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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  November 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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welcome back to our second hour of this special post election edition of "hardball." here is the new reality in the country. donald trump will be the next president of the united states. he will be commander in chief as well. also, if you will, leader of the free world. his victory over hillary clinton stunned the country and the world. major pieces of president obama's legacy are now seriously at risk. the affordable care act, executive actions on immigration, even the iran nuclear deal. trump crashed through the republican establishment during months of the scorched earth primary campaigning. he went on to run against clinton, hillary clinton, calling her a liar, unhinged, unfit, even a criminal. he has vowed to build a wall between the united states and mexico and to ban muslims from
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entering this country. which promises will he try to keep? and how does he unite a country assuming a fray at the edges over yesterday's election? here was the country's president-elect shortly before 3:00 in the morning. let's watch. >> for those who have chosen not to support me in the past, of which there were a few people, i'm reaching out to you for your guidance and your help so that we can work together and unify our great country. >> well, several hours later, hillary clinton delivered a powerful concession speech this morning offer support for the country's next president. here she is. >> last night i congratulated donald trump and offered to work with him on behalf of our country. i hope that he will be a successful president for all americans. this is not the outcome we wanted or we worked so hard for.
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and i'm sorry that we did not win this election for the values we share and the vision we hold for our country. donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. >> never seen bill clinton look quite like that. he is drawn. boy, something to see that expression. i'm joined by the "washington post" robert costa. let me start with anne. in terms of saying this earlier, i walked down the streets of manhattan up here. because i'm on this network and people know my attitudes about things, they come up to me and they're scared depressed, despaired, desperate even, almost clinging to me. it's quite an experience i've never had before. and you're a straight reporter and i don't know how people react to you. but people are scared. >> yeah. a lot of people react by saying i told you so. and, you know, we saw it coming. how come you dummies in the media didn't see it.
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>> all those geniuses. >> it's a point, right. but i think no one has really figured out what this means and the reckoning that it will require in terms of what is democratic party now. it's no longer the party of clinton. so what is it? what were the effects for -- what happens in the senate. the republicans retained the majority. >> let's go back and forth on this between you and robert. robert, you've been on the tail of donald trump since the beginning of his first burp of interest in this presidency. and i have to tell you, you've been a great reporter. you know i think that. but trying to figure him out, you're no trump hater, that's for sure. you understand his appeal. i think you understand a bit of his psyche. du he feel -- does he seem like the guy that is committed to some of the outrageous things he says he was going to do as president, or are they just part of a means to an end of getting there, and he'll come up with what he thinks is the right
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politically smart policy once he is in office? h >> he is a former democrat. he is someone cho thought about running for president in 1999 because he was uncomfortable with pablo's hard line politics on immigration. so where he is today politically on issues like immigration, it's been an evolution for trump to get here. it's going to be very interesting to see how he handles actually being president of the united states. talking to top republicans today, there is a sense that they believe they can get their ideological proposal, a whole program through the congress because they have both houses in congress, both chambers, and on tax reform, on repealing the affordable care act, there is a whole range of issues they think they're going to be okay working with trump on. >> what about the democrats? let's talk about the democrats. because their first line -- first point of contact with trump will be as leaders of the opposition. and they'll have to decide whatever trump says he wants to do in his first 100 days, including his appointments. the democrats could filibuster
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and say you're going to take -- you're going to need 60 votes to get anything done. we're going to insist on that. they could stop him. >> that's what i meant. do the democrats now do to a republican president what barack obama -- >> mitch mcconnell would like to do. >> exactly. you will not get anything past. you will not have any legislative successes if we can possibly help it. we will stop everything. that's the way the democrats view what's happened to them in the senate. and it's going to be -- it's going to be a political choice. it's going to be -- >> yeah. >> a legislative moral choice. what do they do. >> there is a difference between the two party, though. maybe i'm being optimistic for the democrats. but they're the party of government. they believe in goveme working. they're not into this idea of if you stop it, if you slow it down, if you destroy it, if you fwreez freeze it up, that's a win. >> you're an optimist. >> do you think democrats -- >> listen to what they say. >> okay. >> you talk about
