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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  November 11, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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forces. have a great weekend, my colleague, kate snow , is here o pick things up. >> hello everybody, i am kate snow. it is friday. mike pence as thomas just said is now leading trump's transition team taking over for governor chris christie who has been on the lead since may of this year. lets get right to it. lets get to halie jackson, she's covering the trump's transition down at the white house today. this is sort of a surprise on a friday afternoon to hear that there is new leadership of a transition team >> i will say this, kate. there is some expectations as we talked about it this morning. we'll be seeing some names revealed and why is that? it is the natural flow of what we expect to see three days out from the new president elect trump being elected by the nation. the other part is they don't
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have a tun on of time. those key positions including, for example, the clehief of sta. >> because of who's under consideration for that slot. if in fact as names have been floated out there if priebus d ended up going in the west wing, somebody has to end up maneuvered there and getting elected in that position. it is a game in musical chairs. lets get through this list. what is most striking about these names is that these are people who if you have any familiarity of donald trump's campaign, these are the names that you would expect to see on his transition team. people that have been loyal to him that has been at essential trait for donald trump at the beginning. people who have been loyal to him and publicly defended him and people that backed him for a while now. the executive team includes
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chris christie who's now giving mike pence the job or taking a step back as mike pence takes over and you got people like ben carson and jeff sessions. one of the interesting parts of the list are his children. you got ivanka and donald trump jr. and they cannot have a f m formal role. there are federal that prevents that. you are not going to see eric trump. surrogates for their father and people have been advising their father and the same goes for jer jered cushner who's also on this list and the son-in-law of trump. overall, there is no real shockers here. kate, these are the people that you may expect to see.
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>> all right, halie jackson at the white house. they just handed me a statement that you probably had not seen in your e-mail yet out from governor chris christie. i will read it out. it is diplomatic. i am proud to have run the preelection phase of the transition team along with the thoroughly professional and dedicated team of people for president elect trump in all requested areas. >> as we now enter the post election phase, i look forward to working forward with vice president elect pence as we prepare for january 20th, 2017. he goes onto thank president elect trump for the opportunity to work with him. halie, i guess that's not surprising. >> how much of this is because chris christie maybe had a strange relationship with, for
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example, the son in law that you mentioned, cushner, there is some history there. >> chris christie is considered the man who put jered cushner's father in prison. there is certainly conflicts there. >> this is sort of the classic statement that says all the right things without saying anything controversial from chris christie that you just read here. i think that there is possibly been some concerns about, for example, how the president elect trump has felt about governor chris christie over the past couple of months when the tape of "access hollywood" came out and trump is facing controversies of his comments about women. there is some question marks of chris counthristie there. i am checking my e-mail as well
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and we have a note from our ari melber, she's addressihe's g his children as apart of his team. a temporary position team is not covered by the statutory reference by executive agency. which again, federal law bars of family members. you are getting answers from those questions, right? >> overall, chris christie, still is a factor in the administration and still somebody that's been close to president elect trump. remember christie was the first of the formal rivals to come out and backed donald trump and there were a lot of question marks at the time and whether christie would be ended up selected as the vice president during the general election, remember when that happens,
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the there seems to be a lot of speculations that christie was disappointed that and he was along with folks of newt gingrich. it is been a long and interesting whining road for chris christie and we'll see where he ends up. >> halie jackson down at the white house, thank you very much. >> lets drill down on this transition now. joining me a man who's part of it 16 years ago. our press secretary to george h.w. bush, he's also president of sports communication, nice to see you, happy friday. >> thank you, katie. >> it is been a long week and not a lot of sleep for a lot chris christie is not ahead of the position now, it is mike pence, does that make sense to you? >> it is similar to what president bush did years ago. that's now mike pence's role.
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i don't know the inside och tf trump campaign. i had no idea what that is about. i did see christie remained as part of the transition. everything i have seen so far of the people who are doing the nuts and bolts transition work. chris christie did a good job and got a lot accomplished. >> they are prepared of a template of the last six months. you were there from the transition from the clintons to the george h.w. bush. how much change is really possible. we know washington, there are people who are government employees for life. they have been there forever and not appointees. there is only a certain number that you can change out and bring in our own folks. how much change could donald trump make in washington and in a new administration? >> a tremendous amount of change because he had his republican house and senate and even though in the senate, you don't need it
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on every issue. >> that affects everything even more than personnel. when you have a powerful outsider like donald trump coming in, you have a president of a powerful and big personality, that too, starts to shake change. >> have a good mix and include a lot of outsiders, i would hope that's the case. >> i want to ask you about that. some of the names we are hearing and halie just mentioned some of the names again, reince priebus and steve bannon who joined the campaign and corey lewandowski and kellyanne conway's name has been mentioned. is that a good idea of someone like steve bannon, he's a loyalist but does not have a whole washington experience. >> i will make the generalize experience that absolutely it is a good idea.
