's message hit a cord with more americans than the message that we had. it explained not only why his candidacy was successful, but why bernie sanders had such passion in his campaign.
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this was a year of the outsider. when there is a large part of the country that is feeling uncertain about the future that is not looking at the life it thought it would have or future it hoped to have and worried about the children's future and i think what he spoke to resonated. now what concerns me is while he did strike a cord, there was not much of a promise of a solution. some things he championed and investing in the broken infrastructure of the country. there is a big divide out there. i was elected in 2000. the bush-gore race very well. that was hard and this is harder. we have a lot to overcome in the next several months. >> the democratic establishment
1:21 pm
and members with titles, and there was no other competition. in mind sight, was it a mistake for the democratic party to lineup so aggressively and so early behind hillary clinton. did it make her seem like too much of the establishment figure given what you found yourself up against in donald trump? >> when you are on the losing end of a campaign, you always second-guess yourself, but honestly i think she was a very strong candidate. a superbly qualified candidate and maybe in this year of the outsider, that was just not enough. just not enough. when you come in as running for a third democratic term in a row, that was a high hurdle for even the best candidate. we were not able to clear that.
1:22 pm
i do agree with the president and his optimism. i come back to something that bill clinton once said that there is nothing wrong in america that can't be cured by what's right in america. i think barack obama did advance the country substantially. we moved forward. we are going to continue to move forward. there may be times where we have setbacks and for my party this was a tremendous one. we knot knocked down and we will pick ourselves up and move forward. with republican control of the senate and the house and with a new appointment to the supreme court, those of us in the minority are going to be scrupulous about guarding our constitutional rights and the rights of minorities. the progressive policies that we have championed. we don't intend to give ground there, but we intend to extend our hand. we want this next president to be able to lead the country successfully. we need them to be successful and we have to find a way to
1:23 pm
come together after this most divicive of campaigns. >> democrat from california, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> and coming up, it is a state where the race is not called yet. still too close to call, but there were always signs of major vulnerabilities in michigan for hillary clinton. ultimately caused her to perhaps to lose for the first time in 28 years. >> we will be sitting here talking about michigan. >> it wasn't just michigan, but the rust belt. donald trump talked about cutting the path to the white house that went through the rust belt. last night he did it. we will break down exactly how he pulled that unlikely feat off. stay with us. will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order
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>> donald trump is the president-elect and that's not going to change, but three states are too close to call. new hampshire, arizona, michigan. the margin is too tight in those states for our decision desk to call. hillary clinton with a very narrow lead of 1500 votes in new hampshire. that is four. if she can hang on there, arizona is coming up now. should be coming up. there is arizona. donald trump's lead is significant there. the only thing keeping us from calling here, there is a lot of vote that is still going to come in. arizona has mail in voting and all of that. it may take a while, but donald trump is ahead there. michigan is a barn burner. a 12,000 vote difference.
1:28 pm
the question is how many abse absentee ballots were there. they will call the state of michigan, but that was a state that nobody thought of as a battle ground and then the trump campaign started talking about it and the clinton campaign started talking about it and the next thing you knew, michigan was the epicenter of this campaign and the final days. donald trump is leading. take a look here. i will show you this. they flipped to vote for ronald reagan. they went back to the democrats and bill clinton and barack obama. they thought the reagan democrats is a thing of the
1:29 pm
past. guess what. they are back. this county was won by barack obama twice. big blue collar county. donald trump by double-digits. that's a big reason why michigan looked so different right now. next door in oakland county, this is more upscale suburban and college educated white voters. hillary clinton won, but again we told you this a minute ago. the problem for her is she did not win these voters by the margin she expected to. this margin is the same in this county that barack obama got four years ago. they thought it would be in double-digitless. they expected more votes in places like oakland county and michigan. kent county is where grand rapids. donald trump said he was going to turn michigan red. he very well may have done that.
