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tv   First Look  MSNBC  November 15, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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role model for me and will really be missed. so that does it for us. now it's time for the last word. "first look" is up next. happening this morning, president obama is overseas for his final foreign trip where he's reassuring u.s. allies that president-elect donald trump is committed to nato. plus donald trump's white house is taking shape but not without controversy. lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are weighing in on his choice of steve bannon as chief strategist. this morning remembrances are pouring in for renowned journalist and newscaster gwen ifill, a trail blazer for women and journalists of color. ♪ ♪
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good morning. it's tuesday, november 15th. i'm betty nguyen alongside ali velshi and louis burgdorf. overseas this morning president obama is just beginning his final foreign trip as commander in chief. the president arrived in greece, his first visit there. he holds meetings with the greek president and prime minister later today. the president will also stop in peru. but perhaps the most critical component of the president's trip to europe will be his stop in germany and his conversations with chancellor angela merkel and other european lead bears the future of nato under a president trump. during a wide-ranging news conference yesterday the president addressed his trip and said he intends to signal america's solidarity with our closest allies. >> in my conversation with the president-elect, he expressed a great interest in maintaining our core strategic
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relationships. so one of the messages i will be able to deliver is his commitment to nato and the transatlantic alliance. i think that's one of the most important functions i can serve at this stage during this trip is to let them know that there is no weakening of resolve when it comes to america's commitment to maintaining a strong and robust nato relationship. >> much of the president's news conference focused on the man who will replace him. the president once again calling on americans to unite behind the president-elect and to give him the time and space to form a new government. >> look, the people have spoken. donald trump will be the next president. the 45th president of the united states. and it will be up to him to set up a team that he thinks will serve him well and reflect his policies. and those who didn't vote for him have to recognize that
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that's how democracy works. i think that whenever you've got an incoming president of the other side, particularly in a bitter election like this, it takes awhile for people to reconcile themselves with that new reality. hopefully it's a reminder that elections matter. and voting counts. ki i did say to him, as i've said publicly, that because of the nature of the campaigns and the bitterness and ferocity of the campaigns, that it's really important to try to send some signals of unity. and to reach out to minority groups or women or others that were concerned about the tenor
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of the campaign. i also think that he is coming to this office with fewer set hard and fast policy prescriptions than a lot of other presidents might be arriving with. i don't think he is ideological. i think ultimately he's pragmatic in that way. and that can serve him well. as long as he's got good people around him and he has a clear sense of direction. >> with the democratic party in a state of reconstruction, president obama also discussed last week's election loss during yesterday's news conference. >> when your team loses, everybody gets deflated. and it's hard. and it's challenging. i think it's a healthy thing for the democratic party to go through some reflection. i think we want to see new
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voices, new ideas emerge. that's part of the reason why i think term limits are a really useful thing. >> congressman keith ellison has formally announced his candidacy for chair of the democratic national committee. the five-term democrat from minnesota has strong support from several party heavyweights. last night ellison told msnbc the democrats must offer a better economic message. >> i think i got my finger on the pulse of what democrats and americans, more importantly, want from their government, which means that everybody -- the thing that unites all of us is everybody wants to make a good living. i believe a message of solidarity and economic opportunity and prosperity is going to win out. and that's what the democratic party stands for and that is where we're going to have our focus. voter turnout, strengthening the grassroots, and making sure that every working man and woman knows the democrats are on their