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it is not only about loyalty, it is proper to do that. the reason i say that it is vital that the president has an immediate team around him who knows how the president operates and who knows what makes the president successful and creates a white house that the president desires. loyalty is important. you should have a mix in there. it should be 75 or 80% people like that. you may want to have some old washington hands. just because it is been done that way in washington there is no reason to always do it in washington. >> if anybody that's going to be doing things differently, it maybe donald trump. >> that's right. >> on the make up of the team. let me play a little bit of a sound of congressman kingston talking about diversity, take a look. >> i want to address the woman thing, somebody like mary fallon who was a surrogate for him, she was a governor from oklahoma. she's capable and great
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temperament and very popular. pam bondi has been in the mix. then marshal blackburn has been on the campaign trail with him. the congresswoman at tennessee and cynthia lewis afrom wyoming. there is a lot of great women out there and the same could be said with hispanics and muslims and he's going to have a diverse c cabinet. the names that you see are the closest -- >> ari, are a lot of clinton supporters are not expecting that. there is no way he's going to have diversities in his cabinet, what do you think? >> i want to see the best people who can get the job done to make the economy grow. that's the new era that i want to see the cabinet go.
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i am not in the business of measuring people by the color of their skin or heritage or how they are born, i am in the business of judging people by their merits. that'll be a refreshing change. it is not what's your character but what were -- this is where i credit the left, they have done a great job of making sure that we don't discriminate people on the bases of those factors. those should not be the first factors when it is a hiring position. >> former white house, ari fleischer who's been in this before. my colleague, lets me start with what we have been talking about so far at this hour of the latest of the transition team. you are in front of trump tower, what are you seeing?
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>> reporter: when it comes to who's come in and out, we are unable to tell here. everybody has been using that back entrance for these meetings. we have been relying on reports. the pool reporting which allows us to share resources. they had to negotiate a spot in the lobby this morning. everything here is under anyw negotiation. i will look over, this is sort of the time where people are starting to get off work. from 57th street and fifth avenue is shut down. >> traffic is going for miles, all the way to harlem. that's sort of the beginning of the issues here. there are the obvious retail issues, there are secret service concerns. there is the most in hospital place for the secret service to protect everybody, we are talking about a 56 tall building
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in manhattan. there has to be an evacuation plan or place for helicopter. there is no room. so this is really difficult for both the secret service and the nypd. you mentioned the protests. last night we saw heavy protests out west and los angeles. here in new york about 500 people gathered in this area, that's going to be expected to rise tonight and tomorrow and they created these zones. this is the press zone. and all of fifth avenue is closed off and protesters will be on either side of this area here, kate. >> traffic is going to be a nightmare on a friday afternoon. cal perry, thank you very much. >> up next, the first lady and the first lady to be, we'll take you inside that first meeting between michelle obama and melania trump. for the last time in his presidency, president obama laid a wreath at arlington cemetery,
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all because of the power pathway program. if you are a veteran, go to and hopefully your life will change like mine did. together, we're building a better california. all eyes are focused on donald trump of who'll serve in his cabinet. yesterday, michelle obama met with melania trump for the first time. after the meeting, donald trump tweeted, a fantastic first day, met with president obama for the first time and melania liked mrs. michelle obama a lot.