1:30 pm
>> a lot of people rolled their eyes and considered it a hail mary pass. one last ditch at the presidency because he needed to turn one blue state red. a lot of people are surprised today at the numbers coming out of michigan. what donald trump recognized in michigan was jobs and the economy being major issues in a sense here that the new economies of the coast, the tech and service economies left the rust belt behind. people were motivated to vote and many of them were motivated to vote for trump. take a listen. >> i moved to grand rapids about a month ago. hadn't changed my address yet. i did change it, but not in time. i drove to lansing to make sure i voted. so glad i did. >> i like his originality. i like that he didn't come across as a career politician. he says what everybody is
1:31 pm
thinking. he doesn't mince words. he is very understandable and likeable to me. >> his comments about women never bothered you? >> if i had a nickel for every time i heard comments like that. i have a thicker skin. i don't know. >> trump voters here wanted change like in 2008. barack obama was the hope and change candidate. for these trump voters, trump represented the hope and change candidate this time around and they did not want more of the same. >> blake mccoy in grand rapids. we will head live to one of the biggest breaks in what was supposed to be the blue wall for hillary clinton. pennsylvania is another rust belt states and we will show you how donald trump turned that one red. >> the government is back in the hands of the people and for the people. this has been like a pop lift up rising across the country. >> the up rising in the ski
1:32 pm
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time for a quick check of the headlines. president obama inviting president-elect donald trump to the white house to discuss the transition between administrations that will take place 71 days from now. paul ryan calling the election the most incredible political feat in my lifetime. the president-elect earned a mandate for his agenda. the democrat says falling short to take back the senate. they picked up a seat in illinois held by republican mark kirk. they could get a second in new hampshire.
1:36 pm
they urge supporters to give a chance to lead and never stop fighting for what they believe in. california, colorado and elsewhere walking out of class today to protest the results. they say donald trump didn't get the values. they are gaping 250 points closing short of a record high. one of the biggest surprises on the board, it was pennsylvania going for donald trump. he is the first republican to pull it off four years ago.
1:37 pm
four suburbs right here. we said that white college educated vote. they didn't get the ground vote. you had all the red areas and the rural areas in the state. they went bigger for the republicans than expected. you land here in scranton, president obama carried scranton by nearly 30 points and look what happened yesterday. donald trump almost won it. that is a huge shift in one of the blue collar white voter areas of pennsylvania. this is where we find jacob today. you are in the heart of a big part of the reason why donald trump was able to flip this state. >> and i'm where you should be after a long night. at the bar. 27 points margin for barack obama. as you said last time, only a
1:38 pm
three-point victory in this largely democratic area and home of joe biden. they work at this bar and restaurant where we are at. nina, blake, and faith. i want to start with nina. nina worked at the polls and what did you see at the polls? >> i saw the biggest voter turn out in the 15 years i have been doing this. from every socioeconomic status in scranton and it was really a mix of emotions going on yesterday. >> would you say that you saw more donald trump supporters in this heavily democratic area than clinton supporters? >> in our district there was only a 70-person margin that hillary won. >> who did you go for? >> jill stein. >> you told me that you were not able to vote yesterday. do you regret not voting? >> i mean, kind of. like i was telling you before i think america is supposed to be
1:39 pm
the greatest country in the world and we are a nation divided right now. everybody is spewing hatred and we should come together and accept the reality and try to stand united as we should be. >> i have ten seconds. how do you feel about the results? >> i'm mixed. we need to move forward and make peace with the result. >> that is democracy. cheers. >> jacob in scranton, pennsylvania. a big part of the reason donald trump won the state. for what lies ahead on capitol hill. republicans for the first time in a decade they are going to have control of the white house and both chambers of congress. the last time that was all a line for them. republicans will hold at least 51 seats in the senate next year. two races and louisiana still not decided. projecting the republicans will hold on to the house. only picking up a few seats.
1:40 pm
independent senator angus king, thanks for joining us. they have used me well as committee assignments and it gives me the opportunity to try to bring peopling to and work with both sides.
1:41 pm
that second district in maine went for donald trump. he got an electoral vote out of your state. >> i was up in northern maine where there are all kinds of trump signs and enthusiasm. i think one of the biggest things we learned from exit polling yesterday is that something like 75, 80% of the people wanted change. hillary clinton, whatever her qualities, it was impossible for her to represent herself as somebody representing change. also in many ways, maine is a microcosm of the country. we had tremendous blows over the last four or five years.
