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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  November 12, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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it means the product has passed strict u.s. inspections. advances in battery technology make it easier than ever to communicate, travel, and grab a quick nicotine fix. but experts want you to be aware of the dangers and mindful of your personal safety. defiant, dangerous, and desperate. they are suspects who won't go down without a fight. whether riding down the road in a fiery truck -- >> don't even think about it. >> -- or jumping off a bridge. each in their own way, defied the rules, clashed with police, and paid the price. >> shots fired.
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"caught on camera: they fought the law." a gunman goes on a deadly rampage in the heart of hollywood. >> i saw a guy on the street in his car go by. he start shooting at him. >> i figured he had blanks. i thought it couldn't be real. it became real when i heard a window shatter. >> i hadn't heard any gunshots. there was no forewarning. there was nothing to tell me that i was driving into danger. i was within half an inch of death. >> he was right there. i kind of just shrug off to the side and make myself a tiny target. hear the gunshot go off. >> los angeles, california. december 9th, 2011.
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it's 10:19 friday morning and chris johns is working out of his home office four stories above the hollywood intersection of sunset and vine. >> i was on the phone, and during the phone call i heard a popping sound. first i dismissed it as the backfire of a car or some construction down the road. i wasn't sure. and then i heard pop, pop, a few more pops. i rushed over to the window and looked out the window and immediately saw a man, the white tank top, with a gun. he started kind of roving the streets, randomly shooting at cars. >> johns begins recording this video with his cell phone camera and tries to warn the people below. >> he's shooting people at will. he's shooting people! >> across vine street, john aderbury, a movie executive and
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producer, lies critically wounded, shot in the face and neck. while aderbury fights for his life, the gunman calmly strolls up a now deserted vine street. >> i was driving on vine street heading south and stopped at the intersection of sunset and vine. >> movie producer don rydell is driving a red honda civic. >> in the middle of the street i saw a young man waving. i thought, well, it's friday morning. he's out having a good time early. so the light turned green, and i went across the intersection. he was looking straight up, straight ahead until my car became parallel with him. all the sudden he zipped around, faced me, and boom. i hear the sound.
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t the glass on my car window shatters. >> the bullet misses rydell by half an inch. >> there was glass all over my clothes. glass had hit my cheek. >> chris godley, a photo editor for the hollywood reporter, is one car behind in a black toyota. >> i saw him raise his gun and take a shot into the car, and i saw the window explode, and then he saw me coming. the barrel of his gun is now raising up towards me. i had no real choice but to drive straight through the intersection. i saw the gun start to come around in my direction and i knew what was about to happen. everything slows down in that moment. >> the bullet goes through the truck's door and grazes godley's leg. >> had he had better aim, yeah, i could be not here right now. the bullet hit my ipad, which was sitting in the passenger's seat next to me. bounced off and went into my passenger side door.
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>> from his fourth floor apartment, chris johnson watches as terrified drivers swerve to avoid the gunman. >> he's shooting the people. >> he's roving the streets, methodically shooting at anything that moves. >> security at john's building has already called 911, but with no sign of police, john opts to create a diversion using himself. >> at that point something went off in my head. i said, what can i do to distract this guy. i immediately started shouting, hey, you madman. >> madman! why don't you come up here? come on up here, buddy. shoot me. i want to die. come shoot me. i'm ready to die. kill me, i want to die! please, kill me! >> i thought it would get his attention. something that sounds crazy. if he was in an altered state, maybe he would believe. when he started coming in my
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direction, i saw him getting closer and closer. i wondered, is he going to shoot? >> instead the gunman has a request. >> i don't have any, man. i'm so sorry. >> he's like, i'm out of ammo. then he looks up at me again. >> i'm so sorry. >> call the ambulance. >> he says, call an ambulance. here i'm thinking, he doesn't know what he just did. he's telling me to call the ambulance. >> there's a cop. >> three minutes after the first shots are fired, two detectives just blocks away when told of the shooting by eyewitnesses pull up and run south. down vine under the tree line. a third officer, off duty and working a nearby movie set, joins up with them. they attempt to engage the gunman, but according to eyewitness gregory, the shooter is suicidal. >> he was out of his mind. he was really out of his mind.
