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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  November 16, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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which may cause kidney problems. now's the time for a better moment of proof. ask your doctor about victoza®. >> that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports". hallie jackson is up next right here on msnbc. >> thank you very much. hi, everybody. thank you for joining us here at 30 rock moments ago we got a lot to get. a message from new york mayor de blasio to president-elect donald trump. de blasio met one on one with trump in trump tower with the president-elect as part of that discussion push back on some controversial policies on immigration and a proposed temporary muslim ban. >> talked to him about our muslim community. i let him know something that so many people don't know, that there are 900 muslim members of
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the nypd protecting all of us. protecting every community. every kind of person. >> the de blasio meeting comes as vice president-elect mike pence meets with vice president biden in washington. we're learning he has arrived at the naval observatory for that lunch today. the vice president-elect trying manage a transition team generating frankly more bad headlines than firm decisions. we have reporters from capitol hill to the streets of new york outside trump tower today including kristen welker. i think kelly o'donnell joins us in a couple of seconds with brand new reporting. i want to start with kristen. we're getting new information about who is informally advising the president-elect's campaign or transition and who is not. >> reporter: that's right. earlier today i asked communications director jason miller if frank gaffney was advising the campaign. the reason that's significant he's a lightning rod. he served in the reagan
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administration. he's made controversial comments about muslim. mr. miller flatly denied he was advising the campaign in anyway. however there are some indications that maybe he has been doing so at an arm's length. but bottom line to your broader point there are concerns about who is advising and how quickly the pace of this transition is going. and, of course, steve bannon getting a lot of headlines as well, he was appointed as chief strategist. he'll be right here in the white house, in the west wing. he's formally with breitbart. he said he wanted breitbart to be a platform. he said look these ideas that he's in anyway anti-semitic or divisive are over blown. take a listen to what he had to say. >> steve bannon is a zionist. he's solidly pro israel he went
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and founded bright the breitbart. he's had this great record. >> so really trying to downplay all the controversy but the bottom line is he's a lightning rod, will it make it more difficult for president-elect donald trump to unify the country which is exactly what he has said he wants to do. eric trump has said it's possible we may get a few names today about cabinet appointments. we'll have to see. we're watching chris christie, john bolton and jeff sessions. >> as we talk about transition here for the president-elect the team is pushing back on the idea there's any turmoil. you're seeing that from donald trump himself. but kelly o'donnell you have some new reporting in the last five minutes about what's happening with these so-called landing teams, these folks that go to federal agencies to smooth out the transition. this thing moving kind of slow. >> reporter: so much of what we talk about the transition has
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been focused on the bright and bold names of life, rudy giuliani, newt gingrichs, those big names. so much of the transition is really at a staff level. and so the trump transition team has, as many as 300 individuals who will be designated for each of the departments and agencies across federal government. they have been at work for some time. they've had their orientation. they were ready to go. at least some of those teams were expected to deploy today and that means they work alongside obama administration staff who have been designated as well throughout the government to sort dove the handoff, to make certain they know where things are located, how things are being done, all the kinds of things you can imagine in your own office if you had to completely switch the entire staff overnight what would you need to know. that gives you a sense of that. they are delayed. the reasons i'm being given include the paper work, the legal memorandum of understanding that vice president-elect mike pence had to sign which is the formal
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contract between obama administration and the trump transition team which frees up the information that is proprietary for the government to place that in the hands of these new individuals coming in under the trump heading. that's been delayed. one of the issues with that, of course, there's a limited number much days until january 20th. no one is pushing that date back. and with the holidays and thanksgiving for federal workers who have set days off, there is a limited amount of time for this hand off. every day is precious and they are running behind >> you're right. there's a hard deadline here and that's inauguration day that this has to be taken care of. how the thanksgiving holidays will affect this. katie, the president-elect's team and the president-elect himself saying hey smooth sailing. man, we're good. do you buy it? >> reporter: do i buy it. somebody else should say if they buy it. i can tell you from wheeft seen