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lets turn to kristen welker. anything on the white house on the shift to chris christie to mike pence heading up to the transition and what that may mean? >> reporter: well, they have not reacted. what i can tell you that this administration is very determined to make sure the transmissi transition is smooth for the in coming team and part of that requires setting up offices for them so there will be office space, not necessary right here at the white house but close by. there is going to be daily meetings and briefings and president elect trump will be getting intelligence briefings as well as some of his top officials. and they're going to be some drills that they run in case of and help prepare his team for crisis, decembomestic and international internationally. this is a process president obama takes seriously and mike pence is someone who has ties here and someone that's
12:19 pm
respected and including here at the white house. i think that again, we are waiting for official reaction from the white house. certainly, it will be a move that they would welcome and given the fact that look, he's someone that has worked with members of congress and who knows how it works so having said that and of course, the other part of this transition is one first lady passing the baton to the next, we saw that on display yesterday when michelle obama met melania trump for the first time. they never met and it was all coming on the hill of this battle. they tried to bury any of that discord and look to the future. >> the first glimpse, who women of two different backgrounds about to share one famous title. first lady of the united states. a cordial tea to break the ice after the battle. sm >> he demeans women for entertainment rather than human beings. >> a warmer tone as the two
12:20 pm
women found a common ground and discussing their number one priority, raising their kids. >> i am a full-time mother to our son, an incredible boy. >> 10-year-old barron trump is the first young boy to live at the white house since john f. kennedy jr. michelle obama is all too familiar raising a child. >> i will never forget that winter morning as i watched our girls piling to those black suv with all those big men with guns. the only thing that i can think of is what have we done? mrs. obama got advice from her predecessor during the transition in 2008 and kate anderson brower says children often ties the bound. >> the fact that they are both mothers make it easier for them to understand each other and
12:21 pm
given of all of this campaign. >> they are both reluctant political wise. michelle obama was a chicago born lawyer. melania trump is a former model and the first foreign born woman to fill the role since john quincy adam's wife. >> i said to him, you can need to go and run and if you run, you will win. >> and like many spouses, she wants her husband to kick his bad habits. >> what's the one bad habit? >> his tweeting. >> melania has even said she admires michelle after coming under fire for lifting part of her 2008 speech. >> michelle obama has made children's health and veterans
12:22 pm
key issues and largely staying away from policy fights. melania has talked about her desires to focus on cyber bullying. >> we have to find a better way to talk to each other to disagree with each other and respect each other. >> reporter: kate, just like the president elect, melania trump will have to pick a staff and we'll be tracking that closely as well. >> kristen welker, down at the white house. more, i want to bring in anita mcbride at american university, good to see you again. >> thank you, kate. >> you went over two transitions from clinton to george h.w. bush and from bush to obama. >> we are reporting this afternoon that the transition team has changed. the new in coming team, they announced who's on this team, it includes some family members and
12:23 pm
donald trump's children. does that surprise you? >> i was on four transitions because i started working in the reagan's white house. i have seen a number of transition templates if you will. no, it does not surprise me. it does help and helpful to have some people who know you very, very closely and been with you and know how you operate and certainly the trump children knows how mr. trump operates as a businessman. and he's relied on them. it is not unusual but i think you know there are firewalls against being appointed to a position once he takes over. >> yeah, our report has been talking about that. lets talk about melania trump for a moment. that big meeting yesterday, she's the first foreign born since the 1800. she speaks five different languages. what does she do. if you have a crystal ball, what issues will she take up? >> she told us one that she would take up obviously with the
12:24 pm
social media and impact of children but with that background and languages, she could be deployed if she wanted to and if the president wanted her to to serve in a global role of representing the president diplomatically. mrs. bush did that and hillary clinton did that. every occupant that comes into it really rewrites the prescription description. >> lets play a sound when she gave that speech and talked about something she would like to focus on. >> right. >> we have to find a better way to talk to each other to disagree with each other and to respect each other. we must find better ways to honor and support the basic goodness of our children especially in social media. it would be one of the main focuses of my work if i am
12:25 pm
privileged enough to be your first lady. [ applause ] >> anita she drew some scorn for saying that. wait a minute, your husband is the worst offender of tweeting things. do you see a pair doradox there? >> well, this can start at home. lets see -- what i can tell you, if that's the issue she chooses, the platform is there for her to marshal the resources to do it. and i think you know, we have to see and given a little bit of the time to see how she rolls out what she wants to work out. anita mcbride, nice to have you with us again, former chief of staff to first lady laura bush. >> thank you.
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>> after the break, police there are bracing themselves of what could be a friday night of anti-trump protests. these were pictures out of oregon last night of riots.