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infrastructure. we're talking about infrastructure in their statements. they know on stuff when you talk to democrats today on the phone, they know on things like the wall they're likely not going to be with trump. but they see in trump someone who is not a paul ryan. he is not a ronald reagan in terms of how he sees the world. >> i agree. >> how he sees conservative policy. so he may get the supreme court. he may let tax reform come through for the speaker. but on something like infrastructure, he is not a traditional republican. >> i agree completely. i had an argument here last night. there i believe is a lot of people in appropriations on the republican side. there is certainly a lot of democrats who love creating jobs, love spending money to create jobs. it's what democrats do. public works going back to franklin roosevelt. i don't know why they can't fix all the bridges, fix the airports, fix the train stations like penn station which is hell in the basement here, you know. it's terrible. and la guardia isn't something pretty to look at either, most of it. how about a train system that isn't rock and roll all the way from washington to new york there is so much they can do that would create real jobs
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paying real money. and you would think the unions would be dying for somebody like trump to come along and spend some money. borrow it at 2%. it's not going to break the country at this interest rate. >> i think if trump indeed wants to have a national infrastructure and jobs program, i mean, that's something that clinton proposed and he seems to have some similar ideas. that is indeed something that democrats could get behind in the senate. >> he is a builder. i heard him last night. by the way, one reason i think he is smarter than a lot of people, his critics think. i don't like the terrible things he said in the campaign. but i think he is smart. robert, i think you agree. robert, let me ask you about the brains. last night in the middle of the turbulence when you saw the markets in the world dropping, he goes out on the stage and gives a calm speech. and guess what? we get up this morning with a big bullish market here in the dow. so he knew what he had to do. your thoughts. >> i've never seen him that emotional, that face covered him for so long. he is very rarely like that. i think anne brings up a point
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about the democrats. there is moral concern about the democrats on the d side. most important in washington, senator schumer of new york, donald trump, two new yorkers, big personalities. they're deal makers at the heart, most of their associates say that can they come together on some big ticket items. >> you're so smart. that's where the action is going to be. >> and they know one another. it's true. >> it's going to be up on the hill and what kind of congressional operations trump runs. i was saying this about hillary when i thought it was going to be hillary. same answer. smart congressional relations led by the chief of staff. >> that was her game plan. >> the chief of staff is the key person in any congressional deal. they're the ones that tell the people in the hill what deals to strike. anyway, hillary clinton delivered a strong positive speech that i thought was wonderful. it offered optimism. she hit all the points, including thanking the worker, which is something you really have to do. it's the reason you give a concession speech is to thank the troops. let's watch her. >> our constitutional democracy enshrines the peaceful transfer of power.
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and we don't just respect that, we cherish it. i count my blessings every single day that i am an american. and i still believe as deeply as i ever have that if we stand together and work together with respect for our differences, strength in our convictions and love for this nation, our best days are still ahead of us. [ applause ] >> any chance of a peace treaty between those two? am i too optimistic? hillary clinton lost the race for the democratic nomination eight years ago and was offered the best job on the planet, which is secretary of state nor the united states, is there hope she'll be offered anything from trump that she might consider taking? >> i doubt either he would offer or she would accept. but i do expect there will be a rapprochement. they did know one another in
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their previous lives there is no reason to think that trump wouldn't try to make some kind of gesture to her. and you're right about her thanking the troops. and she went one better later in the afternoon. she called in to an ice cream social staff meeting at the brooklyn campaign headquarters and thanked everyone there. and i'm told that that went a long way to making people's feelings -- easing people's feelings. >> go ahead, robert. >> chris, you know what that was? you got the president coming out today, conciliatory tone, peaceful transfer of power. you have secretary clinton getting up on stage, same tone. it's a message to trump, president-elect that they want this country to move on, have a peaceful transition to power, and it showed some class for someone who is a total outsider. that's a message to the new president-elect. can he bring that same kind of message and approach to washington. >> it's so much better, guys, than what we saw eight years ago when barack obama was elected. remember, they were meeting at
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that indian restaurant down near the white house, plotting the demise of a president who was just taking office? mitch mcconnell saying his number one goal on earth was to defeat barack obama for his second term. >> well, mitch mcconnell got exactly what he wanted, which was an open supreme court seat that donald trump is going to fill. there is really no -- that's exactly what he was hoping would happen. >> maybe the best job for both of them is to put merrick garland in there and move on. i don't think there is anybody right or left of him. thank you. in a press conference today speaker of the house paul ryan promised to work with the president-elect in the new government. let's watch that. >> i think what donald trump just pulled off is an enormous political feat. it's an enormous feat in that he heard those voices that were out there that other people weren't hearing, and he just earned a mandate. and we just now have that unified republican government. i'm really proud of the fact that for the first time since 1984, wisconsin's ten electoral votes went to republicans. this is an enormous feat.
