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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 12, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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80% of recurrent ischemic, strokes could be prevented. and i'm doing all i can to help prevent another one. a bayer aspirin regimen is one of those steps in helping prevent another stroke. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. a very good saturday to you. thanks for sticking with me. i'm richard lui at msnbc headquarters in new york, watching thousands protesting at trump tower. a live look at new york's fifth avenue filled with demonstrators not very happy with what happened at the election. protests from coast to coast. arrests made. at least one man shot, all of it
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as people on both sides of the aisle want donald trump to go furtherer to denounce hate crimes and vandalism that popped up in the wake of his win. right to morgan radford outside of trump tower. last time we spoke, number was growing. what are you seeing? >> reporter: that's right, richard. there are thousands of people out here right now. the crowds have not slowed down. we've been following, since they left at 12:30 this afternoon from union square. people are chanting, banging drums, explaining they do not want donald trump to be their next president, and that's -- i'm here with kristen. why did you come out today? >> yeah. so i think we're both out here just to voice our dissent. so solidarity with minorities targeted across the country. >> reporter: do you feel you're being targeted? >> we have, hearing racial slurs, misogynistic sflurs tlure city. muslim friends with hthere hijas
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ripped off their heads. right now we're voicing our concern. ultimately we need an open discussion with everybody in this country. we need to all come together, conserve div, liberal from a dialogue. stop pushing against each other and try to work through to see each our as humans and not separate. >> reporter: what kristen said, richard, is what we're hearing, people echoing. signs calling him a terrible father. people saying it's my body. it's my choice. hearing people chant ma [ bleep black lives matter. and for the most part, peaceful protests. 11 were arrested last night pap protestors was fired upon in portland, oregon. meantime, people are peaceful, safe and the making their voices heard. >> following large numbers for us in new york city. protests at 4:00 in the afternoon. morgan, thank you.
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morgan radford with that report. now we prove to trump's transition efforts that are ongoing. reince priebus and other staffers spotted slipping inside trump tower this afternoon before the demonstrations began morgan was telling us about. at task, more than 4,000 federal jobs and figure out who will take them. >> vice president pence being on top of transitioning, helping inform the president, he will be the number two in the government. who is loyal to mr. trump. who he feels is able do that job and qualified to do a certain job and who will serve him well. >> nbc's kelly o'donnell in our washington newsroom is following this for us. how is that process going on this saturday from what you're hearing? >> reporter: an intense process and they appear to be somewhat behind schedule. typically with a transition we would have already seen the names of the chief of staff.
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that would give sort of everyone in washington a sense of how the progress is moving forward. absent that, donald trump and his team decided to sort of rework the transition team, and by putting vice president-elect mike pence in charge as kellyanne conway the campaign manager said, he already has a prominent job as the number two in the federal government that he will help form and doesn't have to jockey for any position. he already has one by way of the election and will help to also bridge that divide from new york to washington. with his washington experience. other top loyalists we have seen participating in the campaign remain involved in the transition including former new york city mayor rudolph jewel yawn governor chris christie. general mike flynn and, of course the campaign apparatus, all still working on this. from what i understand there have been lists drafted with different names of oh e potential candidates for those stop spots in the cabinet. the big ones, secretary of
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justice, secretary of defense, are really important to send a signal not only in the country but around the world about the kind of leadership, the kind of team that donald trump would put around him. so it is an important process, one that requires vetting of potential candidates. finding out who is willing to serve and to match up those qualifications against these very big jobs. so by thanksgiving we should have some idea of specific names and specific individuals who are willing to serve, between now and then, there's the process of making decisions, doing interviews, perhaps. if there are figures donald trump needs to get to know and doing the vetting required to make sure they are able to go through the confirmation process. about 1,000 of the 4,000 jobs do require senate confirmation's we think of the top 15 or so as being the biggest jobs in the federal government. of course, those will go through a confirmation process. richard? >> a lot of work ahead there, kelly. thank you so much. nbc's kelly o'donnell. thank you for that. here we are in the days
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after donald trump winning the presidency, and some question, still lingering about how he won. what happened? well, how we, for instance, the media, and even the political class, missed the signs of a gop victory. that's one big question. friday the "morning joe" team convened a team including michael moore to explore this and what ensued as the most effective topic to date. play most of it for you right now. take a look. >> the election results came to a stunning shock to all those who never saw or refused to see -- >> nobody saw it coming. i can't think of one person who saw it coming. >> the issue hardly a secret as tom brokaw reported in january with an undecided voter in iowa. business own charlie good. >> if you asked me would i take anybody from washington, d.c. to come in here and run my business? no way. no way. because i got something to lose.
