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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  November 14, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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conference. when the president comes out, you can be sure we'll bring you those remarks live. he will be asking to his transition to a trump administration. we'll have all the latest. with two top announcers yesterday, priebus and steve bannon as trump's top advisers. lets begin with kelly o'donell, what do you hear from source and what do we expect from the president this afternoon? >> reporter: we'll expect the president acknowledge where the country's emotions is doing and getting use to the reality that there will be a trump's administration. he will talk about the importance of peaceful transition of power. he's held these kinds of conferences after each of the elections. and what he would hope could be
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accomplished change adjusted in the future. he will get a lot of questions about that and about the tone of what the trump white house could look like especially with the initial appointments that we have seen and perhaps he will be asked about that one on one meeting he had with donald trump. the first time the two men who's been both so extremely critical of each other. the first time they spent actual time together and the first time they met in person when the president offered to host the president elect here at the white house. there is a lot of topics and the foreign trip that the president will go on. this is the 54th time he's left the country. he's also heading to greece and he will also be in germany and so this is kind of a farewell tour for the president on the global stage. there will be many questions and will be an opportunity for the
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president to say his peace and to give us a sense of where he thinks things are going on the remaining days of his presidency. >> kelly, he heads to pueru of his last stop. >> ape >> reporter: the summit is an annual event where it is hosted at different countries around the world. there is a set of agenda. he will be talking about those concerns and there will be in some way of a legacy trip for him to try to make his point and asked by his counter partners around the world about donald trump and what will it mean. i am certain that'll be a topic that'll come up with the foreign delegation and the people he has come to know and work with internationally and certainly in germany. he will expect merkel to talk
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about that. there will be a lot for him to do and a lot of travel over the next days. it is not the kind of trip that you take, those are not easy hubs. when you are president of the united states you can go to greece and germany in one trip. >> kelly o'donell, we'll ask you to standby and we'll come back to you as soon as the president is speaking. for more now, i would to bring in our contributor and caddy. it is nice to see you. we have not seen you in a while. >> hi kate. >> the president is expecting proteste protesters to greet him in
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greece. >> now that donald trump is the president elect. you got an enormous interest of what this means for america relations with the rest of the world on issues of climate change. will president elect trump actually try and pull america out of the paris climate change agreement and as kelly suggests there on trades. that's another big issue. you cece see reactions from chid other countries. of course, you rec noiognize asl there are difficulties here. everything is influx. few leaders know donald trump and they are getting a conflicting picture of what his priorities on the foreign state maybe. let me ask you of the personnel decisions that we know about so far coming out yesterday and a lot of talk today about the former head of steve bannon t e
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taking on a senior advisory position at the white house. he's faced a lot of criticism of the editorial direction. the solution to online harassment is simple. women should log off. another headline when he was in charge, of course, he did not write those pieces. is that a problem for the in coming administration? >> that's something you heard priebus tried to play down today. priebus is speaking on television and not steve bannon himself. when he was asked about bannon of those controversial associations and he down played it. he is a force of good and positive things of the campaign. my reading of that in the trump campaign as they want to put priebus out to down these
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stories. it was bannon who fuelled the motivation behind this campaign that got donald trump on track and kept the energy alive and that's what donald trump was elected for. he will have to satisfy the people that there will be real change here in washington and not the same old faces like priebus and they'll have a new populace election and that's what steve represents. >> if you got these, opposes from one insider and outsider, how do they work together? >> it is not unusual. we have seen this recently for presidency and recent times to have a special advise where they bring in not necessarily over or above. kind of keeping them real and keeping them on track with their own supporters. my guess that's the role that steve bannon plays in the white house. we know from the obama administration it is not always
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comfortable. these two are meant to be equal partners in sharing power. how does that, you know, what happens when there is an issue that produces conflicts and what happens when the two men disagrees, is it donald trump that's going to weigh in and which one of theme gets precedent in meetings. donald trump likes to have people of opposing views and sometimes it is the person in the room that gets the last w word. >> we are hearing monday after the election -- >> it feels like a year. >> how quickly do we see the rest of the administratio admin? >> this is what they are working around the clock to do. they wanted to get these two out and also want to show that there is order in the campaign and they know what they are doing. they are not taking by surprise