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frankly, you saw the market bull. we didn't think it could happen. donald trump turned it on its head. donald trump delivered the ten electoral votes and by the way he helped elect a strong majority in the senate and a strong majority in the house. >> you're watching the adaptability and the agility of a speedy short stop. he quickly adapted to the hop of the ball. thank you, rert costa and anne gearan. new blerk had no clue this was coming and why not? we'll get some answers. i feel like a tough guy here. we've been watching protesters by the streets of new york up here. now they're on the march in chicago, demonstrating against trump's election. it's a little late for that. we'll keep an eye on those protests. i bet they'll be nonviolent. and that is "hardball," the place for politics. if you're searching other travel sites to find a better price...
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welcome back to "hardball." the division between red and blue america is as stark as it's ever been. but last night it was rural and smalltown america that fueled donald trump's historic upset victory. for hillary clinton, the obama coalition ultimately did not show up for her the way it did in 2008 and 2012. let's take trump's surprise shows in michigan, wisconsin, and pennsylvania. he won rural in small town michigan with 57% of the vote compared to 53% for mitt romney. that's an uptick. in wisconsin he won rural and small towns with 63%, 10 points higher than romney. in pennsylvania, he won 71% of the vote in rural and small towns. 71%. 12 points better than romney. but hillary clinton did five points worse than obama with near terms. six points worse with latinos, five points were with millennials. they didn't get as excited as they did for obama. clinton's performance in small town america led to the defeats in states we never saw them
4:17 pm
coming. so what are the democrats doing wrong? what did they do wrong now? john braybender ought to know. gentlemen, i respect both of you. so i want ask john to open up with the question and the answer 20 the question i keep having, why is there a silent majority for donald trump that didn't get picked up by pollsters? what is the disconnect? >> well, i think there were two different groups that were a little bit separate from one another. first of all, in states like wisconsin, michigan, and pennsylvania, you had a lot of blue collar democrats, many of them who were union members who were going to vote for donald trump. but believe me, they're not answering the phone and telling people publicly they're voting for donald trump. the second thing is donald trump was made toxic to a lot of college educated moderate women who are not going to publicly go out and say i'm voting for donald trump. but in the day -- donald trump didn't win among them, but he didn't lose by the margins everybody thought. the third wild card quite frankly was what we call walmart
4:18 pm
moms is noncollege educated women overwhelmingly voted for donald trump in these states. >> and was that the case? and, again, they weren't going to talk to pollsters. what is it about the pollsters? do they see the pollsters as the media, as the establishment, as ivy leaguers? what is it about them that makes them think they can put a lawn sign up, but they're not going to tell somebody who they're voting for on the phone? >> one of the things we started to go through is start to ask people you may not be voting for donald trump, but do you think your neighbor is more likely to vote for them? we were finding the answer was absolutely. i think my neighbor might be there. the truth of the matter is these people do not trust pollsters. plus, quite frankly, a lot of the media made it toxic to say you were voting for donald trump. >> i agree with that. steve, give me your thoughts about this. i'm still having a hard time getting myself used to standing on this earth right now. this is a different earth today than it was 24 hours ago.
4:19 pm
it's a different place. it just is different. the people i was in the room with there at the hillary hotel tonight, it's interesting they downgraded the hotel for the concession speech. they went away from a fancy hotel to another one. was profound unhappiness, which i love in politics because it shows true commitment and a loss of something they all counted on as reality. they thought the reality was that hillary clinton was going to start dispensing patronage starting this morning. and there were ambassadorships people paid heavily for, that's how it works, and all these positions of authority and prestige were all going to be dished out by her. instead, she came in basically i don't even have a job. it was so profoundly different than anybody expected. >> yeah, it was very profoundly different. i actually am a little more -- a little less cynical. i think a lot of those people are crest fallen. >> oh, i know those are there too. i know. >> because they today read that mitch mcconnell is going to repeal obamacare very quickly and the house is going to do it.