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they'd have nothing lose. they're playing with our money. i think a lot of things we're talking about wouldn't be talked about in a normal election, but because we have some outsiders involved in the race, things are being talked about. in my view, no matter how much you love or hate donald trump some of the reasons we're talking about these things is because he's keeping them up there. >> wow. nbc caught up with charlie after tuesday's general election and he did, in fact, vote for donald trump. well, the economy is drove his decision at the ballot box, there were plenty other issues fueling voters. msnbc's jacob soboroff got to know many of them firsthand. >> the donald. >> ah, okay. >> if it wasn't donald, it would be "the bernie ". >> don't trust the establishment. see big money and funding the candidates. >> tell you jobs back in this country, put people back to work. >> the supreme court justices for the next election are going
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to be our children's lives. >> i don't like trump, per se. but i despise hillary more than i despise him. >> military. make america great again a. person that speaks his mind. i'm tired of the normal politician that goes out there and gets polished. they get taught how to speak. >> he's a businessman. so he's going to look out for business people. >> you think the people are going to actually vote for trump, but trump won't be the president? >> uh-huh. >> a rippinged election? >> yeah. definitely. >> if it has to happen to better the economy and better the nation and secure our borders. >> and drugs are pouring in and our government will not fix. trump pledged he will fix it. >> when working in that steel mill, can you ever imagine yourself saying you might vote for a republican? >> i don't think so. but i think right now, you know, between the, hillary and trump, kif lean towards trump. >> join us now, frillmaker michael moore, his new
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documentary is "michael moore in trumpland." also with you author and nbc news contributor annan good to you both with us. >> thank god he brought his hair. >> i would never leave home without t. please don't. >> so, michael, i saw the auto shop owner, and i'm thinking, you know that guy, and i know that guy. saw those guys sitting up against the wall. you know those guys especially well. that's why you saw it? isn't it? why you knew trump, predicted pru trump would win? >> well, yes, and i am -- i am trump's demographic. i'm an angry white guy over the age of 35, and i have just a high school education. so i grew up with, lived with, still live with, and it's interesting. i was watching your show. i watch it every morning. i can say that. >> thank you.
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>> you've heard me. i hope i haven't lost -- i complicate you a lot these days. i'm sorry i -- >> i take no pleasure in having called this five months ago, so -- >> right. >> i don't want it hear that, really. >> yeah. >> but i was watching a couple weeks before the election. i don't know who the guest was, but you were remarking didn't didn't somebody ras remarking how the expense report from the trump campaign showed they'd spent more money on ball caps that month than anything else, and your panel going -- [ laughter ] ball caps. and i looked at that and i thought, wow, there's the bubble. dhoent understand. >> i remember that conversation. >> yeah. >> this is where we're from. where i live, and to make fun of, you know -- and, you know -- >> by the way, people buy those ball caps. they wear those ball caps. >> yeah. >> we wear ball caps. we -- we who, to borrow the dylan line, the country i come from is called the midwest.