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he goes, i want to die! i want to die! all of a sudden, the suspect makes this move like he's going to go for a gun, you know, like he's like a quick draw or something. >> the gun flies from his hand. from under the trees, two of the officers fire at the suspect. >> he put his hand on his side. and he kind of walked back, and he stumbled to the floor. >> a professional photographer who always carries a camera captures these dramatic images of the gunman who is now holding what appears to the police to be a knife. >> i could see in his face that he was just in pain. his mouth was open. he was squirming on the floor. all the other lapd officers came running up from down the street. >> the shooter dies at the scene. with the street secured, victim
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john atterberry is rushed to the e.r. >> they removed him from the car. he was lying on the pavement. and then he was picked up and put on a gurney and wheeled away into an ambulance. i thought, i hope he's going to be okay. as it turns out, he wasn't okay. >> atterberry's wounds are too severe. he died days later. >> actress jen godson stars in "god's country," a film atterberry co-wrote and was producing when he died. >> he had a lot of friends and a lot of loved ones. i think it's because he cared so much for people. when god took him, that was one thing i was praying, god why? why? it's senseless. >> the shooter is later
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identified as 26-year-old tyler brim. he was apparently distraught over a breakup with his long time girlfriend just days before. toxicology reports reveal marijuana and traces of methamphetamine in his system. >> we can't control somebody who decides to have a bad day and start firing on everybody. you just never know when something like that can happen. >> for the two survivors, every day is a gift. neither chris nor don will soon forget how close they came to losing their lives. >> i think i take relationships with people i care about more seriously. >> god was looking after me that day. i truly believe by the grace of god that i'm here today talking to you. >> coming up, danger at the wheel. a fugitive from justice takes his ex-girlfriend on a terrifying ride. >> i see this person who is just laughing.
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together, we're building a better california. bullets fly as police chase a wanted man willing to do anything to escape. >> i knew at that point that we were dealing with an extremely dangerous and violent criminal. >> he wasn't going to stop until he crashed and either killed somebody or killed himself. >> fresno, california, december 16th, 2002. it's just before 11:00 p.m. and police are in hot pursuit. the man they're after, a suspect wanted for skipping bail in a narcotics case. 15 minutes earlier the 26-year-old had taken off when cops in nearby clovis try to bring him in. in the car with him, his on
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again/off again girlfriend and the mother of his two sons who shared her story with local television. >> i was just scared, and i'm still shook up. i begged him to stop, to just let me out or just stop. >> by chance tony kirkpatrick, a fresno camera operator, is in the vicinity and captures this dramatic video. >> i just started rolling. i just kept rolling. as you could tell, the camera was like crooked because i was so nervous. >> police fear he could be high on drugs and heavily armed. as the suspect approaches a busy intersection, a police officer now retired sees an opportunity to perform a pit maneuver. >> it involves making contact with the suspect vehicle in one of the rear panels, and what it does is essentially cause them
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to spin out of control. as i move in a position to do that, he repositioned his vehicle. we were going to basically hit head on. my concern for the passenger at this point is if i collide head on, what's going to happen to her. >> he opts to brake at the last second, but not before locking eyes with the suspect. >> i see this person who is just laughing. his eyes are open. he's enjoying himself. it's obvious to me, anyway, that his intent is to get away or die trying. >> moments later, the suspect's car is rammed by another police vehicle. the suspect keeps driving, mounting a median and steering the battered honda to a gas station across the street. there he's hit again but sahareth keeps moving. this time police use their guns to stop him, opening fire with a barrage of bullets. >> i could hear bullets impacting the walls around me.