1:42 pm
we lost five paper mills in six years. we lost thousands of good paying jobs and we want to know how things will improve and mr. trump gave him hope. and it will be easier said than done. the thing i am hopeful about and he appears to be a kind of pragmatic non-idea log. i wouldn't be all that sure that he will step down the line with the republican agenda.
1:43 pm
>> they are curious about it. you watched them run the campaign for the last year plus. you watched all the criticisms and controversies. you think this guy has the temperament to be president? >> i said no. my principal concern is about foreign policy. i spent about 60% of my time on the issues. the power in foreign policy has pretty much gone to the president alone. how to respond to an attack and where to spend troops. congress advocated it. it is a temperament concern. he struck a calm and re, suring
1:44 pm
tone last night, but the question is which president is going to show up in the oval office? the guy who understands the gravity of this situation and the weight that is on his shoulders in terms of the world, or the guy who we saw tweeting at 3:00 a.m. and being angry when somebody slighted him? that's a question yet to be resolved. that's what drove me to support hillary clinton. we think of checks and balances and all of that. if we are under attack, steve, there is only one person making that decision and they only have a matter of minutes. he will immerse himself and they talked to the outstanding generals and admirals we have at the top of our military and get a feel for that.
1:45 pm
they will reach out and in the past in the recent history, and 60 votes in the legislation. that means there will be compromise. i am an optimistic guy and he won the election and we move forward and as the secretary and secretary clinton said, we wish him success because if he succeeds, the country succeeds. >> angus king from maine. >> thanks. >> what is next for the democratic party after mitt romney's loss? the republicans famously put together an autopsy report for their party. then they didn't follow it and then they won. what are democrats going to do?
1:46 pm
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>> prominent republicans refused to support donald trump. hillary clinton had one republican who did that. she joins me now. thanks for taking a few minutes. you are a republican who endorsed hillary clinton because you were so unnerved by the prospect of a donald trump presidency. you saw donald trump give that statement last night after he became president-elect. did that do anything to calm your fears about a trump presidency?
1:54 pm
>> if he acts the way he spoke last night, absolutely. that's what needs to happen. he needs to reach out and reach out to the republican who is did not endorse him or run with him. he will need their votes. he will need their democrat votes as angus king said. he will have that balance in the middle. he can't fire congress. he has to work with him if he wants to get done what he wants to get done. >> you have a good read on him and obviously your world intersected with his in atlantic city as casino world. what he needs to do, what is your judgment of it. the hunger for change and shake-up congress was so overwhelming that they didn't care. he can. what he can't let himself do and
1:55 pm
something i have seen him do in the past is hold a grudge list. he has to get over that. he can't let his people do that and he can't let the freedom caucus in the senate or the house do that. he cannot say let's get back on the the republican who is didn't support. i'm not part of the voting body. he can't do that. he has to be bigger than that and move beyond that. that's what the country needs. we need healing now. this was a divicive campaign with heated rhetoric and he have to get over it. >> this is news coming in in the last few minutes. the current governor chris christie was a donald trump supporter what just left trump tower. the cameras were not able to catch up with him. meetings are continuing and there is a lot of talk about a potentially prominent role for chris christie. two of his top aides were
1:56 pm
convicted in the bridge gate trial. do you think he should play a prominent role? >> i suspect he will, but i don't think trump will appoint him to senate confirmation. i'm not sure that is a battle he wants to take on. he has been loyal to donald trump. he was the first there and stayed with him the whole way. donald trump appreciates loyalty. you will see him in the administration and perhaps something like chief of staff. i can't predict what's going to happen. >> former governor, we appreciate you taking a few minutes. thank you. >> no problem. >> josh lipton who has the market wrap. >> u.s. stocks surged today with financials and health care leading the way. the rally taking the major averages within 2% of the all time interday highs. the dow jumped 257 points and the s&p jumped and the nasdaq
1:57 pm
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>> mtp daily starts now. >> nbc election headquarters in new york city. fresh off of 90 minutes of sleep for a couple of days. are you feeling a bit dazed? you are not


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