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this middle america thing that -- and the reason they had ang are towards the media, kind of elitist thing. i'm not recalling who said that that day. it was laughable that they weren't spending money on getting new polls or doing the -- they have no ground game. they have no ground game. are you kidding me? first of all, the ground game has occurred over the last 30 years, and this is not turning people into republicans. because it started under ronald reighen in flint in detroit, where people lost tens of thousands of jobs. >> rightant and their lives were decimated, and they were kicked out of the middle class, and when reagan fired the air traffic controllers and the other unions didn't stand up and say or do anything that was the end right there. and it just got worse and worse and worse. >> if you looked in though the crowds of trump supporters and saw all of those caps being worn, people who go out and bin and wear it every day are also going to vote.
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they're not just showing up because it's a cool trend to be at these rallies. which in some ways didn't translate on the democratic -- >> early on, first time i ran for office said, get $1,000 contributor which i wasn't getting, and i said, nobody will give me money. don't worry about it pup get the guy to get you $25. >> right. >> he'll go to the gates of hell with you. >> ask bernie sanders about that. >> right, and let me say it again. people are confused about michigan and wisconsin. bernie won michigan and wisconsin. we saw this back in march. well, she was -- >> a shock. >> she was ahead by 8 to 20 points on the day of the primary. >> big turnaround. >> and 12 hours later loses in michigan. and that was a huge red flag. the other red flag was 130,000 more people who voted on the republican ballot that day in michigan than the democratic ballot in a democratic state. 130,000 more republicans voted. and the media completely ignored this.
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it's like -- they didn't see what was happening. but for the same, the reason why bern around trump won -- michigan, is because, as you've been talking about this election, people wanted change. well, that's the reason why bernie won 22 states. how else can you explain a socialist? this is not a socialist country. >> right. right! >> how can a socialist -- >> win 22 states? people didn't care about the label. just -- people didn't care -- all of the talk you guys and others have done. >> totally agree. >> trump, won't reveal his taxes. and then, was he paid no taxes? do you understand that people who are struggling from paydhoek paycheck admire -- >> yes! >> on april 10th. >> i said it. >> you said this. they sit there and trying to not pay the government anything, and the fact there is a guy, when he went into the microphone during the debate, it's because i'm smart. people are going, yeah, dude!
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>> a brilliant way to connect with people. if you look online, i am blisteringly attacked for saying that that was a smart move in terms of connecting with people who will vote for him. >> it's like -- like that auto shop guy saying, annan, you know, i don't want a guy from washington in here with my business, because he's got nothing to lose. i want somebody who's been out there that understands. you sglknow? how to run a business. >> ier that and i think you've didn't an amazing service coming where you come from ideologically to make these points. i just want to say, i think curiosity is a two-way street in a republic, and right now there's a lot of self-flagellation there was an elite fwhaubl didn't care about what happened in the heartland. i think that's true and i also think that works the other way around, and i go out there and talk to people and frankly, i think you can make a case there's often more curiosity from the elite bubble about at least some of what's happening
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in these places. correspondents are sent. you have sent correspondents to these places and when i go and have these encounters i actually don't get a lot of curiosity back. >> because there is no curiosity. that's because don't care about the elites. >> it's not about the elites. it's about cities, about half the people in new york -- >> no. wall street doesn't care about corporate america. don't care about the media. >> half the people in new york are not elites, struggling economically. i don't get curiosity about them either. small town smirk as incurious about the places as we are about them, and that's -- >> no. >> and small town america's job is not to educate america on the electoral process. that's what we all get paid to do, and we have failed. michael -- michael, go ahead, and then i'll pass it -- >> i just want to say that we talk about this as if it was just white people initiative. the african-american vote in detroit was down.