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i was extremely concerned because i knew there's a passenger in this car. in my mind i'm thinking she's going to get killed. >> i was ducking down. i was moving, covering my head. just didn't know what to do. i can feel it pounding, bang, through the car. i was just waiting for bullets to come through me. i was just waiting to die. >> the suspect, his car stuck on a raised planter, guns it. unable to see their target, police hold their fire. seconds later sahareth is able to maneuver the car free. officers unleash another round of bullets. >> you can clearly see one of the officers executing what's known as a speed load, where he's trying to reload his gun quickly. get it back in action.
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you see the magazine drop away, and he continues to fire. >> just to see all the shells flying in the air was like matrix or something. my kids flashed in my face. my wife flashed in my face. that's when i realized you know what? i'm in it too deep. >> the camera operator takes cover behind his news van but keeps rolling. off camera sahareth gives police the slip yet again. >> he was finally able to drive out of the parking lot. he headed northbound. went up to the next light, turned around, and came back directly at officers again. he was no longer trying to flee. he drove straight into the back of another car sitting at the intersection. there were three or four lanes that he could have gone through, and he directly hit that car. >> get your hands up! >> the collision finally brings
8:18 pm
the chase to an end. >> the driver was actually laying across the passenger seat in the lap of the female passenger. >> he's like, just hold me. just take me in your arms and just be ready to die together. i was just like praying for my own life. >> officer acosta fears the worth for sahareth's passenger. >> totally expected her to be shot. was greatly relieved to find out she was not when i got to the vehicle. >> sahareth is unarmed. he has been shot four times. >> when it was all said and done, i was patting myself down to make sure i didn't get hit or if there was blood anywhere. i just started crying. >> police fire a reported 70 rounds at the suspect's vehicle.
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>> i think the police went too far. they could have stopped us in a different way. >> sahareth survives and is convicted of several charges. including false imprisonment, driving under the influence, and evading police. according to toxicology reports, alcohol and methamphetamine are found in his system. he's sentenced to six years and four months in prison. separate investigations by police and the district attorney's office find the officers acted within department policy and their response did not break the law. >> i'm glad that i'm here right now from what i saw on the tv. i'm just glad. >> coming up, an enraged suspect takes on three officers at once. >> i am spraying, actually emptying my whole canister. it almost seemed like the pepper
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spray aggravated him. >> when "caught on camera: they fought the law" continues. [ electricity crackles ] hey at least you got your homeowners insurance through progressive. by bundling it with your car insurance you saved a ton! yeah. do you want to see the rest of the house? -i can actually see a lot of it. -oh.
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a vicious fight breaks out
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in a campus police station when a burglary suspect tries to escape. >> it was crazy. person gone wild. 50 some seconds of madness. >> university of akron ohio, may 18th, 1999. campus police officer aaron burnett is preparing to fingerprint 30-year-old steven bergen, a local resident who does not attend the school. he's been arrested for stealing a stereo, more than 30 cds and several bags of milky ways from a fraternity house on campus. >> i'm going to frisk you oak -- okay? >> as station surveillance cameras roll, burnett senses something isn't right.
8:24 pm
nevertheless, he uncuffs the suspect, a move he will soon regret. >> you going to cooperate here? >> there were indicators that he was going to be confrontational. >> thomas shannon, now retired, was a campus police officer at the time. >> sometimes you just overlook those things. >> you want to do some fingerprints or not? >> reluctantly the suspect gets up. instead of facing the table, the 6'2" bergen stares down the much smaller burnett. the rookie officer tries to assert his authority. >> you going to cooperate or not? >> i think there's times where the officer was trying to establish himself as the alpha dog in the situation. he was a young officer, and there are times when you need to do that. this is not one of those times because you had a suspect who was unstable. >> burnett again sensing trouble is hoping to get bergen back on
8:25 pm
the bench and get some additional assistance. >> sit down in the chair. no, you're not. you're going to sit down. >> i'm trying to get my fingerprints and do what you want me to do. >> you don't square off with me! you understand? >> i was about to do my fingerprints. >> we're going to do this again. >> after a minute, officer burnett returns and uncuffs the suspect a second time. just off camera is campus police officer thomas shannon. >> officer burnett asked me to come back. he was having some problems with the suspect.