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side. >> south carolina democratic party chairman jamie harrison announced on msnbc's "rachel maddow" show he's also running for dnc chair. and of course former dnc chair howard dean noted his interest in returning to his old job yesterday on "morning joe." house democrats are scheduled to hold their intern tenderal elections for top leadership post is this thursday. house minority leader nancy pelosi is facing a potential challenge from ohio congressman tim ryan. in a statement a spokesman for ryan wrote in part, "while he has not made any decisions about a leadership run, he strongly believes that the american people are asking for big changes and we need to figure out how best to deliver on their requests." a group of protesters calling for new leadership staged a sit-in at senator chuck schumer's capitol hill office yesterday. according to wnbc , 17 protestes were arrested. the trump administration is slowly beginning to take shape with thousands of jobs to be appointed but it is one of
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trump's first two choices already making waves. >> reporter: from pennsylvania avenue to fifth avenue, the trump transition now full throttle. at trump tower the president-elect fielding a call from russia's vladimir putin saying he looks forward to a strong and enduring relationship. a relationship eyed keptcally by some national security experts as trump works to pick his own national security adviser and others in his administration. perhaps no pick will be as controversial as the one he's already made. steve bannon as steve strategist. defended by trump's new chief of staff, reince priebus. >> he was a force for good on the campaign at every level that i saw all the time. >> reporter: before joining trump's campaign, brannon ran breitbart news saying he wanted to make the outlet a platform for the alt right, a conservative extremist movement with ties to white nationalism. critics lashing out pointing to breitbart headlines, one calling a conservative columnist a
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"renegade jew." and former congresswoman gabby giffords "a human shield." jewish and muslim groups and a slew of democrats infuriated. >> it would not be appropriate for me to comment on every appointment that president-elect starts making. >> reporter: rudy giuliani defending bannon. >> i find him to be a very, very decent, very good, extremely smart man and a very loyal, patriotic american. >> reporter: bannon and priebus helping to shape the future president's policies. >> reince priebus is the good angel, steve bannon is the bad angel. and which one of these two critical players in the trump white house wins out is going to decide the shape of trump's presidency. >> reporter: the president-elect now signaling flexibility on some of those proposals. like on health care and immigration. but on abortion rights, no leeway on roe v. wade. hallie jackson reporting there. one other note, nbc sources
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say radio host laura ingraham is leading contender for press secretary. no confirmation from her one way or the other. hillary clinton's campaign is offering its own take on what exactly cost her the win in last week's election. the postmortem memo from the head of clmt's research division was sent to senior staff members late last week. a continuing theme. the roll of fbi director james comey in the loss. the memo reads in part, "comey's letter in the last 11 days of the election both helped depress our turnout and also drove away some of our critical support among college-educated white voters, particularly in the suburbs. we also think comey's second letter, which was intended to absolve secretary clinton, actually helped to bolster trump's turnout." clinton herself echoed that sentiment during a conference call with donors over the weekend. the memo points to other hurdles clinton faced including anger at institutions, a desire for change of power at the white house after president obama's two terms, and the reluctance of
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some americans to vote for a female president. new federal data show a worrisome rise in crimes targeting muslim-americans. the fbi released numbers based on incidents reported in 2015 that showed crimes against muslims rose by 67%. the reporting covers is the time someone of the attacks in paris, san bernardino, and donald trump's proposed ban on some muslims entering the country. in by 14 there were 154 reported incidents compared with last year when the number reached 267. now in 2001 following the september 11th attacks, those numbers hit an all-time high at nearly 500. the report also shows that the majority of hate crimes were motivated by race or ethnicity. of those victims, 52% were black, 18.7% white, and 9% were hispanic or latino. crimes against jewish-americans also rose 9% and reports of incidents involving victims of sexual orientation rose 3.5%.
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the cia and u.s. soldiers are being accused of committing war crimes, including torture, for more than a decade in afghanistan. a prosecutor for the international criminal court announced the allegations yesterday as part of an annual report and in it she claims service members subjected at least 61 detainees to cruel treatment between 2003 and 2014 with the majority of the abuses happening from 2003 to 2004. the prosecutor also claims the crimes took place in secret detention facilities operated by the cia. now it is unclear if a full-scale investigation will be launched. even if charges are filed the u.s. does not participate in the court. condolences flooding in for one of the country's trail blazing journalists gwen ifill. the ipg correspond of "news hour" and foreign correspondent has died after a long battle with cancer at 61 years old. nbc's pete williams has more on her-and legacy. >> good evening.