4:20 pm
because they know the supreme court now is going to be filled by somebody more like an anthony scalia or antonin scalia than someone like a merrick garland. and they know the next two or three supreme court picks will set the direction for the country for many, many years. i think there is a little bit of disappointment because there were a lot of people who were planning their role in the administration. but i think, really, what's sinking in for democrats is everything that barack obama did for the last four years or eight years is going to be largely undone to the extent the republicans can undo it. and that's going the start right now. in 20 million people are probably going to lose their health care coverage because the republicans are going to repeal it without having anything to replace it with. and the people who need it the most are going to be the ones who end up holding the bag again. and a lot of those people, by the way, voted for donald trump. >> let's go over to those people. let me go to john and then i'll come back to you, steve. i talked about this the other night, that people like patrick moynihan was a visionary back when bobby kennedy was killed. he wrote a letter to ted kennedy
4:21 pm
he never actually mailed. he said we're losing the people that were all these democrats, the working class irish, italian, polish, whatever. they were working class for roosevelt going back to fdr and certainly back to jack kennedy. and we're losing them, and they should be our people. they should be our people. and then i watched this thing on "saturday night live" where the working guy and trump guy played by tom hanks was given all the same answers on a joke show called blank jeopardy as the african americans were given. why can't the democrats hold together a coalition of black, white and brown on economic issues for working people? why have they lost the ability to hold them all together? what happens? >> well, first of all, i think the mistake is to say it's democrats. i think it's democrats and republicans. i think this is a group that feels like the american dream of you follow the rules, work hard, you can get ahead has been stolen from them. and i think they blame democrats and republicans for leaving them on the economic playing field. and i think this also played into the argument that hillary clinton learned how to play the
4:22 pm
system and take advantage of it where they don't have that option. and i think that created a resentment that scored points for donald trump quite frankly. >> what do you think of that, steve? >> i think john is absolutely right. i think there is a cultural and elitism that sort of exudes from the establishment that the middle class and working folks just resent. and, you know, hillary clinton has for a long time been part of washington. and as john points out, to many of those people she is somebody who learned how to play the game, played it quite well. and she was always at a disadvantage because it was third term, you know, that she was seeking effectively for the obama administration. she had been around for a long time. she had been beaten up for a long time. this was always going be tough. she ran i think a great campaign. but there are no question the people who felthey were left behind were lashing out at washington and s was more washington than donald trump was. and that's why he won. >> i'm just wondering, guys, back to john and then back to you. when they see -- here is something they all do, the politicians.
4:23 pm
the democrats have more progressives and liberals in the hollywood community and show business world. they all show with jay-z or carole king or barbra streisand. i wonder -- except for bruce springsteen, who represents regular people. i just wonder when these get-togethers publicly with cher, if they don't hurt the democrats. because it looks like -- and there is nothing evil about it. it just looks like the winner's circle. aren't we all winners together? and then most people say well nice party, but i wasn't invited. your thoughts, john? >> without a doubt. i'll give you an example. they put out a video this year out of hollywood called famous hollywood actors where they came and said save the day. we're telling you as famous hollywood actors you got to vote for hillary clinton. and i put a parody of that out. it had 14 million views in less than two weeks, making fun of these hollywood actors because people find that slightly offensive. it's not that they dislike the actors, it's just that they find the whole process of feeling like they're going to be told something is wrong.
4:24 pm
and that i think paid a price for hillary with all the events she did at the end. >> i was thinking what happened not many years ago. remember scott brown won the upset. >> yes. >> he was coming out against the wine and cheese liberals of boston. and he rode around in a you can interest. all he had to do, this guy, this middle class lawyer, possibly upper middle class lawyer with a wife who is an anchorwoman. all he had to do is drive around in this truck that got him elected in an upset election there. your thought. >> populism used to actually belong to the democratic party. and it was almost always a democrat who was a populist. >> yeah. >> i think donald trump figured that out. and the same i'm who went thought the primaries and cast their vote for bernie sanders because bernie sanders had a message that appealed for the forgotten and left behind american who was wondering what happened to america and washington, a lot of the people who voted for bernie sanders went out in wisconsin and pennsylvania and michigan and voted for donald trump. because donald trump represents somebody who was emotional and
4:25 pm
not rational and intellectual. and because he actually felt what they're feeling, or at least he conveyed what they're feeling in a more kind of empathetic and authentic way. and i happen to think that the policies he pursues are not going to be those that those voters are going to agree with, but we'll see. >> scale of one to ten, what are the chance trump will be a successful president? steve first. >> well, if he becomes a deal maker and goes the middle, he has a much better chance of being successful and getting reelected. >> give me a number. >> i would say four or five. >> john brabender, i mean a surprise to a lot of people, a successful president. reagan was a surprise. >> i think a seven or eight. people are going to find out very quickly, like they did last night, donald trump the president is going to be a lot different than donald trump the candidate. >> that's a prayer. that is a prayer for all of us. because i did think last night he was right on the mark with everybody worried about the 800 drop and the dow futures i never even heard of before, dow
4:26 pm
futures. and up today about 300oints in the real dow. that was a nice speech that could do that. thank you, john brabender and thank you steve mcmahon. it's great having you on. >> thank you. >> up next, president obama vows to work to ensure a smooth transition. what happens now to his legacy? by the way, he has things at risk right now. this is "hardball," the place for politics. ed. ♪ [beeping] take on any galaxy with a car that could stop for you. simulation complete. the new nissan rogue. rogue one: a star wars story. in theaters december 16th.