8:26 pm
the suspect turned to me and asked what i was doing back there. >> what are you coming over here for? >> because i want to come here. >> his reaction was like i was disrespecting him. sit down. >> don't disrespect me. >> put your hand down. sit down. >> the second time he squares off, he's ready to go. >> [ bleep ] off. >> in the blink of an eye, the fight was on. >> burnett, who is unarmed, goes for his pepper spray, but bergen knocks him back with a blow to the neck. officer thomas shannon uses his baton, but it has little effect on the suspect. >> he ran right through it. >> burnett calls for the officers to use pepper spray.
8:27 pm
>> i sprayed him, actually emptied my whole canister. >> officer burnett, reeling from pepper spray, runs from the room. >> pepper spray burns. it causes your tear ducts, your nasal cavity to open. probably nine times out of ten that's going to incapacitate someone long enough for you to apprehend them. >> but not so with this suspect. >> it almost seemed like the pepper spray aggravated him. >> bergen loses his shirt in the fray, then reaches for a chair, and hurls it at officer shannon. >> and the moment of the fight i didn't even feel hit with the chair. >> the brawl moves off camera in front of adjacent lockers. >> when you see the lockers moving, that's me hitting him a second time.
8:28 pm
this time in the chest. it doesn't stop him. >> another officer joins the fight, and finally the four officers are able to subdue bergen. >> down on the the ground. >> we got him to the ground. as we're handcuffing him, he's yelling, kill me, kill me, just kill me. >> kill me! kill me! kill me! >> it was over. it was done. he knew he wasn't going further. >> the pepper spray makes its way through the station's ventilation system. ultimately seven officers and a radio dispatcher go to the hospital for treatment. steven bergen, originally detained for stealing a stereo and a few bags of snacks, ends up in far deeper trouble. in addition to one count of burglary, he's convicted of aggravated assault on a police
8:29 pm
officer and attempted escape. he serves four years and seven months in prison. after the incident, a lot of things changed at the campus police station. >> our booking area became more secure. it was moved to a whole different building. no loose chairs in there. no loose things they could get their hands on and use against us. >> coming up, an ex-con hijacks a lumber truck and gives new meaning to the term hot pursuit. hell on wheels. when "caught on camera: they fought the law" continues. i know. can you believe we're getting orders from canada, ireland... this one's going to new zealand. new zealand? psst. ah, false alarm. hey! you guys are gonna scare away the deer! idiots... providing global access for small business.
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i'm dara brown. nationwide protests against president-elect trump are now in their fourth day. thousands marched down the streets of los angeles. meanwhile trump may be close to making some key appointments in his administration. kellyanne conway says a choice
8:33 pm
for chief of staff is imminent. we'll have another update an hour from now. now back to "split decision." an out of work ex-con leads police on a wild ride. driving a stolen lumber truck, its flat bed in flames. >> i can't believe they didn't stop this guy, man. >> it can't get much more dangerous. he was on the open road with an 18-wheeler that was on fire. it was a true wild west chase and shootout. >> dallas, texas, nbc news correspondent jay gray is always on the lookout for the next big scoop. >> we're looking for this man in the surveillance video. >> i'm a news guy. i always like to see a good story. >> on november 7th, 2001, the veteran news man, then with
8:34 pm
kxas, gets the chance to cover just this. >> it was really amazing. every major news organization was involved in the story. everybody went live. >> police say just after 1:20 this afternoon the hijacker hot wired the truck. >> it begins when an unemployed truck driver with a criminal record spots this 18-wheeler loaded with lumber outside the kfc. >> i was homeless and had nowhere to go and couldn't get any help. i thought, get this truck, go sell the lumber, and get me some money. get off the streets. broke the window. got in, drove off. >> unbeknownst to wilson, the truck's driver jumps on the back of the rig as he's driving away and disconnects the air hoses to the rear brakes, locking the rear wheels. >> that driver was able to dislodge the air brakes. he made a real valiant effort to try and take control of the truck before it pulled away. >> the truck driver ends up
8:35 pm