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i'm gwen ifill. >> reporter: gwen ifill was one of the most successful african-american women in journalism. co18 or correspond of the pbs "news hour." >> their greater eventualer in will was on things like a tax return -- >> reporter: daughter of a minister, she started as a newspaper reporter in boston where she faced racism on the job. she moved on to the baltimore evening sun, was it post, and "new york times" before becoming a television correspondent joining nbc news in 1994, covering congress and politics. >> -- involving the president, the first lady, and their political supporters. >> reporter: then came the switch to pbs in 1999. >> "washington week". >> reporter: for what became "washington week with gwen ifill." >> we welcome governor palin and senator biden. >> reporter: widely respected for her reporting she mod dated the vice presidential debates in 2004 and 2008. president obama, one of the rising black figures she wrote about in her best-selling 2009 book, praised her. >> she was an especially
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powerful role model for young women and girls who admired her integrity, her tenacity, and her intellect. >> reporter: her clear-eyed reporting brought dozens of awards but she was proudest of the women and minorities she inspired. >> she will be missed. still ahead, the latest on the damage caused by a powerful earthquake hitting new zealand. we'll get a live report on that. odell beckham jr. celebrates a touchdown during monday night football with a nod to michael jackson. those stories plus a check on weather when we come back.
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new zealand has begun its rescue mission of hundreds of tourists and residents after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake cut off train and vehicle access. because of the damage, the area cannot be reached by car so the defense force is carrying people
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out by helicopter. the quake knocked out water supplies and sewer systems leaving those stranded with no way out. janice mackayfryer has been covering the story from christchurch. >> reporter: the focus of the quake effort is evacuation and recovery. the helicopters were flying nonstop today. flights taking supplies into the quake zone and bringing people out. kaikora is the town nearest the epicenter of the earthquake, accessible only by air. we saw why as we tried to take a journey into the area. the road is completely ruptured in parts, pieces peeling away, cracks more like crevasses, and landslides are making it impassable. we ran into the district coun l council councilor, he called it the road to nowhere. this is an area that depends on tourism and agriculture and he's predicting tough times ahead.
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still a lot of damage to repair. we met the town doctor and her family. they have a sec sppectacular hon a cliff overlooking the ocean. it has been shaken and swayed so badly they don't know if the ground underneath can hold it anymore. a home that's been in their family for generations, they may have to abandon it and walk away. >> thanks so much for your reporting in christchurch, new zealand. let's check the weather with bill karins. how's it looking today? >> a little soggy in the northeast. we need the rain and the wet weather. we don't need the airport delays along with it. it's not strong but it is along the jersey shore, providing rain for the new jersey coastal areas. it's about to start raining around new york city. it's going to be not the heart of the rush hour but the beginning of the rurk hour that will have significant rains for long island and new york city, peak of rush hour over southern new england. we have a huge rainfall deficit in the northeast so this is
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good. 1 inch of rain in the blue. it's going to be a wet tuesday. it's one of those days where a lot of after-school events will be canceled outside, a lot of the practices for kids. we are watching 11:00 a.m. see where the heavier rains are located over new york city, long island, up towards hartford, areas of western massachusetts. then as we fast forward through this evening's rush hour this is at 5:00 p.m. mostly the good section of all central and southern new england, the rain beginning to move into northern new england, more through this evening and the overnight hours there. by the time we get to tomorrow morning we're almost completely done with it except friends in bar harbor and bangor, the rain is gone by this time tomorrow. today we still have amazingly warm conditions in the middle of the country. texas, oklahoma, kansas. the southeast is nice and dry. we have burping. air quality's poor in northern georgia, tennessee, portions of north carolina. tomorrow not a lot changes. we get rid of the rain and the middle of the country exceptionally warm. the snow storm coming the end of
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the week, one state is going to get a lot of snow, details coming up. >> enjoy the warmth while it lasts. the patriots may have lost more than just a game in last sunday's matchup against the seahawks, or did they? the latest on the mysterious injury to rob gronkowski in sports. when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase, so you can. so dad slayed the problemt with puffs plus lotion, instead. with lotion to soothe and softness to please. a nose in need deserves puffs, indeed.