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by things they have to replace the whole of the west wing stuff. >> although trump did seem to be surprised by that? >> right. yeah, exactly, there was a report of that earlier. that puts more on the team to get that in a row. no, we are grown ups and in control and we know what we are doing. we are going to have this big key national security pieces in place and key pieces on the economy and place, too. that would reassure people in washington that they know. this the team that's coming in and not a bunch of amateurs and some of the readings may suggests from those meetings earlier. >> katty kay, always great to have you with us. thank you very much. >> we are waiting for president obama to come out. he's due to come out about seven minutes from now. lets bring in our political
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reporter benjamin who's covering the trump's transitioning for us. >> kellyanne conway says we can expect some announcements soon. what words on where they are headed. >> people are going to have broad broad roles shaping the administration. >> there is often one fiery outsider name who would cause a lot of problems for traditional republicans and a soothing olive branch name where mainstream republicans can get behind. we have seen this at the state department where some of the names have been thrown out in reporting spobpossibilities. and verses names like former bush administration's official of john bolton. he's skeptical of international
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institutions and the kind of america fir america's first policy. decisions on the next few days on those key posts will tell us a lot whether they are going on this full populous outside movement or whether they are trying to make more overtures. republicans are more skeptical of donald trump's intentions and agenda. >> we heard they still have not been in touch of several key departments in washington. we are waiting for a phone call from the trump team, is that typical? >> it is hard to say. we are getting the information as we can and it has been reported that it is not just that -- media or democrats or any one group were surprised by this. a lot of people were surprised by that. part of it were donald trump himself. he was concerned about getting too involved in the transition
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in the first place because he was superstitious. he thought it was presumptous to start doing -- >> all right, benji, thank you very much. >> we are waiting for president obama. his first since last week's presidential election. this is his 52nd and final over seas trip. the president has just 68 days left in office. we'll bring the president's remarks to you live. before we go to break, one of america's most accomplished journalist, pbs's anchor gwen ifill, has died. she's been battling kaing cance. we are going to miss her, she was a kind person.
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lets take another look there at the white house's briefing room. we are waiting for president obama to come out to that podium right about now. they had said about 3:15 eastern time, 12:15 pacific. we are told that he's running on time today. the president is about to give a press conference just before he leaves for a three nation trip. his 52nd foreign trip. he's going to germany, greece and peru. they scheduled this press conference, his first since the election last week. there will be a lot of questions about the trump presidency and the transition to donald trump and how he will be handling that
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as he's out on the road meeting with foreign leaders. we'll bring it to you as it happens. lets talk about the democrats largely, the road ahead uncertain but we know that president obama and hillary clinton is going to be calling leaders today to talk about the future of the party. for more on that lets turn to kasie hunt. she's covering the latest. >> reporter: hey, kate, this is the discontent that you are seeing from some members of the democratic caucus in the wake of this election. quite frankly, it was a huge shock to members on both sides but particularly democrats who are wrestling with how they are going to move forward after a devastating and surprising loss. this is taking the form of a letter to and from some members who waiting for a full list here essentially asking pelosi to
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delay the -- right now those elections are scheduled for thursday. i would character this ize this minor bump in the road. no one i talked to feel that this is a fundamental threat to nancy pelosi staying in charge of democrats here in the house. >> it is a broader issue that democrats had to wrestle with. they had the same leaders over the years. with hillary clinton, it is a warning of what could happen if they don't develop a deeper bench with more experience and younger members who have a more very experience. it is unclear who would step up say to run for president next time around. obviously, people have mentioned already, bernie sanders, he, of course, is going to be older than he is now and people talked about his age this time around. you are starting to see
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democrats, for example, with the dnc embracing keith ellison who's seen as somebody from the progressive wing of the party. but, i do think that they have a lot of soul searching today. democrats i talked to who are close to pelosi saying this is as distraction where they should be focus on othed on the other . the reality is the party has a lot to grapple here going forward >> as we wait as the presidential news conference we are expecting with president obama any minute now. you see people waiting because we have not gotten the two-minute warning. we'll talk to kasie, we'll jump out if we have to. we talked about bernie sanders and he's been saying that democrats node to connect more with the working class people. he was on the view this afternoon. how much are democrats talking about bernie sanders and that
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wing of the party and getting them and his voters on board? >> you know kate, a tweet from bernie sanders earlier today really stuck out to me and echoed comments he made earlier today. he said he was deeply humiliated that the democrat party did not understand the white working party. i came out of the white working class and i cannot believe that my party did not feel this way. that was a message that we heard over and over again on the campaign trail. he would talk about how he was of working people and he knew that donald trump was not out for working people. he was and the reality is the voter who is supported him believed that from him. a lot of the same faces that you know you saw in some of these donald trump crowds similar faces to be found in these bernie sanders crowds, in places and state that is he won. wisconsin and michigan and pennsylvania. places where hillary clinton struggled in the primary.