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on the campaign trail up until now this is the much of the same as we've seen before especially when they were making big decisions when they were deciding, trying decide who the vp would be. then also shades of when they were trying to change management within the campaign. but, of course, the stakes are a lot higher right now. this is not whether donald trump will go minnesota or michigan for a rally. this is who donald trump will put in place in the highest offices in this country and who he is going to give the responsibility to make big decisions for this country. the transition is never going to be completely smooth. obviously it's rocky no matter what when you change from one administration to another especially when they are not from the same party. especially when there was an election as rocky as this one. this is certainly breaking normal boundaries in terms of what is proper procedure in a lot of cases. so what's going on behind-the-scenes i can't tell you specifically because i don't
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see what's going on behind-the-scenes. >> nobody does other than donald trump. >> reporter: you talk to the same people i do. what i can say is that there doesn't steam be a lot of clear cut decision make. lot of unknowns. a lot of donald trump will make his decision even though he's getting a list of names. we're told rudy giuliani is basically allowed to say what he wants and we'll find out if he gets what he wants which is secretary of state. as you said the campaign is trying to quash all of this unrest and jason miller and kellyanne conway addressed this a little bit earlier today. take a listen. >> president obama even didn't have his entire cabinet formed within the first week. we're going to make sure we get it right. >> you don't form a federal government overnight and these are very serious issues, very serious appointments, very serious considerations. >> reporter: what i can say is in talking to senior intelligence officials in the intelligence world there's concern who donald trump will
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put into positions that are most sensitive in this country specifically the cia. there was a big feeling of comfort given to people who were against donald trump in the intelligence world by the idea that he was going to appoint mike rogers to that position. mike rogers has since retracted his name from this. he's not a part of the transition any longer. >> he talked about concerns about decision-making. >> reporter: absolutely. not having him in that mix does start the feeding frenzy of what's going to happen with this administration and who in the world is he going put in place all over again. >> the president-elect seems to say it's part of sour grapes from those who aren't part of the transition. we go trump tower where there was a particularly notable one that just wrapped up. the new york city mayor coming to meet with the president-elect. this just ended. what happened. what did they talk about. we heard a little bit from bill de blasio at the top of the show.
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fill us in. >> reporter: very interesting meet fpg mayor comes at things from a different ideological perspective than the president-elect and he said that. there was a 62 minute meeting, over an hour long and he touched on three subjects. wall street, deportation and stop-and-frisk. the mayor ran on the issue of stop-and-frisk and helped usher him into office. specifically on wall street he said to us that attacks break for the rich is not something that people of new york would be in favor of. on the issue of deportation mayor said various communities around new york city are fearful and he wanted to express that fear to the president-elect. he called the meeting respectful, candid and he said that there was a give and take during the meeting. he would not characterize the president-elect's views on deportation, on the economy or on stop-and-frisk. he said that the security situation was discussed, the security situation here in and around midtown, he said the secret service is working very closely with the new york police department. he did mention there are over
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900 muslim members of the new york police department. he said he said that to the president-elect. the president-elect was grateful for network of the new york police department. he said there will be a security meeting continuing throughout the day and an announcement on friday for the media exactly how things will work here in midtown. he said obviously traffic is a major concern. >> those who have been in and around midtown near trump tower know that. i want to talk to you about what's going on at capitol hill. we've seen some new old senate leadership for the democrats. fill us in on the latest there. >> reporter: with the retirement of harry reid there was an obvious opening and that's being filled by new york senator chuck shumer who will be the head of democrats in the senate. he recognized and talked to us today about kind of the reverberations of the election and what democrats need to do. they hoped the have a partner in the white house with hillary clinton. that didn't happen. they hoped to have a majority of the senate. they had good chances in a lot of races. that didn't happen.