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an expression of disgust caused by inadequate litter tidy cats is the cure. with new guaranteed tidylock protection, you won't have to face one more stank face. tidy cats. every home, every cat. there's a tidy cats for that. giants hosting bengals on monday night football. new york looking to extend their
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win streak to four games for the first time since the 2013 season. the teams traded touchdowns in the first with eli manning tossing his second of the night just before halftime. a 10-yard reception to odell beckham jr. who breaks out in the iconic dance for michael jackson's "thriller" in an end zone celebration. i think he practiced that one. early in the quarter beckham became the fastest player to reach 3,500 receiving yards, taking just 36 games. to the fourth quarter, trailing 20-14, the giants take a gamble early in the quarter opting to go for it on fourth and goal. it pays off. manning with his third td of the game. a three-yard pass to sterling shepherd that puts new york up by a point. giants hang on for the 21-20 win, improving to 6-3 on the season chasing those cowboys. bad news for the bears. chicago receiver alshon jeffery is suspended four games after testing positive for performance-enhancing substances. jeffrey apologized in a statement explaining he
2:24 am
unknowingly took a supplement containing an ingredient banned by the nfl writing, "i take full responsibility and i am deeply upset with myself for not doing the proper research on this supplement." jeffrey, who has one touchdown in nine games this year, will be a free agent at the end of the season and will now only have the final three games of the bears' schedule to bolster his stats. meanwhile the status of patriots tight end rob gronkowski is still unclear after a hard hit temporarily knocked him out of sunday night's loss against the seahawks. after initial reports from the nfl network that gronk suffered a punctured lung and would be ruled out this week against the 49ers, espn's adam schefter is now saying the injury is "not overly serious" and gronk does not have a punctured lung. while the player and team have not yet offered an official update, gronkowski canceled a media appearance in new york scheduled for today. michigan quarterback wilton spate will reportedly miss this weekend's home game matchup against indiana and possibly the
2:25 am
remainder of the season after breaking his collarbone in the fourth quarter of saturday's upset loss at iowa. to major league baseball. they've announced the rookie of the year winners in a unanimous decision. dodger shortstop corey seager earns the honor for the national league. seger batted .308, 26 home runs, 72 rbis this season, one of three finalists for the n.l. mvp award. in the american league, the honor goes to tigers starting pitcher michael fullmer who went 11-7 with a 3.06 e.r.a. in the nba the clippers put their heads together to beat the nets last night, literally, after chris paul loses the ball out of bounds, deandre jordan comes over for a gentle head bump but they actually end up butting heads much harder than intended. they are both visibly in pain after the move. l.a. wins it 127-95, their seventh straight victory. watch out there.