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and i think that this is a lesson that the democratic party is just starting to absorb. these kind of voters were members of unions. they had the kind of jobs that could support a family. it is those areas of the country that had been hallowed out. i think there is a reckoning on both sides of the isle here on capitol hill. there was a rejection in many ways of politics as usual. whether you are a republican or a democrat. i was in a meeting this morning for reporters with kevin mccarthy republicans on the hill. they did not know how to chart this path forward with donald trump. he's in many ways at odds with what have traditionally been the republican party primaries to have kevin mccarthy say oh yeah, of course, i still care about the debt but we have to focus on growth. that's the message that's been typically democratic
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infrastructure spending. everything is scrambled and both sides are grappling with this. >> kasie hunt, thanks. we'll squeeze in a quick break here. we still don't have a two-minute warning. stay with us, we are waiting for the president of the united states and his comments. we'll be right back. taste chalkynd worfast. mmmm. incredible. can i try? she doesn't have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief.
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as we continue to wait for the press conference to begin with president obama, we'll talk about protests that are under way this afternoon. >> los angeles high school students from several campuses are marching through the streets with rallies planned for later and student in maryland, right outside of washington left their classrooms chanting "not my president." local police say it has been a peaceful protest there. and cal perry is joining me now
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from trump tower in new york city where there is a lot of security and walk us through what's happening out there. >> reporter: yes, we are directly across the street from trump tower. the center of attention for the police here, and you heard bengy talking about how president elect trump did not want to talk about this. historically, the first family and the president elect trump would move in the white house at some point now between -- and the question is how long is melania trump and his son barron is remaining here. >> has you know fifth avenue is constantly full of foot traffic
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and keeping a hold of that and over watched position have been put in here. we continue this now of day six, we expect some protests here tonight. the big one was on saturday, 20,0 20,000 strong. police are worried about keeping the know of traffic going especially through midtown and especially as we get towards thanksgiving. >> kellyanne conway this morning was saying if the situation were reversed if there were protest and hillary clinton had won and there were trump protesters out the streets, it would be covered differently. what do people say to you when you talk to these protesters, what do they tell you? >> we heard that from donald trump as well on "60-minute." we hear the same things, hey, hey, donald trump must go. then we hear from donald trump supporters. donald trump supporters really
12:27 pm
seem to resonate with one message which is the dishonesty of the media. at some point somebody started cre screaming at me filled with explic explicit or quite in a different manner. that's a message that lasted here with protrump supporters, they believe that the media whether it is fox or nbc has been dishonest throughout the campaign and we hear it everyday here >> cal perry, outside of trump tower here in new york. tonight about 6:00 p.m. eastern time, he's scheduled to leave for greece and germany and a quick jump to peru, we are going to bring it to you in jaust a moment. we'll take a quick break and
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as we await the press conference, the presidential press conference in the white house briefing room there. it will be president obama's first conference since last week's election and just before he leaves on a three-nation six days trip. we are waiting for him. as we wait, we do have some breaking news out of capitol hill. we learned that minnesota congressman, a democrat, keith ellison has announced his chair or national committee. >> there is been several people who said they want that job. there was talk of run off and many people competing for the chairman job. he does want that position.