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the african-american sfloflint down. i was getting calls all day from congress and other people in the democratic party, mike, can you get on social media? we're not shows up. it's like, well, that's because it's depressed. it's depressed, because -- because things happened that, again, the media didn't pay attention to. barack obama, who i love, and voted for twice, and i will miss dearly, but he showed up to flint five months ago, and drank the water when it was still not fixed, the pipes are stit nothing replaced. he drank the water to say it's all okay, everyone. and it was like a knife in the heart of the people of flint. a black city. saw the president do this. and it just deflated -- i saw everybody get deflated. the pipes still haven't didn't replaced. the water is still poisoned. after that how much attention, how many shows on flint since he drank the water? i mean, it's things like that
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that just like -- we don't want to say anything because we don't want to attack him because he's attacked enough, but it's like -- if this thing just gets ignored. the water woman, the first question in the flint debate and she learns that she was just a prop that donna brazile fed the question to the campaign so she's standing there as woman hoop shouldering poison thinking her question is being heard for the first time by the candidates, and it is being heard by one candidate for the first time, but the other candidate fed the question, and so she's on tv, the week before this election saying, i was used. i was used. >> but they didn't vote for trump though, right? >> no. they stayed home. or remarkably -- no. remarkably, let me just say this, that right now, essentially she's lost. i voted for her, i'm for her, lost by 11,000 votes in michigan. 90,000 michiganders voted,
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voted, voted for every office and every ballot proposal on both sides of the ballot and refused to vote for president. >> wow. >> couldn't vote for trump. >> right. >> they knew that was wrong, but they -- they were not going to participate in this, in what they saw as -- as a system that had-dhsh left them forgotten at at bay. that was the end of that for flint and detroit and the state of michigan and i was there. i was there up until 2:00 a.m. on election morning holding rallies, trying to turn it around on my own. i'm not part of the campaign. just doing my own thing, and -- and i could see that this wasn't going to happen, and what i had said back in the summer, sadly, was going to be true. >> more of the "morning joe" conversation with michael moore. that continues next, but first we have a live look at new york city's fifth avenue, happening right now. this is anti-trump protestors taking the streets for a fourth day. we're going to keep an eye on
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that right here on msnbc for you. the place for politics.
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and welcome back. now to more "morning joe's" extended conversation with michael moore exploring the many complex issues surrurnding donald trump's rise to the white house. >> the election's over, and we have to understand the pain, the angst, all of the things you talk about that led to this result, but my fear for the very people you are talking about is that they voted for a populist with somewhat of an authoritarian tendency. >> some ount. >> they're going get an authoritarian with agents bit of populist speak. >> right. and not very right one. just watching -- you did that beautiful thing with "the way we were" with has -- just
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hilarious. >> oh, my lord. >> should be on itunes. >> yeah. >> but, please, do another one. where from yesterday with trump and obama sitting there, do one with how many ums, obama, trying to be such a classy guy. doing the right thing. right? trying to give a tutorial to trump. like, this is what we were expecting to you do when hillary won when you were calling for people to go to the streets, if you watched. >> right. >> this is what it should have looked like, but he -- there was -- i counted somewhere between 12 and 15 ums. he couldn't -- couldn't quite get it out. trying to be gracious, but just like -- all that was missing was obama wearing a t-shirt that said, "i'm stupid." trump is sitting there, like, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> and eight years ago when we were bringing in another president, we acting like the world had actually, you know, received a -- i'm just saying. expectations are low.