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don't get cynical. don't ever think you can't make a difference. secretary clinton said this morning, fighting for what is right is worth it. >> welcome back to "hardball" that was president obama's message today to those who were, put it this way, disheartened by hillary clinton's defeat last night. it wasn't just clinton who was on the ballot yesterday. as the president told the congressional black caucus this september, he saw the election as a referendum on him, as well as imploring voters not to insult his legacy. let's watch that one. he was very tough here. >> yeah, he will consider it a personal insult, an insult to my legacy if this community lets down its guard and fails to activate itself in this election. you want to give me a good sendoff? go vote. >> now with the election of donald trump, many of the president's key achievements over the past eight years are in jeopardy. you might say they include the affordable care act, the iran
4:31 pm
nuclear deal, the paris climate deal, daca that helps people who come to the country without papers stay here, dodd/frank and our renewed relationship with cuba. obama's pending agenda items like the transpacific partnership, the confirmation of the -- judicial confirmation of merrick garland and the closing of guantanamo base are now unlikely come to pass. i'm joined by andrew sullivan of "new york" magazine. you said he was going to win. he did. now what? >> well, now we see what donald trump really is. the way you've been presenting it is if you think donald trump is some totally new person, that he can just create a tabla raza. he is just going to be this great leader of a mass movement. but i think that's very hard to do. he has been very explicit about so many of these promises that the bottom line is going to be how does he pull that off without alienating either the rest of washington or his base, actually. >> okay. we're going to have to take a break right now. we'll be right back. let's go to commercial right now. we'll be right back in a moment or two, okay?
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we're back with andrew sullivan of "new york" magazine. we're also joined by april ryan, my friend the white house correspondent for american urban radio networks. andrew, i just wanted to finish your thought there. when you predicted and you did rather profoundly that trump was going to win against all the predictions. it was out of concern. do you think trump is the guy he advertised him to be in the primaries and in the general election with all the terrible talk about islamic people, about mexican-americans, the whole thing? do you think he is that person or he is an opportunist who will now adjust to being or try to be a successful president? >> i -- i think he is that person. i think when you watch someone for a year, you see what motives them. you see what gets them angry, what gets them impassioned. the thing that fueled his entire campaign, the bond he has with his supporters which is near
4:36 pm
total is around these core issues. >> yeah. >> of immigration, of trade, of deportation and indeed a belligerent foreign policy that will break up nato and the post war order. he can now, chris, do anything he wants. he has all of this town in his tlal. there is no -- >> why do you say that, given the constitution and the fact that a minority in the congress has a tremendous power of the filibuster to deny any measure passing the united states senate without 60 votes. that means nine democrats have the join him. >> they will get rid of the filibuster. he has won this election himself. he has no one to owe. he has nothing to owe anybody. >> okay. well, i'm out of the prediction business andrew, i'm out of the prediction business. i'm going to step back so my colleagues don't know we were wrong. it's time to stop being wrong. let me go to april on this. april do, you think he is a
4:37 pm
showman who knew which buttons to push or is a man on the fascist behavior? >> i think, both. chris, i think he is a person who knew exactly what buttons push. i said early on he reminded me of a baptist minister who knows how to rouse the crowd with certain words. and he played on that. and the thing of it is he won on that. but i understand also at the same time that he may not say some of the same things when he is president of the united states. some of that stuff was to get him to the point where he was. but now when you talk about fascism, fascism. i can't even say that right now. an hour and a half sleep. >> we all are. >> here is the issue. donald trump is going to an era of trumpism and something we've never seen, he has never seen himself. he is going to learn the ropes. but he is also going to try to do it his way. so we have to watch and see what he does.