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so they will be the minority party working with a president donald trump. now shumer and trump are friends in the sense of the new york acquaintanceship not personal friends. they have been speaking on phone. and shumer said he's willing to work with trump on certain issues. to reflect the changes, shumer says they need to show they are getting the economic message of middle class workers, working class americans who feel that they have been left behind. they have expanded the leadership team to include bernie sanders who, of course, was kind of set off shockwaves during the democratic primary process because of how well did he and how well he connected with voters. also joe mansion a much more conservative democrat from west virginia where coal miners were part of the story line of this campaign season worried about their futures. so going beyond the coast and the major cities is what chuck shumer told us today he wants
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the leadership represent a broader face of the democratic party. different team. seven members of that leadership team going forward. >> kristen when you hear what kelly is talking about, what senator shumer is talking about, do you get a sense you cover democrats. do you get a sense they are internalizing the lessons from secretary hillary clinton's failed campaign? >> i absolutely think they are. they are taking this moment to try to figure out exactly what went wrong. you heard senator shumer there say we didn't have a strong enough message on the economy and so i think there's some real soul searching going on right now. the fact that you have bernie sanders in leadership, elizabeth warren. that's a nod to fact that they got pay attention to this progressive branch of their party in a way that they didn't in this election cycle. so i think those are going to be among the conversations. look what's happening on the house side. they delayed the leadership election there's, posing a real threat to house speaker nancy pelosi potentially an it's a
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sign that they want to take this moment to sort of regroup and say how do we move forward in a more powerful position. because clearly they feel as though they missed what voters were saying in this election and that broadly under cut their efforts to win and gain ground in the senate and house. >> thank you all very much for being with us today. that segue goes into our microsoft pulse question talking about reports of turmoil in the trump transition team on the republican side. will the president-elect be ready to take office on january 20th? what do you think. we want to get your thoughts. coming up we've been talking about the senate democrats electing chuck shumer as the new minority leader. on the house side questions what it means that we're even discussing the possibility of nancy pelosi out after 13 years as the house democratic leader. democratic congressman david
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male vo: comcast. team is ideologically and geographically diverse. it mixes the wisdom of experience with the vigor of youth. at least in senate years. >> that's new democratic leader of the senate chuck schumer talking earlier about new blood and a new approach for senate democrats. but over in the house elections delayed. right. partly because of the question of whether house democrats need some of those new face too. i'm joined by a democratic congressman from rhode island. congressman, thank you for joining us here. we're getting word in this last hour that nancy pelosi will be meeting with vice presiden
10:18 am
president-elect mike pence tomorrow when he makes his visit to washington. you want to be a fly on the wall for that meeting. how will it go? >> it will go as you expect. there are very different views in our caucus as between the democrats and views of vice president-elect pence and trump. you'll hear our democratic leader express her willingness to work together on issues we can work together on but also make it clear we'll stand up and fight on issues we don't agree on. i think that's what the american people expect us to do. that's what she will communicate to the vice president-elect and we'll have to see whether or not there's a real willingness to work toimg prove the lives of americans across this country. >> as we talk about leader nancy pelosi i want to read this statement. she said earlier. with humility and confidence that i write to conqueror support for house democratic leader. as of this writing i'm pleased to report the support of more than two-thirds of the caucus. read between the lines and you could argue it sounds like she's
10:19 am
saying get in line. is that how you read it? >> no. i think our leadership enjoys broad support in our caucus. we all recognize that after an election it's a time for some reflex, it's a time to understand what voters were saying and to be sure we're responding to the issues important in their lives. democrats have a history of doing that. i know our leadership will look for ways to engage some of the young new talent in our caucus. we have a tremendously talented caucus. i don't think it's a get in line. this is a moment where it's very important the work we've been doing to fight, to help working families, to fight on behalf of those who are struggling, that are uncertain about their economic future, that are worry that college is out of reach for their kids, anxious about their future for medicare and social security. how do we create good paying jobs particularly with people that don't have a college education. that's really been the focus of our work and it's our responsibility to demonstrate to our constituents and american people we're fighting for them. that we understand their
10:20 am
economic uncertainty and insecurity of their own lives and that we're fighting to address those issues. >> you talk about that. you talk about engaging with young voters and young members, for example, with the house of representatives. you talk about reaching out to blue collar voters. those blue collar voters have to vote blue as he said. is that the message? it seems that would be the message based on your comments you want to hear from a member of house leadership. do you think congressman ryan should have a shot of leading democrats down that path? >> what's really important what our leadership has really focused on and what we focus on as members of the democratic caucus are ways we can raise people's incomes, how we can create good paying jobs. how we give people some comfort if they work hard, play by the rules they can actually get ahead. what we saw in this election is some sense washington was completely broken. people didn't believe that government was working for them that the system wasn't working fairly. they are right.