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let's not -- let's have an open mind. he won. >> no. i am -- >> didn't obama say that? i won. >> but i'm not with him on that. i understand why he and hillary is to take that position. she should. that's their job. >> 2ki6 from our duty. >> different from our duty. we are going to resist, oppose. places like milwaukee and nashville, not exactly berkeley and ann arbor, all right? this is going to continue tonight, the next night and the next night and all he has t do is start nominating rudy giuliani as attorney general and things like that, or his supreme court, this is going to be massive resistance. become are calling for a million women march on inauguration day and there is going to be the largest demonstration ever. on inauguration day and there are going to be demonstrations and we're also going to organize -- you've seen nothing like the -- everything that they were going to do to hillary, the
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obstruction that they did to obama for eight years, putting her on trial for impeachment, let me just say, i was saying in the room, here's what's going to happen. why we're not going to have to suffer through four years of donald john trump, he has no ideaological xebt donald j. trump. a narcissist, all about him. he will unintentionally break laws. he will break laws, because he's only thinking about what's best for him. >> aren't you now wishing ill on him, instead of -- >> i don't have to wish ill. he is ill. he is racist. he is a misogynist. >> a book was written in 1980 called "friendly fascism." fascism of the 21st century wouldn't be concentration camps and cattle cars but come with a smiley face, maybe eve an tv
1:26 pm
show and he would be popular and say all the right things and people will willingly bring nim and give up their rights even to him. this is what we're facing. >> all right. were next, why reality tv helps explain the reality what is happening and what happened on election night. the "morning joe" conversation continues, right after this break. g new cars. you're smart. you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is,
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80% of recurrent ischemic, strokes could be prevented. and i'm doing all i n to help prevent another one. a bayer aspirin regimen is one of those steps in helping prevent another stroke. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. more now of "morning joe's" postelection discussion about how to understand tuesday's victory by donald trump. >> say there has to be resistance to donald trump. what does that mean practically ask. >> back to what you said early this morning about a reset. and we owe him an open mind. the president set the tone. hillary clinton set the tone, and i just want to separate what their duty is as the president as a constitutional officer. he has to do that. this country could be glut in the street if he doesn't do
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that. >> right. >> okay. >> i don't think it follows we all need do a reset. that's our own judgments. right? but i think -- >> like the republicans before barack obama became president? >> and now for me a very different reason. >> no, but -- >> joe, you had your back -- >> i know. but it's the same thing. didn't criticize the republicans for eight years for doing that, then you certainly have every right to do that. it's american. >> let me say, joe, there is a case for peace, for doing this reset, doing this open minded. the case against it. i think this is someone who was very, very clear and declarative about his personality, tendency the convey he thinks and specific things about what he wants to do. the risk of the set f me is that we set the bar very low and judge him only by what he did the day before and lose memory. the importance of a resistance to me right now is not marching in the streets as the only form
1:31 pm
of resistance, but think, and remembering, and holding him to account for what he has is said and being vigilant. when there's a hate crime in the university, being fast to respond and thinking about civil society will be really, really important in the next four years in a way it was not in the last eight years, and resistance could just mean the aclu getting more funding and organizations that stand up for refugees getting more funding and people who investigate hate crimes getting more funding. resistance is a multifarias thing, but if we judge him by yesterday every day, we are going to miss the plot that he is an antagonist. >> running for president, you just said i think this is someone and gave me long list of pretty bad things. you also in your world said, i think this is someone who could never win. so we have to -- >> can i just -- >> i never said that. >> i believe you all said it. >> i said, in is man is going to be the republican nominee.