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we got some news coming in this afternoon. the wall street journal has interviewed donald trump of his first interview since winning the presidency. there is some interesting headlines in here. the headline on the article is he will consider leaving parts of the obama healthcare in place. he will consider leaving the prohibition against insurers denied coverage because of preconsisting conditions. he says of those two provisions, i like those very much. the other headline, donald trump asked about whether hillary
12:30 pm
clinton, whether he will appoint a special prosecutor as he promised to investigate hillary clinton, he deflected on that. he did not answer on that. it is not something i have given a lot of thought. thirdly, he talks about tensions in the country right now and says he wants to work to mend the country. i want a country that loves each other, i want to stress that. he said the best way to ease tension is to bring in jobs to america and whether he thought his rhetoric have gone too far, the president elect trump responded, "no, i won." >> authorities in the coast are preparing for another night of protests. after widespread demonstration in cities like portland and san francisco and los angeles. >> nearly 200 people were arrested last night. the police chief is urging lawful demonstrators to stay
12:31 pm
home tonight so they don't get mixed in with people he calls anarchist. i was just talking to a sergeant here. over the last few days a lot of officers actually seen people writing graffiti. i have to be careful how we show you that because of profanity in front of that. >> that was ramping. i can tell you just looking down the street about six or seven examples of that including right here on the side of lapd's headquarter. police around the west coast from bolstered up with officers on patrol tonight. they are expecting more protests and here in los angeles, there will be one at 8:00 and portland, over the last couple of nights, they have seen those protests turned violent and most people who were involved in
12:32 pm
those protests, thousand of people were protesting peacefully. a group of anarchists were destroying cars. more arrests tonight and more protest. >> of course, we'll keep an eye on all of that. >> president elect trump putting together his wish list of national security figures to lead his transition team. with so many mainstream gop defense experts refusing to support trump, is he being forced to turn into some lesser known figures. ♪ ♪ ♪
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president elect trump's national security team today. i want to bring in our national reporter, ken, it is nice to see you, who is he looking for key security roles. >> thank you, kate. more than 100 prominent security experts signed letters of the campaign calling trump unfit for president. there is a handful of people, some prominent and some not. one of them would be rudy giuliani . another would be governor chris christie of new jersey and mike rogers who many americans may not know, he's best known as advocating as an early advocate for afghanistan. he's up four our cei director. >> we have senator jeff sessions
12:37 pm
represented hunter and we had some lieutenants. i should say we hat some generals. general michael flinn who's gotten so much attention with the trump's campaign and john bolton. some of these are names that most americans have not heard before. are they well known in your circles? >> many of them are known, they are tend associated with hard power and advocating the use of military source and aggressive foreign policy. it is a list that nbc news obtained and people submitted for security transition. mike flinn that many have seen campaigning for trump. he's best known as an advocate for fixing the intelligence operation in afghanistan. he went onto become ahead of the agency. >> it will be interesting to see
12:38 pm
what job mike flinn gets. he's talking about potentially national security adviser. >> consideraall right, ken, app it. >> what was without question, of an unexpected finish to the white house. democrats are looking to rebuild their party including fiennding new leader. re danny got what he was dreaming about for the holidays. before his mom earned 1% cash back everywhere, every time. [ dinosaur growls ] and his dad earned 2% back at grocery stores and wholesale clubs. yeah! even before they earned 3% back on gas. danny's parents used their bankamericard cash rewards credit card to give him the best day ever. that's the joy of rewarding connections. learn more at
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democrats will have a decision to make. bernie sanders told the press he's not ruling out for a run for the white house in 2020. for more, i would like to bring in our washington post and our bureau chief for the new york times. thank you gentlemen for being with us on a friday. allan, let me start with you. what did the democrats do to
12:42 pm
rebuild and where are they at right now three days after this tremendous lost? >> the democrats are in a world of trouble. they don't have any obvious candidates to lead them in the future. there is decent on issues of what they stand for and clearly they lost voters. they noeed to compare nationall. if hillary clinton had won, she would have given them four years. right now there is no obvious people to lead the party of 2020. >> some people do. mike, you just came with a new report on harry reed, and there was a statement that was strongly worded. where does he fit in? >> well, reed's retiring and he's not in a position to lead the democratic party from capitol hill. most people read this assort of
12:43 pm
a final farewell of washington. >> flames throw on the way out of the door maybe? >> yeah, that's harry reed. this is sort of a rally of who's left behind and we are not going to go onto get along. and that while people who are now in congress has to work with president elect trump, they should not forget who he is and what he said during this campaign and why major elements of the democratic coalition are literally scared of him. that was the purpose of what he said today. >> adam, you wrote in a recently article that some democrats thought that clinton was the best and aothers said that her defeat did not come as a surprise. >> hillary clinton made sense as
12:44 pm
a candidate, former secretary of state and she ran before for president and had a lot of experience and first woman. we all know the biggest force in america's politics is change. the democrats from been in control for eight years. that was powerful for her to over come. she's been in the public life for 1992, forever. >> before that if you counted the governor ship. >> yeah, she really had to deal with the herb of change. the fact the matter is, there is all these issues that surrounded the clintons of weird investigations. i know some of them were over blown. she had a lot of problems as a candidate. >> lets talk about the dnc for a second. we said bernie sanders, keith ellison, howard dean has thrown his hat in the ring and martin o'malley, he's saying he wants to be ahead of the dnc and people that i am less familiar with. south carolina's chairman.