4:38 pm
and what he does remains to be seen. that's all we can say right now. >> okay. let me go back to andrew, and i'll be back to you in a minute. i want to know about the things that people care. a lot of the discussion on both sides, including a brother of mine very concerned about obamacare, wanting to keep it. do you think he is really going to eliminate the only federal program for people on health care -- for health care to give them a break, some subsidies, an opportunity to get a decent health care plan for their families? is he going to just rip that away and leave was nothing again? >> yes. why not? that's what he promised to do. that's what he'll do. he has never figured out what he is going throw place it to do. >> what are the middle class going to do? these bills are unbelievable. the medicine prices are beyond imagination. >> he doesn't care. >> until you get to medicare age, you're paying an unbelievable amount of money for medicine. >> he doesn't care. >> well, the voters do. >> he wants to abolish obamacare partly because he wants to eviscerate and erase the entire memory of barack obama from the history of the united states. >> okay. >> that's what built this movement. that's what motivated him. he wants to get rid of it.
4:39 pm
he has no idea what to replace it with. and i think that is delusional on thinking he is going to back off. >> with april, the iran arm deal. whenever you're talking about the imperfections of that deal, it's the only constraint on iran not to go nuclear. is he going rip that apart and leave was a wide open door for immediate nuclear production on the part of the iranians? >> you know, the iranian deal and the iranians leave a very bad taste in this president-elect's mouth. he was very upset about the money issue. >> oh, yeah. >> and he never let that go. so that whole thing, even if the deal was to basically stop any kind of nuclear weapon, nuclear arsenal, what have you, that is i guess you would say trumped by the fact of the money. so we have to see once again what he will do. but i would think that cooler heads prevail. right now i'm hearing from people who are inside, some of the people who are being possibly vetted now to possibly
4:40 pm
go into his cabinet. so he's got some people who have some kind of wherewithal to help him weed through these issues like the iranian deal, trying to keep something going where we don't have to worry about the fact that there could be some kind of nuclear weapon being made. >> you know, andrew, i don't know where you are on eisenhower, but there have been presidents who have come into office after dramatic social and political change and said you know what? i'm going to move on and i'm going to accept that. churchill came in the '50s after attley had been in with national health. he said i'm not going to spend my second premiership destroying national health you. don't think trump is that smart? you think he is going to go back in digging into what was smart? that's what he is going to devote himself to? >> he has to deport a bunch of young latino kids. that's what he has mitt committed to. he has to deport up to 7 to 8 million people. he has to build the wall. >> oh my god. >> or he is going to be known as someone who told people a bill
4:41 pm
of goods. >> let's get past absurdity. he said he is going to get the mexican government to pay for a wall to keep mexicans in mexico. that's like asking to build the berlin wall. they're not going to do it. >> the question is what happens to his base when it turns out he didn't mean any of this? >> well. >> what happens to the people who have supported him for these reasons when he turns around and says oh, you know, forget about it. what happens? what happens when you build a movement like this around certain themes. you can't then just turn around and say never mind. >> april, the last word there. >> will be an extra level of anger, more than we have now. the bottom line is you still have issues of immigration on the table. that is something that this president was not able to do in eight years. he is going to try to figure it out. and he may not build that wall. and mexico definitely will not make it. but, again, what i'm hearing, some of the things, some of the rhetoric he said on the road may not actually come into being. he may do something, but it may not be necessarily build a wall with a pretty door and make
4:42 pm
mexico pay 40. >> franklin ran in '32 when we were desperate in the depths of the great depression saying my solution is i'm going to reduce the number of federal employees and reduce the size of government. reduce the deficits. roosevelt did the absolute opposite and it worked. april ryan, thank you. andrew sullivan, relax a little if you. up next, what are the chances this country can come together after this bitter election campaign? and what can trump do now to bridge the divide? i think he wants to. he said he wanted to last night. i don't know. i think he wants to be a success. we'll see. you're watching "hardball," the place for politics. . to win, every millisecond matters. both on the track and thousands of miles away. with the help of at&t, red bull racing can share critical information about every inch of the car from virtually anywhere. brakes are getting warm. confirmed, daniel you need to cool your brakes. understood, brake bias back 2 clicks. giving them the agility to have speed & precision.