jumping from the truck. in spite of the locked rear wheels, wilson can still operate the big rig. he pulls out, but within minutes, thanks to a 911 call from the truck's driver, police are on wilson's tail. >> i didn't have a plan. the individual i was associated with said he wanted to buy some lumber. i was going to go to his house. >> he drove through yards. he drove around businesses, across medians. he crossed highways. he got on the wrong side of the highway and drove against the flow of traffic. >> soon the friction from the truck's locked rear wheels ignites the rubber tires. those flames set fire to the rig's flat bed, a forklift, and the load of lumber. >> once it caught fire, it just burned uncontrollably. you see this truck with a huge
8:36 pm
ball of fire in tow. not only the bright orange flames but the huge plume of black smoke as well. >> in spite of the flames and the sea of police behind him, wilson shows no signs of slowing down. >> i knew i had to get someplace where i had room to stop the truck and safely surrender before the police had a chance to take a shot at me. >> across the city, crowds appear as people watching the chase live on tv come outside to see it for themselves. >> move! get out of the street! >> the 18-wheeler sends pedestrians running for their lives. and motorists swerving off the road as it barrels through residential neighborhoods. >> police were doing everything they could to try to stop him from driving. they tried to shoot out the tire. they tried to block roads. he'd just drive around them.
8:37 pm
>> fearing for the public safety, police commander give the orders shoot to kill. >> they authorize the officers to fire and use deadly force if necessary. they deemed it necessary. >> they had no intention of letting me get out of that truck alive. >> police fire from on the ground and in the air. >> i knew they issued a code 100, which i knew was shoot to kill order. at that point i'm trying to figure out how to get out of the truck. i never thought they would shoot as they did. i'm thinking you shoot me and kill me, who is going to drive the truck? then somebody is bound to get hurt. >> got him. >> you got him? >> with a trail of burning tires in his wake, wilson decides to end his terrifying ride after 90 minutes, bringing the smoldering rig to a stop near the trinity river. >> when i finally did stop, i was in an area where i could
8:38 pm
pull the brakes and lay flat on the ground. >> wilson is arrested without further incident and carted off to jail. after a brief trial he is convicted of felony robbery, evading arrest, and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. he's ultimately sentenced to 28 years behind bars. a chemical accident at the prison laundry has left him partially blind. wilson now realizes the mistake he made that day has cost him dearly. >> i wish it never happened. all i can do is apologize to the owner, the driver, the citizens of dallas. if i hadn't did what i did, i would have sight. that's part of the penalty i pay for doing what i did. >> i don't think he was planning on stealing an 18-wheeler that day. i think it was just opportunity knocking at the door and he answered. >> coming up, can police stop this stolen school bus before it runs straight into rush hour
8:39 pm
traffic? when "caught on camera: they fought the law" continues. sure! it's free for everyone. oh! well that's nice! and checking your score won't hurt your credit. oh! i'm so proud of you. well thank you. free at at, even if you're not a customer.
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time is running out for police, desperate to stop a stolen school bus on a collision course with rush hour traffic. >> we're getting into the city. this guy is not stopping. >> albuquerque, new mexico. just after down on friday, march 9th, 2012. police dash cameras roll as state troopers race to interstate 40. >> one tire is blown at this time. traveling 63 miles per hour.
8:43 pm
>> outside the city, a man is speeding east in a stolen school bus straight to the city line. the bus is stolen from this albuquerque bus yard. the suspect drives 80 miles west on i-40 to the city of grant. before turning around and heading back to albuquerque. >> are there any kids on that bus? >> negative, just the driver. >> as for now, just one male driver. that's all we have? >> now state, city, and county law enforcement are in hot pursuit, determined to stop the empty bus just before it reaches the early morning rush hour. the plan, stop the vehicle with spike belts, also known as stop sticks. strips of metal barbs designed
8:44 pm
to puncture tires. mile marker 137 is 13 miles for from the albuquerque city line. at 6:27 a.m. the bus at 6:27 a.m. the bus appears. the bus barrels over the spike belt, but does not slow down. police deploy more spike sticks over the next several miles. >> 148 eastbound. struck another spike belt. he's losing his front tires now. has no front tires anymore. he's running on the rims. >> but the driver speeds on. >> we're getting into the city. this guy is not stopping. you can tell it's about to die. >> the school bus is now inside the city line. just miles from albuquerque's most congested areas. a state police cruiser attempts to ram the bus off the road with a pit maneuver.