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said it on bill maher, everybody laughed thought i was joking. because fellow lefty liberals you don't watch "celebrity "prentice." most of you don't own a tv. i watch "apprentice," i watch "american idol," and i live in america and i watch "the bachelorette." like everyone else when kaitlyn picked sean over nick in olt country. >> oh, my god. what is going on? >> everybody said nick was going to win and then sean -- >> should have been nick. >> of course it should have been. >> oh, my god. >> poor nick! >> that's the country we live in, and i try to get liberals to understand -- >> mike, let me ask you this question. >> come out of the bubble and live in the bubble the americans are living in, your fellow americans. >> i want to go back to a point made earlier. you want liberals to come out of
1:33 pm
their bubble, the cadillac limousines to come out of their bubble to understand mid-america. what might mid-america be doing to come out of their bubble to understand the diversity of the world? >> they're not in a bubble. >> no, but this is the point. >> they're -- done for them. >> kathy kramer will -- >> sorry. >> because he's asked this twice and keeps getting cut off. i'm sorry. for somebody who lives in middle america, it's blaming the victim. why don't they understand us in manhattan? you're asking somebody in flint, michigan, who's drinking poison water, to understand -- guys, you just -- i know you don't, i know you don't want to -- >> we have to understand each other regardless of status. >> and so easy to say. >> i know you -- the point will be made. okay? you don't blame the victim, and you don't ask a single mom in flint, michigan, who's kids are drinking con nammenated water to understand our feelings in
1:34 pm
manhattan, to come out of their bubble. oh, no. they're not in a bubble. they're living it everybody day. >> living in hell. if you're lucky enough to have a relative in detroit, you drive the kids an hour and a half every saturday for the one bath of the week. that's the reality. >> and -- >> so when the -- >> easy to understand. >> how can the african-american vote be in flint? a black town? well, because they have given up. been hurt, abused, attacked and the system hasn't responded. democrats didn't respond. republicans didn't respond. and this was their chance for revenge. their chance of saying, i'm out of this. i haven't checked out as an american. we keep asking -- >> i hear you and want to be clear. you have a great -- i'm not arguing they have to understand manhattan elites. you can have a republic if curiosity isn't a two-way street. >> what about being curious about -- >> they're curious -- >> curiosity of is state of
1:35 pm
mind. >> curious enough to find out what does it mean to be a democratic socialist? this guy is different. he's changed. i'm going to vote for bernie. >> very curious. >> that's why they elected him over hillary in the primary. >> and i heard somebody say a couple days ago, michael, i think you'll laugh as much as we. people are talking about the competing philosophies that people in middle america were juggling with and all this other, la, la, la. no. i've run for office four time and know what people think about when they go in the voting booth. one thing. think about one thing. how do i pay my rent? how do i get my kid from community college to the state xle college? >> right. >> in flint, michigan, how the hell do i afford clean drinking water for my kids? being not philosophical and so many elites in new york city, face it. we can afford to go into the voting booth and be philosophers
1:36 pm
and rub our chins i'm going to make a point. michael, they don't have that luxury. >> that's right. >> 90% of americans don't have that luxury. they vote to survive. >> so three points i want to make really quickly. one, i understand middle america and not only middle america, folks catching hell in urban faces feel a loss of power, sense of power lelespowerlessnet people are taking they are stuff away, working their behinds off add deserve more than they're getting. the reason they think they're not getting more that they're deserving because the big government is taking stuff from deserving people and giving it to undeserving people. >> right. >> and the undeserving people are people that don't live in my neighborhood. they don't look like me, though don't have the same religion i do, they don't -- they don't want to marry my children. they are different than me. >> guess what? >> and those people are, have been attracted to trump.
1:37 pm
not these black folk. not these brown folk, not these muslims catching hell. part of what i'm trying to get out here is not that middle america lives in a bubble. it's not that i'm some ivy league philosopher doing what i did, i'm trying to get at, at the heart of this country is deep racial animus that an mates the very communities we're trying to lift up. >> can i answer -- >> racial animus elected barack obama twice and -- >> i'm going to rebate it again. michael, go to you. repeat it again. maddening. people that live by data should die by data and the data according to the "new york times" says this -- let those who have ears to hear, hear. the very people who helped elect barack obama, president of the united states twice, just elected in wisconsin, in michigan, in ohio -- >> michigan's not called, but