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donald trump heard a voice out in this country that no one else heard. he connected with -- he connected in ways with people no one else did. he turned politics on its head. and now donald trump will lead a unified republican government. >> well, there is a guy that has gotten used to the new reality faster than anybody i've known. welcome back. that was speaker of the house paul ryan addressing the press for the first time since the election with donald trump. with complete republican control now, members of both house and the senate, they seem to be falling in line rather quickly. they always say republicans fall in line. democrats fall in love.
4:47 pm
well, the democratic party has left, however, to pick up the pieces for that party. the atlantic openly wondered if the democratic party has a future, adding just days after its death was foretold, the republican party's radically changed but holds great power while the democratic party is one on life support. i don't know if i agree with that. so what do the next few day, months, and years look like for both parties in the wake of this earth shattering election? i'm joined by katelyn huey burns with real clear politics. jamil smith, senior correspondent for mtv news and senior writer for buzzfeed news. i'll start with the lady, katelyn. it is the toughest question of the night. give me a picture of how trump is going to govern. what is the governmenting to look like with the republican party, mainly some democrats maybe? the media? how does he put together something that can actually get done? well, you know, if you don't get it done in the first half year, you don't get it done. >> i think we'll have an indication in the next couple of weeks and months about how he chooses for his cabinet. if he reaches out beyond his
4:48 pm
core base of supporters who have been with him the whole entire time, makes overtures within the party and perhaps beyond it. >> the three musketeers of him, newt, beyond that? >> that's beyond the immediate measure. going forward, remember in the republican primary, people like rubio, people like cruz went after him because they said he wasn't sufficiently conservative, that he represented more democratic values and that a lot of the things he was proposing required a lot from government. so i think in some ways he might be able to build some kind of coalition using a democratic -- >> jamil, if he does that, if he goes idealogically, he goes with a tight fisted crowd that won't spend any money, won't do anything. >> right. >> then he is stuck being a conservative do nothing. if he does what you say and goes on the hard right -- let you guys talk. i think he has to go to center and find some people that want to make this country great again. >> no, i agree he'll do that after he undoes whatever he can of the obama legacy with a
4:49 pm
signature. so he'll try to do that first. but i think -- >> you mean like strike off obamacare without replacing it? >> yeah, that, definitely. >> a mistake. >> it will be a huge mistake. but paul ryan, huing close to trump because he wants to replace it with his own program. we'll see how that works out. >> okay. >> here is what i say about rubio and cruz and all the people who were saying he wasn't conservative enough. they shut up by the end of the election. those people fell in line. and i don't see any indication that they're not going to stay in line with whatever big initiatives donald trump as president decides to push. i mean, i don't think he has to worry that much about his right flank. i think his right flank for the first six months to a year is going to be behind him. and i think that he'll have an opportunity to move to the center. >> okay. this will scare him, but i believe in it. all great demagogues have a period when they're doing good things. that's why they get to be demagogues. huey long down in louisiana. peron down in argentina, hitler. they start off with these big building programs, right? and people look around and say
4:50 pm
jobs, we're all working. the country is becoming modernized. it looks hip and we like this guy. then they turn bad. will trump try to do that? will he be a builder? he says he is going to be abuil? he says he'll be a builder. he sits around and destroying tou stuff, getting rid of obamacare won't raise his approval rating. >> he's coming into the presidency as the most unpopular person to ever take office. hillary clinton was going to be if she would have won, too. that's an initial hurdle. but i'm talking about him not being conservative enough, i'm talking about the idea that he does have an appeal to some democrats. there is talk, of course, nancy pelosi mentioned this today, infrastructure projects and that sort of thing. he can seize on that and build on that and try to talk about the american economy, the american worker and try to make the party about that. >> what's the american worker want? he wants a good salary to work 40 hours a week. he doesn't want to die.