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>> we've got to be careful with the head butting in the morning. >> fist bump, less painful. russian president vladimir putin and donald trump discuss mending ties. we have the details of their phone call yesterday. the latest on the fight against isis as the terror group claims responsibility for new attacks overseas. [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a rodent ride-along. [dad] alright, buddy, don't forget anything! [kid] i won't, dad... [captain rod] happy tuesday morning! captain rod here. it's pretty hairy out on the interstate.traffic is literally crawling, but there is some movement on the eastside overpass. getting word of another collision. [burke] it happened. december 14th, 2015. and we covered it. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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♪ ♪ welcome back. i'm betty nguyen alongside ali
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velshi and louis burgdorf. let's start with the morning's top stories. protests against donald trump continue across the nation. this demonstration in seattle got out of hand when protesters blocked the road. three men have been arrested on assault, two of them allegedly against police officers. veteran journalist gwen ifill is being remembered as a trail blazer in the field. co18 core of "pbs news hour" and moderator of the network's "washington week" died after a long battle in cancer. before moving into television she worked in print. gwen ifill was 61 years old. president obama landed in greece early this morning. it is the first leg of his final trip overseas. over the next seven days the president will visit peru for an economic summit and also germany where he says he'll reaffirm america's commitment to nato. slowly but surely the trump administration is coming together. rudy giuliani and john bolton appear to be at the top of the
2:31 am
pack to become secretary of state. other names in the mix but seemingly farther back. senator bob corker of tennessee and perhaps farther behind, house speaker newt gingrich. despite refusing to comment earlier in the day, last night at a ceo council event hosted by "the wall street journal" giuliani dispelled some rumors and savored the speculation of others. >> there's a big merger that's been announced through at&t, time warner, you could be attorney general, it could come up on your ledger in the anti-trust department. are these big mergers going to be opposed by the trump administration? >> well, first of all, i won't be attorney general. >> you won't be attorney gene l general? >> so good, i won't have to decide that one, that i can god. i can escape that one. >> i should ask jeff sessions that question? >> wouldn't be a bad idea but i don't know who's going to be attorney general. >> "the wall street journal" reported early this afternoon that the choice for secretary of state in the trump administration is down to
2:32 am
rudolph jewel naunny and john bolton. i'm going to ask you some questions. >> john would be a very good choice. >> there is anybody better? >> maybe me, i don't know. >> i have no information, if rudy wants it, he'll get it. rudy's probably been the closest surrogate, he and senator sessions have been the two closest surrogates to president-elect trump. he has done a great job. he has worked his heart out. i thought he might prefer attorney general where he would be brilliant. or homeland security where his experience at 9/11 will be great. i think he'll be fabulous to have him as secretary of state. >> both bolton and giuliani writing the five greatest challenges facing trump's administration. giuliani said though reconsidering the deal with iran was a priority, the islamic state is likely number one. >> if the priority is let's
2:33 am
eliminate isis, maybe you put that off a little bit. and you get rid of isis first. and then you go back to that. because isis short-term i believe is our greatest danger. the "new york times" reports giuliani and senator jeff sessions are also being considered for department of homeland security and sessions and asa hutchinson, current governor of arkansas, both being considered for attorney general. but hutchison told a local affiliate no. gloom berg reports steve m s sn is contending for secretary. politico reports that the president-elect and vice president-elect will meet later today to review names for the cabinet and senior white house positions. >> interesting names already.
2:34 am
. there is still plenty of backlash to one of trump's top picks, senior councilor steve bannon. the former breitbart head has come under fire for headlines on the website and ties to the alt right movement. democrats of all stripes have criticized him. nancy pelosi who has talked about working on infrastructure with trump said in a statement, bringing steve bannon into the white house is an alarming signal president-elect trump remains committed to the hateful and divisive vision that defined his campaign. senator bernie sanders said, steve bannon's appointment should make us very nervous. we're going to tell him and trump that we will stand together and not be divided up. one high-profile democrat was more circumspect. >> i think it's fair to say that it would not be appropriate for me to comment on every appointment that the president-elect starts making. if i want to be consistent with the notion that we're going to try to facilitate a smooth transition. i think it's important for us to
2:35 am