12:32 pm
in a statement is we must begin the rebuilding process right now. i want to bring in kelly o'donell joining me right now from the white house where she's in position to cover the press conference. if i may, can i ask you about this news of keith ellison. tell us more about him and why he maybe in a good position to take over that chairman show? >> reporter: well, he represents a lot of the spirit of the bernie sanders' wing of the party that was animated and young voters. he's also the muslim american member of congress. his faith and his civic life puts him in a very strong position to represent some of the qualities that the democratic party tries to embrace and willing to embrace from his leadership minnesota, he's got a lot of friends on capitol hill and some what who
12:33 pm
has really had to put himself in the intersection of difficult cross win of social change of issues of muslim americans coming to the forefront and him being in the representative of that. he had to speak for people who are often not spoken for . he has a traditional role of congress. he could be a strong candidate and there would be interests in advancing support for him so by getting out in front and making it formal. it has been buzzed about and this could help him attract some support. we already seen other members that endorsed him and we expect howard dean who had previously been the chairman of the national committee, he called the 50 state strategy that was helpful to democrats and martin
12:34 pm
o'malley who competed against hillary clinton. there is been some talk he may put himself up for consideration as well. the democratic party has to make some changes and do some self assessment and come up applying for how thiey want to go forwar. keith ellison is raising his hand and beginning his own campaign. there is still a marine guard at the west executive entrance that means the president is in the oval office. as we wait for him, running behind on the plan scheduled time. he's obviously still at work, whatever that's on his plate. he's definitely in the oval office based on the tradition of the marine guards. running a little bit late. we did see the papers put down on the podium. we saw the correspondence popped
12:35 pm
up. we got a two-minute warning. we do expect the president to come out. briefly tee up, what do you expect we'll hear from him in this press conference and he's headed out on a three-country trip. >> you will expect the president to talk about the transition, the peaceful transition of power and what his administration will do and how they'll help the trump in coming administration and assessing the election haltom city th -- of course, looking forward to the trip and sort of the work he will do abroad in his last opportunity as a sitting president to represent the country and to talk about what achievements are still possible. >> here is the president. lets pause. >> hello everybody. in a couple of hours i will be departing on my final foreign trip as president. while we are abroad, i will have a chance to take a few of your questions. i figure why wait.
12:36 pm
i know there are a lot of domestic issues people are thinking about. i want to see if i can clear out some of the under brush so that when we are over seas and people are asking about foreign policy questions, people don't feel oblige to tackle on other questions. i am aware and i am trying something out here. first of all, let me mention three brief topics. as i discuss with president elect trump, my team stands ready to accelerate in the next step that requires a smooth transition. we are going to stay in touch as we travel. i remember what it was like when i came in eight years ago, it was a big challenge. this officer if is bigger than any bun person. it is not something that the constitution explicitly requires
12:37 pm
but it is one of those norms that are vital to a functioning democracy, similar of norms of civilities and tolerance and of facts and analysis, a commitment. it is part of what makes this country works. as long as i am president, we are going to uphold those norms and cherish and uphold those ideas. as i told my staffs that we should be very proud that their work are ensures that when we turn over the keys, the cars are in a good shape. jobs have been growing for 73 straight months and income are rising and poverty is falling. uninsured rates are at a low record. carbon emissions are coming down. so my instructions to my team
12:38 pm
are we went through the tape and we make sure we finish what we started and we don't let up in the last couple of months because my goal is to on january 21st, america's in the strongest position possible and hopefully, there is an opportunity for the next president to build on that. >> number two, our work has also helped us stabilize the global economy and because there is one president at a time, i will spend this week reenforcing america's support for the approaches that we are taking to promote economic growth and global security on a range of issues. i look forward to my first visit in greece and germany and in germany i will visit with the chancellor who's my closest international partner these past eight years and i will signal our chloelosest allies. that's why the alliance and the
12:39 pm
nato alliance endorsed for decades under democrats and the republican administration. in peru, i will meet with leaders of the country that's the focus of our foreign policy to our rebalance in the age of the pacific. this is a great change of the world -- on a personal note, michelle and i want to offer our deepest condolences to gwen ifill's passing. gwen was a friend of ours and she was an extraordinary journalist and always asking tough questions and holding people in power accountable and defending a strong and free press that makes our democracy works. i always appreciated gwen reporting even when i was at the
12:40 pm
v receiving end of one of her tough interviews. she not only in normed todforme citizens but inspires tomorrow's girls. and for who she placed the trails as one-half of the first female anchor team of the network news. gwen did her country a great service, michelle and i will join her family and colleagues and everybody else loved her and remembering her fondly today. >> with that, i am going to take some questions and because josh earnest has some poll around here. he just happens to put at the top of the list, comey nelson, of the wall street journal, this is wrapping up here and you are
12:41 pm