4:51 pm
he wants to make a good salary at a job he's proud of, comes home sweaty, has a beer and says, look what i did, i made a lot of money this week. that guy is a reagan democrat right now, he's a trump voter in many cases. >> reagan democrats are just republicans nowadays. he wants a job that he comes home but also that's stable, that's going to be there, that's going to not just be some six-week gig. >> i agree. >> they want something that's stable. if he launches the kind of infrastructure that he's talking about and can pay for it, then maybe that actually will happen. >> you know what i would do but i'll never get to do it. i'd take that map with red and blue and connect it with a rail line. i would make it so it wasn't fly-over country. they'd have to take a train and to actually see there is a st. louis, there really is a cleveland, there really is a kansas city. put this country together the way it was once united by guess who? the first republican president. lincoln. put it together the way lincoln
4:52 pm
did. it can be done. every country in the world that matters to us, go to europe, you got in france going 300 miles per hour, you don't even know you're moving. the zurich trains going up and down the mountains, you don't even know you're doing it. in japan you put a coke on the table and it doesn't even rattle when you're going 300 miles per hour. china the same. why are we riding around in these buckboards, this amtrak joke? why are we like that? >> isn't that the kind of -- that's the kind of thing that donald trump is always -- he's a builder. takes pride in doing stuff like that. >> this trash pile called penn station in new york. you arrive in new york not like a prince but like a rat. you climb yourself out of the basement. >> make penn station great again. >> laguardia, south africa, they've got beautiful airports down there in jo-burg. what do we have, laguardia? i know i sound like i had the answer, but the answer is jobs. i sound like kevin spacey, america works but it works.
4:53 pm
who is going to be the leader of the democratic party? nancy, chuck or barack obama, president obama, who will be the leader or elizabeth warren or bernie sanders? who is the leader of the party going into this year? >> the biggest question coming out of this is what is the democratic coalition that will show up in elections and participate. >> answer the question. >> well, i think you were mentioning earlier that president obama could use his post-presidency to campaign on his legacy and build up the party in a way that no other democrats have been able to. elizabeth warren will play a certain role within the senate as the person that keeps the -- >> barack obama -- >> i think barack obama is right now the leader of the republican party -- or the democratic party and will be going into -- he's extremely popular and that matters. the country likes him. >> thank you. he's leaving on a high. caitlyn, huey burns, you're in too many other shows. when we return, let me finish with my final election diary of this wild campaign. you're watching "hardball." [ sighs ]
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4:58 pm
today with the dark growing across the country our chosen leader donald trump self-described multibillionaire showman and republican. well, let's get our heads around this new world that is now around us. is it a world defined by what trump promised to do on the stump or a composite, a compromise between his promises and the world he inherits? that to me is the critical question morally, politically, economically, journalisticcally. he promised to build a wall along the rio grande. is that going to be it? or will he strike a deal with marco rubio, lindsey graham and chuck schumer that targets on the real magnet for illegal immigration, the exploitation of cheap, vulnerable labor in the country. will he find reasonable compassion even if it does offend his political opponents. he promised to ban people of the islamic faith from entering the country. really? how is he going to get 60 votes including 9 democratic senators to vote for that kind of law? or is he going to take a more
4:59 pm
refined approach to people coming here from countries that do have dangerouserrorist groups in them. they promised to kill obamacare. how is he going to find 9 democrats plus all the republicans in the senate to do that? and if so, what kind of a substantive plan will he install? will he really dump all the people now dependent on obamacare into the insurance market? there's a plan for political suicide. my bet is he knows it or will know it if he heads in that direction. the greatness of our constitution in this country is that it throws up walls against would-be dictators. it gives strength to the minority party which is the current predicament of the democratic party. and that strength takes the form of a threatened filibuster, the federal courts and, of course, public opinion. history tells us there's a mighty distance between the promises a candidate makes and his reality of ability once leekts elected. and that could turn out to be this country's constitutional
5:00 pm
life insurance. trump will have to get democrats and reasonable republicans to help him do anything. whether he knows it or not or knows it yet, to move the united states ship of state takes more than a one-man crew. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "all in with chris hayes" starts right now. >> tonight on "all in" -- >> donald trump is going to be our president. >> making sense of the most shocking event in modern political history. >> we are now all rooting for his success in uniting and leading the country. >> tonight, the twilight of the elites that brought us here and the terrified millions on the wrong side of trump's america. then, the resistance. >> not my president. >> not my president. >> as the establishment is dealt a fatal blow, who leads the next era of opposition? when "all in" starts right now. good evening from new


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