let him make his decisions. and i think the american people will judge over the course of the next couple of years whether they like what they see. top trump supporters rushed to bannon's defense. >> well, i work with steve under fire for four or five months during the election. i find him to be a very, very decent, very good, extremely smart man. and a very loyal, patriotic american. and sometimes in politics you get labeled a certain way or another way. but i think people are going to find in him a real asset to the country. >> he's been the general of this campaign. and frankly, people should look at the full relevance may. he's got a harvard business degree, naval officer. he has success in entertainment. i don't know if you're aware of that. he certainly was a goldman sachs managing partner. i know people weren't prepared
2:36 am
for us to win so we're reaching around to find extreme examples of perhaps those extreme examples of those who support the president. we should really focus on the will of the people, which was to elect donald trump the president. >> there's one other bubbling controversy. the trump campaign has informally looked into getting security clearances for some of his children. they're typically given to security transition officials. but a formal request would be unprecedented. later in the day, a trump campaign official told reporters there had been no requests so far and it was unlikely there would be one in the future. you just saw president obama's reaction to the appointment of steve bannon as one of trump's top advisers. it was pretty much in keeping with his tone throughout the transition so far. during that wide-ranging news conference yesterday the president once again called on americans to unite behind the president-elect. >> he has won. he's going to be the next president. and regardless of what
2:37 am
experience or assumptions he brought to the office, this office has a way of waking you up. and those aspects of his positions or predispositions that don't match up with reality, he will find shaken up pretty quick. because reality has a way of asserting itself. >> in the wake of donald trump's election, senator bernie sanders says it's time for the democratic party to undergo a fundamental reassessment. in explaining hillary clinton's defeat, sanders said, there are a lot of people in this country who do not fully appreciate the kind of suffering and pain that millions of working people in this country are feeling. >> you got millions of people living in extraordinary economic
2:38 am
anxiety. and meanwhile the very richest people and largest corporations are doing phenomenally well. people are saying all over this country, black and white, latino, what about me? who's going to stand up for me? in my view the democratic party has not been as strong as it should be in saying, yeah, we're going to stand with the working people. you know, i like hillary clinton, i knocked my brains out to get her elected. but i think it is fair to say that the working class of this country did not believe that she was prepared to stand up and fight for them. several mayors are proclaiming their cities will remain sanctuary cities in spite of president-elect trump's call to deport millions of undocumented immigrants. yesterday chicago mayor rahm emanuel reaffirmed his city's stance saying in the past chicago has been a sanctuary city and "it always will be a sanctuary city." yesterday los angeles police chief charlie beck announced he has no intention of changing the department's stance of distancing itself from federal
2:39 am
immigration policies. there are dozens of cities like those across the u.s., including new york, san francisco, seattle, boston, and philadelphia. trump's first 100 days plan include cutting off federal funding to so-called sanctuary cities. president-elect trump and russian president vladimir putin are vowing to work together to improve relations between the u.s. and russia. the two leaders spoke by phone yesterday. moscow said both men described ties between the u.s. and russia as unsatisfactory. mr. trump's office also released a statement that read in part, "the two leaders discussed a range of issues including the threats and challenges facing the united states and russia. strategic economic issues and the historical u.s./russia relationship that dates back over 200 years." the president-elect spoke highly of mr. putin throughout his campaign, even praising him as a stronger leader than president obama. during the campaign, senior u.s. security officials accused russia of hacking the democratic national committee computers as well as the personal e-mail of hillary clinton's campaign
2:40 am
chairman, john podesta. russia has denied any role. turning now to iraq where multiple people were killed following multiple suicide bomb explosions in fallujah. nbc news foreign correspondent matt bradley joins us live from erbil, iraq. what more can you tell us about these explosion? >> reporter: these were twin suicide bombings in two different locations south of where i am now in erbil. one in fallujah, recently occupied by islamic state. they were pushed out of that city in a massive battle earlier this year. another outside the shiite pilgrimage city of karabullah. islamic state has claimed responsibility for these attacks and indeed this is typical isis. they've done attacks like this in kirkuk, an hour and a half south of where i am right now, where they had a multiple day, huge attack that killed maybe 100 people at least.