8:45 pm
but after three miles of vehicle-to-vehicle contact, the cruiser's front end is heavily damaged. hoping a bigger vehicle has a better chance, a police suv takes the lead. the pit maneuver is successful. police immediately surround the bus. inside, the driver revs the engine as if trying to escape. officers respond with a volley of nonlethal bean bag rounds. suddenly a member of the sheriff's office fires real bullets into the bus, striking the suspect three times.
8:46 pm
>> shots fired. >> immediately a state police officer is seen shouting at the deputy sheriff. >> get over there. >> the suspect meanwhile is pulled from the bus, covered in blood and wearing only boxers. he's identified as 27-year-old nathaniel shipman. his criminal history includes convictions for domestic violence, drug possession, and assaulting a police officer. he's loaded into an ambulance and is given a police escort to an area hospital where he makes a complete recovery. a month later shipman pleads not guilty to multiple charges, including aggravated assault on a police officer, aggravated fleeing and burglary. here's currently in jail awaiting trial. the deputy who shot him is on administrative leave pending an investigation. eventually he is cleared of
8:47 pm
wrongdoing and returned to duty. shipman gives no explanation for his wild ride, which snarls traffic in both directions on i-40 for seven hours. coming up -- >> you want some of me? >> a drunk and disorderly diner puts mayhem on the menu at this subway. >> get down on the ground! >> and a base jumper on the edge. >> we're so busted. >> find out if he lands behind bars. when "caught on camera: they fought the law" continues.
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8:50 pm
a university student becomes a menace on campus. >> do you want some of me? >> before cops take him down. >> i had noefr heard of anything
8:51 pm
like this. and i haven't really heard of anything like it since. >> western kentucky university in bowling green, kentucky. here some students say homecoming weekend means three things. parades, pig skins and partying. >> there's a lot of people that get drunk and do really stupid things. >> this student witnesses one such thing up close and personal during western kentucky's 2010 homecoming. early saturday evening, october 30th, medford stops by a subway on campus for a bite to eat. there a young man later identified as dennis wade crane is making a scene. >> he is being rowdy and forceful with the employees and the woman behind in the counter told him to leave, and he wouldn't. >> medford, sensing trouble, calls police and begins recording craig with his cell phone camera. that's when craig jumps over the counter and storms into the
8:52 pm
kitchen where the manager is trying to reach campus police. >> you could see in the video she's dialing the phone. craig followers her back there, yanks it out of the wall. >> tessa due val is a student reporter who covered the story for the university paper "the herald." >> you don't hear a lot about phones being yanked out of walls. soon craig reappears in the seating area. >> a couple of guys were trying to hold him still. you hear him say it's about to get nuclear. >> it's about to get nuclear. what that means, i don't know. >> craig's nuclear punch misses by a mile. instead, he's knocked to the floor. but it's not long before he's back on his feet again. >> he was riled up and started
8:53 pm
offering money to people who could whoop him. shirt comes off. >> stay calm. >> you want some of me? do you want some of me? >> it's an offer everyone can refuse and does. a friend of craig's in the black shirt attempts to talk sense into him. but craig has little interest in calming down. >> i don't care! >> in a matter of seconds, there are blue uniformed cops all around him. he doesn't really move. it's like he's a deer in headlights. >> one officer gets right up in craig's face and puts the taser right to his chest. >> dazed and confused, craig does not comply. this time craig stays down. craig pleads guilty to alcohol intoxication and disorderly conduct.