1:38 pm
okay. >> and pennsylvania. donald j. trump. it's the data. michael? >> that's right. you have to accept that millions of people who voted for barack obama some of them once, some of them twice, changed their minds this time. >> uh-huh. >> they're not racists. they twice voted for a man who's middle name is hussein. that's the america you live in. even though this country is only 12% black, the vast majority of this country especially its young people, if you remember, it was really the only white demographic he won in '08, 18 to 35-year-olds. they poured out in record numbers. they made that happen. but if you put people through another eight years where you haven't, there's no middle class jobs, they're struggling to get by, the basic things like you said. the price of a box of cereal doubles. these are the things that are important to people because they're trying to get by. living from paycheck to paycheck. >> i grant that. >> and taken away from them, professor, can i add to that,
1:39 pm
that the democratic party took away their candidate in many cases. s rigged system -- and stabbed them in the back. bernie sanders. >> that's right. >> took away stuff. >> the system from the start against bernie sanders. >> and actually, say reflecting -- >> the democratic party, we have to take over progressives. have to take over this party immediately. when i hear god bless them, howard dean, we love him, but you either are going to go forward into the future or backward. that is backward. >> and next for you, the ghost of brnernie sanders. why the fight continues to loom over the general election today. this has demonstrators taking to the street, making their vote against trump heard loud and clear outside the president-elect's manhattan home. ♪ ♪
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. we are back with more of
1:43 pm
"morning joe," an important role bernie sanders played. >> the ghost of bernie sanders was hanging over this conversation. >> yes. >> bernie was a populist who wasn't an authoritarian. >> they wanted him. >> a populist who heard everything you're talking about and disabuse it, exploit to take it somewhere that actually has nothing to do with it, like islam, and 22 states for a socialist, you pointed out, an amazing -- >> can i also say for a jewish-american, and a 74-year-old. >> kind of crotchety. >> kind of crotchety? you don't know him. >> a curmudgeon. a curmudgeon! >> talk about big money in politics. >> right. >> the thing i've said all along, you know, donald trump -- donald trump wasn't the revolution, even though he's revolutionized politics in many ways. because he was on tv, just like ronald reagan was on tv before.
1:44 pm
this has actually been done before. with general electric theater in the '50s and early '60s, everybody knew him. bernie sanders was the revolution. $270 million raised, every time bernie came on would laugh and say, sneeze, sneeze, why? because any time you sneeze you raises 3 $3 million. >> and here it is. >> bernie sanders was a remarkable thing, and he was that revolution, willie, that we've seen from the very beginning. 2016 bernie changed everything. donald trump won, he was a revolution in his own way. he was a revolution for the political party. donald trump is not a republican. donald trump is in donald trump's party. >> destroy both parties. >> runs his own political party, but bernie sanders showed an insurgent candidate thousand get elected president but the democrats wouldn't allow it. they rigged the system and paid the ultimate price by being
1:45 pm
thrown out on all levels of government. >> appears the democratic party learned the lesson you're preaching. chuck schumer came out and backed keith ellison to run the dnc. >> perfect. >> someone like elizabeth warren is the leading candidate sometime around? the next person to run? >> or overcorrecting? >> mika said she's run all along. >> i need a running mate. >> and what they're talking about? >> the direction of party's headed. >> the direction. >> what kind of candidate? >> overcorrect. >> of course she is. >> right. >> and let me ask you this, if on the ballot on tuesday the name on the ballot had been michelle obama. >> oh, yeah. >> who would be president today? and why don't democrats run more beloved americans? like you mentioned reagan. why don't we run tom hanks? oprah? tell me oprah would lose? tell me oprah would lose. why don't we do that? >> so funny you say that. so funny you say that, because as this trump thing was happening, i was thinking that
1:46 pm
barack obama's breakthrough in 2008, few people remember it when oprah showed up in south carolina, and it was the first huge crowd he had. the first time people said, wait a second. that and when david gefr geffen said -- in this campaign, if oprah winfrey won in 2008, she would have been president eight years. we are a celebrity-based culture. you're exactly right. >> can i say i feel really bad for hillary clinton. she won the popular vote. didn't take the white house eastern though voted in by the popular vote. historic moment we should not forget. that day she fainted and ditched the press and ditched -- where did she go? she went to her daughter the apartment. right? she did what moms do. what moms and daughters do.