10:21 am
my view is what's been standing in the way of that republicans in congress, obstructed progress on every one of those issues. we have a bill to make college affordable. we have a bill to raise people's income. we have a bill to raise social security and medicare. we have been unsuccessful in moving forward on those because we've had republicans in leadership who don't support those bills. now it's going to be very easy. we have a republican president, republican congress, republican senate they can't hide any longer and blame it on the democratic president when people don't see progress on these issues they will see there's a real difference for what we've been fighting for an continue to fight for and why it hasn't happened. so i think we've got to continue to work hard tolis zwroen our swepts and to understand that people are really fearful not fearful but uncertain about their economic future. we got to give them confidence they can make it and provide for their families, get a good paying job. >> speaking of republicans, on a
10:22 am
different topic when you talk about republicans you have circulated a letter asking for president-elect donald trump to dump steve bannon from his position as chief strategist. if the president-elect says no what realistically can you do? >> we can't force it. we have 169 members of congress. they are calling on the president, spoke about bringing the country together, unifying our country, healing the wounds of a divided campaign. we're asking rescind the appointment of someone who is promoted and been in charge of a website that has promoted anti-semitic, racist, xenophobic ideologies. this person should not be in the white house if you're talking about bringing people together. it's sending the wrong message. we're seeing spikes in this kind of racist and anti-semitic activity. we're calling on the photo be a leader, say, you know, this may
10:23 am
have been not his intention but that's the message that's being cents. we're asking him to rescind this appointment. he has a right to appoint the people he wants. this is different. never in the history of this country someone who has this kind of a website and promoted hate so close to the white house. coming up we're taking a look at how the president-elect's son-in-law became one of his closest advice swrors. we'll examine jared kushner the 35-year-old millionaire who seems to be calling a lot of the shots in the trump transition. that's next.
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. so he never had a formal role in donald trump's campaign but it's clear jared kushner has a ton of sway with the president-elect. what do we know about ivanka's husband. kushner is 35 years old. a harvard grad. took over his family's business after his father went to prison. he's publisher of the manhattan
10:27 am
based newspaper new york observer and subject of a new deep dive from julie pace who is joining us live from washington. hi, julie. >> reporter: how are you >> i'm good. let's talk about jared kushner. he didn't have a formal role in the president-elect's campaign. he's not expected to have a formal role in the white house because that would be illegal based on federal law but he was consistently there. always there by the president-elect's side in the final stretch of the campaign. what kind of influence do you see him having on what will soon be president trump. >> reporter: this is the big question about kushner going forward. if you talk to anybody who was involved in trump's campaign they will tell you that formal title or no formal title kushner was essentially in charge of so much of this campaign. data operations. basically the political operation. it does not appear as though he would be able to have a formal job in the west wing in the trump administration so what
10:28 am
does that mean? does that mean he'll be in new york talking to the president on a daily basis. he's not going away. he's married to ivanka trump. we'll have this relationship with the president that other advisors can't have because of the family bond but the real question is when it comes to policy to political decision, is he going to be the person who is in the president's ear at the end as he's making those decisions. >> interestingly, just a bit of sort of palis intrigue, jared kushner was named to the transition team on the same day that chris christie was demoted. chris christie the man who sent jared kushner's father to prison. when we talk about the power struggle inside the transition team how does he fit in and did he play a part in that. >> reporter: my sense in talking to a lot of folks who were part of the transition team when chris christie was running the show that the word had essentially come down from trump tower and those people believe it has come down from jared
10:29 am
kushner that chris christie and his team are no longer involved in the transition. now, can you say that's because he is maybe kwibling wiquibblin work they did during transition or the grudge they have of chris christie putting kushner's father in jail. any of us would have similar feelings. this is part intrigue of trump's orbit you have people with long simmering feuds making important decisions about his administration. >> beyond the obvious connection of jared kushner being the son-in-law of the president-elect what is it? do you think that donald trump sees some of himself in jared kushner. not every parent-in-law is that close with their child's spouse. what makes their relationship so important? >> reporter: in some ways they have similar background. they both grew up in families
10:30 am
with fathers who were very successful in real estate but they were the ones that really pushed the businesses forward. that had a bigger vision. i think trump sees a bit of himself in kushner. temperamentally had they are different. kushner is calmer, a bit more measured. he also does not have much of a public profile. he rarely talks to reporters. he's rarely seen on television. much more behind-the-scenes player. they are a bit of an odd couple. there's a commonality in their upbringing and in the work that they did to become the successes that they are. that i think has really bonded them. >> julie pace with some great insights. thank you very much. we want to take a quick look at our microsoft poll question. we've been talking about this. reports of turmoil inside the trump transition team. so will the president elect be ready to take office on january 20th.