2:41 am
they also attacked the syrian border. all of these attacks have one goal in mind, that's distracting the iraqi security forces and dragging them away from the heart of the battle in mosul. that's the fight for iraq's second-largest city and it's been going on a month now. there's no evidence so far that these distractions have actually taken away from the battle. but there's another goal here for isis. isis is trying to send a message to the iraqi people that even if they get routed from their territory in mosul and moved out of this country entirely, they're still going to have these pockets of resistance, sleeper cells, throughout the country and they're still going to be able to launch attacks that will terrify this nation long after they lose mosul to the iraqi security forces. it's all part of this group's transition from a normal army to a terrorist organization that will continue to strike even beyond iraq. >> frightening scenario. nbc's matt bradley, thank you. security and exchange
2:42 am
commission chair worm mary jo white says she'll step down in january. she's held the position since april of 2013. white is known for her aggressive enforcement of rules under the dodd-frank act and other wall street controls. this move opens the door for a true that-appointed lead history could potentially loosen regulations on wall street and it also creates an uncertainty at the s.e.c. because only two of the five commissioner seats will be filled after she leaves. president obama made two nominations to fill the vacancies more than a year ago, but they've been held up in the senate. the fed is scheduled to give remarks today and retail sales are due out later this morning. the dollar is at a 13 1/2 year high but it's whether this trump rally can continue that is at the forefront of investors' minds. cnbc's nancy hungerford joins us live from london. we're going to hear from the fed today. >> that's right. so perhaps a bit of a break from all eyes on donald trump. we will get some indications from those fed speeches on exactly how they view the
2:43 am
economic outlook and the retail sales data you mentioned. analysts are calling the most important data point we've had since the election. and you can look out for the impact there on auto sales expected to be a real bright spot. but for now the post-trump rally shows no sign of stopping although slowing a little bit. we are expecting the dow to post its seventh straight day of gains at the market open if you look at futures where they stand at the moment. elsewhere you may want to keep an eye to the airline stocks because warren buffett's berkshire hathaway has revealed it's taken a significant stake in the major u.s. airlines. that includes american airlines, united continental, and delta. berkshire hathaway told cnbc specifically that the company took a stake in southwest airlines as well. we did not get a rationale, a specific reason. but this does mark a dramatic departure from warren buffett, who has said before he wouldn't touch airlines after a bad investment two decades ago. the stocks like that news in after-hours trade. keep an eye on any movement as
2:44 am
we get open on wall street today. >> a lot of investors follow what warren buffett does. facebook and google, both coming under fire for these hoax and fake stories that appeared on their sites. some people suggesting they may have influenced election outcome. >> that's right. and facebook and google actually are announcing steps they're taking to combat fake news sites. they're doing that by going after the way in which these sites make money, advertising, of course. facebook and google have become giant in the advertising space, so google saying it will restrict its advertising on so-called fake news sites and facebook saying they are eliminating the use of those sites making money through advertising revenue. so look for others to follow perhaps because as you mentioned social media sites including twitter taking a lot of heat in the aftermath of the election as the mainstream have as well. >> nancy hungerford in london, thank you. there is one last business story to tell you about.
2:45 am
cosmetics giant estee lauder said it would buy two face in a nearly $1.4 billion deal. investment firm general lanec acquired a majority stake in two face that valued the company at $500 million. estee lauder says the transaction will close by the edge of the year. throwing punches in parliament. you have to see this video. look at that. what is going on? we'll tell you what got lawmakers in ukraine all riled up this time. kate mckinnon plays the notorious rbg on tv. the real ruth bader ginsburg made her debut at the opera and we have her performance. when you have type 2 diabetes, there's a moment of truth.