going to kansas city. >> gosh, this happens to be from kansas city. i did not know if there were any coincidence there. we wish you the best of luck. >> you are about to embark on your final foreign trip, what will you say to other world leaders about your successor, should they be worried about the future of u.s. foreign policy and separately as democrats trying to regroup after a shock offset. what is your advise of where the party is going now? >> one of the great things about the united states is that when it comes to world affairs, the preside president, obviously, is the leader of the executive branch, the commander in chief, the
12:42 pm
spokesperson for the nation. but, the influence and the work that we have, is the results not just as a president, it is the results of count less of interactions and arrangements and relationships between your military and diplomats and our diplomats and intelligence officers and development workers. and, there is enormous continuity, beneath the day-to-day news that makes us a dispensable nation when it come to maintaining prosperity in the world. in my conversation with the president elect. he expressed a great interest in maintaining our strategic relationships and one of the
12:43 pm
messages that i will be able to deliver is his commitment to nato and the trans alliance. that's one of the most functions that i considered of this stage of this trip to let them know that there is no weakening of reresults whr results when it comes to america maintaining a robust relationship and those alliances are not just good for europe, they're good for the united states and vital for the world. with respect to the democratic party, look, as i said right after the election. when your team loses, everybody gets deflated and it is hard and challenging. a and, i think it is a healthy thing for the democratic party to go through some reflection. you know i think it is important
12:44 pm
for me not to be bigfooting that conversation. i think we want to see new voices and ideas to emerge. that's part of the reason w why -- term limits are really a useful thing. the democrats should not waiver on our core believes and principles. the belief that we should have an economy that works for everybody and not just a few and believe that america is at its best is inclusive and not exclusive that we insist on the dignity and god given potential and worth of every child regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation or what zip code they were born in. we are committed to a world
12:45 pm
where we keep america safe. we recognize that our world flows from the strengths of our ideas and principles and values. there will be a core set of values that should not be up for debate. it should be our north star. how we organize politically, i think it is something that we should spend some time thinking about. i believe that we had better ideas but i also believe that good ideas don't matter if people don't hear them. one of the issues that the democrats have to be clear on is given population distribution across the country, we have to compete everywhere. we have to show up everywhere.
12:46 pm
we have to work in a glass roots, something that's a running thread in my career. i won in iowa not because of the demographics dictator that i would win. it is because i spent 87 days going to every small town and there were some counties where i might have lost but maybe i lost by 20 points instead of 50 points. there is some counties where i won that people did not expect because people had a chance to see and listen to you and get a sense of who you stood for and who are you fighting for. the challenge for a national party is how do you dig in there and create those kinds of structures so that people have a
12:47 pm
sense of what it is that you stand for. that increasingly difficult to do just through a national press. it is increasingly difficult to do because of the splinter question. and, so i think the discussions that have been taken place about how do you build state parties and local parties and school board elections you are paying attention to or city council races, that all i think will contribute stronger outcomes in the future. and i am optimistic that will happen. for democrats who are feeling completely discouraged, and i have been trying to remind them, everybody remembers my boston
12:48 pm
speech in 2004. they may not remember me showing up in 2005 when john kerry cllo a close election. >> ken salazar and i were the only two democrats that won nationally. republicans control the senate and the house. and two years later, democrats were winning by congress and four years later i was president of the united states. things change pretty rapidly but they don't change it everywhere. th nobody said democracy was supposed to be easy. it is hard. and in a big country like this, it probably should be hard. mark nolan. good to see you. >> thank you, good to see you.
12:49 pm
>> mr. president, what can you tell us about what's the learning curve? could you tell us how long it took you before you were fully at ease at the job or if that ever happens or did you discuss this matter with president elect trump? about a week ago i start to feel pretty good. >> no, i think the learning curve always continues. this is a remarkable job. it is like no other job on earth. and, it is a constant flow of information and challenges and issues that is truer now than ever been partly because of the nation's information and inner connection between regions of the world. you know if you were president
12:50 pm
50 years ago, the tragedy in syria might not even penetrate what the american people were thinking about on a day-to-day basis and today we are seeing a child of the after math of the bombing. weeks before anyone reported on it. imagine that. it's fair to say if something
12:51 pm
like that happens under the current president, they got to figure out in about an hour what the response is. these are the kinds of points that i shared with the president-elect. it was a free flowing and i think useful conversation. i hope it was. i tried to be as honest as i could about the things i think any president coming in needs to think about. and probably the most important point they made was that how you staff, particularly the chief of staff and the national security adviser, your white house council. how you set up a process in the system. to surface information and generate options for a president and understanding that the president will be the final decision maker. that's something that has to be attended to right away.