12:45 pm
what do you make of that? is it going to be a real race or keith ellison just take it? >> we are still figuring that out to be perfectly honest. congressman ellison got a major endorsement today when chuck schumer said to be backing him. chuck schumer is not a progressive fire rant like elizabe elizabeth warren or bernie sanders and democrats, classical liberal. for him to get behind keith ellison and say we need someone to be in touch with the activists and in touch with the grass roots and now how to leverage that energy and take the party forward is meaningful. i don't know who else would
12:46 pm
bring that sort of, would be that bridge of the activists of. >> martin o'malley is an interesting choice. he tried for that role earlier in campaign. he was not able to catch fire in any serious way. he does have relationships that he built during his ahead of his presidential run that could make him a kancandidate for the dnc chairs. >> thank you to both of you. as we are getting closer, spending everyday to focus on donald trump's positions and the people he's choosing to implement policies and what it might all mean. we'll look at immigration. who's going to be involved in making the president elect trump's well known vision of immigration change become reality. for the transition, one likely answer
12:47 pm
answered, can chris coboch on wednesday, secretary coboch how he would force mexico to pay for the wall by stopping mexicans from working illegally in the country from sending money back home. >> from this point forward, after our regulations is passed, if you want to send money home, and you were an alien living in the united states, you have to prove that you are here legally before that money can be sent. well, that should shut off more than $10 billion a year that's sent home to mexico from mexican nationals living illegally in the united states. would you like to help us pay for the wall or what would you pick? help us by paying $8 billion now or $10 billion. i think mexico would make the
12:48 pm
reasonable choice. >> this is a man who's involved for the transition of donald trump. joining me now our star political reporter, dave helling. >> you know this man better than most of us than the rest of the country. tell me about the kansas secretary state. he's a conservative voice particularly on i am dprammigra. >> he made his reputation on immigration and not just in kansas or he spent a decade talking about it but in arizona and other states and other cities. he's serving as a consultant trying to help other communities and cracking down on immigration and 2004, he ran for the house. in that race, he lost but he talked about it repeatedly since then a then. >> he's a man who defended the group called the social contract
12:49 pm
crest. he takes issues with that. >> to that point, what would policies under an administration that he helped inform looked like. >> well, he will be aggressive of having local authorities of illegal aliens detaining them. he's aggressive on that. he worked on voter id and proof of citizenships and she's aggressive of trying to keep illegal aliens off the roll. >> he's just sort of a one-stop shop if you will for those who want to crack down on immigration. as you know, kate, the trump administration, the in coming of administration could do a lot of things on immigration on their own through executive orders issued by barack obama and chris kobach knows all of those things
12:50 pm
by heart so he can provide a guide post for the trump administration as they try to execute their views on immigration. >> he's got a legal background and he has not been involved in kansas, shehe's been involved i things all over the
12:51 pm
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this friday afternoon we are covering the latest out of trump tower. a lot of moves for trump's transition team. beth, it's not just for the
12:55 pm
team, but about the team. we are learning just this afternoon that they have changed up who is going to head it and it's going to be governor mike pence, the incoming vice president and his children. they are on the list. this feels like territory we haven't been in before. >> we have seen throughout the campaign that donald trump is comfortable with a small group of people. they include his children, mike pence, rudy giuliani, and that's who is basically doing this committee. what we have seen is that chris cristy is on the outs for a number of reasons. bridge gate didn't help. trump signalled a half year ago that he was guilty and had a problem with the connection to that and there was convictions in the case. he is staying away from christie for now. >> quite a few things that are different from before, the pentagon had not heard from trumpo organization at all. that's unusual. >> a couple of things there. they didn't expect to win the
12:56 pm
election either. they were as shock as all of us. they are in a scramble to figure out how to do this. he is a very unconventional guy and unconventional candidate and president-elect. we have seen that in many ways not knowing the proo col of how to run the transition. in micro and macro ways. >> great, we noticed there is a meet the president-elect page and it contains a detailed list of his properties and businesses. that has not happen. >> we have never had a president so deeply immeshed in business. who is paying when he stays overnight in his trump tower. his properties are getting reimbursed by taxpayers. it's a different scenario than in the past. doesn't mean it's illegal, but the government has to figure it out. >> uncharted territory in many different ways.
12:57 pm
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>> see you sunday for nightly news. >> good afternoon. live here in new york, topping the agenda right now, demoted. chris christie is out as chair of donald trump's transition, replaced by mike pence. all the details of this major shake-up as trump's presidential transition takes shape. also on the agenda, maybe not a full repeal. donald trump and his first post election interview


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