10:31 am
84% of you say no. 16% more optimistic. you say yes. poll is open for another hour and a half. coming up more on that talk of transition turmoil. how will any chaos affect the president-elect's choices and what are the chances now for a smooth transition into the white house? later we got an exclusive look at the public and very personal life of president obama. there he is at the acropolis. really cool stuff coming up. stick around. so what's your news? i got a job! i'll be programming at ge. oh i got a job too, at zazzies. (friends gasp) the app where you put fruit hats on animals? i love that!
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let's talk intrigue over
10:35 am
more talk of donald trump's transition. we're getting some word that congressman until fields camp of kansas is refusing to comment on the possibility he could be named the secretary of agriculture. he was at an event in the last hour or so and smiled when asked about this. he proposed to recite his resume adding he was a fifth generation farmer. he said he has been in contact with the president-elect's team they have been exchanging emails. so more speculation. we'll keep an eye on it. we'll head across the aisle and talk about the democratic congressional caucus. holding a private meeting. at the top of the agenda dissecting what happened in the election. msnbc's caskasie hunt is joinine now. what happened or what do they think happened? >> reporter: well, look, the clear headline coming out of this meeting and of all the various conversations that have been taking place on capitol
10:36 am
hill is that democrats are getting increasingly divided in the wake of this election, divided over exactly how to move forward, exactly who is to blame, exactly how to fix it, how to try and get back into the majority in the house or the senate in two years and how to ultimately retake the white house. they did meet at the dnc, the house democratic caucus to try to hash out some of this. i want to play a little bit of what some of those members had to say coming out of this meeting before we talk a little bit more about what was said behind closed doors. >> there was a palpable sense of anxiety. >> hopefully he won't behave that way although his appointment of bannon is a very bad sign. wh >> reporter: what we know about what happened behind closed doors, there's a division between a lot of the members who think that the party has come to
10:37 am
represent the coasts, the east coast and the west coast while forgetting about the middle of the country and those who are trying to say hey, we need to listen to concerns of those union democrats or previous democrats who went and voted donald trump this time around. my reporting indicates threat to nancy pelosi remaining as leader is becoming more of a real possibility in that the anger is growing, it's not subsiding, and of course you've seen tim ryan the congressman from ohio becoming the face of this. he's coming from the heartland, coming from one of those areas where former democrats voted trump. the reality here and the challenge is that there's not necessarily -- he's not necessarily the clear center of it. it's not clear yet that he would do it or have the support. so right now this kind of -- it's essentially a headless revolution that some of these members are trying to mount. so from that perspective it looks like it's likely nancy
10:38 am
pelosi will stay in her position. i do know democrats are very concerned about having her being vi vi vi vilified as the face of democrats in two years. >> kasie hunt pounding the pavement for us. president-elect trump may be tweeting today about an orderly transition. former transition team members are paintsing a different picture. >> if you make those decisions via committee i don't care how small it is it just aedes to the difficulty. i do believe they have to fix this chain of command, who is making the decisions and make decisions on behalf of the president-elect. >> i'm joined by a former bush-cheney seniored a viesor and msnbc contributor. thank you for joining us here. let's talk first what you're hearing. you're still plugged into the gop world. is it in disarray or is this
10:39 am