12:52 pm
i have been blessed by having and i admittedly am biased by some of the smartest, hardest working and good people in my administration. i think any president ever had. as a consequence of that team, i have been able to make good decisions. if you don't have that around you, you will get swamped. i hope that he appreciated that advice. what i also discussed was the fact that i was encouraged by his statements on election night about the need for unity and his interest in being president for all people. and that how he staffs the first steps he takes and first impressions and the reset that
12:53 pm
can happen after an election and all those things are important and should be thought about. it's penitentiary to give him the room and the space to do that. it takes time to put that together. i emphasized to him in an election like this that was so hotly contest and so divided, gestures matter. and how he reaches out to groups that may not have supported him and how he signals his interest in their issues or concerns. i think those are the things that can set a tone that will help move things forward once he has taken office. >> how long did it take before you were at ease in the job? >> i didn't have time to worry
12:54 pm
about it because we were losing about 800,000 jobs a month. the good news is that in some ways my experience is atypical. it's hard to find an analogous situation. by the time fdr came into office, the depression was going on for a couple of years. we were in the midst of a free fall financial system was locking up and the auto industry was going belly up and the housing market had collapsed. so one of the advantages i had is that i was too busy to worky about how acclimated i was feeling in the job. we had to make a bunch of decisions. in this situation, we are turning over a country that has challenges and problems and obviously there are people who are feeling deeply disaffected
12:55 pm
otherwise we wouldn't have had the results we had in the election. on the other hand if you look at the basic where the country is right now. the incomes and wages have both gone up over the last year faster than they have in a decade or two. we got historically low uninsured rates. the financial systems are stapled and the stock market is hovering around the all time high and 401(k)s have been restored and the housing market is recovered. we have challenges, but the most immediate challenge with respect to isil, we are seeing significant progress in iraq.
12:56 pm
mosul is now increasingly being retaken by iraqi security forces, supported by us. our alliances are in strong shape. the progress we made with respect to carbon emissions has been greater than any country on earth. and gas is $2 a gallon. he will have time and space i think to make judicious decisions. the incoming administration doesn't have to put out a huge number of fires. they may want to take the country in a significantly different direction, but they have time to consider what they want to achieve and that's a testament to the tremendous work
12:57 pm
my team has done over the last eight years. i am proud of it. >> athena jones. >> you said more than once that you did not believe donald trump would be elected president and that you thought he was unfit for the office. now that you spent time with him for an hour and a half in the oval office, do you now think that president-elect trump is qualified to be president and if i can do a compound question, staffing and tone. what do you say to the americans who may not doubt there will be a peaceful transition, but are concerned about the policies and sentiments either expressed by president-elect trump himself or supporters that may seem hostile to minorities and specifically to the movement or the white nationalist movement will have a prominent role under a president trump under the senior adviser. who message does that send to
12:58 pm
the country and the world? >> without copping out, it's fair to say that it would not be appropriate for me to comment on every appointment that the president-elect starts making. if i want to be consistent with the notion that we are going to try to facilitate a smooth transition. the people have spoken. donald trump will be the next president. the 45th president of the united states. and it will be up to him to set up a team that he thinks will serve him well and reflect his policies. and those who didn't vote for him have to recognize that that's how democracy works. that's how this system operates. when i won and there were a number of people who didn't like me and didn't like what i stood
12:59 pm
for and i think that whenever you have got an incoming president of the other side, particularly in a bitter election like this, it takes a while for people to reconcile themselves with that new reality. hopefully it's a reminder that elections matter. and voting counts. and so i don't know times we have to relearn this lesson because we ended up having 43% of the country not voting who were eligible to vote. it makes a difference. so given that president-elect trump is now trying to balance what he said in the campaign and the commitments he made to his
1:00 pm
supporters with working with those who disagreed with him and members of congress and reaching out to constituencies that didn't vote for him, it's important to let him make his decisions and i think the american people will judge over the course of the next couple of years whether they like what they see and whether these are the kinds of policies and this is the direction that they want to see the country go in. and my role is to make sure that when i handoff this white house, that it is in the best possible shape. that i have been as helpful as i can to him in going forward. building on the progress


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