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2:49 am
and the birth certificate are all here. [ cheers and applause ] >> welcome back. that was supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg making her debut with the washington national opera saturday. she plays the role of the duchess in the 1840 romantic comedy "the daughter of the regiment." reviews outstanding with the "washington post" saying she stole the show. justice ginsburg shared a passion for opera with late justice antonin scalia. tensions ran high at a ukrainian parliament meeting. the opposition party leaders started a fistfight after he was accused of working with the kremlin. you can see him throw a punch after his opponent accused him of traveling to moscow after receiving instructions from putin. the fight was broken up and his colleague resumed speaking. >> looks like our morning meeting around here. a check of weather with bill
2:50 am
karins. >> it was a good right cross. it's hard to know if he connected. >> it looked like a direct connect. >> i think the guy dodged it. >> roll that tape again. >> slo-mo a little later. let me show you the video out of north carolina. unfortunately the drought has now led to some wildfires and making things even worse they believe a lot of these fires were actually caused by an arsonist or multiple arsonists in the area. the air quality has been horrendous throughout much of tennessee, north carolina, south carolina, northern georgia. you can see, there's a huge number of fires. if i show you the map now, those are the pictures of the fires. this is the map. this is usually what we show you the peak of forest season out west. this is the knoxville area, chattanooga, asheville, upstate portion of greenville, south carolina, even one in areas of western georgia. hopefully that will get a little better in the days ahead. there's no rain coming but at least the temperatures will be knocked down. we also are talking about rain. we're getting about -- about to get soaked. steady rain moved into new york
2:51 am
city, now pushing into northern new jersey. so this is going to last for about a good hour right over new york city. so kind of the beginning of the rush hour is going to be the worst of it. hopefully this will get out of here before the airports really get going and the delays won't be too bad and we'll move this north. the forecast for today, we are wet. eventually that rain will move into hartford, providence, through massachusetts, including boston, later on this evening up into vermont, new hampshire, and maine. d.c. southward, even philadelphia southward, don't expect much rain for you. there's the dry wither in the southeast. i teased this earlier, this is going to be a big change from our warm november. here's our snowfall map. this is primarily going to be thursday, friday. northern minnesota, this is 12 to 18 inches of snow in blizzard conditions, guys. so yeah, that will be a big change as we go through. >> you used "b" word, blizzard. >> our first snow storm may be a blizzard. >> yikes. all right, thank you, bill. still ahead, a father accused of intentionally leaving his 22-month-old son in a hot car on trial for murder.
2:52 am
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welcome back. there's some closure to a story that shocked the nation after a georgia man was found guilty yesterday of the murder in the death of his 22-month-old son who was left in a stifling car for hours. nbc's gabe gutierrez has more. >> we find the defendant guilty -- >> reporter: justin ross harris in a georgia courtroom being
2:55 am
convicted of an unthinkable crime, murdering his 22-month-old son cooper leaving him to die in a sweltering suv on purpose. >> anybody who could do this, and the evidence showed that he did this intentionally, he has malice if his heart. >> reporter: the case had riveted the nation. in june of 2014, harris told police he'd forgot to know drop off his son at day care and drove straight to work, not realizing cooper was strapped in his car seat for seven hours. harris' reaction caught on dash cam when police arrived. >> oh my god! what have i done? >> reporter: in a trial filled with dramatic testimony, prosecutors argued harris wanted to escape his marriage and the responsibilities of being a parent. alleging the 35-year-old was exchanging explicit text messages with multiple women, including an underaged girl, the day cooper died. >> there's no doubt the defendant lived a double life. >> reporter: the defense insisted harris may have been a bad husband but cooper's death was a tragic accident. >> we've never once ever once
2:56 am
wavered in our absolute belief that he's not guilty. >> reporter: harris' ex-wife testified on his behalf saying he loved their son. >> i knew that this was something that wasn't done purposefully. >> reporter: harris now faces life in prison, sentencing is set for next month. >> thanks to gabe gutierrez for that report. a look at the stories happening in the day ahead when we come back. (man) my dad and i have the same eyes.
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let's get a check on the stories you'll be hearing about in the day ahead. the dea will unveil its strategy to combat heroin and opiate abuse today. officials will make the announcement in manchester in new hampshire, the first city in the northeast where the strategy will be implemented. in minneapolis community members will gather for a march and candlelight vigil to mark the one-year anniversary of the deadly police shooting of 24-year-old jamar clark. clark was shot following a fight with two police officers in november last year. the officers were cleared of any wrongdoing. the mayor of flint, michigan, will discuss her decision to sign a declaration renewing the state of emergency over the water crisis. the declaration was set to
3:00 am
expire but the water there has yet to be deemed safe without using a filter. >>that's going to do it for us on this tuesday. i'm betty nguyen alongside ali velshi and louis burgdorf. >> he has won. he is going to be the next president. and regardless of what experience or assumptions he brought to the office, this office has a way of waking you up, and those -- those aspects of -- his positions or predispositions that don't match up with reality, he will find shaken up


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