1:47 pm
ditched the whole thing. but when she came out and somebody, somebody in the press, how are you feeling? i think what could have won the election for her, that moment just said, i feel like crap! >> yeah. >> i'm going to go lay down. bernie if he was coming out of his kids' apartment -- i feel like crap. why you asking me the question? get out of here? what are you doing in my yard? >> everything was sort of -- >> and it's the real -- >> and you have all been around her so you know. she's very -- wonderful, personability, likable. a great sense of humor. >> by the way, for americans that haven't had a chance to spend time with hillary clinton personally. said it all the tilime. i really like her. show the picture of hillary. you want to know what she looks like when off guard. that's the hillary clinton all of her friends know. >> absolutely beautiful.
1:48 pm
>> hillary clinton. beautiful. >> the hillary clinton for some reason can never show -- and next, final thoughts from the "morning joe" panel including tips to make it through the holidays on top of that if you, you and yours have different political views around the dinner table. simulation initiated. ♪ [beeping] take on any galaxy with a car that could stop for you. simulation complete. the new nissan rogue. rogue one: a star wars story. in theaters december 16th.
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80% of recurrent ischemic, strokes could be prevented. and i'm doing all i can to help prevent another one. a bayer aspirin regimen is one of those steps in helping prevent another stroke. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. now bringing you more of "morning joe's" interview with michael moore after one of the most heated presidential campaigns. here is the panel with a proposal for you and your family this thanksgiving. >> i think thanksgiving this year is an amazing opportunity. we'll be around the table from people of, who really came out of this very bruised. i want to propose a question maybe families in america can ask around the table this year. which is what did you learn this year from all of this that changed you? did you learn anything this year that you are willing to say, i was -- i was moved by that? i got somewhere i wasn't before?
1:52 pm
i think that's a place to begin this kind of effort. >> ditto. >> wow. >> i just can't wait to go back home to mississippi. i can't wait for my jamaican in-laws to come to thanksgiving and for us to talk about what this means for us. the future's right in our hands, seems to me. >> michael? >> sitting at that thanksgiving table the thing to do is, for all of us to agree that we have more in common than not, and if we make a list of the things we care about, we want great schools for our kids, breathe clean air. we do believe the polar ice is meting, women doing the same job at men should be paid the same amount of money. we agree on more of these things. the things we don't agreen, whether guns, abortion, gay marriage, you know, let's just agree to disagree. have the great debate, and let's, whoever wins it, wins it. >> fascinating discussion there. catch the entire "morning joe" discussion on our website.
1:53 pm
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thanks for sticking with us. since abounoon eastern time, the reality on new york's fifth avenue. the left-hand side of your screen pap live look at those taking to the streets a fourth night in a row to protest president-elect donald trump. protestors marching up fifth avenue to trump tower where the president-elect remained inside. so far all calm and peaceful. arrests, two people taken into custody jumping barricades sursurrounding trump to you perp all this in the wake of hate graffiti and vandalism pop up in spots around country. many calls for the president-elect to denounce the violence allegedly at the hands of his own supporters. so far only two tweets. one calling the protests unfair. the other calling them beautiful. that does it for us this hour of msnbc live.
1:57 pm
thanks for stick with us. i'm richard lui, msnbc headquarters in new york. up next, our msnbc series "in the news." have a great day. [quack!] medicare only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so think about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like any standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, they help cover some of what medicare doesn't pay. so don't wait. call now to request your free decision guide and learn more.
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so dad slayed the problemt with puffs plus lotion, instead. with lotion to soothe and softness to please. a nose in need deserves puffs, indeed. michael jackson died today, he was only 50 years old. >> this is equivalent to elvis passing away. >> this was a huge international story. >> the stories you're about to see reported in the news the 25th and 26th, 2009. >> influence and power to stop world news. >> king of pop's death across the world and other stories buried in its wake. >> so many things got overshadowed that day. >> past three days some of the most violent in iraq since the protests began. >> actress farrah fawcett lost her three-year battle with cancer. >> south carolina's governor mark sanford revealed he was in argentina to visit his mistress.


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