part of the normal transition. >> it's combination of both. first and foremost donald trump likes a lot of drama. he enjoys pitting people against each other. candidly speaking i'm not that surprised that there's a little bit of palace intrigue going back and forth. number one. number two, myself included a lot of people out there didn't think donald trump would be president-elect and a lot of his team also thought that as well. so with respect to his planning, with respect to the transition, got to remember a lot of these things happened back in june and july. hillary clinton was planning her transition back in june, four years ago mitt romney was planning his transition back one june and july and that's fairly normal. the trump campaign is a little behind the eight ball. >> so when we talk about being behind the eight ball we learned vice president-elect mike pence has ordered all lobbyists be removed from the transition. a purge of some people who had
10:40 am
been on team. is this troubling to you or is that, again, par for the course? >> well it's a little troubling. you're not sure who is calling the shots. it appears mike pence as well as the president-elect and jared kushner are the trifecta or the troika. it appears they are not singing from the same sheet of music. donald trump is saying one thing putting a positive spin on this but behind the scenes we're hearing something different. with plrl transitions there's one spokesperson that comes out and briefs the press either on the record or off the record at least once a day and we don't have that. that's causing a lot of confusion. >> on the press access -- he went away to have dinner with
10:41 am
his family after telling journalists he was in for the night. i think a lot of folks here go so what. who cares. doesn't matter. good for him. having a private meal. does it matter? >> it does matter. called protective pool. news typically happens not at a press conference because those are staged. news happens, unfortunately, when there's nothing planned. just stop and think about this. what if there wasn't a protective pool around president bush on september 11th. what if there wasn't a protective pool when katrina happened a couple of years ago with president bush. the protective pool matters not because it is in the best interest of the president-elect. it's in the best interest of the american people to know where the president is at all times and to make a statement god forbid when he or she has to. >> you obviously worked with former president bush. did you ever get annoyed by your protective pool.
10:42 am
did he want to slip away. >> president bush was a wonderful person to work for in that regard. he saw his father being president and vice president. he was respectful of the press. in fact, the days when he would jog he would go to an army base and jog there because it was easier to protect the perimeter. he would tell people, give people the heads up during the campaign trail i'm going shake some hand. buffer about 15, 20 minutes in. that was a respect for secret service so they could plan but for the press. it's a mutual respect. i'm not president of the united states. i'll never be. i one it's a bubble. very suffocating. this is what you asked for. >> thank you very much. up next we're talking about some international concerns. syrian air force destroying a children's hospital as they
10:43 am
pounded the city of aleppo with air strikes. what does this mean one day after syrian president said president-elect trump will be a natural ally against terror. that's next. "attention: are you eligible for medicare?"
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an estimated 32 people have died after air strikes in aleppo for a second day in a row. a children's hospital is one of six medical centers attacked. this is a start push by president bashar al assad to eliminate opposition force. the charnildren's hospital has n hit several times two. on tuesday president bashar al assad called donald trump a natural ally. we're join by nbc chief foreign correspondent richard engel. we've seen attacks on this hospital before. what stands out if anything about the timing of this? >> russia and the syrian government are launching an offensive. there had been periods of quiet in eastern aleppo. but russia and assad are
10:47 am
launching an offensive right now. is it connected to the political events in this country. no. but that said the governments are hoping both russia and syria that they will have more of a free hand to operate, but in this transition period where the world isn't so much focused on events that are happening in places like syria, so much attention is drawn here and potentially with a new administration as well. this is not a brand new conflict. it is a conflict that's once again, the offensive success renewed. >> this particular air strike this is happening at a location you were familiar. you've just spoken with a doctor at the children's hospital. >> you have to understand what's happening in aleppo. aleppo is divided effectively in two pieces. the western side is held by the government, the eastern side is held by the rebels.