8:54 pm
he's sentenced to 90 days in jail. he is put on probation and pays a $250 fine. >> it's about to get nuclear. >> just what set off his nuclear meltdown remains a mystery. ethan medford's video becomes part of the official police report. he posts it on youtube where craig's antics go viral. >> it's about to get nuclear. it's about to get nuclear. it became a bit of a saying around campus for a while. >> do you want some of me? >> when he got tazed he screamed like a little girl. i think that's probably what made the video so successful on youtube. it's funny. >> i figured i was going to jail anyway. i might as well get the jump in.
8:55 pm
>> this daredevil defyies the law, and lands behind bars. >> now you're going to jail. it spans more than 700 feet across a coastal canyon, and 2850 feet across jagged rocks and a pristine beach. to steve gesture, it's something cool to jump off of. when a sky dive instructor isn't jumping out of planes, he's hurling himself off things. >> some people do drugs. i jump off of stuff. it makes me feel good. it's like a drug. the fun part is the coming down. >> jester is an avid face base jumper. >> it san acronym for the basic
8:56 pm
aerial station. >> there's only one small problem. >> whoo! >> jumping off bridges is against the law. that doesn't stop gesture from driving his car to the bridge to attempt his 122nd jump off the iconic stricture. >> the bridge is probably one the most beautiful places that i've personally b.a.s.e. jumped. it can be a little rocky down there.
8:57 pm
>> it's the afternoon of december 8th, 2010. justin will later admit he drank a couple of glasses of vodka mixed with cranberry juice that morning. >> i was going to free fall it. i got scared. >> got scared. >> roll over it. >> okay. >> let's do it. jester enlists a friend to videotape the jump. >> we like to share our videos on facebook. >> gesture prepares to plunge. >> i was in the middle of the bridge. the police officer pulled up. >> don't even think about it. >> don't even think about it. >> back up right now. >> we're so busted. >> i think i said a four-letter word at that point. i stopped for a few seconds. said i'm going to do it anyways. >> i'm going to do it anyways. >> really? >> the officer approaches jester. >> i'll be down there waiting for you. >> i'm under arrest anyway. >> i was just going to send you down the road. >> i doubted he would let you go. i figured i was going to jail. i have been to jail a few or times for b.a.s.e. jumping over
8:58 pm
25 years. >> jester tries a peace offering. shake your hand. >> he wanted to see it as much as i wanted to jump. if he wanted to stop me, he could have yanked me off the ledge. he made no effort. >> jester jumps. 15 seconds later he makes a perfect landing on the beach. >> you did good, buddy. now you're going to jail. >> when i got on the beach, i could see the police officer racing to the other side of the bridge. figured they would give me a ticket and send me down the road. that wasn't the case. they slapped the cuffs on me before i was out of my gear. >> jester goes to trial and is convicted of disobeying that police officer and driving under the influence among other charges. he could have faced up to three
8:59 pm
years in jail, but he is s sentenced to 120 days and then he is released for 90 days for good behavior and ordered to enter a alcohol rehab program. his friends posts a video of the jump online, and jester becomes an internet sentatiosation. >> ut had friends calling me from all over the world, brazil, norway, england, and saying, oh, man, i saw you on the news here. it was kind of shocking. >> woo! >> armed with just a parachute and some huchutzpahpah, he ende up in jail for 90 days. >> would i do it again? probably. >> you did that buddy, and now you're going the jail.
9:00 pm
a man trapped in a burning car. >> i didn't know if the engine itself was going to explode. >> crashing to earth in a helicopter. >> i thought he perished, he died. >> clinging for life to a tiny tree. >> all of us were shocked to see just how many people were in peril. >> flipped upside down on the runway. >> i was terrified there was going to be fuel out there, and fire. >> sent flying by a truck. >> it knocked me out of the street into the curb. >> thrown from a moped. >> i just hit the ground before i knew it. >> plummeting down a rocky canyon. >> i thought that i was going to die, for sure. >>


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