10:48 am
the rebels and people who live among them are surrounded. very difficult for them to get in and out of that enclave. they have very little food, water, electricity and under attack. what we're seeing now is russian and syrian government and seems like syrian attacks in this case because the locals were describing helicopters are making it impossible for the information stay there. impossible to live. so they are taking out the hospitals. so i spoke to the main pediatrician who runs this or was running this children's hospital. he was speaking to me just a few minutes ago from the basement. >> he was in the basement. >> he was in the basement. he said 27 people were killed just outside the hospital perimeter. they western inside the hospital at the time, people milling around the outside and that the hospital has been rendered unoperational. they can't work there right now. hopeful they can rebuild it and get it working again but there
10:49 am
are three pediatricians who are still operating in this pocket of eastern aleppo for about 90,000 children according to this doctor. the only children's hospital has now just been rendered useless and this is just the start of this renewed offensive by the syrian government and russia. >> scary stuff. tragic stuff. you'll have more coming up on "nightly news". >> our conversation with that doctor. we've been following a patient, a young girl who had been in this hospital. we've been filming through this doctor for months already. and so it was a place, yes, we were very familiar with. >> we'll watch nor from you. richard engel thank you for being with us. coming up we have much more. a witness to history. president obama continue his final foreign visit as chief. and the man who has taken more than 2 million pictures of the president shares some of his memories for the past eight years exclusively with us. stick around.
10:50 am
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10:53 am
. this moment from earlier today during his final trip abroad. now, the official white house photographer is reviewing the secrets of viewing the president through the camera lens. chris jansing has the exclusive look. great to see you. >> reporter: i am so cure uious the first 24 hours of this trip, how many pictures have you
10:54 am
taken? >> i am always dependent on the host country and what kind of access i had. it was a busy day yesterday, i did not take a lot of photograph. it is funny out of all the pictures you have taken, i don't know ever had gotten the attention with president obama with children. what is it with him and kids? >> i think it brings out, you know, who he really is. the dad in him. this is his daughter -- his daughters are now grown. you can imagine him interacting with his girls when they were that young and you see that now with the staffers bringing their children in the oval office for a quick visit. i think he reacts with his daughters when they were young. >> reporter: as a dad you can see in some of those pictures of the closeness. >> absolutely.
10:55 am
he loves those girls, they are everything to him. i can say that he's definitely a great dad. >> reporter: he likes to joke about his gray hair. you shared a picture with us when he was first a senator and he had a black hair and you contrast that to the pictures now. as you watched him age, what do you see in the changes of him personally that you have been able to document, do you see a change in his bearing in the way he conducts himself. i think he was the same guy when i first met him in '05. he had more responsibilities. the kind of responsibilities that you don't have as junior senator, i see him and i think become a much better president over the last eight years and everyday he becomes a better president. >> pete souza. thank you.
10:56 am
>> reporter: the modest pete souza will have more chance to take more photos as the president head to germany and peru of his final trip abroad. back to you. >> my colleague, chris jansing all week. she will have exclusive access to president obama's final foreign trip including news maker interviews and behind the scenes look on how an over sea trip like this comes over. trump telling the media this morning, we are likely to see new reveals today. we are standing by and letting you know if and when that happens. and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have a sudden decrease or loss of hearing or vision,
10:57 am
or an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis.
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at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone. we got breaking news right now. the police officer who shot and killed the african-american man as his girlfriend streams the incident on facebook has been charged with second degree man slaughter. the officer had no reason to use
11:00 am
dead ly force when he shot castile in july. this is just coming to our newsroom from michigan. we have much more ahead coming up on msnbc live with my colleague, thomas roberts. we have the tale of two different stories, one of donald trump's team in turmoil. president elect pence is meeting right now with vice president biden. all of this is on insider of inside the president elect trump's transition. bill blasio met with donald trump in trump's tower after their 62 minutes sit-down. >> there are m


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